Ghost behind the wall

“I’d love to know what you think of this photo. It was taken, by my uncle, many years ago in Highfield, Southampton, where we used to live. That’s me in the foreground but in the background, close to the shrub, you’ll see a face peering over the wall.

The only people in the garden that day were my parents, my uncle and me. The house itself was described by everyone as having an atmosphere; my uncle sums it up best with his description from a biography he wrote about his father, my grandfather:

“Mayfield’ was a barn of a place chiefly now remembered by me for the chill on winter’s mornings and its spookiness. The Highfield district of Southampton had been built up in the late Victorian and Edwardian years, the names of the roads gave the game away, Khartoum, Omdurman, Nile and so on recalling the British in the Sudan and Egypt…the house had been occupied by the army during the war, the lower half of the passage walls and doors were painted an tasteful chocolate brown (for gloom ‘Mayfield’ was in a class of it’s own)…

It is over fifty years ago, but I still see the Bechstein concert grand piano in the lounge bay window, the lounge and dining room were one large room as my parents preferred to keep the wooden dividing doors open.   ‘Mayfield’ was a ‘spooky’ house, many years later when dad was semi retired and working in Cape Town I never liked staying there on my own. There was a tale told about the house that it was unlucky for women. Both Mrs, Wills and my mother died in the house at very young ages and later my sister and Lynette who also had stayed there both died very young of identical cancer.”

My uncle has had a lifelong interest in photography and when this picture was developed – along with another photo taken on the same afternoon showing the same face – he still recalls the impact that seeing this little face had on my parents. My mother asked him never to show it to me and he only did so many years after she had died. I think it is absolutely extraordinary. We have had it enlarged and, if anything, it looks even more obviously a head – but using measurements gauged by the bricks and the pipe, our best estimate is that the head is tiny – only a few inches high.”


314 Responses to “Ghost behind the wall”

  1. Sage Says:

    I looked at both pictures for a while before reading the text above. I saw no face until after I read the text. Looks like leaves to me.

    • bumcheeks Says:

      out of proportion with it’s surroundings, a drug induced cameraman perhaps??

      • spacey VonS Says:

        Its strange but if you look where the head is its far past a garden and would be normal size head at that distance. the leave thing, it looks like he’s scratching his head, and eyes do play on you cause i see a woman with bangs behind him. unsure of that, but i say creepy real ppl thats all

    • Tiina Maria Wiik Says:

      I think that’s a clear case of pareidolia. The leaves and shadows create a pattern that distantly resembles a face, then the mind fills out the blanks. The human brain is engineered to recognize faces so we see them everywhere. There’s a good way to tell pareidolia from real faces: cover a part of the “face”. A real face is still recognizable when you only see a part of it (one eye, nose etc.) but pareidolia stops working when there’s not enough similarities to a face in there. Then it’s easy to tell what really forms the face.

  2. The Spoon Says:

    Totally agree with Sage, shapes made by the leaves. Saw nothing and now its been pointed out all I can see is a face. Damn my brain! 🙂

  3. Kelpie Says:

    I agree, just the pattern formed by the leaves

  4. Alex Pryce Says:

    How small would it have to be if it were actually a ghost? Its like an action man.

  5. Katrina Stone Says:

    I think it looks more like an elf than a ghost. But it’s just leaves. 🙂

  6. P3TR Says:

    creepy pic

  7. P3TR Says:

    lol jk

  8. andrew Says:

    that photo did send a chill down my spine…seriously.
    looking at it more i thought its just the leaves…but the fact that the light is reflecting off his head on the left leaves me to belive that there is definatley an object there!!
    what that object is i cant say…

  9. Mike Says:

    Just the leaves… imo

  10. kliite368 Says:

    Ok, I have to agree with Andrew. There is definitely an object there. Just as he said, there is a reflection of light off the left side of the forehead of the face. There is no way this could just be the placement of leaves. You can also see details of eyebrows and nose that seem to be more than just the play of shadow and light. I think there must have been something there, but what is hard to guess…especially considering the small size. There is always the idea that the photo was somehow altered. In any case, it is certainly interesting!

    • 613photo Says:

      Yes it is just the placement of the leaves. Look closely and increase contrast. The forehead of the mad is without question a leaf. And the rest is indeed shadowplay.

      No indication of alteration.

  11. Katrina Says:

    I noticed the face immediately, but I believe it is leaves, and the rest is just matrixing..

  12. cam Says:

    Is interesting as kliite says….the detail of the ‘face’ is quite clear and I did see the ‘face’ first off.

    I would say that apart from the leaves there could be something else there but cant make out what it is.

  13. kit Says:

    leaves, but good picture

  14. FromBrazil Says:

    What draws most attention in this picture are the reflections of sunlight on the “face” that really does seem to exist, but to pay attention and have to adimit that the sun is on the left of the face, simply to observe that the shadow of leaves on the wall in the background. Thus, the reflection on the right side of the face (left side of those notes) are not likely to happen and nothing more is that the reflection of sunlight on the wall seen through the leaves, which together mimic the shape of a perfect face. I really like this photo.

  15. monster legends Says:

    With so many unaccounted paranormal occurances it makes me wonder is every body who claims to have seen ghosts wrong. The chances of that are fewer than hitting the jackpot on the lotto.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      there are billions of people in the world not Christian, according to xtianity they must be wrong.

      It is indeed possible for millions or billions to be wrong.

  16. Gaz Says:

    yes I think our senses are being fooled by the shape of the follage in the background. If you look at the ‘face’ carefully it is mishapen which forces you to rationalise the real pic. I think there is a slight possibility that the shiny depiction of a forehead may be some kind of mushroom within the follage, but im not a 100% on that.

  17. Ellie Says:


  18. SHEN Says:

    its 2 leaves with a shadow on the wall behind….just some optical illusion

  19. Don Says:

    I saw the mans face and head straight away

  20. monkey boy Says:

    LEAVES. next

  21. doctoratlantis Says:

    First I see the face – then the vase. Wait – I mean leaves. Oh drat. But it does remind me of that guy from 3rd Rock…

  22. vbloke Says:

    am I the only one who saw it and thought Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager?

  23. Janice Says:

    I’ve look at this and looked at this and it doesn’t look like leaves to me. Looks like a face. It’s creepy.

    However, I wouldn’t argue to the death on this one that it isn’t leaves. But I still don’t see it. Leaves, I mean.

  24. Ronald Says:

    it looks like the “forehead” is the house, and the “eyebrows “are leaves.There is a twig shooting up in front of the brick wall for the “nose.”See how the nose looks bent.Nice pic.

  25. Alison Says:

    This looks like a face but I think it’s just a mix of leaves caught at the right angle, like the rock man in Boscastle!

  26. Elisavet Says:

    looks a lot like Bela Lugosi to me!

  27. Nadira Says:

    Perhaps a garden gnome? LOL

    You’ve got to love matrixing. The “forehead” that some of you believe is a leaf with light (sunlight?) reflecting off it. I believe this because I see what looks like a vine running up the bricks and ending at the tip of that leaf. At first, I thought mushroom, but quickly saw otherwise. Matrixing is a term to describe the human mind’s natural tendency to find familiar shapes in complex shapes or colors. In other words finding a face in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects. Ever see shapes in clouds? (Thanks Grant)

    • Travis Hilkey Says:

      The white “light” on the forehead is actually the house behind the foliage. if you look at it closely the shadow line runs behind just a tickle causeing what looks like a forehead or a shine on

  28. Spook Scientist Says:

    This is an interesting picture. If it was not a person peering over the wall, it was either a spirit, ghost or shadow.

  29. Corey Says:

    I see leaves that is playing with the eyes. But a cool picture anyway.

  30. Kitty Says:

    I think it is just the human mind seeing a face in the leaves, and the ‘shiny forehead’ is just a light reflection off the wall or another leaf. However you mentioned that your grandfather took another photograph with the same face in it? I think we would all be interested in seeing that one!

  31. whatever Says:

    i have been reading those comments and i dont understand one thing: if you people dont belive in ghosts why are you visiting this or similar sites?

  32. ZeroCorpse Says:



  33. Kevin Says:

    Why would Che Guevara be in the plants? Mysterioso!

  34. Kevin Says:

    I used to have a habit of noticing faces in anything with a suitably irregular pattern. Once one notices a face image, its very hard to un-notice it. One thing that helps is if you can rotate the image. We don’t instantly recognize upside-down faces as such. Try it with a photo of a familiar person. Close your eyes, turn the face upside down and open your eyes. I think most will notice a split-second delay as there “face recognition software” locks on.
    Some will even notice there eyes quickly scanning the photo to find the face, even though they new exactly where it was , geometrically.

  35. Tomato Ketchup Says:

    Got hold of some NASA bleeding-edge image analysis software. Mystery solved…


    • Mike Says:

      Psst. Don’t want to rain on your parade man but… that’s a fake. Real NASA programs always render Elvis.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    It’s weird how our brains make us see what we want 🙂 I saw the face at first but on closer examination it-s leaves and shadow. Cool pic though 🙂

  37. The Igloo Keeper Says:

    Looks like Bela Lugosi to me.

  38. Jack Says:

    This reminds me so much of this picture of my friend as a baby that he has hanging by his door. It is so creepy. He is seen playing in the woods, but behind him is clearly a figure with a wizard’s hat. But… it is an illusion from the bushes in the background.

  39. alana Says:

    creeeeepy x

  40. dmac Says:

    This thing drives me nuts. I don’t think it’s a ghost or elf or demon at all. But it is definitely an object with some leaves in front of it. Maybe some ornamental thing. It makes me crazy sitting here and not figuring out what it is.

  41. UFC 101 Live Stream Says:

    now i believe in ghosts

  42. Rod Says:

    How sad that every one jumps on the bandwagon to dismiss this pic as leaves.Could it be that this rational fits better with your `there is no bogey man`?i see this image so clearly that I would recognise the guy if I saw him in the street.Open your minds people. Where is the fun in your closed mind ,lets all say it`s leaves so we sleep better at night.

  43. noamgr Says:

    this picture is very spooky! it could be a trick of the camera, or leaves. Really a picture is no evidence either for or against… but damn that picture is creepy!

    and people who say “I just see leaves.” there is definitely a part of your brain that is broken if you don’t see a face. are you kidding??

    creepy looking shit.
    that said, it takes more than a creepy picture to prove ghosts in my books.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Optics the eyes see what they want to see thats why some can see the head & some can’t! the Head is actually quite strange because if you notice the Brickwork to the house in line with the nose has a shadow under it i would expect to see a continuation of that shadow through the actual face but it is not there very strange indeed!

  45. zgrav Says:

    I am completely freaked out at the way the white circle just seems to float in front of that little girl. A really freaky orb.

  46. Kelly Says:

    same size as the leaves, quite a small size for a head maybe photographer has finally captured a fairy seems to be cheekily hiding, or else im
    afraid your tiny nrighbour is a peeping thomas

  47. Anonymous Says:

    If your neighbor wasn’t peeping at the time, is just a strange optical illusion created by the leafs at the back. The lighter ones, including what it seems to be a forehead, are the ones the sun is glowing upon, look closer and the shape will be clearer to you…

    Still, amazing how you managed to get the picutre at the exact moment to create this strange illusion, however, I see no ghosts…

  48. Mike Says:

    I agree that the face is an effect of color and shading on the leaves. But really now… isn’t it curious how the eyes and the mind communicate?

    This is one of my favorite pics… as an example of how we can see what the mind cares to see. It is a gift, from the gods if you like, to be able to find dragons and damsels in the passing clouds. There’s no shame in it.

    Dare we even consider that our pet dog has the capability to understand what all the fuss is about, lol!

    Barking… will never again just be barking 🙂

  49. Janice Says:

    I’ve looked at it and looked at it, trying to see the leaves that everyone is talking about, and I just can’t see leaves. I see a face. Now when something really is matrixing, or really is a light reflection, etc,. once it’s pointed out and I look again, I can always see it. In this case, no. It’s got me thinking that everyone who is saying they see leaves has taken some kind of hallucinogen.

    So I think this is genuine. It’s a tiny head. Very creepy.

  50. Keith Says:

    It’s little Martin Amis!

  51. Raven Says:

    methinks that if it was done recently i would have said that it was spraypaint picture that you would see in most places at an agle it looks like Che Guvara!
    but i think it could be the light shining onto some leaves-creepy but no ghost

  52. Longrange Says:

    Its definitley a trick of light and shadow, combined with paredolia.
    Try covering a portion of the face on the blow up above, cover a tiny part of it and the face dissolves into leaves and shadows.
    Still a brilliant photo though, a textbook example of the human brains ability to pick familiar patterns out of visual clutter.

  53. Unique Says:

    Optics the eyes see what they want to see thats why some can see the head & some can’t! the Head is actually quite strange because if you notice the Brickwork to the house in line with the nose has a shadow under it ((i would expect to see a continuation of that shadow through the actual face but it is not there very strange indeed!))

    Then Explain why the Shadow of the Brickwork doesn’t show through the Face!! Take a good look at a Picture before Debunking it!!

  54. John Says:

    Looks like a face to me, what about the other photo that was mentioned?

  55. Lulu Says:

    It’s a tiny “face” made by leaves, lighting, stems, and our brain’s ability to
    matrix. I see stuff like this in trees on my property quite often. It’s fun to spot faces! 🙂

  56. Omega1664 Says:

    Optical illusions caused by the leaves and shadows. Creepy looking the original photo.

  57. gmpoint Says:

    is that a real ghost or what?
    that freak me out

  58. reikiwoman Says:

    I saw the creature right away, without any prompting. I do not believe it to be a ghost, I believe it to be a elf or gnome, in that category anyway.

  59. jessica Says:

    i seen it right away. i believe it could be a ghost, no one will know for sure but none the less it’s a cool photo!

  60. Pearl79 Says:

    Definitely looks like a face. Depending on the angle and actual distance this could have been an average sized person. Possibly someone your mother knew and didn’t want you to know and that is why she asked your uncle not to show you the picture.

  61. Chris Says:

    Its Gary Glitter. Problem solved

  62. Si Says:

    Look at any tree or bush and you’ll see more impressive examples of simulacrum. Quite how people imagine this is anything but leaves is the real mystery here. Geez.

  63. Alex Says:

    Real man watching the child from behind the wall. Note the shadow from the bigger leaf on his forhead

  64. motorolafans Says:

    Well i cant belive that you guys seriously believe in ghosts!

  65. bb27 Says:

    holy shit i saw that and it gave me the chills and i have seen a ghost in real life thats just freaking scary . i dont think thats just leaves . if that was just leaves it wouldnt look like it does . Hell im still shivering.

  66. bianca Says:

    if u dont beilive in ghost . HAHA i cant wait till u see 1 in real life. ur goin 2 shit urself . i know i almost did. 🙂 ;(

  67. Mike Says:

    Why do we approach the spirits of the formerly physically living, as if they were a carnival sideshow?

    If we, for one moment, assume these are the surviving entities of once flesh and blood humans… why do we not offer an ounce of respect?

    Just because they can’t jump up and smack us in the face for the disrespect… doesn’t invite license for abuse.

  68. Korean Says:

    leave. 나뭇잎이잖아 !! 아.. 저게 무슨 귀신임.

    • penelope kim(김경림) Says:

      와!!! 한국인이네. 저도 저게 귀신같다고는 생각하지 않아요.

  69. Lorenza Palomino Says:

    It looks to me like it’s a man peeking over the fence.

  70. purple73 Says:

    Although it does look like a face it simply is just leaves

  71. wolf mechanics Says:

    I can see the face as well, but about 10 seconds of closer inspection reveals the illusion for what it is; a combination of leaves, shadows + the stalks and fuzzy tops of the dandelion-like things in front of the wall.

    There are some seriously rofltastic comments on here though, especially the one about how we’re all just saying it’s leaves so we can sleep better at night. HAHA ❤

  72. Tiffany Says:

    I think it is a ghost and u can call it the leaves or trolls or action men or optical illusions whatever call it what u will but that is A GHOST! ! ! ! !

  73. alex Says:

    how extraordinary.
    Could you tell me where the house is/was in Highfield? I have lived there all my life and am very interested.
    Many thanks,

    • Sarah Says:

      Hi, I’m the person who sent in the photo – the house it was taken at overlooks the Common at Highfield, but I don’t have the exact address. The picture was taken in 1960.

  74. Anny Says:

    A GHOST! ! ! ! !

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  79. Salaman Khan Says:

    I m interesting in this topic i hope u you will post muore of these topics

  80. Andrew Says:

    This was really an interesting post!
    In which I highly agreed that there were other types of living pesona over the earth. And this thing really needs to be respected as well as they never brought nothing bad to us. Respect is the only thing we need to do in order for them to respect us.

  81. Sumit Sur Says:

    nice post …

  82. Gerda Says:

    Its not made by the shapes of the leaves if you cant see a face in this then you have to put glasses on or need them. Its a mans face orfcourse,but it does not seem to look like the little girl. At least I dont get the impression of that. I have a picture of myself looks very much like this little girl also in a garden no faces there,but gives me a feeling I know this little girl although thats not possible. The picture of the male ghost maby have lived there,or? Anyway faces do appaear often in trees with leaves or bushes I do not know why. It also can be a fake picture ofcourse . Anything is possible but you clearly see a man ‘s face.I often seen pictures with faces on it from my woan pictures I take. I do recognizeze face right aways if there on it. While others never see them.

  83. ghosthbuster Says:

    where is the othe picture showing the same face???? please let us see!!! this photo scared me……others not!!!

  84. ange Says:

    i see a flower on a vine in the garden although it does look like half a face with the lighting

  85. Liesbeth Says:

    very spooky, its a gnome!

  86. Frank Says:

    That’s does’nt ghost face,but human face

  87. Frank Says:

    That’s does’nt ghost face,but human face…
    You damn,fuck…

    • Travis R. Hilkey Says:

      Well; not only do you sound very uneducated by the fact that you can’t type for nothing, but you also have a very bad attitude little boy. I hope you are around 4 or 5 following what you see your daddy do, because I would hate to think that the adults of today would stoop so low as to leave illegible and untangible statements to something that is just a post on a public site.

  88. Travis Hilkey Says:

    This is awesome. Unfortunately, I have superimposed the Photo and it is merely leaves and shadows but the way they are caste is just spooky.

  89. jose eduardo Says:

    i from brasil, i dont speak inglish. mas a imagem é uma ilusão de ótica,causada pelas folhas.

  90. Peugot905 Says:

    Dont worry its just Chuck Norris.

  91. Travis Hilkey Says:

    LMAO dude that is so funny. It almost looks like Chuck too lol

  92. gemma Says:

    its a ghost for sure if you look closly !!

  93. haja Says:


  94. chenee fuller Says:

    omg it a ghostt
    i go greatbarr school secondaryy
    if u wanna contact me im in year 7 !!
    naaa but datt rarr is a ghostt !!

  95. chenee fuller Says:

    i was only jokinng im in collgee lol

  96. frozenfii Says:

    I looked at the photo first, before reading the story, and I saw the face clearly.

  97. Paul c Says:

    Very spooky,wont be able 2 sleep 2night!

  98. warmaiden Says:

    looks like a pervert to me.

  99. Benny Ruo Says:

    Might be human or leaves not ghosts i think

  100. Carencruz Says:

    I don’t believe ghost.

  101. error fix Says:

    saw no face until after I read the text. Looks like leaves to me.

  102. Caren Says:

    Due illusion the photo may be like tat …

  103. Hendry Says:

    May be shadows of trees and some other things, In ordinary cameras its not possible to capture ghost…..

  104. Shany Says:

    It should be human only.

  105. jenna Says:

    Good creation of human.

  106. Alpha Says:

    Its like human only.

  107. Y8 Says:

    yes good article read you all

  108. Travel Kefalonia Says:

    It’s creeeeeeppppy…. but i dont think that’s a ghost..its an elf or a dwarf i guess…just like those in the fairy tales..but humans can’t see them..

  109. Oil Painting Book Says:

    I think I’ll agree that it isn’t a ghost…Besides, i don’t really believe in ghosts that much..:)

  110. Oil Painting Book Says:

    I think it looks like a normal human being, though…

  111. Bass Fishing Books Says:

    I think its a man hiding with a telescope.

  112. Decorative Painting Books Says:

    whew! its creepy…….

  113. Books on Marriage Says:

    It’s spooky…yeah!

  114. Cynthia Thompson Says:

    Is it really a ghost It looks like a real human.

  115. Peoria Carpet Cleaning Says:

    It looks like a real child…

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    creepy picture

  117. Shoppers Sweepstakes Says:

    this is cool…:)

  118. Jason Phimosis Says:

    this stuff looks kinda cool, but its kind of freaky…im telling all my friends about this site.

  119. wanidaprajak Says:

    You see what you would you like to see which forced by your brain.

  120. LOTRfan939 Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s acually a human crouched down and in the bushes peeping-tom style. Forced Perspective is a long practiced camera trick (not that this is an intentional effect here) used to make otherwise similar sized photo subjects appear dramatically different in size. This was used heavily (along with other methods) in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy from Peter Jackson to create the effect of the 3 foot tall Hobbits alongside the 7 foot tall Gandalf and others. The two-dimensional perspective of a camera at the right angle (intentional or otherwise) can easily give the impression of a tiny head in the background. I mean it’s pretty obvious that the girl is almost on top of the lens. It wouldn’t take a great difference in distances to create the perspective you see here. Point in fact: Look at the window on the house. At first glance do you really think the girls head is that much larger than the window?? No, but that “head” sure looks to be close to the right perspective to the window, doesn’t it? I believe this is a matter for the Police…not the Ghosthunters.

  121. Rick Says:

    I also agree with Shen on what was posted on 05/19/09. it seams to be an optical illusion caused by the leaves and the lighting, ofcoarse thats just my opinion.

  122. Anonymous Says:

    I did a test on this picture.

    It is not a pattern formed by leaves.

    The image of the face is on the same colour level as the wall.

    The leaves have a certain colour due to their thermo read out and their texture, they are a completely different colour to the face, every one of them even those that are from different plants.

    I do not know weather this is a face or not, what I do know is that it was not made by the formation of leaves.

  123. Stephanie Says:

    I saw the face straight away…just popped out at me immediately. I think you’ve really got something here. Very interesting!

  124. kd Says:

    In the first photo it just looks like a lawn statue

  125. Jennifer Says:

    I think when this picture was developed it messed up. It took a part of another picture and transposed it onto this one. I’ve seen it happen with 35mm film and developing. Its not leaves, no way. Everyone has their opinion but its either the misdeveloping or a spirit.

  126. tammy Says:

    ummm, just looks like someone peeking over a fence to me

  127. Cynthia Says:

    It seems to me to be an entity of some first tought was an elf or a sprite…a garden gnome or fairy! I see a somewhat human face but think it is just a nimble little garden sprite!

  128. Junk Monkey Says:

    Leaves. But great example of pattern recognition…

  129. Brandon Clark Says:

    I do c a head but how do u know it wasn’t someone just sneaking into the pic?

  130. mike meins Says:

    Lines and shadows. I’ve many photos that I can see devils, angels, faces when you look for them. Nice photo though.

  131. Lee Ann in VA Says:

    the brain is programmed to recognize faces . . . which is why we notice faces in clouds, leaves, even food. I learned this in Psychology, but it still doesn’t keep me from thinking some of the faces captured on print are actual faces, paranormal or otherwise.

  132. Fio Says:

    Funny seeing the doubters. Denial is a strong force. I believe we are seeing a a face next to the wall but has anyone noticed what looks like a face to the left above the rock wall?

  133. Cindy Highsmith Says:

    That is definatly a face, you can clearly see every feature besides the mouth…Creepy!

  134. Michelle Says:

    I looked at both photos before reading the text and I did see the face. There is definately something there but what it is, I can’t be sure

  135. Anonymous Says:

    It’s the Keebler elf….lol

  136. breeze Says:

    i seen the face straight away, before i even seen the leafs. awsome pictuer.

  137. Peggy Says:

    I would have to say that unless they captured a fairy, ( more troll like than tinker bell ) that this is matrixing and we just recognize the shapes and shadows as a face. I am not saying its nothing, because frankly I don’t know. There was a similar photo taken in the Amity (sp?) house, the face of one of the young boys was caught by the stair case… Comparing the image of the ghost boy, to his life photo was to me proof it was the same being.

  138. Says:

    I agree with Tammy…looks like somebody peeking over. Not leaves, and I don’t see where the “tiny” size comes in. Looks like it’s a normal-sized head of somebody looking over the fence/wall. Nothing “spooky” about it.

  139. sandy Says:

    Very interesting. Idk if it’s a ghost or not. I do believe in ghost. I am not one to believe we are the only things inhabiting this earth, but to each their own. I saw the “face” right away, my 6 yr old son was sitting next to me and once he got over the fact the babies face was covered (and why) he looked at rest of the pic for a bit, then said “I see a face,” so who knows. Its all really interesting either way.

  140. Tina Hauptman Says:

    I have taken many photos of such things , images that do not apper until you develop them. It is not foliage. By the size of it , this leads me to beleive that it is a sprite. They are part of a group, that has been know over the centuries to cause ill will and misc. problems to home owners.

  141. StormieSkyes Says:

    Very interesting photo! I saw the “face” right away.

  142. Dani Says:

    I’m not sure what it is, but I noticed it before reading about it. It’s a face, not leaves. Maybe it’s a leprachaun??? 😉
    Kinda creepy either way.

  143. Larry Holmack Says:

    Looks like leaves to me. It’s just an optical illusion…the leaves and the wall of the house just happen to have shawdows cast on it just right for the illusion to appear. Either that…or someone that’s good with Photodhop got a hold of the picture.

  144. angelgirl Says:

    I saw the face right away. Very creepy. You can see the light reflecting off the forehead, too. On the left, it looks like there may be some sort of bird or parrot next to him, but that may just be leaves. But there is definitely a head there peeking over the wall at you. No clue if it’s a real person or what “it” may be.

  145. Anonymous Says:

    That is a ghost,looks like a leprechon,looks like Abraham Lincoln peaking over at the lil girl but either way its most definately a ghost!!!

  146. william ellerman Says:

    I would say it looks like leaves to me.

  147. Dana Says:

    I saw the face immediately as soon as the picture showed on my screen…..can’t even get my eyes to make the face into leaves. That is a scary picture.

  148. Princeman Says:

    Yep saw it at first glance b4 even reading text. Most ppl should know that not all ghost are in the same form as norm human size & looks, Plus they can appear anywhere in places that seem to be unable for humans to appear in, such as in walls or ceilings etc. Also it does not have to be a “full body” either it can just be the face or head that shows.
    Great catch guys!

  149. Rose Says:

    Leaves? No, it is the top of a head alright.

  150. Shoe Says:

    I saw a face immediately, drawn to it more than the subject intended to be taken. It looks, by the way the hair is worn and extreme eyebrows, like an Edwardian/Victorian Gentelman.

  151. Meg Says:

    I really don’t think that is leaves at all, when I looked at the picture, the face really jumps out at you. I don’t know if a neighbor was being nosey or it is a ghost, but the light reflects off his forehead, I don’t think a ghost could reflect light like that.

  152. Lisa Says:

    It’s a very interesting photo, but I believe it’s just leaves. I’ve believed in the paranormal all my life, thanks to some “close encounters” with a few ghosts, one who occupied my home and was a prankster. I’ll be the first in line to claim “ghost!” if I feel it’s there, but I think this is simply a play of light on the leaves. Doesn’t mean the place isn’t haunted, but just that this isn’t a photo of said ghost.

  153. Cyndi Says:

    Optical illusion – parts of the plants.

  154. Shoe Says:

    I found the face immediately, it drew me more than the subject herself. From the way his hair and extreme eyebrows are worn he appears to be a gentelman from the Edwarian/Victorian era.

  155. Ashley Says:

    It looks like Abe Lincoln creepin behind the bush!

  156. Anonymous Says:

    i got the link from fb saying ghostly pic so i went to this pic went strait to pic still havnt read none of anything about the pics and immediatly saw the face in both pics to define to be leaves looks like the real deal to me!

  157. kris Says:

    looks like an evil leprechun.u can see a definite outline of the hairline and nostril, his eyes are a tiny bit shadowed BY the leaves,,, but da lil leprechun is there.

  158. Anonymous Says:

    looks like someone trying to take a picture with their camera and it’s blocking his eye. Fake picture. It’s obviously from a distance so the guys head only looks really small.

  159. Tonya Says:

    I saw a man’s head, personally, I would have clearly seen it even if it hadnt been pointed out. Although i know that your brain automatically trys to put patterns into something that makes sense to you, and i get itabout the leaves but I dont think thats what is going on here.If you enlarge the photo, it looks nothing like the leaves. clearly a difference. (I asked my husband if he saw anything out of place, and he said “what, The guy behind the wall?” and I told him nothing about the photo. Either way, Its a thinker. 🙂

  160. Jubie Says:

    It’s matrixing. There is no face, though it may look like one is there. But it’s just matrixing, trust me.

    And I’m not speaking as a skeptic or non-believer. I’ve had my own experiences which would seem bizarre to some, yet they happened, and not just to me at the time. So I have corroboration.

    In this case, I’m calling it matrixing.

  161. sheryl mallison Says:

    Judging from the bushy eyebrows, I would guess it’s a leprachaun, a mischevious one at that. Leaves and sunlight? No, too obvious for that, definately paranormal.

  162. Wendy Says:

    You have to look at the shadow and the way the light hits it…..leaves don’t cast shadows like that. being metaphysical we believe there are all sorts of things out there including spirit energies that can manifest in the most peculiar places….also, has it been considered that it might have crossed over from another dimension just to take a look?

  163. Patricia Paddock Says:

    you all are blind i can clearly see a face there in the bushes. eyes, noise, forhead, and hair, which is dark hair. i read the first 2 lines and went to the pic an seen it as i was scrolling down. creapy

  164. Bea Butcher Says:

    I find it very interesting. I don’t know why so many people tend to scoff at the unknown. I can plainly see the face, which should not be there. I have experienced ghosts and orbs, myself.

  165. Shawna Says:

    I saw this post on fb and like the others i see only the face of a older man right away. Nowhere do i see the possiblity of the face being leaves. You can clearly see the eyes, bushy eyebrows, dark hair and perhaps a scar over the right eyebrow, then i looked again more clearly you can see that the scratches of light on the face by the eyebrow and just under the eye are parts of the top of the branches or sticks in front of the brick fence. If you follow them up all the way to the top you can see that they are still connected to the small branches. It almost looks like a old picture, the way just the face is transposed into the leaves. Not really sure, but i do know it is not leaves.

  166. Kelli Says:

    It appers to me to resemble an American Indian hunkered down just watching what you are doing.

  167. Anonymous Says:

    pretty creepy,but it’s just leaves!!!

  168. cindy parkes Says:

    I definitely see a face…leaves around it, but most definitely a face…creepy.

  169. Fin Says:

    You can trace the shadow/light line in the wall behind the shrub. It’s nothing more than natural surrounding blending to create what your mind WANTS to perceive it as. Also, take the picture to photo shop (or any other editing software) and you can do a double exposure to see that it is nothing more than what was mentioned above.

  170. Katie Says:

    I didn’t read anything before looking @ the pic and I saw a face right away without a second thought. I don’t know if the picture was tampered with, but hello to the people who think it’s leaves…. cause that is not leaves!!

  171. ValoInfinity Says:

    Its a combination of shadow and branches… like the cover of the movie premonition… the branches make up part of a face while the shadows from the same plant hit the wall behind it and complete an illusion… im a believer not a sceptic… so… yea

  172. Paul Waszkiewicz Yorkville N. Y. Says:

    Isee the face. Behind it though it appears to be another image looking downward. Not sure if it is for sure. Very interesting.

  173. Sassy Stacie Says:

    I thought at first it was leaves, but if you look at the light and the way it falls, all of the leaves in shadow have the same tonal value. Where the “face” appears there is no reflection of light on any surface there that would create the lighter space unless it was actually a lighter color. And the angle of the light on the left side of the “face” is completely opposite the light on the leaves – the light is from the right, so how can it reflect off leaves on the left…

  174. Jodi Says:

    It’s Dean Stockwell from Quantum Leap!!! I’d recognize those eyebrows anywhere!!! 🙂

  175. Gerald Says:

    Looks like a garden gnome

  176. tan Says:

    I saw two faces.. one that looks like it’s formed out of the shadows of leaves, and one further down.. that looks nothing like a ghost, it looks like an actual picture of a man with a rather long nose’s face! and very dark eyebrows.
    What are you people looking at?!

    If the person was not known to them, it is either something that was done in the photo studio, or another human or otherworldly person, caught on camera! It is clearly not having organic leaf patterns!

    I think the skeptics on here are pretty good at convincing themselves that anything could be true except what someone says about paranormal! Maybe that is a good skill… lol. But not realistic.

  177. M.Turner-Jones Says:

    Okay, this is leaves. People see what they want to see. The house was “spooky” as repeated several times in the passages above. This is CLEARLY leaves, but wanting to believe that there was more to this than there actually was brought those involved with the photograph more closely than others to the conclusion that they saw a “face”. A face of what we don’t know & they do not intimate what they believed it to be the face of. I am assuming, since the last statement was about it being only inches big, they are presuming it to be Gnomish in nature, or perhaps the face of a Fairy Person. Who knows. It is though, as you can clearly see, leaves reflecting sunlight while twisting in the breeze. All the other leaves there are at odd angles to each other with different areas of light & dark; which would suggest there may have been a breeze that day. That’s also evidenced by the sweater being worn by the child. Leaves in the sunlight. Nothing more, nothing less.

  178. ManiacL Says:

    Indeed it does look like a face, however I would say that our minds have to make it look that way. I believe that it is just the way the leaves are sitting and casting a shadow, although black and white photos always look spooky regardless of what’s in them.

  179. kim Says:

    if you look at the second picture very closely you will also see a small monkey face I think someone was stupping down with a puppet or stuffed animal of a monkey in their hand don’t think it’s a ghost at all

  180. Christopher J Fiore Says:

    May I ask why if someone doesn’t believe in ghosts why the hell they are here making stupid ignorant comments? The paranormal field is fascinating so keep your ignorance to yourself!!

    • ManiacL Says:

      It is fascinating, however you have to admit when something can be explained in a “rational” way. In this photo I assure you it is simply a matrix effect and shadow play. However if it were in color, and that “face” didn’t match then we would be hard pressed to debunk it.

      Although there are those that seek to enrage people because they don’t agree, and they should simply be ignored.

      • ManiacL Says:

        Plus it doesn’t help that they are distinctly calling it a “Ghost” and pointing it out, it really doesn’t help their credibility at all. It actually comes off more as an attention grabbing ploy that has succeeded.

  181. Says:

    If you take a second look, you’ll see that the branch forming the curve at the top of the ‘head’ is a branch…the background appears to be the building thus filling in the ‘forehead area’…the nose isn’t a nose but appears to be a leaf…thus the extreme crookedness of it. And the fact that it’s supposed to be only a few inches high. I think I read somewhere that humans instinctly look for faces on objects or things that need to be indentified in some manner (animal, vegetable, mineral, etc). It is startling however.

  182. Cathy Rainey Says:

    It’s so hard to tell if it is leaves why are they a different color than all the others hmmm very interesting indeed.

  183. leah Says:

    the thing is , I see more than one face !

  184. MillyMo Says:

    Same as leah, I can also see more than one face. Spirit doesn’t have to appear the same size as in life. Often they appear disproportioned or at an odd angle. Interesting pic. Hope it isn’t where my friend now lives.

  185. Karen brizzie Says:

    Has anyone noticed the eyes are looking right at the camera and how the head is tilted in a way that hes creeping to look over the leaves…i believe i dont like it …honest…

  186. Says:

    I’m have no reasoning for the image in the leaves, but, did anyone notice anything else strange about the photo? I believe a man wrote this story, but the child in the picture does not look like a little boy. I know back in the older days, some boys wore dress looking outfits. But this child has on a dress, a sweater, and girls dress shoes. Photo shop would be my guess. I would wonder more if the story added up with the picture.

    • Anonymous Says:


      A man didn’t write the story, I wrote it and the picture is of me as a little girl. Photoshop wasn’t around in 1960 when this photo was taken!

  187. Sabrina Says:

    I think this is matrixing. The shadows from the vines and flowers make it look like a face.

  188. Crystal Barber Says:

    I have seen allot of pictures with leaves but nothing has ever looked like a face and that is what it looks like to me. I can pull out old photos and look at different texture and contrast and never get that.

  189. maureen pavletich Says:

    uummm yeah that’s pretty f***in creepy!!!

  190. ZC Says:

    Like I said: Pareidolia.

    Honestly, people. Look it up.

    The leaves and background look like a face because the human mind always looks for faces, even where there are none. It’s not a real face. It’s just something that looks like a face to your eyes, because your brain needs to make sense of it.

    Leaves. Pareidolia. NEXT.

  191. shawnann dunkin Says:


  192. Charity Says:

    I have to agree that at first glance that it looks like a face. But what I see is a mushroom that has grown out of the rock wall, (top of mushroom-forehead, steam-nose) the leaves behind the mushroom fills in the rest, so matrixing. I am a believer in the paranormal and I don’t think this picture is paranormal.

  193. Crystal Says:

    Looking at the photo, it is easy to think it is just our brains being fooled by leaves, but how do you explain the leaves that would have to be floating to make the right eye and brow? Also, anyone else notice to the left of “his” temple, there appears to be a side profile of a young woman with dark short hair? Weird.

  194. gpt site Says:

    both picture looks weird.

  195. Calypso Bay Says:

    The leaves certainly do tell a story could it be what our minds think it is?

  196. Theda Says:

    I’m inclined to think this is a case of pareidolia.

  197. chinny Says:

    some people are stupid clearly been messed with.

  198. Cashcleaner Says:

    Pareidolia. I think it’s been mentioned a few times before. The branches and leaves are bent in a way that we see a human face.

    I suppose it does need to be said AGAIN, but our brains are wired to look for patterns in otherwise random images. This is one example of that.

  199. 스티브 Says:

    이게 뭔가요?

    p.s iam korean

  200. KRISTIEN Says:

    Not only the shape of leaves. But one question for all of you – Did you ever stop to think that this might have been an actual person peeping over at the same time of the picture being taken? Maybe they caught evidence of a peeping tom instead of something supernatural.

  201. michael Says:

    were all being fooled: We are all taking notice of the face in the foilage and not even taking notice of the monster orb in front of the little girls face … LOL ….

  202. Patricia Says:

    I see another man and a young girl as well as the face. I’m curious, had yu noticed the other two individuals?

  203. Mike@EMT Training Says:

    That’s a really unusual photograph.

  204. Anonymous Says:


  205. Anonymous Says:

    Its a leafy sprite! I think its just the pattern of the leaves….our brains are even more amazing than a photograph of a ghost!!

  206. Tracee Says:

    Its a leafy sprite! I think its just the pattern of the leaves….our brains are even more amazing than a photograph of a ghost!!

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    i love this stuff AMAZING

  208. Jeremy@Medical Assistant Salary Says:

    Is that a hole in the side of the house? Man, that’s scary!

  209. Kayla Says:

    I think the garden gnomes might be plotting against that kid.

  210. vision without glasses Says:

    Looks like a picture of a ghost, but is it real?I’ve seen this picture before.

  211. Emily Says:

    Mam or Sir thus this photo been taken a long time ago you may have a stalker please soon get help

  212. Satellite TV For Computer Says:

    The face behind the wall is scary….

  213. james fraser Says:

    The hair is leaves

  214. Secret of Mind Says:

    what I’m looking for it here, you make it so good.

  215. Anonymous Says:

    how did u get my baby pictures????????????????????

  216. Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Says:

    Photoshop ehhh?

  217. emt paramedic Says:

    There is clearly a little man in the bush…perhaps a leprechaun

  218. Anonymous Says:

    Did anyone else seee the other face on the wall?? hahahha that was the first thing i saw before noticing you meant to point out the other! xD but the one on the wall that i saw might just be the leaves but it looks like a face?? 😀 anyone agree?

  219. Alllen Sonny Says:

    It is a scary photo………..but it looks like a fake photograph

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  220. Deb/Boston Says:

    This picture of you is incredible! That’s a great apparition, its not a full one, plus it’s somewhat see through.. very cool!

  221. EDWARD THOMAS Says:


  222. Mobile Movies Says:

    Amazing picture. Thanks for posting.

  223. james torn Says:

    Jesus christ! that gave me goosebumps!

  224. Delmer Frasure Says:

    Very Creepy and even sinister, but I believe it’s matrixing.

  225. Brian Says:

    It seems to be a leaf for the forehead and notice the twig with a small leaf jutting up from in front of the bricks for the nose. It looks to be a trick of light and shadows.

  226. Paul Says:

    this one scares me looks pretty damn scary thats for sure..

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  227. SpiritsAreAllAroundU Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people are in complete and total denial of the spiritual realm (demonic realm) all around us! For those who keep saying “it leaves” yes, you are partially correct. Spirits take from their surroundings when they manifest physically. This is a demonic spirit that is manifesting with the leaves. My camera picks these up often.

  228. Mystic SilverWing Says:

    This is called pareidolia. The leaves have grown in such a way that the human brain concludes it must be a face.

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  232. R Says:

    A typical anthropomorphical response to fractal-like groupings.

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  234. scfinder Says:


  235. Steve James Says:

    Definitely not leaves.

    Many of you are programmed to see what you want to see, which is matrixing. Therefore you ignore the obvious reality which is that there is a face there. Admittedly it looks like an action man or doll, but you can stare at that for several hours and see no possible combination of leaves, light or shadow that could produce the effect.
    Remember that ghost hunters want to see ghosts, but sceptics want to see anything except ghosts, and so both are liable to misinterpret what they see. It’s all a question of belief blocking out the truth.

  236. JunctionMD Says:

    Kinda’ weird pics, now shore what’s behind the wall though 😉

  237. Gabriel Says:

    it’s a big fucking lie. damn, this is a real man, dode!

  238. Stella Says:

    it’s just a leaves..

  239. Relationship Guides Says:

    Might have been a thief or something. Or a child snatcher! If the latter were true, lucky he didn’t get a chance on you!

  240. gethel Says:

    That one is just the way the leaves caught the light. The human brain is wired in such a way that it actually looks for faces in the patchwork, that’s why we see shapes in the clouds etc. Probably a survival tool left over from our caveman days?

  241. Mariette, look a la mode Says:

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  242. santhosh Says:

    hey i think that only leaves ……..


    of ghost

  243. bilmoko Says:

    I think that’s a real human

  244. Ray Says:

    I was freaked out first, but after reading the comments above I believe it may be just leaves. Or a ghost appeared to freak you out 😀

  245. ricemilkisgood Says:

    Looks like Gregory Peck…

  246. Sean Roblett Says:

    It looks like “Al” from Quantum Leap to me. Also, has anyone else noticed that kid has no face? Weird.

  247. WrightTasha Says:

    I think this is not a ghost. it’s more like a real human peeping.. LOL

  248. Yana Says:

    That’s the shape of the leaves and the light falling on them any weirdo can see that. By the way WrightTasha it’s too small to be a real human IT IS THE LEAVES!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s not leaves. It is a person behind the wall. Depth perception can sometimes play tricks on our eyes. The wall is farther back than it looks, and since the child is closer, her head looks bigger. The guy behind the wall is farther away, which is why his head looks smaller. That is clearly a forehead, nose, thick eyebrows and eyes. I don’t see leaves forming a face.

      • Kitty Says:

        It’s not leaves – I agree with you, see my comment below.
        It’s definitely a man with bushy eyebrows!

  249. y8 Says:

    thank you for sharing story.

  250. friv Says:

    its leaves with a shadow on the wall behind

    • Sakura ShinRa Ceo Says:

      That’s pretty much what I was going to say. It’s a common phenomenon in photography, ask any pro photographer and they’ll agree. The human brain automatically makes patterns and associations out of randomness as a way of interpreting the world. If our brains didn’t do this we would be bombarded with senseless images, unable to recognise the simplest of shapes or patterns. When looking at ‘ghost’ photos, always remember, the simplest answer is usually the right answer, and we don’t need to look to the supernatural to solve this particular riddle.

  251. demonicmist Says:

    I believe in ghosts – but that’s also why I’m sometimes a skeptic. I honestly see leaves, but it does look like a face. Sometimes it’s just an optical illusion.

  252. Grimley Fiendish Says:

    Simulacra. Pretty certain of that.

  253. Kitty Says:

    It’s real – and here’s why:
    Looking at the face as a whole, it’s one shaded color which is different from the leaves, building, etc.
    All the rest of the leafy area is different shades and mottled –
    This face is consistent.
    Also, look at the building brickwork, that horizontal line would have gone right through the ‘forehead’ area of that head, yet it is not there, because the head blocks it.
    And – the head has hair on it, two eyebrows, two eyes, even the nose is visible. It also appears there may be sideburns.
    WAY too much detail to be simply a mistake of the eye –
    Stand back and look at the large photo – that head is very obviously there, no mistaking it. It is also more in the foreground than the rest of that area, it is right there behind that wall – See how much clearer the face is than the leaves behind it? You can even see lines in the forehead!
    And he’s looking RIGHT AT the camera –
    A very creepy photo, and disturbing.

    • Kitty Says:

      My husband just looked at the photo & said, there’s a nosy neighbor behind that wall – he saw the man right away!
      And if you look at the photograph itself and the angle of this wall, the little girl is right there in front of the camera, while the wall slopes away from the camera to the left. In other words, it is not a straight wall, but veers backwards to the left away from the camera, so that this man might be normal size and is crouched down. Also, he is in front of a bunch of leaves, they appear out of focus while he is in focus. He is directly behind that wall and a some leaves are in front of his right eye, but you can still see it.
      If you use a magnifying glass his hair is very clear bushing up in front of those leaves behind him.
      He’s there all right, and I wish the owner of this photo would also publish the other photo showing this man. He might have thought he was not too visible being back there among those leaves, but he is very clear to me.
      Also the little girl is not standing directly in front of that wall, she appears to be a few feet in front of it, putting even more distance between her and that man.
      A very upsetting photo though!

  254. stacey Says:

    As good as it looks, its definatley not anything paranormal. The “forehead” is a leaf, with its top facing fully towards the camer. The bottom part of the “face” is just foliage growing upwards.
    The white splodges on it are either the way the sun is hitting it, or gaps in between the foliage.
    Sorry, but its just a trick of the eye.

  255. WiniPu4 Says:

    I am a retired USNavy Photographer. There is a real face there ! Although I do believe in the existence of some paranormal, I don’t normally believe EVERY orb pic that comes along… This being said, I definitely see a real human-like face. Whether it is someone’s pet monkey that escaped, a creepy peeper, or a genuine “little person”(meaning “fae”, elf, gnome, or the like) is anyone’s guess. Personally, I would like to believe the latter. I do believe that there are things in this world science has yet to explain, and there are way too many paranormal type “little person” sightings to discount them all. Unless otherwise proven, I CHOOSE to believe it is indeed a real gnome !

    • Kitty Says:

      I agree –
      There IS a real face there!
      It has depth, there is a roundness to the forehead, it is not flat as it would be if it were only shadows and leaves and background.
      It is actually in the FOREGROUND, in front of the foliage.
      I saw the other photo (there are TWO) in the “Ghosts3 Caught On Film”, and the face is also in THAT PHOTO AS WELL!!
      And the other photo is taken at a somewhat different angle, so it would be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to see that face from two different angles if it were only leaves and shadows.

  256. Kitty Says:

    I just showed this photo to a friend & immediately she asked, who is that peering over the wall??
    It IS a face, and the photo #2 that was taken that day also shows the same face –
    I think it’s just a nosey old man or neighbor, maybe some derelict wandering around who just happened to get into the photo by mistake, and they didn’t realize he was there.

  257. Kitty Says:

    If anyone knows exactly where this house is in England, they should experiment with a man crouching behind that wall & taking some photos –
    That would show for sure the size issue of a normal person, and if this is indeed just a regular photo showing an unexpected visitor!

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    • Anonymous Says:

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  260. lorah Says:

    I can’t believe the peoples comments who say leaves! I immediately saw the face. The forehead is so clear even the lighting matches up. The eyebrows and features are prominentt . It seems to fit in what caused it if its a development error n the film otherwise it seems to look like a little people which are known to native Americans in South Dakota through legends crazy

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  263. Shweta Says:

    Check out the real ghost:

  264. Ghost & Girl Says:

    Fake – or it is matrixing. Our brain is programmed to make sense of what it sees, so if something has the qualities of what might be construed as a face, then that is exactly what our brain will interpret it as.

  265. Glynn Says:

    I believe the supposed ghost is nothing more than an oddly shaped leaf from the bush behind the wall.

  266. Andrea Says:

    What would be the cause of glowing eyes showing up in a picture ? I took about 10 images on the same setting at the same sitting one right after the other and only one of the pictures had what looks like glowing eyes above the subjects.

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  268. Pontelion Says:

    on the same token, if you look a little to upper left of head, you can see the left profile of George Harrison!

  269. popin fresh Says:


  270. Hidim Bah Says:

    great pic but it may well be leaves as our brains do tend to see things placed in those positions as a face. Having said that, on the face of the wall towards the left, it looks like the side pose of a woman wearing dark glasses

  271. Battlefield Hardline PC download Says:

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  274. Candice Says:

    First to the many commenting on the size of the head, ghosts, spirits, etc appear in many ways such as orbs, shadows, etc so why would it be impossible to think that they couldn’t appear smaller or larger as they aren’t restricted anymore as humans are. Second I believe in God, angels, the afterlife and believe part of us having a successful journey is to have faith and the spirits of the dead aren’t supposed to interfere with that but likely may want to still see how someone they loved is doing and therefore attempt that by trying not to be seen. And last there are those who claim to see nothing, or try to explain it as leaves etc and then there are those of us who can see it with ease I believe that is because there are some of us that are more spiritually evolved than others which makes us more open to the spirits than people who are not. Science explains many things but there are too many things that can’t be explained for anyone to simply close their minds to the possibility, none of us have all the answers.

  275. Goatkunce Says:

    Lol @ ‘bangs’ comment.

    Only ever saw a tiny face.

  276. bernie Says:

    Grandad playing tricks

  277. alicevstheworld Says:

    I do think this picture is an optical illusion, but it still freaks me out every time I see it. So creepy.

  278. Rebecca Says:

    I enjoyed reading the excerpt from the biography your uncle wrote. Nicely done to describe the sense of the house

  279. Jersey Says:

    Very creepy photo to look at,
    I’ve looked at it many times and I thought it was really a person –
    But here’s the thing – there’s a second photo taken from a slightly different view & the ‘face’ is still there –
    BUT from that other view, you can tell it is just
    I was really stunned that this is not a real person –
    looks SO real, but if you magnify the photo, you can
    easily see it is just an arrangement of leaves.

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