Do you think you have experienced a ghost?

As part of ‘Hauntings’, we are carrying out a large-scale international survey into ‘ghostly’ experiences. Regardless of whether you think you have experienced a ghost, please take part here.

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  1. Linda Skene Says:

    As a teenager in Grimsby, England I constantly experienced a cold spot in my bedroom. The cat would not enter the room and would scream & scratch me rather than go in. At night the corner of my bed would feel like somebody was sitting on it and my covers would feel heavy like they were pinning me down. A lot of things would go missing and turn up later in obvious places and we had several incidents in the house. A cupboard just fell off the wall, my wardobe tipped over and fell on my bed. We were told that somebody had died in the house during the war. The phone would ring in the middle of the night and there would ne nobody there. I felt a presence in my room & was scared to sleep in there. I was 13 at the time & left the house when I was 16 to stay with a relative because I couldn’t tollerate the feeling of darkness.

    • stephen peacock Says:

      well hear gos .this is my true account.from the age of about 2 years old when i was put to bed and the lights wentof.i would just sit there and look at 1 spot in the room and 11 monks would appear holding candles.ten of them including at least 4 women would walk around in a circle chanting.the eleventh 1 would stand alone talking to them and me.this happened 5 out of 7 nights until with left the house when i was eleven years old.since then i have allways had a voice in my head telling me and talking to me to do things some silly some violent.and i still get this now but i have never harmed anyone.i have only just told my family about this.i am 52 years old.i am about to see some1 about this.when i told my mum she went white.i said whats wrong she said when i was a child i screemed when it was time to go to bed and used to wake up in the night comes the weirdest thing she said when she took a picture of me and my nan standing together.and had it developed there was a monk standing next to me.can it be the same 1 who was in my bedroom and i truely belive that it is with me now talking to me am i mad i realy dont know.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Same with me and my friend exept the fake
        phone phone calls.

        Your friends

      • Caleb wells Says:

        No ur not mad just haunted and protected bye a ghost / spirit ur guardian

      • desiree Says:

        This is what happened with me many years ago when I first moved into an house when i was 6yrs old I remember coming out of my bedroom to go to the bathroom and I saw this blur what looked like a man run past me and it disappeared I asked my dad about it and he said he was fast asleep so he doesn’t have a clue, then a few years later I saw this woman come in my room sit on my bed and place something down then she was gone I described her to my parents and my dad said it was my Nan but said he couldn’t understand how I knew what she looked like as she died before I was even born (he doesn’t believe in anything paranormal but I do) then after that I didn’t see anything or hear anything strange but just lately after my little girl was just few months old I heard really heavy breathing on the baby monitor and sounds of someone walking round the room but when I went to investigate there has been no one there, so that freaked me out and I kept getting a bad vibe every time I got to the top of the stairs like someone angry was there happened a few times so I just said out loud leave me alone and go away since then the feeling went, but now I have been told by dad he has been hearing dripping sounds like something has been leaking in my room but I have no liquids in my room and he has heard sounds of dragging coming from my room but I have been fast asleep when these sounds happen, am I going mad or have I got someone or something in my house? Please help its freaking me out

      • Anonymous Says:

        No your not mad, make sure you see the right person to talk to about what you have experienced and not the wrong

      • Anonymous Says:

        Fake. A two year old child doesn’t have the memory to recall such things

      • Gavin Says:

        no your not mad i hear tht bloody voice its not audible but yourself an you think why would i think that its a nasty spirit maybe not human but your 100%sane i get the exact same shit believe in our lord jesus and repent daily ok

      • Kim Says:

        To the person who said a 2 year old doesn’t have the memory to recall things is incorrect. A 2 year old can remember things and they do. If you mean an adult can’t remember things from when they were 2, that is also incorrect. I’ve always had a good memory and can remember things that happened before the age of 2 and at the age of 2 – specific things. Things that happened or just the way something looked. So, it’s not nice to call him fake just because you don’t remember being 2.

      • shay Says:

        Stephen do you see the number 11 often or notice numbers always seeming to add to eleven? Have to ever heard of a light worker? Do you feel like you don’t belong here or more so you have always wanted to “go home” but not just your house? Were you quiet as a child?

      • Joshua Walker Says:

        My dear friend. All B.S. aside. There is power in the name of Christ. Not in just saying his name. But in the old world sense of the word “Name” meaning to take on or represent someone. What you are experiencing is a severe form of demonic torture. They being the dis-embodied spirits of the children of the fallen angels mixing with human women. Reference Gen6 King James Version. Same thing greek mythology talks about. Except in Greece they teach it like history. But they are still around. The New Testament is full of them dealing with demons. It’s easy to discern the spirit that is helping guide you. If it rejects Christ. And tells you to do things contrary to Christ. No matter how “stupid” or little they may seem. If they are againts our Lord they are against our Lord. These spirits lie and are malevolent. Sometime to a physical extent. Most the time psychologically as in your case. But they are smarter than what you can imagine. They are the same beings that built the megalithic structures. Also when ghost appear in the form of a lost relative or something of the like that is because the demons have a vast network and are able to learn with great understanding they know a lot. Not all but definitely more than us. But build a relationship with Christ. Use many of the multiple names used in scripture to describe him. He will answer. He is waiting for your humble call. What else do you have to loose. And when I say humble I mean broken with no were else to turn. Admit to him your a sinner and that you need his help, love and his forgiveness. Thank him for his shed blood. And ask of him what you will. Pertaining to the help you seek through him. And just realize it is no power you have. As you have already seen. You have no power. But the Alpha and the Omega had all the power. I bet if you start seeking Christ, that little voice in your head will protest very much. But don’t listen. That is just proof of what it really is. Out of everything you could worship why does it have a problem with Christ. I bet if you worshipped Allah it would not protest or Buddha, or Zues. Why so prejudice against Christ. “If he is just another man.?”
        My friend I say all this with love. In hope you will turn in your time of broken need. To the one true Lord and Savior. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Christ Jesus.

      • Anonymous Says:

        you liar nobody remembers being 2 years old get a life

      • zeeta89 Says:

        When I was under 2 we lived in a yellow caravan whilst my parents built our house. the caravan was yellow and white my mum and dads bedspread was red with a single black stripe. I played in the pile of building sand with my brother. I remember conkers growing in it. We had a green railway carriage for a shed and a friend called David next door. All our photos were black and white . this is my memory from when I was 2 years old I remember going to hospital when my younger brother was born he is 2 yyrs younger than me.

      • zeeta89 Says:

        We moved into the house when I was 2 1/2yrs and the caravan scraped

      • Anonymous Says:

        No ur not mad, it is actually a gift but u need to learn how to use it and understand. I actually thought the same thing but my experience is a little different, I can feel things that are happening or going to happen but only with family or friends and can do things just by thinking them and have delt with spirits. Spirits have crossed over and can come and go a ghost is one that never crossed over but chose to stay here .

      • srijita sarkar Says:

        i think i have also experienced it

      • Anonymous Says:

        Probably you should stop watching horror movies or TV series i.e X files. There is NO ghost in this world ,if so, they would have no reason to disturb the alive ones. They would have more big troubles to handle instead of every night running from one house to other to scare the residents. When peoples die they will either permanently disappear from this world and take a place in Hell of Heaven or again will disappear and become food to the earth worms.
        So relax. a take a warm milk before sleep and if you think one part of your room too cold this is not because of ghost it could be because of bad insulation of your building.
        Last point instead of worry about the ghost , worry about the alive creatures which they could harm or kill you without any reason. On the other hand is there any news or evidence in this world provides some one was killed by Ghost ? hell no

        Booooooo …. Just kidding

      • Anonymous Says:


      • Anonymous Says:

        Do not worry abt such stuff
        Believe in this name Jesus. He is the one and only God who protects his children. He loves us and what you are seeing is just satan (lucifer) tricks or demons. Just tell it quietly:”Please leave me alone!” If it doesn’t help, say it one more time:”Get out of my house before Jesus enters the house and chase you out. Still doesn’t help then tell God. Go to church weekly and pray to God for help and chase all this demons and spirits out of your house

        May Jesus bless you a peaceful life

      • Kiran Says:

        Ya I to believe.. Spirit s occur. In my place. In mumbai I stay.
        Some one hung himself in this place.. For9yrs staying with the creatures.
        Harm a not much..
        Used to talk to me..sit have lunch dinner with to me.
        4/5used to be their…
        A cold breeze hangs around me always

      • rachael Harrop Says:

        Ive seen 2 ghosts. I was 17 years old. I Know Exactly WHO it is. He is still watching today. Again just 3 years ago on my Brothers 90YO country home. That place is crouded with Energy

      • Kiranbagul027 Says:

        Ya how many times to say it It stays with me

        Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

      • Bailey prout Says:

        hi there im 16 years old and I need some help. its been on my mind for years but known nothing. I used to see ghosts nearly everyday. I was about 12 at the tie and can remember it like it was yesterday. I would go to sleep , and wake up threw the night and do weird things. for example once I ran down stairs to my parents with two rucksacks shouting at my arents asking if they are a matching pair , as shocked as they was they said yes and I walked up to bed and went to sleep again, however , I was fully awake and functional, but the next morning remember nothing, the sae happened a few weeks after, I ran into my mums room crying saying they are coming, I saw 9 ghosts walking in a line into my mums room and stood around the bed, my mum was worried, until I hide under the cover , and they were still there. eventually they walked out and disappeared, same again I fell asleep and the next morning I couldn’t remember anything. ive seen black figured ghosts that I can only describe as a shadow , but at night tie, how is that possible , having no light in a black room and seeing a shadow type figure, if anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated, my parents know but ive never seen any specialists , its about tie I found out whats happening

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ay yo deadass b i experience shit like 12 demons fucking me oer whe n i was like in my moms stomaech

      • Anonymous Says:

        A guardian would never tell you to harm. Something malevolent and weak has attached itself to you and because your family couldn’t see it and did not know what to do it was allowed to stay and feed off of your energy. YOU are now responsible for YOU and it will go if you will it to. Say no enough LEAVE! And mean it!!!! If it peaks up on you again trying to wisper at you or if you feel it just say “what did i tell you?” “Go or i will send you back the way you came.” If it was of the light you would never have cried as a baby when being put to bed. If you are of the light you do not fear the light you feel joy and pure love not fear. In my experiences fearing something non human makes it stronger. Ignoring it causes it to lose its power. Knowing your own power renders it defenseless. Learn you have so much power and can do everything it can do but you have a body. The problem on this earth is that people truely think spirits or demons have more power and so they do. But they really dont. They have as much power as you allow them. Some can put up a hell of a fight but you just need to learn to center yourself and fight back in your own way. That is your own journey everybody has their own beliefs and so not one thing will work for everyone. But if you are scared try imagining a very tall purple substance with shimmery gold specks in it and grab it and wrap it around your body like if you were wrapping a curtain around your body. Be as vivid as you can physically grab it and wrap it around you and see if that helps.

      • Jessica Says:

        That’s crazy.i believe you though. When I lived at my child hood home growing up I seen 👻 ghost like I would see a person right in front that was solid.i seen creatures too looked like demons and these where so solid scared the shit out of me.i saw those untill I was 25 and then I moved out of that house and have never seen anything ever since and I am 37 now. So I know without a doubt that shit is real.not to mention object would move right in front of me there too.but seeing something go fly across in front of u was nothing compared to seeing some of those demons. Also used emf evp and cought shit on cam and emf would go off the detector and I got a evp before. So I believe you. But a suggestion to you. I would get blessed by a priest or something to b safe.good luck

      • Anonymous Says:

        It’s a spirit of satin the word tells us satin go’s to and grow seeking who he may devour. I have had that same demon come to my bedside and it would paralyze me . It always come when it’s dark satin is of darkness. Do u realize most crime happens in the dark it’s cause satin talks to people to do these acts. You prolly think I’m crazy but I’m telling you the truth he always spoke to me to do things like drive my car off the mountain, still my gas he has trued to use susuiside and kill I got up and told my church what satin was using against me the Bible says count it all joy to fall into divers temptation. It says draw nigh to God resist the devil and he shall flee. There’s your answer when he comes to you believe me he will return to torment your mind and try to talk you in to doing what he wants

    • Anonymous Says:

      Same with me and my friend exept the fake phone calls.

      Your friends

      • Anonymous Says:

        I think i have had an experience also but fortunately not within my own house. I know my mum is sensitive to ghosts as she often feels a presence and stuff so i am wondering if i am the same.
        It was when i was on holiday about 2 years ago and i had to share a room with my brother – we were staying in a barn conversion which had only just be converted so was really new and i didn’t expect it to have any ghosts or anything.
        But one night me and my bro were chatting and he wanted to show me a video on his phone so i came over to his bed and sat there giggling and laughing at this video. But as i was sat there i hard a very clear knock on the bedroom door (which was just in front of the bed) – at the time i thought it was mum knocking on to the door to tell us to be quiet and so thought nothing of it and went back to bed.
        In the morning however mum said she hadn’t knocked on the door at all and my brother said he didn’t hear anything either. really freaked me out.
        So me being me in the day i thought i would go back into my room and try and talk to this ghost to see if it would respond by knocking therefore verifying that i wasn’t mad xD
        So yeah went in and asked it to knock.. heard tapping behind my bed… asked it again to make sure.. and again.. asked it to tap three times. tapped three times… then asked it to make a louder bang and it hit the radiator really loudly – which scared me to death, so i ran out the room not believing what just happened xD
        so yeah thats my story 🙂 also just remembered that the room was really cold and that our bed sheets were practically damp – but that may have just been due to crappy heating 😛

      • geeeena Says:

        even f ur two yr old u can recall such things if u hav clear memory like mine 😀

      • Anonymous Says:

        No one cares what happend to e 4 years ago

      • chelsy Says:

        well when i was 14 i lived in this house , and every night i used to see this glowing figure with red eyes male odviously standing in the corner of my room. well it progressed i started being pulled out of bed being scratched things being thrown at me , things would go missing i would hear my name being called and i would feel my covers being tugged on , doors would slam i mean yeah well i think its starting up again i am now 20 and im starting to be scratched again and i feel extremly hot like im sitting in a furnace ive been starting to have nightmares and i see him in my dreams yeah

      • Anonymous Says:

        dear i am challenging show me the only one and only one verse in bible where jesus said that he is God or written anywhere he is God.Jesus was messanger of Allah.

    • Al Says:

      Recently I have grown more curious do to my own experiences. Like alot of you I feel impressions in my bed. The first experience occured in Illinois. Shortly after my wife went to work I turned over to go back to bed. Several minutes had passed and I was near sleep on my side when I felt some one get into the bed behind me. The feeling was so real I thought that my wife came back home from work. When I turned around no one was there. It was really creepy. Last night (In Maryland now) as I went to go to bed, in the same position, I felt a different experience. There was a push on the side of the bed. It was sort of the same push that my dog gives when she is trying to pounce onto the matress. I thought she had gotten out of her cage. I turned around and nothing was there. Then I felt what seemed like a surge of electrical currents pass through me and it was as if I were paralysed, I couldnt move. When it stopped i gathered myself and I checked to she if my dog was loose. When I checked she was still in her cage. I hope this doesnt continue.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hope this reply finds you in the best of health and prosperity.. I am a muslim. And a scholar.. The electrical currents that you felt were the demon going. And coming out of you if you felt this twice then he/ she has left you, when the enter you you’ll either feel a sharp pain somewhat close to a spear piercing your stomach or they enter threw your nose, eyes, feet big toe/ toes or fingers – It feels like a electric surge OR sometimes it might feel like a lot of ants crawling on the part of the body.. I could go into depth with this but it would require agenerous amount of time .. Thank you for for reading my reply..

      • esheets Says:

        Hi Al,
        I just experienced something similar to you last night. I was feeling frustrated with my 1 1/2 yr old daughter who co-sleeps with me because she was so restless and couldn’t get back to sleep in the middle of the night. She finally was sleeping and I was laying there listening to her breathing trying to get back to sleep myself when I heard my cat meow. It sounded like my cat was coming into the room to jump on the bed. At the same time I swear I could hear another set of breathing (not my daughter’s)then it felt like my cat jumped on the bed & at almost the same time all my muscles seized like electric current hit me and yes I felt paralyzed, couldn’t move. All this happened so fast. My daughter stirred, but didn’t fully wake up and I looked and my cat was not on the bed. I am in great health and have never suffered from seizures. This has freaked me out pretty bad and I don’t know what to think, but it was scary regardless. The only other thing that has happened here before was the feeling of someone swiping there fingernail up the sole of my foot while I was nursing my daughter in her crib, but I just tried to blow it off as maybe a weird nerve thing, but it made me jump. Now this thing happened last night which I’m having a hard time just blowing off. I too hope this doesn’t continue because I own my home and can’t just move.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hi I’ve never experienced the feel of a spirit being present but I often have the same “electrical surge” feeling and I often dream about spirits being in my house but being paralysed in bed and being unable to scream or shout

      • Hayley Says:

        it sounds like you’re having sleep paralysis, its when you’re asleep but aware of your body and surroundings. sometimes it’ll feel like someone is holding you down and you can’t move or scream, other times you’ll be able to move and be able to feel things sitting on you or the bed, you can see things move around the room or hear noises. its nothing to be scared of, its something that happens to some people when they’re going into REM sleep, its lucid dreaming, you’re awake but not really awake.
        highly doubtful that its a demon

      • Anonymous Says:

        You most likely experienced lucidity and dreamt it. You couldn’t move due to sleep paralysis. When your body is fully relaxed, it is possible for it to fall asleep while your conscience is still awake. Vibrations that can feel like electrical currents happen as your mind falls into a dream. Since you were not intentionally inducing lucid dreaming, you did not have a dream spot to go to and therefore dreamt you were in your room. The realness of lucid dreaming must have frightened you which made you awaken. The body still stays in sleep paralysis for a minute or so until it can fully awake as well. Sleep paralysis is what our body naturally does while we sleep so that we do not act out as we do in our dreams. There is nothing to be worried about. I do not believe in this kind of paranormal activity and have lucid dreamt many times. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        When I was like 3 to 6 in San Angelo Texas I was in bed being awake cause I wasn’t tired and put of the corner of my eye I saw a black figure poke his head in to my doorway he had a fedora like hat and a high collared jacket on but his eyes were a bright bright crimson red and when I tried to look at Jim he vanished but when I turned away there he was again and I was kinda freaked out

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are describing classic hypnopompic or hypogogic hallucinations. They are a common and completely normal experience.

      • Anonymous Says:

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      • Zahra Jabeen Says:

        Does this things still happend?

    • Betty Says:

      Well, both me and my husband have been experiencing things for years, sometimes by ourselves and other times when we are together. To start with, we had a stopper to our kitchen sink disappear and it was gone for a long time. Then, one day we come home and it is sitting on the middle of our cabinet. One night we were in bed just about to go to sleep and we heard our front door slam so hard, it sounded like someone had knocked it off its hinges. My husband grabbed a gun and we immediately went into the front hallway….. nothing had been disturbed and there was no on inside or outside. Before that, a picture that had belonged to my in-laws that we have hung in our dining area flew off the wall. We both have seen the bed dip and feel someone sitting or getting up from the bed beside us. Last week, I felt someone tightening the sheets over my chest and then I could feel my sheets being tucked in all around me. One night a larger toy for an small baby was in our closet. To get this to work, three things have to be done to turn it on. It would then light up different colored lights, play music and swing. It could not unless it was turned on and pushed. We woke to it swinging, playing and the lights going on and off at about 3:00 in the morning. We were both almost paralyzed, but had to go into the closet to shut it off. A particular drawer on my desk at work would open up constantly for one week, then it stopped. The scariest thing to happy to me was a year ago before Christmas, we had a TV in our great room that we watched sometimes. I woke up one mornning hearing something like a commercial for Christmas… when I got into the room the tv was black, but I could still hear the noise. I picked up the remote to turn it off and as I did two little girl voices said “goodnight grandma” they were light-hearted and kinda gigly. I was almost frozen in what had happened. When my father-in-law died, my husband was in his hospice room with him. He had just checked on him with my son and he was okay. They had laid down and he dropped off to sleep. His cell phone rang and there was no number…. nothing. But he walked to his dad’s bedside and he was gone. We have so many things happen off and on all the time, it is unreal. But, when I felt someone tucking me in and felt the sheets tighten over my chest a week or so ago, I have become a little more concerned. If an entity could make you feel this, then… if they wanted….couldn’t they do this to your mouth/breathing???? I am not crazy and neither is my husband. This is just a bit of the ongoings….. after a while, they are almost like remembering any day’s events. Would love to hear from someone.

      • Sara Says:

        This also happened to me last night. While I was asleep, I woke up and felt someone sitting down on my mattress. Then I felt a hand stroking over the covers and slowly tucking me in. I could not move, even though all i wanted was to get out of my bed. It all happened in less than a minute or so, and afterwards I had a fever. However I´m not sure if it was just a fever dream or if it was something “real”, but it sure felt real and I could feel that somebody had put pressure on both of my arms.

      • Kim Shearin Says:

        I don’t want to scare you but you have an entity in your house. Hopefully I will not offend you because I do not know what your beliefs are… but to rid yourself of it you must say: “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave this house immediately!”

      • Anonymous Says:

        You can look up your local ghost Hunters team and have them do an investigation. They can help you get to the bottom of it all and direct you to someone who can help if your house needs to be cleansed. The team that came t to my apt were associated with TAPS from the show gist Hunters on SyFy and they were very professional and helpful. All you need to do is send the TAPS team an email and they will have the team nearest you contact you. It sound like there’s a lot of activity in your home. Say a prayer before you go to bed each night. I learned that I am a sensiti ve and it sounds to me likeyou are as well. Best if luck to you! I hope I helped you out some. I know that feeling of uncertainty you are having, it is very nerveracking

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry Kim just had to say it… You watch way too many movies. You can NOT say that into the air just like that cuse you don’t know what you’re dealing with. In the best case what you should do is ignore it or you might offend whatever entity is with you… I had a really long experience sorta like the one Betty talked about but I’ll leave that for another day.
        In my situation, everything excalated over 5/6 years until one day when I got into my room and started talking by myself… No I wasn’t crazy lol, but I was tired of that opression and I asked God to help me get through it… This “things” feed on strong emotions and I just kinda disconected from it. When I heard weird noises I would just kinda joke and say “going nuts again?!” to whatever was with me… I had a month when my radio would turn on by itself, most of the times I was alone and it was pretty scary at the time but at one point I did it again and just went into my room and said, “I’m kinda tired of this, can you please stop it? I know you’re here already you don’t have to do it anymore”… Not tottaly sure if I used those right words but you get the point…

        Not saying you should do that but in my situation it helped for a couple of months… I could control my emotions but the rest of my family couldn’t cuse most of it happened to me so when anything would happen to them they didn’t know how to handle it…

        Anyway… get to know what you have in your house, guesses are dangerous when dealing with this kind of things, so call someone that knows more about it than yourself and don’t trust movies or the internet that often

      • Anonymous Says:

        U need to get someone to plead the blood of the lord over ur home. Someone very spirtial like a good strong christian and the lord will handle it. If its demon spirits they will go away hearing about jesus

      • Moica adams Says:

        U need to get someone to plead the blood of the lord over ur home. Someone very spirtial like a good strong christian and the lord will handle it. If its demon spirits they will go away hearing about jesus

      • jayl Says:

        A loved one that has passed n not crossed over is extremely trying to communicate with you and your husband. From what I have researched Every occurrence u are experiencing are all ways that passed love ones let you know they are there.. in your case I reckon either they enjoyed pranks n had that type of personality to have fun with your reactions or more I think they are in serious need of communicating with you.. either way you’ll never be at rest with it until u go see someone that can communicate with them.

      • Bonnie Brown Says:

        Hi I found your page looking for some answers .I believe I have had a lot of experiences like the bed sheets feeling like someone was going around tucking me in . right now on my job a lot of weird things have been happening . I work in a small office of my boyfriends parents . Mini storage . I have the keys and no one else comes here .I have had light covers come across room and land beside my desk and everyday something has happen .next day light covers
        lands on my desk and then i put in back up and I came in the next morning laying in chair and shattered …Today i come in a a box is laying on floor .toys have been moved and you can see dust plus lots of weird noises coming out of unit close to office and in office. I have been taking pictures and documenting and I have had a preacher come and pray and a missionary and today a box shows up letting me know its still here or came back ?? some time I feel like is
        it comes with me ..I was in a restaurant and something slapped the cushion booth seat and my mom was like wow you heard that then leaving her house I felt like someone was in my backseat and then my hair was pulled like some one pulled out a few pieces from my head …. I have had preachers pray from and my office and now its like its starting all over … I have had a lot of things happen at home years ago .sometimes I still see the watcher ??? what should I do its e
        really started to bug me ….08/14/2015

      • Anonymous Says:

        Get a pastor, let him pray in your home and baptise it… It will get worse, i’m not trying to frighten you, but your story looks alot as mine… I tried to pass it on as my imagination, then i thought maybe it’s a friendly ghost….. All escaleted pretty quick. I had to get a pastor, while i wasn’t practising my belief, i even got a group off christians to pray in my house, they had experience with these kind of things, my pastor wasn’t but he said he would bless my house and dogs. Get help, it will go on. Pray, stay strong, never show fear.

      • Azeeza Says:

        Interesting narrations from all. None is insignificant. Life has both physical and spiritual realms. Anyone who denies it should prove he/she never dreams or have feelings of deja vu occasionally. Death is a permanent separation of the body from the soul unlike sleep which Is temporary. Peoples’ souls wander from time to time in their sleep and can encounter other souls or spirits. PRAY before sleep! Another dimension is that other beings exist metaphysically – spirits, and they have powers to varying but sometimes, great extents – to even take human form or act as humans invisibly. THESE are the ghosts. They are often mischievous but PRAYER and BELIEF that they won’t harm one can help. I have had not-so-serious personal encounters and yes, spirits can take life if they mean to and God gives a way (afterall, men kill one another etc). I am a medical practitioner and know that not all conditions can be totally scientifically proven, even, hallucinations or psychosis. I have seen unusual occurrences, even hospital deaths – one was so obviously spiritual. From my Islamic knowledge, spirits can be overcome and some environments favour them – lonely/isolated places, dirty places, blood, nakedness and darkness. I have known people who have succeeded with prayers. I have observed that various people have various propensity to spiritual encounters. They are not abnormal people, just maybe, gifted or yes, attractive to the spirits. Whatever you believe, pray and persevere and talk it over with the right people – even if it is for reassurance. You are not crazy. YES, 2-yr olds can remember! I leave you with greetings of peace, best wishes and a prayer: I seek refuge in God from Satan, the accursed. From his breath, his whisper and mischief and that he comes (not) near me. Explore Islam, a religion of peace no matter what/how the media/politics etc have portrayed it, it would give more insight into this “ghost issue” and hopefully, by His Grace which never fails, a permanent solution to one of the seeming mysteries of life.

      • leigh Says:

        Over the years ive experianced afew things unexplainable,and as of lately myself and my 3 year old son saw a black shadow of a guy wearing a baseball cap walk across the hallway from our bathroom area and into my bedroom.My son tried to talk to it but then got scared and ran behind me.He told me to see who it is thats in there.Obviously no one was in there but we saw him clear as daylight.My son says it was a bear.When i asked him again if he remembers him he still says no mum it was a bear.So maybe it”coms to us in a form of life that we do recognise?But yes what is it and what are they?I hear someone get up fronm my kitchen table as the chair creaks and so does the table if you lean on it.Well thats common in our house were at the stage we dont even bothdr looking now to see what it is.Alot of things are it something we have of someones that they want back?A necklace or gemstone etc?Could be anything that belonged to someone else..maybe were meant to get it out or away from ourselves?Thats one theory but there are many more and we may never find out!

    • Betty Says:

      Linda, I posted a reply last night…2/16/13 and I realize you posted Marcy 11, 2009. I do not really know how this site works. And, I don’t know if this email account is still active. If there, and obviously if you received my reply…. would you or someone contact me, if you have any additional knowledge. Thanks

    • brittany bishop Says:

      hi my name is britt and when i woke up at 3:15 i went to sit up and i pulled the covers from over my head and i saw this dark figure in my sisters dress and it had a knife in its hand and i screamed but no one could here me and i was lieing there crying and i aventually cane down stairs at 5:20 and she was there stood over my mom on the sofa but was it a ghost and that ghost looked like my sister and now it is 8:10am i am hearing a ghosts scream in my ear and it is saying “i will get you, i will kill you” and i am so scaired.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry Britt, your story is the most farfetched of all, it sounds like a story a seven-year-old made up. If you were in the situation I’m in, I’d believe it. My house is haunted by a deceased couple, but something tells me it’s not just them. I did spirit photography and it scared the hell out of me what I found. The pictures were saved on my phone and my hallway, (which is pitch black even at daytime with all of the doors closed) showed faces of random people. There was even a photo that portrayed a skull-shaped face. If you’re curious, I can e-mail the photos to you. I even had moans from outside of my room a little while ago. Lights cut off by themselves, dishes crash inside the cabinets, I see dark indistinguishable figures moving at the end of the hallway. Most of the time I see them moving towards MY room of all damn rooms…. I’m also haunted outside of my home by a large black figure or figures….one night my friend was riding with me and it was in the middle of the road and he saw it too, he thought it was a person, so he just said, “He’ll move or he’ll get hit”….he didn’t move… Instead of being hit, it passed THROUGH the car between him and myself and scared the hell out of both of us. When we got to his house, we didn’t leave until sun up the next day. That’s not the only instance, I was staying with my grandmother during my freshman year of high school and the black figure was at the foot of my bed. The lights were off so I thought it was just my imagination and I pulled the sheets over my head and rolled over on my side. When I pulled down the sheets, it was almost face to face with me, right next to the bed and I turned on the light and it was gone, nothing was there or at the foot of my bed. My brother and I used to share a room and we had a foreign exchange student staying with us, we both heard a loud scream from the living room. I looked at my brother and before I could ask him, he asked me, “You heard that too??” I nodded yes and went into the room. Nothing was on in the room but a lamp. No tv, no stereo, nothing. I go to Vanessa;s (the foreign exchange student) room and ask if she heard anything, she heard nothing at all, same with my parents. My family seems to have a lot of contact with the paranormal, most of the time it’s very similar events. All frightening and absolutely terrifying…

      • Vannessa Says:

        Do you mind if I ask how old are you now? And there’s no reason to believe the voices that your hearing just pray and ask god to help you

      • Anonymous Says:

        get help id say

    • Kim Shearin Says:

      I am replying to a previous post since it seems this page is no longer accepting any new posts. I have had many, many experiences in my life and grew up in what some would consider a “haunted house”. So I know that “hauntings” are a real phenomenon.

      However, the term “ghosts” is inaccurate. These entities do indeed exist, but they are not ghosts. They are either demons (more often than not) manifesting themselves in the image of real people to scare, confuse, or cause harm. Or they are angels manifesting themselves in the image of real help or guide you (which does not occur as often).

      In the event of hauntings they are always demons. Most are not really “dangerous” but they can be. Their purpose (and it is working) is to confuse and misdirect anyone in any way that they can. You should NEVER invite them in or engage them in any way! The only interaction you should ever entertain with them is when you are commanding them to leave.

      I have rid myself of them many times simply by stating in a very clear, loud voice: “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave this house/home/building immediately and never return!” You may at some point have to command that it leave YOU, as in your life and never return… as I have had some that followed me from one place (that I have told it to leave) to another place.

      Please be careful about what is called “Spirit Guides” – they too, are more often than not, demons. Most entities from the supernatural are demons. Satan is a liar and his favorite way of messing with us is through his minions.

      I do believe in God and Jesus, but I am not a religious fanatic. I have had too many experiences with the supernatural though to ever dismiss anyone’s claims of an experience they have had. And each one is different – the way one person can see or feel the supernatural will be entirely different from the way another person can see or feel it… any many never have any.

      Once you do have a supernatural experience (esp. if you ever SEE one) you will be more likely to have them again. Good luck to all of you and I hope that whatever you do experience you will be able to take control of it, overcome it, and have peace from then on. God Bless!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m scared now 😳

      • Holly Says:

        O by the way my name is holly and I was kinda for real

      • Anonymous Says:

        You should be flattered that this is going on. The only reason they pick you off is probably cause your too strong in spirit to them; so they get you at your weakest point. By the fear of what you think they can do. I for one do not get bothered by them buy if you want to rid them trust in god and prey (but you have to trust 100% in god) and it will be cast away after all god is “more powerful then satan”

      • Alicia Says:

        Same 😭😥

    • Anonymous Says:

      There is some meditation its called surah bakra just search on your tube and play this surah bakra with loud voice and arabic and u will get rid of this ghost soon

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well I moved into a really new house 4 years ago and I’m know 13. The first sign that something weird was going on was when me and my were in my room chatting at 11:00. My mum came down and told us to stop walking around and to go to bed. We said that we were in the bed the whole time but she didn’t beleive us. Anyway we got to sleep at around 1:00 in the morning and my friend woke me up at 3:00am saying the bathroom light had turned on by itself. I said my mum or dad must be in the bathroom but when I looked and bathroom door was open and knowone was in there. As I turned my back to go back to my room coldness rushedast me like a gust of wind. My friend felt it to and the light turned off. We legged it back to the room shut the door and tried to turn the light on and it wouldn’t and then we were creeped out . Being 11 i tried to reassure us and I said that it was just a powder cut and we went with that. As we got back into bed the bathroom light turned back on and a couple of seconds later so did my light. I was so scared and I couldn’t move. Suddenly all the lights turned off and all went quite. My breathing slowed down and I was fine. Then the next night alone I kept hearing the sound of a lemonade bottle dropping over and over again and thunder clapped but like it was meant to happen so know I’m soooo scared at night when I kepp seeing this black figure in the night but I think is just my imagination? Maybe its because it’s dark? Or am I going mad? Help!!! (I won’t reply btw but I will read your replys😊)

    • Jessica Says:

      The blur that you see is called a Shadow Ghost or a spirit, it is most of the time a type of spirit or ghost. This phenomena could just be a type of form either entity can take, but no one is certain. Their appearance can range from dark grey to black and height varies from 1 foot to 6 ft. or above. They can be seen as dark smoke like figures or blobs. If this is what you see then I would do some research on Shadow Ghosts to see how they react and if they are there to harm you.

    • George Cole Says:

      i have encountered a dog ghost where you can see its fangs, i also have caught it on video, i would like to know how i can find out why its here as i have been here for two years and its never bothered me or moved anything around. even though i know its here im not afraid but wold like to communicate with it. thanks

    • Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      I have see two in my life one at my grans house and one in my the one in grans house was ugly the one at my. place he only had a head and he was spying on the coner of my room Iam only 14 way am I seeing them?

    • deric Says:

      Hi could toll u whom it was and what they need help with and can help got riddof or calm them down can also physacly remove them .all people in their third lives and I need a well paying job have a lot of people to help
      I believe u know me as Deric my number is 7708730855 please only serious oh randy said I love him to the reader

      • James commons Says:

        I lived in a flat years ago.i at to get up very early for work …the weeks befor strange things would happen any way as I walked in to the kitchen every book in that flat was stood ontop of each other maybe a hundred books all pilled up from floor to ceiling how the fuck can that happen its just mad I was alone no one could have done that it sticks with me

    • Anonymous Says:

      i had a van that i thought was in the other two lane highway but i look up and it was in front of me going the wrong way it scarded me like if a friend was too seek up and make you ump a lil i svervd and it still didn’t matter it was my time in a sec but it faded trough the car i was in and was gone it was real ……..but i don’t no the message it was

    • deanne brown Says:

      I just moved in to my flat and I’m always feeling cold spots in my room even if the heating on it’s still the it seem to be more around my bed

      • Anonymous Says:

        That happens to me as well! Sometimes it’s a cold spot and sometimes it’s like a cool breeze..I don’t think it’s dangerous/harmful but it does get a bit creepy at night when the light is of,but over all it feels peaceful and it’s apparently a spirit looking over you but I don’t know if that’s true or not..

    • Anonymous Says:

      When I am my nanas I get scared to go in one bedroom in her house because when I am in the my whole body goes cold and I feel like someone is watching me I won’t Evan sleep in that room because I hear bangs and creaks and all I can do is stay awake cos I feel like my body has froze and won’t move because I am that scared

    • Louis Vo Says:

      Get a night Light.

    • Isabela Abundis Says:

      Something sorta like that happened to my family. I had just turned thirteen when I found out. We were talking about scary movies and how I feared paranormal activity. My aunts looks at me and asks “Are you a sensitive?” I had no clue what she meant. But when I found out what it was, everything seemed to cone together. Like a puzzle. She said when she was 20 her dog would run up to her closet and just bark at the right corner. She pushed it aside and took her back downstairs. But her dog ran back up and did the same thing. Thats when she realized, “oh crap, there is a possibility theres a spirit in my room”. She told me it felt more like a guardian angel more than being haunted. Also, when she sleeps, she could feel a breeze of cold air go down her arm. But the thing is she wasn’t the only one. Her boyfriend could feel it to. They talked about it and said, “It definitely feels more like a male spirit, but it seems like its protecting you/me(my aunt)”

      But thats not the only one. I was at my mom’s but I was home alone. I heard my TV turn on while I was taking a shower. My cat came to the door trying to get in. After a few seconds he ran off. After I got out I saw a scratch mark on the wall. It was normal for my cat to go insane. We couldn’t tell if he was sensing a spirit or if he was just paranoid. So I told my mom. We waited, when I turned 14 she got me a dog. After a few months I would wake up around 2:30, almost everyday, to hear my dog barking at random corners and places. For my sisters birthday she wanted to have a sleep over. So I invited my friends she invited hers. And I have to say nothing scared us more than what happened that day. Our TV was fuzzy, the light in the kitchen started flickering, then we heard scratch marks on our wall. We still live in that house and haven’t found out anything on either spirits.

      • Matt Says:

        I have many stories and many that might seem crazy but here’s one. I was online talking with my friends on my computer and my door was open. (This happened about 2 years ago) To the right you can see clearly into the hall. When you walk into the hall from my room it curves to the left leading to the kitchen, other rooms and so forth. On the right is the bathroom and in front is another room, This happened maybe 11pm at night and I see this small shadow running from the left of the hall to the right into the bathroom. I stay there thinking what did I just see? I ignore it kind of but I keep thinking about it and looking to the hall now and then. 20min or so passed and this tiny shadow runs from the bathroom to under my bed. When I get up to see what it is there’s nothing there. I’v been baptized and I sometimes blast christian music from my computer as I sleep. It leaves me alone if I do.

        One other thing happened about a year ago was when I was sleeping and dreaming I guess. I turned everything off but a small light I leave on because of demons I see now and again. I was in my bed under my white blanket and I see this goat in front of my computer. (Keep in mind i’m still asleep) and I can see all my stuff like my tv,ps3,desktop and so on. This goat has many horns and then it looks at me. I get this horrible feeling that something is wrong. Next thing I know I can see into it’s eye and in it’s one eye I can see many eyes in it’s one eye looking back at me. Shortly after I wake up very scared and get onto my computer. I don’t remember what I did after that but I remember I didn’t go back to bed until it was day time. I also don’t really know why I was scared of the goat other than I got a very bad feeling and it’s eyes.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I seen ghost fell it heard it all my life so i say i won’t take shit form ghost so i figth back i born in guyana and there is a lot of ghost here so here what u du take a lime cut it and mark a line on you room door whit the lime and make sure that the spirit is not in the room becous if the ghost is in the room you well lock it in your room for ever so wan u fell u are a lone make it on the door and the window and take a god foto and put it on the wall . I no all that becous my brother wen he dring he be come weke and the ghost go in hem and cut my brother hand for blood than he dring it so i say i have it whit ghost i take his hand and i start to call my god indian god the ghost try to break free of my hand i keep sing a indian god song till my brother pass out. If that help u tell me i well tell you guys more that can keep the ghost out of the house.

    • lisa Says:

      Well ever since my best friend pass away 10 years ago. I stared seeing things at grave yards. lately I have seen a mum with 2 little girls but she look real. I never talk to her. And whan I go to my friends grave he moves. what does it mean???

      • Kiranbagul027 Says:

        Ya I stays with me. In my place.. Talks to me. Sits stands.have meals with me.. All in one.

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      • Kiranbagul027 Says:

        When a ghost appears a cold breeze u will stand in corners more.they dwell at corners.. Recently went to goa with my frds.. Early in the morning.. Was going for a walk on the sea shore on the edge of the water I saw ghost springing out of the water coming towards me..I got scared…while swimming in the sea I saw dead people as ghost surrounding me but I never got scared.. A ghosy shark saw…with his teeth wide open ed near me..going under water I experienced all this. It’s so beautiful to see such things. Abit of fear had but I was brave.Jesus name took..

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      • Kiranbagul027 Says:

        Since childhood I have seen such old woman in the corner only her head…on the beam watching at me..from a well saw her.. A snake saw as a nag…changing in a woman back to a snake..

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    • HauntedGirl Says:

      I think I have a friendly ghost in my house. It still creeps me out. I was running down the hall and I was babysitting my little brother and 6 foot shadow figure just appeared in front of me walking towards me, I stopped and I got a big chill down my spine. I think this is the ghost of my granfather

    • James J. Giordano Says:

      not only a ghost but aliens, people in mirrors and just visions that are clear but disappear when I move toward them

    • Constance Says:

      That has been happening to me but I’m 11

    • Jogi Says:

      Its all fake

    • Anonymous Says:

      i was in marion in a aromy and then somthing keep touching by back her hering souds for no resoan but they no staop to the sounds.

    • karthik Says:

      Don’t panic be calm and go that house and stay one day with frnds and released in your fear .spirits are real I accepted but that is u r relation r angels ,pls meditate that house with u r frnds and talk to that ghost

    • Anonymous Says:

      At the age of 19 I was sent to haze state prison. Shortly after I arrived I was sent to the hole for making trouble. The gaurds took all of my clothes and property so I was standing naked in my cell waiting for chow when I smelled a very beautiful strong odor a very pleasant odor. Like mens cologn. Then this man who I had never seen before opened the flap on my window looked in and then closed it again he was dressed in black and somthing in my mind told me that he was a catholic priest and an angel the man looked as solid as you and I. Evertime I think of this mans face my body tingles with vibration and I get this awsome feeling. I never saw the man again and to this day this man captivates me. My heart just felt funny does this mean hes with me? Someone please text this number4233566818 and explain whats happened to me I know nothing of these things need an expert opinion

    • Anonymous Says:

      when I used to live at my mums years ago I used to feel a presence and a weight pushing down on my legs when I was in bed it used to scare me so i’d pull the covers over my head and try to get to sleep it happened on 3 occasions as if someone was sat at the end of the bed, I assumed the house was haunted but I moved into a new build 5 yr ago and its happened twice here when I’m sat on the sofa it’s like someone sits on the arm of the chair i can feel the weight push down behind me scares me like it would if someone crept up on you but theres no one there!

  2. Nuno Says:

    It’s strange…
    but sometimes when someone dies in a emotionally agressive way, the place where the death happened can stay impregnated with that person’s energy.
    The type of death and behaviour before it happens will tell in wish circunstances incidents and things will occur. Anger, regret…are very solid and substancial feelings. The energy they are involved is so intense they can stay and ‘haunt’ any place for a long time. It doesn’t mean there’s someone there (spirit). Energy can take different shapes and forms, if you have pure energy inside a bottle, it will shape like a bottle…
    now if you have polluted energy (lets say…anger), it will actually interact with the environment.

    • Kari Says:

      well, i am experiencing some things too.
      i hear scratches on my wall, someone watching me, and plus my closet is freezing!
      idk what to do.
      im scared in my own room. i cant bear to sleep in her with a friend over.
      i also hear it breathing, and it calling my name.
      there has been no one living on the land. we had a trailor placed on the land.
      a friend told me there was one ghost named jon venom in my room but idk if hes gonna hurt me or not.


      i was at home alone on a sunday, and i heard someone call my name. i excused it and i heard something clear its throat twice. then i checked my whole house and no one was there but me and my 2 cats and dog.( dog and 1 cat were outside). i had seen one of my cats sitting on some towls and i went back to my room. then, i heard children laughter! but i remembered my little sister was at the bowling alley with my parents and i freaked. i stayed in my room for most of the night, but not im afraid on my own room!!!

      i need some advice.

      im only 14 and im in the US.
      this is real and im the only one experiencing it!!!(besides two of my friends).

      Nuno, please help me!!!
      i have stayed some words from the bible and they arent working and plus i have a saint christopher necklace and it makes me feel that i am safe but im not protected at night anymore!!! idk if im dealing with a spirit or something else! it hasnt attcked me yet but i dont wanna stay and find out!!!

      • dhanya Says:

        hey kari im dhanya.i guess i know wat tat ghost wants 4m wants to b ur friend.u just try to talk with it n b its friend.if u dont want it to b ur frnd u just ignore those noises.u read a book,play video games,text ur friendz or do somethin tat may distract ur mind 4m thinking abt it.ten it will leave u.if it doesnt want a friendly relationship n wants to hurt u,u have to meet a never b scared.ur fear is an advantage 4 tem to hurt u.

      • roshan pheudin Says:

        hi, kari
        well, i have read your experiences and the problem. most of the people says that there is a ghost but that is not true. i read your problem that you have heared small baby voice , just like your sister/ brother etc. it is because of the echo of the day time or bla…………..bla…………… according to the nature of echo sometimes a sound emitted by something can be heared after very long time only……………maybe your case is also similar to this echo nature??????????

      • ryan Says:

        it is a spirit of a human being not a demon. you’ll be okay. just your mental anxiety of the issue that is causing yourself to be scared. not a big deal. don’t worry. if you get hit in the face, or thrown down the stairs, then be worried. try talking to it like a person. chances are they just want to talk to someone.. i mean they are dead.

      • kristie Says:

        one day i was at school and i kept hearing people calling my name so i flipped out on my friends! that night i heard footsteps going across my room thinking it was my cat, so i just went back to sleep. then i heard it again! a few minutes later i felt someone poking me! and then i got freezing cold! it was probably because i was wearing a tank top! but I’m serous i thing I’ve experienced a ghost! i am so scared! c’mon people give me some advice I’m really scared!!!!!!!

      • Megan Says:

        Im not sure if you are still in need of advice but one of the best things you can do is get a smudge stick made up of white sage. light it and walk throughout the house fanning it in every room even saying a small prayer. White sage cleanses out anything negative. If you can get a smudge stick made of white sage and lavender. The lavender adds peace along side with the cleanse. 🙂 if there is anything left after it shouldnt be negative or bad. hope that helps!

      • Mackenzie Says:

        I know what to do I have had almost the same expierence today and all the time

      • T bone Styles Says:

        Ruun nigga runnn. You got a ghost in your house don’t be its friend (this shit aint no Casper the friendly ghost) this nigga wants your body to posses and do the dirty work of it’s father Lucifer! Runnnn! Shit might kill you.

      • T bone Styles Says:

        Did you run yet fool? That type of Sh#@* don’t be happening in East Grove (represeanting. Shout out to my boys Clutch, Triple K Rose, my man Tapy you know what it is. Aah Haa) Na but no-homo, you run yet? Man, that’s the reasone why I never leaving the hood dog, you white niggas gatta worry about ghost in the pantry or the dinning room, sh@#* my fu*#ing living room is my dinning room. “Uhh Darling we have have a paranormal activty happening in our Rec-room. Im just going to turn on the Audi R-8, so we can get the jibblets out of here.” Ride my bike to work nigga. Don’t gatta worry about that paranormal sh#*@ in ma one-room apartment. Thank Jesus nigga.

      • T bone Styles Says:

        You aint replying. Ohhh nooo nigga you dead aren’t ya? See I told you! I told you! I told ya bitch ass to run. You must dead right now. See told you but nooooo you had to do the the stupid Sh#@* of being its friend. Why the Fu*@ you listen dhanya? “Hey kari I’m dhanya (I’m the stupid bitch that’s gonna get you killed) I guess I know wat tat ghost wants 4m u. One it wants me to learn to write full words instead of half-assing it and making hard for the reader to know if I’m a three year old or a tweanty year old with dyslexia. Two that ghost just wants to be your friend and play kick ball with you and take you out on a date and maybe rape you.” What does she know? Nigga most likely let’s her uncle feel up on her,”its okay dhanya i just wants to be your friend. But don’t tell your mom.” Dumb ass bitch. And for Roshan Pheud-however-the-f@#*-you-want-to-pronounce-it, wow nigga, echo? What the f@#*? Echo? Son of a bitch, you know something Sadam? You sound more stupid trying to explain to this girl that the house echos, then just admitting you believe in ghosts. Okay nigga let me scream in my one-bedroom apartment and see if it echos. Nope nothing. And do you know why I didn’t echo? Osma, do you know? Let me tell you why, ITS NOT A CAVE! Dumbass. Echos. Stupid sh#@* I read today. Echos. Dumb nigga.

      • Anonymous Says:

        we have a haunted house, once we removed the doors and windows the activity appeared to confine itself to outside.

        If you can change the doors windows.

        Heard burning/smudging sage helps also

      • Brennon Wallace Says:

        If you want this ghost to leave your house you can just say that you command it to leave and I have a good friend that has had over 60 pictures with the same ghost and it looks like it is trying to whisper something into his ear. He thought that he was mad, I told it that I commanded it to leave and he had no more problems with this ghost anymore.

      • Alexis teasen Says:

        My parents lived in a house in leeds and when they had me they noticed a ghost in the house. it would throw pictures off the walls and balance pots on the edge of shelves, every night it would follow us all up to bed and walk around banging about. my father was always a wimp and was terrified, i was 3 and after growing up with it i wasn’t fussed, my mother decided to try something. whenever he did something e.g if he threw pictures she would say aloud “if you didn’t like my photo please can you just take it doen theres no need to throw.” when it balanced things on shelves she would say “please don’t do that. i don’t have a lot but what i do have means a lot to me surely you understand?” every night before she went upstairs t bed she would shout aloud “please don’t follow us, you know my husband is scared of you, im sorry, but please let us have a nights sleep”. and funnily enough it stopped occasionally he would do something mischeavous.
        My mother strongly believes ghosts are there for good but some need to be told the boundries.
        when i was about 5 my grandmother was in hospital after a heart attack and i was sat on the end of her bed i soon jumped of the bed and walked up to my mother and whispered in her ear (as i was very shy) “why is that nice man smiling at me mama?” my mother turned and said “he thinks you are a clever girl and is looking after us all.” it was my great grandfather (Grandmothers father) looking after her.
        at 12 i was followed by an old grey haired woman whom i didnt need to talk to she just understood me (hard to explain really).
        my mother had a phsycic reading once and i went into the room when the physcic woman left and the room was so cold and i sat down and felt a person brushed past my leg.
        when my aunt learnt to drive an old white woman stood looking out of the window waving. my aunt crashed the car but no one was injured.
        oh and my great grandfathers ghost used to rattle the keys when he arrived but now my dog does it when she needs the loo :L i havent seen a ghost in a year now as i’m 14.

        Does this mean i have some conection to ghosts? and thanks

      • Joshua Walker Says:

        Kari, It’s not about just saying the name of Christ. Or saying the words in the bible. It’s not enough to believe in our LORD but we need to believe ON him. And ON his words. There is a difference between on and in. To believe is one thingn but to have faith ON something means something different. For example.
        You walk into a room, and see a chair. And you believe if you sit in the chair it will hold you, and hold your weight. But when do you have FAITH in that chair? When you actually sit on the chair.
        James 2:19 “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.”
        And I hate quoting just one verse. But if you read the whole book of James (who was Christs brother) He elaborates on Faith.
        And your St. Christopher cannot help you. Sorry. Realize your problem is bigger than just pesky “ghost”/ demons. You have a genetic disease called Sin. Passed down from Adam. But Christ paid our Ransom with his precious blood. To cover our sin and cure us of death. Not earthwing death. But eternal death. Death is separation. On earth death is body seperating from spirit. Eternal death is seperation from Christ. The choice is yours choose him now and he will dwell with you now and forever. Or he will give you exactly what you ask for if you reject him on Earth he will let you have your way and seperation from him for eternity. But he does not want that for you. He offers a free gift of grace, mercy, and forgivness. It’s your choice to accept. But Christ is a gentleman he won’t step on your toes. All you have to do is ask, but most of all ask with a sincere, humble heart.
        I hope this helps. Wish someone would have told this to ME 15 years ago.

      • Heather Says:

        Hi there , listen I have a 14 year old and he is having some issues also, I have had problems with ghost since I was a kid and it kills me that my kids are also experiencing it, but it bugs my one son the most, he is the weakest , I believe we have more than one ghost, he hears scratching and nail tapping on the walls on his bed , the hall way lights turn on an off in the middle if the night, a little boy ha spoke to him a couple times, and this same boy woke me up once , my son is so scared right now he was at school today and it whispered in his ear ( it said take the next exit ) what does this mean? It is bugging me so bad,,, you need to have your parent buy you smudge okay have your mom light it and go through the whole house every corner the best she can .. I have to go buy some and do my house ghost hate that stuff ,,, stay strong they go after the weak ,,, trust me I know and it’s hard to not be scared but fight this sleep with a older sibling my son is , the other day he woke up on the bathroom floor no clue how he got there it is messing with him and doing thing to get him in trouble but I am catching on ,,, my animals Chen act weard,,, take pictures with your cell phone you will catch this spirit also,,, good luck

      • nood! Says:

        Those scratchs = mice. i’ve had this same thing happen. relax and this “jon venom” your friends talking about is total crap.
        and closed in areas are always cold.. You’re totally superstious dude.. If you trust god is your protector you’ll feel safe. What you’re feeling is just lack of confidence / mentally worked your self up so hard You actually think something that is not there is there.. People have literally died of stress aka heart attacks… Relax… there is literally nothing. (Unless you practice evil or sin or satan..)

      • Anonymous Says:

        I can help u there i a. Indian live in curacao i have problem whit ghost 2 i figth back . So take a lime cut it mark it on you room door floor end to end and if you want i can gave you the power full god name so wen you heard some ting ghost say this om shiva say it over over and over till u fell a only and never answer back if ti is a ghost ti well call your name one time of till up to 3 if it did’t pass 3 it call u 1 time use your mom voic don’t open no door if u did you let hem in you house it happen to me 1 i heard my mom call me i run go open the door and the ghost come in the house i u se to fell some one is back of me i well tourn but no body it try to kill me and to now

      • Dennis L Clarke Says:

        Say the lord’s prayer everyday invite Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour into your heart as well as the holy spirit pray to Micheal leader of the heavenly army gods most powerful weapon he cast Lucifer into damn nation from heaven pray for him to watch over you and protect you against all that’s unholy or mean you harm in Jesus Christ name if it’s evil that will protect you if it’s just a spirit trying to communicate you will keep seeing it if it ever tries to get you to invite it in say no I condemn you I cast you out in the name of the holy spirit I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ and in Christ’s name you hold no power over me they feed on fear don’t fear them have total faith in God and you will be safe guarded msg me if you would like to talk or hear what happened to me and just pray when you are scared I had something worse then a ghost after me god protected me

      • l2ichlife Says:

        With everything you got let it know your going to consume the fuck out of it. Your spirit is much stronger and throw the feeling of enjoying consuming the fuck out of it no matter how scary your the scariest mother fucker ever to exist.

    • larry Says:

      I fill like some one is watching me and some times i can smell fire but there is no fire what do i do.

      • Dee Says:

        I smell cigarette smoke …not all the time but only in my house. Noone smokes here or even anywhere near here. I was hearing banging on the front door, crashes in the garage, and conversations(sort of muted). I went to see a neurologist finally…he thought the smelling of the smoke is suspicious of seizures. he didnt know about the noises.

    • Anonymous Says:

      If ever you want to clean your house first you ask the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ to come in side you , believing He is the Son of God. Once your done you will realize He is God and demons are fearful of His name.Now the Holy Spirit, He will help you and bring you peace and all authority over demonic spirits and commanding it to leave. Then ask God if any objects in the house that me be attached to a spirit . Last get the oil pray over it saying ” Lord I take this oil as a symbol of Your blood shed on the cross and I anoint the doors and windows and objects..saying in the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit cover and protect my home . Open the door command all demonic spirits to leave and never to return in Jesus Name. Last but important give God thanks for He is the reason we have a sword to fight back with…that is the Word of God…also the Bible..amen

  3. sally Says:

    have a look an you tube site ghost in elevator scary there would be no way of fakin this when the man moves see wat i seen an b4 he gets in the lift there is shineing lights nowan again

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      asians are the top dog when it comes to ghosts on film…they are good at it.

    • Alan Says:

      Sally… I may be wrong but I think that is just light coming through the door as it passes floors. Could be more.. who knows.

    • David Says:

      Sally, I’ve just looked at this video. I spotted the bright light as well (at 00:27:57). It appears just before the two guys enter the lift so I think it is only the light from the illuminated button panel when the elevator reaches a floor reflecting of the elevator wall. Also if you read the comments someone has said this video is a promotional video made by GMP to show the risks of working late and is a fake. It is still very creepy though.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hi there. The time spacing of the two shines of light is about the same of the lift rising two levels therefore this is not parabormal activity this is just the elevator rising when the men call it 🙂 x

  4. Emma Says:

    I think I’ve experienced a ghost twice!

    When my parents first moved into a house built on a former prisoner-of-war camp, I had a double room and my baby sister had a single room next door. She could never settle to sleep in that room, and my mum moved me in there in the end, to keep her company. That didn’t work, and she got moved into what had been my room. I never felt able to sleep properly in that room by myself either. You know when you feel someone’s watching you, but there’s no one there – imagine if that person hated you – thats what this ‘feeling’ in the room felt like. This ‘feeling’ moved about the room – one night it would be in the corner, another night in the wardrobe. The wardrobe door cracked open one night and I fled, spending the rest of the nihgt in my sister’s room! During the day, things would be found in a different place to where you’d put them down, and doors would open right in front of you, but no one else would be there! Then one day it just all stopped, and I never had that ‘feeling’ again. I’m not sure why!

    The second time is actually in the flat I live in now. An elderly couple lived there before me, and the old lady passed away in what is now my spare room. I’ve had the covers pulled off me in the night, all the CD’s come flying out my CD rack and for some reason she really doesn’t like tupperware! It goes flying if I leave it out! But I feel she’s kinda looking out for me, after being pushed from underneath a light bulb which blew – and there was no one else in the flat. Two of my best friends have witnessed some incidents too – and no, there wasn’t any alcohol involved!!

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      apparently she does not like you taste in music either 😛
      I dont want to scare you, im an open mind kinda person. Maybe she blew that build up with her own kinetic energy because she was angry at you…thus the push? find more about her and learn what might make her happy to be your roomie

    • Abbey Reed Says:

      she is not a bad ghost she is helping you she wants to help she feels that you need it keep her around she is not there to hurt you.

    • Terrill T. Crookshank Says:

      This is similar to when I first came into Fairfield Ca. In dealing with my belonginngs my property a c.d fell out and rolled on the ground mysteriously for sometime…… this being 2007 and now it being 2014 I think I can say it just stop come this simularity…….. and that it kept rolling…. in keeping the spiritual… thanks! Terrill T.C a.k.a Relic

  5. Nikki Says:

    I had two experiences, one more poltergeist than ghost when I was around 13. There wasn’t really a sense of a presence and it started with a lampshade breaking. It was a shade to a modern lamp but designed to look like an old fashioned oil lamp, so the shade sat in a metal ring, which was not tight in any way to cause any pressure. The lamp shade broke in three pieces but remain intact in it’s base, it broke in such a way that the base of the shade stayed circular and resembled a small coronet, and the upper part of the shade split in half. The shade was set aside in the bedroom, the door was shut and in full view of the living room area, no one went in prior to us hearing a noise. Upon investigating the lampshade had been moved from where it was left and the circular ‘coronet’ piece was laid fairly precisely in the middle of a pillow on the bed and the room was icily cold, even thought it was mid summer and the windows were closed it was not air conditioned either. A short while later, despite no one drinking tea that day several cold tea bags appeared pushed into the plug hole of the kitchen sink, then as that was being investigated a noise came from the bathroom (which was empty) and when we look there were two egg cups sitting in the bath full of cold water set adjacent to each in a very precise way. A few days later a half full tube of toothpaste disappeared, so a new one was opened that night, the next morning being the first one up I went into the bathroom which smelled very strongly of toothpaste to discover the new tube completely spent, the ‘missing’ half tube reappeared and sh*t written in toothpaste on the back of the door. I was on holiday with my aunt for the school holidays and shortly after I went home, however they continued to experience similar such goings on until they eventually moved out of the apartment.

    The second experience was a one off, lying in bed with my partner, we suddenly both felt that we were being watched by a very maleovalent presence, which was located above and in front of us. We moved the position of the bed and didn’t experience it again, but we both had felt a real sense of hatred and anger in those moments until we got up and left the room in fright.

    • Kari Says:

      well, i am experiencing some things too.
      i hear scratches on my wall, someone watching me, and plus my closet is freezing!
      idk what to do.
      im scared in my own room. i cant bear to sleep in her with a friend over.
      i also hear it breathing, and it calling my name.
      there has been no one living on the land. we had a trailor placed on the land.
      a friend told me there was one ghost named jon venom in my room but idk if hes gonna hurt me or not.


      i was at home alone on a sunday, and i heard someone call my name. i excused it and i heard something clear its throat twice. then i checked my whole house and no one was there but me and my 2 cats and dog.( dog and 1 cat were outside). i had seen one of my cats sitting on some towls and i went back to my room. then, i heard children laughter! but i remembered my little sister was at the bowling alley with my parents and i freaked. i stayed in my room for most of the night, but not im afraid on my own room!!!

      i need some advice.

      im only 14 and im in the US.
      this is real and im the only one experiencing it!!!(besides two of my friends).

      Nikki, please help me!!!
      i have stayed some words from the bible and they arent working and plus i have a saint christopher necklace and it makes me feel that i am safe but im not protected at night anymore!!! idk if im dealing with a spirit or something else! it hasnt attcked me yet but i dont wanna stay and find out!!!

  6. Moe Says:

    There is no such thing as ghosts, spirits stuck inbetween the next life and this life? be serious HOWEVER there are JINNS, google fore more info.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      sorry man…i respect the fact the people have diffrent religious beliefs, but I can stand people who enforce their belief on others. having faith is something every man chooses, not somethin he is a slave to. dont say something does not exist if you cant prove it.

      • Debunker Says:

        Considering that it’s impossible to prove a negative, the more intellectually sound proposition is that you should not say something does exist unless you can prove it. I can’t prove with absolute certainty that unicorns don’t exist, but I would be well within my rights to claim that they, in fact, do not. Likewise, without definitive proof that ghosts (or any other paranormal phenomena for that matter) exist, the wise default position is to hold that they do not.

      • T bone Styles Says:

        This nigga is stupid. You one of those niggas that have to see to believe. Right? Well nigga have you ever seen a trillion dollars before? No? So just because you haven’t seen doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Better start praying to god nigga. Your gonna end up in the uncharted waters of hell if you don’t. Pray nigga, just because you hate God, doesn’t mean that God hates you. Pray nigga go to church and ask God why you don’t want to believe. Pray it’s you ticket out of hell. Actually nigga don’t pray wind up in hell, love to see your burnt ass screaming up to the heavens. End up darker then me and Darth Vader fool. Go ahead nigga keep walking till you die in this dessert. Selfish ass nigga. Tell you what, I’ll pray for you nigga, let me start. God have mercy on this lost cause. This mistake. This devil. This unwanted child, that doesn’t believe in your increadible powers. May he see the light. Okay nigga you good. No need to thank, see if you knew anything about God you’d know that his children love to give. So there you go. God bless bitch.

      • Kevin Says:

        My love of years developed cancer a few months ago,and went downhill fast. She was in so much pain, and was tired of fighting anymore.I was named in her living will, but for her last few days all they were giving her was mostly comfort aids- pain meds, oxegen, fluid replacement and an antibiotic.4 days ago, she woke up in the afternoon and told me that she wanted to go, but didnt know how. I told her that she would have to tell her body to let her spirit go. She woke again at about 940 pm and again told me she wanted to leave, so after calling the nurses, I asked Marilyn if she wanted us to stop the oxegen, and she nodded yes. I asked my love if she wanted nothing but the pain IV and she said yes, so i had the nurse stop the fluid and the antibiotic IV . Marilyn asked me to lie beside her, so we moved her over on the hospital bed, and I lied down next to her. As her breaths became more struggled and wet sounding, I held her hand, kissed her often,and comforted her. I told her of the great place she was going to, where there was no pain, no anger, only peace and love.I talked about her finding her departed sister waiting for her with open arms, and she was excited at that. I told her that i figured they would first give each other a huge hug and then go flying all over the place..Her eyes were large and just wandering around the room, not really focusing on anything.At about 1130 pm I suddenly got a severe hair-raising chill in my spine, just before Marilyn’s eyes began focusing and staring at certain areas in the room, moving rapidly from one place to the next, and her expression changed to one of almost fear. Trust me…I was freaked out and so scared myself that i couldnt even breathe for a few seconds.I couldnt see anything, but was certain she could. She kept rapidly glancing at the same places, and i asked her what she saw.and she said “i don’t know” (as i was typing this, it just dawned on me that I could hear her clearly now- she could barely even whisper, and i am very hard of hearing, so the last few days were a frustrating challenge) I asked Marilyn if she could see Heaven and her sisterv Bonnie waiting for her, and she said no. And this scared me, because for every good thing there is a bad thing. I told her that Heaven might not look like we think it does, and might even look scary, but was still Heaven.I told her to really concentrate to see Bonnie waiting at Heaven, and she began staring at one spot.I asked her, Can you see Bonnie now? and she said yes. I said, ok dear, then it’s time to go.She turned and stared into my eyes with a questioning look, and i told her, I love you, but i have to let you go now…we will be together again…now go. She kept looking into my eyes, her breathing got better, and in 15 or so seconds she was free of her pain.
        We had planned to be together for the next 30 or so years, and often said that whoever went first would give the other a sign if we could that we had made it. After a while I walked outside and stared into the starry night, still talking to Marilyn. I told her, you won dear…you are free of your pain and in Heaven. I asked her if she had met Bonnie yet, and stareing at the stars, wondered where they were right now. At that moment, two geese flew over, hight in the sky and right where i was looking, the town lights highlighting their wings. They were flying very close together and side by side, and were the only geese in the sky. As i watched them curve out of sight, i felt a wave of comfort and strength, and said, that’s the sign…you made it dear…youre in Heaven with Bonnie….

        This is a very true story, and is included in my love’s funeral service coming up in a few more days

        Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t know… but i do believe in Angels

      • Dennis L Clarke Says:

        The debunker guy is dumb wish he could of had my childhood

    • JonnieBell Says:

      You don’t know unless you experience it yourself like a lot of people.

      • Shawna Says:

        My father had several strokes in a 24 hour period. He was fully coherient and knew he was not well. My uncle took him to the hospital where they inturn medihelicoptered him to a near by medical facility to deal with the illness he was experiencing. When I found out about him having the strokes I proceeded to drive to the state he was in. I took my two sons, one 13 one 3. We arrived 21 hrs later. I walked to his room where all my aunts and uncles were standing outside. They said not to expect him to recognize you, for he was very ill. My sister too was there. She said he didn’t recognize her and she was upset about this. My two sons walked into the room I followed close behind. My father turned his head slightly toward the door and began to become visibly aware that my sons where there. My father had never met my youngest son however. My 3 yr old stopped me at the door and said in a whisper “pap is very sick and not staying here mom”. This struck me like lightening. I could barely feel my legs. As they entered further into the room my dad made a sound as if he was calling them to the bedside. He lifted his arm out to them. Of course the one side was paralyzed so only one arm came to wrap around my oldest son, then he reached down to my 3 yr old and my father began to cry. He never cried. It was hard to remain calm and make sure not to upset my father more. I knew my father was on his last chapter of life. My sister wanted to hook my father up to tubes and oxygen and this became an argument between us (me and sister) and our father’s family. They said he never wanted to live that way and this was awful what we were doing. I went to my father and asked him to let me know what he wanted. I asked, did he want us to let him go and not try to keep him alive, My two sons walked into the room I followed close behind. My father turned his head slightly toward the door and began to become visibly aware that my sons where there. My father had never met my youngest son however. My 3 yr old stopped me at the door and said in a whisper “pap is very sick and not staying here mom”. This struck me like lightening. I could barely feel my legs. As they entered further into the room my dad made a sound as if he was calling them to the bedside. He lifted his arm out to them. Of course the one side was paralyzed so only one arm came to wrap around my oldest son, then he reached down to my 3 yr old and my father began to cry. He never cried. It was hard to remain calm and make sure not to upset my father more. I knew my father was on his last chapter of life. My sister wanted to hook my father up to tubes and oxygen and this became an argument between us (me and sister) and our father’s family. They said he never wanted to live that way and this was awful what we were doing. I went to my father and asked him to let me know what he wanted. I asked, did he want us to let him go and not try to keep him alive, he looked at me like I was crazy! He began to get hysterical and try to get out of bed. He didn’t understand what all the IVs were and lines were. I asked him dad blink once if you want me to leave you and let nature take its course, blink twice if you want me to fight for you. He blinked over and over again in two time groups. He then looked at me as if asking did you get that. I said I understand dad. We are putting in lung tubes and feeding tubes. He looked relieved. Later that week during one of my daily visits, I saw my father looking around the room with fear, he acted as if he was trapped and had no way out of whatever was happening. I walked in and asked him if he was ok. He looked at two places in the room, one directly behind me and would draw back as if in complete terror. The other was one of complete sadness. He would weep and make a gesture with his fingers as if counting to three. One…two…three. Holding up each finger till the count of three. I have two siblings so I asked him if that was what he was saying, he would get angry and shake his hand and do the counting all over again. I still to this day have no idea what he was saying. This haunts me. What was I missing?
        My father became a little better, I was called back home with the threat of losing my job. So I left my father…I knew it would be the last time I would see him. Before I left I told my father, “dad, it will all go away if you simply say you believe, and let it happen” he would cry and look at me like he was so very scared. I would reassure him it would reunite him with his brothers, father, and mother. He would cry and look over my shoulder. I knew what that was behind me…I knew. I also knew what was in front of him. His family waited, although they did not look like they did when they were here, and this scared him too, But the one behind me was absolutely awful. As if a reaper for lack of a better term. I left, my father lived 30 days exactly. The day I received the call of his passing, the doctor told me while visiting my father that morning, my dad took out his tubes, with each the doctor explained to my dad that he would not make it if he removed them and it would be very painful to reinsert them. I father raised his hand up and waved off the comments as if to say I am done. The doctor asked my dad, “have you finally said you believe, is that it Royce?” My dad nodded his head and with the last tube he turned his head. My father was gone. I knew he had finally realized heaven was infinitely better than what was here. He died 6 months after my step mother passed. Now the oddest thing. My mother had a stroke 30 days prior to my father having his. My mother and father had been divorced for many years.

      • Shawna Says:

        I believe my father has returned many times. He would always joke about pennies and he would shower us with pennies so we would always know he was around, he would say “but not just pennies but pennies for your years of birth hahah.” I had pennies everywhere and always in the years of me or my siblings. We laughed and made it out to be a coincidence but in the back of our minds we knew. One day me and my whole family (five kids and three God children) came home thru my front door and each of us stopped on the stairs, looking into my dining room…there stood my father, cowboy hat and all. We all just froze. My God children had never seen my father so they only knew there was a strange man standing there. Then he was gone. This has happened a couple of times but always my dining room. Mind you my dad had never been to our new home.

  7. Charley Says:

    My brother, ten years my senior, would cry that a strange man in what my mother guessed was a night cap from the description, would look around the door at him. It frightened the little boy deeply.
    Cut to ten years later, I am now a two year old using the same room he once had. My brother is away at boarding school almost all the time. Although I don’t remember any of this, I too would come downstairs crying about the same strange man.
    My family are all rational scientists who view things with logic and reason, but that one has always flummoxed us all 🙂

  8. Bill Says:

    Back in the 1970’s the university of Manchester built a new medical reserch building.I was a part time security guard at the time and my employer got the contract for the night shift. My job was to patrol the building site and part built brick shell of the new building,I had with me was a very large Alsation dog that was not affraid of man or beast.
    That dog would go anywhere except for one room, the dog would not enter it for any reason at all he would just cower and pull away from it.
    The room itself was just a bare shell of four brick walls no doors on not even plastered.
    I later found out that this room was going to be the vivisection lab.

  9. David Stevens Says:

    A few years ago I was made redundant at the age of 54 and of course my wife was very upset, as at that age it would have been difficult to replace my managerial position with a similar position. One night in bed I was fully awake worrying and I looked across the double bed to my wife’s side where she was sleeping as I had caught some movement in my vision. A man was bent over my wife looking closely at her face. I must have made a noise because the vision turned its face towards me and in the dim light I could see clearly my wife’s father’s face (he had died not long before), complete with glasses. Almost immediately the top of the head elongated into the wall and was followed by the rest of the body and legs. I thought I was dreaming so I gave myself a little slap and decided to get up and go to the toilet. My movement coming back into the bedroom woke my wife and I told her of the incident. She of course didn’t believe me and we both went back to bed to sleep. In the morning my wife confirmed that I had been to the toilet during the night and told her my tale. I was awake and didn’t dream the episode, of that I am convinced. I don’t believe in ghosts or an afterlife as I am an atheist and think it is all nonsense. I wasn’t asleep, I know that, but the brain can play funny tricks on people and because I was upset at loosing my job and couldn’t sleep with worry, maybe…..

    • Ann Says:

      Maybe God is giving you a wakeup call. You lost your job, stress and no out let. I pray and I still have stress, but I give my worries to God and he has always been there to take control of everything, and he does. I will pray for you to get a job and to open your heart to God to release your stress. Seeing your father-in-law after his death must mean something, he is probably worried about his daughter and if she is athiest also, he wants her to change so her soul can go to Heaven. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not want to spend time after death in Hell. God Bless you and your family and your father in law.

  10. Katie Says:

    I was about 10 when this happened. I was sitting at home, watching TV. It was about 9pm at night. I was just watching TV by myself, no one else at home when I heard a knocking at the door. I went to answer it and there was the figure of my friend that had died the day before. I thought I was dreaming so I closed the door. But I’ve seen it quite a few times now.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      let him in then! most spirits return to those they were close to, seeking help. How did he die?

    • JonnieBell Says:

      Katie that does seem very weird. But I agree with Jay hates debunkers. Ghost do seem to do that. Next time,or if, it happens again just let the ghost in and find out what it wants.

    • Kim Shearin Says:

      I do not agree with “letting it in”! If you invite it in you will be asking for trouble… if you want to know what it wants, ask it at the door. But I would strongly advise you to command it to leave you alone instead.

    • lias Says:

      Hay yeah I know what you are saying I see my best friend all most every day and dream of him every night like he was here and he pass away 10 years ago he makes out like he is living life and not gone

      • Kiranbagul027 Says:

        Ya ofcourse. They do exist.. People think it’s all fake rubbish.. But it’s true..

        Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

  11. David Says:

    In 1972 a cousin of mine who I was close too was killed in a car crash he was 17. On the day of his funeral my watch stopped at 1-15pm as the car aproached his house, when I arrived home my bedroom clock had stopped at the same time. The night before he died I felt something was going to happen that night but never thought it would have been anything like that.

  12. Mac Says:

    My ex sister in law reckoned she had a poltergeist, an assertion which I treated with some skepticism, although I consider her a reliable and honest person. When having dinner there, a salad bowl flew around 2ft off a shelf in my peripheral vision and landed on the floor. Nobody was within around 8ft of it at the time. Had it just toppled off through overbalancing, it would have landed on the hi fi, which it had missed altogether, so it had been propelled with some force. Looking at the shelf, you could see its movement tracked in the dust with no markings (other than the track it left) to suggest mechanical interference. The shelf was level and secure and not wobbly in any way.

    On a later occasion, we were on the patio with a picnic table behind us. On it was a heavy glass tumbler of water her young child had been drinking. We were startled by a loud smash behind us, and turned round immediately. Her daughter had been around 20 yards away in front of us, and no cats or other animals were in the vicinity. The glass had come off the perfectly level table and was lying next to it, smashed into a large number of pieces. We took an identical glass and dropped it on the patio from an identical height, and it didn’t even chip – it was a very thick, strong design.

    I can only relate what I saw, I won’t even begin to speculate what the cause may have been let alone start blaming invisible dead people. But I can honestly say in both instances there appeared to be no logical scientific explanation for events that required some degree of physical force and which fit the classic description of “poltergeist activity”. The events my ex sister in law described (which I did not myself witness, but were also experienced by her husband) were all similar, involving items moving apparently of their own accord, often some considerable distance, and unexplained knocking and banging within walls and ceiling spaces.

  13. Annette ALexander Says:

    I was filming real orbs a couple of yrs ago and I was showing them to my brother, who I have not seen for 8 yrs, when he said to me who is that man standing by the front door? I told him that their was no one there in the house with me apart from my partner at the time, but he was standing behind me, as I held the camcorder, whilst coming down the stairs, it happened in April 07, but it wasn’t noticed until Aug-sept 08. I’m not very technical with how to get it onto internet otherwise i could of sent it too you.. I have been asked by a veteran from theb BBC to get it sent to him for further investigation.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      you should have put it on youtube so we can see!

      • James commons Says:

        I lived in a flat years ago.i at to get up very early for work …the weeks befor strange things would happen any way as I walked in to the kitchen every book in that flat was stood ontop of each other maybe a hundred books all pilled up from floor to ceiling how the fuck can that happen its just mad I was alone no one could have done that it sticks with meNo

      • Anonymous Says:

        You have a ghost, James!

  14. B.B Says:

    My camcorder picked up a very odd sound in December last year. It sounds like someone saying ‘I don’t know what I gotta do’ but it certainly isn’t alike my voice, nor the other person in the video who was cycling away and therefore wouldn’t be that loud.

    See for yourself;

    Could I be right in thinking it was an escaped tropical bird, which seems just as unlikely I know, but you just can’t be sure.

  15. Terry Allen Says:

    During the 40 years I lived in Walsingham,in Norfolk, my family and several friends saw the ghosts of identifiable dead people. One in particular appeared regularly to my daughter, and a femail cousin, and was also seen by another family. Other ghostly manifestations seen by friends were the spirits of long dead monks. Though we were never able to take photos of these, there were too many matching descriptions for it to be dismissed as imagination, and I firmly believe that ghost really do exist.

  16. john s Says:

    this is fake

  17. Alex Says:

    I have had creepy experiences but nothing that could not, in the end be explained by other means than the supernatural.

    A question that puzzles me is, if a supernatural agency cannot be seen by the naked eye in real time, why would it choose silver halide film or digital electronics circuitry to reveal itself?

    The problem with ghostly photographs is that since Photoshop came along it is all too easy to fake anything at all.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      too true…and people get off with making fakes. you cant trust much anymore.
      The hardest media to fake is polaroid.
      Its posible spirits can project themselves in mirrors quite easy. some cultures regard mirrors as gate ways to the soul. That could be why they apear in pictures more then any other media, because cameras use mirrors to reflect images.

  18. Alan Atkins Says:

    It is sheer western arrogance to state that ghosts do not exist. Why western? Because of all people throughout the world, we have lost the ability to see beyond our noses. I have been married to a Filipina and lived in the Philippines for many years. I have also spent a great deal of time in Bali. When you are among people who live with spirits it would take a grossly ignorant person to be able to firmly state ghosts do not exist. I have lost the ability to actually see ghosts, but my wife and our son has not. We have a lady ghost in our house. Sometimes, while watching television, both my wife and son will simultaneously jump, while my two daughters and myself see nothing. Embarrassed, they will tell us the lady has just walked through the room. There have been many instances that have occurred over the years that have convinced me of my wife’s ability to see ghosts. The strongest proof was when we holidayed in England. We had booked for two nights into a hotel n Exeter. This happened to be a Georgian mansion converted into a hotel. The first night, we arrived tired after a long day’s driving and went straight to the room. Awaking in the morning, my wife was holding the sheet to just below her eyes and looking frightened. I knew something was wrong. She told me the story that during the night there was a knock at the door. She awoke and the room was very cold and filled with a wonderful perfume. She was aware that at the end of the bed was a very beautiful woman in a white formal gown. She described her blonde hair. Although this wasn’t frightening, what happened next was, because literally through the door entered a man. His hair commenced from the middle of his head and was in a bow-tied pony-tail. She described his black velvet breeches, white stockings to below the knee and no feet. The couple held hands and slowly disappeared. She lay awake for the rest of the night, all attempts to wake me were wasted. My being English, her descriptions matched the Georgian period, something impossible for her to know. Needless to say, she had no interest in other than Marks and Spencer’s, certainly not English history. After breakfast, I noticed that there was a bar opposite reception. I enquired as to whether it contained paintings of the period, and was informed it did. The bar was locked, but the receptionist allowed me the key and I was pleased to see the wall was lined with old portraits. Slowly, I conducted my wife to each one. We found one with a similar woman to that she had seen, but the dress was different. About half way around and she gave a gasp, and there was a portrait of a man whose hair commenced from half way, pulled backwards. “That was him,” she clearly stated.

    We were to stay in the room another night, and I begged her that in the event of the same thing happening, she would do everything in her power to wake me. Checking out the following morning, I jokingly said to not charge me extra for the ghosts. This was taken seriously and I was questioned by the manager and showed him the portrait. He then revealed that some years previously, the lady had also been seen by a staff member in a different room, but the man was new to him. He told me that he would then go to Exeter library to see what could be found out about the man, and asked me not to spread the story because ghosts were bad for business.

    Hey, the good news is that there is an existence after death.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      Bad for business? ..ha!
      more people will come if they hope to experience something. Nice story, I too find it very sad how people dont have belief in anything anymore. I know many who can see ghosts, even though I never have, I do believe. I posted a few of my experiences a bit further down the page if you wish to read it.

  19. Michelle Says:

    My ghost experience was more of a ‘shadow person’ one, but whatever, here goes: When I was a kid I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. The bathroom door was next to my room, but it was locked because my dad had a bad habit of forgetting to unlock it(the other entrance to the bathroom was parents bedroom), so I had to walk around thought the hall and kitchen(bad planning, whoever built that house). In the kitchen there was a shadow figure shaped like man, he seemed to be checking out some stuff left on the table.n Once he noticed me he scurried away and dissappeared. Needless to say, I barely mad it to the toilet, lol.

    • Dakota Says:

      lol, ending was funny, but the shadow dude, that was satin. the devil was trying to scare you and bring you into the worldly things and not Godly things

  20. Christie Ley Says:

    To begin with I am not one who willing to believe in something unless I have pretty solid evidence. I am a sensitive, but have never gone out looking for supernatural entities.

    Some years ago I visited a house I had never been to before a in Greenwich NY. Upon entering I had a sense that a woman had been thrown down a set of stairs just in front of me. This was odd, as there was a closet directly in front of me…No stairs in sight. Upon opening the closet door, we found There had indeed been a set of stairs there at one time, as the stair supports were still in place. We walked upstairs, and upon walking toward a bedroom I had the sensation of a big knot in my stomach,my hands and neck started getting hot and sweaty. A very uncomfortable feeling enveloped me of someone not wanting me there. In the room ahead of us I saw as clear as day an older woman standing by the window looking out. She turned looked at me with such anger in her expression. In my mind I heard her say,”get out, this is my house.”
    I left the room, not wanting to annoy her any longer. Later on I found out that the wife of the first owner of the house had been very possessive of the house, remaining there until her death, which was suspicious. According to her husband she had slipped and fallen down the stairs, breaking her neck in the fall. Just a few months before she had told her friends that she would always remain in the house, even after she died. I had never had such an experience before or since.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      I would have tried standing up to the spirit, project equal energy back, and record EVP is possible.

  21. Michael Petters Says:

    I grew up in Ireland in a farmhouse in Co. Wicklow which was built sometime around the 1860’s. It was owned by a cattle breeder who ran the farm until about 1964, afterwhich he went into retirement. There were rumours that the place was haunted.

    Relations form Germany who came to stay on several occasions reported that they felt a strong presence of some kind in one of the upstairs rooms.

    On several occasions when footsteps made by heavy hobnailed boots on the gravel outside and somebody was heard entering the house through the back door which at the time was locked and all residents of the house were in bed.

    My father became so accustomed to these happenings that he would merely remark ‘that the house-ghost had been at it again’ when he was asked about the phenomenon.

    My first hand experience took place in 1976, when I came home late one night and was just about to fall asleep when I heard someone coming up the stairs to my room, open the door and enter the room. I sat up and enquired if there was anybody there only to find that there was nobody there.

    On another occasion I had gone to bed and was about to drop off when I heard heavy footsteps made by hobnailed boots of a kind no longer worn by anybody in the household at that time passing from the kitchen through the porch out the side door and proceed towards the farmyard.
    Next day I enquired from my parents whether anyone had gone over to the farmyard at approx. 11:45PM and the answer was no.

    My father said to me some time later that there was a ysterious ‘person’ frequently heard walking through the house, presumably the ghost of a previous owner.

    I was not the only one to experience things like this. I had several pals at school, in scouts etc., who told me of similar experiences either by members of their families or themselves. It certainly was something one didn’t need to be ashamed of or fear being held to ridicule over.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      Sounds like a “residual” type of haunting. harmless but can be disturbing if the person experiencing it does not understand. ever try to record the noises?

  22. Monica Says:

    Yes, I grew up in a haunted house in Northern Illinois. Along with my family experienced a number of odd unexplained events. My parents, especially my mother, loved the house so we made ‘do’ and dealt with the weird events which must have been quite frustrating for the ghost if we were expected to leave. Auditory footsteps, sightings of a man in a pinstripe suit from the waist up, was personally pushed across a bed (3 of us -one person not related but visiting – experienced this and we only just recently realized the correlations this past year), unaccountable singsong noise that would move thru the house when you searched for it, swirling mass of dark cloud, a bucket kicked across room at one point (ghost had sense of humor), scratching on wall, recurring dreams of extra room in house, sense of not being alone, phone ringing and then handset tossed down a hall, and sounds of boxes moving in basement when there were no boxes to be moved around or anyone down there to do it.

    And if you were to ask most members of my family, we all very much miss living in that house. As far as anyone can find out, no one else experienced anything funny there. Our family was the 3rd or 4th owner of the house which was built in 1920s. Historically, the area was an Indian burial ground (haha – no really) and the original owner supposedly died in the house.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      Ever tried to locate that dream room?

      • Monica Says:

        We didn’t realize that a few of us were having similar dreams until we moved away. It was generally located near a boarded up/plastered over doorway that originally led to the kitchen. On the other side in the kitchen is where the sing song sounds would originate. We did take that fake wall apart at one point to see if there were pipes in there that could possibly be causing it. No. Just a wall with built in shelves were all we found.

  23. Jean Says:

    I live in a house which until recently was almost alive with spirits! There are two ladies, one elderly, who I believe was the builder of the house in 1881, and a younger governess type of figure, both wearing either Victorian-style dress or crinoline. There are also five dogs (at least), two of which were my own pets. One of the dogs stays outside. There is also a grim reaper type figure who just stands and stares. He moves between the living-room and the back bedroom. He makes men feel very uncomfortable but doesn’t bother women. There’s a spirit gardener in the back garden, and a wild rabbit. Upstairs, there’s an old man called John who has nothing to do with the house, but came with an old chair. He just comes back to it for a rest. There is also a little boy called David who again has nothing to do with the house. He follows my partner and apparantly dies at his flat, aged about 5, I think. He had a little white dog which also follows him to my house. There are also spiritual visitors as the house was originally built as a chandlers shop, and its custmers come and go quite frequently. Or they did, it seems to have gone quiet recently. Occassionally, my mum’s grandparents visit to keep an eye on things, but again they haven’t been felt for a while. Mum is quite psychic, and so’s my partner and I can pick up the odd thing or two. Apparantly the Grim Reaper’s still there though.

  24. Paul B. Says:

    Sorry, this is rather longer than I envisaged at the outset.
    The only strange phenomena I’ve experienced was whilst I was living in one particular detached house in the late 1990s. Though having lived in many homes throughout europe, I’ve never experienced anything like it before or since. I guess it’s what they call a poltergeist. Anyway, this house definitely had an uninvited guest in it, but from the poltergeist’s point of view, that guest was ME!
    Before I moved in a friend of mine who was temporarily homeless stayed there sleeping on the sofa for a few days and reported hearing strange noises from upstairs during the night, but I didn’t attach any importance to it at the time. Apart from the occassional visitor, I lived there entirely alone for some 4 years which has enabled me to entirely eliminate the possibility of others playing tricks on me. Things got off to a pretty bad start. The chap who came to install the TV reported feeling an icy cold and evil presence immediately behind him in the living room. He couldn’t wait to get out and looked really rather shaken. Right there and then, I could sense nothing, so again didn’t think much of it. When you’re moving into a new place, you have other things to worry about. The next evening, however, I returned to the house after dark (it was only around 7pm but winter time). I was just removing my coat in the hallway when the front door swept open quite forcefully and a shadow followed me inside. I couldn’t make out any features, but felt this imminent threat to my personal safety. There was this terrifying atmosphere of extreme menace and I was convinced I was about to be violently attacked; stabbed in the back of the neck as I recall. I fumbled blindly for the lightswitch only to discover there was nobody there. It really shook me up pretty badly, though, even though the sensation only lasted a few seconds. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before or since and I’m not the nervous or imaginative type. Those first few nights in the house I admit to being pretty unsettled and could only get to sleep by getting blind drunk. Happily, though, the feeling of being threatened never recurred. However, shortly afterwards, the noises started. At certain times there would be a knocking on the ceiling of the main bedroom. Nothing alarming; just sounded like someone bouncing a small rubber ball up in the attic. Nevertheless, it was distinct and repetitive and not remotely attributable to the kind of creaks one gets with temperature changes. Clearly there was someone or something above the ceiling making this noise on purpose. I’d stick my head through the hatch and peer cautiously into the attic with a torch, but it was totally empty. The feeling you get when you do that, knowing that SOMETHING must be making the noise and yet there’s NOTHING there is impossible to describe. ‘Weird’ doesn’t do it justice. Also around this time, things started to get moved around at night. I’d wake up and find stuff placed where it didn’t belong and hadn’t been when I went to sleep. A wastepaper basket from my bedroom turned up on top of the WC. Other bits and pieces went walkabout; always, it seemed, at night. I’ve always been a rationalist and couldn’t countenance the place being truly “haunted” as such. In my mind, haunted houses were old rectories where grizzly murders had taken place. This entirely unremarkable house was only 25 years old, built in a respectable, middle-class street and had no lurid history attached to it. Modern houses don’t have ghosts, I told myself. It must be ME, sleepwalking and moving stuff around during the night myself. Why would I do that? I concluded that for some unknown reason, I was sleepwalking because I was subconsiously unhappy in my new surroundings. Yes, that must be it. And the knockings? Well maybe I had squirrels in the loft. There were plenty in the area so yes, that had to be it. They had found a way in and were stashing their nuts under the fibreglass insulation. I now know better, but at the time I was so sceptical I just had to rationalise it along these lines for the sake of my own sanity. Over time, the disturbances gradually subsided, but never quite abated. I passed the downstairs loo one day and there was a horrid smell. On investigation I found all the water in the toilet’s s-bend had vanished, so there was nothing stopping the smell of the sewers from getting in. Lovely! Just odd little things like that, until spring 1998 when my mother fell gravely ill and had to be taken into a convolescent home where she slowly deteriorated over a period of several weeks. One Saturday morning, I was just getting up when there was the most tremendous crashing noise. It sounded exactly like some almighty fist striking the roof three times in slow succession. The whole house seemed to shudder. I immediately took this to be a portent of my mother’s death; I couldn’t see what else it could be. On looking out of the window, the neighbours were casually going about their usual duties, clearly having heard nothing. I phoned the care home up, resigned to being told that my mother had just died, but was surprised and relieved to learn that she was in fact still alive… I asked the staff if I might pay her a visit later and they agreed, “but we should warn you,” I was told in an ominous manner, “she’s not very well.” That turned out to be one HUGE understatement. I was shocked to discover upon visiting, that she was at Death’s door and so weak she could neither speak nor even acknowledge my presence. It was horrible. I came out with some plattitudes, pretending all was well but it was clear she didn’t have long to live and in fact did die a few days later. The portentious crashings, it seems, were a timely nudge to go see my mother before she passed on.
    As I stated earlier, the phenomena seemed to diminish, but one final event was to prove to me, after suspecting myself responsible for so long, that there really was a mysterious force at work. I’d just finished taking my morning shower and was drying myself down when I heard a dull thud come from the bedroom. On inspection, I discovered my bedside radio had been removed from its place on the bedside cabinet and dumped on my pillow. Furthermore, in order for it to have done so, it must have been raised up some considerable distance to clear some objects that were in the way. It couldn’t simply have fallen onto the pillow! And this was broad daylight. In that instant I had no choice but to accept some paranormal force was responsible – and probably responsible for all the other weird phenomena, too. It was quite an epiphany for a rationalist!
    There’s a postscript. I sold the house in 1999 to a policeman who only lived about 80 yards away. He needed a bigger house for his growing family. He already knew the area and the neighbours, of course, so had no qualms about moving there. However, a few weeks after the sale went through, he put the house back on the market! I never met him again, so couldn’t check, but I now believe that when the occupants of the house changed again, it upset this entity who probably started moving things around and making funny noises just like when I first moved there. That’s my best guess, anyway.
    Interesting to read the experiences others have had here too. I reckon this kind of thing is a lot more common than we typically think. It’s high time the scientists dropped their snobby dismissiveness and started to investigate it properly.

  25. John Says:

    Years ago,1 or 2 hour before dawn,I suddently woke up from sleep,felt something attached to me ,in the meanwhile a man’s face appeared in my brain speaking to me.I could barely move my body,I tried to shout but failed. about 5 mins later,everything back to normal.I swear it was not a dream.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      Hi John, if you look a few posts down for my story it will explain events the same as yours, thus proving its not just some random case. I believe when a spirit connects with a human for a prolonged time it will drain all energy out of that person. My wife says if you leave windows or doors open too long spirits can wander in and connect with weak (in your case tired/just woke) personal states. She tells me of animals laying on her (like dogs/cats or small wild animals resting) often and she is paralized completely. Maybe they feed off human energy or it makes they feel safe…we cant take a return bus to their world so we will never know 🙂

    • Nicole Says:

      I have posted a response to “Jay hates debunkers” below that may apply to you as well. Check it out if you’d like a possible explanation 🙂

    • Sonya Says:

      Hi just read your post google sleep paralysis. I have it and it sounds similar what you experienced

  26. Dave Fiddimore Says:

    I believe I have experienced what we call “ghosts” but they are not the “spirits” of the dead. Two examples.

    A) I (and others) hear the sound of my cat jumping down from a top railing to the boards of the small wooden bridge which connects my house’s back door, to the garden. It is a characteristic ber-bump sound as her fore paws hit the boards fractionally before the back ones. The only problem is that she’s been buried in the gravelled terrace above for at least 10 years. There are other cats in the garden, but none have ever been seen or heard to perform this manouevre, which was characteristic only of the cat which died. The noises come in groups – one hears them for several days, sometimes several times a night, and then maybe not again for months. Out of courtesy I always get up and open the back door – but there is never anything there.

    B)I lived in a very old isolated house on a hill above the town of Tain, in the Highlands. It was a large house with cold and spooky spots my children were sensitive to – but one can always put that down to dampness, shadows – hundreds of things. It sat in a large Victorian garden with huge specimen trees – Redwoods, Noble Firs etc completely overgrown by a Rhodedendron “forest” which over the years we reclaimed, and re-established the original paths and walk ways. One fine summer lunchtime, when a storm was brewing and one could sense the electric tension in the air, the air became very still, and very quiet (like song birds falling quiet when there’s a kestrel around) which caused me to look up from reading, to see a small man in a long black jacket and polished black gaiters, leaning against a tree at the opening of one of the pathways, looking at me. He had a small black book in his left hand, was aged about thirty and was bare headed with dark hair in a small queue. We held each other’s gaze for maybe 30 seconds (he looked a bit startled – I may have looked the same) – I blinked, and he vanished. The first rumble of thunder followed immediately. No drugs and too early in the day for a dram. What did I hear or see? – I have no idea, but it has happened frequently enough for me to be convinced that it is more to do with me and my perceptions (or more accurately my mis-perceptions) or the way my brain interprets them – than about any outside agency. There you have it – I am a man who sees ghosts but does not believe in them – there’s probably a term for that!

  27. Kathy Morrison Says:

    I am living in America in California and thought I would share my recent experience. On Thursday, October 21, 2008 after taking my brother for a doctor’s appointment, I was returning home from Glendale going east towards Pasadena. I had to cross the Pasadena Bridge commonly known as Suicide Bridge. It was about 12:30 in the afternoon, and a warm day. The first thing I saw was the 25 miles per hour sign which meant I had to slow down. Then I saw a man, average height, all dressed in black wearing a long flowing overcoat around 250 lbs. I judged him to be about 65 due to his built, and what I thought was gray hair, and beard. He was way overdressed for it was over 90 degrees outside, and I was wondering why his coat was flowing for there was no wind. He had a bounce to his step as he was in a hurry and proceeded to skip down the bridge stairs. All the while he was looking for something like change or perhaps a key. I was wondering why he was doing that for there are no parking spaces on the bridge and below and no near bus stop.I saw his hands first as he manipulated the pile of stuff cupped in his left palm. He was searching with agility. I then happened to look up to see his face, there was none, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, no hair, no beard, just an ashen gray/tan cloudy cloudy haze where the head and the features would have been. The cloudy haze was very still and fluffy. His head reminded me of a burning house I once witnessed at a distance, the fire being almost out and the smoke was white, grey, and tan. His whole person though was as solid as anything surrounding him. It all happened so quickly and I was wondering if I was suffering from some sort of vision problem, maybe a migraine. But how was it that I could see his hands so clearly and not his face? I wanted to turn back and look again for I couldn’t believe my eyes, but once riding on the bridge it is impossible to turn around. It has really bothered me and thought I would share the experience. I do believe this bridge is haunted. I just wish I could know to know if anyone else has seen this smoke head ghost all dressed in black?

  28. Derek Renfro Says:

    Being raised in a fundamentalist Christian home and being a semi-professional magician, as well as a minister, I was always been an unbeliever. However, several years ago (about 25) I experienced something that I am still unable to explain: a phone call from my deceased grandmother. The call was short, about two minutes, but based on all of the “evidence” (her voice, speech pattern, grammar, dialect, etc.) it was my grandmother. After this I became quite serious in investigating the paranormal (got kicked out of my church because of it) and have since had several experiences including a phone call from my recently deceased step father. I have also take a couple of “spirit photographs” one of which I have uploaded to this site. While I am still a skeptic, I am no longer an unbeliever.

  29. bethany Says:

    one day when i sat at my school dest day dreaming out the window, it had just gone past 12.00 clock then i saw this large white thing hovering at the window. it looked like it was from a cowboy movie where they have them big piece of dust but the one i saw was much larger and a diffrent coulrer

  30. Jay hates debunkers Says:

    My wife is chinese (im british) and has, many times awoken to apperitions over her bed. some of animals resting on her body making her paralized. the most disturbing was of a headless human apperition kneeling on her chest while she slept in my sisters bedroom and a motionless hand next to her face on the pillow. Her friend has awoken to the same things, also hearing voices talking about her boyfriend (plotting to hide an item of his) and green eyes appearing on walls. My wife has been deeply disturbed by her experiences, sometimes to tears. Its not an isolated case. He friends, and her family. Even random people I have asked had the same experiences.
    I have never seen a spirit but im sure i have felt temperature cold spots, and heard noises upstairs such as floorboards being depressed, doors opening with distinctive squeeks and creaks. My wife believes only woman and weak or close to death men can see ghosts. It makes sence that they see ghosts when tired, because its a weak state.
    When we went to china to attend her sick grandfather, the night of his death 6 women all witness a figure move behind the fireplace grate. Her grandfather was making gestures in his weak state to apperitions on the walls, seeing a face. many more shadows were witnessed in the few minuets of his death as I stood helplessly trying to comfort people.
    Back in england a few months later my grandmother was on her death bed. Again moments before her last breaths she asked who the children were running and playing in the hall way, and questioned who the man was on top on the wardrobe.
    All weird and chilling stuff and not a word of a lie. I do believe in spirits, but I believe the ability to witness them is not in everyone untill a certain point in their life.

    • Jay hates debunkers Says:

      More stuff just came to mind. I used to work with two girls. Both very sensative to spirits. Luise claimed to have a poltergeist in her home, throwing plates at her BF. It even blew up a fish tank. He would get scratches too, most energy was directed at him.
      Gemma lived in an active area, where spirits would move from home to home. Reports of a small girl in her room, who would turn electrical items off (one time said to have pulled a plug out) and make the room very very cold. Even with heating on she could see yher breath. In that same house an apperition torso would move through the living room, through a wall and into next door. A male apperition has been seen recently but is rare. Her mother has also seen the torso in the living room.
      Im sceptical that it was a reflection, but a month ago one of my dogs got up and just stared wide eyed at the tv. I own a large LCD sony tv. Now an LCD screen is pure black…hardley has any reflection at all apart from direct solid light. The tv was off. She started growling very softley…as though not sure what to do, or if what she is seeing was real. She did this for 5mins without moving her gaze away even when we called her name, me and my wife watched with goosebumps. i moved around looking at angles to see if any reflection was visable. I could not see anything. What did my dog see?

      • Nicole Says:

        You might be interested to know that there is a possible explanation for your wife’s inability to move when she wakes up. ‘Waking Paralysis’ occurs when someone wakes up from the Rapid Eye Movement sleep stage. It doesn’t occur to everyone, generally because we are more alert and awake by the time we attempt to move. Some people, however, realize they are paralyzed before the stage completley dissipates. (I discovered this in the text “Psychology: Frontiers and Applications”). However, I don’t know about the other aspect of the experience, the “animals” lying on her and others. Did the others hear about her experience before they encountered it themselves? In that case it is possible they faced Waking Paralysis with the only explanation they had ever heard- that of animals. Of course, I only offer this for your information, and am not saying your wife’s experiences can be explained away. I am a believer, after all.

    • Sonya Says:

      Further to nicole’s comment I have sleep paralysis or waking paralysis experienced the same or similar to your wife. Not saying that is what it is but worth researching. Until I understood what it was I was terrified…

      • Barbara Gutierrez Says:

        Then what is it one I was laying down on my sofa listening to the radio at night real low and then suddenly I got paralyzed but I was still awake and and there was a horrible stitch of sulfur in the room and what ever it was would not let me up and I prayed my heart out cause I couldn’t even speak and when it finally let go the stitch stayed for a long time a I grabbed the Holy Water and started casting out what ever it was out of my house ! ! I had never been so scared in my life like that before ! !

  31. Gabriella Says:

    When I was a little girl, me and my family lived in a corner house in a small village in the south of The Netherlands. My parents had a pub in those days, so they were always at work. My elder brother and I were always together and frequently home alone for a few hours a day.
    One night, my mom went to help my father in the pub for a moment. My brother and I were fast asleep anyway. That night my brother woke me. He said he had heard a heavy drawer being opened and closed downstairs. Because my parents kept their silver cutlery in that drawer, he thought there was a burglar.
    “But why didn’t Laika bark?” I asked. My brother said I had to be quiet and get my flashlight. We went downstairs, me going first. I realised my brother was really scared. However, there was no burglar and our dog layed as small as she could be in her basket.

    I always thought it was my brother’s imagination. However, when my mom was pregnant again and my brother got a room in the attic, he told us that he always had a strange buzzing noise in his ears when he slept in his old room. He had been afraid for almost eleven years, but somehow he never told us before.

    For myself, I had one strange experience. We still lived in that corner house. I had the smallest room above the kitchen. I always could hear the known sounds of my mother making coffee, the soft noise of the fridge and such.
    One night, I woke up and looked in my small room. I saw a dark silhouette. I thought it was my father who came to see if I was al right before he went to bed.
    “Dad?” I said. But there came no answer. So, me being childish naive, I thought my dad didn’t answer because he wanted to be funny or something. So I layed down and fell asleep again.
    The next morning, I looked at the place where I had seen the silhouette, but my desk was over there. I hadn’t seen it in the dark. No way that my dad could have stand there.
    When I asked him, he said he hadn’t been in my room that night..

  32. Jenny Tynan Says:

    I have had many experiences, the most prominant occured in my husbands grandmothers house that we moved into after she died. She always talked about spirit “friends” that kept her company. She lived alone some 30 years after the death of her husband.
    I thought nothing of her “ramblings” about these friends until we moved in. A typical night involved doors opening and closing lights going off and on. Footsteps on the wooden boards. Mostly at night. I had one very frightening moment when I was awoken by my child who had climbed out of his cot, as he sometimes did, and was standing at our door. I said “come on Mr lets go” he walked back to his room, I went to pick him up and put him into his cot only to find that my arms went straight through this apparition and at the same time I looked into the cot and saw my son ASLEEP!! A chill ran through me. this child visitor was heard by my husband as well running through the house and even giggling. I always thought that it was my son but too many times it turned out that he was sleeping or napping or outside at the time. We have many more experiences of this time living in this house.
    Many years later we found out that his mother was not an only child but actually had a twin brother who had died he was never spoken of before this time.

  33. helio Says:

    tenho uma foto ,acho que vai gostar, voçe paga pelas fotos? aguardo resposta.

  34. Aída Cintra Says:

    Hello! I´m from Brazil. I had a picture very strange. How do I send to you? Appears to me a very strange image. And at the same time took pictures of my father and my sister and nothing appeared, not only in me.

    Excuse my English!

  35. Hortêncio A. Souza Says:

    Tenho uma foto muito interessante e gostaria de enviar para apreciação e comentários de todos.
    Mas não encontrei o endereço para o envio.
    Canoas-RS Brasil

  36. Thales Says:

    Todos temos uma história a respeito de fantasmas ou espíritos porque de fato existem.

    Procure sobre os estudo de William Crooks e Katie King, Elizabeth d´Esperance, no livro “No pais das sombras”, Eusápia Paladino estudada por Ernesto Bozzano, e demais fenômenos mediunicos e espíritas.

    Everyone of us have a history about a phanton or spirits because they really existe, of course.

    Look for Willian Croos and his studies about the spirit Katie King and Daniel Douglas Homes (the man who could fly, or the King´s medium). Look for Elizabeth d´Esperance, in her book “In the land of the shadows”, the italian medium Eusapia Paladino and the materialization fenomena studied by Ernest Bozzano, and other spiritis and paranormal (mediunic) fenomena.

    We have to take care to not believe that all photos are eligible, because there´s some circunstance (shadows, light, flashes, and a lot of imagination) that could impress a “ghost” on the photo.

  37. kiriath Says:

    Tenho uma foto legal sobre o assunto, gostaria de enviar para que fosse avaliada.

  38. steiner lemes Says:

    Incrível tamanha ignorância sobre o assunto nos dias de hoje. O esclarecimento pede bom senso, estudo e mente preparada para aceitação de tais fatos, livre de dogmas religiosos ou materialismo irracional.
    Como tudo que é novo e chama atenção, nestes casos também não faltam aproveitadores e charlatões que brincam com coisas tão sérias.

    Os “fantasmas” nada mais são do que espíritos de homens que viveram ou tenham vínculo em nosso planeta e ainda continuam presos a essa atmosfera densa, esquecendo ou não aceitando que já passaram pro mundo espiritual.

    Há muita explicação em literatura espírita mas de nada servirão pra quem tem idéias pré-concebidas. Isso tudo já foi codificado e explicado cabendo a ciência humana demonstrar através de estudos sérios. Isso demonstrado pela ciência, e um dia o será, indicará um novo marco no pensar humano. As coisas já estão acontecendo há muito tempo pra quem tem entendimento.

  39. 于瀛 Yu ying Says:

    我是一名中国人 在中国这样一个古老的国度里对于鬼神从来都是敬而远之的思维模式 在人们心中普遍认为或者说不敢否认鬼神是不存在的 我个人认为 就像在古代 很多科学无法解释的东西被当作鬼神的体现 今天 当我们所掌握的一些科学无法用来解释此刻我们所看到的灵异现象时 有些人可能会以为这是迷信 有些人可能会把它们真的当作鬼神存在的证据 有些人可能会对此不置可否 事实上 也许当科学再次进步的时候我们可能会明白 这些也许是真的不存在 只是一些摄像技术上的误会 或者我们会用科学的方法和观点证明 这只是一种不为人知的 含盖在科学范畴之内的物质存在

    I am one Chinese my individual that the thinking model regards as in other words , not daring deny that ghosts and gods is to do not exist at people’s heart commonly being to keep a respectful distance all along in a such antiquited country to ghosts and gods in Chinese think of right away image ancient times many science have no way to make an explanation thing be regarded as ghosts and gods embodiment today ding-dang a few grasped by us science unable be used to make an explanation the moment what we see that occult phenomenon now and then some people may possibly believe this be superstition some people possibility meeting they true be regarded as ghosts and gods existence evidence We may possibly know that these maybe are that the true nothingness is only a little upper camera shooting technology misapprehension or we are able to use the science method when some people may possibly be noncommittal to here progressing once again as if it be in fact maybe science and viewpoint certificate this only a kind of no conduct knowledge containing cover science category within matter existence

  40. jefferson Says:

    Tenho uma foto de fantasma

  41. jefferson Says:

    mas não estou conseguindo lhe enviar!!!

  42. cyberain Says:

    i got an experience about ghost too..i live in a little village in west coast Malaysia..about 5 years ago, we had my sister weddding..the house next to my house was empty approximately for 10 father was responsible to keep the house’s keys from the, my father used the house as an accomodation for the guest to pray or resting..the night after the wedding, me, my sister, my niece and my nephew went to the “pelamin” (the wedding stage)..we were playing and singing the time, my niece (her age were about 11/2 years old) were singing and dancing, suddenly she stopped then look at us and whispering “Shhh..the sister is inside”..all of us were stopped too and looked at her..her face turned and my sister kept asking her over and over again and she kept answering with the same answer over and over again too..then we ran into our house and told the rest of the family about what just had happened..the story not just end sister told the story to her boyfriend the next day..usually my sister was sent by her BF after working hour..and the most shocking part in the story..he (my sister’s BF) told my sister that all this while he thought that the house had its sister was shocked and asked him what makes he said like that..he told my sister that every time he sent my sister back home, he always saw the yellow light (old bulb) from the main room was on and saw a woman figure too (like staring at them) but the question mark is, at that time, the main room is using the pendaflour light..the story was spread out among my family including my uncle..the next monday, he told us what was he went through while using the main room for Maghrib prayer..while he was praying, he felt like a heavy wind was went through his back in a rapid speed and then suddenly the door bumped hard by uncle was shocked and finished his pray in rushing..suddently, i remember that the last resident of the house had told us that she always listened her only child (girl) like playing with someone and sometimes laughing day, she went up to see her girl, she was shocked, her child was talking to her invisible friend..”this is for me and this is for you hahahaha”..not too long after the incident, they moved out..the next 3 years, a couple had bought the house and destroy the old house and build a new one at the same land..after the new house had develope the couple always come every weekend to clean day, they brought along their the evening (about 5:30 p.m) his mother went to the main room and she saw a girl with no face with white dress and with no legs were inside the room….this is where our question had answered..there’s a ghost inside the house..

  43. Tiago Portela Says:

    Primeiramente quero agradeçer por estar mandando o meu comentario.
    Bom meu nome é Tiago Portela, Brasil Salvador-ba e sou espirita Kardecista , aonde Allan Kardeck foi o prepulsor da codificação na doutrina espirita.
    Muita gente comenta que ver um fantasma ou espirito nas fotos…
    Mas na realidade vemos o periespirito nas fotos,.., Pois o espirito é feito de luz e energia, e o que vemos é eneriga materiliazida do periespirito aonde da forma na ultima encarnação do corpo.
    Se estudarmos O Livro dos Espiritos de Allan Kardeck, tiraremos todas as nossas dúvidas sobre fantasmas e periespiritos materializados ainda vagando no planeta terra, na maioria das vezes sem saber que estao desencarnados ou nao querem enfrentar a realidade sobre o desencarne do corpo físico.

  44. kamarul87 Says:

    apology if my english is suck. I originated from from Malaysia. Malaysia is a enormous country got involved with element exceptional. since small more, I have been disclosed with a very frightening ghost story. how, elderly people know of that ghost story? in fact, themselves has undergone its before narrate to me. in fact to some people, phantom is accompanist and friend will save them help when be inside hardship. although we has come in sophisticated time, is still society which possess friend where cannot be seen by others, or more accurate in call genie. I sense extraordinary implementation almost every-day. when I sleep, sure is something that does not visible to the naked eye stand in my bed end. in midnight time, I will be overheard vampire sound. in fact, I have been possessed before with genie. my state possessed just like in film of emily rose. I successfully saved by strong one expert in drive phantom. in fact, if you want or sense phantom experience. at least you ever in beam a poltergeist. after that , you will definitely can see phantom. I give warning, do not let you possessed phantom because they will use your self is own to destroy you. I hope you does not intend to be looking phantom because after that your life would be haunted multiple ghost image you see. kind of difficult you forget multiple ghost image you see. I believe all of you have gone through experience see ghost. but , if you want see worse phantom from pictures displayed, please come to MALAYSIA. Do you brave enough?

  45. Jack Says:

    While I believe there is something to ghosts, I never had an experience with one until I moved into my last home. the home was a Cape Cod style and had two floors; the main living floor and an upstairs that consisted of a finished attic with of two bedrooms. On several occassions while I was on the main floor I heard foot steps walking across the second floor. I am very familiar wiht the sort of noises a house might make when the wood structure “settles” or when the wind blows. the sounds were quite distinct and consisted of three or four heavy steps by someone with shoes with heels on them (like a man’s leather shoe). I purchased the home in 2003 from the original owner whose husband built the home. The husband died in the 1970’s. I can only figure that he was still watching over his handiwork.

  46. CMJABQ Says:

    My brother and I were latch-key kids. One evening we were at a friends house down the street and when we went home, we had locked ourselves out of the house. We went to our front window to try to open it and climb in the house. While all three of us were trying to slide the window open, a greenish hand came up from underneath the curtains. We all screamed at the same time and ran away. We then went to our neighbor’s house and told him what we had seen. We didn’t know our neighbor at all but he must have seen something in our faces that he believed us right away. He told us to stay in his house while he grabbed a baseball bat, jumped our back fence and somehow got into our house from the back. After awhile, he came back to tell us that no one was in there and that it was safe to go in. He still believed us though. We were never able to explain it and since we all saw it at the same time, we know it was real. We were about 9 years old at the time.

  47. Jacquie Says:

    I have just stumbled across this site and am intrigued. I have had many experiences of strange things and would love to feedback suggestions to what I am experiencing.
    My first and most frightening was one sunny afternoon as a young girl cant remember how old i was, but was listening to the Top 40 on Radio 1 in my bedroom with tape recorder ready to record my fav songs. I was lying down on my bed and as i tried to get up to release the pause button i heard the most strange music, lights flashing around my lampshade and was lifted in the air. The feeling was awful it was obviously scary but felt bad, evil. This would happen several times over a period of about a year. We moved from that house, and was told by a neighbour that the new occupants had the house exorcised because of strange happenings to their young daughter in what would have been my bedroom. I was told that the priest had said it was a spirit of a young girl. About 20 years later i was living in my own flat woke in the night hearing music thinking someone was having a party, but soon realised it was the same sound as i had heard in my childhood and then experienced what I can only describe as something evil trying to pull me from my body. This happens to me frequently now, I have tried to shout out to my partner for him to watch but feel paralized, Iknow this sounds stupid but i try to say the lords pray and make a cross sign but am unable to. I am now 42,about 2 years ago my brother became a landlord of a pub my grandparents used to run. A man came in who had just moved to the village. He and my brother started chatted and the man was saying he had just moved into a house and strange things were happening in his childs bedroom. Yep it was my old bedroom !! On my 40the birthday party held in the pub, I have two photographs taken a few minutes apart of me. In one appears a white figure on a girl sitting on the pub floor looking at me, and above my head it looks like a face of a young child like person. The other photo taken shows people in the same positions in the pub and these figures are no where to be seen. No one fitting the description of the girl sitting on the floor was in the pub at that time or through out the night. It was a small gathering and no one at that party can indentify her. There have been lots of stories that the pub was haunted by several ghosts, one being a beautiful young girl but she was only supposed to have appeared in the cellar. Over the past 6 months to a year I have started to experience these happenings again. I am intrigued, is it my imagination working over time, am I asleep which i am convinced i am not, is it some sort of sleep paralysis, vivid nightmare I really dont know. If the priest had exorcised my bedroom as i have been told, how comes the next occupants had the same experiences?? Do these spirits return and travel about? I would love to hear some comments and perhaps if anyone else has these experiences.

    • Tracy Says:

      Hi Jacquie, If you still experience this problem, I would first of all have to ask if u are a Christian. If u are, then as a MATTER OF SUGGESTION, You could try any of these Churches “Living Faith” or The Redeemed Christian Church Of God”. You tell the pastor there and they will be able to bind the spirits and cleanse ur house. Its only a suggestion or an opinion.

      • Jacquie Says:

        Hi Tracy, I am a christian but do not belong to any church. Thank you for your suggestion, I will certainly look into this. Many Thanks – Jacquie

    • JEFF Says:

      I was visiting at an old quarantine station and a psychic told me ghosts are as individual as we are. They do as they like.
      Some stay in the one place. Others travel where and when they like, even if they have never been to a place before. Others travel back and forth between other dimensions and our physical world, just like tourists.

  48. andrea german Says:

    yes i`ve had an experience. I was part of a local paranormal group. We used to conduct tours at our local plas teg. Renowned for its paranormal activity, Fell in love with the place.
    On one particular visit i felt uneasy and a few days later strange happenings started to occur to me. I was touched, had a imence feeling he was being watched. It took over my life for a couple of months. Everything in my life was taking a turn for the worse. I can`t explain everything. I really enjoyed being in the group and investigations before but I never did it anymore. I cleansed my home and proformed spirit rescue. It worked but that was the last time i every had anything to do with the paranormal, except the odd thing like this site that interests me. hence writing this. It was a part of my life i don`t want to experience again.

  49. fatima Says:

    yeah man i was standing in da house an dis fing jus cums up in front me man n punches me in ma face . im lik wat ya doin man n it ses **** off u ****hole. im like dun u speak ta me like dat u *****

  50. James Says:

    A a good few years ago I was in my bedroom about to go to sleep when I noticed a ghostly figure stood right by me. I rubbed my eyes and looked again and It look like the figure of a man. He kept reaching out to me. I turned the light on and it was still there. I went downstairs to tell my parents they believed me but wouldn’t come and look at it. I reurned to my room and it was still there. He just kept reaching out to me.

    I didn’t feel scared or threatened at all. I went to sleep in the end. A couple of days later my great uncle who I had only met a couple of times but really bonded with was found dead. He had been lying dead in house for days even weeks. It all seemed a bit strange that I had been visited by someone or something. Maybe it was my great uncle????

  51. jk Says:

    i went to the edingbughs vaults with my boyfriend in november, it was my first time in scotland,
    the tour guide asked for a volenteer, but i was nominated which meant i would be the last 1 to enter the vault, one thing the tour guide did suggest is everybody stick together no 1 wonders off out of the group.there was 30 adults on the guide.
    my boyfriend and i wer last to go in, the tour guide was ahead with the group as i was leaving 1 of the rooms into the hall, i had my video on my phone on, my boyfriend had my camera, a voice made a snarl up onto my right ear, i started giving out to the bf and told him to stop messing about, when i looked to see wer he was he was at the end of the room and asked what was i on about, he was confused to what i was getting at, we then decided to try and find the tour, we then went to the next room which was the cobblers room, the tour guide explained dat a cobbler ghost was set to reside there, we wer busy talking pictures in d room when i got pushed over, no 1 was beside me, but it felt if twine was put around my foot, i could feel d material on my shoe. we then went to another room, wer suddenly i was so cold, no 1 else could feel it, i was shaken, after the tour i looked at the phone video, you can hear the snarl of what ever the noise was, but what was more shocking was , a voice of a little girl was caught on the video camera. E.V.P, first she says when we enter is people people are here then she is asking for help to help her, it is as crystal clear as if some 1 took d camera off me to speak. she sounds like she is destressed.we did not hear that little girl in there. as we are going around the vaults you can hear her playing.she is constantly with us going around the group, the e.v.p i have ofher on my video camera is crystal clear.

  52. Jay Says:

    First, let me tell an indirect experience. I was 15 and spent the summer helping take care of my dying grandmother. She had been bed-ridden for several weeks in the house she shared with one of my aunts. She would ask us to get Bruno out of the house. Bruno was a black, Labrador that died when I was 3. He would crawl through the access space under the house and into a closet in the master bedroom. We thought she was just having memories due to medicine side effects. Then one day she suddenly got out of bed and surprised us in the living room. She looked out the front door, turned and told us that “Daddy says it’s almost time for me to come.” “Daddy” is what she called my grandfather. He passed away the year before I was born. A couple days later me grandmother died.

    Now I’ll tell my first hand experience. A year later, I was working as an usher in a local theater. On weekends, the late show generally ended around 11PM. I would get home (grandmother/aunt’s house) about midnight. My aunt collects music boxes. She has over 200 of them, many in the living room. One night after work, I entered the house through the living room door. As I closed the door, every music box in the living room began playing. Note that there were a variety of types: some you wind and they play, some had pins to start and stop them, and some were electronic, powered by electricity or batteries. They all played for about 30 seconds and then stopped. Although it startled me, I never felt scared or threatened. I simply went to my room and went to bed.

    A few other things about this house: My aunt’s dog and cat constantly play with an unseen partner. I always feel like there is someone with me in the house, even if I’m alone. One of my cousins has not stayed in the house in over 20 years. He says whenever he goes in the house (which is very rare) he hears my grandmother call his name. A man attempted to break in the front door one time. My aunt came running from the back of the house yelling “Who’s there?” Only to find the man running out the back door screaming in terror. Maybe she scared him, but we think it more likely my grandparents took care of him.

  53. J.C.Cresswell Says:

    This happened about thirty years ago (c.1979) when I was about 12 or 13.

    One morning (which I think was probably a Saturday given the volume of traffic on the road and the fact that I don’t think this happened during the school holidays) at about quarter past ten I was walking into town along a suburban road which had school playing fields on one side and a large municipal cemetery on the other. It was a bright, wintry day (either fairly late or, more likely, quite early in the year – I’m afraid I don’t remember the month let alone the date) and there had recently been a heavy fall of hail which was still lying quite thickly on the ground.

    Because of the traffic noise I walked through a small gate into the cemetery and along a path running parallel to the road about fifteen yards in and screened from it by trees. As I was walking along the path, between the gravestones I suddenly heard the sound of a woman sobbing. It must only have lasted for two or three seconds but came from within touching distance. There was nobody there.
    I carried on walking along the path for about another fifty yards and then turned out of the cemetery by the main gate and rejoined the road.

    The cemetery was quite open and far from sinister being built on the side of a valley giving extensive views over the town, there were no large shrubs or trees behind which somebody could have hidden and the headstones were generally no more than three foot or so in height so there was no possibility of anyone hiding behind one. Had anybody been within twenty yards of me I couldn’t have failed to see them.

    It wasn’t frightening or unpleasant possibly because I wasn’t anticipating anything (despite the surroundings) and in any case the whole experience was so brief that it was over before I had much time to think about it or to respond in any way and yet it was quite distinct and very unusual.

    From the tone of voice or “timbre” of the sobbing it was definitely a woman, I would say a woman aged between her late forties and early sixties.
    I did, at the time, consider the possibility that the noise could have been made by an animal of some kind. I’m familiar with the strange wailing sounds that cats sometimes make, rather like an infant, since my bedroom window used to overlook our back yard which was frequented by cats but this was not at all like those sounds.

    Thinking about it now the sound didn’t appear to come from a particular direction, it was as if it was simply there, hanging in mid air, and I had walked through it.

  54. Jay Says:

    My grandmother also visits my house. (See above for story of her house.)

    When my daughter was 2, we had a strange thing happen. She was in her crib, in her room, taking a nap. My wife and I were in the family room of the house. My mother, father, and father’s mother were visiting. We had been discussing how much my other grandmother would have enjoyed seeing her great-granddaughter. Suddenly, there was a loud boom. Everyone heard it and felt it shake the house. We immediately hear my daughter cry out. I went to retrieve her from her crib, thinking the noise had interrupted her nap and she would be cranky. To the contrary, I found her standing in the crib giggling. It was then that I realized every electronic toy in her room was on: bumble ball, see ‘n say (2 of them), and Barney the dinosaur. They were all in the floor, out of her reach. I turned off the bumble ball (the other stopped on their own), picked up my child, and went back to the family room. My relatives all had a good laugh at my story. My mom commenting that she knew her mother wouldn’t miss out on a family visit.

    It was common with all 3 of my children to find them sitting in their cribs giggling. It was as if someone was there playing with them. On one occasion, my daughter even said,”Bye me-maw” as I picked her up. “Me-maw” is what I called my grandmother.

    It should be noted, that Barney would decide to activate at random. I don’t know if this was common with this toy or not. The basic operation was to squeeze the doll and it would speak/sing one of his catch phrases. There were many nights my sleep was interrupted by the “I love you” song, strong and loud, ringing through the house. I would go to my daughter’s room, only to find Barney sitting on his shelf, out of her reach, singing his heart out. She would be sound asleep. It seemed to follow no pattern and I was very happy to donate him to charity once my daughter out-grew him.

  55. David Says:

    I have had 3 experiences. When I was a small boy betweem 8 and 10 old Growing up in Saughall, near Chester, England. While in this house I had 2 experiences, I remember many nights where I felt a presence in the room, someone watching me that wasn’t there or strange sounds. Many nights I remember sleeping with my head under the cover to try and hide from the ‘being’ that was there, I felt like this presence was stood over me some nights and I could almost hear the breathing of someone’s breath. But the most memorable of all in this house was when one night I was trying to sleep and I heard noises mostly under my bed, beneath the floor boards when suddenly there was a loud bang and my bed moved. I slept with the covers tightly held down over my head that night! in the morning my bed had moved in the night and one of the floor boards had risen up underneath. Another experience in the same room happened during the day when a friend my mine was there the bedside lamp suddenly came on by itself. The lamp had a blue metallic shade and there was a ping like noise like someone had flicked the shade with a finger. Anyway me and my friend ran out of the house so fast! Not long after that I moved into another room. the other experience I had was with my father, when we visited my grandmothers house in Shevington, near Wigan, England. It was an old farm house. While we were in the garden, me and my Dad looked back at the house at the same time to see a grey shape move inside the house, past the window. Afterwards my dad told me a story of seeing the same ghost in the same house when he was a child. He remembered hearing something and going on to the landing to see a grey image going down the stairs, he followed it and went through the wall between his house and the next. I heard that where this ghost had gone through the wall there once stood a door linking the two properties.

  56. Jay Says:

    My daughter recently participated in a “50’s Night” with the church youth group. My wife went to the local thrift store and purchased a pair of saddle oxford shoes for our daughter to use. Although it took a few weeks to catch on, I think the shoes came with an unseen guest.

    I started finding lights turned on in the house when no one had been there. On several occasions, I was the only person I the house. I would go and turn the light off in my daughter’s room only to return a few minutes later and find it on. Soon it began to happen in other rooms on that side of the house. I could turn the lights off, go to the other side of the house, come back, and find the lights were now on.

    It culminated one night when I was up late. I was laying on the couch in the family room watching television. I suddenly got goose-bumps and looked toward my daughter’s room. A small ball of light floated from my daughter’s room, into the hallway, into the family room, between me and the television, and vanished at the back door.

    The ball of light did not seem to emit light. It did not illuminate any of the space around it. It seemed to be a self-contained sphere. Its movements were smooth, it did not bounce or move up or down in any way. It simply moved forward. It made a 90 degree turn from the hallway into the family room. It made a 90 degree turn in front of me to go between me and the television. It made a 90 degree turn once passed the couch and then one last turn at the back door before it vanished.

    At no point did I feel scared or frightened. I had a sense that I could not move although it may have been I was just in amazement at what I was seeing. A friend at work who had heard my stories asked if anything “new” had been brought into the house. I immediately thought about the saddle oxford shoes. Since the “50s Night” was over, we took them back to the thrift store for someone else to enjoy. The lights stopped coming on and I’ve seen no orbs since.

  57. robinman Says:

    haveing bean a security gard on my own in a facktory where you lock up and no you have done your job to no that your the only person on shift and late at night the alarms go of in the place for no reson at all to no when the lights flash for no reson and you here people talking when thear is no one a round becouse you have the set of keys to open up and locke up well. i berlive that if you sea a goast you will be a very luckey person some peple are better than others some peple can sea them some can only here them and you have to be in the right place at the right time ie on your own most people in thear life time will not sea one but most will and not relise wot thay have sean becouse thay have very active lives thay are around us all

  58. Morgan Says:

    I have a friend who used to live in a mansion in a less than savory neighborhood. The place was creepy as it was but there was this one room with a white closet door in the corner. When the room was lit, the door looked normal. When the lights were off, there was an oval on the door that seemed to glow a bit. I use to be a chem major and am well aware that it could have been a paint that refracted the light differently but her parents told me that the same paint was used all over the door. Never figured out that sucker.

  59. Su Says:

    I have and frequently do experience spirits,ghosts, electrical impulses, spooks or whatever else you want to call them.I see these things all the time. I think that my electrical brainwaves tune into certain electrical imprints that have been left behind by those who have died. My mum and grandparents I often see, I wish I could see my late father but unfortunatly I never have. I also sometimes see others, Usually I catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. Some are ok but some sightings can be quite scary.I know when something is about to appear as I get a rotten headache which goes as quickly as it comes on. I am not a psychic or a medium, nor do I claim to be. I don’t believe in all the crap about talking to the dead etc, but I do believe in ghosts. I have always been able to see the electrical imprints that have been left behind. Their bodies may of decomposed but the energy that was contained in that body still remains.

  60. 4446667778 Says:

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  61. Sarah Says:

    Very interesting site, I’ve enjoyed reading the comments. Over the years I have had a few experiences, the majority good, and it is these I like to remember. Moving to a new house with my 5 month old son and dog (husband offshore working) in Kuala Lumpur in 2000, I felt completely at ease, even though the electricity would trip out during the night and I would have to go outside alone, to unlock the switch-box to get the a.c. back on. Sometimes I would be in the den watching TV with my son asleep at my side and the dog would be through the archway in the living room and I would catch sight of things out of the corner of my eye. The dog would look up and wag his tail at something, then happily go back to his doze. The house was maybe 30 years old and built close to a Chinese cemetery; it ran along the back of the house and along one side. It may have been that wandering spirits just happened through the house, I don’t know. Upstairs, I was more aware of a particular spirit; an old woman who would sit in the chair in my son’s bedroom, I know this because I could smell her there! She once woke me up, when my husband was sleeping next to me. She was just watching, checking, but I was feeling that she was getting a little too close and asked her to just give us some space. She was very caring. I later found out from the landlord, who was Indian, that the house had belonged to his mother. On meeting the previous ex-pat tenants at a neighbour’s house, they asked me, somewhat tentatively, if I’d experienced anything ‘odd’ at the house. It turns out that their son had ‘seen’ a woman, a baby and a dog! They could have been describing us. They had also experienced ball lightening through the upstairs. The residential area was actually built within an old tin mine (opencast) and did attract a lot of electrical activity. At our old house in Aberdeen I was aware of the shadowy figure of an old man, but again, no threat, just enjoying the family presence. It was a granite-built 1930’s terrace house. At our current place, which is about 15 years old, it is thankfully quiet, but outside I see/ am aware of people passing through the garden. We have a second, quite young dog who barks at the glass kitchen door to the garden, when there is no-one there. Our garden lies about 200 metres from the remains of an ancient stone circle, of which there are many in this area and were used as meeting points across the land. My conclusions? Energy is not created or destroyed, it just passes from one form to another. I hope to remain respectful to whatever energy I meet and thank those energies that have helped me through difficult times.

  62. mary Says:

    Det er mye mellom himmel og jord vi ikke forstår. At det finnes energier som noen sanser mer enn andre, tror jeg på. Vi må ha et åpent sinn til dette tema.Tror alle mennesker en eller annen gang i livet opplever “ghost” lignende saker. For det har jeg.
    Lillehammer, Norway

  63. Becky Says:

    Three stories, kind of.
    First one is nothing creepy like people watching or anything but when my grandmother died a few years ago, we were gathering at the house for the funeral and just about ready to travel to the crematorium when I’d gone upstairs. As I went up, I heard a CD was playing in her room which was the one she listened to before she went to sleep. My sister in law had been upstairs recently and so had my partner (who had been up 2 minutes before I went up) and it hadn’t been playing. It wasn’t set as an alarm (as it was 1.25pm) and hadn’t played for a week since she had passed as my mum had stayed in the same room since the night she died. I like to think it was a message that she was at peace. A few months later we were all back visiting my grandfather, which was the first visit after my youngest nephew was born and his brother, who was almost 2, looked up into the room but not at anyone, shone a bright smile and said ‘Nana’. He had recently been ‘talking’ to someone a few times after he had been put to bed as my brother and his wife could hear him on the baby monitor.

    A creepy story…when my best friend was about three, she was at a family friends party when she wandered off. Her parents were looking for her when she wandered out of one of the bedrooms. She was asked where she had been and she said she had been talking to the nice old lady with no legs. The house used to be an old folks home and there was no old ladies with no legs at the party.

    Another one….One of my parents neighbours was heading upstairs when they saw a figure cross the landing and a few seconds later go back again. Both of them were a bit freaked out by this. A little later they were told by someone else that the neighbour over the road died suddenly and when they asked what time, it was about the same time that one of them saw the figure on the landing. They were then told that the dead man’s brother died at the same time. They lived a couple of hundred miles apart but were still close. They were both in their 80’s so it was natural causes for both of them but they died in the same way at the same time. The dead man’s brother used to live in my parents neighbours house and the dead man used to live in my parents house. Maybe he was coming to collect his brother? Or did their older brother who died a few years before them come to collect them both?

    • Becky Says:

      Just remembered a time at Tutbury Castle and the curator was talking to someone else about a picture of a boy, saying they don’t know who he is or where it came from and I was looking at something else and just overhearing and not listening to her, when I became totally overwhelmed with despair and sadness and burst into tears. I admit that I’m a really good crier but I always have a reason when I do cry! I had to be taken out of the room and outside. When I sat down, I was fine and felt normal again. It was so funny afterwards too. They have filmed a Most Haunted at Tutbury so it’s noted for activity anyway.

  64. Paul Flatley Says:

    Hi all, my name is Paul and I live in North London, England, when I was 9 years old, my grandad died it was the 1st time I experienced death and I was very close to him. He lived in a 2nd floor flat near our house, and everytime after visiting him, he would come to the window and wave out.

    A few months later after his death, me and my granny were walking past the flat on the way to the shops, it was daytime also.
    I remember glancing up to the flat, and seeing a black figure at the window but holding the lace curtains. I turned away and looked again and this time it let the curtains go and I could see it through the curtains. I turned away and shouted at my granny, but then when I looked again there was nothing.
    I ran back to the house, and my brother, Mum and Aunt went up there to check if there was a burglar, but nobody was there.

    I still believe that it was my Grandad at the window, anyway RIP Grandad.

  65. sarah g Says:

    Almost two years ago while driving around town something to my right caught my eye, when I turned to look I saw my best friend sitting in my passenger seat, she was just looking at me and smiling. At the time I didnt think anything of it and just figured I was imagining things, that is until two weeks later when I found out my best friend had been killed in a car crash almost a month before I saw her. I think she was saying goodbye.

  66. Pat Says:

    Yes I’ve experienced these phenomena from very young and during adulthood. I’ve seen and experienced these entities in the following forms over many years :-

    *as streaking lights
    *as yellowish balls of light the size of a softball
    *ghostly semi transparent forms
    *dark hooded figures
    *solid forms
    *white smokey/misty forms
    *transparent shimmery bubble

    I’ve sensed their presence in the following ways:-
    *when they have moved things
    *changed the room temperature
    *I’ve felt their presence by a gentle cold breeze & gusts of wind
    *I’ve experienced threatening/menacing & hostile entities which changed room and atmosphere & appearance by darkening the room and then slowly seeping out through the walls
    *I’ve heard their footsteps & heard them opening doors
    *I’ve experienced hostile polterguist behaviour and I’ve even been dealt with in a gentle helpful manner
    *And believe it or not, quite unexpectedly, I was once relieved from an awful toothache and put to sleep by an entity – unsolicited

    Strange but true. Am I barking mad, derranged, deluded, have I an overactive imagination, was my mind playing tricks on me, did I invite these entities into my life?? The answer is – NO to all of these questions. On the contrary, I am mostly fearful of them and would be happier if I didn’t see them at all. I am as sane and quite normal as those skeptic scientists, but for some unknown reason I have a sensitivity and wareness like many others, which sets us apart.

    It’s not important at all or imperative that I am believed by the skeptics, the fact is – I EXPERIENCED & SAW/SEE WHAT I DID/DO & THEY DIDN’T AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL IN THEIR LIFETIME – HOW FORTUNATE WE ARE!

  67. Alex Says:

    The thing happened last year, I was playing in a band, and we had a small house in the old industrial part of the town, on the begining of the woods .
    One day, I came early , like 7 in the morning, closed the doors, locked em, and went to sleep till other dudes come ( deal was at 9 : 00 )
    I was awaken by door slams, I was confused cus I really locked the doors, and left the key inside, I felt a cold breeze come in, and my body turned weird, I asume paralyzed would be the word.. I felt cold and weird
    I wanted to yell, scream to be honest, but the voice just wouldnt go
    I wanted to cover myself, but the hands wouldnt move , despite the effort I placed, the doors slamed again, and I heard voices
    cant describe them, was more of them, singing a lulaby, no specise words or anything, than the voice stoped, and something entered the room, I could see it clearly, as the thing was like, fogy, not visible completely, it ran through the room, throwing things, I closed my eyes thinking Id die, but when I opened em again, it was gone.
    Soon I had back the control over my body, was round 8:30 , the room was a mess , the doors were opened , with a key in and the lock turned as locked .
    There were more of these *encounters* but, even If I wanted to, man I wouldnt have what it takes, to take a photo of it.
    And I dont wanna spam at this time, so Ill end the story here

    • Pat Says:

      I know that feeling of lying in bed awake and not being able to move or scream when there is a weird presence in the room. Scientists who claim it’s some sort of natural brain action don’t know what they are talking about, if they experienced it themselves, they wouldn’t be so sure.

      • Natalie Pearce Says:

        Sounds like Sleep Paralysis but personally sometimes i think ghosts take these for granted

  68. CH Says:

    When I was very young and still in my cot I remember at night I used to hear voices of a man and a woman and the man used to be really angry and talk about ‘getting’ me but then the woman would calm him down. I never saw anything when I heard the voices and I know I wasn’t asleep but I never told anyone back then for some reason.

    Also when I was a bit older me and my brothers put a tent up in the garden and slept in it over night. During the night I woke up to see a white arm come through the tent and it appeared to be pulling my covers up as I must have kicked them off but I moved and it quickly went back through the wall of the tent. The arm seemed to have an old fashioned night gown on with a long sleeve and a frilly cuff. I didn’t feel scared at all and I think it was a nice ghost as it seemed to be tucking me in!

  69. Taylor Says:

    in my old house my family and i would go downstairs and sit in the family area with our pug lilly while down here we would hear what sounded like someone walking around upstairs. Nobody was upstairs but we didnt think much about it. Well one night while my mom was downstairs exercising and i had a friend over we were just sitting in my room and heard something tap on the window we didnt go look though. Next thing we knew we looked back up and heard a loud bang well when we looked down the hall it looked like a white figure trying to shoot us with a gun. MY mom never believed us though. Couple days later my mom had chicken pox on my birthday so she couldnt go with me and my stepdad to go have dinner and then go do something fun. She called us and said she was hearing noises so he told her to try and go to sleep. Well when we got home she was sitting on the couch with my golf club and my baseball bat. When i asked her why she was holding a golf club and a bat her response was i saw white figures walkin by and making noise so i was scared. Well one of my friends and i were at her house and opened the basement door we saw white figures and heard them screaming and shooting guns at each other when we thought about it we noticed that it looked like the civil war. LOL My friend cody called me scared saying he opened his basement door and saw a red figure with yellow eyes looking at him. This keeps happening to me now in my new house i went to my friend Bristols house and our friend Amber was there to Bristol’s little sister was sleeping on her bed and the pilow started to move and we looked over and noticed it was trying to choke her. One day we were talking on the bed and it started to get dark outside well when we looked over we saw a figure next to the wall when looking back it glared at us and its eyes went red and it looked like it was being hung. We all went downstairs and when we got down Amber forgot her sweatshirt upstairs so i went up with her i stood by the door and waited and suddenly neither of us could move we got all cold and froze. So ive had many expieriences some seem like demons but one expieriece was okay. MY grandma Eleanor recently passed away on September 8, 08 and i swear her spirit is everywhere with me. My boyfriend Brandon called me the other night and we were talking when he goes theres something in my closet it looks pitch black so he went in the closet and saw it trying on his sweatshirt the next day at school we both saw the same figure again and it was waving at us. Any comments on all these expieriences just send them!!!!

  70. Ginny Says:

    I’ve had two experiences, one in Richmond,Va. and the other in Largo,Fl. The frist one was when I lived in a townhouse in Richmond, I would have a feeling like I was beening watched at times. Then one day when I was alone in the house, I was up stairs cleaning the bathroom, when I looked up and saw a man with black hair white teeshirt and jeans walk up my stairs. I called out to him, but he looked stright ahead and walked into my babies bedroom he made no sound at all. I ran into the room and there was no one there. I never saw him again, but we soon moved to Fl. My other experience happened in Largo Fl. two years ago. I moved into and apartment every thing was fine for about a month. I was woke up by three banging sounds on my bedroom door. I had a friend staying over who was done to give birth at anytime. I ran out to the living room, but she was sound asleep. The next day I asked my friend the next day if she heard the banging. She didn’t hear a thing. A week later instead of my hearing the banging, my husband heard it instead. Our bedroom was always colder them the rest of the appartment. We found out from our neighbor that a woman had committed suicied in our bedroom. She had had a fight with her husband, he had left her and she killed herself. For some reason I would always wake up around two in the morning, one time when I woke up I saw a beautiful ball of white-blue light sitting on the floor. I had a flash light by my bed, when I turned it on the ball vanished

  71. Denise Says:

    I recently became a docent at the Merchant House Museum, a 19th Greek Revival Town House in New York City. The Merchant House is unique because it has been in its original state (except for a redecorating circa1855) since the Treadwell Family (Father, Mother and 8 children) moved there in 1832. The house is reputed to be haunted by, at the very least, Gertrude Treadwell, who was born in the house and died there at the age of 92 in 1930. Last summer, while I was descending a stairway after a staff meeting, I felt a tickle in my ear, as if a small gnat was buzzing around! All of a sudden, I heard a soft but forceful whispering that lasted for a few seconds. My ear felt enveloped for this short time and the place where this happened was right outside the bedroom where a number of Treadwells past away. There have been quite a few ghostly experiences reported over the years at the Treadwell’s. Check it out at

  72. sarah Says:

    my best friend died at the age of 17 a few days ago in a fatal one really know what happen but apparently she got in a fight before she left ..thats the rumor atleast she got in a fatal accident hit a tree goin 70 while it was pouring here body ejected out of the vechile.her neck broke needless to say. i was in the car today i felt a strange presence of being watched or that paranoia u have when ppl follow u.there was this tense negative energry and felt cold chills when i had the heat blasting and my neck tightned up. i mean i took a piece of her car from the wreck i wonder if that could have somethng to do with it.

  73. tim Says:

    Check this one out, and it came from google streetview

  74. tim Says:

    Have a look at this

  75. Linda-Anne Says:

    hi, I live in Australia, and had no idea there were sites like this on the internet…i am not glued to my laptop, too old and prefer gardening.
    anyway, my female side of the family all see and hear ghosts to diff degrees.
    my mum and older sister see a lot more than the rest of us, i see and hear and feel many spirits/ghosts and have done so since a little child, am now 42.both my daughters “feel” them when they are close and see some.
    They spirits differ with the places they are found in, nice elderly ladies doing the gardening, tall gentleman in top hat and tails tried to talk to me in a building that was very old, that we flated in, one very very evil dude in a very old house a friend and i rented in tasmania autralia, scared us in an extreme way, we both refused to stay there alone, and she didnt even believe in spirits.but she said the tiny house was just freezing cold and scared her to death.There is a hotel around the corner that has a resident ghost that throws furniture and trashes the place on a rugular basis, the turists and locals love it.
    There have been 7 deaths at the end of our road over the years from a blind turn off of the highway, including a police officer who attended an accident there, we could never figure why our safe lazy horses would never go that way without a fight,they always got edgy and tight and jumpy, we were so busy trying to control them we never thought to investigate the reasoning behind it, until a neighbour told us about the deaths.
    we have a few in this house, nothing bad, although one likes to make us jump every now and then, but i told him to bugger off,and he has not been around for ages.
    there is a lady, elderlyor middle aged, (i think she has issues of her own,maybe )
    i was sitting in my recliner in the middle of the day and my wedding ring started to itch and burn, i started to scratch it, and then she appeared standing in fron of me, and told me my husband was having sex with another woman, then and there.(he was meant to be at work in the city 2 hours away)
    away……I thought about it, but decided if it was true, i’d rather not know, I am a coward of the living.I don’t cope with life well…aviod stress at all costs.Dead people dont stress me out like the living ones do.
    when my siblings and i were very young , a huge house we lived in in New Zealand had a resident nurse ghost who woke us kids up every morning dressed in her full lenght white pressed servents dress and frilly full length apron.
    I have also seen one ghost dog, friendly fellow in an old second hand antique store, and a few cats, one lived in a coffee shop i worked in and wass always turning up under my feet and making me jump…lol.

  76. Lisa Hauer Says:

    I heard some weird sounds a lot of times in my life, and I found out I was psychic when I was young, so I decided to learn to spirit write. So I found out there was a ghost in my house and he told me a very tregic story. The weird thing was I have had dreams about myself in this same story he told me. You may believe me if you want,or not.

    The ghost said he was my husband in the mid 1700’s. He was poor and I was rich, but he was very handsome so I pressured my father to let me marry him. He wouldn’t let my husband into our family and instead set us up in a small apt. in the city. Later he is abusive and he acccidently kills me. So it was at this part of his story when he stopped and apologized. But the story doesn’t end there. There is much more, so I began to piece together the whole thing and eventually wrote the whole story down.

    I also have a picture of a face in a window that we can’t explain.

  77. Patti Sherratt Says:

    I have been seeing ghosts and spirits since I was nine years old. I have many stories to tell about this but my favourite was one I encountered while writing a feature on restaurants. Part of my job at that time was to write restaurant reviews. One evening I went to Annnie Bailey’s Eating House in the village of Cuddington, Buckinghamshire. The restaurant/hotel was very pretty, set in the middle of a scenic village. I had a meal there and then had a chat to the owners. They explained that there had always been a hotel on the site for centuries. When they first came to the village they found what was then a pub, very run down and on the point of closure. On researching the property, they discovered it had once been owned in the 17th Century by a local woman, Annie Bailey. So they decided to renovate the building and name it after the orginal owner. Annie Bailey was buried in the churchyard opposite and they made sure also that her grave was tended. I asked, given that Annie was in the spotlight once again, if they ever had any ghostly visitations. They said no, but that sometimes they felt they were not alone in the pub, someone was watching them. Also, sometimes glasses and plates fell down for no reason. They said there was no known picture of Annie or description of what she looked like. I thanked them for a very pleasant meal and went home. The next night, I decided to write up the story. I am a freelance journalist so I work from home. I remembered it was a very hot night and it was approaching midnight as I worked on. As I wrote the story, I recalled many coincidences when the pub was being renovated, almost as if someone was giving them a helping hand. For example, when they wanted a chef, they never had to advertise. One turned up on the doorstep. That kind of thing, always a helping hand from somewhere when they encountered problems. The owners struck me as being anti ghost type people, so I did not write too much about Annie in the feature. I took a break, went downstairs to get a glass of water. When I came upstairs, I lay on my bed for a few seconds, thinking, how could I finish this off? Then, suddenly, a woman in 17th Century dress appeared at the foot of my bed. She smiled at me. She had long curly red hair, brown eyes and her smile revealed a row of crooked teeth. She wore a green low necked dress with three quarter sleeves. over the dress she wore a sturdy apron, similar to that worn by publicans these days. In her hand she held a pewter mug of ale. The apparition was so real, the ales foamed over the top and rand down the sides. She leant towards me as if to offer me the mug. I sat up in complete surpise. I reached out my hand to grasp the mug and she raised it up to me in salute. Then she vanished. Well, it did enable me to finish my feature. I wrote her into the story, as a shining thread to link the paragraphs. I called her the PR ghost!

    • Pat Says:

      Hi Patti, We would love to hear more of your paranormal experiences. How about logging in from time to time and relating your stories.

  78. rhys Says:

    Hi, I saw a ghost when I was 17 with my first girlfriend. We were hanging around in a carpark, we walked up the steps from the carpark, found it was a three tiered picnic area surrounded completely by a high wall (checked layout again the next day). Walked back down and stayed at bottom of steps for 5 minutes kissing. Heard running and moved across the carpark when my girlfriend of the time saw a ghost on the stairs, just stood there staring down, dark body with a luminous head. She asked me if it was a ghost, I said I thought it was and we discussed what to do whilst looking at it for a minute or so. We decided the best course of action was to run away! I went back, first in the day to check the layout, and there was no way to sneak up there. Then I went back (after about 3 weeks – a little nervous) to check lighting etc and that it wasn’t just shadows etc. Im still convinced it was a ghost 20 years later. She however was only convinced for about 6 months later, and then decided it could not have been. Why some people decide not to trust the senses we have is a question worth investigating, even if investigating ghosts will generally get you no where, still, good luck with it.

  79. sarah easton Says:

    when i was 10 me and my family moved in to a 4 bed house in newcastle upon tyne (uk), and we loved our new home as we had been homeless prevouisly and we were fine for the first few months then we invited our freinds round which were christians now im not blaming them for this but it is bizzare. anyway they came round for tea one day went home never thought anything of it, then about a week later my sister started saying someone was saying her name around the house my sis was 9 at this time and we used to ignore her then she pulled my mam into the kitchen and she stood there and then heard it herself my mam didnt tell me at first just to see if i heard anything, 2 days went by nothing then she heard it again and my auntie was there at the time and told me to stand in the hallway i stood there and then her someone say “mandy” , and i was so scared and ran into the living room . then that night we saw bizzarre blue and purple flashes on the hallway wall at the very top no windows were making the light as there wasnt any nearby no tvs were on nothing and we couldnt explain it. that night we slept in the living room and we had a call from my auntie julie the next morning saying she dreamt that there was 4 people in the house and one of them was a old lady who was sittin in a rocking chair in the attic. we had never been in the attic since we moved in .anyway we just took it on the shoulder until that night when the attic door moved to the left enough for someone to spy on you it fellt like we were being watched so we called the police as we were not getting on with our neugboirs and we thought it was them sneaking through to our attic and the police went up and said ther was 2 solid brick walls either side and there was a rocking chair and a old victorain dress up there we were baffled how she knew that, at this point we were spending every night in the living room as for some weird reason thats the only place it never bothered, next morning i switched on my house brick mobile phone and there was a voicemail message no number avalible and no time it was left and it was a very angry sounding person but there was more than 1 voice on it loads of them just mixed together and it said “if i get hold of you its the f***ing end” i was terrified as i was the only 1 up so i took it to my mam who dropped then phone when she heard it as she had just woke up from seeing a black figure standing over here, that evening my dad took my sister to the video shop to rent 1 and my mam would not go around the house without someone so i went to the toilet with her i was in the bathroom with the door shut and me and mam were chatting away and there was this almighty knock on the bathroom door i was crying in fear and my mam bravely opned the door noone there and we ran downstairs into the lvinng room and shut the door. at this point we were so scared we consindered moving, next day we went out to the park dad locked the door we came back about a hour later my dad put the key in the door unlocked it and couldnt get in he tried his hardest to push the door nothing, so he hd to climb the wall at the back and make his way in there came to open the front door from the inside and the bolt had been pushed on it so tight my dad had to use a hammer to move it yet noone was in the house, this happened on a few occasions and we have even come back to our front door being wide open with not a thing taken. next evening i was making toast in the kitchen bymelf my sister had just left the kicthen and i followed on about a minute later i walked past the dining room the door was open and as i looked through the gap between the door and the hinge there was a girl with golden long curly hair and a flower dress on standing facing the dining room window i looked and thought it was my sister walked into the living as i was i said to my parents why is mandy standing and at that point my sister was on the sofa so it wasnt her and i dont know who she was few night later my brother saw her as well on the stairs, by the final night we couldnt take anymore so my dad set up a tape recorder in the what was known as the toy room where we heard the most stuff, and was 5 mins into the tape an we heard this heavy breathing very angry like and then it say my dads name “dennis” then like a demonic scream we heard that i started crying i was in histreics we got our coats on and ran out of the house we went to my nana’s house r.i.p and we stayed the night next morning aprents went round got our stuff and we never went back to that house, we were good freinds with the man who lived across the road for 60 years and he told us a family had died there in a fire in the 1950’s and since we had left which was about a year by now 25 people had moved in and out of that house i still wonder if its happinng today was 12 years ago when it happened to me and its scared me for life so all you people who dont belive in ghost open your eyes yeah if you were me you would belive.

  80. david johnson Says:

    I suppose I am luckier than most. My wife is a medium and I am psychic.
    Ghosts or sprits are a common occurrence in our lives so we believe and have proof.

  81. Justin Pennington Says:

    We have just bought a new house which is about 60 years old, my partner was videoing the garden from an upstairs window with her phone to show to people and when she was watching it back she saw a figure come out of the bushes and walk through the bush and across into next doors garden.Everyone we have shown it to is freaked out by it and it has certainly changed my opinion of a doubter of ghosts.

    Does anyone know who we could contact to have it analysed and maybe explained or who would we get to come and communicate with the spirit to find out who and why it is there.

  82. joe Says:

    My eldest daughter was eight years old at the time and slept on the top bunkbed above her 6yr old sister. The bunkbeds were set at the foot of my bed (we shared a room at my mums house in Gibraltar). Every night she would wake up screaming at exactly the same time 03,45AM. It was so regular I would set my wrist watch alarm ten minutes before. She would sit up in the bed looking towards her right and follow though from right to left slowly. At one point she would start screaming. She kept saying there were people walking across the room, but there was no one. I was already watching her watching them. As she was so good at drawing I got her to draw what she saw. It was an exact representation of her view of the room from her vantage point with the addition of two draped figures floating across. It was really uncanny. I spoke about it to a friend who suggested I speak with a local medium and told me where this man lived. I immediately took my daughter and the picture with me. We knocked on his door, a man opened it, looked at me, then at my daughter and said to her “ah you are the little girl who has been seeing them. Well dont be frightened, they didnt mean to frighten you and you wont be seeing them again”. No one had told this man what our visit was about. He spent the following hour explaining how he knew, how the spirits spoke to him but I am still not fully convinced. She never saw those two figures again and never woke up at quater to four.
    My daughter now 26 still sees things and recently had to call in help as this were getting rather out of control in her flat. Things have quietened down after the visit of the medium. Believe me, as I get older I find it increasingly harder to remain a sceptic. It seems some of us attract this kind of phenomenon.

  83. franjo Says:

    These are two photos of the paintings in a series year 1994-1995 per night in stanbenoj building
    in an apartment on the second floor with a camera that automatically premotava film at a painting photos were made in the first modern photo studio in Vinkovci equipped with a machine for developing films and could not get to error in developing the film, because every movie is going to tape especially in developing and automatically create a picture that is a sort by jedna.Kada have photos developed, we noticed us the outlines of unknown people and old houses with the outside of the windows that were captured in the camera lens as if it was painted by day even though it was night, because the photos can be seen through the window and balcony door that noć.Dali is the house and gave to people who have lived there before, because by the style of houses that can be seen in the background I would say that the German house and now in this fourth part of the residential buildings of at least 5 (five) floors including ground floor and above with the proviso that buildings built before approximately 37 years and over. In this area once was the German home
    and during World War II the German family retreated with Srijemskog front and I believe that some have been killed during the communist establishment and the liberation of the former Yugoslavia and, therefore, think that this may be the soul of individuals whose violent death is interrupted worldly life, and who sought salvation prikazavši Only two photographs that were photographed in the same time one after another and when you see that we have arrived at the apartment 1991.godine during the war in Croatia and that the family lived before you know that you moved because of the war in Croatia and I’m from the photo of hundreds of times and that no one in the picture there is nothing that would
    appeared on the attended paranormalnog except on those two photos where you clearly see the houses and people, and prayed that I would like someone from the experts for Paranormal clarify and explain these phenomena, because we are at that time and thermal furnace that can be seen behind the children in the night itself included although he was off thermal switch to the furnace and the thermal switch to zidu.Prije 3 and 1 / 2 year kids tricikli with the figure of animals on the batteries by pressing the switch to voice different voices of animals was on the balcony and around 03:00-04: 00 hours is included, I know for what reason, because he was off so we had to
    extract baterije.Poslije this is another event was that the children’s doll, which the
    wring hands and feet Tepa and crying so included in the morning as if someone stiskao lutkina feet and she cried and we had to pull out baterije.Molio like us to explain this phenomenon.

  84. franjo radeljak_vk Says:

    These are two photos of the paintings in a series year 1994-1995 per night in stanbenoj building
    in an apartment on the second floor with a camera that automatically premotava film at a painting photos were made in the first modern photo studio in Vinkovci equipped with a machine for developing films and could not get to error in developing the film, because every movie is going to tape especially in developing and automatically create a picture that is a sort by jedna.Kada have photos developed, we noticed us the outlines of unknown people and old houses with the outside of the windows that were captured in the camera lens as if it was painted by day even though it was night, because the photos can be seen through the window and balcony door that noć.Dali is the house and gave to people who have lived there before, because by the style of houses that can be seen in the background I would say that the German house and now in this fourth part of the residential buildings of at least 5 (five) floors including ground floor and above with the proviso that buildings built before approximately 37 years and over. In this area once was the German home
    and during World War II the German family retreated with Srijemskog front and I believe that some have been killed during the communist establishment and the liberation of the former Yugoslavia and, therefore, think that this may be the soul of individuals whose violent death is interrupted worldly life, and who sought salvation prikazavši Only two photographs that were photographed in the same time one after another and when you see that we have arrived at the apartment 1991.godine during the war in Croatia and that the family lived before you know that you moved because of the war in Croatia and I’m from the photo of hundreds of times and that no one in the picture there is nothing that would
    appeared on the attended paranormalnog except on those two photos where you clearly see the houses and people, and prayed that I would like someone from the experts for Paranormal clarify and explain these phenomena, because we are at that time and thermal furnace that can be seen behind the children in the night itself included although he was off thermal switch to the furnace and the thermal switch to zidu.Prije 3 and 1 / 2 year kids tricikli with the figure of animals on the batteries by pressing the switch to voice different voices of animals was on the balcony and around 03:00-04: 00 hours is included, I know for what reason, because he was off so we had to
    extract baterije.Poslije this is another event was that the children’s doll, which the
    wring hands and feet Tepa and crying so included in the morning as if someone stiskao lutkina feet and she cried and we had to pull out baterije.Molio like us to explain this phenomenon.

  85. franjo radeljak_vk Says: pictures

  86. susan Says:

    we moved from a lovely large house because I was too scared to stay. It took us three years to get a transfer out.
    Our little boy was four when we moved and it came as a shock to him to find out his friend was a ghost. He told us Jamie had died because his parents had been naughty and there was blood blood everywhere. We knew Jamie was there and thought he was about 8 but our son told us he was 7. Jamie died in the top bedroom and on rainy nights could be heard being dragged downstairs, I imagine in a rug. His killer who we did not think was his father was always in the garden and my son would not play in our garden because the man kept telling him to keep out. He did not know that although again we were aware he was there we could not see him and did not know our son was being shouted at. The women, yes we had a family , was seen by my husband. My daughter said there was a girl of about 13 too and she kept taking things. I could be reading a letter in the kitchen and get up to put the kettle on and the letter would be gone and would be two floors up on the floor. every night kitchen knifes would apear on our little boy’s floor and in his cot. I had to put every thing sharp in drawers. Only the front room was ‘safe’ and a friend was petrified when she stayed and heard bump bump down the stairs and watched the kitchen door opena nd then the back door.
    I never took pictures and will not take our son back- he wants to invite Jamie to live with us. I don’t want his family! I would not stay in on my own and spent hours sitting outside in the car rather than go in. Based on what I had seen and what our son described we date this to be no latter than 1910. My son said the rest of the family died after Jamie in a fire. Every thing had been fine until we had lived there about a year then I dug up some paving slabs in the back garden. If I could draw I could draw what the man wore in the house, that I saw and what my son says he wore in the garden. You can disbelieve this but it was very real and still is. we left a lovely large house to move to a small modern one to get away.

  87. EndAll Says:

    I have never seen a ghost, no. I have, though, hit one with a cigarette butt. I was sitting on my porch, finished a smoke, went to flick it in the garden, but on the course of its flight, it stopped dead in mid-air and fell short. After acknowledging that this had happened, my entire body surged with energy – foreign energy, a type of which I had never felt before in my life. Angry, intense energy. I got up quickly, shook it off, and went inside.

  88. crowley Says:

    Ghosts not exist,everything its a Illusion or a Homosexual Old Ugly Preacher that sneak around and looking for a little Boy

  89. Michelle Says:

    So I have SOOOOO many story’s I can tell you, My first one is when my daughter was 1 1/2 years old we lived in an apartment and in the corner in my living room my daughter would NOT go near it and she would scream and cry and begin to say grandpa grandpa, My grandfather died when my father was 13 years old as I have never met my grandfather and nor did I have any pictures of him at the time. So this went on for months and I could not take it anymore, I told my daughter to tell grandpa to go away. Next day she was playing just fine in the corner. ( But a couple years later when I was in B.C where my grandmother lives she gave me some pictures of my grandfather where I now have hanging in my house and the first thing my daughter said was that’s grandpa when I put it up, and there was no way she would have ever seen a picture of wheat he looks like as my father does not even have a picture of him anywhere). When I was pregnant with her I was in and out of the hospital many times and everyone always said she has something watching over her. Since then I could get up in the middle of the night and see things watching both my children and I don’t even worry about it because the feeling I get I know it’s protecting them. However my mother started playing the quiji bored when I was really young my father would go away for may long weekend on fishing trips and she would have a little party with some girls my mom sat out one time and the girls asked it where did Eric (my father) go my mom knew damn well where he was but the quigi said some other place my moms said ugh no he went here that’s bull, so 2 days later when my father returned home, he said yea we had to go to this other place ( the name that the quigi bored had said) because the place they where supposed to go to was closed. Ever since then I believe my moms house is haunted I cannot stay alone in the house alone, neither can my sister we get un easy feelings as my mothers lights would turn on and off downstairs in the corner thinking that there was some kind of short at the time (they where touch lamps) but when you would UNPLUG them and walk away they would turn back on (unplugged). As I started to grow up things would get even scarier and I would actually start seeing lots of stuff as my older sister would too. I have about a million more stories and so many good ones but it is too much to write, if anyone is interested in hearing them I will be gladly to tell as I am interested in reading everyone else’s stories. And for whoever thinks that there is no such thing is ghosts that is your believe and the reason why you don’t encounter anything is because you don’t let that part of you believe so you block it out. And what are you doing commenting on a website like this if you don’t believe then?

  90. Pat Says:

    Have just read Michelle’s ghost stories and as I have experienced many myself, I would like to read more about hers and those of others.
    As I’ve stated earlier, I have had many experiences of the paranormal during my lifetime without seeking them out and most of them occurred when I was in Africa- having been born in Africa and residing there for over 50 years.

    I will relate one of the frightening incidents during the 70’s when I was in my early 20’s and living in a bedsit (one of three in the back garden of an old house) after separating from my former husband. I understand every building on that property was haunted, I can speak for the bedsit which I occupied and, my neighbour claimed hers was haunted too and so was the third haunted and that was confirmed by a former occupant. The main residence was a very big old house which was occupied by our landlady and both doors front and back had old brass horses shoes affixed on the door frames to keep the entities out. I later moved into a cottage on the same premises and that too was haunted.

    I initially occupied the middle bedsit and spent many a sleepless night as my sleep was disturbed during the night, I would awaken and find I couldn’t move or scream, without a doubt, something weird was present in the room. (Scientists have a name for this and attribute it to some brain function – believe me, if they experienced it, they would know that wasn’t the case). I would hear loud abrasive sounds which vibrated throughout the room at times, an old school friend spent one weekend with me, and she was petrified when this awful noise filled the room.

    I would hear heavy footsteps approach from the front gate which was at least 100 feet away, these footsteps would continue onto our verandah – past my window and stop at my door, I would hear them whilst asleep and when awake late at night and at times quite early. One evening at about 8pm, I was standing at my hand basin which was by a window facing onto the verandah when the heavy footsteps approached the building, they continued onto the verandah past my window and stopped at my door, and, as I was at the window and there was no knock, I pulled the curtain aside and looked through the window to see who it was – there was nobody. My neighbour also heard the footsteps and thought I had a visitor because she asked aloud from her bedsit – if there was someone at my door. Well I did indeed have a visitor but obviously one of the invisible sort.

    I started sleeping with both my bedside lamps on because of the nocturnal disturbances and one night I awoke to find the TV at the foot of my bed was still on, I thought I had fallen asleep whilst watching TV, so I stepped out of bed so I could switch off the TV from the wall switch (No remote controls in those days), I was shocked to find the TV was unplugged and plug lying on the floor. I sat on my bed looking at the unplugged TV thinking I was still partially asleep, but I was wide awake. The picture didn’t change at all – it was fixed as though paused. It was a room which appeared to be an office with a desk further back and a man lying on the floor face down with arms outstretched and both legs flexed. As there was no sound and there was nothing I could do to switch off the picture, I thought perhaps the pictured had paused and been stored in the tube hence the reflection on the screen. I returned to bed and when I woke up in the morning, the picture was no longer on the TV screen.

    One night, with both my bedside lamps on, I was awakened for no apparent reason. My eyes were drawn to my right hand bedside drawers where there was smoke/mist resting on the surface. I was shocked as I used to smoke at the time and I thought I had fallen asleep and perhaps dropped my lit cigarette. I look into the ash tray and found the 2 cigarettes had been stubbed out, so what was it or where did the smoke come from? As I sat on the bed looking at the smoke/mist, it started to move away from me and toward the closed window to my right. There was quite a lot of it (smoke/mist), strangely, I felt very calm as I watched it purposefully float towards the window – head first with a tail which followed – like large a tadpole. It moved across the window to the far side from left to right and then before my very eyes, it made a ‘U’ turn, turning in a wide swoop with the tail end following, it made its way back across the window to the centre where the two curtains met and slithered between the 2 drawn curtains, the curtains moved as though a gentle breeze was blowing through until all of it had slipped through behind the curtains. The windows were tightly shut and this mists/moke obviously seeped out through the closed window.

    I decided by this time, I needed some protection against these unwanted nocurnal visitors, so one Sunday I visited the relic shop at St. Mary’s Cathedral and bought a cruscifix. It was plastic and approx. 5″ long with a hole at the top. I had an oval pictured of a beautiful victorian lady hanging above my bed on a hook on a wooden pelmet and I firmly stitched this cruscifix onto the velvet cloth using the hole. The cruscifix was bang on in the middle of the picture which I hung on the wall about a metre above my bed.

    One night about 8.30pm. after having had supper, bathed and in warm flannelette pyjamas, I settled down to watch TV. All doors and windows were locked and shut. I was sitting on my pillows and leaning against the headboard which was hard up against the wall whilst watching TV which was situated at the foot of my bed. Quite unexpectedly, I felt a gentle cold breeze at the nape of my neck. I touched the back of my neck and looked at the wall behind me – quite baffled as to where the sudden breeze came from – particularly as there was no window or door on that wall and, besides, all the windows and doors were closed/locked. As I sat there eyes glued to the TV, the cold breeze intensified and by this time the whole of my body was ice cold, I felt as if I was sitting in a deep freezer. The atmosphere in the room was weird and I realised there was something unseen which filled the room even though I couldn’t see anything. My lights were on and so was the TV, by this time I wasn’t concentrating on the film and I knew without a doubt that I was experiencing some of the paranormal whilst fully awake. Then quite suddenly, I was aware there was a violent tussle taking place in front of me, I could hear the scuffle and sound on the floor boards which drowned out the sound of the TV yet I could see nothing. This physical fight was happening right in front of my eyes, I could hear and feel the violence and yet couldn’t see a thing. I was shocked and frightened to the core of my being and didn’t know how to react. I don’t know how long this went on for, perhaps 30 seconds, maybe longer and as suddenly as it had begun, it ceased abruptly. I heard a sound of something fall and slide on the floor under my bed and the sound of the TV could now be heard. I sat on my bed shaken with fear and confused – not knowing what had taken place. Then I remembered that something had fallen onto the floor, so I gingerly stepped off the bed onto the floor and looked under my bed, there was the oval picture but without the cross – which I picked up. I looked under the other bed next to mine, and there was the cross which I picked up too. On examining the pictured, I noticed the broken threads on the velvet cloth as though the cross had been wrenched from the picture – I was shocked! The circular loop was still on the picture and so was the hook on the wall pelmet and the cross still had the hole above. How could the pictured have dislodged and flown off the wall? and how did the cross (which was firmly sewn on the picture) have the threads broken to separate the picture from the cross? I was stunned and still shaking when my neighbour knocked on the door and asked if all was well, she had also heard the noise of a physical fight and thought my ex husband had somehow got into my bedsit and had picked a fight with me. I invited her in and explained what had happened – she was shocked and frightened too but stayed with me for a while until I had calmed down. I went to sleep later and nothing happened for the rest of that night.

  91. Erik Says:

    When I was younger I was playing with my toys in my room and watched my sliding closet door suddenly jolt open about 4 inches. In the same house, I was walking through the hallway and made a passing glance into one of the bedrooms and saw a lady with a bun in her hair out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and looked again and the room was empty.
    At certain times while lying in my bed, not asleep but not fully awake, I would feel someone sit next to me on my mattress and caress my hair. I would jump up, turn on the lights and look around but there would never be anything there. I would lay back down thinking that I was just dreaming while still being half-conscious but it would happen again. I’d get up and yell and tell whatever it was to leave me the *@%* alone. This has happened several times, only in that house. I even switched bedrooms and the same thing would happen. It used to creep me out so bad that I would sleep in the living room on the couch.
    Every time that I go back to visit my mom at that house I never feel comfortable, I haven’t been back there in three years.

  92. Michelle Says:

    Wow that is creepy pat! And Erik I get that all the time one time I was laying in the living room and my son and daughter and ex where sleeping and I was totally relaxed watching TV and I felt someone rubbing my head as if trying to put me to sleep and comfort me, and another time I was at my sisters house and I went to lay in the bedroom and I felt someone rubbing my back and all the lights where off a while after I went back into the living room where my sister and brother-in-law where and asked who came in and figured it would have been my sister clearly… as it was neither of them….

  93. Pat Says:

    Hi there all!
    Still in that bedsit with the weird nocturnal goings on, I had developed a toothache which was all but a permanent fixture. The ache was so bad – to a point where I often felt like screaming with pain at work. Well, in Africa, in particular the country where I lived, dentists were in short supply and, unless one was really suffering, one had to wait for the arranged appointment to see the dentist and, at this stage my appointment was three days hence. That night the pain was excruciating even though I had taken a pain killer which had no effect at all.
    As I lay in bed listening to the radio and knowing I would be awake all night because of the toothache, I decided I would visit the dentist as an emergency case at 8.00am in the morning. The radio station closed for the night at 2.00am and I wondered how I would occupy my mind until waking time in the morning, when I heard footsteps in the lane at the back of the building. I thought it may possibly be a thief at that time of night as the back lanes were very dark and once before on a very warm night, I had my window overlooking the lane opened, when I had my bag with all its contents fished out of the window (This was a common occurrence in that part of the world).
    I lay listening to the footsteps and, to my utter astonishment, the footsteps continued through the wall and into the room on my right – past my friend’s bed (she was fast asleep). The footsteps were without a doubt, that of a man. He walked around my friend’s bed and in between our beds to my bedside. By this time, I had my eyes firmly shut and held my breathe as I didn’t want to see who or what it was. The footsteps stopped at my bedside on my right and I remember thinking ‘oh you idiot, why didn’t you cover your head when you realised what was happening’. So there I was, head fully exposed, with eyes tightly shut with bated breathe, waiting fearfully to see what he would do to me – when I felt a sudden heat surround my head. I thought ‘Oh My God – what is he doing to me?’ The heat was a comfortable heat and only centred around mt head. That was the last I remember until I was brushing my teeth in the morning getting ready to go to work. Suddenly I realised I was brushing my teeth and I had no toothache at all, then I recalled what had taken place earlier that night. Whatever he did to me. not only killed the pain, but also put me to sleep. It was quite amazing, I suffered no toothache throughout the next three days until my dental appointment. It turned out, I had an abscess and had to have my tooth extracted. The dentist said in astonishment, ‘You must have been in great pain’, I smiled and said “not for the past three days”, but I didn’t expand on my reply as I thought he would think I was barmy. This really happened to me and I think it is incredible along with other past personal experiences, it made me think there are things in this world which we human beings are unaware of. We scoff at people with extraordinary experiences who have true tales to tell. I am guilty of that – particularly in cases which border on the religeous/spiritual side. Today, I keep an open mind as I am now one of those who is being scoffed at. I honestly believe and know there are unseen ‘all knowing’ entities in our world, which interact with us in a negative & positive manner.

    • Pat Says:

      I often think about the extraordinary experience regarding the entity which walked through the bedroom wall and had the power and know-how to instantly wipe out my excrutiating tooth ache and simulateously put me to sleep through some form of heat centred around my head, and, more intriguing for me, is the fact that amongst the millions of people in this world, this being/entity knew that ‘I’, a random person living in Africa, was in such pain and couldn’t sleep because of it , and found it was necessary – unsolicited – to come to my rescue. To this day, I still marvel at this experience – How could something like that have happened? Yet it did truly happen to me and, this incident poses questions for everyone of us and especially for the skeptics who refuse to acknowledge and accept there is more to life than this physical one.

  94. Pat Says:

    Surely, there must be more people around the world who have had paranormal experiences – lets hear them all.

    As mentioned in a previous account, I’ve had many weird experiences – mainly in Africa. This story goes back many years when I was in my early teens and a boarding scholar in a co-ed Roman Catholic school which was situated in a rural setting approx. 70 miles from the nearest city.

    The older students of both genders attended supervised dance sessions every Sunday evening from 8pm to 10.30pm. I was one of the younger students who always listened to the humorous and exciting Sunday night stories being discussed by our dormitory prefects. How many of us wished we were old enough to attend and see for ourselves the goings on! Not to be outdone, one Sunday night two other girls and myself decided we would escape through one of the dorm windows and sneak up to the school hall and peep through the dance hall windows, we were so engrossed in what we were doing, we were unaware of anything else. Too late, we realised the school Principle, a priest, had spotted us and was approx. 4 metres away from us, we jumped off the verandah and at top speed, we made for the girls hostel – stumbling in the process over the undulating ground, we tore behind the refectory in the dark shadows of the building – puffing and panting and made our way across another open space towards the shadow of a hedge near the domestic workers quarters, where we stopped in the shadows to catch our breathe, when we saw a long shadow of a person reflected from the ground lights coming towards us. We stood silently waiting for this person whom we thought was one of the domestic workers making her way to their quarters. Instead the shadow by-passed the building very close to where we were and continued down a path flanked by knee-high grass. We stared at this shadow which didn’t have a person attached to it, the knee-high grass moved in waves on either side like a breeze blowing over as the shadow moved along that path towards some rather primitive lavatories approx. 50ft away. One of the girls said – ‘Oh My God, that’s a shadow on its own!’, well I realised that too, so we took off non-stop at high speed to the girl’s dormitories which were approx. 300ft+ away.

    A related story at the same school, happened on a Good Friday night. The Good Friday long evening church service had ended at about 9pm and the students made their way in line , towards the refectory for a hot-cross bun and cup of milk before retiring to bed. We queued outside the dining room in the light of the verandah as we waited our turn, when one of my mates was dying to use the lavatory and asked me to accompany her. We checked the long queue and decided there was enough time to run to the old primitive lavs near the domestic quarters and return in time to take our place in the queue. It was quite dark behind the domestics quarters as we made our way down the path towards the lavs, however soon our eyes adjusted to the darkness and we were able to make out the two toilet blocks (at right angles), each block having 5 separate units. The block furthest away had one unit which didn’t have a door and it contained water buckets, cleaning utensils and disinfectants. My mate ran to the fifth toilet unit closest to that which didn’t have a door whilst I hung back and was about to lean up against a tree approx. 7 metres away to wait for her, when quite unexpectedely, something emerged from the unit which housed the cleaning utensils, I was quite startled. My mate stopped in her tracks (she was approx. 2 metres away from it) still holding the hem of her dress in preparation to use the lav. I stood up straight looking at it and trying to figure out what it was. I said ‘What’s that?’, and she said “Can you see it”? and replied ‘yes I can’. Even though it was quite dark we were able to see this thing quite clearly. I will describe it as best I can. It ressembled a large suds bubble – approx. 1.1/2ft wide and approx. 2.1/2ft high, even though it was transparent, it shimmered a little and seemed to be mottled with light and dark patches. It floated and wobbled slowly approx. 4ft off the ground and worse still, it was headed in my direction even though my mate was only a couple of metres away from it. I wasn’t hanging about and suggested we make a run for it. I headed towards the path and was joined by my mate who hadn’t use the lav. We started running up the path towards the buildings our backs to it, when I realised we weren’t making any headway, we were in running mode but weren’t moving at all – I’m certain this thing was somehow holding us back. It’s difficult to say how long we were being held back – 30 seconds, maybe 60 seconds, and then as though we were suddenly released, we both nearly stumbled as we forged ahead along the path and joined the girls in the queue for our hotcross buns and cup of milk. We related the story to the girls but they just laughed at us and obviously didn’t believe a word we had said. I have always wondered what it was and wonder if anyone out there has seen anything like that and if they know what it was.

  95. Collin Says:

    once my electric toothbrush turned on by itself!

  96. Trish Says:

    Well Collin, so did mine, although I wondered if it was the fact that when I touched it the battery was triggered off.

    Although many years ago after having had an operation in hospital, I went to use the toilet one morning, I turned to flush the cistern and it flushed on its own before I even stretched out my arm towards the handle.

    Once also when I was a teenager and scholar at a boarding school, I was on my own in the huge ablution block which had several baths and showers. After using one of the showers, I walked over to switch off the light, before I could stretch my arm to the wall switch, the switch clicked off on its own and the light went out, I flipped out and ran like the clappers. I wonder if it’s some sort hidden of mental power which we are unaware of.

  97. pat Says:

    When we were in junior school (Catholic boarding school in Africa), the older girls (11/12 year olds) were allowed to stay up late (to 9.00pm) in the recreation room every Wednesday night, where we played various indoor board games, cards or those who prefered to read did so. From time to time, we would be called to the window which looked out into the playground and beyond the playground, where many of us had little gardens in which we were encouraged to plant vegetables as part of our education. I had a little garden too in which I grew green beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and monkey nuts. Anyway, during some of these evenings, we used to look out of the window at these yellowish/orange balls of lights – the size of a softballs or cricket balls , which danced and bounced up and down in our little gardens, nobody knew what they were, although one of the nuns said they were fairies tending to out gardens. One night while we were watching these dancing light balls, one of the girls pointed across to the playground where there was a tall tree under which was a see-saw. On the very top of this tree was a glowing cross in a bluish white colour silhouette against the dark night sky, I would say this cross was probably 1.1/2metres tall and the tree was about 60 feet from where we were standing. There was no explanation for this and was seen by at least a dozen of us girls.

    During the night, the dormitories were never completely dark as there was a glowing light in the centre with a greenish cover over the shade. One night I woke up and found I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I was playing with my hands in the air, making shapes with my fingers and moving my arms up and down to the side of my bed, when my right hand was gripped on the side of the bed and being pulled downwards under the bed. I thought it was one of the girls under my bed playing the fool to frighten me. I tried to pull my arm away but couldn’t until my hand was released at which point I quickly hopped out of bed & looked under the bed hoping to catch the girl who I thought was playing the fool – well there was no one under the bed or any movements whatsoever anywhere near, except the rows of beds with all the girls fast asleep. I was about 10 years old at the time and have never forgotten this incident.

  98. Simon Says:

    when I was about 13/14 my parents had gone out and I was at home alone. I went on my desktop computer which was in the entrance right next to the front door. a hour or so passed then suddenly my Labrador ran into the front entrance and sat by my side starring towards the door leading into the hallway. then suddenly I heard my backdoor fly open it was locked so im not sure why it did. At first I thought it was someone breaking in so I phoned my best friend and said come help me someone is breaking into the house then this cold chill flew over me so I phoned my parents and when they came home the back door was open my dog was wimping and I was very confused to what had happened.

  99. s Says:

    someone already said it and i will say it again: the experiences you had were with jinn. those are not the souls of “dead” ppl, those are beings created different from us. they can see us and they live with us, and if they feel bothered, they will start bothering us in turn. some of them are good others not. they live in holes, dark places, smelly places …….they are created from smokeless flames. i experienced things with them myself.
    God knows what He created and He even told us about it all in Quran. so yes, those exist….! the evidence is huge. and those who dont want to believe in the unseen will always find a thousand excuses to refute its, the unseen (meaning God, angels, jinns) existence…

  100. pat Says:

    Hi S,
    What are jinns? Are they what we as Christians call ‘devils or ‘evil spirits’? You say they live with us & if they feel bothered, they will in turn bother us? Why would they bother us if we can’t see them and haven’t bothered them? I really would like to know. You say they live in holes, dark places and smelly places, where? – In another realm? Also do you know why they interact with some people and not the vast majority?

    • sara louise Says:

      jinns are mentioned in the koran as fallen angles who become genies…jinn means genie. these are sent by people who either wish to help u or not…if ever someone chases u in a dream they r jinns sent by someone who wishes u ill or bad luck.

  101. Pat Says:

    Further to my true stories which occurred in the haunted bedsit, I later moved out of the bedsit & into the two bedroomed cottage on the same premises approx. 40ft to 50ft to the right – when it became vacant.

    I hadn’t long settled in when I would hear the same heavy footsteps during the night making their way from the gate (which was closer to the cottage) to my verandah. I would hear the front door knob turn and the door squeak open (the sound of un-oiled door hinges), then I would hear the heavy footsteps on the floor boards in the sitting room making their way towards the locked door leading to the passage where my bedroom was. I would hear the door handle turn and once again this door squeak open and two feet away was the door to my bedroom which was always opened because the room was quite small and I felt closed in, yet nobody walked through the passage door. (At this point I should mention normally, none of my doors squeaked as they were well oiled) I would always hop out of bed and slowly make my way to the bedroom door and peer into the passage only to find the door which had just squeaked opened, was closed and, in fact locked when I checked. This happened often and strangely, I new what it was but, somehow couldn’t quite take it in. One night as I was dozing off, I heard the heavy footsteps mount the steps on the verandah, so I jumped out of bed, picked up a knobkerry which I had under my bed and stood by my bedroom door ready to thump anyone who came through the passage door. The front door squeaked open, the footsteps made their way to the interleading door to the passage, the door handle turned and the door squeaked open once again approx. 2ft away from where I was standing. I suddenly jumped from behind my bedroom wall and into the passage holding the knobkerry in a striking position – but there was nobody and again the door was closed and when checked – it was locked. I unlocked it and made my way to the front door which I checked and that too was locked, I was quite sure now that whatever bothered me in the bedsit had followed me to the cottage and once again I would have sleepless nights being kept awake by something in the bedroom which I couldn’t see.

    My boyfriend (now my husband) spent some nights at my place, but he slept through the night without being bothered at all until one night I was awakened by something in the bedroom. Whatever it was, had actually darkened the room to a point where nothing was visible, there was an evil threatening and oppressive atmosphere such, which I had experienced only once before when I was younger, about 12/13 years old whilst at home – on a 6 week school break from boarding school. On that occasion, I was awakened to exactly the same experience and when I attempted to switch on the lights several times, none of them would work, not the switch on the wall above my bed nor the lamp on my dressing table, at which point I jumped into my bed and covered my head and quietly sobbed until my mum, who had heard the light switches being clicked came into my bedroom and without any problem, switched on my light and called my name, I uncovered my head and was saturated in sweat and still shaking like a leaf. I told her what had happened and the next day I noticed later in the morning, she had a candle wick thread burning in the keyhole of my bedroom door which released a strong smelling incense which I thought was to keep the mosquitos out. She told me many years later that she was given the incense wicks by a hindu priest to keep spirits out of my bedroom.

    Going back to the incident many years later in the cottage where I lived, I felt the same fear and malevolence in the bedroom as I laid in bed with my eyes tightly shut, only this time, my now husband was also awake and aware that something evil was in the bedroom. He whispered asking if I was awake and if I could feel the aweful atmosphere, I replied in the affirmative, he then told me to hold his hand under the duvet cover because he believed it couldn’t harm any of us whilst we were joined together. We clasped our hands together tightly, my heart pounding, eyes tightly shut and breathing as quietly as I could, we waited and waited and, strange but true, the thick dense threatening atmosphere slowly dissipated and I got a distinct feeling it was seeping out through the walls. When the atmosphere was normal, I opened my eyes and that thick pitch black darkness which had filled the room was gone and we could see the various items of furniture in the bedroom again.

    One night at the cottage, when my boyfriend spent the night with me (which he was doing quite regularly because I was afraid to be on my own during the night), I was awakened with a start and thrown from my side of the bed on the right over my boyfriend to the left side of the bed and banged my head against the chest of drawers, my hands on the floor and my feet still on the bed. At that precise point, he also woke up and was unable to stop me crashing my head into the drawers. It was aweful, we both knew this hostile entity was responsible for this. It happened a week later, only this time when I was lifted and thrown across, my boyfriend also woke up at that point and stopped me in mid air from landing as I did previously. That was that, we decided I had to move out before I was badly injured. So I handed in my notice but slept at my boyfriends flat until I moved out officially about six weeks later.

    Believe me. none of what I have said was imagined, it all happened as I have described and if there’s anyone out there who doubts my story, I can’t make you believe me – just keep an open mind and know there are things out there which you will only believe in when you yourself have experienced them.

  102. sylvia chu Says:

    can money buy and asking to release ghost

  103. Pat Says:

    Somehow sylvia chu, I’m not sure whether paying a medium to remove these entities would work because this type of sensitivity is not felt by everybody, some people (de-sensitized from birth) living in the same environment, would be totally oblivious of any type of activity of this nature. My son, is a point in case.

    Following on from my previous paranormal experiences in the two bedroomed cottage, I married and had since moved twice, both houses were without any incidents of that nature. However, years on, still in Africa, we sold our house in order to buy another which had a borehole, as that part of the country was very arid and we needed a bore hole to keep an attractive garden and grow our own vegetables.

    The house we viewed, was built in the early 1960’s and had the most beautiful garden which I fell in love with, however, as we were being shown indoors by the owner, I felt rather uncomfortable almost as if we were being watched. It was a very warm Saturday afternoon – approx. 2.00pm, all the windows were shut and curtains drawn in every room although the lights were on. The house was a fair size with decent size rooms and, all the time I felt uncomfortable as we were ushered from room to room. Nevertheless, we chatted over all the pros and cons and decided that if we bought this house, we would keep all the curtains & windows opened & with our furniture and decor, the atmosphere would be uplifted.

    We weren’t long in our new home, when I started to see streaking lights in the lounge at night – my daughter saw them too although both my husband and son didn’t. In addition, two of the lights above the fire place kept blowing and there was no explanation for it. There was a very eerie cold spot in the corridor between my bedroom and my daughters. Some nights whilst watching TV, we would hear an urgent crisp hard knocking on one of the dining room windows, sometimes it would be on the steel kitchen security door, yet there was never anyone there. Both our gates into the property were locked at night and we had a high hedge and six foot high wall surrounding the house, so no intruders could gain entry onto the property. Ornaments would fall off the mantle piece for no reason and my daughter’s musical toys would start playing music even though they weren’t touched. My daughter used to hear very heavy laboured breathing at night coming from the corner of her bedroom and she would cover her head with her duvet. One evening, my husband & I were in the sitting room watching TV, (all windows closed and doors locked) when my daughter (10 years old) at the time, was in her bedroom doing her homework, when she came screaming into the lounge and shaking like a leaf. We thought perhaps there was a break-in or something, so my husband jumped up and ran into the corridor to investigate. When she calmed down she told me her TV was off, when the TV aerial at the other end of the room fell on the floor for no reason, then, her built-in drawers and cupboards started creeking and she says she started feeling very cold and fear gripped her, so she took off towards her bedroom door but found she couldn’t pass through the door – something unseen was blocking her path. Eventually, after repeatededly trying to push through the doorway, she finally succeeded and she claims it was quite frightening because there was static crackling all around her when she pushed through. I remained in the sitting room with her as I was in a lot of pain still – having only recently been discharged from hospital after having had an operation.

    Over time, we would hear crisp tapping either on the skirting boards or on the ceiling or the ceiling cornices in the corridor. Once, I was about to retire to bed when the tapping started so I dashed to the kitchen & got a feather duster with a long handle which I used to respond to the tapping in the exact spot. I tapped four times in response and immediately got an answer of four taps and this went on until the tapping got fainter as though it was quite a distance away and then faded away completely. That was the last time we heard the tapping. We had a built-in cupboard between our bedroom and my daughters bedroom, that was the icy cold spot in the corridor and we could never keep this cupboard locked unless, we locked the cupboard door and removed the key because as soon as we entered our bedroom and locked our door, we would hear the cupboard door key being turned and on checking, we would find the door was unlocked again. On three occasions in broad daylight, I saw an elderly lady with short curly hair, wearing a long white nighty with long sleeves moving from our bedroom in the corridor to the 4th bedroom round the bend. She was slightly transparent, my daughter claims she saw her twice, however my husband and son didn’t see her.

    If I woke up early hours of the morning & couldn’t get back to sleep, I would go to the sitting room, switch on the TV and watch CNN news or BBC news and, quite often whilst watching TV I would see streaking lights circling the room and sometimes the plants would shake violently, or the huge fern plant next to the TV would lift up one of it’s long sagging leaves and in an up and down motion, it would point in my direction. I never felt threatened or afraid, I always thought the entity was only letting me know it was there.

    Talking about gusts of wind, I was standing in the kitchen one evening facing the stable door with the top section of the door opened. In addition, the steel security door (top section fitted with gauze to keep the flies and mosquitos out) was closed
    and bolted, I was leaning against the kitchen cupboards talking to my husband, when there was a perculiar sudden powerful gust of wind which blew into the kitchen but stopped right in front of me. It was a warm and oppressive still night – no wind at all outside. We were quite shocked, something had entered the house in the form of a gust of wind. This was the second time a gust of wind made an impact on me.

    One night both my husband & I were asleep in bed, when I was awakened by something very strange. My left leg was lifted high above the bed and was vibrating in a manner which is impossible for me to do under any normal circumstances. I tried to pull my leg down but found I couldn’t, it was being held up and was being shaken by something unseen as though it was trying to wake me up. I was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to do, when quite suddenly there was a whoosh sound – a gust of wind, as though from a powerful suction machine which blew up or was sucked into the ceiling from inside the bedroom, at that point, my leg fell back onto the bed and there was a feeling in the room as though the atmosphere was very light in weight. I was confused and quite amazed at what had happened. My husband slept through it all. When we woke up in the morning, I told my husband about it, we looked up at the ceiling and were shocked to find the old fashioned plaster ceiling boards had separated from the timber slats in accordance with a strong wind blowing from the room towards the ceiling. My husband had to tap the timber slats back onto the plaster boards over the weekend. My mother had passed away three days before this incident.

    Will pop back later and tell you more stories about this house, we lived there with these entities for 20 years.

  104. jjason Says:

    the first ever ghost i have ever experienced was when i was in secondery school and it was teachers traing day my siter was at her seconery school and my brother was at his primary school and my mum was upstairs cleaning the bathroom and my dad was at work and i was at home in the living room chooseing a video to wacth and i heard something and when i turned i saw a little girl standing in front of the living room door and when i went to cheeck who it was the girl ran and i checked the place and i only saw my mom in the barthroom. And the second time was when i was going to bed and i was not tired and i saw a shadow and it turned it’s head around and when i turned slowly i saw my keep out poster being drifted by air and it could not be a wind doing this and me thinking about a ghost and when that happend i quickly got my pijamas on and ran downstairs to where my mum, dad brother and sister were and they said there are no shuch thing as ghosts and i know what i see

  105. Steve Says:

    As a student I worked part-time as a cleaner in a car dealership between 5-8pm, the last hour of which usually being on my own and having to lock up myself. My first experience happened when getting ready to leave and lock up one night. There was nobody in the building apart from me.
    I followed my usual routine of turning all the lights off etc (it wasnt dark), then getting kitted up in my motorbike gear. Within seconds of putting my helmet on the were some short sharp thumps to the back of my helmet. This made me jump out of my skin and I ran out the door. When I turned around there was nobody there. Nervously I went back in and locked up. This was in the middle of an open plan office.
    A couple of days later, exactly the same thing happened again. This time I span around flinging my fists around incase someone had broken in or it was a prank. Again, nobody was there. I could both feel and hear the tapping on my helmet. The following few weeks I decided to get kitted up outside as it was so creepy and nothing else occurred.
    A few weeks later, feeling a bit foolish for being so scared I kitted up inside again. Exactly the same thing happened, taps to the back of my helmet. I ran outside while looking for anyone that could have done it. The only difference this time was that I could here a couple of small children laughing! There were no children in the area.
    I left a couple of weeks later having graduated and didnt experience it again. The dealership has also since moved. I have since tried to think of there being any possibility it was a prank, but there was no way someone could have entered that building or hid within seconds of tapping me.
    I would be grateful for peoples thoughts. Also, before anyone asks I’m of sound mind, lol!

  106. Trish Says:

    I remember, when I was about 12/13 years old, I woke up one night because of a movement on my bed. It was a very warm night – so I had my bedroom window opened with the outside light shining onto my bed. What woke me up was a snow white cat – larger than a normal size cat, it was lying next to me against my stomach and it was scratching itself. I was shocked, especially as I wasn’t fond of and still am not fond of cats. I moved away and tried to push it away from me but it disappeared right before my eyes.

  107. Pat Says:

    Hi back again. Still in Africa – along with paranormal experiences already related, from time to time there would be a very strong smell of tobacco or cigar smoke – mainly in the dining room and, the cabinet and sideboard drawers would always creak when this aroma filled the room. There were no smokers in our home, in fact, even visitors were not allowed to smoke in our home.

    We were always aware of the presence of a couple of these entities in the house, however, they were quite benign and we were quite happy to share our home with them OR equally, they were quite happy to share their home with us. Many years later, my husband felt with the deteriorating political situation in that country, we would have to emigrate to England (the country of his birth). We didn’t sell our home as it was beautiful and chances were, the family would have had difficulty settling in England because of the cold climate and different life style, but we packed our bags and rented it out to an English lady – fully furnished with the domestic workers still employed by us – to take care of our home for two years, while we headed to sample life in England.

    We returned back home to Africa after our two year stint in England to a country which had deteriorated and was in serious crisis. We decided the rest of the family would return to England whilst I remained in our African home to monitor the situation and if things worsened – sell up and join the rest of the family in England.

    I was alone in this rather large house and found the atmosphere had cleared, there was no feeling of unseen beings, nor did I experience any streaking lights at night – all was normal and as it should be. However, being alone wasn’t a good thing, the bush telegraph in Africa is excellent, whereby, everyone in the neighbourhood knew I was alone, which made me a possible target for night burglaries. With that in mind, I had extra bolts fitted inside all external doors and had extra burglar bars fitted on windows. In addition, at night, I would religiously lock every inter-leading door in the house and every door of every room was locked/bolted at night including my bedroom door, for my own protection. The idea was that if there was a break-in, the burglar would be confined to the room he entered and would have to break down a door to gain further access thus giving me enough time to alert the police or a neighbour.

    I was back home alone now for approx. six months when the distinct nocturnal tapping on the ceiling in the corridor started once again, then in one of the toilets, this happened regularly. The cupboard door in the corridor near my bedroom door was once again being unlocked at night – I could hear the key being turned when it was being unlocked. Whilst watching TV in the living room, the streaking lights were evident once again and the plants were dancing vigorously from side to side as they used to do. One of my daughters’ school friends, popped in to see me one evening and while we were chatting in the sitting room, the plant behind me went ballistic, shaking and swaying, she was petrified as she’d never seen anything like that before. I could feel a presence and knew it was the ‘invisible’ culprit but reassured her that it wouldn’t harm her and was only letting us know that it was there.

    First thing every morning, I would systematically make my way round the house, unlocking every door of every room and opening the windows, and on three occasions when I entered the hallway, I found one of the large & very heavy pictures lying on the floor, partially leaning against the wall. The first time I assumed the nylon thread had snapped and was also surprised that the glass didn’t break. On checking the nylon thread, I found it was still intact, so I thought the picture hook on the wall had loosened & dislodged itself, but that wasn’t the case, the picture hook was firmly secured in the wall. It was impossible for this large picture to have dislodged by itself as one had to lift it quite high to unhook it from the hook on the wall (remember, there was no one living with me – I was alone in ‘fort nox’). I was baffled but, nevertheless replaced it where it belonged. This happened a further two times leaving me in no doubt that one of the invisible entities in the house was giving me a clear message that it was present. When I mentioned it, jockingly, to my domestic house cleaner, she was clearly afraid and told me that the lady who occupied the house during our absence, had the same problem and would burn joy sticks to get rid of the entity/entities.

    I have another very strange/frightening story to tell about this house before I sold up and joined my family in England. Will join you all later.

  108. Pat Says:

    Am back again and still in Africa I thought I would enlarge on the tobacco & cigar aroma story in the dining room. Our domestic workers (indigenous to Africa) – a house cleaner and gardener, lived in domestic quarters on our property. They both told me that from time to time, they would see a very tall white man standing under the beautiful Flamboyant tree in the part of our garden adjacent to their quarters. It was always at night and in the same spot, he was always smoking a cigar or a tobacco pipe. They said the smell of the tobacco would waft across to where they were sitting under the stars and they didn’t think anything of it because they always thought he was one of our visitors.

    They told me they were a bit confused about this man, because there was never any visitor’s car parked outside the house and the gates were always locked and, besides, they didn’t recognize him as any of our normal daytime visitors. Until one night, they were sitting outside their quarters chatting quietly and they saw him standing under the tree smoking his cigar as usual and while they were looking at him, he disappeared before their very eyes. They knew then that he was a ghost and so stopped sitting outside at night as they were afraid to see him again.

    We on our part, had never set eyes on this spectre, although we smelt the tobacco from time to time in our dining room and occasionally in the sitting room. We believe that he might have been the original owner who built the house in the early 60’s and the little lady in the nighty whom I saw on three occasions in the corridor, always moving from our bedroom to the 4th bedroom might have been his wife. I was told by a resident who lived in the area since the early 50’s, that the lady of the house was ill and therefore bed-ridden for many years before she died there.

  109. Pat Says:

    Hi, am back and still in our last African home.

    Along with the transparent ghostly images, the streaking lights, the musical toys playing music on their own, ornaments falling off the mantle piece, the weird gusts of wind, the electrical globes blowing, the dancing plants, the tobacco aroma and smoking man, the cold spots, heavy breathing, creeking cupboards and doors being unlocked, pictures being removed from the wall, the tapping on the ceilings, heavy door and window knocks and many other strange and un-natural occurances in that house, I also saw – at night – a tall hooded man on a number of occasions and only when I positioned our bed – head in a westerly position & foot in a easterly position facing our bedroom door. I would wake up for no reason at all and straight ahead, in the doorway (door closed & locked), would be this rather threatening, tall dark faceless hooded man. At times he would be standing in the doorway facing me and on other occasions he would lunge at me from the doorway as though he was attempting to frighten me (and he did frighten me) and, I would attempt to quickly move out of his way towards the left of the bed where my husband was fast asleep and, obviously the sound of alarm in my voice along with my movement to the left -pushing my husband would awaken him. But of course, this hooded figure wasn’t tangible -obviously and, I WASN’T DREAMING EITHER. I soon realised that he was featuring only when our bed was in a certain position, so I avoided that and never saw him again.

    I will move onto the incident which occurred in 2003 and a few months before I sold our African home (in which we resided for 20 years) and joined my family in England. I was alone in our home one night and, as usual having watched TV until approx. 11.30pm, I checked that all external doors were locked and bolted, all interleading doors were locked, all doors opening into the corridor (including the toilets and bathrooms) were locked and all windows were securely closed. I then entered my bedroom and locked myself in the bedroom. Bye the way, the security external lights were always switched on at night for added security.

    When my bedroom lights were out, the room was still fairly light because of the external potent security lights outside the bedroom, in addition, the light emanating from the clock radio was quite bright, so everything in the bedroom was clearly visible. I kept an aerosol can of very stronge surface insecticide at my bedside in case my bedroom window was broken by a burglar and, as we couldn’t own guns, that was my weapon of self-defence. (Believe me – without going into details – all this was absolutely necessary in that country).

    I climbed into bed facing the left side of the bed and tried to sleep. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t fall asleep, I felt very restless and after approx. 5/10 minutes, I changed my position and moved onto my back and in doing so, I opened my eyes and got the shock of my life (remember, I hadn’t fallen asleep at all) . At the foot of my bed on the right hand corner, stood a huge man facing me -I would say 7ft+ tall, very broad shoulders, arms folded but absolutely no facial features at all. I immediately glanced at the bedroom door which I had locked, wondering how this man had gained entry and so quietly without being heard. The door was shut and obviously still locked. The built-in cupboards were also closed and he certainly couldn’t have been hiding under my bed because I had a box bed, I was shocked and very frightened to find myself in this very vulnerable position. All manner of thoughts entered my mind, what all this meant for me as a woman, what he intended to do to me and quite frankly what a hopeless situation I was in. I quickly cast my eyes to where the aerosol can was on the left side on top of the bedside drawers and then decided that I would also have to scream as loudly as I could with hopes that my neighbours or even perhaps, my domestic workers would be able to hear me from their quarters or even to scare him away. I sat up and screamed as long & as loudly as I could and with one eye on the aerosol can, I expected him to attack me at this stage, but he didn’t, he stood there – arms still folded almost like a personal guard. Thinking he was taunting me because of my vulnerable position, I let out another very loud scream and grabbed the aerosol can, he still didn’t move which was very confusing for me. Then quite unexpectedly I heard a popping sound like a cork popping open and, before my very eyes, this huge and solid frame of a man disappeared like a light switch turning off. My heart was still pounding madly when I realised what this meant, I was safe from any physical harm, this seemingly solid faceless man was not a living human being. He was here one minute and the next second, he had vanished into thin air. What a relief!! I sat in bed trying to calm myself down almost not believing what had just happened, then I started trying to analyse what this meant. He looked like a personal guard, that huge frame, arms folded at the foot of my bed – was this some sort of warning? After about 10 minutes, I hopped out of bed, switched on the lights and unlocked my bedroom door. I systematically unlocked entered and re-locked every room checking that all windows were secured, the last door was the kitchen stable door and the accompanying steel security door – BOTH DOORS WERE UNLOCKED AND ALL THE BOLTS WERE UNDONE. This was the strangest thing ever, because I had checked both doors before I went to bed and they were all locked and bolted. And even stranger, after 20 years of living in this house, a few weeks after this incident, I had a break-in (the only one in 20 years) via the kitchen doors. The steel rivets were somehow removed from the steel security door to gain access to the second door and, the wooden slats were chiselled out of the lower section of the stable door. The burglars gained entry into the kitchen, but were confined to the kitchen as all interleading doors were locked and bolted.

    I have since had couple of paranormal experiences since my move to England and will relate the incidents the next time.

  110. t.d.k Says:

    when i was 10 my great grandma died and weird stuff has happened. when i was sitting in her house alone and the door swung open really fast then it got really cold (i live in florida it’s really hot) and it got really cold. i ran out of the house then the chairs moved itwas really freaky i didnt know anything what was going on then.

  111. Pat Says:

    Hi, back again,
    My husband who had been residing with his parents during my last months in Africa, secured/leased a one bedroomed flat in a market town in West Sussex, a month before my arrival in England.

    We settled in this flat for a few months without any incidents. Then, whilst watching TV in the evenings I became aware of movements from the corner of my eye to the right on the wall. These movements were there sometimes and not other times, but I didn’t pay too much attention as I assumed, for some reason, it was the light changes reflected from the TV. Then, I would see streaking lights circling the room whilst watching TV and as regards the shadowed movements on the wall to my right, I found when I looked directly at these shadows, there was nothing. What I noticed particularly was there were no shadow movements at all even with the TV on when I looked directly at the wall. There were two figures and at times only one. The truth of the matter was, it never occurred to me for one moment that this was anything paranormal even though I couldn’t understand why my husband never saw the shadows or streaking lights, perhaps it was because he was always engrossed in reading his books. I started noticing sudden chilled periods for no reason at all where I had to cover my back and shoulders but, these were only brief, my husband was not affected and, still I didn’t think anything of it. It was only when I walked into the bedroom one night, my husband was sitting in his chair in the lounge as usual – reading, I was facing the open bedroom door when I heard footsteps coming from the lounge and I saw the shadow reflected from light at the doorway in the passage leading into the bedroom and I thought it was my husband but nobody materialised, however, the temperature in the bedroom became very cold suddenly and there was a very eerie feeling in the room. I exited the bedroom & went back into the lounge to find my husband in his chair deeply engrossed in his book, he told me he hadn’t moved at all. One night, watching TV, I went to the bathroom during the interval and didn’t switch on the light as the light from the lounge lit up the passage and spilt onto the bath through the open bathroom door. Whilst in the bathroom, I heard footsteps exit the lounge and even saw the shadow briefly obscure the light which was reflected on the bath as the person went into the bedroom. Seconds later, I went into the bedroom thinking my husband was there, NO he was still sitting in his arm chair reading, he hadn’t moved an inch.

    One night, I awoke for no apparent reason, my eyes were drawn to my right -towards the bedroom door which was ajar, suddenly there was a popping sound (I had heard this sound once before in Africa, when a very solid looking figure of a big faceless man at the foot of my bed, just disappeared when I screamed) except in this case, a very handsome young man with dark longish hair with the most beautiful smile and wearing a light blue long sleeved jumper – stood at the doorway. I was taken aback but not afraid for some reason. He moved from the door to my right at the foot of the bed – towards my left, all the time looking at me with a smile and then raised his left hand (perhaps in greeting or apology for his intrusion) and walked through the wall and window to my left. Gosh! I thought, what was all that about? However, I lay in bed awake for awhile (my husband still asleep) trying to figure out why this happened and concluded, he knew I was aware of some presence in the flat and decided to show himself to me to allay any fears. We moved out after a couple of years.

  112. Pat Says:

    My husband & I been living for the past 4+ years in a brand new small block of apartments situated in a little village in the West Sussex County. Since our move from the haunted flat on the Brighton Road, I have had no paranormal experiences of any sort except for one of a VERY VERY SURPRISING & DIFFERENT NATURE.

    Before I recount my experience, I feel the reader should be aware of some of my background so that an informed individual opinion can be made.

    I am a baptized Roman Catholic, was schooled from very young in a strict boarding Roman Catholic school in Africa & my family has a staunch R.C background as well. Having said that, even though I will somehow always live a principled life influenced by my background (and I am grateful for that), I was dubbed a ‘doubting Thomas’ by my R.E. (religious education) teacher (a nun), whilst at school.
    When I left school in the late 60’s, I attended church services every Sunday as I was meant to do as a good, practising Catholic. However, over the years, with life’s experiences & other distractions including adverse R.C. literature, I fell by the wayside (church-wise) and had to be true to myself. I was sure I didn’t believe & accept half the religious teachings thrust upon us at school & besides, church services didn’t do a thing for me, I was bored stiff & had to shed the hypocracy & cease going to church along with the control which I felt the church intentionally exercised on its flock. Whilst I respect the beliefs of the various religions including that of the R.C., I have not been to church for 20 years+ and yet, because of past experiences, I have developed a better understanding & deeper knowlegde of life & things spiritual over the years.

    With the back-ground I have given, one can judge rightly or wrongly whether what I experienced last year, was somehow influenced by my back-ground.

    After watching a TV film, I retired to bed after 12.30a.m. on 3rd January 2008, and later was awakened by a sound which came from outside the building. As I listened, sleeping on my right side, I tried to figure out what was making that continuous sound & in order to hear properly, I changed my position to lay on my back to free both my ears & partially facing the window on my left hand side, by this time I was fully awake & in so doing opened my eyes. WOW! At the foot of the bed on my left hand side – approx. 2 to 2.1/2metres away stood a lovely young lady (she looked young yet there was an agelessness about her.) She wore a glowing, silky, silvery white long gown. It was quite amazing, she was surrounded by a very bright clear glowing white aura from top to bottom. The bright, white glow seemed to radiate from within her very essence & outward, even her face was aglow & the bright aura surrounding her, extended to about 9″ from her figure. Her eyes were particularly outstanding, they were the clearest light colour & almost looked through me. She didn’t smile, nor did she communicate with me, she had a benign/neutral expression on her face. AND STILL THE SOUND OUTSIDE WHICH WOKE ME UP WAS AUDIBLE, I thought perhaps she was part & parcel of that sound.
    Strangely, I wasn’t startled, shocked, alarmed or threatened at all, yet, I was awe-struck. GOSH! I THOUGHT, THEY DO EXIST!! (Light beings – I thought how I ridiculed the notion that some people actually saw them, in my opinion, they were pretentiously pious & delusional and notice seeking. I wondered if they do exist & if so, would I ever be privileged to see one in my life time – Perhaps NOT. I wasn’t a pious or holy person but too ordinary)
    All manner of thoughts raced through my mind as we eyed each other. I thought, who is she & why has she come to me? She hadn’t indicated why she’s here – perhaps it’s an omen – An omen of what? I can’t be sure how long she allowed herself to be seen by me – perhaps a long minute – it seemed quite a long time. Then, she faded away, yet, that ‘super glowing white light’ image was imprinted on my mind and still is to this day.

    I laid in bed for a few minutes thinking about this apparition, then decided to hop out of bed and investigate the sound outside which still persisted even after the glowing lady had gone. I peered out of the window & saw a fizzy drinks can being blown across the tarred drive, I watched the can until it struck the curb where it stopped and the sound died. I climbed back into bed and couldn’t stop thinking about the glowing lady. After falling asleep, I was awakened once again by the same sound except there was no ‘glowing lady’. The can was blown to the other side, it hit the curb again and stopped. When my husband woke up in the morning, I told him about my nocturnal experience. On his way out to work, he picked up that can & binned it.

    Well, what will the skeptics say about my experience? I can guess – I imagined OR dreamt it all up OR perhaps I’m mentally disturbed OR have a vivid imagination with wishful thinking – linked to my background. Not at all – I’m a perfectly normal individual who has had some true & extraordinary personal experiences (my life hasn’t changed at all as a result of my experiences) I want to share my stories with those who haven’t had these experiences & open the minds of those who don’t believe in the paranormal.

    THERE IS AN EXISTENCE OTHER THAN THIS PHYSICAL/MATERIAL ONE . We occupy the lower realms where what we see & interact with are wholly within our line of vision even though we do not always comprehend their existence. Plants, bugs & animals are at a lower level of consciousness to humans & within their own respective genre. They respond to our advances by moving away from something unpleasant & towards or flourish when given positive energy by natural & instinctive stimuli, they have awareness at a very basic level. The same explanation applies to humans when explaining the higher realms of consciousness, we must acknowledge a large majority of people have felt or experienced sensations, visions and encounters that we cannot comprehend or explain. A mere feeling or glimpse of the paranormal remains a perplexing mystery to us and therefore we shy away & fear the unknown by instinct. Due to our high ego & intelligence, we consider ourselves top of the food chain & we lack the understanding that there are far more advanced beings that are not nearly within our consciousness. Just as there are animals within our realm that display astonishing awareness & understanding, there are many human beings placed on earth that have a higher awareness & consciousness than the average person. Evolution disperses seeds of growth within the mixture to enhance awareness to the masses.

    Just consider the view from above us, they see us, yet we do not see them. We feel them occasionally as our paths cross, but we do not accept the awareness as fact. They study us & subtely interact with us but do not disturb our progress. Do we actively attempt to alter the mindset & awareness of plants, animals & insects? No. We respectively allow their current awareness & existence because we know all beings have a right to their own pace of evolution.

    Ironically. man has allowed one higher power to be superior to themselves, the Source of whatever name we call this vast existence of creation which is more complex than we could ever comprehend at this level of understanding. If one were to look in depth at each creature within each realm, one will notice a gradual advancing pattern of complexity. The lower the level the more simple the blueprint. Comparatively, the more advanced the creation, the more elaborate the physical, mental & spiritual awareness. This applies throughout creation.

    I hope I haven’t bored you with these facts, I’m really trying to explain the complexities of this very curious world we live in & how some people experience various levels of the paranormal, whereas other have no awareness at all.

  113. Gil Says:

    Sim tive, quando era criança e morava na austrália estava dormindo, acordei ouvindo uma zuada como se fosse dois adultos brigando quando cheguei ao recinto, vi duas aparições, de um homem e de uma mulher, toda noite eu passava por la e eles estavam discutindo novamente, como se os espíritos fizessem a mesma coisas todos os dias, certo dia chamei um padre lá em casa, imagina o que eu descobri ? O padre era bixa !
    Mais mesmo assim ele benzeu a casa, assim que ele saiu, começou novamente a briga, só que um xingando o outro, fui dormir, acordei com algo cutucando o meu pé levantei a coberta e vi a moça.

    Fui na cozinha e a vi subindo e descendo a escada .

    Xau 🙂

    • Pat Says:

      Hello Gil

      That’s a lovely smiley face you inserted at the end of your input. I’ve been trying to work out what language you speak as I would really like to be able to read & understand your story above. Is it Spanish??

      Is it at all possible for you to make another entry in English so that many of us can understand what your are saying – Sorry!

  114. Pat Says:


    I’ve been off the radar since my last input in July 2009 and am pleased to say, todate, I have not experienced anything paranormal, perhaps I am losing my powers of awareness or sensitivity to these phenomena.

    However, if I may, I would like to make comments on a couple of TV snippets which were aired on BBC1 a couple of weeks ago on related subjects – ‘Sleep paralysis’ and ‘Charles Bonnet syndrome’. Once again, supposed scientific expert minds on the physical & psychological aspect of human beings surface to negate the paranormal experiences of thousands of people.

    Only those people (myself included), are in a position to correctly describe their experiences when it happens. I can only speak for myself, as I know myself to be a perceptive & well balanced/serious minded, lucid and & down to earth normal teetotal individual, with good eyesight for my age and certainly not prone to phantom imaginations. Those people who know me well will vouch for my status. If I tell you there was something present yet unseen in the room which sat on my bed and somehow restricted my ability to move or scream – believe me – that is the case. If I told you that I was awakened at night & saw whatever – a mist, a glowing lady, a man etc. – believe me – that is what I saw & not imagined. And if I told you that at age 14, a school friend & I saw something at very close quarters which we can describe yet can’t understand, that is what we saw and no brilliant scientist can negate that experience because they weren’t there to witness it. I am a light sleeper and wake up to 10 times a night and know when I’m awake or groggy and if I said I was awakened by the sound of a car or people talking or my husband snoring loudly or the sound of a siren, there is no illusion – that is what happened. I don’t as a rule awaken & see something odd but when I do – it is not a case of ‘Charles Bonnet syndrome’. Just come alive you skeptics – there are worlds out there with entities living parallel with our world. These entities interact with some of us on this earth – it is a fact – and, we have no answers as to why most of us haven’t seen or experienced these phenomena. I can fully understand one’s doubt in these matters but please don’t try to explain it away as ‘sleep paralysis’ or ‘Charles Bonnet syndrome’.

  115. Luke Says:

    Ive seen wierd things but i cannot say for certain that they were paranormal or not because i dont have enough evidence to prove it was. The good thing is that its cool to see these wierd things because its something different in boring life. Its probably my just amazing imagination taking me out of the boring reality we live in and spicing it up

  116. Pat Says:

    Hi Luke

    Not everyone sees weird things & not everyone is paranormally aware, that’s why most people phoo poo these things & don’t afford the respect paranormal experiences should enjoy. Of course we all know narcotics, prescription & alcoholic addicts, or those of us with mental problems are prone to hallucinations, and I suspect we are lumped together as weirdos.

    There’s a website which is most interesting, where thousands of people from all over the world relate their weird & ‘really weird’ experiences, it’s a mind opener and stories are up-dated on a monthly basis. If you are interested visit this site – google Paranormal phenomena-your true stories, it might help to put things in perspective.

  117. Joe Says:

    I seen a ghost once when i was young. It was really big and scary. It never smiled or said hello, but would always stand. If i saw it again, I would be freaked out.

  118. Constance Says:

    I had just got done taking a shower and I was drying off. I live alone so there was no one in my house. As i was drying off I saw this blackfigure out of the corner of my eye. As It came into my focus it scared everything inside of me and I let out a loud gasp as if someone had come up behind me and scared me. As I gasped it fled to the left and made a whooshing sound as if someone had shaken out a blanket. I looked around the area where I had seen the shadow and there was nothing out of the ordinary. I was comepletely awake and aware and I think whatever it was was watching me dry myself in the nude. Does this sound familiar to anyone? What happened to me?? Im scared to death.

  119. Dfreecity Says:

    This message is for Kari. If you feel that you are experiencing paranormal activity, please talk to a trusted adult that can help you take some positive steps. It sounds like this entity is frightening you and, quite frankly, you are much more powerful. Just stand up and tell him/her to calm down and be quiet.

  120. Niraja Jayawardena Says:
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  122. sara louise Says:

    i moved outta my mums wen i was 16, prior to moving iv been affectd by wateva is in that house since the age of 4. it always starts with scratching noises under the bed or the wardrobe, then id have my covers pulled, and my feet grabbed, ive had phsyical scratches!! this happened pretty much every night after 10 oclock and to be honest i dont even know how i got thru it! ive never seen ‘it’ but ive had my feet grabbed from the floor by lots of hands…which means theres more than one. Im visiting my mum atm n sleepin alone tonight…im not happy 😦 i got chased by a brownie (faerie) when i was 4 aswell but only the once and i dnt think he is here anymore. but whatever is here knows im back! im very receptive to spirits. thankfully i have 2 lovely girls watchin over me, so i fear not anymore 🙂 my mum also has the ghost of her cat that died 10 yrs ago which i have felt aswell as my mum and all it does it jump on the bed and lie beside ur legs. the other ghost aint nice! and i wanna know what kind of ghost it is.

  123. Charlotte Emma Aspden Says:

    Im Just a 15 year old girl,who has a normal life,but very recently ive been feeling kind of strange,no matter where i go,in my bed asleep,downstairs watchin tv or even in school i feel like as if there is someone watching over me,like a ghost or sprit,if im just dosing off in my bed i can feel someone in my bed sleeping nxt 2 me,his hand touchin my sides n it breathin on me,if im alone downstairs,if the door is opened it closes n then sits next to me,and then all of a sudden hes there,but when i rub my eyes hes not,it scares me and i dont know what to do

    • Pat Says:

      Gosh Charlotte! That is frightening. Some people would advise you to ask who it is & ask it to leave you alone. If you hadn’t mentioned it closing the door, I would’ve said perhaps it’s the other half of you (the spiritual part of you). Others may even say it may be your spiritual guardian. Have you told your folks about this? It is un-nerving, especially when you yourself know for sure that there is an entity. Perhaps when you mature it will leave you alone.

  124. Kiyana and Alisha Says:

    Kari we are experiancing it too we are afraid of our rooms too and we here ghost and spirts calling our name but the best thing about it we are best friends but we both have had died in our family/and also weve seen ghosts forinstence i Alisha im only 10 and my dad and uncle died and also my twin baby sister died at birth and she would be 14 or 13 now (and also my friend Kiyana) im 11 years old and my grandad when i was only 10 its okay but its scary when your woken up at night when something moving/Its alisha when my dad died this year i and my mum and 2 brothers were the last people to see him/ and last when my uncle died my brother was sleeping at my nans house

    • Gina Says:

      When you hear your names being called, try saying who are you – show yourself and what do you want from me because you are frightening me?

  125. Kiyana and Alisha Says:

    next door to my uncle’s room . any way Kari i hope you get through what your going through bye .l l

  126. Kiyana and Alisha Says:

    Sara if you want to no what king of ghost that is it will be probably a spirit like a person in your family.

  127. Kiyana and Alisha Says:

    Sally me and my friend saw that light in the lift then the old women walked out of it..

    • Helen Says:

      Hi, Can you explain what actually happened. Please can you expand on your story about this light in the lift and an old woman walked out of it.

  128. Kiyana and Alisha Says:


  129. liza Says:

    i think my house is haunted i moved in this house six months ago and me and my son has experienced some unexplained situations. there are times the house is very hot then all of the sudden it becomes so cold with the tempeture up to 80 degress. we here noises dow stairs as if someone kicking in the door or knocking something over. there is an awful odor that we dont know were it’s coming from.The radio turn on by it self and i seem to be always tired and sad when im home dont know what to do

    • Helen Says:

      Oh Dear liaz, I wonder where the aweful smell is coming from & the feling of sadness could be the energy left from a deceased person who is still handing about in the after-life.

  130. zafer ali Says:


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  131. Jane Says:

    Sorry to change the subject!

    But I need some info!

    I’m 21 and my afternoon job is cleaning in an office and also at a warehouse. Now, I’ve only ever been to this warehouse once alone, as I feel like somebody or something is watching me. I am a nervous wreck when I go there! Orignally I thought it was somebody male but… as you will see below…

    I’ve left camera’s there and all I seem to get is the odd bang and breathing. I left a Digital voice recorder in the corrider outside the offices and there’s banging of what I think is either filing cabinates or doors and huming – now, I’ve only ever come across a voice once in this building and this was in the warehouse, but it was happening more often on a 56 min recording on a voice recorder.

    I do not feel very comfortable in this place, I feel very uneasy and very scared.

    I went there with two friends one night and the atmosphere was just beyond of what it has ever been before… and one of my friends was acting really strange, it just wasn’t her face!! I kept asking her to stop looking at me the way she was and she was acting really dopey and saying ”whhaaaat??” and then I finished the cleaning and we left the building only to find that one of the lights had been switched on (this has happened before only when I have left them on they have been switched off, also, taps being turned on and toilet flushing all happening in the male toilet) so I decided to leave it and go to my other cleaning job.

    The whole time I was at the other place she seemed fazed out and just not with it!!

    So after I finished there I decided to go back to the warehouse to see if the light had been turned off…. it wasn’t so we sat in the car for about 10 minutes while I decided whether I should go back in there and turn it off (as I have been left notes by the workers to make sure that the lights are turned off when I finish…and I always do so, something else strange!) and my friend turned around and said “I’ll come with you Katherine can stay here…) and I just felt at that moment that my friend wasn’t actually my friend, it was somebody else!!

    On the way home I decided that I couldn’t stand having her near me sitting next to me in the car so I pulled over and called another friend of mine to come and pick her up… no answer.. so I thought to myself, ok, your just being stupid its Aimee, its fine…. continuting the journey she said that she felt really strange so I pulled over again near a garage and asked her to go and get something and I locked the car doors, I called my friend again and asked her to come and get Aimee, and she was just baffled by the whole thing but agreed to come, on Aimee’s return from the garage, noticed I had locked the doors and she was begging me to let her in but I just couldn’t!! SOOOO nasty I know!!

    So what I want to know, how can I find out whoever this person is and why when I ask him/her/it to answer me and let me know they’re there, nothing?!! its so frustrating!! I just want to know what they want from me and why they’re scaring me, and why they’re there!! Its effecting my sleep and I’ve become a very jumpy person!!

    with the work that they do there I thought originaly that it was a male that was based at the warehouse, but after listening to the recorder it sounds like a female and she’s huming and laughing at times, its very very faint but you can hear it!

    What makes me think there’s a male there is because I leave the camcorder in the warehouse itself and its as if somebody is just getting on with its work and fiddling with tools etc… I have also spoken to a worker there and he said that on a few occassions he’s had a bad vibe when he’s on his own there working in the warehouse office, and he’s had to pack up his things and leave, and he said that even when he’s walking along the corridor to leave he feels like somethings rushing him for him to leave…

    and another worker said “oh have you not seen it yet?” and when I asked what he meant he said “nothing”

    now whether he’s pulling my leg, I have NO IDEA…

    Any thoughts?!!!

    xx Jane xx

    • Helen Says:

      GOSH – That’s very un-nerving Jane!! Three things come to mind. 1) Find out who cleaned the warehouse before you took over and ask if he/she experienced the same as you have – I’m sure you would get a revealing answer, that could be the reason the last cleaner left the job. 2) Perhaps you are being watched via CCTV cameras which have sounds which can be piped into the warehouse – and someone is having a laugh at your expense. 3) On the other hand, it could be a genuine case of paranormal activity where a previous worker or workers who are no longer with us in the physical, are still hanging around, that’s quite common – I’ve heard of many cases where this is the case. I think you should ask the worker what he meant by ‘oh! haven’t you seen him yet?’
      I’m sure many of us who are interested in the paranormal would like to hear the outcome of your further investigations. If you could find out more about the questions above and let us know what your findings are. Can’t wait.

    • Alyx Says:

      Hi Jane –
      I couldn’t give you a great explanation for what happened with your friend, but I do want to fill you in on something. Generally I don’t trust “eerie” feelings, mostly because I just wrote a paper disproving the existence of ghosts (though I believe the opposite, it was eye-opening). Please look into something called “infrasound.” It’s a frequency that’s so low we can’t hear it, but it has an overwhelming effect of making people feel creeped and like they’re being watched. It can be caused by anything. In one example I read, it was caused by a fan in a workroom.

  132. Chloe Says:

    I had one experience when i was younger, i had a dog that died that i was very close to, she protected me from an intruder a few months before her death, she would sleep on my bed every night and favoured me over other family members. the night of her death i was very upset and couldnt sleep, i was in bed crying when i felt a calmness come over me, i felt safe and at ease like i always did when she would sleep on my bed, i then felt as though she had curled up behind my knees where she always used to sleep and it felt warm and heavy there as though something was actually there but i couldnt see anything. when i awoke the next morning there was an imprint in the doona of something heavy (she was a fat dog) that had curled up and slept there.

    Also lately i have noticed since i have been living in my grandparents house (my gandpa has passed away) photos that have been taken there and at his beach house have orbs in them from all different cameras, at all different times of the year, and time of day and people although it seems to happen more often when there are a few of my friends there with me. i have checked the photos from my friends cameras of the same photo i have and theres have the orbs in it as well. photos from my bday have orbs in them at the house but not when we were out or the next day or the week after when i went away with friends but then again on the same cameras back at the house and at the beach house the orbs appear again but not when we are out. they cant be dust because dust is usually more than one or two orbs and to be picked up needs the flash and need to be close to the lense, these are in the distance, up close, one even seems to have a bright blue ring around it. im not sure what to do about this, i was thinking about setting up a tape recorder and trying to see if i can pick up anything on that or going to a psychic and seeing what they have to say or even trying myself but i dont want to provoke anything if it is something and cause a problem or be harmed and i have heard you can open up a channel into the spirit world that you cant close off and are open to hearing sprits and seeing them (also makes me wonder about people diagnosed with the mental illness schizophrenia who say they hear voices and see things that arent there)
    just recently my nan has been told she needs chemo and radio therapy and when she tried to call my sister she got the number mixed up and called someone with the same name as my pa, it went to answering machine and said hi you’ve called allan i cant talk right now but im around. was a bit weird to happen same day as her hospital appointment almost like a sign that hes with her at this time. but also im not a fool its very easy to mix up numbers and have coincedences like that.

    any advice would be good

    • Helen Says:

      Hi Chloe,
      just a thought, the indentation on your bed where your beloved pet dog usually slept along with the feeling of weight in that spot is, in my opinion probably the living energy of your late pet. I’ve heard of & also read of numerous cases where deceased pets have been seen & sensed by their owners and even somehow materialised to protect its master after death and, why not. In my personal opinion, as animals have a life force as we do, why shouldn’t they in death make themselves felt or even seen as we humans do. Skeptics would probably say it was wishful thinking on your part which made you imagine some sort of presence, but as I’m not skeptical of these phenomena, I honestly believe your late dearly loved pet dog, had indeed come to console you.

      Any other views?

  133. MARK HENRY Says:


  134. ChicaTiger Says:

    Hi I have some strange experiences now.
    I am quite young, about 12. But we travel a lot right now and in our new flat I get some very strange feelings in the dark. Every night if I am the last one to go to bed (usually when I am in the Internet, which is in the kitchen) I get that feelings someone is watching me from the window. Someone really big and evil. It is as if he pulls me back in. As if he doesn’t want me to leave. I usually get really scared and don’t know what to do. Our flat is quite small and my room is just beside the kitchen, so it isn’t far to walk but I have the feeling if I turn the light off or turn around he is gonna grab me and do something bad. It is really a scary and weird …I don’t know what kind just really bad. And when I do go out and race to my room. I have the feeling that that thing gets more angry. I am not sure what he wants from me. When I just sit here at night, I feel quite safe but when I want to leave It gets really creepy. I can’t believe I am still afraid but since we have moved here I really get scared to have my feet beside my bed at night time I usually jump in it every time. LOL I am not sure what to make of it. I am probably just crazy thinking there is a huge eye watching me but it is really creepy. Maybe he just wants me to help him. I mean if I feel alright as long as I don’t go to bed…. Seriously I don’t know anymore if I am crazy or not. (everyone says I am crazy but I hope not in that way)

    • Alyx Says:

      Hi Chicatiger–
      I’m going to tell you what I already posted above, because it’s more applicable here. Generally I don’t trust “eerie” feelings, mostly because I just wrote a paper disproving the existence of ghosts (though I believe the opposite, it was eye-opening). Please look into something called “infrasound.” It’s a frequency that’s so low we can’t hear it, but it has an overwhelming effect of making people feel creeped and like they’re being watched. It can be caused by anything. In one example I read, it was caused by a fan in a workroom.

  135. Pat Says:

    Hi ChicaTiger

    LOL! I’m just visualizing myself in your situation, a 12 year old surfing the net in the quiet mysterious night – reading true ghost and poltergeist stories whilst fully exposed in a light room and clearly visible from the outside because your kitchen window has no blinds or drawn curtains. That situation would evoke all sorts of human fears, even for an adult. At least you didn’t see an entity in various forms nor did you have a direct interaction although I believe you are at the right age where poltergeists are likely to interact with you. Keep us informed of any further developments, this could be the start of your paranormal awareness. If you are interested in the paranormal, google ‘Your True Tales’ paranormal and read the true paranormal experiences of thousands of people around the world.

  136. katy p Says:

    hey… well here goes. i havent really told people this but anyway. it’s kinda werid ever since i was born i think i have been able to see ghosts. the thing is when i was young around from 2 till around 9 i never actully realised i had been seeing ghosts. when i was 5, 6, 7 and 8 i used to sleep on the bottom bunk in my old house with my older sister on the top. the house was old, kinda damp too from all the rain in new zealand, but i remember something very unusual when me and my sister were talking about the old house. i remember how i was unable to sleep most nights and how i remember various figures in the room where both me and my sister used to sleep. i look back upon my memories and see those eyes. and right then and there i realised it was a ghost. a small little girl around my age at the time (5, 6, 7) in the old styled cute frilly dress, with blach leather shoes and a bow, it’s werid how i can remember it so vividly. but this little girl at first scared ne, actully did scare me awhile but i guess i got used to it. see used sit on my table on the other side of the room staring at me and sometimes smiling. since then i have seen ghost all the time actully but no where near as vivdly and correctly as i used to. i see dark, black figures, white figues the works. same with my best friend whose brother died in a fire at a young age, she see him sometimes. see also has taken a picture of a ghost in a near by house where she used to live. 🙂

    • Pat Says:

      Hi Katy P, very interesting! Would you be able to get your best friend to display that ghost photograph on this website? I’m sure all readers would be eager to see the ghost captured on camera.

  137. brenda Says:

    hey all…
    i used to live in laverstoke in whitchurch. a 4 bedroomed bungalow. they were built in 1921 for the army but then were sold a homes.

    i have 2 boys and a daughter and was living also with my partner at the time.

    i was doing dinner one evening and had called the children to come eat. my then bf was sitting in the living room and my children ate at the table in the kitchen.

    i was walking into the living room from the kitchen when along the corridor to the 3rd bedroom i saw what i thought was my daughter walking into the bedroom…

    i called out to her and said that i had asked her to go eat…
    i then heard behind me from the kitchen my daughter tellin me she was at the table(which she was)

    i then nearly died with fright… so i walked down the corridor to the 3rd bedroom and to my surprise there was a little girl with long black hair standing at the window just staring at me…

    i couldnt see her face as there were drawers in front of the window. i looked away for about a second to call my then bf. when i looked back she wasnt there.

    i got in touch with the people that owned the bungalow before me as she lived there 33 years but she told me she only had a son. and that before that the place was used for the barracks.

    so it has bugged me for years.. where did that girl come from and who’s was she???

  138. Natalie Says:

    I live in a bungalow in Cannock a town in Staffordshire, since i was a child i have experienced ghostly happenings from the most violent ghosts when i was 4. We had numerous people come in to help my whole family out as living everyday became a nightmare of items being thrown at you to being watched while you slept, my brother had also woke up to a body full of unexplained bruising in a room known to be haunted by a angry tax man..

    As years past we had the house sorted, no more violence of ghosts were happening just footsteps of what sounds like heavy boots up and down my hallway, with an old woman occassionally showin herself in the corner.

    In the year 2000 my nan had died just before christmas, i was asleep in my room while my brother was sleep on the sofa with my mum. I been woken up by the sound of laughter and a mans voice and someone telling me jokes which they found funny but pretty laame to me, it dont stop there, then i saw a white figure come before me and it spoke to me in a womans voice which looked a bit like my nan in the gown she died in ” come with me ”. Since i was only young i didnt follow instead i curled up under covers LOL. But today i wish i did go just to see what it was they wanted me for. Anyway after i saw it leave the room i saw her float! at such speed through the hallway to stand by my sleeping brother and that was the last time i seen her.

    Now in recent years ive experienced alot more, but too much write about. The only thing that baffling me is i had a daughter now who is reaching 2. I have taken pictures of her and there will be unexplained shadows, mists etc that wasnt there when i took it. It dont stop there! when she plays with hers toys she sits in one spot with a toy for good while, when i peep my head round corner i seen toys move on other side the room. She waves at nothing that i can see but surely she can. When in my room she will sit on my bed and stare at the door and start smiling, laughing and waving as well as pointing saying mummi look but i dont see nothing.. I woken up to night to a bang which made me write all this, a wine rack which was on top of my freezer has ended up on the middle of my kitchen floor, now for it to fall there it would have to go round a corner, impossible! the stair gate on kitchen door frame had been slammed into the cupbard the handle has broke off but pieces are no where to be found :S
    I also found tht lights in every room will flicker now and again. i not long had the house re-wired .
    What do you think?
    I hpe history is not going to repeat itself :/

    • Pat Says:

      Hi Natalie,

      Do these paranormal activities not frighten you? You say your experiences are too many to write about, how about spreading your stories over a number of blogs when you have the time to write – a story at a time. I am very interested to hear more of your experiences and I’m sure there are others who are as well.

      • Natalie Pearce Says:

        No not really growing up with it u get used to it, i just wish i could communicate with them sometimes. Yes i may do that everytime something happens,

    • Kendall and Kirsten Says:

      So frekieeee.I think your little girl is spottingn something. You should stay in her room at night or call a ghost huter pro. Your little girl is brave. I think your house is haunted Good Luck!

      • Natalie Pearce Says:

        She certainly is very mature for a 2 year old. Only few weeks ago i found who she was seeing, it a little girl dressed in rags the exact sme girl who my mother sed id tlk to wen i was young. It was great, i fixed up sum lunch for my girlie put her in the living room so she cud watch Peppa PIG lol she huge fan!.. then i went bk to kitchen cook mine, nd corner my eye i saw a lil child run dwn halway into the bedroom areas. Thinkin it was Brooke being nawty i ran after her, but all child gates were shut and doors so it cud nt of been brooke. To be honest i 4t frm there i was cracking up lol so i ran to the living room and saw brooke still sitting there peacefully, i asked her if she had moved but she sed no mummy. She was right she was belted in her seat.

        Since then every couple days am hearing toys going off, being moved, brooke pointing and smiling. I can rest nw i knw it nothing bad 🙂

    • Alyx Says:

      Well thankfully it seems like your daughters companion is pretty innocent herself! I would hope so. I’m glad it seems harmless, and that it seems to be brightening things for your daughter rather than causing you any more stress.

  139. Natalie Pearce Says:

    I just been outside to have a cigarette, nd i heard footsteps tapping and noises by the freezer same spot in my last story of the wine rack. I was looking up at the stars and seen the brightest one and i said to myself I miss you Nan 10 years without ur baking n laughed to myself.. Then I felt the presence and i think it could be my nan prob telling me off for smoking lol, but i felt this strong tight thing wrapped rnd my body like a ghostly hug was very weird but nice.. (:

  140. Anonymous Says:

    Well I am ghost hunting with my sister Kirsten and my name is Kendall and well
    we think are house is haunted> Firs our door is opeing and closing with out anyone there. Then when we look awayy there is a big BOOM. And our dog Mabel is watching something everyday like someon is there and there is not.

    Anybody got any advice?

    • hayden Says:

      Ok that story freacked me and my sister Alexis out! So here is some advice.
      set up a video camera and try to hide it. Also put out a tape recorder or a walkie talkie with you on the other end. Then hide under the covers at night and when you wake up look at the recording then listen to the tape recorder! Hope it helps you out! love the names kendall and kirsten !

  141. Brandon Clark Says:

    It happens quite a lot. At work, at home, at friends houses. I hear noises, c shadows, feel things. Am I being haunted? I’ve woken up with red marks on my back from being poked. Had scratch marks on my arms…

  142. Says:

    iv had many weird experisenes with supernatural powers like the first one was just a mouths ago i was ill so i had the day off school and the eltrick went and i hadent got my glasses on but i could see a black thing in the refeltion off the t.v so i put on my glasses and i could see a black figure moving towards me i looked and no one was there i got really freaked out becuase just then the whole room went freezzing.

    my second one was when i was driving with my mum and we were just looking out off the front window it was about 11:30 and we saw a man cross the street he wasent close anof for us to hit but he was close anof for us to see but we were just looking at him and he dissapered into thin air and it happened again today.

    my third one was a couple days ago when i was sleeping over my cusions house and all night i could hear shuffling across the carpet and it stopped when i sat up but it carried on when i put my head back down and it just freaked us out.

    my fourth one was yesterday when i was at my cusions house (somone died there) and we could hear somone coming down the stairs but no one was there we checked the whole house and the door opened when we were back downstairs but no one was there we tried to get out but coudnt and we had to stay and we could hear somone there it freaked us out so much we climbed out the window and went to emilys next door neibers house

  143. Denise Says:

    Right after my father died, I was at the top floor of our home when I was literally drenched in the smell of the canvas saxophone case that he’d had since WWII. I stopped dead in my tracks, because the saxophone and its case had always been kept in the finished basement of our home, where my father would play along to big band records. I looked in the attic and under the eves, but the case was not there. Of course, when I went two floors down to the basement, it was behind the stairs where he had always kept it. By the way, my father played taps at the end of the war on the BBC.

  144. Denise Says:

    I live in New York City and I was not far from the World Trade Center on September 11th. Being a school teacher, I was one of the last to evacuate the area because there was no public transportation available to get the students home. When I finally did make it home toward early evening, I found a yellow silk flower lying across the living room couch. This flower was stored on top of a shelf above the couch, toward the wall and behind a number of decorative objects. There is absolutely no way that it could have logically moved to the couch below, by itself.
    Another evening, around the same time, I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden, a tiny yellow cap from the top if a plastic honey bear popped off of its tip and began to bounce, by itself, down the length of the living room floor in measured leaps of about a foot high in the air.

    • Pat Says:

      LOL, Hi Denise

      Try wearing a ‘yellow’ top, see if the entity will undress you and deposit your top on the living room floor. 🙂

  145. Jorgen H Says:

    I’ve always been a rationalistic person. Recently my friend started sharing a few stories with me, conserning ghostly phenomenas in his house. He was never the serious or startled fellow. But one time he was talking about the strange events that had occured in his house again. While taking it for what it was worth, I started noticing changes in his behaviour and personality.

    Partially in denial and partially intrigued, I went over to visit my friend on late night. After about two to three hours of what you would call “normal” atmosphere, it shifted abruptly. We were alone in the house, and it was around midnight. I was sitting close to the bedroom door and my friend was lying in his bed. The door was 90% closed but not all the way.

    Suddenly I felt a chilling feeling run through my body. I made a remark about it to my friend, and we humorously “shook it off”. A few minutes later, the door suddenly opened itself all the way up, right in front of me. There was no breeze or airflow in the house at the time, so it was not like wobbling made by a current. Surprised and somewhat startled I closed the door (again not entirely). Upon release the door would again open forcefully and determend. We discussed it and I began to wonder if there was a chance that this could be the work of a ghost.

    An hour passed and I made a half-serious joke: “Where has all the ghosts gone then?”. A few seconds later we hear someone running down the hallway from the room we were in, and into the kitchen. I opened the door and heard one of the cubberd slamming shut. Also the bathroom door which was open the last time we looked was now shut. After that I was 100% convinced that there is more than we know. Regardless of what other people might say, it really is something else when you witness something out of the ordinary first hand. When i was leaving, my friend was actually too scared to follow me to the front-door.

    Today the house is quite calm, with little or no paranormal activity. However I will never forget my experiences in the house, and I’m actually quite happy that I got to see something like that myself.

    • Trisha Says:

      It is true, you have to experience the paranormal yourself before you can appreciate the fact it isn’t nonsense. A cold breeze is a typical sign that an entity is present.

  146. corrina Says:

    i would really like some someone to answer some questions if they can. I’m 27 yrs. old and ever since I was about 12 I have got this feeling that someone was touching my left shoulder. It is at all diffrent times and when it happens it makes me smile and makes me feel happy and peaceful is the only way i know how to explain it. It can be very enbaressing when i’m talking to some one and all of a sudden i start to smile, and they ask me why. I usually have to make up some type of reason, like i was thinking about some thing else. Is this a ghost? when it started i had not had anybody close to me die, just a grandpa that i had never met. thank you

    • Trisha Says:

      Hi Corrina,
      Some people would say it’s probably the presence of your deseased grandfather whereas others would say it’s your guardian angel or life guide. I think unless a genuine psychic is able to see the spirit by your side, I would say just lap it all in if the feeling is good and gives you comfort.

      • Alyx Says:

        I would say it’s also important to not rule out a physical cause. If you always feel the same pressure in the same place it might be a sensing thing with your body. But I am glad that it’s comforting, if it is a spirit or guardian angel then it’s always there for you and it wants you to know! 🙂

    • Anonymous Says:

      I used to get that exact feeling when i was a child, being brought up in pretty bad conditions and family hating each other there was hardly anything for me to smile about or anyone looking out for me. I would get that feeling and stone cold breeze right behind me, every time i was told off for no reason, upset or just feeling down. After few years i spoke to an old family friend who actually made the bad spirits in our house go away, she always seemed like a witch to me but such a nice lady!! she told me it was a guardian angel who will be yours till i pass on to the spirit world, then she said these can be family members or friends and even strangers who just have that role.

      But i must say she was correct years later i can honestly say this presence saved my life when i was 14 crossing a road at a traffic light waiting for it to go onto the green man i stepped out, (this was 9pm) alongside my brother who was 16, he ran where as i walked and then a red car came speeding not bothered that the light was red, And for some unknown reason i just stood there stopped and stared at the car i guessing it was shock but i dont know what i was thinking, all i remember was feeling that touch on my shoulder for a split second and then quickly slid down my back and grabbed my top and pulled me back onto the path behind me. No one walking by no one behind me i was confused my brother ran back acoss the road to me and fought i done some kind of matrix stunt -.- ,, I never knew they could save your life tho!

  147. Sean Robinson Says:

    I have posted this all over the web in an effort to find out more about the artist or to find out why these things are happening but so far my efforts have been unsuccessful. I’ll give you the background on the painting. My Grandmother had this painting in her attic for twenty five years. She said it was evil. She told us she used to see the dark figure of a man around the house and at night she heard strange noises and crying. She told me the artist committed suicide shortly after finishing it and that he had used his own blood mixed in with the oils. After she died we got the painting, it is currently in our basement. Shortly after we got the painting various members of the family started seeing the dark figure of a man. At night we began hearing noises and just recently we have heard crying and moaning. The painting is still in our house and although I never believed in the supernatural I am now convinced there is something evil about this painting. People from all over the world have contacted me about the painting and I have had lots of offers from people wishing to buy it but I don’t want to sell it, I just want to find out what is happening. I don’t know if the background story is true but I do know there is something very unsettling about the painting.

    I recorded some new footage regarding The Anguished Man and I recorded some strange light anomalies.
    I set up the video camera again in the spare bedroom to try and catch some more of the activity on tape. I recorded over four consecutive nights for seven hours each night. After looking through the footage I found several strange light anomalies. At the time these were recorded everyone in the house was sleeping, there are thick curtains up in the bedroom so it can’t be light from outside. There was one small lamp on in the bedroom at all times. I also recorded many noises, such as bangs and scraping sounds but they were similar to the sounds in my previous video so I have just uploaded the light anomalies for now. After recording this my son fell down the stairs and is convinced something pushed him. We are still hearing noises and sensing a strange presence around the house. I have no explanation for the lights in this video – Sean Robinson

    • parker Says:

      Put it in sebbles same here and it says somthing it creppy when i was five i saw three ghost would fly in a circle and fly though the selling

  148. Trisha Says:

    Mmmm?? Mmmmm??

  149. Alyx Says:

    I recently turned eighteen, and haven’t experienced very much recently. However, a few years ago, it was a completely different story. When I was ten my family (parents and two sisters, one a twin and one younger) moved into an older, project-type house. It’s built into a hill so it has two stories, the front entrance on the above level. My twin sister and I took the two downstairs bedrooms, each with a window but otherwise the downstairs is pretty basement-like.

    For a long time after we moved there, wierd things would happen, but the most interesting story to me is the most reliable. I think you’ll see why.

    I always slept with the door open, so some light from the stairs would light around the corner of the living room. My door, when opened, swings toward a wall (one without windows, into the hill) and beyond that there’s no area in the living room. To the right, the opposite way, the living room leads into the stairs and little hallway with my sister’s door, which was also open at night. Many nights I would feel a presence of some kind and get scared, but the first thing that occurred was surprisingly reassuring. One night I was crying out of fear, and I pulled my covers over my head before feeling the edge of my bed pull down like someone was sitting. And I felt a wave of warmth and comfort – I fell asleep soon after, unafraid.

    A few weeks after that, I was laying in bed and looked out my bedroom door, and I saw an apparition. It was a girl with dark hair (like mine or my sister’s) wearing a long white nightgown, completely pale and transparent, and she strode past my door. She passed coming from what would have been the wall, and I’ll never forget the way she walked, almost like her speed didn’t match her movement. It was very fast.

    I passed it off as my sister in order to get to sleep, but I already knew that she (or the younger one) didn’t own any nightgowns like that. I never got to see the girl’s face, which I’ve always regretted. The next morning, while eating breakfast, my twin brought it back to my mind by asking if anything odd had happened… and when I said yes she asked me “did you see the girl?”

    My younger sister saw the girl about a year ago, also thinking it had been one of us when she woke up in the night. The ghost had been standing just inside her room, watching her, before walking out. The next morning we told her that we hadn’t been up (and none of us sleepwalk).

    Our dogs bark crazily most nights at three o’clock. My dad, a believer, told me once that he always talks aloud when he’s by himself at our barns, because he wants to make contact with something. And one day, he closed the door to the shop on his way in and heard somone say “he shut the door on us.”

    I want to make contact with a spirit one day, I just can’t do it in my own home. I’m frightened but curious… we’ve had good experiences and bad ones, and ones that I can’t tell if they’re violent or playful (including a time that I believe a spirit actually passed through me). We’ve also set up a video recorder to play through the night, which caught nothing, but that night a lot of strange things happened and we decided not to do it again.

    • pat Says:

      Hi Alyx
      There are millions of people who have never had a paranormal experience and probably won’t ever in this life time – so they don’t believe one way or another and would probably call you cuckoo. You know what you saw and experienced yet, I cannot understand why you want to make contact with beings on the other side especially if the experience was unpleasant.

      • Alyx Says:

        Of course I’m wary of making contact with something in my own home, because it could lead to increased contact with my other family members in our day-to-day life. However, I’m really intrigued as to what connection this might have to an afterlife, and who exactly I am seeing. I guess I just want to have my beliefs confirmed without having to literally live with the consequences – so if I could stay at a haunted hotel for a night, I would be completely up for it.

  150. Vicky Says:

    We have lived in our house for about 2 years and from the start have thought it may be haunted, but have always just laughed off our experiences as a joke or our imiganation, until today. We have 2 teens and and autistic daughter and all of us have had an experience or 2. Dark shadows, voices heard in baby mointor in the middle of the night, loud thuds on walls, doors locking on their own and roof things like that. Myself I have heard an older lady and a mans voice and at first it was a little girl. Our sutistic daughter often wakes at 2:59 am and sound like she is playing and laughing with someone. The next morning she just asks where is the little girl over and over. A few times we have asked her to take us to the little girl and she takes us to her room and points under hte bed or in a corner. Here is what happended today that really shook me! I work from home so i was home alone working on my computer when suddenly there was a horrible LOUD noise as if I was in a metal building and people were beating it. I screamed 3 times and then realized it was all around and immediatly thought it was the surround system. I turned off the surround system and it stopped. For the next hour I had chills and felt as if I was not alone and my dog kept growling at nothing. I then heard someone beating on the front door, not kncoking, beating! I went to the door and nothing! I have always been comfortable here, but this one scared me badly. When my husband got home it checked out the surround and he said there is no way it had been up loud!

  151. Vicky Says:

    I forgot to say when this happened my cell phone froze and went for totally charged to almost dead!! It is a new phone and I have had no problems with it.

  152. dhanya Says:

    nt all t ghosts r harmful.tey just come here to have friendly relationship wit us.if u dont want to b their friend ten u can ignore tem by nt listening to tem.u can ignore tem by reading a book,texting ur friendz or doing ur fav activities.ten tey’ll just go away 4m u.never b scared.ur fear is like a drug to tem.

    • annoymous Says:

      Harmful or not, these entities can be a nuisance and for the most part are frightening. Apart from that if they interact with the occupants of the house, it can be construed as invading one’s privacy. Just imagine they fact they could be observing everything you do. Don’t like that at all.

  153. Vicky Says:

    I did whatever it was trying to scare me to stop and that I don’t mind them being here as long as they did not disturb me like that. It seemed to work so far although my daughter heard voices in our room when we were gone and when she discovered we were not home she was a little spooked, but it does not bother her much. It seems to bother me the most, but that may be because i am here often and alone often since I work from home. Has anyone heard of putting Quartz in your home for good energy? We are remodeling a lake house to move into and I found a beautiful quartz rock in the yard in brought it in the house for good energy as I have always heard and my daughter freaked out saying that quartz attracts qhost. So i told her I would just do burn sage. I am Native American so I believe completely about negative and positive energies shaping our lives and surroundings.

  154. Says:

    ive had this twice, well a lot actually, at school when i’m walking i feel like someones tugging on my bag, when i turn round theres nobody there and in my room i just feel like im being watched, then i get axious (sorry cant spell) and ive had panic attacks from it.

    • Natalie Pearce Says:

      As long as it just a tug and nothing else i would not say it is anything to worry about, it may as well be just a spirit letting you know that their there.

  155. joe sidoo Says:

    Where do I begin,ok the first incident started when I felt a small child sitting and bouncing on the edge of my bed then the bed sank with the weight then,feeling the weight get up .The following days were intense dreams,lifelike ,where I would wake up heart beating ,sweating,very realistic .then one morning about 4a.m I felt the same childlike ghost climbed on to my bed ,while laying down ,crossed over me,climbed back down,ran to the foot side of my bed,climbed back on,crawled up to me quickly and hugged me,with both hands and feet around me,I was half asleep and half awake,I panicked a little trying to decide what I should do,stay lying down or get up.i decided to get up and act regular like nothing ever happened..It seems to be non violent but at night sometimes I would feel someone pulling my sheets,with force..harmless,but scary at times.The ghost is still here but I try to ignore it like ,it’s not even there,even though my father told me he seen a little kid standing next to him,watching him sleep…..since it has not done any physical harm to me I live and let live,because if it is a child,it’s probably just playful..

  156. Skepticality » Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptic Society's Offical Podcast Says:

    […] You can submit your own "ghost photos" to the Hauntings project. Participate in the 'ghostly experiences' survey. Read the initial results of the Hauntings project. Web 2.0 plays a big part […]

  157. Steaphany Waelder Says:

    Here is my proof that spooks don’t exist:

  158. Quirky Ghost Photos » By Derek » Skepticality Says:

    […] You can submit your own "ghost photos" to the Hauntings project. Participate in the 'ghostly experiences' survey. Read the initial results of the Hauntings project. Web 2.0 plays a big part […]

  159. kayla Says:

    i think i have experienced a ghost…im 14 and i move in this house and thats when stuff started..i was 13 and me and my friend were in my room and my parents went to the store we were talking and then we heard a walking up stairs i called my parents they were at the store i thought some one brock in but then it came to me when this happen i would wake up and take a shower and i would have scatches on me (but the only stayed on for a day).I neverr thought about intell this happen it was 1ishpm and i was on the phone with a friend in my living room and i told him i had to i could see the stairs and i look up and the light was on and i saw a black figure wwalk down it was so really looking i thought it was my mom but no one answer when i called then i closed my eyes and open them and boom a black thing was right there.. i ran up stairs and slept in my little sister room for 2 weeks and then finally i slept on the couch but never in my room..then me and my little sister were in my room and the tv was on and it went really high then to normal and high to narmal..then i didnt sleep in my room for a other week…i told my family no one still belives me execpt for my aunt..then my dad said if theres a ghost in here come get me not her ever sencse that i was ok to sleep in my room. im 14 now and this just happen to me last night i was almost a sleep then i heard a noise in my room and i open them there was a girl about 4’7 and had a pink dress on i said quinn (my little sister name) i can see u and then it went away i ran to my older sister room and slept in im seaching about ghost and im going to viedo recode my room tonight thanks for reading….

    • Serina Hoover Says:

      I believe you I really do. Sometimes people who haven’t seen a ghost before wont believe you but i do. Like my dad has never seen a ghost so when I told him about my first ghost he didn’t believe me, but when I TOLD MY MOM SHE DID. When my mom was little she saw her grandmother standing in her room a week after she died. So don’t feel alone I might only be 12 but i can relate to how you feel. And I would appreciate it if you would put the video on you tube . thanks. 🙂

  160. Serina Hoover Says:

    I have seen a ghost before. I was in my room and my friend called me she said her little sister had just died. At first I didn’t believe her, but then I heard the sirens in the background. The next day at school she told me to look in the newspaper when I got home. Her little sister was in the paper. She looked so cute, she had pig tales. That night I laid in bed, then in my head I said I can’t believe Samantha’s little sister. Then I felt something push on my bed.I opened my eyes and to the right of my bed I saw an outline of Samantha’s little sister. She had pig tales and everything. I was terrified.I didn’t believe in ghosts until I saw Mary. I was only in second grade, I will never forget the time I saw my first ghost.

  161. Austin Says:

    I have gotten a picture takes with a see-through face over my face and I couldn’t make out what it was

  162. Jess Says:

    When I was a little girl, about 5 I think, me and my nan were led in her bed. She lived in a bungalow and the door faced the hallway. Clear as day I can still remember watching this woman run past the door. She was latino, with long black curly hair pulled up into a loose bun, wearing a black salsa dress type thing. I didn’t believe it at the time, but upon turning to my nan and asking her if she’s seen it too, she told me that she had and she had seen it on numerous occasions.
    About two years ago on the way to thorpe park with friends we were driving along one of the main A roads or M roads whichever it is and I remember seeing a man standing in the middle of the road, mid 40’s, wearing a pale blue polo shirt.
    About a year ago, my ex told me that I freaked out, had a massive panic attack and wouldn’t take my eyes off of the corner of the room, repeating that I didn’t feel alone in the house and about a man standing in the corner of the room. But, considering I don’t remember any of this, and I never ever felt like that at that house I didn’t quite believe him. But at the same time, I’d never ever seen him look so scared, and he’s the type that really doesn’t scare easy.
    About 4 months ago, whilst driving home from Merriott, I saw another figure in the road. It was really dark and I just put this one down to being quiet.
    Then last night at my other halfs house the light in his bedroom was flickering. We both got a bit wierded out and when I went to go downstairs to use the bathroom I joked about him having fun being alone with the ghost. Yet when I reached the turn on his stairs and looked at the bottom, I saw a man walk from the front door towards the front room and turn to look at me as I did so.
    I tried desperately to reassure him that I imagined it because I was tired, but I saw it so clearly that if the same man passed me on the street I could tell you that it was him. He was tall, about 30yrs of age, quite slim, short dark hair, with greeny blue eyes.

    So far my parents just think it’s being silly. Anybody else got an opinion?

  163. Gianna Says:

    About once or twice a week i wake up in the middle of the night and i see a figure staring at me. Last night it was a figure of my mom and she is still alive. Im 11. My grandma past away on my grandpas birthday in 2009. My grandpa past away in 2001. In my old house when i was younger before my grandma died i use to see my grandpa. Then we moved into my grandmas house because she was getting older. They stopped up until she died . And now the ghostly figures have been coming back ever since in all different figures. Could it be a spirit like my grandma or grandpa? Please respond.

  164. Michael Says:

    Hi everyone!My name is Michael,I`m 16 years old.I had some ghost experience and I would like to tell you about them.
    FIRST EXPERIENCE(3 years old)
    My mother said that I was sleeping,but then woke up,crying and shouting the name “Lilith”.She added that I was white with fear.
    SECOND EXPERIENCE(5 years old)
    I was sleeping in my bedroom,but then I woke up and looked up at the chandelier.A golden something with small arms floated to me,I closed my eyes,and then it shapeshifted to a floating goat head with human features.I covered myself with a blanked and tried to sleep.I was TERRIFIED!
    THIRD EXPERIENCE(5 years old)
    I was sleeping in my bedroom(again=),I woke up and saw 2 apparitions,first one was like a white stick,with eyes,arms and legs.The second was like a small black man.They all were very small,for about 5 inch.The white one attacked me,and I feeled that freezing cold that I never forget.I ran out of my bedroom to my parent`s room.I slept there.
    FORTH EXPERIENCE.(6 years old)
    When we moved to a new house,I saw a big white cow.Also,It was an apparition,but now I wasn`t terrified and scared at all,I was interested.
    5 EXPERIENCE(7 years old)
    When we traveled abroad with my parents,I saw a new apparition.It was in a hotel apartment,it looked like a golden floating mini cow.I wasn`t scared.
    6 EXPERIENCE(15 years old)
    I didn`t see anything,but when I was going to sleep,all my body paralized and someone shouted to me “You are doing wrong!”

    I need your help!I think that all these apparitions are only one!What do you think it is,or they are?Does anyone experienced some of these?
    p.s: sry if my eng is not good!^^ Please respond!

  165. Laura Says:

    Our house is quite old, 100+, but it’s in a normal residential area at the end of a row of houses, so I wouldn’t have thought it would be haunted? But there’s been a lot of occurrences (experienced by all four members of the family as well as my boyfriend) that kinda suggest otherwise:
    1. My mum claims to have seen a ghost shortly after we moved in (20 years ago). She says she woke up in the middle of the night to see a little girl in a nightdress (who looked very real) just standing in the room staring at her – but she says she felt no badness from it?
    2. My dad’s also seen the exact same ghost, earlier this year. I have no idea why there’d be a 20 year gap but it happened in the same place, my parent’s bedroom. He woke up in the middle of the night to a little girl dancing and waving. Unlike my mum, however, he was terrified by it and now struggles to sleep. He’s not superstitious or into paranormal stuff and was very sceptical of ghosts before this happened.
    3. I woke up in the middle of the night and was trying to get back to sleep when I felt a weight settle on the mattress beside me. My bedroom door’s always locked so nobody could’ve gotten in, but there was a definite thing (with some weight) settled beside my legs.
    4. When downstairs, the doors upstairs open and slam shut. Everyone in the house has experienced this and seen it happen. When my boyfriend was visiting, we were the only ones in the house and the neighbours were away, with all the windows shut. The doors upstairs would slam shut or open; sometimes you can be in a room and the door will open right up.
    5. Footsteps on the upstairs landing. It sounds mad, but after living in a house all your life you know what feet sound like on floorboards; again, everyone in the house, as well as an auntie and my boyfriend have heard it.
    6. Constant cold in the upstairs bedrooms (mine and my parents). The heating will be on and windows shut but they just don’t warm.
    7. TVs and lights switching themselves on and off. The creepiest was when I was in the house on my own and had just walked into a room when the TV switched on.
    8. We’ve always had dogs and they’ve always had strange moments in the house? For example, we’ll be in a room when the dog’s back fur will stick up and he’ll start growling and barking at the open door when we see nothing there. Our younger dog has come running down the stairs and started crying and when we go up the attic door (which was completely shut before) is wide open?

    Sorry for the long post… but how do you tell if a spirit/ghost is meaning you harm? I’m terrified to be in the house by myself and know my dad was scared my the experience. Why would the dogs growl and bark at something that meant them no harm?

    • Laura Says:

      I realise I sound a bit crazy/paranoid but I’m not usually into this stuff and was a complete sceptic (I even told my mum so when she explained she’d seen her). But all the weird goings on seem to be happening much more frequently and it’s nearly always upstairs and in/around my parents bedroom, and you’ll just get this heavy, panicky feeling that there’s something in the room with you?

      • Vanessa Grant Says:

        Laura your dogs can sense that the spirit is not meant to still be here. Get it moved on by someone who knows how. You will find someone.

  166. Jarod Smith Says:

    I was in my cousins spare bedroom and I had a few strange occurrences. One was that the cat that had been let outside previously in the night managed to make it to the bed upstairs through the closed door. (No possible way) another is that a person wearing a white gown of some sort sat on the bed right next to me and looked at me smiled while shaking there head then got up and left. My cousin says he thinks it might have been his dad because it used to be his room. His dad passed away when he was 2.

  167. Joshua Says:

    Hi to whomever reads this and if you feel been experiecing almost what I been through. Then please email me and share your stories with me.
    Anyways, I want to start off where I was young at the age 6 or 7 yrs old. I remember having interesting dreams that I didn’t forget. I do remember not hearing or seeing any type of things rather than usual.
    However when I was 15 or 16 yrs old. I remember that I think I may have saw someone walk by my bedroom door hallway. I not exactly sure of it. Years gone pass by. I move to Knoxville,Tn from Little Rock,Ar. I’m currently living in Knoxville for almost 10 yrs. And that I work and live on campus called TSD)

  168. Joshua Says:

    Hello to whomever interest reading my stories. Before you read, I may have or may not have been fully aware of what I been through and again I’m not totally sure if I really know or not. Although I am positive on what I heard and sometimes depends what I remember seeing someone or somethings.
    Anyways I have few stories that were base on my understanding and what I recall is true but can’t put my finger on it when things does happen.
    I don’t know where to start but I’m gonna go with the flow as much as what I can remember so far. I will start with noise. I live where I work on campus for residential students who stay on campus during the week and weekend those students homegoing and returning campus. Anyways this campus is base on what I know was the land of war during civil war. Campus is localated in south of Knoxville,Tn. Since ’08 me and my wife moved in to a apt on campus where we are allow to live together because our marriage privillage. Anyways sometimes in my apt, I do hear door either open or close softly. I have reason to believe the door closes and I still think when the door knob has been open silently but to close the door from closet or my neighor’s door coming from his apt. This kind of noise don’t happen often nor noise repeats the same over and over. Last year I decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. While I there I was using my phone device. I remember feeling little strange and mostly from what I heard was foot steps running from small and grudatly through the hallway. I was lying in the couch and once I heard it. I assume it was from one of my twin boys. Appearently that didn’t happen either I got up to see anything. This sound like a little child was running from the hallway and turned left then just 2 steps. Just disappear moments before I had the chance. This hasn’t happen in long time.
    Sereival times I would hear simple noise, such as door closing or opening or peek noise coming from different room or my neighor’s apt.
    Anyways speaking about vision, insight or saw something. This I may thought I saw but I am more certain about the noise than I think I saw this or that. Like one time, I drove my suv with my family to the local food store. We drove by the graveyard. This happen broad day light. While I was driving and I would be in sudden mood to tease my wife. Once I drove by and said to my wife, hey look there’s a ghost. My wife saw the lady who wore 1800’s clothing style and that she was black lady. To understand what I think I saw was possibily a ghost who might’ve been a slayier Anyways I remember looking at the graveyard twice quickly and I was pretty positive that I’m sure what I saw was real. My wife pretty much freak out and she look once and didn’t want to look again.
    Well there’s some more to tell but I rather stick to the subject. Please feel free to email.

  169. israel carroll Says:

    wht does it mean if you hear loud whispering in your ear while your lying down but can’t move or talk? everytime i stay over my grandmother’s and take nap in her spare bedroom i experience voices whispering in my ear and when i try to get up or move i can’t. I can’t do anything but wait til i stop. im get upset because even though i can hear this i can’t make out any of it and why is this? i don’t feel threaten or harmed i just would like to talk to them or understand whisper’s. how can i answer this? when i hear this i cant move at all. it has me parolized until the whispering stopss.

  170. Katy Says:

    Girl Scout Camp felt a light chill…thought it was nothing look wat was on camera please write back …paranormal activity has been reported in my neighor hood

  171. Kaley Fox Says:

    I don’t really know if it’s paranormal or just my imagination but a couple days ago when I was laying in my bed reading a story before bed, i felt something brush across my bare feet back n forth n side to side… Now I can’t even sleep due to fear n I’m too scared to put my feet at the end of the bed.

  172. Kris Says:

    My dad died 4 month ago I was taking a photo of my kids and my dad face was in the picture and it’s a clear of my father face not a orb or dust other people saw the photo and could tell it was my father

  173. Kris Says:

    I took a photo 2week ago of my father who passaway it vary clear I show it to 25 people who can see his face vary clearly without having to point out his face or explaining what the photo is of

  174. Anonymous Says:

    At my house a guy died of a heart problem and every once and a while i see this figure of a man walking back and forth from the kitchen and the laundrey room. At night sometimes i’ll hear a little click almost like someone is turning my room door nob from the inside. When i was around 9 years old i felt someone pushing me down in my bed and i couldent move for a minute i whould be stuck there feeling a hand on my chest.

    • Doctor james Says:

      my dad dead of cancer 6 years ago.we all missed him so much.even his extended family also missed him so much.A friend of his in his working place that lost his dad told us that he went to a spiritualist when he wanted to communicate with his late dad and after 4 days he finally spoke with his dad.and it went perfectly okay.he introduced me to him and he equally did the same to me.which means i also spoke and communicate with him and i really enjoyed talking to him after a very long time.I will like to share his email address on this site just in case you may need his help

  175. Dale Robertson-George Says:

    Well Yesterday and today we got encounters from at least 5 different ghosts…… by we its me and two other friends but anyhow, here is the story… we were walking home from our school bus stop and we come across a siphon and this marshy place with rails guarding it so my friend goes”Hey can someone get me a rock out of the water?” and i go”no!” and my OTHER friend goes”It was your idea so you do it” and the other other friend goes”fine ill do it” and she starts to climb on the siphon. but suddenly the siphon rattles and me other other friend rushes off of the siphon. so then we start to wonder if there is anything in there so we look inside(note: this is day one)and we freaking see and hear growls and people talking. it was strange…………Well its hard to explain it all but this really happened that day….freaky i know.

  176. tamara Says:

    hi my name is tamara i am 13 years old i was once with my mother and sister but they were in the room and so i waiked in the living room to play the computer but as i waiked in the door slamed shut and then i lay down on the cotch with my computer on my knees then i heard the toaster pop open so i said to myself “my toast” as i went to get up some kind of force pushed my back and i saw a woman standing watching over me her hair looked as if it had never been washed it was very greasy and she looked scary so then i ran into my mum and sister and jumped undar the duvet it was a very weird thing to happen to me after that a few weekes later i was tyding up my room when a black cat voomed right passed me i do have a cat but mine was black and white this cat was just all black my mum even said that she my sister and my mums boyfriend had seen it now i feel unsafe scared and i feel that somone is with me watching me

  177. Jacquline Says:

    I need someone to see if they know what I am talking about. One day when I was staying with my mom, and her new boyfriend, I was in the room they made for me. The house is made of wood, and he moved in, and an old man owned it. The house is a normal sized house, simple. In the kitchen their is a door, leading to two other doors. One, the garage, the other, my room.
    My room was always cold as ice. Which it could be when it was separated from the rest of the house, but I have no clue.
    Their is a double door closet, and I have a dresser with a TV on it, and between that closet, and TV their is a square shaped hole they have from my room to the garage with some kind of fan thing in it. It was their when he moved in.
    Anyway the freaky part. One day, it was getting close to dark, I was laying in the bed, with all the nights off, watching TV. I don’t live their, I stay a lot though, so I never use my closet for clothes. So I always keep both doors of the closet open. The closet ins’t hug or walking, it is just a normal sides closet with just a rail for hanging clothes, and a light.
    That day, I was watching TV, and I just happened to hear a noise, and it was a scathing sound. The first thought I had was maybe it was a mouse that came through from the garage, but when I looked at my closet, this white, grayish shape, idk if it ran, or floated, but it went from my closet through that hole in the wall without noise, and their was a fan thing in that hole so their was no way it got through it. If I had to descried the shape, I would say, for the six seconds I saw it, it looked about the size of a cat. But it did not have a tail, and it somehow looked kind of fatter. Like some kind of animal thing. I have never been so scared in my life. I left that room, and never felt comfortable their alone again.
    And it wasn’t long until my mother was telling me her story. The man she lived with hunts. That morning he woke up really early and left, while she continued to sleep. She was home alone. She told me about the foot steps so strong she thought he has got home early, or maybe forgot something. She told me about trying to talk to him, with only silence following, but the foot steps continued. After that she thought maybe someone had broke in. So she got up, and went to make sure. All she had was a baseball bat in case someone ad broken in. First she checked all the windows and doors, in the living room, kitchen and bed rooms. But only to find they were all locked and non moved, Then she went to the door that goes to the garage and my room, and checked everything their, but their was nothing.
    I would like to know three things. One, what was that shape I saw in my room? Two, what was that walking in the house when she was home alone? And Three, is that house haunted?

  178. Jacquline Says:

    I also have a question about my old house. I no longer live their, but I walk to it often. We live in a road most people would call a hollow. Two of my family used to live their, but they moved away. Then we moved in not long after.
    My grandmother started noticed things about the house. Like the light going out suddenly with a new bulb, the cold air.
    We lived in the house I am in right now. We went to stay often at the house, only to be driven away by different means. One night we walked to it to stay, and it was calm, and once inside the house the most awful storm came, making us go back home.
    Another night, their was water in the floor coming from unknown places. The air was cold even with the heater on. So we went home. The air out side was warm.
    Each night something different, from the cold air, the lights blowing out, the TV messing up.
    But we eventually moved in. We lived their for, I would say five years.
    I would hear noises in my closet, their would be loud noises coming from my room when no one was home. Everything that happened seemed to come from my room.
    To this day no one lives in it yet, but it is for sale. I think someone is in the processed of buying it. But I walk to it, and inside the house you can hear the squeak on the floor, like some one is walking. But the house is locked up. The windows all locked as well.
    Now I am thinking, why is all of this happening to me? The house I am in now seems just fine. But those two house have scared me to the point of not even wanting to be on the land. Could these two house really be haunted, or is it just natural’s causes?

  179. Jacquline Says:

    Also to this day I have dreams of my old house. All of them about the house being haunted. Could that mean something, or what. I can go three or four mouths or even longer without even thinking of the house, and every once in a while these dreams would just come out of no where. I wake up scared to death. Could it mean anything?

  180. Leah Says:

    Ok so this happened from when i was ten until around 14 i lived in a three story house and the grouns floor was half underground everytime i went down there i would feel absolutly terrified loke something was watching me waiting to attack. When i was home alone i would hear bells jingling coming from the basement to the bottom of the stairs that come to the second floor like they where trying to get me to come my dog would also always stare at the bottom of my bed like it was watching something and this would only happen when my feet where really cold my little sister did the same thing aswell twice. I dont know what it was but it seemed to like me…..

  181. paul woodcock Says:

    i used to see ghosts,but have not for around 7 years,does anyone know why this is????

    • annoymous a. Says:

      Hi Paul,

      Like you, I used to see and feel these entities in varied forms and in different locations for many years, but haven’t experienced them for a year or so and I’m not complaining as their appearances were unsolicited and frightening. Perhaps at some stage we loose the awareness or they find other individuals with similar awareness to bother or add to their list so this phenomenon can be spread to those skeptics among us.

  182. Lisa smith Says:

    I used to live in a flat in a large Victorian house which I believe was haunted! Only small things happened & almost always in the bathroom – for example in the mornings I would be getting ready for work in my bedroom & would hear a crash & then find my electric toothbrush would be sat upright in the middle of the hall – this happened a few times, things would go missing & turn up in odd places and also my boyfriend woke in the night to see a deodorant can rocking back & forth on its own! I never really felt scared though – think whatever it was was just abit mischievous!

  183. Jennifer Says:

    My mom was awake before it was time to get up, so she layed in bed for a few mins. At one point she opened her eyes and saw a figure standing near her bed facing toward the wall. She could tell it was a female being because of it’s curves. It was in purple pants and was faceless. What was it?

    • Jennifer Says:

      She felt calm and was never afraid. She closed her eyes and layed there. She reopened them and the figure was still there. Then very slowly it vanished away.

  184. Luci Everest Says:

    I wished to thank you for this nice learn!! I undoubtedly having fun with every little little bit of it I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you submit

  185. Megan Andujar Says:

    This might sound a little funny, but I’ve always been able to sense and see and hear the paranormal. I’ve loved the feeling of communication between the two realms ever since I got used to it. My mom and her sisters had a seance at my grandma and grandpa’s house. (when they were teenagers, of course) Well, they never ended the circle during the seance, and weird stuff would happen, such as footsteps in the attic, the ghosts would move objects or whatever people were using. Like my mom, she was home alone, heated up leftover spaghetti and put it on the table to cool, left the room, sat on the couch, and sat on her spaghetti. I’ve had history of witchcraft in my family, and “psychic abilities”, whether you believe it or not, I know it is very real due to experience. Such as premonitions, etc. Anyways, I used to live there when my mom and real dad split up. I always saw “shadow people”, never knew the difference between “shadow people” and “ghosts”. But I’ve had crazy experiences and seen crazy shit. I cannot go to the house without getting angry, anxious sad and depressed. I feel suicidal when I go there, a feeling just rushes over me. So I love to “ghost hunt”, I’m becoming more “professional” about it, with equipment and techniques and such, but my mom said one night when i walked in the door after ending an investigation, that something had “followed me home” I said she was crazy and paranoid, and I told her to calm down. She knew something wasn’t right. Well, ever since that night, weird stuff happened: chairs moving by themselves, voices, laughing, whispering, knocks, my cups of water and my chap stick would go missing when I’d have it right next to me as I’m laying on the couch. As I’d venture into the kitchen to get a new cup of water, me being frustrated as FUCK, I would pass by the bathroom with my new cup of water, and see my cup of water sitting on the bathroom sink. Like, what the hell? Made me think I was crazy. It was toying with me and now I know it was. Many other experiences have insanely wicked stories, but lemme get to recent times. That was about two years ago. It SEEMS the more we talk about the ghost/ghosts in our house, the weird things start happening more and more. Okay, so last night, my boyfriend had work til 3 am. I sat up all night, hopped up on a 5 hour energy, awaiting his arrival to surprise him with a video game he’s been wanting like, forever. My brother was on the phone in his room with his ex girlfriend, crying and the next room over is my room. I’m putting laundry in a bag to take downstairs to wash. And I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I felt an eerie feeling as it approached me. It stopped, dead in its tracks. I knew it was just looking at me, but I saw nothing. I turned around, my breath taken away, and continued. It walked closer, (the footsteps were approaching not ME but my brother’s room. It stopped in front of his door (or went through the door? if thats possible? not sure..) and it sat there for two minutes. when my brother started crying again, I went in my parents room to check my facebook. And down the hall, I hear the floor creak once more and I hear a whisper say, “STOP” but in a semi-vicious tone. It scared the shit out of me. I tried to ignore it, but I was so scared i was shaking. When I mentioned it to my brother 30 minutes or so after the ghost shit, he said he felt like something had put its hand on his arm and left it there for a moment. (Living with ghosts is much more difficult than visiting them and documenting their presence.) My brother left to go meet up with his ex girlfriend and talk and whatever. I had him go outside with me to get a table from the garage to set up my alter, (reading a book on magic) I finally thought of setting it up, anyways that’s besides the point.. When I came back inside, a chair was pulled out and a little to the left. Which I noticed right away because I fixed a curtain in the kitchen earlier, pry like an hour prior to the chair. Because the curtain was pulled out in front of the chair closest to the window. So at this point i’m home alone. I’m upstairs, on facebook yet again, and I hear downstairs a jingle kind of sound. Kind of like my cats collars, or a keychain jingling. Then I heard the couch bouncing up and down, squeaking, PRETTY DAMN LOUD. I started crying. Because once I thought I could rule it out as being one of the cats, the couch bounces up and down as if someone is jumping or bouncing on it? Wouldn’t that take much needed energy? That’s what scares me. The energy. I woke my mom up and we talked about it, she let me know that our cat Midnight’s collar was missing. And when my boyfriend got home, I was scaaaaaaared. We went up in my room, and played MW3 then fell asleep at 8 am. Blah blah blah. Anyways, why the FUCK would it bounce on the couch? I’m scared. Any ideas on what it is?

    • anonymous girl Says:

      This “Ghost” or “Spirit” could be a little kid or someone who is very playful and wants or needs a friend with them.

  186. JonnieBell Says:

    One night my sister and I were visiting my Dad and Step-Mom. Our cousins were staying the night. All of us were watching T.V. when all of a sudden we heard footsteps. So we all looked out in the hall to see if it was the dog,but instead we saw a shadow. One of my cousins went to see if it was my Dad or my Step-Mom,but they were asleep. Then he came and told us, but they mess with me a lot so I went to see for myself,they were. I was about 10 or 11. The next morning my dad asked what we were doing up so late last night.I told what happened and he said it was just Ivy and Taylor messing with me and Denver. Ivy said that we were all watching T.V. , witch we were,So he said that tonight we were all going to stay up and look.THAT didn’t happen but something else did. The dog and cat were apparently running away from something, my dad went to go see and nothing was there. But later me,Ivy ,Taylor, and Denver saw the shadow and I don’t know what to do.

  187. Maria Says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am a documentary producer in search of a highly active home somewhere in the midwest. I am looking to capture what it is like to live with a very present entity.

    Please contact me at if you are open to having your experience filmed.

  188. Anonymous Says:

    so i am 10yrsold and my cousin is 10 also we keep geting feelings that something is in my bedroom …so we stared leaving cameras and i pods 2 see if there is someone or something in there when we are in there every time we turn around there is a little girl about 3 or 4 yrsold then lastnight we heard a voice it said leave her alone or else now we will never go back in there unless there is an adult with us and that is our experince……………..THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JonnieBell Says:

      Well there is no need to be scared unless you get hurt. Tell your parents. If they don’t believe you find the proof that you need to show them. Tell and adult or anyone that can help.

      • annoymous a. Says:

        It’s easy to say there’s no need to be afraid, but when you are being visited by some invisible entity, it’s hardly different from a living unknown person stalking you, except you could handle a living person but, what do you do about a shadow entity from a spiritual world. That’s also an invasion of one’s personal space and privacy.

  189. Megan Andujar Says:

    Okay, so the spirit/spirits in my house are ALWAYS active when I’m by myself, or alone in a certain area in my house. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6 p.m. or 3 a.m. I’m getting SPOOKED. I love ghosts, but it’s different to live with them. I keep hearing footsteps, the last ones heard were about fifteen minutes ago. I just want answers. I feel that I need to document what is going on and get proof.

  190. krista Says:

    sometimes i see wat u see and fill

  191. krista Says:

    like at night i will get these werid scraches on me and i always wake up screamimg and saying dont do that to me and i cant and i just dont know at to do

  192. Kristee rainboltb Says:

    I have lived at my home for almost 26 years. For the past 3months I have been hearing strange noises downstairs that is pretty much vacant and no one goes down there. I even stopped doing my laundry due to fear. I hear loud footsteps loud banging noises repeadely like a bolwing ball being thrown. The last time I did laundry my underware was hanging up throughout the dungeon. At 2 nobody believes me and im scared out of my mind30 in the morn me and my sisterheard the back door open and slammed shut. That night it sounded like a lil boy was singing that I heard thru the vents. I aslo started my car before work and when I went bk to my car all the doors were locked and the car runninng.

  193. santozkettavan Says:

    santoz___ my age 18. am a bad boy. i always used to roam at night times. one day i went to grave for smoking. i got some sound of crying a girl. i feared and came to home. i went to sleep after one hour some black shadow came in side my room . it sat on me and started to slap me. i was crying and calling parents for help but no one can hear my voice . i cant able shake my body itself. at that time i felt unconsious . morning heavy fever for me . i was in the the bed for one month. …….. its so scaring now a days . ….

  194. ryan Says:

    okay, so ya’ll shouldn’t be worried over silly stuff okay. plenty of people experience things around the globe and honestly, it may be frightening to some, but once you become accustomed to certain feelings of fright, you learn it’s not frighetning at all but instead pretty interesting. I do have to say experiences with ghostly apparitions seem much more enjoyable and interesting than the experiences with a demon… I have had plenty of frightful experiences myself from as a kid to in my twenties. i can’t say it was a demon or ghosts. only that it scared me to hell sometimes then other times it was just inetresting.

    When i was a young kid i used to slide in my father’s tube socks because it went up to my knees. and sliding on the kitchen floor was fun back then. well after sliding for about half an hour or so, i was by myself, (whole family was in the backyard and parents room) and i decided to go big for the last time. Before i went running, a hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to a stop. thinking it was my dad playing a joke i turned but to see no one there. i ran back to my parents and told them and they dind’t know what to think.. 10 minutes later i went for my big slide, my shins ended up getting caught on an upturned nail in the carpet tearing my shins needing stitches.

    When i was a teenager, my friends and i were out in the country with our guns, looked up at the sky to see an orange light dance in the sky going from far away to atleast a mile away, left to right , up and down. then dissappeared right in front of us (couldn’t be farther than a mile) .. drive home was a bit scary…

    When i lived with my father in helotes, our house was home to a number of stresses.. but one night i was laying in bed listening to my ipod, looking at my door with the light in the office right out side always on. then i see a shadow lean down from outside my door and peer in. and another leaned down on the other side and peered in.. I put on my glasses and still seeing 2 bodies hunched down to see in the door i screamed as loud as i can. the bodies left and my dad came running in and i told him my story and he told me i was dreaming.. But i wasn’t sleeping.

    One day i was at my father’s house, thinking my parents were upstairs cuz i usually heard them argue and such. So i heard my mom call me, i ended up talking to her in a conversation for about 15 minutes, she was telling me bout stuff and i was to her. Then the fr. door unlocked, opened and my mother and father came inside after shopping in the mall for hours.

    at an apartment i lived in, i would constantly be woken up to someone shoving my shoulder to wake me up. kept seeing a slight small shadow like of a child.

    at my dad’s house as a kid i saw once, a man in a top hat looking like he belongs in the 1800’s, tall and slender walk up my staircase and right to my room. (while we were all downstairs watching tv).

    i slept on the futon in the office once at my dad’s, and woke up to typing on the keyboard. when i adjusted my eyes, i noticed the computer was off but the keys were typing!

    when i was about 12, i slept in the same room as my little brother who was 8, and i woke up randomly about 2 or 3, saw a dark shadow at the foot of our beds, and my covers ended up getting pulled off my body and scrunched up betweent he mattress and the foot of the frame. then the dark shadow went away after i screamed.

    constantly whenever i stay at my dad’s alone and take a shower in his guest room, home alone, i would see people who i thought was my family walking around through the mirror looking out in the office. thinkinig it was them i would get out to find myself alone in a quiet big house.

    That’s just several instances which i can recall that has happenned in the last 14 years. what you need to realize is, i was scared, but never terrified.. (except for the shadows looking in the door.. i was terrified there).

    Most of the times, people see ghostly apparitions because they want to communicate or don’t know they’re dead. Accept it, and you will learn alot more!

    (BTW) if anyone knows how to identify what has happenned to me let me know !

  195. ryan Says:

    through email.

  196. ryan Says:

    forgot one that left me wondering.. i was with my younger brother on a trip to az. to see my bro in the army. on the way we stopped at new mexico roswell. but aliens isn’t what we experieced.. we stopped at this new hotel with an indoor pool. At 3 or 4 in the morning my bro and i went to the pool and stared at the creepy depths.. after about an hour of swimming, my brother went deaf for a minute and couldn’t hear a thing but ringing in his ears. At the same moment i heard a lady screaming at me ” GET OUT YOU CANT BE IN HERE KIDS” . Thinking someone was mad at us i looked around. when my brother could hear again and bells stopped ringing he told me that inside the pool while he couldn’t hear anytihng he saw a lady’s face with her mouth open. then i told him what i heard when he heard bells.

  197. ryan Says:

    again i’m not a paranormal researcher but i have had alot of experiences. i’m 24 right now and bout to finish with a graduates degree in biology.. any info would help.

  198. Melody Says:

    couple of times I get really cold in different spot around the house, I think it be my uncle matt around me making sure I am ok, he just die on july 5th of 2011.. I told my 2 friends I lost my uncle but only 1 know more. couple days ago I was watching my step dad play MW3 and in the coner of my eyes I seen white ghost head to toe walking by I turn it lift might me him. What to do?

  199. Rafael Babao Says:

    i live in a big house and i used to go to the living room to have some privacy while talking to my girlfriend on the cel.. i usually do that 03am til the sun rises or one of us get sleepy. i usually turn off the lights so my parents would not wake up. The problem is that, in front of the sofa, the place where i used to sit and talk, is a door to a room in the house and it gets really creepy in the night so, everytime i was there i closed the door but, yersterday around 3:42am the door suddenly opened, just like that o,o .and the worst part is that after it opened, somekind of white figure, appeared and looked at me, i just got desperate, and started screaming (with my girl on the phone –‘) . the ‘ghost’ somehow hid itself and i ran to the other room when my parents came… MAN, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO FUCKING SCARED IN MY GODDAMN WHOLE LIFE, you know when you just don’t know what to do.. wtf was that, the door was shut tight…and it simply opened…………. it was so real, so fucking real. that ‘thing’ looking at me.. i’m scared just of remembering…
    guys i plan to look for it tonight, i’ll just talk to my girl on the phone again in the same place.. let’s see what happens, wish me luck and courage ._.

    didn’t know how to sign up so i decided to write it here and sorry for my english, it’s not my native language :P. Thanks

  200. Cecilia Aguilar Says:

    I need help. I don’t know what is in my house. I just reently move like 6 months ago and everything just started happening the past few days.

    The past few nights have been pretty creepy. I was home alone with my two children. I got up to get something in my room, I heard someone breathing happly and heard them sorta yawn like they were really comftarble in the couch. I froze, I toke a peek and didn’t see no one. I went to my sons room to check they were both in bed. They were dead asleep both deeply asleep cause i even checked to see if they would flinched or laugh. They didn’t. I then when to the living room again and I didn’t see no one or nothing. I thought they were my nerves getting to me so I went to lay down and relax. I heard someone happly breathing really loud again and I didn’t move. I kept listening, it just sounded like a happly deep breath like when your really comftarble. I then went to my sons room and stayed with both of them, I kept hearing the loud happily breathing slowly and my husband wasn’t home. I fell asleep. Then one night had the same experience when everyone was asleep. The past weekend, the angels and god pictures i have hung on the walls have been falling. I was sitting at the table with my husband and 2 kids then all of sudden a god picture fell on the ground. Then again a angel pictures repeatly fell. We didn’t move, no one was moving when it happen and they the god picture fell first then the other angel picture in the living room fell as well right after it but they were not right next to each other. They were distant across the living room. Before we moved we had the same problem at our other house except it was worse. The shaker machine we had in the kitchen turned on and off and we heard chains outside the house one night and I would lok outside and nothing was there. One day we heard a ball bouncing. I thought it was my son but he was inside so i told him to stay inside with his brother. My husband came outside with me and the ball bounced once and started rolling away, no one was there.

    WHAT COULD ALL THIS BE? Please someone help. What can I do as well?

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  202. Anonymous Says:

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  203. Cecilia Says:

    through email

  204. Michelle McMillan Says:

    I have recently moved into a new home and have experienced what most call a sleep paralysis but have since found that two people who lived here around 20 y years ago experienced the same thing regularily what does this mean?

  205. Mairi:) Says:

    Me and my class went on a trip to a haunted castle. The tour fuse told us that Simeon died from chest pains in the exact spot menand my best friend were standing’ then we both suddenly or chest pains, we also got told that a little girl was killed by her hairdresser. When we went into her bedroom I felt someone pulling my hair but no one was standing near me.. Then i felt someone strangling me, the tour guide took me out and when we got out of the castle I had bruises all the up my shoulder and neck

  206. Dominique Taylor Madisen Says:

    So, My bestfriend Taylors house is believed to be haunted. well, about a hour ago, we were sitting in her livingroom chairs when we just finished playing my wii. Anyways, we were sitting in the chairs and Taylor had a glass of water in her hand and it was just sitting on the palm of her hand, but it was very sturdy. She said “I just got a chill you guys” and then the water glass goees flying and it spills all over her. The weird thing is , after that I heard some scratching nosies and someone shuffling near me. Then something dropped. Another incident is, When Madisen was in the hallway filming us dancing, she felt something burn on her back, then she came over to me and told me she felt something stab her back, well, I looked at it and there was a scratch, then she went over to Taylor and there was nothing.
    The most active places in her house, is her hallway and her bedroom.
    We need help knowing what this is and if it will hurt someone.

  207. Devyn Says:

    I have been hearing gargling noises and sractching on my walls in my room, I don’t want to be in there anymore. I don’t know what to do, I have tried to ingore the noises but I can’t, I just want to have things normal again. I only hear the noises at my dads house but not at my moms house so I’m not crazy right? I can’t talk to my parents about this because they will probably say it’s just my imagination. I’m the only one who hears it; my name being called, heavy sighs, and walking in my room I don’t know what to do. I notice it a few weeks ago it feels like someone is watching me all the time. It only interacts with me, when others are in my room I dont hear it.(And nethier do my friends) It started a few weeks after my brother moved out of my room and I was so happy but now I want him in my room again. I’m only fourteen,What do I do?

  208. Carmen. Volpe Says:

    There is a wall light in my bedroom Comes from 1 end of the house to the other Only see you around 3 aminterested When I get out of bed stick my hand into it I can see people that have passed away My grandmother comes out like she’s still in the house She passed away in our home about 4 years ago For some reason I have a little pulley in my room as well We put up all the christmas decorations Access printing chalkers that was pa2cked away

  209. Carmen. Volpe Says:

    Angel is packed away I don’t doubt it seem to make her happy Every time I talk about her in my bedroom my battery on my cellphone seems to train down quickly Are used some tv p a quipment in actually capture their voice Who is ashley nice to hear her voice again clearly Dynamite home for some reason she stays I have been seeing spirits since I been 11 years old This is the first time I’ve seen a wall light up here Since I moved back into my mother and father’s house Seems like I can feel her more and more as days go on Told me when she died I was not heroes in florida she told me I did not close my eyes I would not close when I died Tried explaining to her before I know which was calling Seems like when there’s a lot of yelling at her house she appears I am the only 1 I can see her And I tell no 1 I try to tell someone who will not believe you She’s my little secret and I will keep her to myself my wife has my whole story Has any experiences of girls And she’s to wake up screaming I put a man it was a pinch in my bed told him to leave to get out Town of fishkill inc make any sense to anyone But when someone dies I can see them The hardest time in my life when I was at the hospital with my aunt passed away and I was the only 1 that could see her leaving Crazy as it may sound like his life and my brain must be broke Tennis players far as I can remember I always know when something bad is going to happen or something good is going to happen If I share my story with someone I wake up to next day in a lot of pain don understand why Hope they’re not too many typos I hope there are people out there like me that understand S e o mine with say I see dead people Can only differenc I don’t know why I am the only 1 in my family pack and see them I put out my grandmoms angel it’s packed away she is extremely happy I don’t sleep anymore because I’m always waiting for 3 am to come around If this can you live in my shoes for 1 day Tried to be me and avoid people that no 1 else can see or hear I refuse to go to a hospital Or a funeral The older I get the stronger my feelings become St like it is becoming a part of me more and more each day The young man died of the side of the road 8 years ago and everyday when I leave for work is still standing there 1 day I decided to pull over and talk to him people over beeping at me like I was talking to myself I wasn’t him why he was still here Heather is everythin across in his spot hey no longer stands there When we die we were all supposed to go to heaven I don’t think there such a place I think when you die you get stuck here there is no other reason I can explain why I see so many people and no 1 else ace I do not drive at night time anymore because I’m afraid I’m going to run off the road because there’ll always people standing in it Premere set up my brain this broke the 9 to 6 app I can see dead people

  210. Maggie Says:

    I’ve always believed in ghosts, especially lately. Three of my friends are legit psychics. Two can see ghosts and one can feel pain in the same spot as someone close to him (for example, he had an excruciating headache in the very front of his head and later found out his friend’s brother had a brain tumor there). They were helping me open my mind to being able to see ghosts. This started over a month ago.
    Last night, I finally saw my first ghost. I was sitting in my room doing math homework and I felt a really strange feeling, one that made me nervous and feel like there was something around me. I stared at the wall and unfocused my eyes because I read that it helps you see ghosts better. When I was staring at the wall, I saw a shape appear, like the outline of someone’s head and shoulders. After a minute it melted back into the shadows. When it was gone, I got the feeling that it was my grandfather, who had died last year. I was never super close to him, as when I met him he had already progressed into a deep stage of dementia. However, when he died, I was beginning to be depressed and his death hit me hard. This was also when I learned I had a hard time crying when I was sad. Also at his funeral, I saw a picture of him when he was young.
    My Grandpa was enlisted in World War II by his sisters. Because he was enlisted, he chose to be part of the Air Force. He was never able to live with the fact he was killing people with the bombs afterward, and gave all his money away to people in need, money that my family needed. My grandma and grandpa divorced when my mother was in high school.
    My grandfather’s favorite subject was math, and he was an accountant when computers first came out. He used geometric shapes to input commands into the computer.
    I could be wrong, but it would make sense for it to be him. I’ve almost expected it since his death.
    Although I can’t figure out why now rather than any other time. I’m glad it finally happened though. Does anyone know how to encourage other ghosts to visit me?

    • annoymous a. Says:

      Hi Maggie

      I find it weird that people who live in the world of the living, wish to communicate or see those who have moved onto the spirit world. If a spiritual entity wishes to make contact with you, it will – without you soliciting a visit from it. I honestly believe some people are more sensitive in their makeup to these phenomena, whereas others are not and will never experience the paranormal.

      I say this because from very young, I was able to see and experience these entities and believe me, it is not a pleasant experience whether benign or threatening. I do not like being visited by these entities because it’s frightening and they shouldn’t be hanging about with the living, just like we shouldn’t be dabbling with the dead.

  211. jamie Says:

    One thing i must add is that shadows i can deal with, a few knocks here and there also. But when last night a line of light appeared on the bedroom door this morning at 5.23am is another matter.
    We live in a property that was built on the old football ground and is only 6 years old. We have been here 6months 3 days ago and its only the last 2months not just us but visitors have started to notice the running footsteps and shadows. Even walking upto our bedroom with the mrs and the landing light coming on own its own i can bare.
    But lights appearing in the bedroom wear my 6months baby sleeps is another. Can anyone shed some light on this light and what it is. it stayed on the door for about 3 mins then just went. we are 3 floors up and no light in the room sep that,.

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  214. Rev.Christie Bliss Ley Says:

    Throughout my life I have experienced a connection with the spirit world. I have seen mostly those of the residue type, that have no consciousness, and do the same things over and over again. Then there was the spirit of a woman who inhabited her much loved home, refusing to leave. She was very angry about changes that had been made to the house, and haunted in a not to pleasant way. She made people so uncomfortable that they went out of their way not to do anything that would upset her. I tried to get her to cross over, but she refused. Sometimes it’s just better to leave them alone, as they will cause nothing but trouble if provoked.

  215. jessica yearout Says:

    my couzin seen a ghost in her house and she perscribed him to me than the next day i seen him and my mom seen him but…. no one belived us

  216. Anonymous Says:

    i do believe that ghosts and spirit exists….because i have exprienced a ghosty moment in my aunt’s room….i was sleeping.. suddenly i woke up at 2:50 pm and saw a shadow of a ghost’s feet was on the wall…on the middle of the wall….can u believe that how could the shadow of its feet can fall on the middle of the wall…??? i was full on sure that it was a ghost or some kinda spirit……it was heart threatening…..and i think probably i am correct of thinking that it was a ghost or a spirit because i have heard that spirits and ghosts usually come at night at 3 pm…..
    and i saw it at 2:50pm ….nearly 3 pm…. so i do believe …..

  217. pandora Says:

    When I was younger, I remeber sitting on the couch and this blurry image of a dog ran into the room at the far end of my house (Bungalow). Then, at a later date I saw what looked to be a child run in the same direction.
    Just last night, I saw Death. He had black robes, with long sleeves with his hands together. His cowel (hood) was pulled down, but I could see his face which was a bleached skull with black eyes, showing darkness. I looked at him and he dissolved from the bottom up.
    I don’t know what to think of this. It was around the middle of the night, and I was tired.But something just didn’t feel right.

  218. Megan Says:

    So I found this site on Google. Though I have ALWAYS delt with spirits and the supernatural, I do have 1 story that i still to this day can not get any clues on….

    When I was about 9 or 10 years old it was winter and for about a week straight maybe a week and a half, every time I went outside to play I would see this man across the street and he was always parallel to me if i took a step left, so did he. He looked quite old and was clothed in a long black cloak, black dress pants, and a black top hat. He had an expensive looking cane in one hand and an open black book in the other. whenever i saw him i felt anxious of course i was young and seeing something that would be there and then gone scared me. After a few years when i moved into another house i was leaving to go to school and seen him again. After that last time seeing him, I never seen him again. but it freaked me out enough to tell my mom that i had seen him again. My mom still has no idea, but when she was explaining it to my brother he had told her that when he was about 9 or 10 he saw the exact same man only no cane. instead he was up close and bent over my brother pointing at him and saying words but my brother couldnt hear anything as if mute was on. We dont really speak about it anymore, but i still wonder if anyone else has experienced this or has any insight on what it was.

  219. Chloe Says:

    I’ve seen a ghost before. It was last year, I was in the 5th grade and I went to go get dressed for school and I noticed that my favorite pair of jeans were in the dryer. I went to the dryer and got my jeans. Suddenly, I saw this a guy dressed in all black who looked about 13 ,staring at me as if it already knew me. I felt that it was talking to me paranormally.It was floating towards me when suddenly, my dad was calling my name and the ghost went away.
    I moved away from the apartment I was living in from that time because my dad got a new job. A few weeks ago I saw it again and it was sitting on my bed as I came home from school. I was having a really bad day because a girl in my class was telling everyone that I was from a bad family and that I look like someone who just came out of jail. So, anyways, I saw the thirteen-year-old boy sitting on my bed and smiling at me. he spoke to me through my mind, saying that i was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. He was walking up to me, but again my dad had to call me down for dinner.

  220. Chloe Says:

    So, yes I have expirienced the same thing you have. ( well, almost)

  221. Garage Door Monitor Says:

    Garage Door Monitor…

    You have made me feel so much better. After reading your blog, I’ve concluded that I’m not crazy after all….

  222. susy Says:

    the same thing happens to me once when i was like 5 i was asleep my whole family slept together in 2 beds.I heard giggle kind giggles i woke up i saw a little girl a classic girl like she was into violins and stuff se was also my age I got scared i was sweating i Said hi all she did was keep smiling I tried saying hi and asked her why she didnt answer she was shy she said her name was liliana mumy she had a blue dress that looked like a white dress but wasnt she said she was lonley she wanted to play i got off my bed we talked and said she had to go I was confused but didnt ask know im older and i saw her again but older we bacame friend and she doesnt visit but i hear wispers in my head all the time.

  223. Kip Says:

    I snapped a photo of myself from my phone
    camera and, I did not notice it until later
    when I was going to send it to a friend,
    that something else is in my photo.
    A ghost! (more like a creature/ghost) it has
    sharp teeth. Everyone I showed it to
    seen seen it before I would even tell them
    about it. Why would it be in my photo?

  224. Jaz Says:

    hi, i am terrified of my room at night! i must admit i watch a scary film every night but im not scared of whats in the film! one night i had a dream and i woke up and i was just lying in the darkness. i suddenly felt something punch me on the nose and i had 2 go to the doctor and get medicine and he had to put an injection in my nose! i was terrified! and everytime i take a photo of me or my friends in my room there is always a tiny glitch only in that room.
    could someone please tell me what is gping on!?!?!?!

  225. wish to not say Says:

    i just want to say that tho some may be skeptic there is another world among us since before i can remember i have felt seen heard and spoken to many good and bad beings i like to call them.i try not to embrace this so called gift because with the good there is bad.i have taken my self to doctors thinking i was a sketso but they all said the same thing aside from my epilepsy I am completely normal and knowing that and experiencing all that i have i feel its very dangerous to play with. suffer from feeling the demonic as well as hole souls i call them people should be careful its like they see and know every thing yet say nothing to help or hurt you ill give you an example by something that happen to me about 15 years ago i was ten and i stayed to my self in my room mostly always with the radio on i would be writing or drawing usually on this day i was la on my bed reading for class and something felt as if i was starting to be held down my radio was still on but silent as i was being held down my closet in front of me opened to what i saw was horrifying it looked nothing like the pictures of the devil but i could tell thats what it was so i began screaming i love god as a child i didn’t know what else to do at the same time i heard a faint pounding on my door my lil sister then was 8 years was banging on the other side she claims i was telling her to leave me alone like always but heard me saying i love god at the same exact time she was confused and thought i had someone in my room with me how could i be saying to things at once and both were in my voice so she ran to get my older sister then 12 years old began banging on my door and try to open it she grabbed the door knob and still has the scar on her palm from the burn it gave her then the door pushed its self inward to the point where it was sticking out of the frame in the wrong direction with my 4 year old brother crying next to her she grab the only bible in the house and kicked in my door to find me paralyzed on my bed and the orangey glow from my closet dimming she knew it was not normal and was very concerned then i went into a seizure and woke up never the same all this happened just 3 nights after what i like to call m guardians left me there was a little girl and a little boy who sat on the end of my bed every night they were very good tho they did not move their mouths they spoke they would tell me to not let the wolf i saw every night near me and i wasn’t they only child in my home to see it my little sister saw this wolf about 4 times she can remember waling from our bathroom to sit in front of my door which was right next to it and then pacing back and forth my guardians left the night i turned 10 years old 3 days later this all happened i believe the wolf had saw its chance but did not succeed since then in every home I’ve ever been in i can see or feel or hear something i spoke to a medium she said they follow my light what ever that is and for the darkness i feel very often he waits above me in my room waiting for me to crack she was insightful this medium but not helpful at all i also tho not big on church and religion had 3 nuns show up at my moms home out of no where even tho i hadn’t live with her in years they came and told her they know what I’m fighting and it wants my light they came to help when she old me this i was very scared because how can a medium and 3 nuns not knowing each-other both say the same thing about me i feel that there is a very horrifying danger that some ignorant people aren’t aware of and i sense it is going to make a very big presence soon to everyone its hard to believe in something you don’t know see and understand but i do see hear and feel them i no I’m not crazy because of these many doctors so it must be right

  226. Daryl Says:

    For years i have lived in the same house, its a small row of houses part of an old army barracks about 5mins walk up the road. scinse a child i have heard and seen strange things, draws opening, pipes bangin, clicking noises coming from all areas of my room and my parents have even claimed to of seen ghosts in the house. As a child i must say i was insecure about these happenings and at times frightened but as i got older i got used to them, also coming from a large family i have got use to people coming home late at night and being in and around the house at night. Soo, its now 3:46am, iv havent been to sleep yet and im not tired or stressed i have no alcohol or drug issuse and Theres nothing
    eles i can think of that might of lead me belive that something was in my house uninvited. Iv jest been surfing the internet lookin at 211212 predictions, buddisum, third eye meanings and astronamy, i was under the impression my mother was downstairs still as i could hear ALOT of movement, i then thourght i heard her come up the stairs to go to bed. Thinking nothing of it i carried on surfing and about 20mins later i heard the hallway door open and close, witch was then followed by our small dog barking. Confused i got out of bed switched the lights on and stood at the top of the stairs, i noticed a very high pitch squiling
    noise Kind of electrical but it was most definatly coming from downstairs, i whent down stairs and through to the living room to find my dog either very excited or very scared sittin by the hallway door, as i opened the door she scattered and ran upstairs into my mothers bedroom, i checked both front and back doors and both wer locked with the keys still in. Still confused i came back upstairs and whent into my my mothers room, i asked my her if she heard anything to witch she replyed “no” so i then ask what time she when to bed, witch she replyed “about 11”. With all this, no one was awake, no one was up and about and our dog is usually very quiet at night. Im not at all scared of this situation but would like to find out an explanation and any help with this would be useful. Also another odd thing that happened the other night, i have an xbox 360, with a connect movement sensitive camera, when you sit infront of the camera you can see yourself in the bottom corner of the tv, and when you move in front of the camera the part of your body your moving lights up on the screen, so i was folding up some washing when i noticed on the tv a small light where the camera was facing, i investigted and there was nothing there, the small orb of light remained, so i sat next to the spot where the camrea was pickin up the movement to see if anything was disruting it but still nothing. Skeptical, i waved my hand through the orb that i could see on the tv screen and i did notic a dramatic change
    of temp, i could definiatly feel a change when waveing my hand back and forth between a distanse of about 3feet. It did not scare me and i am definatly not saying it was a spirit but it was a very strange situation to be apart of.

  227. annoymous a. Says:

    With many of you having inexplicable paranormal experiences, I see you all seem to want answers or some sort of explanation of what you are experiencing – well put your question to Ama at
    I’m sure she will be able to answer your questions. 🙂

  228. emily Says:

    I’m only 9 and i think the girls locker room at my school is haunted because the lockers open and close any random time and it’s freezeing in there also the lockers that don’t close now have alock on them and my grand farther just disapered ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. he’s back again.

  229. Kristi Says:

    I am looking for help in trying to learn more about clairaudience and other psychic/paranormal things…I remember as a child, i would lay in bed trying to go to sleep at night and i would hear people talking and saying my name but the voices weren’t familiar at all. i also would feel like there was someone behind me or in a room with me when i was alone and i would get frightened and run to the living room jump on the couch and cover up with a blanket. I have been having dreams and they come true days or weeks later since i can remember. I have experienced objects flying 2-3 feet out and then landing straight down in front of a tv when i was about 13 and was alone the first thing that did that was a set of keys and i picked them up and within a few minutes while i was staring in that direction a harmonica of my dads flew out and then landed in the same spot as the keys. i sometimes see light spots in the corner of my room when it is totally dark and no lights are on, it is kinda a light mist in the top corner and since i have gotten older things haven’t happened as often but about 2 weeks ago i was here at my computer and i heard a womans voice say my first name, the voice did not sound familiar but it did not frighten me it was a nice sounding voice, i thought it might have been my mother from the other room but i asked her and she said she never called my name, i was even wearing ear buds so most of the noise from the room was blocked but i heard it clear as can be but i was sleepy and nodding off a little here and there while trying to read on my computer and since that night i can’t stop thinking about it and i want some guidance on how to handle it or what to do and can i speak to spirits if i try or only hear them?…i just want to know more…

    • Kristi Says:

      Also one time i was asleep and i woke suddenly and i saw a woman face to face with me floating over top of me and i was startled and she seemed to get startled too and she disappeared instantly it was like she was watching me sleep or something, close up. i have never really been sure what to think of it. i was not scared much really it was just that initial startle when i was woken up but i have never seen her again like that and i kinda just felt like maybe it was my grandmother who died right before i was born but i don’t know and it was so fast that i didn’t get to see her very well…

  230. Kayla Says:

    Ok so this has been happening for a while in my house and mainly i will see a mans shadow in or outside my room door. And I will here noises and banging on my wall. I really don’t know what to think about this stuff and even when I was younger but the weird thing is it mostly happened when I’m home alone or upstairs alone it happens when I’m with my boyfriend to and it really scares us and sometimes my little 9 year old sister will say she saw a man with a beard but that’s it and I never ask her she will just come tell me also if I look and see the shadow it will move and disapeer after 2 seconds is really weird.

  231. Kelly O'Rourke Says:

    I hv recently seen a man n my bedroom doorway – full on solid looking man – he showed up the nite my yr old daughter got very sick n he woke me up – I hv nt seen him since but now my daughter seems to b talking n playing wth an empty foyer which is the oldest part of our home . We live in a circa 1888 home – just weird but when I first saw him I was nt scared my first thought was that I hope he doest wake the baby … I saw him 3 times that nite always n the same spot he was as real as u n me I first thought it was my husban – anyways just looking for answers ….

  232. James Says:

    Ok I had fell asleep but I woke up cuz I felt like somebody was pulling me by my knee, now I was still half sleep, but I couldn’t get up and it felt like someone was in the room with me, I tried to get up but I couldn’t then my entire back just got hot before I was fully able to open my eyes, whats does that mean??? I’m not scared….ANYMORE… I’m just curious as to what just happened

  233. Jessie Says:

    Throughout my life, I’ve had several experiences, which I can now relate to the paranormal. However, we recently moved into a new home, & I randomly smel hair burning, but only in 1 particular spot in the house. So strongly, that I have even checked in the crawlspace to make sure nothing was on fire, but I’m the only 1 who can smell it. About a week ago, I was alone in the house, my 1yr. old was napping. I started vacuuming & i heard a man yell “Jess!” I pretty much ignored it at first, continued to vacuum, then heard “Jessie!!” at which point I turned my head, & again, only super loud, I heard “Jess!!!” So…I walk towards the porch, no one. No cars, no one walking away, nothing. I know I heard it, over the vaccuum, & clear as day I would however, like to learn how to be more open to what is going on, & what it could mean.

  234. Megan Says:

    Well idk if I’m seeing things or not bt at night I keep hearing this creapy voice calling my name when I’m in the garage sometimes I even hear it saying something to me I told my friend this and she said I’m just seein things that my mind might be playin tricks on me bt I’m still scared I try to ignore it when I hear it says my name and sometimes I feel like someone touched me or pinched me bt idk my cousin says not to think or talk to it other wise you will let it in and it will nt go away bt it’s been 4 months now nd I’m kinda scared what shoul I do??

  235. Ellen Says:


  236. CAssIe Says:

    Ok, there have been really strange things happening in my flat.
    A few months ago, I was doing my hair in the mirror( that was about the same size as my face) and I accidentally flip the mirror to the side and I see a boy/man about 17-20 staring at my photo on my wall when I was a baby..(he dissapears after a few seconds)…. I get really freaked out but I suck up my courage and walk strait out of my room….. Then today at 2:30 my brother wakes up because he had a bad dream… He sees the boy/man now staring at his bathroom door, his hand leaning on my bro’s desk, casually not like he was hurt………… Also yesterday night at 10:45 ish I wake up and get a drink of water because this sudden heat surrounds me. As I walk past my bro’s room, I hear sumthing drop in his room……. I go back to double-check i wasn’t hearing things…… and the room is spottless, just as it was….. thats weird………….

    The boy/man has curly brown hair, and is maybe 1.77 meters tall.
    My bro saw him wearing a black suit with white frills for his collar.
    I do some research and find out that my building is around 30 yrs old.

    pls help me! I don’t know what to do… I might be stupid for righting this now coz he might be looking over my shoulder!!! pls help i am telling the truth and idk what to do…. what if it hurts me??? HELP!

  237. nikkimoe Says:

    Im 34 now, when i was 9 i had my first experience, i was suppossed to be sleeping but i was eavesdropping on my mom and her friend who were in the kitchen talking, i was all in the conversation, when i something out of the cornor of my eye, i turned my head and there it was, it was casualy crawling off my sisters changing table it was electric, its hair was neon yellow a neon yellow ive never seen again its skin a neon white and its eyes a blue i call it blue but it was so much more then blue, as it crawled off the changing table its hair bounced, it moved naturally, the thing is i noticed it b4 it noticed me, my staring alerted it, and it slowly turned its head towards me, our eyes met and that when i was frozen with fear i couldnt break its stare i couldnt scream or move, then it opened its mouth to reveal what i now call sharks teeth when the mouth open i was able to flee…. i ran to mom in the kitchen tears were rolling and my mom was like whats wrong and when i tried to tell her the truth, i couldnt… i lied and told her i bumped my head she told me to go to bed i did…… that house is located in saint clair shores michigan, thats wasnt the only thing that happened there, we had hermit crabs, in a fish tank with a lid, they dissappeared we never found a shell or anything, my birthday money gone also, that thing wasnt the only thing in that house…. there were two beings(GHOSTS) named david and mary one was nice and the other was mean i remeber them always arguing about me i could hear them in my mind…..i can not go near that house because im afarid they will sense me when we moved that was the happiest day of my life there so much that happened thee but im just giving you the jist……now i live in a different house yet now when i lay down to sleep almost immedialty i feel something walkiing on my bed its starts off towrds the bottom and walks towards my face, as of late it has been tugging on my blankets and i feel it squatting in frount of me, im muslim so i just repeat bismilallah over and over in my head and it seems to either go away or i just fall asleep. also i do not dream anymore wich is weird bc i pride my self on dreaming i like it…. also i own a cat whom ive had for 13yrs he used to sleep with me every night now he refuses to enter my room at all i will carry him in bed with me he will lay there for a sec and then start raising his head i try to pet him to get him to stay but he makes a crazy run out of my room, ii also have a weird smell in my room, i would desribe it as old adult urine and mildew perhaps its not there everyday just sometimes and its very pungent, on certain night i wake up and feel like i need to puke its getting harder and harder to deal with i feel like it gets stronger each night….sage works for a little while but not long…..being hauted blows

  238. katy Says:

    I need help. I’m confused. Beyond confused. I have no experiences, physical that is other then this spirit blowing into my ear. I feel the ghost. She (I feel like she was a young girl when she died for some reason.) I refuse to think I have any kind of physic ability or that am I what is called a “sensitive.” I feel like this spirit wants something from me. She wants me to know her story. I feel her all the time, mainly in my bed room. I asked aloud last night all the lights off around 11. “Is what I’m feeling just all in my head or is someone there?” Instantly not a moment past. Tears filled my eyes. I felt a pressure on my chest and head. I got this terrible feeling. Just uncomfortable. I couldn’t shake the feeling so I asked her to take it away… and it left.. I can’t even explain it. Someone please tell me what is going on.

  239. Megan Says:

    ok so i’ve been living in my house for my whole life I’m 17 and just recently weird things have been happening… but just to me. I’m scared and confused and my parents dont understand. when i was a baby i was told that my guardian angel (lady with funny hat) saved me from chocking on my own barf when i was barely a year old she woke my mom up in the middle of the night telling her that i was dying and she needed to save me. i’ve always heard creaks and my name around my house. i used to see a silhouette of a mans head and shoulders on my ceiling and he’d move. my friend saw a man walking around one day and i think he’s following me. i moved rooms and he is now in my new room i wear an eye thing so i dont have to see him. but recently i’ve been having dreams about a little blonde boy in my basement trying to talk but he’s to hysterical to understand, and a beautiful brunette girl rocking in the corner of my room. i recently had a dream of how she died and her killing me… my cat wont go near my room or bed at times and her hair stands up and she stares in one spot a lot and her eyes and head follow it when it moves. i’ve prayed and tried talking to it and asking it to not harm me. i need help what do i do? i’ve tried ignoring them but now their coming to me in my dreams and messing with my emotions. please help. :s

    • Kristi Says:

      Go to this site and if you can’t find the answers you need right away then talk to Ama, She can help you. This website was referred to me by someone else that saw my post on this site and this link and talking to Ama has helped me to understand so much and I have learned many new things to help me protect myself and my emotions…here is the link to the questions and answers page:

  240. Itaty Says:

    My name is itaty, im 13 years old and today while i was getting ready to go to school, my hair was tied up and i felt and heard something/someone breathing on my neck realy hard and with hot breath. No one was there with me in my room. I got really creeped out. Every night, i hear footsteps like in my hallway and in my livingroom(mostly in the hall) its been really creeping me out. I hear banging in my backyard at night. Sometimes i hear little whispers calling my name. At the beggining when i first started hearing footsteps, i would go tell my parens in the middle of the night but they didnt believe me and they still dont. I have a feeling there is a ghost in my home. Especially in my room, where i see the weird shadows. I feel like its a female ghost. Any help ? Please.

  241. Harley rose Says:

    My dads sisters daughter always got chased or scratched it scared me when I turned 11 I started seeing things feeling them I wake up every day with scratches uP n down my body I’ve dreamed of them killing me I am 13 now and the same things are steel happening its so hard to deal with my mom doesn’t even believe me

  242. Stephanie Anderson Says:

    Ever since I was 5 I’ve had this sense something would sit at the top of the stairs guarding my brothers room and at night it would come into mine. As I got older I moved into my aunts house there I could see two ghost a man all in black and a woman badly burned. When my kids were sick and in the hospital I felt something dark was in the room with them I was afraid to leave them for a moment. When I was about 21 I was working in a nursing home there it was like if I got scared in the room that I had to leave the people would die shortly after, also in the basement I felt negative energy all around me you felt the chill as you started to walk down. While I was doing laundry down there I turn to my left and I saw my self in ghost form standing dead I have not been able to find anything about ghost being able to take anothers form and I know I was every much awake. Shortly after this I was laying in bed a heard this really loud ringing in my ears that made me fall asleep then I started to dream about a relative I have never meant but was able to describe to my mom the house she grew up in and the person was my moms mom.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I haven’t heard of ghosts taking other forms, but apart from ghosts there are other creatures. Some are able to take any form and love to scare people; they feed off energy of the fear they create. I think they might be evil; maybe demons, but I’ve heard of shapeshifters as well. Perhaps you should try that website recommended by Pat and Kristi, as below?
      here is the link to the questions and answers page:

  243. sanngita balvani Says:

    Well,it all started a few months back. When i was watching television.I suddenly fell asleep and the television was going on. Suddenly i felt someone tap me hard. I thought it was my imagination. then i put off the televisio. now it so happens that when i fall asleep watching tv,i get a tap.may be to remind me to swtch off the tv. then one day i felt someone pressing my head,after a day or 2 i got a headache,in other words,what will happen with me in a day or 2 they let me know with sounds.but i can’t see them.sometimes when i have to go to work & if i have overslept they take my name loudly or ring a bell (soft sound in the ears.)one night i was just lying down that time was the first time i saw 3 children near my bed and trying to put me to sleep.may be i did not get scared because the 3 children were looking so beautiful.1 night i heard a person (mans voice read a holy book near my pillow).one day a lady was singing a song but my goodness i have never heard such lovely voice in my life. the same thing happened the next day. but not after that. but no one has harmed me.

  244. Lindsey Says:

    I believe in ghosts, i always have, and i remember a few things happening when i was younger, like my cd case being flung across the room, but mostly i would be told in the morning that i was talking to something in my sleep, saying go away ,who are you? ect but i would never remember these happenings. My dad was in the raf so weve moved around a few times and in every house the same things happen, we joke we have an extra family member. The house my parents live in now , they have lived there 10 years and i moved out 2 years ago to a flat not so far away with my son, since moving in there he has claimed to see a little boy staring at him, and iv heard noises like footsteps and a whooshing sound down my hallway(which is unusually long) which made our collie go absolutely mental, things have calmed down now, or im just used to it as guests who dont stay often say my flat has a creepy feeling. But i believe its just a little boy who is playfull, as my family think i lose everything like my keys and electric key all the time but i swear i put them one place only to find them elsewhere lol! The most recent thing to happen was last night, my son and myself was staying at my parents house and we was all watching tv when “knock knock knock knock” very clearly on the kitchen door (they have a slide door between the living room and kitchen, so if it was a person they would have had to have got into the garden, then through the back door in to the conservatory then into the kitchen) my parents own 2 dogs and my collie was there also and all 3 heard and all started barking at the kitchen door, my mum opened to see if anything was there as they own cats, but the kitchen was empty and there is no way the cats could have knocked! My dad doesnt believe and even he said, well that was creepy!

  245. BelindaUK Says:

    This person first experienced a weighty ‘thing’ making 4 indentations with its presence on her duvet.
    Shortly after she was awoken by very loud shouting almost in her ear. Words indistinguishable.
    After a house move she still experiences unwanted visits. Mainly in the form of a male in long robe with cowl, he has a long face and stands looking at her at the foot of the bed. Her boyfriend now claims to have seen him.
    At other times there is interference such as the belt of her robe which was hanging on the door swings for a prolongued time.
    Or there are heavy footsteps on the stairs seemingly to be an animal rather than human.
    Or loud bangs throughout the house.
    We have asked our psychic to help but she doesn’t dispense with these spirits. The effect of years of this is very tiring and depressing.
    She cannot sleep properly and is unwell, the psychic says that she has psychic ability herself.
    Does white sage work? We wonder.

  246. BelindaUK Says:

    Also the cats and dog often stare transfixed at ‘nothing’ and the lights go on by themselves. The previous home had a ‘history’ and this house was the home of a Victorian authoress.

  247. Megan Says:

    Today I was in the bathroom at school and I heard a noise behind me so I naturally turned around and I saw a head peeping out from behind the stall door. When I looked at her she hid behind the door an the door started to swing gently. I thought it was a real person and took no mind of it. I was at the bathroom on a restroom break with some sixth graders that I was an assistant teacher for. I was waiting for all the sixth graders to leave the bathroom before I did and one of them walked out. I waited for the one I saw behind the door and after a minute he didn’t come out. The door was slightly open so I pushed it in and no one was in the stall. There was no way anyone could have left that stall without me noticing since I thought it was weird that they were hiding behind the door and I was closely watching it. The girl I saw had dark brown hair and looked only 11 or 12. She was dressed in normal clothes and nothing about her was abnormal which is why I thought she was a real person. When I followed the class back to the room I thought nothing of it really. Then I heard giggling coming from behind me so I turned around and the chair at the teachers desk was slightly swaying like someone had gotten up recently. The teacher had been at the front of the room the whole time teaching. I wasn’t imagining any of this an I was the only one, that I know of, to see these things. I think I saw a ghost.

  248. jalen Says:

    jalen we live in a haunted house and the last time we heard steps coming from downstairs and are dog recently died and he wasnt sick we dont know if its a ghost or the devil.

  249. Carlos Says:

    When I was a kid, around 8,9,10 I use to live on a house very old,I was born there. Well I use to see silluetts of people all over walking in that house and my room is like if you take a person and with a tick white pen you draw his body just the white lines. They walk like flowting I use play with them but they just continued doing there stuff like is I was not there, I was never scare. My mon use to see the same also. I also saw many times buckets of flowers falling all night of the roff I wish to have the same experience again. I just don’t know if anyone had experience something similar. Cheers

  250. Feet Porn Says:

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  251. Janelle Says:

    Well this is my story and I can assure you all this is true I’m 14 so this is how it started. Well
    My dad was the type of guy who was very negative would drink everyday smoke everyday and pretty much swear everyday . I was pretty much born a Christian I go to church . But I didn’t really go when I was 10 in this house I experienced the unbelievable , you don’t need to believe me but that’s just your choice and I know this is true so anyways when I was 10 we moved into a new house 3 months later I experienced psych abilities whenever someone came into the room I was in my ears would ring , and I had dreams that would come true . I told my mom but she told me she was waiting for me to tell her she told me it runs in her family on her moms side but I got more power than they did . Always in that house I would wake up at 2,3,4 sometimes even at 3:33 exactly . But one night I woke up at 2:00 and when my ears would ring I would instantly wake up . So one night I did first thing I would do look at the door . It was my cat I was like haha thanks goodness . 3:33 ears ring look at the door nothing was there animals were all on my bed . All of them because I would always be scared . Always so i would make one dog sleep on my right so nothing would grab me one at my feet so nothing would pull me and one on my left so no ghost could go threw the wall and hurt me . Anyways 3 months later started to sleep with my mom and dad cause I wpilld

  252. leoandlulu Says:

    MY friend are exxperiancing ghostly encounters we think possibly with a little girl and so as my frind and i sleep over at my other frfiend house we start to notice things she has a 330 yr ols house that is huge and victorian for when we go downstairs for the night to sleep cuz we scared of upstairs and we come and she has a huge dollhouse and very hard to move and it was moved across the room!!!!! with all the furniture miss place and out monster high dolls are gone!!!! furniture miss place out dolls gone and we find them the next week in the basemeny :[

  253. Janelle Says:

    Well this is my story and I can assure you all this is true I’m 14 so this is how it started. Well
    My dad was the type of guy who was very negative would drink everyday smoke everyday and pretty much swear everyday . I was pretty much born a Christian I go to church . But I didn’t really go when I was 10 in this house I experienced the unbelievable , you don’t need to believe me but that’s just your choice and I know this is true so anyways when I was 10 we moved into a new house 3 months later I experienced psych abilities whenever someone came into the room I was in my ears would ring , and I had dreams that would come true . I told my mom but she told me she was waiting for me to tell her she told me it runs in her family on her moms side but I got more power than they did . Always in that house I would wake up at 2,3,4 sometimes even at 3:33 exactly . But one night I woke up at 2:00 and when my ears would ring I would instantly wake up . So one night I did first thing I would do look at the door . It was my cat I was like haha thanks goodness . 3:33 ears ring look at the door nothing was there animals were all on my bed . All of them because I would always be scared . Always so i would make one dog sleep on my right so nothing would grab me one at my feet so nothing would pull me and one on my left so no ghost could go threw the wall and hurt me . Anyways 3 months later started to sleep with my mom and dad cause I would get really scared . So something follow me into that room I didn’t feel comfortable in my room anymore felt like something was watching me . So it followed me into my parents room it would bang on the closet door at 2 or 3 bang bang bang loud ! It would scare the crap out of me I feel it was something following my dad cause he did do Ouija board but somehow it liked me always wanted me I was the oldest my brother was a year younger just whatever that thing was changed my dad not just at that house but he would abuse me even more and when my parents would argue it would bang during the day . I do feel it was good but one was in my dad and whatever it was I can tell you now was not human it would give my dad thoughts of suicide . One night 2 or 3 he set up a cord in the basement he was gonna Hang himself I was the only one awake and it scared me cause no kid should go threw that . I had to hold him up and tell him why I needed him . The banging and the abuse continued …. Acouple years later my mom my brother planned to get out of there . We were done with the abuse . So we moved into a big house new fresh start oh I almost forgot I did the Ouija board before I moved I was stupid did not know any better we asked a question which you should NEVER ask when are we gonna die ? It was 5 6 of us and it told me my friend Savannah was gonna die first well me and my friend soleil were sleeping over there told us at 12 it would happen we just took it as a joke I was probably 12 or 11 at the time didn’t really care so we went to Savannah’s didn’t say a thing about it but something took over Lizzy Savannah’s sister she got angry I forgot what they were fighting about but . Lizzy said she was gonna kill savannah and got a knife and savannah ran to her bedroom and after that It stopped exactly at 12 it pretty much told us to not f**k around . So months went and I didn’t feel anything I was a happy girl summer was almost done so that mention school I started grade 7 I was 12 turning 13 in June so my mom wanted my dad back they didn’t divorce yet so she still loved him I could tell when we moved there she became depressed which I don’t know why ? Because we all wanted the abuse out months went by dad moved back in that meant it came back I started to wake up with random scratches on me one time I got really scared so I slept with my dad and my brother came along we started to play around it was fun but I heard something only in my head telling me to shut the f**k up and I heard it banging I still had my dreams that would come true felt something follow me everywhere I believe there was another non human thing living in the house . Because of what I did I wasn’t myself anymore I became a girl who just didn’t care I was bad . Swore hit . Just wasn’t myself it would stop and come back I had no control I would
    Just feel angry 24 7 some days I would some days it let go . I don’t know why . I started to watch paranormal shows and I heard them taking about get a diary and put down the times and the places in your house and what you heard or what you seen. So I did that I was the kind of girl who would always love to find answers . One evening I was home alone and something was banging and scratching the closet door put it down on my note pad so I remember wanting to check it out so I did but nothin was there I felt cold and I felt something pulled me . I ran 2 weeks later was sleeping on my bed woke up couldn’t move something whispered in my ear dog next month my dog sandy ran away she was about the same age as me except she was older by a couple
    months Nothing really happened after that my parents broke up and it stayed that way my dad still abused me . He started to date and we moved now were living in this house . I have heard bangs things moving very cold spots dogs look at the wall scratching noises in my wall my new dog Sasha got really scared on day and was under my moms bed I couldn’t get her out for at least an hour . I still feel things in my room and only my room lights burn out Only in my room we changed it and it burnt out the next morning lights have turned off when I was in my bathroom . We are currently moving into a farm my great grandparents lived in so I’m kinda excited I get to experience them and I feel I will because that farm is old . Sometimes i do feel like a medium in physic . Want to hear anything thing else of what happens recently or some things I haven’t shared just email me I have some very scary stories that happened to my family and with my mom when she was prego with me 🙂

    • annoymous a. Says:

      Hi Jenelle

      Very interesting, why not tell us about the very scary stories experienced by your family and yourself. What about the story when your mum was prego with you. You don’t have to tell it all at once, you can serialise your stories. There are many of us on this site who are interested in all paranormal experiences. Will be waiting for the next episode. 🙂

  254. Jesse J. Says:

    Okay, here’s my story. About 5 years ago, I moved into this apartment in MA. The first night, I wouldn’t enter my room at all. There is this feeling I’d get that there was someone in the corner near my closet. So, I was 6 or 7, so my mom just typifying was me being a k

    • Jesse J. Says:

      Okay, here’s my story. I’m a 13 year old boy living in Massachusetts in the US. Well, I moved to an apartment in MA about 5 years ago. The first night, I was in my room, and moving furniture with my mom and my uncle, when they left to get some paint from my uncle’s van. I was admiring my room when I realized, I felt like I was being watched. I was 6 or 7, so my mom just thought it was me being a kid. But I knew there was something there. Throughout the years, I have moved my furniture so many times to try to get rid of the feeling. Then when I was about 11, I turned toward the closet corner where I had that feeling, and I turned back quickly. But when I glanced over there, I saw something and I remember it

  255. Kayla Says:

    So for a while now i felt like i was being watched. I would see glimpses of things too quick for me to be sure, then i would hear things and get cold. I thought I was smoking too much weed but then it just kept happening. A few of my friends have heard eerie ringing in my home another friend ran upstairs saying he saw something ( he looked terrified) and lately its gotten worse. I think it started to follow me out of my house and is making itself more visible. My dogs in both houses i stay at bark at nothing angrily. and last night my dog stood on guard wherever i went and i felt a presence. Creepiest part of all when i was looking in y microwave i could have sworn i’d seen a long black figure glide in the reflection and then disappear .. and after my dog was a little skeptic to come where i wanted to go which freaked me out even more. a few weeks ago when my sister slept with me at my grandmothers which is another place i stay i heard grinding teeth and me thinking it was her told my sister to stop it, but she was still awake and didn’t know what I was talking about…. then the next night when she wasn’t there i heard the teeth grinding! I feel like if their is a ghost or spirit or whatever it is, it’s getting stronger and making itself more noticed or trying to freak me out. You know when you can’t be positive of something, i want to see it to be sure but then i don’t because i’ll be terrified. Sometimes when i fall asleep its extremely life like dreams that feel like i’m awake and they involve a spirit threatening me. which makes me even more nervous…. wtf is going on?

    • annoymous a. Says:

      Hi Kayla

      You may or may not know that smoking too much cannabis or smoking cannabis – period, can make you imagine and hallucinate.
      Of course that’s not to say you haven’t actually experienced what you say you experienced, just thought I’d mention it.

  256. Darciaa Says:

    Hi, me and my friends need some help. Well every house ive lived in so far, have been haunted. From noises to figures/shadows. I moved into this house about 2years ago, and things started to happen about 1 year ago. Ive never really had the courage to ask for advice, because ive always thought people would think im crazy. im 12years old, nearly 13. Things happen to me when im alone. And always when im alone. I see people, ghostly figures and shadows under the doors. I hear bangs and whispers ect. Doors open and close. Lights turn on and off. Some of my belongings disappear and then reappear in completely different places. I used to have a cat(he ran away a few months ago), and he used to sit there for ages watching the ceiling. Everytime i walk down the stairs, i get a feeling somebody’s watching me. Its horrible, it makes me run towards the last few steps. Sometimes, i’ll lay on my bed with music on through my earphones and i’ll get feelings like people are touching me. I hear cries and whispers when it’s silent, although they aint loud enough to make out what they are saying. Sometimes it can be really warm in a certain room, and then theres a little gush of wind and then the room turns cold. My mum often notices smells, that cant be explained. We dont understand wherre the smells come from. I had this picture that could spin round, on my bedroom wall, and one day, i had my friend round(again we were in the house alone) and as i bent down to pick something up, the picture spun round. Nobody was even near it.
    But its really freaky, cause it only happens to me when im alone. It’s as if, the thing/person thats doing it, is making sure they do it when my mum isnt there. Its like it wants me and me only. My friends get this too, although they dont get it as bad.
    We really need advice. I hope someone can help,

  257. yasmin Says:

    i think my house is hunted bcuz when i was smaller i was sleeping with my sister on my bed nd i woke up in the middle of the night and i saw a grown woman on my sisters bed i was so scared that i turned around nd coverd my face i woke up in the morning nd i remeberd that the closet door has mine nd my sisters school pictuers……the other scary thing that has happend was i was sleeping nd when i woke up i saw a lill girl by my sister nd i was scard nd i turn around nd coverd my face again then in the morning i told my sister nd she told me that she saw a lil girl allso but not by her she saw her sitting on my lil sisters chair……. but the scary worst thing was that when i woke up in the morning i was a redish blackish face in the closet nd that scared me sooo bad but allso when my sis saw her doll move nd i am not lying about this i allso hear things like tapes on the walls nd foot steps!!!!!! true things i said i would never lie about this kind of things!!

  258. Dilys Says:

    This a true account of something I experienced a few years ago in this bungalow. I think I could say I have an open mind about ghosts and hauntings, but until this happened I was sceptical about such things. However, this really made me think.

    What happened made me appreciate the paranormal incidents that happened to my grandmother, my Uncle Maelg, and Auntie Gwen, all very sensible, well educated and grounded people, and all under different circumstances in different places.

    Around eleven o’clock one night, I heard a strong rat-tat-tat on wood, somewhere close to me in the bungalow. It was latew and I was convinced they were being made by someone larking about outside, since there is a pub fairly nearby. I forgot about it until about a month later when it happened again in exactly the same way. It seemed to me there was someone banging on the wood of the front door; maybe someone urgently needing to draw my attention. But this time the taps were louder and even more urgent than the first time. I cautiously opened the door and peeped outside, but there was no one to be seen. The following time it happened, I peeped out through the side of the bay window from inside a darkened room. I saw no one there, I saw no one leave.

    My husband is totally deaf in one ear, and sleeps on his ‘good ear’. He is usually asleep by 9.30 p.m. so he wouldn’t have heard it, especially since the knocking didn’t begin until about 11 o’clock. On occasions it occurred later as well, and one time it was in the early hours of the morning about 5 a.m. When I told him about it, he said he didn’t think it was anything for me to worry about!!! I must say that after several times, I began to question my own hearing, and my sanity, because by now I was kind of expecting it. By several weeks later, it really had begun to bother me. Then I became jumpy and startled at every little noise at any time of day.

    Our front security light flashes on when even a cat crosses the garden, but no light ever accompanied those knocks, so there was no physical body outside causing it. I queried whether the wind was affecting the light sensor, because that happens when the wind is high, but I checked that, and there was no wind. Louder knocking started to happen at intervals of a few days, and then it began to occur more often. By this time I was waiting nervously for it. Finally, it happened for two consecutive days, and this was always about the time I was going to bed.

    At first I had tried to dismiss the knocking, thinking it could be the water pipes. I checked them out; it wasn’t the pipes. I checked to see if the cats were playing around in the kitchen, but they both always were asleep and quiet each time I looked in on them. Something I couldn’t find a reason for had now become annoying as well as frightening. I had become nervous because I had failed to find a cause. I was brought up to look for a reason for anything I couldn’t understand. My father promised there would always be a reason if I searched for it. Well, I did search, and there was no reason!

    I mentioned this casually to someone who passed the story on to his ‘psychic’ partner (not a medium). At my request she went into some kind of trance to see what she could discover for me. She told me that this was definitely the paranormal activity of a little boy from around 1900, who had died at around this particular time of year, in this area. She said he didn’t know he was dead, and that I was to help him, rescue him, and tell him, very gently, that he had died.

    She said there was nothing to fear from the child. He had chosen to come here looking for help, and had been drawn by the light that is always left on at night in the bathroom in the middle of the bungalow. She said he needed to be ‘rescued’. He was, she said, about 10 years old, fair-haired, dressed in breeches and a white shirt – and totally lost and frightened. She said he was knocking on our door with a wooden toy in order to get attention for help, which is why the noise was always so loud and urgent. Although apparently from a well-off home, he had been ill-used in his lifetime, and appeared here because he needed help. She said he had probably lived on this spot, either in this house or in the wooden structure that was here previously, and this was the only familiar place he knew.

    This psychic person advised me on how to do a ‘rescue’. I didn’t like the idea of doing this. I felt self-conscious about it, but by now I was desperate for the noises to stop, and I was ready to try anything. So that he didn’t become frightened, I was to tell him gently that he was dead, assure him that there was a lot of love waiting for him over the ‘other side’, and that he would not have to meet any of those people who had ill-used him when he lived here. I was to impress upon him not to be upset that I was telling him he had died.

    When I told the psychic that the bathroom light was always left on at night, she said the lost soul was probably trying to get to the ‘light’. I was to tell him to think of the person he loved the most, and this very thought would bring the person he loved to come to fetch him and take him by the hand into the ‘light’.

    To be honest, the thought of talking to ‘a ghost’ scared me, so one night I thought I’d practise it first to make sure that I would do it properly on ‘the night’. I felt silly talking to thin air on my own in the middle of the hall, but by now, I was willing to do anything to get rid of the noise, as I had begun to question the reality of it all. So, I said my piece, and went to bed.

    Anyway, the loud banging stopped that night, on December 17th, 2001, straight after I ‘spoke’ to the little ‘visitor’. (I have since named him George.) It had occurred about 12 –14 times over a period of 3 months. I was more than delighted that my rescue effort had obviously worked, and pleasantly surprised that it worked so quickly. I hoped for continued peace here, and thus it has proved to be.

    That sort of thing happens in fiction or films, or to other people – but not to me! I’ve never before had such an experience. I’ve experienced other odd happenings, like lights going on and off, kettles switching on by themselves, clocks jumping off a wall hook, changing television channels with a battery-less remote control, but I always offered myself an explanation for those.

    This had been no figment of my imagination. I am not that sort of person. It all seemed incredible, and I still can’t believe it happened.
    It took me a while to forget it, but it no longer happens. It’s quiet now, but I still don’t know what to make of it!

    Knowing this truly happened, suggests that there really IS something after life on earth! Dilys

    Some weeks later, I was aware of something prodding me in the shoulder while in bed. I contacted the psychic, who kindly investigated for me again. She said it was another spirit who was looking for the little boy. This second entity was called ‘the old woman of the woods’ who healed sick animals, and she had been caring for this little lost boy. She was upset she could no longer find him and came looking for him. The old lady was known as the local animal healer. This bungalow is actually built on a field named Gallows Meadow, where many prisoners from the gaol that was once across the road were hanged years ago. I was advised to tell her what had happened to the little boy and ask her not to prod me any more because it was upsetting me. I did this, and in several years since, I have never felt another prod. D

    • annoymous a. Says:

      Hi Dily

      Interesting experience – I honestly believe it would’ve taken a lot of guts to converse with a spirit – Well done.

      The tap tap tapping is quite a common paranormal phenomenon, I’ve read many accounts by other people and have myself experienced it – tap tap tap on the ceiling or cornices or skirting boards. My family and I have also experienced the loud urgent door or window raps at certain times of the year and on checking would find no one.

      I wonder why your psychic advisor didn’t address the spirit of the old lady, surely if she was taking care of the little boy, she too needed to be freed from the earthly realm?

      Amazing how we view TV programmes where psychics accompanied by other adventurers seek/solicit out the tapping ghosts but never really get a proper response, yet other people have these experiences without seeking them.

  259. BO DITTY Says:

    There’s no such thing as ghost. They are all demons. BEWARE!!!

  260. Darciaa Says:

    hmm. Dont reply to me! I need your help!

  261. Natalie Says:

    Well I seen a shadow in my mirror..ironicly we were watching casper.the light shut off and right when we p pulled up the blankets to cover our faces we saw the shadow and it looked like the shadow of the devil to be exact we screamed our lungs out..our parents were upstairs and immediatly rushed to us..and flicked on the lights…i said to my cousin..did u see that shadow some years later and she told me YES..can u believe it?? Cuz I know what I saw..i just wana know why I was chose.also I was way younger and was sleepin ..was about dusk and I woke up to see a little boy sitting at the foot of my bed.he was pale in color and had that vamp hair line.he looked much like my god-brother..but I wasnt scared ive actualy become fascinated with vampires ..crazy crazy

  262. Michelle Says:
    i recorded a video of my son trying to get him to sing baa baa black sheep only the video didnt show just some funny thing and a strange voice in the back ground talks before me then copies what i say

  263. Alismum Says:

    My daughter I’s 11 and is in fear at present as she is seeing people wHo are not there and Is confused who’s real there have been things happening in the bedroom she used to sleep in footsteps . In the night my dog just stares at the Walls and a few days ago I seen black shadows moving all over the wall my eldest daughter swears she heard a scream in her room my daughter has always spoken to people who are not there

  264. Emma Says:

    Well at first my eating went down hill big time it’s not like me. And then I kept being sick. Still am. It feels very cold and I feel like a ghost is chocking me to deaf. I notice I kept doing strangE things chucking things and food. And then I stardid tapping alot I never stop tapping I’m so pail I think I gone mad I think there taking to me calling me to the dead .that I should not be alive I feel things r not there but they r and then they r not.crazy get very dizzy to . Tired now

  265. Anonymous Says:

    hey, my name is Lola, my dad and i believe in ghosts but only us in the family. he told a story from when he was little, about my age, 14.he was sitting on the roof with some friends, he looked out, and saw a girl, black brown hair, wet, and a mid lenght purpledress, she was running in the woodi, in slow motion, she stopped when they called to her, and she had no face! then, continued running and around the corner. then, she was gone. a few days ago, i woke up in the middle of a deep sleep, and she was there, in my face, holding me down, i am terrified, and nvr wanna step fot in my room eva again

  266. willowjana Says:

    About 12 years ago some friends and I went for a drive and they ended up taking us to a cemetery (listed as one of the top ten haunted places in Ga, at the time we didn’t know it). As we all got out of the car my head began to hurt, so I said I would stay at the car and they could walk around. Of course my friends all said I was afraid to walk around the cemetery in the dark, but there was an overwhelming feeling that I needed to stay where I was. As I watched them walking around I felt this weird feeling and I turned to see a woman sitting beside me. I was a little scared at first, but then I felt really calm. I stepped out of the car and watched them standing in front of a grave and saw a man standing behind them and the woman told me the name and date on the gravestone they were looking at. When my friends came back I told them and they freaked out because the name and dates were right. She spoke to me urgently and said we needed to leave. My friends couldn’t see her and were kind of laughing until the fence around the cemetery began to shake. We got in the car and as we were pulling away a huge black dog came out of nowhere and then we heard this loud slap sound. When we finally stopped somewhere we could see a hand print on the back windshield. It was a really weird experience.
    Another time I went with a friend of mine to visit an old friend of his. I’d never met the guy before, but after about 10 minutes there I began to see a woman. I finally had to say something because she just stood there looking at me. As I described her my friends friend began to cry. He then went and got a picture and it was of the woman I described. He said it was his mother and that she had recently died.
    Another time I was at work and kept seeing this man. I was telling one of my coworkers and I said for some reason this man seems connected to you. She went and told her sister and her sister came to me and asked what he looked like. I described him and she pulled a picture out of her wallet of the man I described. It was her brother who had died about 10 yrs ago. Her sister came back to where I was and asked if he was still there ans i said yes. She said could he like make something fly are fall and I told her he said no, but try and move the chair and when she tried it wouldn’t budge. She kinda freaked out, but was happy too.
    I can think of more instances, but you get the picture lol.

  267. Jeremy Says:

    My wife started seeing a man in our apartment through our walls whn we’d go to sleep. It starts when we were discussing about the shadows and noises we would hear and see in our new apartment. I thought she was dreaming. Later that night, she realized she could talk to him. She asked him questions I told her and got his name and other information that helped us identify him. He was a Civil War vet. We later determined that our visitor was not aware he was dead. He was confused as to why eveyhing was moving so fast and why the military has changed uniforms so much (I’m active duty army). We told him, he got angry and left, only to come back an hour later. We took him to his grave, which we found earlier that day, at his request. His family and friends were there, my wife saw them, I am incapable of seeing them. She held my hand out and I felt him touch it. It was surprisingly warm. We told him he was welcome to return, and then disappeared. Since, we’ve had many experiences. We visited an abandoned school while I was on leave, only to be followed home by two little girls, sisters. We have another girl who’s been with us since after Alonzo left. She told my wife while we were at my dad’s that someone came and left, only to find out it was an Indian named Tecumseh. We’ve even had he infamous Black Bart pay us a visit. We are currently living with all three girls and an elderly lady who has Alzheimer’s. I don’t think she knows she’s dead. Needless to say, my life is not boring. I’ve never felt threatened by any of them. They’re part of the family now.

  268. Jeffrey Gates Says:

    My door flew open like someone kicked it open, and then I heard footsteps like a dog running around in the room, My dog ran away a month ago, could it have died and returned here?!!?!?

  269. jaquelinne molina Says:

    okaii so i was “sleeping” in my roon where there is a regular bed and at the feet of that bed theres a mtrises onthe floor where i decided to sleep on that morning after i droped off my kid at school. i was laying there and felt as if awake when i hear the door of my apartment open and i thought it was my mom she walks around the matris as i act 2 be asleep and she says”youre still asleep” and i ask her “you came out of wor early 2day?” and she begins 2 laugh but it wasnt her laugh and all a sudden i couldnt move and i couldnt see over my head which was where the thing was sitting but i do see its shadow flotting on top of the bed on the door…………… also today i was home alone as well and when i went to sleep again but this time on the actual one point i turn and “awaken” at the same time and i try 2 move but i cant and then i feel as if im moving but i dont see myself move all of a sudden i “turn” my body but i see myself as i was before. it felt as an out of body expirience and also i see domeone or somthing covered from head to toes in a blanket, which was the same blanket i was covered in, and all you can actualy see is its eyes and some regular skin around it im confuesed on what it is can u help me figure it out???

  270. chyanne miguel Says:

    a couple years back me and my sisters where home alone.. we all her upstairs and we heard a tractor in our back yard i was 9 years old I’m 14 years now but that night our house vibrated and we saw lights…. my dad came home and we where shoo ken up he checked our years and there was nothing there no tractor/bulldozer the lights were gone and the house stopped vibrating i could never forget this experience and so even though it was 5 years ago I’m still afraid to be home alone. anyone if you have an explanation to this please write back and comment i wanna find out why this happened

  271. JessiJess Says:

    Welll the best thing to do is a hire a professional prist to get rid of all them ghost! or get holy water and bless the house!!! or ask arround how to get rid of them in the BOTANICAS sumone might help ya!

  272. Breanna Says:

    I was walking up the stairs and i had the light on and the light turned off and i would her voices calling my name.

  273. komal deshmukh Says:

    when i was 3 years pld, i used to live in a house, at that place before there was a hospital in which many people died mysteriously, then the hospital was dropped down, and at that place our house was built, when me n my mom were alone at house, we hear some footsteps passing nearby us, and many more expeiences , n i also burnt due to boiling tea in that house sudden mysterious, when i was 3. n at night, when we used to go to bedroom screams used to come, which caused goosebumps, it was very creepy, n now we shifted to other house, n now v r happy

  274. andre Says:


    i had an experience a couple of years ago, im seeking answers too, so i’ll tell it here and hope i get some usefull info in reply.

    This happend a few years back, im now 24, and i were about 20-21 of age when i had this experience, which i cant get out of my head.

    This where winter time and it were dark outside, think it were early evening. Me and another friend where going out to visit some friends, and we took the car. I were the passenger, and my friend drove the car. we came out of the underground garage under our block and had just entered the road. we had just drove maybe 50meters or so, when i saw this girl in a long white dress, with long black hair, standing by the road with her back against us. this caught my eye, and i had to look at her. As we drove by her, i had my fully consentrasion on her, like i couldnt take my eyes of her. when we passed, she looked at me right in the eyes, which kinda creept me out a bit, but i didnt catch her as evil nor as good. she had her hair hanging partly over her face, and looked pretty sad/depressed, looked really pale. she was kinda young too, if i would take a guess, she were in her late teens or young 20’s. I freaked out abit and asked my friend if he saw her too, but he didnt.
    which also freaked me out a bit.. so my questions are:

    Why were i the only one to see her?
    and what does this thing mean, when u see a lady/girl in white?
    I have also heard a female voice calling my name when i were a young kid, but there were nobody around, can this have connection?

    Nothing bad has happend to me after that, and no deaths in my family. I’ve been spirituell since a kid and have always belived in ghost and the paranormal. I am now 24 and have never experienced nothing like that again. but i sometimes feel im been watched, and i sometimes feel there is a precense with me( feeling that im not alone)..

    thnxs for any answers.. Andre

  275. Michael calvert Says:

    We R staying at Kelly inn and we have witnessed a ghost through our peephole but when you go out there to look there is nothing there but we came back in the room looked through the peephole it was there again and now we can’t to sleep so scary

  276. Circe Says:

    I live in a very old home in the historic part of Saint Charles, Missouri. Half of my neighbors have historic markers outside of their homes dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. At night I have heard what sounds like mens shoes walking about our house. Its very distinctive because we have wood floors throughout. I have woken up many times at night to feel a presence in my bedroom and even seeing a male figure walk in from one door of my room out through the other. I keep my doors shut and locked at night so this figure is seemed to be moving through my doors. He seems to be a middle aged man who wears an old fashioned black jacket and a bowler hat. I don’t get scared when I see him come through my room I just ignore him. I often wonder if he even realizes I’m there. I always try to just stay still until he leaves so I can watch him for as long as I can. I feel like he’s just walking through the home as if it was still his.

  277. jess Says:

    ok, so my boyfriend and i live together and we have noticed some strange things happening. it started with our cat jumping at walls and we took a picture and there was a shadow in it of someone pointing, then a few days later there were scratches on the walls and knocking. before that tho we woke up with massive bruises and scratches on our legs and arms. we really could use some advice we dont know what to do and its scaring us.

  278. Anonymous Says:

    I was sitting on the couch in the living room and I hear knocking on the wall behind me. NOONE IS THERE BUT ME. It was about 7 or 8 taps on the wall I turn around it stops face the t.v again it Starts again

  279. chelsea9 Says:

    Ho when i was younger I had a friend named ghostly right silly but its the once I turned eight it all went away nothing bad convinced me to do anything my mom always saw me playing with but she could not see her she had beach blond hair and hazel greenish eyes she was beautiful but now I’m of age and I still can’t figure out if she were an angel or deamon

  280. James Says:

    This happened to me when i was about 20 or so(I am now 25). At the time I was on a break from my ex girlfriend was feeling very depressed and lost. One night during that break I was laying on my couch on my stomach by myself downstairs when instantly i knew something was right over me, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. At first I was too scared to look but then after a couple seconds I realized that I was stuck in that position. I then managed to get a glimpse of what was on top of me. It looked like this dark hideous woman but not quite human, more of a monster. Then all of a sudden this extreme violent force was put on to me and all around me, I would describe it as a tornado right on top of me. I remember trying to scream but nothing was coming out. I finally started yelling that I commanded it in the name of God to leave and it finally just vanished. Has not been back since.

  281. annette Says:

    Ever since my daughters godmother died back in December of 2011 she’s being seeing hand prints left on her blankets at the end of her bed.It only happens every few weeks but I wonder what it really means.She’s at college now and approximately 3 hrs away and is still experiencing the same incidents as she does at home.A few nights ago she had a dream that her god mom,her god moms mom which passed 3 weeks after she did and an unknown person visited her trying to get her granny to leave with them and she told them “no” she could not go.I’m just wondering what all of this could possibly mean because her god moms death was unexpected and I’m sure that she had lots of unexpected business she needed to conduct before leaving this earth.

  282. Anonymous Says:

    omg i saw i ghost i was super duper scared

  283. Anonymous Says:

    omg i cant belive what happend i was watching t.v and there was a shadow blocking the t.v i was like what is this opra or some thing then my boy friend came and when i kissed him a ghost adpeared

  284. dinosaur Says:

    idk about the advice but u know ; my boy friend apeared at the movies and then a ghost sat next to me i was like : umm is that a ghoust my boy friend sat on the ghost and then the ghost went thro him i was shocked i broke up with him ecause he hurt the little guy and cheeted on my FUCK MY BOY FRIEND MOTHER FUCKER

  285. dinosaur Says:


  286. jordan Says:

    I FINNALLY GOT TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS GOD DAMN PAGE! anyway,i think it MAY be goasts, but its far more likely to be hallusinations. its all happened to me before too, and i read about it and most of these are hallusinations. voices, sounds, seeing things, HALLUSINATING! it pretty much makes sense though, right? theres something that happened to me aswell lately. i would go to sleep in the pitch black. id close my eyes for a few minutes and all of the sudden theres a knoking noise followed by a really bright flash inside my eyes which immediatly makes me open my eyes. i look around, and theres no source of what it was. im creeped, but it must be me hallusinating. im 10 years old, and you can choose not to beleive any of this, and i know your gonna go all ‘nigga’ on me t dog,but im just trying to help.

  287. Nobody Says:

    I am a middle schooler and on Friday March 9 2012 My friend told me something bit her and there was a man with nails in his head following her. I knew that I have seen that kind of thing but on a non-true movie his name is “Pinhead”. She was really scared and it made me scared she said he was putting needles in her and there was a puddle of blood. My other friend said there was a disease like that and if it gets up to 10 times worse you could die in your sleep. She had to go home early and she never turned on her phone. So we were wondering if she was possesed or what. We would like to know were scared for her.

  288. Alisha Says:

    So my boyfriend and I finally got a place together and the first night we were here we felt an odd vibe. When we got our bed set up that night something happened and the next morning I had bruises that we lines across my legs as if someone jumped on me when I was sleeping. Sometimes I wake with bruises on my legs or scratches on my legs/arms. Another night the back door slammed open and it opens out so it couldn’t have been wind. It opened with such a force that it broke the door and we could not close it.

  289. Justin Robinson Says:

    I woke up to some weird noises coming from my nieces room and her door is open, i dont want to go into her room or mine and my fiances, i hear things moving around about every 5 to 10 minutes like theres something, or someone in there looking for something. We were all sitting in the living room last night and my father-in-law got up to go use the restroom, came back into the living room and asked if anyone put any clothes or anything away because the back closet was wide open and one of the drawers were pulled open. No one had opened them at all other than a few hours when i opened a closet door to put a radio back, but i had made sure I closed the door. Im not entirely sure as to whats happening, or why, but i need to find something out and cant find any websites that woulf help.

  290. chloe Says:

    ive been seeing this man dressed in black on top of a buliding in my village, i dont know what this means, but he was just stood there..still as.. and then i drove around to the oppisite side of the house, and noone was there..any advice please?

  291. Julie Says:

    I say “Alisha” that is a ghost and he/she dosent want anyone there.
    Chloe I have seen something like that let me tell you it and you tell e if its the same…. My dads friend came by and asked if my dad was home. I said yah hes inside. Then this guy hes all black you cant see his eyes nose or anything its like he wasnt wearing clothes. He was on a lawnmower. I kept swinging like nothing was there. He went behind this patch of trees I could see him but he was just sitting there watching me. I jumped off the swing and ran inside to this day nobody believes me O and btw im the name nobody which is a phew excerts above.

  292. Julie Says:

    Oh and btw that was like when i was 5

  293. Caleb wells Says:

    I have heard breathing – had chills up and down my spine and seen a orb in my basement In my bathroom and in my room on five accounts and when I ask it gives me my name and then I pray for god to explain to me wat this means and I feel a hand and I see pictures of ppl and they all seam so vivid as if they was in front of me I am 14 years old plz tell me what this means

  294. Julie Says:

    Well that is a ghost Caleb it probably needs help or something. My friend went into the bathroom and she saw someone in the mirror and in the corner with smoke behind the girl. The girl tried to say help me but she looked back and then dissapeared. So there comming to u for help.

  295. Eva Says:

    Hi.. I’m kind of feeling weird.. This morning I went to bed at 12 pm doing my homework. I sleep in a room with two single beds, one for my son and the other one for me. My son’s is close to the window, so the moonlight comes through the window, and there’s a little illumination inthe room somehow. At 1 am a strange sensation woke me up and when I open my eyes I saw a thing (or woman I don’t know) with loooong hair, white gown, and carrying a white bucket kind of floating on my son’s bed!!! I sat down in my bed, with my heart pounding like crazy, and started praying the holy father and making the sign of the cross, so it started floating back toward the dark corner of the room, then I turned on the light and called my dad, who said I just had a bad nightmare… But I saw that, it was not a dream. This is the second time something strange happens to me; the first time I felt something paranormal was.when I was pregnant with my first son and someone touched my belly, and I was sleeping too so, I woke up. This time i’m pregnant again and this happened to me inthe same room… Help me I don’t want to bee seeing or feeling this paranormal things, they make me afraid!

  296. kaan Says:

    i life in a school boardung house and a few timesa pair of my shoes moved a meter away without me realising it and once i had the feeling someone was itting on my bed while i was trying 2 sleep sireusly i need help

  297. samuel Says:

    Me and my family bought a house 12 years ago I still live here a couple of years ago the previous owner daughter said her father had deid here but never told wat happen she just told us if you ever here something to say his name i forgot what was it and tell fo back to the farm? But I always heard things when I was smaller didn’t really pay attention that much n never said anything but I’m 16 and when im up late at night i hear foot steps in the room by me it it empty because it the progress of gettin remolded anways I hear foot step walking in there n out to the hall way and just hear walking in front of my door like trynibg to open it I always locked it this morning I was sleeping I’m the coach and I heard walked Dow. The stepa step by step so I stay still act like was sleep once I heard it reach the last step I got turn on the light and started taking pictures didn’t say anything I’m my brother also told me he hear Wat I’m talkin bout also and my lil sis couple years ago fmy dad was working on this house he a contractor and this other guy he just meant was working. With him guy never been in my house or seen it sibce my meet him he only worked wit him but anyway there were talking and the question came and the guy asked where u live me dad said my adress and the guy like no freakig way he said a couple years ago before we purchuse the house that he had a job in this house and while he working the bathroom door salmed hard and he ran.and left but I know he wasn’t luring.because he explained everything single room windowsrsteps everything single detail of inside me house and out I hear steps every night I haven’t been able to sleep for the past couple months I usalyy have to smoke marjunia to get a good night sleep
    Please some 1 reply to get this man out my house

  298. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Samuel,I want to start off by saying there are a lot of mis guided thoughts that turn into words by people who have no real understanding of the spiritual real! to begin I must say there are only one kind of spirits,and only one true and risen saviour,JESUS CHRIST THE HOLY SPIRIT,the one who was born from a women chosen among women a virgin,who lived a sinless life and died a horrible death and rose again the 3rd day ,his spirit is holy ! people dont understand that he can not stand sin,the only prayer he hears is a prayer of confession,not from a priest! people say to freely i pray all the time or im going to pray for you and dont,and as i just said if they are not born again he wont hear anything you say! he is purity -the other spirits are satan and his deamons that were once angels like lucifer ,aka satan he is a fallen angel ,the bible speaks of him being a roaring lion walking the earth to and fro seeking whom he may devour! ONLY GOD IS OMNIPRESENT =EVERYWHERE AT ONE TIME AND OMNIPOTENT=ALL POWER AND OMNISIENT =ALL KNOWING /DEMONS ARE REAL NOT A FRIENDLY GHOST NOT A PERSON WHO HASENT PASSED ON! WHEN WE DIE WE PASS ON TO OUR ETERNITY HEAVEN OR HELL AND WE DONT GET PRAYED OUT OF EITHER PLACE,YOUR SITUATION IS REAL!BUT THE PRESENTS OF DARKNESS CAN NOT STAND THE NAME OF JESUS AND THEY MUST SUBMIT TO HIM THEY FLEE AT THE VERY MENTION OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS,START PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND READ YOUR BIBLE PRAY FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL EYES TO BE OPENED AND FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO CLEANSE YOU FROM SIN AND HE WILL HEAR YOU ,I WILL PRAY FOR YOU AND WILL!! SPEAK IT OUT LOAD WITH THE AUTHORITY OF A RISEN SAVIOR “I BIND YOU SATAN AND YOUR DEMONS IN THE NAME OF CHRIST JESUS ,WHO PAID MY PENALTY FOR SIN ON THE CROSS AND DEFEATED DEATH! I RENDER YOU USELESS SATAN AND PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS WHO COMMANDS YOU TO LEAVE NOW AND LOOSE THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THIS PLACE !ON THE 4 POSTS OF THIS PROPERTY AND EVERY INCH OF HOME TO BE PROTECTED WITH MINISTERING WARRIOR ANGELS AND FOR PEACE TO FILL THIS PLACE ! SAY IT LOUD AND I URGE YOU TO E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME HOW THINGS ARE IN A MONTH -YOUR FRIEND SONJA

  299. Kelsey Starr Says:

    Everytime I wake up i see wierd things on my phone. I am always feeling pokes on my side when there is nobody in my room with me. A couple months ago i saw things flying up from the ground and hitting my window after that i was scared to sleep in my room. I slept with my two brothers. We would be in the front room and all of a sudden there would be something knock over and we would walk into the kitchen and there would be nothing there. I think it is a little boy doing all of this stuff

  300. Louise Says:

    I’ve recently been hearing strange noises around the house at night and haven’t been able to explain what it is.
    I’d lie in bed at night and would be able to hear like muffled voices like a man and woman speaking. But once I moved around on my bed the voices would stop and a mans footprints would begin loudly up the stairs.
    I’d forget about it for a while and fall asleep just passing it off thinking I’m mad. But then the decoration of a small angel on the door would start banging and the creek in the floor would sound when someone comes into the room.
    There’s a few creeks in the floor in my bedroom but they only sound when somebody walks upon them. Two sounded at the time and then the closet would begin making noises from the inside. Like something scratching at the door and rustling. I’ve checked it out a few times but the only thing I have in there is shoes and old school books or exams papers.
    I drifted back to sleep eventually and it only felt like a few minutes later I could feel a cold breath across my left cheek. It felt like a man breathing and sighing as he breathed or watched me. I feel like I’m going mad but my niece said the exact same thing so I don’t really know what to believe.
    Any answers/explanations would be real useful. I need to know what it is that’s going on.

  301. mildred Says:

    when i was in 1st grade i thought my school was haunted afer all it was really old.One day when my class went to the bathroom i was the last one to enter i always loved to play in the big stall but this time i heard someone else wich was odd because nobody but me was there.Then i felt havy breathing i got creeped out i got out of the stall and washed my hands .Then i heard someone calling my name so i looked at the stall and walked slowly tourds it .i jumped up and screamed it was the most scary thing i had ever seen it was a girl with pretty long hair but her face was filled with sraches and blood she started to smile and laugh.It was really creepy.But i wanted to learn more so every day i went by myself into the bathroom and said are you here? how did you die?but i never heard the answer and i never saw her again.
    Since that day i beilived in ghost and started seeing them but somehow i wasnt scared i felt like they would do harm to me .i got used to them wachting me sleep,do my homework .
    But one day in Halloween was the most frightnin ghost i ever seen .i always believed that was the only holiday and day the dead nice and evil would come out and rome freely.i was trick or treating when a saw a women/ghost she looked harmless but i felt she wasnt one of the nice ones she kept saying come to me 10 times suddenly i heard pretty music i wanted to go with her so i started walking tourds her but something pulled me back. i still think it was my gaurding angel protecting me. But the weird part was that i was 7 years old and as i grew up i never encountered a ghost again and felt like my gaurding angel left me and now i feel like i shouldt fear ghost but i also think that my big brother who is dead is protecting me from demons and spirits .

  302. mark Says:

    Strange really, and I am a sceptic , went to bed as usual with the wife to mysteriously wake up to the door open in our bedroom , completely open, though nobody there, the strange thing is that I felt I’d been woken before the event subconsciously so that I would witness it…
    What really stuns me is that my wife witnessed it also and she was sound asleep …
    Any ideas ??

  303. Kendyl Wiley age 11 Says:

    Me and my friends were playing me and Kayla were inside and her brother Justin was outside all the sudden we heard a skweek skweek and a black mistic ghost bangs on the top of my swing set and then it came towards him then ran away we did ghost watches throw the whole night

    • Kendyl Wiley age 11 Says:

      One time my friends house was being built and I saw a girl ghost an asked if i could go play

  304. alissa Says:

    hi guys im realy freeking out because i am 14 and someone has been calling me and i do not know the number all i have is my frends and family stored on my phone and when they call there name comes up so let get back to the point…so i answer the phone and all i here is heavy breathing and some bar music in the back ground and he/she hangs up so i call back and it says the number no longer exists im startin to get super freeked out and its realy heave breathing plz help me !!!

    • alissa Says:

      ok thx guys but ther is one thing i forgot to evry time he called (about evry 2 or 3 hours) he got more agresive and then wee picked up the phone (i was with my frends) and i put it on speeker so wee al can here ans there was loads of heave breathing as before but before he hung up i hers some girls screeming but this time there was no bar music in the background :/

  305. Julie Says:

    Alissa that has happend to me b4 it said it was 1 of my friends but it was 2 boys that answered and kept saying my name over and over again.

  306. Pete Says:

    Not sure if this is really a ghost thing but I always found there’s a patch in the corner of my room where all radio signals disappear if you put the antenna there. This happens with my DAB radio and the phone signal also goes crap in that one patch. I haven’t tried FM or TV as i don’t have an FM radio anymore and the TV is cable. When my gf stopped over the other night she said she saw a shadow in that corner and I also see a shadow there but just presumed it was the bin. There are a lot of electrical things plugged in which might cause interference. Any information to shed light on this would be welcome.

  307. Michelle Says:

    About 9 years ago for the last two years I lived in my grandmothers apt I had a problem that just started out of no we’re . About after 12 am almost every early morning I would be awakened by what felt like a small animal creature that would just jump on my bed and then with its front legs or arms it would pull its body up to my head at the pillows I would wake up fast and pull the blankets over my

  308. Symone Marie Says:

    I Need Help Understand What I saw.

    I am 18 and I never experienced this before. I was asleep and I had woke up because I heard a banging on my room wall coming from outside. Then I heard a scream from a little girl and a bell on a bike ring. I thought I was going crazy because of the neighborhood I live in but then I heard another pound on my wall and then that’s when I saw her come thru my wall on a bike. But it was a blur. I tried to get up but I couldn’t even move my body. I couldn’t move and it felt like my eyes had contacts on them the wrong way. So it was kind of hard to see. But I swear I was a woke and it wasn’t a dream. The Little girl around the age of 7 or 8 just got off her bike and sat in my closet. I was so confused because she started playing patty cake with herself and I found myself smiling and at peace. I started to sing along with her. But we was interrupted by another pound on my wall then the little girl ran out back the way she came with tears in Her eyes . She seemed so afraid. But when I look back to where she was right next to where she had sat there was a figure. It was there. It wasn’t a shadow or anything it was a figure. A boy around the age of 16 or something. When he came I sinced anger. It made me scared. My body started to heat up and I was shaking. But I still couldn’t run at this time. I could move, I was stuck. THEN Like a shadow, so quick, so fast he came over to me and held my neck and my head pin to the bed, but when he had my neck he wasn’t choking me. It was a more of a pin down thing. I was so scared I started to scream. I started to cry and the louder I scream I felt like no one heard me. I started kicking my feet noticing that I could move not I ran out my room trying to find somewhere safe && everything seem Like it really happened. I know this wasn’t a dream. I could feel there presents. I felt that they were there. I just didn’t know why and how was it possible. I feel like I want to know more, I want to know why he was so angry and why the little girl came to me.

  309. Anonymous Says:

    what happens if i see stuff in my closet

  310. Tiara Says:

    I lived in a one bedroom flat with my husband (we have since divoced). We cand back from town , i went into the kitchen and there was a knife stuck in the wall, after 10minutes i managed to get the knife out of the wall. Glasses flew out of a cupboard and knocking on the bedroom at one in the morning. Our dog started whining the next night when we got up to find out why she was sounded by cuddly toys, whitch i had sat on a sideboard Two days before.

  311. sommer Says:

    I’ve had quite a few bizzarre experinces, it all started late one night when i was about 13 an my friend died. Every night after his death i’d wake up to someone whispering”sommer” right as i was just about to fall asleep and it was on going for almost a year. Then just a few months aga i was laying on the couch reading the book thief when i heard a scratching sound coming from the window,scared a went to lay in bed whit my mother. When i looked at the window there where four huge claw marks. And just recently i’ve heard someone whispering Lucifer and even had a dream where something flew out of my mirror grabbing and dragging me under my bed and when i woke up on the couch needless to say i didnt sleep for a week. Any possible suggestions to make this stop?

  312. bfm Says:

    3 years ago, my sister and I finished off our European travels by renting a small 2 bedroom place in Sicily for 2 weeks before heading home to New Zealand. I immediately felt uncomfortable once we entered the house as it felt like somebody was home. The entrance, bathroom and first small bedroom were the most uncomfortable for me. I still can’t quite explain why but i never felt alone and that we weren’t welcome. We decided to share the main bedroom with the big bed as neither of us wanted to sleep in the one near the entrance. Nb: The bathroom and kitchen were at completely opposite ends of the house. While my older sister was making dinner, I was in the bathroom washing up (was actually on the toilet at the time.) I was talking (loudly) to her because she was struggling to hear what i was saying over the kitchen noise. I turned around to flush and genuinely felt like she had come to the door of the bathroom so i could finish what i was saying without yelling. I continued talking normally like she was in the room as i washed my hands, still hadn’t actually turned around to see if she was there because i was totally sure she was – i could feel a presence. As i was speaking (normally now) i started to feel cold and goose-bumpy (it was the middle of summer – very, very hot weather) and it no longer felt like a female presence so i turned around. As i turned, a large black entity was standing in the doorway, i froze from fright and i just stared, speechless, heart pounding through my chest. It vanished around the corner before i had a chance to call out to my sister. It was large and intimidating, i felt threatened but thankfully not in a dangerous way. In a shaky panic, I yelled out to my sister to tell her what i saw. She was in the kitchen and had been there the entire time.

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    This blog – “Best Sales PLUNGER SET CR18DV CR24DV Hitachi Replacement Part …” was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Appreciate it!

  314. Parse Sahi Says:

    I am 14 years old I think I have been experiencing this when I entered high school last year I am very superstitious I can hear voices in my head it tells me to do something and then at the end it says if you don’t do that you are not going to sleep at night and once I didn’t do the thing and at night I didn’t sleep until 6 and once it happened I slept at 4 then I wake up 1 time at night and that’s different times every night I have never as I know woke up at 3:33 the voice says different stuff an example: I leave the washroom and I close the door with the doorknob it says if you don’t touch the doorknob 4 more times you will not sleep at night and if I do the thing after the voice says to do a different thing I want to not listen to it but I want to have a good sleep at night because I have school tomorrow I haven’t told my parents about this because I always have been scared to sleep by myself so I have gotten beat up because I have snick into my older brother who is 16s room or my parents room so they don’t trust me with this so I am scared to tell them and I am not sure but I think they don’t believe in these things I need help ASAP I have been stressed out alot about this I have told friends and stuff they say I need a phychologist can anyone tell me something and please dont lie about this I am scared please help????

  315. annoymous a. Says:

    Hi Parse

    You seem to be quite disturbed mentally, I note you say the voices are in your head which is a clear indication you yourself are responsible for those thoughts. It’s not as though you are actually hearing voices outside your head like hearing a conversation with your friends or hearing other people talking.

    Perhaps your friends, who are concerned about you feel you need to see a doctor. Why not tell your parents about this problem you are having and how badly it’s affecting you and perhaps suggest they arrange for you to see a psychiatrist who is a specialist in matters pertaining to what goes on in one’s head – mentally.

    Good luck.

  316. natwantpeace Says:

    Um ok lately I’ve. Had a real cold wind sweep o er me and it makes me fall asleep but it seems to be taking my energy. Every time I Leav e the room I almost fall
    Help please its making. Me so. Deppressed thank you you

  317. tfauber Says:

    Two nights ago, my wife and I were woken up by a female voice screaming N-o-o-o-o-o-o like someone would scream when a death occurs. I immediately ran to my daughters room to make sure she was alright and when I got there she was also awake and looked up at me scared and said it wasn’t me. Even our dog was freaked out. Will still don’t know what it was. We purchased this house after our long term neighbor, an elderly woman, had passed away. Very spooky, and our daughter hasn’t slept in that end of the house since. Still spooked by this.

  318. yasmin Says:

    Every so ofen I get 1 patch on my leg were the hairs will stand up it feels like some one is touching my leg if I’m right I’m sure its my nan
    I miss here so much and I think she’s just letting me know she’s still with me

  319. maria Says:

    hi well im half a sleep sudenly i feell this heavy wind i try to open my eyes but a cant then a little girl was next to my bed putting her little hand to caresse me i turn around to look at her she had blonde hair so lovely then she turned to dust i tried to call my husband but he couldent hear me still half a sleep i went down stairs a men was half way to the stairs tall dressed in white so i pushed him away went down i still couldent find my husband , when it stopped i opened my eyes nothing was their but my body felt so calm tranquil .. i realy like to know what that means if any one know pls tell me… thank you

  320. Sarah Jones Says:

    I had a dream, this lady was in a victorian outfit. She was floating back and forth by my mothers window and outside in my back yard. I woke up, and I can still feel her here. I keep getting chills, but my house is hot. I have looked up the story of this “white lady” ghost, and the photo matched exactly what she looked like, but yet I have never seen this story or her before. I read the story, and where it says “she stays around women who have been betrayed by a husband or fiance'”, i freaked out. The story fits, and I have no idea why this lady wants anything to do with me. I want to know what she wants. It bothers me to even look outside when its dark, or out windows at night now. I need to know, has anyone else had this occurence? And what the fuck do I do?

  321. sam gardner Says:

    hi people,my family is very supernatural such as my twin cousins and so was my late grandma but i also have experienced alot of wierd things over the years but there is one in particular that stands out for me and has happened again a couple of times since then, it was the early hours of the morning ( 1:30 ish) and i exited my room to go and get a glass of water from downstairs, so i started to go down the stairs and i suddenly stopped and what i can only describe as hearing ( only in my right ear) the sound of wind like a breeze and a voice but i could not make out what it said, i paused thinking it was my mother and said what but got no reply so i continued down the stairs and turned the landing light off. the next morning my mother came down stairs and said how did you do that last night, i said what do you mean and she replied i was laying in bed and the landing light was annoying me but i was too tired to turn it off and i heard you on the landing so i thought to myself sam please turn the light off and a couple of seconds later i turned the light off, now i would have said it was a coincidence ( sorry about spelling) but since i heard whatever i heard i think differently and like i said at the beginning it has happened a few times since then but i havnt been able to make out the voice, can anyone tell me what they believe this is, why it is happening and what do i do, i am willing to embrace it if it is supernatural.

  322. Emily Says:

    i dont know why but for some odd reason i feel like im being watched by something or someone i cant see i really scaird but what happend was when ever i started to dooze i was ether poked or something brushed up agents my foot twice and the third time nothing brushed up agenst my foot or poked y foot…but at the corner of my eye i thought i saw a skinny figure that looked darkish

    its 9:32 PM right now and i dont think ill be able to get any sleep im varry afraid somethings going to happen!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!! NOW IM HEARING BEEPING! <.< NO JOKE!

  323. JC Says:

    I am staying with a young man who very recently bough an old home. Two days after being there, and around 8:30PM or so, we both heard very loud foot-steps coming up he stairs. We did not hear anyone go down. My friend ran and got a hatchet and stood by the door, while I got his cell-phone, ran into my bedroom and dialed 911…I did not send it, but I opened the window to see if the outside door was opened (I also yelled at a neighbor, asking her if she saw anyone, she did not want to be bothered):
    The neigbor downstairs was aleep in a drunken stupor. Clearly the footsteps did not leave, we would have heard them go down. The neigbor occasionally comes up and we hear him go up, an down, and clearly we waited for an eternity to hear footsteps go down, and none did!
    My friend eventually opened the door but no-one was there. His neigbor/tenant said that someone died in his bathroom (downstairs)…we know that the original owner who occupied the upstairs apartment (where we were) died in 2006…his death certificate is on display on his dining room table (which came with the house when my friend bought it). His wife is currently in a nursing home. My friend inherited a lot of clothing, furniture and many other household items from the couple.
    The downstairs neigbor (who has been living there for 8 years) initially denied anything super-natural, but then the next day, told me about the death in his bathoom, and that for years he heard foot-steps upstairs when clearly no-one was living there.
    Recently, I have noticed a personality change in my friend (athough I know that in taking on this old house, he is looking at lots of costs related to bringing the house up to par): I am telling myself that it is this financial responsibility that is fueling his anxieties. Still, I am experiencing mood changes with him, and I am afraid to be there at all! I do not sleep.

    PS, my friend denied hearing any foot-steps before I came! Clearly, we both heard the noises as our reactions confirmed!

  324. rich Says:

    I had this experience when i was 8 years old,Nothing phenomenal its pretty short but i still remember it like it was yesterday.Like i said i was 8 and had been coming down with a flu and was pretty sick.I woke up in the middle of the night and looked towards the closet (couldn’t help it the foot of my bed faced it )I saw my Uncle Joe in there smiling and waving at me.My mother woke up because i was running around the house ranting and raving,she grabbed me and i guess i was burning up.She ended up tossing me into the tub to try and get my fever down all the while i was carrying on about my uncle in the closet(Thing is he drank a lot and was kind of a recluse and i may have met him twice in my life.)She brushed it off till she got the phone call in the morning from my aunt telling her they found him in the house dead of a massive heart attack ,he had been dead for 2 weeks.I remember i was too sick to go to the funeral.I know it sounds kinda corny or cliche these day’s but its 100% true.
    my mother still brings it up sometimes when she talks about her Brother

  325. skyler Says:

    my name is Skyler and my house has been doing some spooky stuff like a picture being flung off a wall doors and drawers opening and stuff being moved around. my parents and sister both think i’m crazy but all my friends have heard footsteps walking up and down my stairs. will someone please tell me i’m NOT crazy!

    • annoymous a. Says:

      I don’t believe you’re crazy Skyler, if it’s neither your parents or sister who are playing the fool, then, I think you may have polterguist behaviour.

  326. HUMAIRA ALI Says:


    • Katie LeeAnn Martin Says:

      Hey Humaira,

      Its nothing to be afraid of we have the same thing here where i live and there perfeclty safe to be around. I know this because we have a little girl here at my house who just loves to play with my mom’s feet to, and along with another one to but it just seems to only mess with me to, it likes to… well its like its patting my head or something like that but really they do not mean any harm. But when dealing with the supernatural you just have to be careful of who and what your dealing with because something when the friendly ones come to try to get attention from someone or maybe just certain people, they may just bring something else along for the ride. But what I suggust you do is just be careful and keep a look out for anything that seems wrong or out of place. But from what your telling us, to me it just seems like you have a nice spirit living with you guys. But still if anything seems to get more violent things that dont seem to fit the pattern of of the things its doing it would be best to buy some sage and burn it in all the areas that you seem to feel it around your house, and if that dosent work i would get a priest in to bless your house.

  327. brianna rae grubb Says:

    we walked in was a video of me looking ded at the camera but do not remeber doing it but if you go on youtube and type in sarah wiles then there is a photo of a girl looking dead =l (comment down below)

  328. Brittnee Says:

    I am a 15 year old girl that is currently living in Virginia, i am a highschooler, so naturally i kapt this to myself for fear of being called crazy.
    the experiences i am haven’t are not in the past, they are currently happening. I don’t really know how to put this into a story, so I will just tell of the different things that happen.
    At night I am in my room alone and laying down in bed when I will feel like somebody has wrapped they’re hands around my waist and are holding me against they’re body. When I look to see if anybody is there, I’m always alone.
    Some nights when I wake up scared and panicked I feel like I am being drawn back to the bed.. Like somebody wants me to lay down. When I do lay down I feel the same hands on my waist and the pressure of somebody resting they’re head in the crook of my neck, as strange as this sounds it always comforts me and makes me feel safe. At times I will feel a presence with me when I’m at school or alone but I never really started to question it untill one day I was at school and somebody started something that got me to snap. I was furious, seeing nothing but red I went after her with every intention of beating her senceless. The only thing that kept me from doin exactly that was the same presence and feeling of arms on my waist and a body close behind me, holding me in place and restraining me. And it was like all of the bad emotions and thoughts were drained from me and all I needed to do was go with the presence, away from the girl despite the strangeness of all of this I have never once felt anything but safety and trust when this happens.
    I have been in multiple situations similar to this, like when I needed someone the most nomatter what the situation that spirit was there, and now i am wondering.. Is this my guardian or the spirit of my soul mate? Or am I just plain crazy?

    • Trisha Mayes Says:

      I don’t think you are crazy hun. I had a lot of experiences with spirits when I was your age. In an experience quite like yours, I had walked to the local store to buy smokes. They always sold them to me even though I was only 16. lol. Well that day they told me no, and I walked off pissed! I screamed at the clerk and was screaming very hateful words. I was all worked up in a rage and I was about to cross the street and something pulled me back. There was a huge gust of wind, and a semi-truck went speeding past like seriously inches away from me. Its so hard to say what it could have been with me that day. Some might say that it was my guardian/ guardian angel. I like to think that when we die our energy stays here in “real-time” or it goes here, but not here. Imagine Earth with a bubble all around it… and the energy just stays there in the bubble but we can’t see it unless we are super sensitive. Its a neat way of thinking, without saying that there is a “god”. That way we are never truly alone. Maybe a spirit was in the veil right there next to me, and saw the truck coming and grabbed me. My “veil belief” is my only sane rational belief about spirits. I really think that is neat what you said about the spirit of your soul mate. I have never thought that about a spirit I came into contact with. Maybe you just feel really close to this energy… Has anyone close to you in your life passed away recently?

  329. kivelyoffice2010 Says:

    This is just happened to me, it has scared the crap at of me, my six year old daughter woke up crying at 3:00am this morning scared of her room, I had her in my bed with myself and partner and she also screamed she is scared in her room, I left her in our bedroom with our partner after she fell asleep and she was snoring so I thought I would go and sleep in the lounge room on the Lounge. I am not sure whether I was dreaming or not but it felt so real, My sleeping bag was floating in the air and something told me to get out and I replied back leave us alone and my children and then some how I ended up back in my bed. I am a true believer in Angels not sure about Ghost as yet, so I am thinking maybe the house we are in is haunted but how can I found out I am in Western Australia

    • Trisha Mayes Says:

      That is quite intense! You say you believe in Angels, then you should know that where there is light there can also be dark. I am not implying that spirits are evil energy. I think that it can scare us at times because “ghosts” have a mysterious mystique to them. But it can also scare us because it actually is a threatening presence. I would suggest looking for a local group that could have a psychic or a paranormal research team. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • amelia Says:

        Hi I think that you should chill about ghosts some are peaceful creatures. X:)

      • annoymous a. Says:

        Hi Amelia,
        Not all ghosts/spirits/unseen entities are peaceful and I can attest to that as I’ve had experiences which weren’t pleasant at all. I think at the best of times, these entities are unnerving – as normal human beings like to know and see what they are dealing with – don’t you think?

  330. Trisha Mayes Says:

    I figured I would google my incident that I keep having and this site came up and I decided to post to see if anyone has any thoughts or ideas to my situation. Strait up I am going to say that I was raised as an athiest, but remain an agnostic. I am 26 and recently had to move back home to help my mother and my 10 year old brother. My mother had a third heart attack and open heart surgery and my little dog and I moved in. My mother has a male dog who is very anxious. He was an abused rescue dog but truly has a very sweet side to him. He is also sick and developed a tumor when my mother first went into the hospital. Her first two weeks home after leaving the hospital were rough. I still didn’t know if she was going to make it. To be honest, I still am unsure if she will be ok. Dogs watch front doors for protection. I know this, but My mothers dog watches the door for most of the day. It started a few weeks before she got sick, and is still happening. He looks all around the door on the wall and up to the ceiling with different expressions. A few times he has growled, but it mostly just watching. My mother admits that the first month home she didn’t feel like she was in her body. I have thought about sage for blessing the house, but there are really no spirits that I can think of that would be here. I am usually very sensitive to spirits, but I see nothing and feel nothing when he acts this way. It is really quite eerie to watch him do it though and has really made me quite disturbed and uncomfortable when I see him this way. He has an appointment to have his tumor removed and I really hope that he will be alright as well. I have thought is it a reaper-like energy? Is it his “door” so to speak… idk… just confused and wondered if anyone has any ideas…

  331. amelia Says:

    I have experienced a ghost before but the reason I came on here is because people are telling me that I will be killed in the night by a ghost if I don’t post the same message!!! What should I do I am scared? I’m only 6 years old!!! Please replie xxx

    • annoymous a. Says:

      🙂 🙂 Hi Amelia,
      Do you really think a ghost will kill you? Those people are ignorant and are having you on.

      There are different types of spiritual entities, a ghost is usually the most benign. Some are energy imprints of it’s previous life, others are probably energy spirits which aren’t quite sure they are no longer alive, others may want to cling onto what they once had and hang about in the vicinity where they once were – causing mischief at times. Then there are the very active entities called polterguists, these quite often interract with the living people and their environment by moving physical items from one place to another ie. pictures taken off the wall, or knocking down ornaments and in other instances touching, even pushing people about. These activities are usually preceeded by lights flashing on and off inexplicably and a very noticable drop in room temperature, the atmosphere will be most uncomfortable. Anyone who really has experienced this type of energy will know what I’m talking about – not very pleasant.

      But kill you Amelia? No No – that won’t happen! 🙂

    • annoymous a. Says:

      Really Amelia! Are you 6 years old or 16 years old?

  332. jessicas Says:

    well that vidos stupid it has nothing to do whith spirts

  333. Bri Says:

    Strange things happened last night. I need advise. So please help. Last night I was listening to music and texting friends, when I woken up by my cat making a sound like someone was choking her, I shook her and shook her!!!! She didn’t respond and layed there like she was dead! I felt to see of her heart was beating.. Nothing!!!! I was scared and thought she was dead.. I shook her one last time, this time she jumped up and if the person choking her let go! Then, the end of my bed started to shake! I share a room with my older sister, but when I shined my light the end of my bed it stopped and it wasn’t my sister! When I was younger I could see ghost, but no one believed me.. Please help!!!!!!!! I dont want to go into my room or sleep in there tonight..:(

    • Haylee Kate Says:

      iv had vary similar experiences i see ghosts i believe u it happens to many people just stay strong and dont let anythingg scare u and most of the images and sounds will go away if u ever need to talk my email is

  334. Draya Says:

    Okay! I’m completely spooked out right now. I went jogging this morning and there was a guy in a blue jersey riding a bike. He waved at me and then I looked down to pause my ipod. When I looked up, he wasn’t there anymore. I am creeped out!

  335. Haylee Kate Says:

    I once had a ghost in my house once.
    it happend a few years ago in my dads old trailer and we even moved out because i was so scared and had to go see a doctor because i kept hearing and seeing this little girl. my dads friends daughter that died years b4 i was even born died and that who i was seeing iv never seen pictures of her or anything bfor and when i told my dad he showed me picturess and thats when i knew i could see dead people:( im 14 now and still to this day im trying to get help. i scared myself sometimes my sister died about a year ago and ever sence then iv seen and hurd her idk if its cuz i miss her butt i need help itss getting to the point were every minute of everyday i have to have someone with me even in the bathroom. with me…

  336. anne-marie Says:

    my daughter woke up one night screaming waking the whole house up asking her what happened she said she said someone in her room standing there about ahour later someone or somthing ran from one room to my room jumped into my bed between my partner and i i have three grown up children so it wasnt them three weeks later lying on the lounge herd the same sound but tip toeing from one room to the other there was a lound bang in the cubard coming from the corning of it when i was a sleep there was tapping under my pillow and woke up saying stop it and it did its making me feel like im going crazy cause no one has heard it

  337. chazza :) Says:

    Last night at 1:00am-4:00am there was a glow on my cieling. it was a reflection because it dissapeared then reapeared and moved around. i have a video on my fone but i am not able to upload it onto the computer at this moment. what could it be? it is unnatural!!
    (I am 11!)

  338. Anonymous Says:

    I am scared

  339. Sarah rosenberg Says:

    In my life I have only ever had one “ghost” experience. I actually don’t know exactly what age I was but I was young, if I had to guess maybe 6 or. Obviously to young to remember what age. I do however remember waking up from a nightmare and I looked up and clearly seeing a older man black and white and gray like how it may be betrayed in a movie. But only the color because unlike how it may be described in the movies or in stpries as “

  340. Sarah rosenberg Says:

    In my life I have only ever had one “ghost” experience. I actually don’t know exactly what age I was but I was young, if I had to guess maybe 6 or. Obviously to young to remember what age. I do however remember waking up from a nightmare and I looked up and clearly seeing a older man black and white and gray like how it may be betrayed in a movie. But only the color because unlike how it may be described in themovies or in stories as “see through or transparent” is glass. This elderly man came in fool detail mayne on a little transparent but i could still see every wrinkle and him clearly leaning against my dresser in front of my window. I rub ny eyes afuy few time and look back a few times and he was still there appearing very non threatening, I actually even recalled a faint smile so he knee I was there to. After I rubbed my eyes I came to a realization I was really seeing this thing and had a normal reaction. I completly froze and.
    was tp scared to even make it to my parents room so I just layed under my covers scared to death until I feel asleep. I had a feeling thay the man was my grandfather who had passed away when I was an infant. I looked at pictures to reassure and it was 100% him without a doubt. But iI still wonder today if its somthing Iimagined bc ive never seen another. Whats even weirder. Is that later on my Aunt claimed to see him at our beach house and others at my family bussiness claimed they had to. So maybe I really did see him but if i did ehy havent i seen another?

  341. Paul Says:

    When I was 9 we went to France to stay in a nice old French chalet with our friends. All seemed normal al first until the first night after everyone had gone to bed and were fast asleep I heard an awful kind of laughing, I thought my parents friends must still be outside laughing so I went downstairs to check and there was no one there. I also kept on seeing a hunchback figure in my room, and recently to my horror I found a picture of this holiday and I found a very obvious ghostly human face next to me. (I am 13 and I used to live in a 500 year old house, but now I have moved to Cornwall and I live in a house which used to be owned by an evil sea captain)

  342. Laura braley Says:

    I’ve seen shadow men from the age of 11 to 21 and when I was young I had an imaginary friend named Jenny that lived in my closet and 15 years later my niece asked for an extra sandwich for her friend Jenny that lived in her closet she had my old room and we never mentioned Jenny to her

  343. Faldo Says:

    When I was young girl, I shared my bedroom with my grandmother. I think I was about 7 or 8 when I had my first experience, however I can’t remember at all when it stopped. Every night I would be awoken by scratchings underneath my pillow. I wasn’t afraid or anything, I was just really annoyed that something had woken me up. I remember I used to look under my pillow, look inside the pillowcase, expecting to find an insect or something and there would be nothing. I’d lie back down and sure enough, not long after, the scratchings would start up again. I would look under the bed – nothing. But I was actually never afraid, just really really annoyed because I couldn’t get any sleep. I used to get so angry that I would start punching my pillow! These scratchings happened frequently. It just sounded like someone scratching directly under my ear, under my pillow. Fast forward a couple of years and I am at university. I’d all but forgotten about the nightly scratchings until one night when I was studying in the library. I’d needed a book from the library basement, and on the shelves where I was looking for my book were books dealing in psychology. There was a small book that had a title about dreams and the unconscious mind. It intrigued me and I took it back with me to my desk. On one page were translations and meanings of dreams and paranormal experiences, and to my complete shock there was an entry about scratchings heard underneath one’s pillow or bed. Apparently, according to the book, to hear scratchings like what I used to hear, means that someone or something from the spirit world is trying to make contact with you. I didn’t know what I was more shocked at – the supposed explanation for the scratching sounds or the fact that it must be a common phenomena for it to be in a book! I haven’t met anyone who has experienced what I have though.

  344. kk Says:

    Alright so last night i was dreaming was summoning ghosts and well i might of summoned a bad one. I remember in my dream my grandma told me that i let in ‘her little friend’. Then i started to feel a presence like no other. I froze in my tracks and i couldn’t move or breathe. My whole body tensed up and it felt as though something was trying to take control. I jerked awake and i had a horrible headache and there was this terrible smell in the room. I looked over at my closet where a couple of weeks ago I saw a figure I belive was a man, and I saw him. About 6 foot tall all black and a large build. I had this horrible sick feeling in my gut like I was in danger. The odd thing was i dont remember falling asleep. My aunt shared the same room a couple years before I lived in it. I asked her about the hooded creature(before the possesion). She saw it too but no one belived her. It whispered in my ear 413. I dont know what it means but it freaks me out.

  345. Claire Says:

    Can some one please help me? My son wakes up in the middle of the night telling me he can hear things moving around in the kitchen. I thought nothin of it until last night when I was woken from my sleep to what sounded like cup and plates being moved around in the kitchen. Also after my pruned had cleaned out a cupboard the next morning he was kneeling down and had a small gel pen and a pencil thrown at him. He presumed it was our daughter as she was sitting playing with glitter and paper. To his surprise he then realised she didn’t have any pens or pencils by her? Some 1 help if you can I would be very grateful Thankyou

    • Faldo Says:

      Hi Claire. When my son was 2, he used to get really scared pointing to corners in our old house and would come running to me as if he were being chased. I would hold him and he would just bury his face into my chest and actually be shaking.
      I was raised by my grandmother who used to see spirits and sometimes talk to them. My childhood mantra was ‘don’t be afraid of ghosts because they can smell your fear’. I was always told that if I ever encountered any unwanted spirits to cuss them out, tell them to leave and most importantly not to be afraid.
      So when that happened with my son, I had actually felt something in our house but his fear confirmed it. So once I was alone, I went around my house sprinkling holy water everywhere (under the beds, in the corners etc) and reciting the Lord’s prayer repeatedly. Then very loudly I said if anything was in my house to leave. I wasn’t afraid, I was just pissed off that something was scaring my child and I got louder and said ‘get the f outta my house’. Now I agree I probably sounded like a crazy person lol, but the thing is, when I was done, the air in the house actually felt lighter, it was like a huge weight had been lifted. More importantly my son stopped pointing at the corners and stopped being freaked out.
      Just like the living, there are good people and there are bad people. You can tell the difference between your kids being abit spooked and something that could be terrifying them. So if there’s something in your home you gotta work out whether it’s benevolent or not. You as a mother will know instinctively if something is wrong. So if things start to go down the scary track, you can either do what I did or may be contact your local pastor/priest/minister to come to your house and bless it.
      But the most important thing is is to not be afraid. Try talking to your kids and let them know they shouldn’t be scared because you’re right there with them but if they are scared to let you know a.s.a.p. Spirits/ghosts whatever can’t hurt you unless your fear allows them to.
      I hope things will be okay for you and your family. Good luck.

      • annoymous a. Says:

        Hi Faldo,

        It’s easy to ‘say’ the most important thing is not to be afraid. How does a person contain or suspend their fear when they are experiencing the ‘unknown’, particularly an unseen entity which may or may no cause some mental or physical harm? In years gone by, when I experienced these entities, they scared the devil out of me, and if I were to experience or see one today, I would be afraid.

  346. unknown Says:

    Hello peoples,

    I am medium, i can see ghosts,and talk to them. buth it’s not funny tho see them. I am not scared to go to scared houses or evil houses. They are doing me nothing. Buth if you wanna be medium i swear you gonna be crazy. When i was 4 i played with ghostchilds, my mum sad what is happened with you. Later i found out that i am medium. I see dead peoples in graveyards,they are burning and feel pain that they have doing in his live. My experience with ghosts is every day. at night they are watching tv in my house. And i scream to ghosts get away from my house! Peoples my live is not a normal life. my wish is that i got a normal life and that i can’t see ghosts.


    I hope if you learn how it is to be a medium

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    due to it’s fastidious content

  348. Anonymous Says:

    I read some many of the responses. I had to share an experience that happened to me and my son almost three years ago. It was the month of October and my son was asking me for some type of costume to wear to his October fest at his school. So we left to acquire a costume at a local store. Upon returning to the car, there where two cars which were the same model and make, except parked facing each other in different stalls. So I take out my keys and hit the remote assuming the car interior would light up identifying the correct car. One of the cars interior lit up, however I figured it could not be the correct car, given there was a person sitting in the back seat. What caught me was the person, male, was staring right at us and i could see him clear as day, so I approached the other car assuming I must have the wrong car. Upon approaching, I noticed the other car had a different paint color and the remote was not opening the car. I caught myself a bit, because I realized the other car was ours and my son and I both approched it.
    We got in, and I figured I must have seen something out of my imagination. However my son was going to clarify my intrique by telling me how he thought this car was not ours given there was someone in the back seat. The hairs stood up, because we both saw the same thing. Over the following year it really caught me off guard and for some reason, and I kept thinking that the face looked familiar. The following winter, I picked up my son from a evening outing and decided to ask him a question, that really bothered me. I asked if he remembered the parking lot incident, and if he could tell me whom he thought was in the back seat. He proceeded to tell me that his reply was going to sound strange, but he thought it was my father, whom passed on the year before we saw the apparition. I felt the same, but what solidified my conclusion was that my son never told me he did not take his eyes off the person in the back seat. It was when we approached the wrong car, when he took his eyes off for a second or two and the person he saw disapeared.
    Not sure what it meant, or why we both saw it, but it made both of us appreciate life a little more.

  349. Faldo Says:

    To ANNOYMOUS A. – almost anything in life can be easier said than done – but when you’re forced to face something, you either swallow that fear and face it head on or you can cower in a corner and give up. Things that go bump in the night scare me. And what I experienced with my son really scared me – but something was frightening my child and that was more than enough to kick-start that mother-bear protective gene that any mother can relate to. Dead or alive – NOTHING is going to frighten or harm my child. So annoymous a. in answer to your question :”how does a person suspend or contain their fear…?” – the answer is simple – when it is affecting someone you love more than life itself, you harden up and swallow that fear so that you can do whatever you can to protect your loved one.

    • annoymous a. Says:

      I agree Faldo, yet one can still take the necessary protective measures without discarding one’s state of intense fear. It is quite often fear itself which propels one to take protective measures and if/when something similar recurs thereafter, it will be fear once again which would trigger off the need to protect oneself and loved one’s. I say this from personal experience.

      • Faldo Says:

        Only fools rush in as the saying goes. And unless you’re equipped with superhuman powers, a person doesn’t and cannot discard their ‘state of intense fear’. Fear is innate, it’s our survival mechanism. But what fear does do is release those adrenaline hormones that allows us to do things that we probably wouldn’t ordinarily do.

      • annoymous a. Says:

        So Faldo, you do agree that it’s not easy to discard the feeling of fear- in particular – if spiritual entities scare the devil out of you?
        1) An extract from your latest post 14 August 2012, -“a person doesn’t and cannot discard their ‘state of intense fear’. Fear is innate”
        2) Your post on 30 July 2012 – Last paragraph -“But the most important thing is not to be afraid”.

        My point is one has no choice in the matter where fear is concerned, particularly if one does not dabble in matters of this nature, one is either fearful and will always be fearful like myself even with the knowledge that one cannot be harmed – meaning any advise to the contrary is meaningless.

        Some people seek out these entities for whatever reason and fear doesn’t feature in their psyche.

  350. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve witnessed a spirit , it’s hard to explain but if you dnt believe then you better because I use to no believe , I always questioned it! An this just started happening recently , the first time I saw a shadow ! It was on the other side of this mound of sand where I was fishing an I kept seeing something raising up everytime I’d turn my head an I had a friend with me an I told him somebody’s on the other side of that pile , I said it twice to him , mean time this black shadow an I mean BLACK , no expression! So I ran over to try an see if somebody was pranking but the other side was a drop off 20 ft to the river.. That’s only the first! I saw him one more time in louisanna when I worked a shut down this past summer . Well I was at the laundry may waiten on my close an see a shadow walk past the window but not past the door so I was curious to see where it went , I didn’t see it , it just vanished , the worst thing was at the hotel there , it was always dark an something kept like making a noise like flicking the wall , my roommate said open the door let some light in , All the noises would stop , time past for a few weeks an I started calling it out , it was hot an we worked nights so the door was gonna be shut it was hot lol, well I called it out I told roommate that it wouldn’t come out its scared an that time a black shadow shot across the wall in to the bathroom but it weird cause the same time I saw it pop out behind the fridge dude moved his head he said he felt something , he never seen nothing dark like I have , it’s kinda wild because I didn’t believe an I got showed up , if you wanta see m just cut the lights off in your place an tease m , it’ll take a day or two but you’ll see what ever you dnt want if you dnt believe

  351. Katrina Says:

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