Ghost hug

“Here is a picture of me taken in December 1981.  No doubt the apparent “ghost” was caused by the light, but the shape of the image and the way it appears to have its arms around me in a protective way is a bit spooky.”


123 Responses to “Ghost hug”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It looks funny indeed, but it’s cigarette smoke or light play.

  2. Geraldine Says:

    At a guess I’d say it was the breath of the photographer. Judging by the subject’s dress it’s obviously cold, and the vapour has simply got caught by the flash.

    • spacey VonS Says:

      oh i thought it was real at first, but the smoke is coming from the camera not anywhere else, but not breathe

  3. cam Says:

    I would agree….cigarette smoke or breath.

  4. insanecarbonbasedlif Says:

    It seems to be adequately explained by Geraldine and cam, but I would like to say that it’s quite a striking image. Fun, like finding shapes in the clouds!

  5. ana Says:

    nawl that is a ghost they dnt need to be tryin tomake excuses that is hugging you……..

  6. Katrina Says:

    I dont see you with a cigarette so that rules that out. Many times when its cold, our breath can form some pretty stange shapes. This might be breath, but she does look like its hugging you and its easy to see the arms..Cool pic

  7. Gabriel Says:

    It looks like a person but it could be the wind or our breath.or it could be the camera screen is i suggest you take the picture 1 more time but make sure u wipe the camera and hold your breath .tq

  8. Gabriel Says:

    it is a ghost do not ever go there again

  9. Alison Says:

    This is a picture of your angel!

  10. A Believer Says:

    As someone who believes in “Ghosts” more from a scientific standpoint. I do agree with many here. This is NOT one.

  11. Nadira Says:

    Cigarette smoke. In my experience, mist from breathing is lighter in density and has less geometric movement.

  12. Bob Baconface Says:

    This might be cigarette smoke. Then again, it might not be. Judging by the protective nature of this apparition (if, of course, it is one), I would advise you not to impose meaningless stress and fear upon yourself. They just want to be loved. D: Seriously though, humans (including me) are too easily spooked by what is unexplainable or unnatural to them. (That’s basically why religion exists, if you want my opinion, which, of course, you don’t… :P) I find it rather silly, as most paranormal activity is completely harmless and often friendly. Note the use of the word “most.” This might explain our irrational fears.

  13. lizzie Says:

    its looks cool yes , but its not real is it (you even admit this) so its not a huanting is it its just a fake .and a bit rubbish really

  14. monkey boy Says:

    dodgy film, mate

    • Spook Scientist Says:

      Sorry to correct you, but I believe that the film was just fine. I have pictures at home with dodgy film and it comes up red, not white. An interesting theory, though.

      • 613photo Says:

        If you bend a negative and then print it, this is very much what it looks like. I don’t think “monkey boy” was talking about any color shifts.

  15. monkey boy Says:

    ..or could be a crack in the camera causing the film to ‘fog’.. seen that loads of times. or the film is past its sell by date, or has been damaged or warped somehow or could have been exposed to heat

  16. Laura Says:

    I think it is beautiful! Definitely believe that you are being embraced by an Angel!

  17. Spook Scientist Says:

    This is a lovely picture. Was it snowing at the time? Because that, or light from a window or reflective object, can cause entity-like lights.

  18. Holly Ann Chesna Says:

    No….it is not smoke, nor breath……it is someone that is watching over you. Someone that once loved you very much…someone that is no longer here……someone that wanted to tell you how much they loved you.

  19. UFC 101 Live Stream Says:

    i just knew these kind of photos when i watched the movie called shutter

  20. Abe Says:

    Interesting picture. You can get effects like that using long exposure settings on camera. You would need to find out what camera settings were used at the time of the photo etc.

    Also you can test your breath and smoke in cold conditions to see, if you can reproduce the effects demonstrated in this picture. Also looks like the flash wasn’t working that well, as the picture looks dull.

    Good luck in your investigations!

  21. randy Says:

    it is the photographer’s breath

    i have many like that and have recreated the effect indoors and outdoors

  22. lyzzie Says:

    It is cigarette smoke. I have had that happen to my pics and seen pics from friends with the same thing happening to their pics when person taking the picture is smoking or someone standing close by the picture taker. You and anyone else who thinks it is more than that are kind of nuts or you are looking for attention. But, hey thanks, we all had a good laugh at this disillusion.

  23. Kelly Says:

    Do you beleive in Angels, I have a feeling you just captured a hug from your guardian angel !

  24. nonick Says:


  25. george Says:

    that isnt a ghost or smoke or any of them things m8, did a near death event happen shortly b4 or after that picture? that was an angel protecting u! there everywer my freind

  26. John89 Says:

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  27. The Godfather Says:

    either cigarette or cigar maybe even pipe smoke

  28. alexandra Says:

    im a smoker and if i take a picture while im smoking, the same effect happens. If it is however some kind of ghost or spirit hugging you, then perhaps it is your guardian angel and you know that someone up there is looking over you!

  29. Gangster56 Says:

    Rather, he endorses efficient policies to save their souls. ,

  30. Chris Says:

    Yes it is cleary a ghost, because they ALL look like that dont they :-S

  31. Si Says:

    Flash and warm breath in cold air = that

  32. naia Says:

    hmm,,i think this pix quite sweet.

  33. اس ام اس عید نوروز اس ام اس عید غدیر Says:

    happy christmas

  34. jill Says:

    it looks like an angel 🙂

  35. anon Says:

    its your guardian angel!!! 😀

  36. john Says:

    i know lots of smokey clouds form some interesting shapes but the thought that is your angel hugging you sounds heaps better . Cool pick

  37. Mel Says:

    This is one of the best ghost photo I’ve seen on the net.
    Wish I had my own angel, that would be well hard.

  38. Suze Says:

    It could either be: a) smoke b)breath c)film exposure.

    if film was improperly exposed it could easily cause this affect.

  39. Audrey Damara Says:

    hey, its only a smoke of cigarettes!

  40. samanthajast Says:

    I was looking for ghost pics.I am working on this project.

  41. penelope kim(김경림) Says:

    wow! it’s…. amazing!!!! (ghost or smoke?)

  42. readbud get paid to read and rate articles Says:

    thats a freaky blur, looks like smoke though??

  43. Cezille Says:

    this picture is the same as the movie “Shutter”. I believe these kind of pictures are real. Spirits might have want to say something or give a sign or have an unfinished business here in the world.

  44. Gerda Says:

    Its no smoke. She’s wearing gloves and is not smoking so no sicarette smoke. Maby its a ghost who knew this person and always is there, or it wasa the right moment to appear and let them see he or she is still there and protects.Peopel always do try to find another explanation when they see something like this while they often know or feel its real, but are to sceptic to say its true.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Obviousley this photo was taken at night in the winter with snow falling.
    It’s a snowflake caught in the flash as the picture was taken

  46. Victoria Says:

    Hey, so what if it’s a smoking photographer. The poster clearly doesn’t think it’s paranormal and neither do most of the comments. Smoke. Cold day. FAB PHOTO that would look good framed in your wall to worry the feeble-minded 🙂

    I wish I had some like that! X

  47. Travis Hilkey Says:

    Actually as I have deciphered the photo, I do believe that the person who took the photo breathed out slowly causing a ghost like image in the flash completely invisible to the eye but the lens being a super focal lens would pick it up. (This is why we use cameras on our investigations because they pick up intense images but it is also very unstable as other things get picked up as well.)

    It is, however, very cool that it looks like a ghost hugging you though.

    I am sorry to be the rain that fell on the barbecue, But if you look closely at the photo all that “Steam” or “Smoke” is very close to the camera’s lens. A ghost that big would have to be further away from the camera to make such a large silhouette. I did a test with a friend of mine with my Digital and a similar ghost-like image also showed up (Only it wasn’t hugging me) but the steam from his breath being that it was cold outside caused a steamy aura that looked like a ghost. But alas it was not.

    Good news for you if you ever return to that location I would feel safe to say that there won’t be any spooks taunting you.

  48. connect macbook to tv Says:

    9th dimensional space octopus.

  49. tina and jenny Says:

    we took a picture very similar to yours on one of our physic investigations in a garden of an old musuem,we beleive that this picture is of a spirit.the same as yours,it was taken at 2am in complete darkness, no one was smoking or nor was it our breath.

  50. Caroliny Says:


  51. chapolin Says:

    essa parece mais montagem, mas da medo kkkkkkkkk

  52. readbud Says:

    Darn, it looks so scary!!! hopefully, this wont happen to me!

  53. jay Says:

    I see in the photo there is snow on the ground, so i think its a snowflake falling close up to the lens.
    Cool photograph tho.

  54. HM Says:

    Camera or exposure fault

  55. udonia Says:

    An angel is protecting you.;)

  56. AnG3l* Says:

    It Would help if the person Cleaned the Camera !! Dirt shows More in a cold Enviroment ….

  57. A Says:

    This is an angel – not a ghost.

  58. Star**** Says:

    This isn’t just caused by smoke or the fog coming from out of some one’s breath. To be honest -and I’m not really religious- but it looks like an angel of some sorts. And you can see a redish coloured orb in the left bottom corner side.


  59. Erkki Says:

    Look carefully right from the girl. Do you see the face too?

  60. Isabel Says:

    Not trying to rain on your parade but I too agree that it has to be ciggarette smoke. Itook a pic with my boyfriend not too long ago and the photog was smoking and left a similiar look. Sorry.

  61. Danilo Says:

    Portuguese Brazil – Como estava Frio creio que houve um pequeno borrão na lente, isso acontece com algumas fotos noturnas onde aparecem umas espécies de orbs.

  62. Djohnson Says:

    I looks like cigarette smoke to me as well, but its also a dead ringer for one of those “virgin Mary” sightings. She even has a flippin halo!

  63. KRISTIEN Says:

    I believe this to be nothing more then smoke or the play of light. Even smoke can sometimes take shapes of their own!

  64. Katelyn Says:

    I want casper the friendly ghost to hug me or any other ghost.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    theres in app on the iphone called theres no such thing as ghosts or something and one of the figures you can put in the pictures

  66. Anonymous Says:

    that is a awsome picture

  67. Mel Real Ghosts Expert Says:

    Great ghost picture who is to say if this above photo is a real ghost picture or false.

  68. bonnie davies Says:

    It is somebody holding you and letting you know they are there and watching over you I would love a pick like that As i would feel its my Grandad or my baby 🙂 xxxx

  69. antonio zuniga Says:

    hey i like all the pics u have it’s hard evidence

  70. Anonymous Says:

    yes its just a smoke or a some kind of light

  71. Deb/Boston Says:

    That’s strange… what were u taking a picture of? Someone took it just because, or had a feeling?

  72. Delmer Frasure Says:

    I’ve seen mist-like apparitions like this: my friend Coral Polge, world-famous psychic artist said it’s because a spirit is trying to materialize into this realm.

  73. Eric Pepin Says:

    I dont think so. its not any ghost. I think ghost has no any real existent in world.but some people believe in ghost.

  74. Paul Says:

    this is fake in my opinion

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  75. Anonymous Says:

    it is not real

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  77. coversmovie Says:


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  78. Hipstamatic Or Haunted? « rsmithing Says:

    […] those “ghost hunter” television shows where they would use some sort of special film or photography to document a spirit? I’ve always been fascinated by such, and that’s what feels like I’m doing with […]

  79. Shaggy Says:

    Apparently in 1981 MTV did not teach everyone about cold weather. Obviously there is snow on the ground and a person taking a picture from his head area . Warm air from his mouth or nose is coming out and mixing with the cold ass weather making a foggy effect in front of the camera. It is not the ghost who will need a hug now.

  80. bean77 Says:

    it is so obviously smoke or possibly breath. i have plenty of pics where someone was smoking and they look alot like that. it would be nice to think its an angel but that is ignorant. cool shape it made though.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    I have see a ghost at the backyard of my home .
    It seem like horible& just a cirgirate smoke and sudenly the ghost attrak on me and i very afriad .O my God i remind the movement until know . I wante to send message those people who are not belive on ghost .Plz belive on me ghost are always present around us

  82. Bashrt Says:

    O God i realy seem a ghost yesterday . When i m walk along on the road yesterday . Just like a smoke of cirgirate .And i wante to sent thiz message all the people who are no belive on ghost plz dnt walk along on night on road i wante to Alert all people plz belive .And in chitral piyaal every place present wishes who sack the blood of human

  83. Dekorasyon Says:


    […]Ghost hug « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  84. santhosh Says:

    is that really ghost………

    of ghost

  85. Anonymous Says:

    defos the photo guy was smokin a done it once n it looked the exact same

  86. Yana Says:

    That is either a spirit or car exhaust with funny light on it

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  89. Angela Billings Says:

    This is definitely not a pic of smoke or breath. Have you ever seen your breath that thick and stand feet tall w shape of an Angel?that’s your guardian angel my friend, don’t be is protectin you.all you skeptics out there crack me up!u are so worrieabout accepting the truth that yoy make up stuff to rationalize what ur seeing. Frankly non if it made any sense!!

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  91. Jim in Texas Says:

    The ghost of a cigarette. Flash photography outdoors at night will produce brightly illuminated close objects. If you are a smoker taking a picture, it is natural to hold the cigarette in your left hand (while holding the camera) and snapping the shutter with your right. Of course, while taking the picture, it doesn’t occur to you that the smoke would ever be visible in the photo, but there it is – brightly illuminated because it is so close to the flash. (This same camera anomaly explains “orbs” – brightly lit water droplets close to the flash, and “strap ghosts”, resulting when the camera strap is in front of the lens and flooded with light from the flash.)

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  96. lorah Says:

    Ciggerette smoke doesn’t flow like that upeople are crazy to think that’s the cause

  97. sushant kumar Says:

    it’s just a smoke dammit

  98. sushant kumar Says:

    it’s just a smoke

  99. Shweta Says:

    Check for the horror of your life 😉

  100. Ghost & Girl Says:

    My immediate reaction to this photo is that the “ghost” is someone’s breath. Cold outside certainly has a nice ethereal quality to it.

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  102. Anonymous Says:

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  103. Sophie Parker Says:

    Wow this photos amazing 😱

  104. Milinda McCall Says:

    Hi, may I ask where? It looks scary!

  105. Milinda McCall Says:

    Hi again, sorry, I meant to Ghost Hug. May I ask where? Thanks!

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  109. Kawaii POP Says:

    Did we ever think that it could be a spirit that possessed the person’s breath? Or it could be an elemental spirit of some sort like possibly a Sylph as their bodies if captured on camera look wispy like that sometimes and not to mention they are air elementals so it would make sense. Just putting this out there.

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