Want to submit a photograph?

If you have captured something strange on film, and would like it to be featured on this blog, please email it to Prof Richard Wiseman at:

r.wiseman @ herts.ac.uk

Please remove the spaces in the address before sending an image and no orbs, large files (over 5MB), or images of the little girl peeking out through the legs of the group of girls.

89 Responses to “Want to submit a photograph?”

  1. Diego Ivanovich Says:

    Good evening, my name is Diego Ivanovich, I have a photo taken in my city, Venice, obtained at a very particular moment, almost a request.
    My site will find information about me.
    If you want I can send the original photo taken with a Canon EOS 50D.
    Diego Ivanovich

  2. Lee Hourihan Says:

    Hello I have a picture that you might be interested in.
    I took it last year at Ramsfort Manor


    If you want I can send the original photo and you can see for yourself what looks like a man in uniform.


  3. Lee Hourihan Says:

    would like my two posts to be deleted please, this and the one above..

    I will email my request

  4. david debattista Says:

    I went on holidays with my wife and took a foto of the bed room after
    seeing something from the corner of my eye. I ended up with 5 images 2 of which will make your skin crawl. this did not take place in some OLD CASTLE OR A RUIN but in a modern holiday home in the baltic.
    I took the foto with a digital camera,and when I took the foto there was nothing to see just a strange felling and an empty bed room. Is it ok to take fotos with a digital camera or only on film

  5. Gianluca Says:

    I took this picture in aurdal (Norway) with my D80. It was july and about 23:30. I just realized i got something strange after i came home in Italy. There is a human face in the clouds in the upper-left corner of the pic.

    Aurdal church

    • Skylar albrecht Says:

      When I was 5 I lived at my aunt’s house and one day I was setting up a prank for my brother so I hide under the bed.the door opened in so it couldn’t have been the wind .suddenly the door slam’s shut.I’m just really freaking out

  6. nicky Says:

    Have got a photo wich has a very strange presence…will post it to see wot everyone thinks!!!

  7. Jason Halayko Says:

    Took this shot in an old pill box just outside of UBC, Vancouver. The light in my hands is candles, but I have NO idea where the light on my face came from. Also, if you look closely you you can see eyes in the flame above mine. They look like a small kind’s eyes.

    We too several other pictures like this, but this is the only one with unexplained light.

    And no, absolutely no photoshop on this.



  8. Angelo Addessi Says:

    Non riesco inviarvi foto stranissima, forse di più fantasmi, da me scattata in collina del Lazio d’Italia anno 1985. Posseggo negativo. Posso partecipare concorso? Distinti saluti. Angelo Addessi da Roma

  9. Chiba Says:

    i went in Val D’Aosta (Italy) in 2007 and i took some photo with my digital camera, two of these photos seem a little strange, in the first photo appears a sort of cloud and in the second one can be seen clearly one leg and one big foot.
    You can download high-resolution photos here


  10. Andie Says:

    This pic was taken at my uncle’s house in Colorado in the mid 70s. It belongs to my sister who was adopted by him. We know it was his house, but we can’t identify anyone in the pic, but the images in the background (ghosts) look like family members. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

  11. Andie Says:

    Just to be a little more specific the pic is of a woman in curlers and a girl about 7 years old in the foreground.

  12. Eduardo Mendonça de Lima Says:

    Good evening.
    My name is Eduardo Mendonça. I was aware of this site by reporting in FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO NEWS.

    I was impressed with the pictures posted here. Because this fact I passed to search our family photos.

    Per hour, I found two with strong evidence from tens surveyed.

    They date between 1968 and 1971. One of them shows a black blurry image of a person walking in front of a barracks. Another, shows a blurry person walking in a window.


  13. Eduardo Mendonça de Lima Says:

    Good evening.
    My name is Eduardo Mendonça. I was aware of this site by reporting in FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO NEWS.

    I was impressed with the pictures posted here. Because this fact I passed to search our family photos.

    Per hour, I found two with strong evidence from tens surveyed.

    They date between 1968 and 1971. One of them shows a black blurry image of a person walking in front of a barracks. Another, shows a blurry person in a window, and a head of a man whose body gets left undefined in the background of the photo


  14. nicky davies Says:

    please take a look…..

    taken by my friends son on his own with my daughters mobile phone…look in the background….there is NO ONE in my house or family who even resembles …whatever it is…. any comments would be most gratefully received…my email is Nickyandcrew@aol.com anything at all is welcome

    thanks nicky d

  15. jak carpenter Says:

    i was scanning through one of my friends photos on myspace and come to find a undescribable image in the background that looks like an old waiter. very weird!!!

  16. Car pine Says:

    If it is ‘indescribable’ how come you have described it as an old waiter? IDIOT!

    • Anonymous Says:

      u are the idiot m8, you are the biggest dutty in the world, you wouldnt know a ghost if it hit you inthe face with a pogo stick!

  17. april triplet Says:

    we were,having a family get together,my brother wanted to try out his new digital camera,he took this picture we where sitting right in our liveingroom
    look at the figure standing behind my boy.

  18. april triplet Says:

    we were,having a family get together,my brother wanted to try out his new digital camera,he took this picture we where sitting right in our liveingroom
    look at the figure standing behind my boyfriend.

  19. gina Says:

    I took this photo last yr. after the Orange County California fires. I went out front and took it, then noticed a face in the clouds. I have shown it to several people who also see it. I will send it when you reply

  20. Simone Ramirez Says:


    My name is Simone Ramirez, I’m living in USA and have one picture supreendente. before I don’t believe in ghosts, but after it changed a lot. And impressive it was taken on 09/11/2009 this year date of the terrorist attack. I make a video about it youtube

  21. L K Southward Says:

    A few months ago my father and I visited the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth, Yorkshire. It was a late afternoon in May. Around 5pm my father and I wandered up to the Parsonage museum where the Brontes lived and took several shots of the front of the building.

    When I got home I uploaded the photographs onto my computer and noticed that in two of the images taken of the front of the house, there is what appears to be a man’s face in the window pane to the right of the door, gazing out. When I studied the other shots, taken on moreorless the same angle, there is nothing in the windows at all. We even returned Howarth recently to ‘re-create’ the image but to no avail.

    The more I enhanced the image i.e made it black and white, played with shadows and highlights..the more the face looms out of the picture! I asked my father’s advice and we very carefully tried to rule out the possibility of light, reflection of the trees and general nature.

    I contacted the museum and they told me that the blinds are always down but it wouldn’t have made the difference if they were or not. During the time of the Bronte’s there were no blinds in the house at all, so that ruled out the possibilty of it being a visitor in the museum at the time.

    I did my research on the building and who lived and died there. One man who appears to fit the description of the man in my photograph is Branwell Bronte, the brother.

    Everyone who has seen this picture is convinced that it is something paranormal and I am too but I would really appreciate an expert opinion such as yourself. The images have so much detail. Everyone I have shown them to can clearly see eyes, nose, mouth, mutton-chop beard, chin, jawline, neck, hairline, ears, brow and even part of spectacles! The timing between the first and second shot of the man was around 10/12 seconds so it seems to be manifesting there and then, but the next shot, the face had disappeared.

    Take a look, I’m dying to hear what others think!

    L K Southward

  22. Simone Ramirez Says:

    I saw your picture but I didn’t understand this picture. I beleave ghost cause I have an picuture too

  23. Niraja Jayawardena Says:

    I have sent 2 paranormal photos to this site. hope they would be published.

  24. Thang Le Says:

    i submitted a picture but have not seen it yet please tell me why

  25. Rebecca. Says:

    Hello. You were in need of tracking down those people in that photo yes? Well I can help as my best friend’s auntie happens to be in that photo. I remember her dad showing me this photo on his phone a few months ago and he may still have it. Contact me: missrebeccarr.x@hotmail.co.uk

  26. Gabriel Says:

    Hi, i need your help because, i have a friend we are Brazillian and yesterday in a game of futebol he shot a picture and in that picture ,apper a strange thing, just will have look with a zoom and apper a face. The picture:

    the picture is not fake!

    Please look for me and sen me a e-mail if the picture was True!

    And Sorry per the horrible english!! really Sorry

  27. Georgios K Says:


    I also got something in Micro photography!, I allready emailed it, I hope its interesting.


  28. Yvonne Kit Says:

    Dear Prof Richard Wiseman,

    I found about this website; http://scienceofghost.com when i went to see Ghost Stories in Hammersmith over 3 weeks ago which as mentioned in the show and while browsing through the website and pictures, i noticed that there was a Priest ghost in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh which was submitted.

    It’s only when going through my pictures which i finally transferred and uploaded to a online photo storage site, i noticed something in one of them which i was submitting to you to have a further look into.

    This photograph which was taken in Norwich Cathedral on 9th March 2010 sometime in the mid morning but the time is unknown. There weren’t a lot of tourists around this area when i took the picture using my Sony Cybershot DSC T2 8MP mega pixel camera.

    In photo DSC00099; this is one of the cloisters inside the Cathedral. I noticed that there seems to be a face in between the cross in the middle and the candle on the right. I did use flash while taking the picture, as in the Cathedral there was only natural light. Also behind is a arch which tourist cannot go through as this is a alter where priests perform a mass.

    I would like you to have a look at this picture and tell me whether is this is a genuine face of a ghost that appeared in the Cathedral or could just be a light flare from the camera’s flash caused by the metal on the candle holders / cross? http://s142.photobucket.com/albums/r119/Frubies/Great%20Yarmouth/Great%20Yarmouth%20and%20Norfolk%202010/?action=view&current=DSC00099.jpg

    You also find more on the history of the Norwich Catherdal on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_Cathedral to try to help you in your investigation.



  29. Yvonne Kit Says:


    If anyone replied to my post above, please can you resend you message as it seemed my email was set to Exclusive so all messages would appear in my junk mail folder rather then inbox and i have deleted all the contents. I have not reset it to Standard so should receive it ok.



  30. Rachel T Says:

    I have a few pictures that I took from Highgate Cemetery that are quite strange… but how do I send them to this site?

  31. Dustin Siskey Says:

    My friend Chris wanted a picture in front of Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. I stood in the middle of the road to take the picture, just as I snapped the picture, I saw a young man in a plain black sleeveless shirt, blue jeans and boots walking across Chris’s path (mind you, I was only looking in the …viewfinder of the camera the entire time). I noticed that he had a lot of tattoos. I took the picture exactly as the guy went in front of Chris and thought “Crap, that’s no good. I’ve gotta take another.” Chris leaned up from the wall and I signaled to him from the street with one finger that I needed a moment to get another picture. I took a couple more pictures and then went over to talk to him. “I was trying to hurry up and get out of the street but that punk rock guy walked right in front of you on the first picture.”……..”What guy? No one walked in front of me.” Our other friend Brett was standing nearby and agreed. Nobody matching my description of the guy walked in front of Chris while I was taking pictures. OK. I have the picture, let’s look…..and here’s what came up….http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs058.snc4/35282_134492619915535_100000643930837_219151_3938675_n.jpg

  32. Eduardo Mendonça de Lima Says:

    Dear Prof. Wiseman,

    I have a picture that could be obtained by a news website in a local newspaper.

    I was watching curiously when I noticed strange blue lights, and with a face sprouting from the soil, along the wreckage of the vehicle.

    the event, as well as the photo are from 11/10/2010.

    Please notify me an email so I can send it to be posted on this site.


    Eduardo Mendonça

  33. Richard Ng Says:

    i have numerous photos of nature spirit and ghost taken at broad daylight .
    I am trying to post more in my blog .

    These days or maybe all along the ghost or nature spirits are not afraid of sunlight .

    They are around us all day long sharing the same space except that they are at different frequency .

  34. STEFANO Says:


  35. mabely Says:

    they took a picture of me and my girls and only my face didnt came out its strange..my body came out but not my face it had never happen before i would like to know if their is a meaning to this

  36. Michelle Says:

    i have a picture that was taken in 2010 of my nephew when me and my family was at a resturant in biggin hill. We took a photo and standing behind but very high up on the celling is an image a man face and shoulders, we asked the owner of the resturant if he recognised the person and he said the man in the photo used to own the resturant and hung himself in that very spot which explains why he is so high up to the celling. i have the picture that i am willing to email you.
    Please reply back.

  37. Michele Says:

    I have a picture with a little girl on it how can i put it on your site .

  38. Gray Says:


    This picture has 3 Ghosts in the 1 photo!


  39. Diego Says:

    Diego Says:
    June 24, 2011 at 12:05 pm | Reply
    I reply, some photo in our web site

  40. Gray Says:


    here is a time lapse video that captures an Angel and Ogre in the first few seconds, very clear pictures!

    More at http://www.PhotosOfClouds.com


  41. Diego Says:

    I try to leave the photo

    more in

  42. Diego Says:

    try again sorry

  43. Diego Says:

    A last:
    [img] http://www.lavocedellospirito.it/spiritismo/fotopara/diego_ivanovich_genni_talema/fotografie_paranormali.jpg [/img]

  44. Mark Young Says:

    See ghostly photos taken at the May-Stringer home in Brooksville, Florida at http://www.myfloridatravels.com

    I am an experienced reporter who has gone out on my own and as such, am typically skeptical, but I have never captured anything like these before. See for yourself.

  45. Andrew Says:

    I had a new phone and was playing with the camera as i was holding a Halloween party. i took about 4 pictures to see the quality.
    The last pic i took i found an image of what has been described as the bottom of a woman’s dress.
    I don’t know what it is but i do know its only in one.

  46. Lea Spencer Says:

    Hello my name is lea spencer Co-founder of LondonGhostHunters, the photo with the group of girls and the image between their legs
    was sent in to us about 2-3 years ago and we did speak to the person who sent it in and she is in the photo.
    We did look into it but we have not got the technical equipment needed.
    We are now re-lurching LondonGhostHunters and we could sent in evidence we collect if you wish.
    All the best
    Lea spencer (LondonGhostHunters)

  47. Lyndol Burns Says:

    Here is a pic my friend took in my house and kinda got us weirded out, i had just brought a new bird home and we can not explain this light in the picture, it looks like a reflection of light from the other side of the room except there is nothing shiny, metallic or any type of light on the other side of the room. I do not really believe in ghosts so i dont think it is but more than one person has said they thought it might be so i was trying to get an opinion. Thank you for your time.

  48. Lyndol Burns Says:

  49. shaun jesko Says:

    hi i have a photo thats was just taken nit so long ago,it was i noticed it on my frends facebook pics and we share a house n the lakes ,it looks like a world war 2 guy in milletry uniform with a mustache

  50. Holly Says:

    I get weird vibes in my house all the time and one day i went upstairs to get clothes to take a shower and felt like I was being watched from one side of my room so I snapped a picture with my cellphone. the first pic you can kind of see a face on the wall. in the 2nd picture i darkened around it and circled it so it can be seen better. other things have happened in my house too. voices, objects being moved, its a very negative feeling.

  51. Erick Junior Says:

    tenho esperiencia em desvendar esse tipo de imagem mais algumas dessas imagens realmente me intrigaram.

  52. jessica vaughn Says:

    I have three pictures i snapped back to back of my little girl and it has a long orb in front of her face on the second the orb expanded the third is regular

    • Eduardo Mendona Says:

      An strange sphere on the river in Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Good regardings. Mendona celular phone :51.9397.3802


  53. donnataft Says:

    Hi I have some pituer that I have taken in the last year and it seem to always have faces in them where there should be none. How you I show soneone these pictuers

  54. rebecca cooper Says:

    i hav changing ghost pic started as me n blur blur turnd into baby then below baby came angel like being then dark shadow which walked slowly into pic now blowing smoke faces regularly appear disappear. not sure how to post pic to u

  55. Diego Says:

    Rebecca put a link, thankyou

  56. spacey VonS Says:

    Want to see a real ghosts at cemetery?

  57. test1 Says:

    Good day! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? With thanks

  58. klaire Says:

    Can any body help me pls what is between me and my niece

  59. klaire Says:

    How do I download a pic .then Can anybody help me pls what is between me and my niece on this pic

  60. Pauline Says:

    We took this picture on Christmas day at my mums house. She had a west highland terrier for 16 years that sadly had to be put to sleep in November. We have all been missing her terribly, did she come back to say hello? We thought we saw something outside the glass of my mums conservatory, can anyone else see a small dog in the picture?http://i1147.photobucket.com/albums/o542/mollypup/1487394_668786756476183_797591062_n2.jpg

  61. pmwhwo@gmail.com Says:

    You can if you want to,that’s your choice.
    bloger http://www.antiktoggammelt.dk/Account/cxvztba.asp

  62. Sue Says:

    Accent around the moon 2007

  63. Otis Says:

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  64. Cathy Serna Says:

    I totally believe there are ghosts or spirits,I also have multiple ghosts in my house bur so far there is only a female that I capture in my phoros that is so clear and she moves around the room constantly even find her in other areas I also feel like she follows me because in my photos shes like accross the room when I take several photos in each photo she is closer to me in one photo my friend took for me because I got a feeling she was behind me while I was sitting in a recliner so he took the picture and OH MY GOD!!!!SHE WAS BEHIND ME….SITTING IN THE SAME CHAIR WITH ME!! Needless to say I flew out of my chair.Anyway we saved all the photos to look at and every photo of her was gone like she was never there except one and the last photo appeared when I was about to take another picture so my friend rook a picture of her on my phone with his phone and sent it to my phone and thats the only reason I have this one picture.If you can tell me anything at all about it I am so so waiting to read your reaponse, thank you very much, Cathy Serna. Oh yeah, she is not the only one in my home but she is the only one that is very clear and obvious.

  65. carla Says:

    If you zoom into the back of the chair you will see a face. I also have some of a particular spirit that has been in most of my pictures throughout my life

  66. Jennifer Anne Leffew Says:

    Can you tell me if I am being hugged by a spirit?

  67. jamie Says:

    I saw a gost 2 year ago a women go pick a cat up I had and then my pal I woke up and he was askin qestions and was thuds comeing from up stairs and went up to see went back down and cigs was ript up. And went too a spritles thing and as I was talking about I a blk cat came in of street. At the open circle i got a pic here bout 6 hours before I saw it and there is stuff like lights before I saw the laidy and is like a stalked by cats mad

  68. Diana Roberts Says:

    I feel like I may have a goast fallowing.me every day and night I see the same light and it is a lady shape. But.I have also seen my boyfriends brother who paased in Aprili mred to find some anwsers

  69. Cathy Scott Says:

    I need to tell you about ghost n my h oi use

  70. Jared Corbridge Says:

    IMG_0004.JPGIMG_0007.JPG. I got my phone in oct 2015 took my first selfie in X-ray app inverted photo as I understand have quite the past with inoperable conditions livable but quite uncomfortable thought nothing could be worse until I broke my tailbone in 7 places after challenging inner voice put in place without hesitation months later got phone day dr told inoperable nothing they could do 2 pain conditions no fix took first selfie didn’t see when take pic but when opened saw immediately woke wife took 16 pic trying to reproduce but 14 pic just showed my coat rack but I did get 1 more pic raised Mormon but left at 18 studied religion said some stupid stuff when kid known to have very bad luck even broke tailbone at river celebrating actually passing kidney stone with out the previous 15 surgeries very happy when inner voice told me to slow down and I f that I didn’t get that out when I was put down by my feet or what never felt the slip but crushed tailbone no fix lot info but to get these crazy pics that actually coincide there it is like some feedback maybe expert advice or some way of understanding that’s enough info

  71. Shekka Says:

    Not a ghost something evil

  72. Bethany Says:

    How there my name is Bethany. I believe I can
    Encounter presence from angels and demonic forces . Please help!! Please

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m sorry your scared I don’t know what it is but but is a presence I just Carrie blessed cross and keep them at a distance if feel my sixth sense give me goose bumps I say a protective prayer if feel presence bad thoughts say another prayer there tormentors so try to be in right mind Here is another pic

  73. Stephen Patey Says:

    I have got a ghost who is an old lady .I have taken photos of her.

  74. Dr .kek Says:


  75. Anjela Says:

    Have captured many pictures since I moved into my flat 18yrs.Have even captured the SHADOW MAN. Not sure if Ghostly images just appear.More like when we open up our perceptions that’s when we can start to see and feel their presence.My believe is they have always been in our space or rather we have invaded theirs?

  76. Debra Says:

    I’m not one who believers in ghosts I really never had, even though I have seen some in my lifetime but I presume to call the evil spirits or demon’s if you prefer.
    I was raised as a Christian and brought up full Gospel I’m originally from Santa Maria CA. I moved to Clarksville Arkansas at the young age of 11 as I grew up I got married then moved to Van Alma in a place none as the block, “which I had no idea what this place was like tell after we moved here” well it all started as time past I started feeling uneasy about this place, kinda scary feelings evil like feelings as it turned out my husband and my neighbor whom became a very good friend of mine, they felt the same feelings as I did. Then we started hearing things like a woman screaming, and weird unknown noises then as time past that’s when I started seeing them but I saw them everywhere it just amazed but jet sickened me at the same time on how many there were there was so many of them I couldn’t grasp the reality of it so i found myself taking pictures, I guess I was taking them to prove to myself and others what I was really seeing but of course I started feeling like I was crazy because it seemed I was the only one seeing them then one night I was looking out my living room window and in my van I saw them so I recorded it I’ll post that one as well but with a working you have to look closely and in a Simi dark area to see it clearly, but that was the night I felt so releaved for I wasn’t alone one seeing them. So I guess after that I became camera happy my friends and husband said I was obsessed with it, maybe I was but I had I guess you can say fascinated with how many there were but then again only if I’d known what this place was like I never would of moved here, it’s a really bad place so it’s no wonder its corrupted with demon’s. Then I had people ask me why don’t you send those pictures to some place that they can be witnessed and brought out to the world. So I thought about it and here I am. I had more pictures but I deleted some, but what I do have its something you’ll want to check out.

  77. Shirley Bodine Says:

    I have a doll that started doing so w strange EERIE thing’s!! There’s something or someon following me.

  78. Leni Aparecida de Souza Araujo Says:

    Boa tarde!
    Meu nome é Leni, moro no Brasil, na cidade de Barbacena no Estado de Minas Gerais. Aconteceu um fato que me colou a pensar…
    Estávamos nos preparando para dormir, e como de costume lá em minha família, iniciamos nossa oração eu e minhas filhas de 7 e 9 anos, quando de repente entra pela janela uma pequena mariposa. Após pousar em minha mão por varias vezes, resolvi registrar a foto dela. Após ampliar a imagem da fotografia, me deparei com a revelação desta imagem , que para mim , representa a imagem de Jesus! Alguém aqui também consegue ver? O que vocês acham disso? Eu particularmente estou me sentindo abençoada! Por favor! Me ajudem a entender!!!

  79. Kerry Scarbrough Says:

    Back in September, I took.a photo of my wife that has changed my life and left me searching for the meaning of what I captured. It’s the absolute creepiest photo that I’ve ever seen. Some context… after some unexplained events that made me aware of a demonic presence, my wife started showing signs of a possible attachment. Without her knowing, I took several photos of the area where she was experiencing discomfort. The first few seemed normal, but when I looked at the last one, I was shocked at what I saw. First I noticed her eyes, her blank stare. She’s not there, something else is, and then I saw them, the faces, the horns, even teeth. It’s so clear, so obvious, so evil! Wasn’t til looking again days later I noticed the horn at the back of her head, it’s huge, and the wide eyes by it in her hair. There’s so many faces, everywhere, but the main 2, the one with horns rolling off its head, and the doggy eared, round eyed thing missing teeth. Oh and his left eye is the screaming mouth of another! Gives me chills just talking about it. Please tell me you see this also!?

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