Rock ghost

“This photo was taken in Boscastle, Cornwall in April 2003 of me and my
daughter. The white figure to the left was not there when we climbed onto
the rocks. Please could any one explain it as this has troubled me since
the photo was developed in that same year.”


73 Responses to “Rock ghost”

  1. danielbradberry Says:

    It’s some crystalline material embedded in the rockface: there’s some more to the lower right. It’s a quartz-based stone that is really common around Cornwall.

  2. The Spoon Says:

    Its the rock itself! Oh my god seriously.

  3. doctoratlantis Says:

    We can at least ascertain that it will take a shadow, eh? Solid evidence of a ghost? I’m inclined to agree it looks more like rock to me.
    Especially if viewed from a slightly different perspective.


    • insanecarbonbasedlif Says:

      Thanks for the link to the other perspective. It was immeadiately apparent to me that it was a rock, and I was reminded of the “face on mars”, and thinking a shot from a similar, but less paradolic angle would be nice.

  4. p3tr Says:

    It’s a spooky rock

  5. ruthie Says:

    Looks like rock to me. The shadow across it says it is a solid object.

  6. ruthie Says:

    The shadow across it says it is a solid so I agree it is rock.

  7. uksceptic Says:

    Beautiful example of pareidolia.

    It’s like the face of Mars only in cornwall.

  8. cam Says:

    Agree with the previous posters.

  9. Alex Pryce Says:

    clearly a rock, though could be the ghost of Joseph Merrick?

  10. A Believer Says:

    Yep no ghost just rock with a shadow.

  11. paranormal Says:

    Yeah it looks kinda like a rock. Probably didnt notice it when you sat down.

  12. lizzie Says:

    its rock .NOT SCARY!

  13. andy owens Says:

    Thought it must be a deliberate hoax (cardboard cutout!), until someone mentioned rocks. Good one though.

  14. Spook Scientist Says:

    Are you sure it is not just a simple rock formation that you did not notice? Because it definately seems like that. Otherwise, it could easily be the ghost of one of the shipmen who lost his life amongst the rocks when his boat was tricked and wrecked. That is was Cornwall is famous for , you know. Even now, the currents can carry a person far out to see very quickly.

  15. j. newton Says:

    Best thing to do, if it is possible, is to go back to the site where the photograph was taken and see if there is any formation like the one in the pic.

    If there is then that’s why it’s there if there isn’t any formation or discoloration of the rock like that type that’s in the photo then, well ah…..ut oh!!!!!

  16. gloria Says:

    It looks like the spirit of an old smuggler to me. You can actually see the flap of the boot. Sorry I don’t agree it’s rocks.

  17. UFC 101 Live Stream Says:

    maybe its a rock

  18. Lizzie Says:

    i think its incredible that you got the pic!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont think its a rock.

  19. Assus Busterus Says:

    Apart from shadows argument to confirm it as a rock, there is similar material and also in atypical shape on the right side of the photo. The ghost is somewhat brighter as is entire left side of image, probably due to part of the day and sunlight angle.

    So, without resorting to sailors and mineral intentions, probably an unusual rock lit by natural light under an angle that makes appear brighter.

  20. Kelly Says:

    same colour as the rock to the bottom right of the mam, her body laungauge also suggests she is aware it is there as she is leaning to the left to be pictured with it

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Is just the rocks, the sun makes some sort of shining mineral glow on top of it. Look how the color resembles to the rock on the bottom right

  22. flyguy Says:

    i live 10 mins from boscastle, where was it taken exactly?? il skip on down ,see if i can’t find me some ghostly looking rock for a piccy for yall to view?!

  23. flyguy Says:

    ahh i just seen the other pic someone uploaded, deffo a rock!!!

  24. Lulu Says:

    This link will take you to the same hill in different lighting and at a different angle. Clearly, it is just the white rock on the right…in the sunlight. Awesome effect though!!

  25. Omega1664 Says:

    “andy owens Says:

    June 25, 2009 at 9:04 am | Reply
    Thought it must be a deliberate hoax (cardboard cutout!), until someone mentioned rocks. Good one though.”

    I’m inclined to agree with Andrew. It looks very 2 dimensional as if it were a paper or cardboard cutout. It also appears to have a bit of drawing on it trying to make it look like an old lady or something. Poorly done hoax if I do say so myself. Not even much for a laugh. Such a shame.

  26. The Godfather Says:

    I think I peed on that rock once lol

  27. Si Says:

    What’s wrong with you people? doctoratlantis posted the photo PROVING it’s a rock, 5 months ago! As if proof were needed! 😀

  28. Anonymous Says:


  29. ali Says:

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  30. Lorenza Palomino Says:

    That looks like a white rock, down to the right of the adult is another white rock, the one above looks like an image of a person, but I think it’s a white rock.

  31. jajqo Says:

    hah funny pic and blog two 😉

  32. p tebbett Says:

    why would the daughter sit at the back of her mum? surely she would sit at side of her unless it was to show something next to her mum

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  34. Travis Hilkey Says:

    This is a simple photo. You are right the rocks were not there when you took the shot. They are an illusion collaboration of the surrounding rocks and the shadows cast on the ground from what I presume is the morning hew.

    This is actually an astonishing angle and photo. I am not sure if the photographer knew what he was doing or not but it is awesome that the shape ended up looking like a child silhouette. Amazing!!

    Here is another dead ( no pun intended ) give away. Ghosts are merely energy. The light can not shine off of or cast shadows on pure energy. But if that energy is dense enough the eye can see it.

    A soul will try and communicate with your soul if you are within proximity to the lost soul. If you feed enough energy to it, the soul will begin to take form as the energy will become great. This is what we call “Ghosting” inevitably making the form a “Ghost.” The reason souls take on the form of a human is because that is what you will understand. Cameras can see the energy as a denser entity then the naked eye.

    I am afraid this is not a ghost. It is merely an astonishing angle to place I count 7 rocks into play using the morning hue.

  35. Ellen - childrens telescope Says:

    Is it not a shot that used the angle of the light to reflect such that the image of the person matches that of a ghost? Using a rocky background with a bright blue sky with it makes this somewhat doable for a good photographer.

  36. EJ Says:

    Would someone explain to me. That if as he said this figure was not there when they sat down how could it be a rock???

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I agreed with the conclusion that this solid white figure was nothing more than a rock, indeed it appears to have a shadow on it.
    However, i have the necessary technology to look at this in several different ways.

    If you read my findings below you will see that what appears to be an errant fraud is potentially a legitimate find.

    What I see in the image suggest that this shadow is infact the rock behind thus this so called white rock has a transparency…I have never seen a ‘rock’ do that before…have you?

    Step one. Morphing filter:

    Whilst the Mother and daughter pixel ate and become unrecognisable in the photo with the morphing filter turned up to 11 points, the white figure besides them keeps it’s full shape. Blocky as it now appears at 11 points of morphing you can still see the basic and clear shape.

    Step two. Custom Filter. (Highlight Edges.)

    The figure has visible two eyes and a partial nose.

    Step three. Solarise (Thermo Reader.)

    The figure turns a clear blue on level five.
    The figure is stone cold and at a different temperature than the rocks themselves.

    Step 4. Metallise.

    I originally thought this may have been a statue or perhaps a unusually shaped rock, however on this test it shows that it is a different colour to the rocks themselves. Whilst the rocks range from a light blue to a brown colour, this figure takes on a strong solid dark blue.
    Also, a rock behind it is visible through the left arm. I had previously thought this to be a shadow, but in the design suite I am using it is clearly not a shadow but a liquidity in the figure next to the mother and daughter.

  38. Alexander Says:


    Through my reserch on this picture I cannot state one way or another that this is a ghost or a spirit of some kind. What I can say is that it is very unusal, if it is a fraud it is a very very good one.

  39. Erkki Says:

    Just some snow, Alexander

  40. KRISTIEN Says:

    Come on people! are that desperate to prove that a ghost actually exist! This is like the little old women jumping and screaming at every single shadow! Its nothing more then a weird shaped rock.

  41. George Jodoin Says:

    I spent about three hours looking at that but if you take a good look, you will see that this ghostly figures left arm, is bent the same way as the girl with the hand it seems to its mouth.the girl has a doll I believe but if you really look at the ghostly figure you will see that it has what looks like a stuff puppy and a doll take a good look and you will see these two. I don’t think its a reflection of anything around there because it seems the little girl only has one doll. So why should there be a reflection ? that does not compare when I look at both?.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    wow i did not know that they could be that way

  43. anu Says:

    if there is a god there will be devil

  44. deleted Says:


  45. Anonymous Says:

    It’s obviously not a ghost. And for anyone to not notice it would be very doubtful. If the people in the photo didn’t notice it, then they are extremely unaware of their surroundings. Seems like they just want attention.

  46. Mystic SilverWing Says:

    OMG! Really? This is definitely a rock. Look to the mid/lower right of this pic. Same color and same texture of this “so called anomaly”.

  47. Shaggy Says:

    If I may might I add your memory is not as solid as the Rock Man posing next to you ma’am. He remembers.

  48. Motley Crue Says:

    In this part of the country rocks sometimes want thier pic taken also,they are called Rock Stars accordingly miss.

  49. Duggeefresh Says:

    How the hell do you sit down right next to a huge crystalline stone like that and claim you didn’t see it there? COME ON! Shes even turned towards it like shes posing with it. Thats a little insulting.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    it looks like a giant blob. nothing like a human. people really need to examine the photos BEFORE running in with investigators.

  51. Yana Says:

    Yeah it’s rock it’s identical to that great lump of it further down seriously why did she think she should have it investigated it’s just a blobby bit of rock! She was a bit too quick to judge there although I can understand why she might have thought this was a ghost cos it is kind of a humanoid shape

  52. Julian Says:

    Can i suggest that each part of rock that makes up the “figure” are not all in the foreground. The head part looks as if it is in the distance. This would explain why you didn’t see the so called
    figure at the time, but is only visible from the point of view of the person taking the shot.

  53. tenpura Says:

    Wed corpse? 水死体…? Rock?

  54. Do you believe in ghosts? « Ali Cook Says:

    […] about now? Yeah, I’m not sure either, to be honest. A lot of ghosts in photos look eerily like random rock formations or shadows, to me. Some of them are definitely good though… notice anything funny about this […]

  55. Ghostly Knight Says:

    Dear lady, you should not be troubled by this photo because it is obviously a fake! Sorry, but this is what I think of your picture. Thanks,,,

  56. Shweta Says:

    Enjoy the horror show:

  57. Arch9enius Says:

    It’s a weeping angel? Don’t bli

  58. Lettie Says:

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  60. deblockbart Says:

    Hahaha … nothing but rock 🙂 … find out more on ghosts

  61. Albert Fisher Says:

    Could be the ghost of a rock

  62. Sian Says:

    If it was an apparition it wouldn’t hv a shadow cast over it…

  63. Alicevstheworld Says:

    I’ve never seen this photo before, it’s a weird one. It could be caused by the rocks, but it’s a weird illusion if so. Interesting.

  64. Mark Lisinski Says:

    I get the feeling the spirit likes your daughter and was watching out for her. Also he’s a happy ghost and wanted to show you it’s all good by showing up in the photo. I think your daughter knew something about the spirit being there but was confused on how to express it.

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