Priest ghost

“I took this photograph with a KODAK EASYSHARE CX7300 digital camera a few years ago, in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.
It was an overcast day, not too many tourists were in at the time, and i was with my mum.
When i take any photographs inside the Cathedral or anywhere , i try to wait till there is no-one in the way and then i’ll click away, and that is what i did here.
My mum also is afraid of any clergy i.e nuns, preists, ministers from an incident when she was little, so i know if this gentleman had been sitting there my mum would have gone outside and left me there!
This photograph was the 2nd of 3 pictures i snapped one after the other as i was trying to get a decent shot of the window and when i got home and downloaded my photos on to my p.c i nearly fainted at what i had caught! (there is no-one in the other 2)
I let my mum see it and it gave her shivers, as does anyone i have shown it to.
I would love to know what you make of it as it has baffled everyone that has seen it, they all see someone sitting there and they all tell me its either a priest or a minister?”

St.Giles Ghost

St.Giles Ghost2

152 Responses to “Priest ghost”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I’d like to see the other two photos taken either side of this one before making a call on it…

  2. p3tr Says:

    it looks like missing chairs there.

  3. p3tr Says:

    there is a similar head shape to the right as well.

    • Mia Says:

      yes, I was going to post a coment saying that too! it seems like it’s walking away…

      • scott Says:

        I as well thought the same thing, another figure to the right. And that’s before reading anyone’s comments.

  4. cam Says:

    Mmmm…are you sure there was no priest there?

    It does look like a priest praying but like Amanda would like to see the other shots.

  5. insanecarbonbasedlif Says:

    So grainy with such low contrast, it’s hard to be sure that I’m even seeing anything in the far chairs. Is it possible that all the people were gone, but someone had left a dark coat or similar draped over the back of one chair, thus creating a hole in the chairs.

  6. Alex Pryce Says:

    I think we need to see the other two.

  7. Harry Knockers Says:

    It does look like someone is sitting there. Can’t be sure it’s a ghost. You sure someone wasn’t sitting there at the time?

  8. doctoratlantis Says:

    It’s so tricky when you’re trying to focus on the window to pay attention to all the chairs. It does look a lot like a person sitting there – but the other photos would be helpful.

    Why not post the previous and after photos on flickr or photo bucket?

  9. Katrina Says:

    Good job. There appears to be a man sitting down, and its hard to tell but looks like he has something on his head, like Priests wear. Also to the right of him it seems there is another figure standing up, with an orb inside of it..IMO this is an apparition of clergy and cant say with the image on the right indicates..

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    It is really some thing unique,

    can i see some more pic if there is?

  11. Alex Pryce Says:

    I would argue that his sitting position is wrong first. He is too far over to the edge of the row, and the rows are inline (a very silly idea in a place that large I may add!) so i don’t think if it is a person he’s sitting properly- but that proves nothing and is simply an observation.

    As to whether it is a ghost priest. Is the clothing right? Anyone know anything about religious clothing? I’ve never seen the preachers of St. Giles wearing clothes like that. It is, I believe a Protestant Church, the main Church of Scotland. So would the clothing be right for that? It looks like a Vicar as opposed to a priest though?

    Actually, I’m in town tomorrow, I’ll pop into St Giles and query it then let you know.


    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Possibility, probably outside chance, but could be a long exposure? Its pretty underexposed and dark so I assume the shutter would stay open longer to let in more light and someone could have moved out of the way or moved into the picture while the image was being taken? But will get back once I’ve spoken to St Giles.

  12. cam Says:

    I agree Alex…looks like a vicar.

    Great you can visit and check it out.

  13. Alex Pryce Says:

    Right, have been into St Giles. They do have many members of their clergy in this stereotypical “village vicar” attire. Now this doesn’t mean it is an actual vicar or even the ghost of one.

    These are the options I see:

    1. An actual vicar, or even a person ( it IS rather difficult to see) and the photographer didn’t notice them. Now they say they definitly didn;t see anyone and they even waited till it was clear. I’m willing to believe this. There IS a thing known as “photographer blindness” where the photographer is concentrating on their subject and can miss other things around them. However I don’t think this is what we are seeing here at all- though bare in mind St Giles can get VERY full with tourists at times.

    2. Double exposure. I wouldn’t put my money on that. It just doesn’t look right for being a double exposure.

    3. An actual ghost. Not enough information or repeatable evidence to support this.

    4. Long exposure. Possible, and so far the most likely I can see of the answers given, its very dark and there doesn’t appear to be much lighting from the camera’s flash, if indeed one was used. Due to it being dark the camera aperture will have remained open longer to let in more light and anyone moving into or out of the seat may appear as a “ghost”.

    5. Pareidolia. i think this is the more likely of all the answers, and is the one I’m going for. Many of the pictures I’ve seen here fall into that category. When dropped into photoshop, none of the filters bring up the image any clearer, in fact in most it disappears into the background.

    Conclusion: The picture is too low a quality to make a proper judgment. I’m going with pareidolia on the grounds that much of that row is darkened, plus there are several other similar shapes in the picture. Without the “dog collar” this would not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. One thing to bare in mind is that the back-rests of these chairs are quite shiny and the top part where the neck is may have been highlighted creating the “collar”, though this is not conclusive.

    One other point, this is consecrated ground, surely a ghost couldn’t enter here?

    Nice photo, but it really is too degraded to ascertain exactly what the “ghost”.

  14. cam Says:

    Great summary Alex.

    I have looked at it from the perspective of the chair backs being shiny and can see what you mean.

    I can still see a ‘vicar’ shape but I think that is because it was all I was seeing before.

  15. wedding photography ninja Says:

    Have you lightened the image in photoshop or other image editing software? That may provide greater clue as to what is going on.

  16. Jeff C Says:

    It looks like there is a second figure on the right, or is that a statue of the madonna ?

  17. A Believer Says:

    Considering the fact most digital photographs are blurry even in the BEST settings we should exclude photo quality. It does look like bad lighting. My best guess is THIS is most likely the real thing. Could it be a real person or something explainable I’d say 5% possible. It would be something to investigate further.

  18. sheila Says:

    i dont believe in ghost but it does look real though

  19. Gaz Says:

    I think this is an actual person, they are seated correctly and its obviously a man of the cloth who is in the right place. However its more than possible that other pictures missed this chap because he was either bowed praying either before he eventually sat up, or had just bowed solemnely before he took up his seat whilst in the Isle. In both cases his dark attire would have hidden his exterior from the camera. I was brought up a catholic and can recall the surprise of seeing people suddenly sitting up back into their chairs following deep prayer, this I felt was common amongst priests or regular churchgoers.

  20. Harry Knockers Says:

    BTW, if this is a priest ghost, shouldn’t he be in Heaven, instead of in a church?

    And let’s get some new pics already!

  21. Jasmine Says:

    Wtf theres mnothing there#

  22. lizzie Says:

    lies you i tell!

  23. Ewan Says:

    Well, the moment I saw it I could see what you meant, and the person does look very ministerial as in how a Church of Scotland Minister would dress ie in black with a white collar. Of course anyone can wear a black jumper over a white shirt and look the same as in that picture.

    I used to be a tour guide in St Giles and three things might be worth noting.

    Firstly, until the 1980s when the church was reordered to focus on the crossing, that area at the east end was the location of the main communion table and would have been where all the clergy sat.

    Secondly, however, for this reason those seats would not have been there and in that formation back then. Also, those seats are very new, and a different size and shape to any seats that were there before.

    Secondly, there is only ONE ghost story told in connection to St Giles, however it involves the dead of the Battle of Flodden appearing in the church immediately after the battle, and having the last rites read to them before disappearing (almost certainly a story made up by the clergy of the time to make people feel better about their lost loved ones). No spooky ministers hanging about in St Giles lore I am afraid.

    Anyway, an interesting pic! Probably just someone you didn’t notice, but interesting to think otherwise! Made my spine tingle when I saw it!

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Ewan: I’ve never heard that about the ghosts of Flodden. I do a history tour and I talk about Flodden, I may well add this little tale to it! I tend to avoid any supernatural tale son the tour, however this could tie in quite nicely with Auld Clootie standing at the Mercat Cross and reading out a list of those destined to die in the completely pointless battle that was about to ensue!

      • Ewan Says:

        Well, if you want to research some more I think the clergyman in question was Gavin Hamilton. I believe he is also source of the (little known) peculiarity that dogs are traditionally welcomed in St Giles, because Gavin Hamilton’s life was saved by a dog.

        The facts are all getting a buit murky in my mind though!

  24. Mia Says:

    Okay guys, I’ve taken the little picture and tried to make the “GHOST” trackable. I think if you click on my name you can see the image. I put it on “old photography” because that’s how you can see it best. I didn’t touch the image at all. I aded some contrast and the “ghost” stood out. Maybe it was just a priest sat down there, I don’t know. I would like to help, so i tried.

  25. Mia Says:

    Oh no, it doesn’t work..hmmm….how can i do it then???=S I’ve got the image, how can i put it on here so people can have a look???

  26. Spook Scientist Says:

    Wow, cool. If you honestly want to know what I think, this is either genuine or some kind of shadows. I can tell if ghost pictures are faked. Well done, this seems to be a real entity.

  27. Peter Says:

    About as clear a case of Pareidolia as I have ever seen. Quite how a few extremely vague smudges get worked into a ‘priest’……well that says more about the ability of the brain to ‘see’ images in just about anything, than it does about ghosts.

  28. Billkaulitiz is my mann Says:

    heyasss peepz i think this one is just someone sitting in the pews trying to freak ova peepz outt p.s bill says hiii

  29. angi Says:

    thats really spooky!!

  30. xenin Says:

    I don’t want to watch that film.. too spooky

  31. UFC 101 Live Stream Says:

    ohhh…. i’m afraid about ghost. the picture is really a priest sitting down

  32. med Says:

    Mmmm…are you sure there was no priest there?

    It does look like a priest praying but like Amanda would like to see the other shots.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    If sombody was to use Photoshop and try the Emboss Tool that could bring out the Deffinition of the of the surrounding area if the priest is a solid object he would standout more in Embossed mode or you could use invert colours in photoshop which would change the light to dark therefore making it easier to gain some Clarity with the Image of the Priest!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    there is somebody sat in the chair you can see the arms through the chairs in front. turn the brightness right up on the monitor then it is clearer to see cannot see any facial features what so ever it could be a person but it could also be a ghost.

  35. mrmarty Says:

    I gave this picture a lot of time. I put it through a couple of differant programs, there is definately somebody (?) sitting there is also someone standing in the right of the picture. Both are transparent

  36. Kelly Says:

    This really is a good pic, It looks like an older man of the cloth and he seems to be content with showing himself to you , maybe try get back and take more photos see what you can find

  37. 조성오님이시다 Says:

    딱보니 의자에 누군가가 앉아있는 형상이구만.. 근데 이런거는 한국 군대 교회사진을 찍어도 간혹 나오는 것. 심령이라기 보다는 두꺼운 커튼으로 가려놓고 어두운 배경을 가진 곳에서 미약한 불빛에 의존해 사진을 찍으면 간혹 찍히는 빛의 장난.. ㅇㅋ? 한글이라 이해못할지도 모르지만…-_-….

  38. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a chair missing where you “think there’s a person”. The thing that looks like the head is a chair on the back. Don’t be scared to go in there again, there are no ghosts there (at least not in this picture)

  39. Jez Says:

    It really is quite simple… there is a person sat in the chair.

  40. Korean high school student Says:


    seem to ghost

  41. Petra Difiums Says:

    Raising this topic was really sensible – you should follow it up.

  42. Lulu Says:

    This photo has been around for years…the consensus is that it’s just an illusion.

  43. Dean Batch Says:

    A few things…

    1: Not all “Priests” or religious people go straight to heaven, some will linger much like ‘general’ spirits.

    2: A church can be filled w/ many spirits, the term of concecrated ground means it’s a blockade for the demonic, not spirits and sometimes that rule doesn’t even come into effect.

    3: I do a lot of paranormal investigation and research. This is a photo as someone said, of a space between the chairs where some are missing, a chair a few rows back and something reflecting off the chair to give the image of a vicar; very well done though even if accidental.

  44. Will Says:

    Not real: The “ghost” is a solid figure and not ghost.

  45. Jeanelle Says:

    It looks like a priest sitting in a chair with his arms folded. I see a white collar. There’s got to be more to know it’s a ghost. What else.. sounds, movements, haze, etc.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    this photo is fucking stupid!!!

  47. Si Says:

    It looks like a figure and therefore it comes down to the following choice –

    1) The photographer, in the dark and gloomy cathedral, failed to see the vicar sitting there. The vicar had been bowed in prayer, as they do, for much of the time and had straightened up at the point this photo was taken.

    2) The photographer captured on film the spirit of a dead person

    Now, which of those options seems the most likely… hmm….

    • AstroGirl Says:

      This is the hypothesis I thought of – playing with the photo in Photoshop does seem to show someone quite solid sitting there. What if, when the photographer arrived, the individual pictured was kneeling or bending to pray, making them effectively invisible from the spot where the photo was taken? Then, while the photo was being lined up, they straightened up and appeared in the frame? The photographer’s main focus of attention would be the high-contrast window which would make it very hard to perceive details in the more low-contrast areas of the scene.

  48. Alex Says:

    Looks like a person sitting in that chair. As to it being a a Priest is questionable. Could be a guy eraring a sweater with a white color shirt.
    People have short term memories when reviewing photos they take often not remembering unknown people in their presents

  49. ali Says:

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  50. do_not_click_HERE_! Says:

    wow. nice articles. thanks for sharing.

  51. Bryan Elliott Says:

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  52. Dancers In The Dark Says:

    I read Tarot Cards and read palms for 13 years, and if I found out anything, it was that most people have a ghost story or paranormal experience which the do not tell anyone. They often come to me so that they can get their experience off their chest. They feel shure that as a psychic I would understand.
    I have dealt with the spirit world for over 30 years now. With spiritual maturity, and the proper attitude, they will associate with you.
    What is the right attitude? Approach them as you would any human you would like to be your friend. You cannot command them. They can dissapear and go away. Aleister Crowley spent a life time trying to control them, and admitted he might have succeeded once.
    They can and do make good friends. For my experiences and lessons on how to communicate with them, Dancers In The Darkis there.
    To answer the question of is it a priest, I do not think it matters. In that realm they have a sudden spiritual maturity that cannot be matched by any priest here.

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  54. Lorenza Palomino Says:

    Wow! I certainly believe your photo, It’s amazing how the priest ghost looks so solid. Perhaps he wanted his pic taken. I have had ghostly encounters, but not fortunate to have a photo of one.

  55. pat Says:

    It looks like an image of person wearing a dark habit and white collar sitting on two chairs in a row further back looking ahead. I would say it looks very much like a Roman Catholic priest.

  56. Says:

    Fucking great! I would love to see more of this. Tell me your scary story. Upload your proof with videos and pictures. We can’t wait to hear from you.

  57. Mel Says:

    That just a priest sat down. Bad lighting for pic. Maybe, who knows.

  58. croikmandoik Says:

    Celeb XRay

  59. bad gurl Says:

    its not real

  60. Anonymous Says:

    It does look a little too good to be true! Yet I have seen several church/cathedral photo’s and this one is the most believable of all of them. Besides, I don’t see someone faking something like this in a holy place. That’s like asking to get damned.

  61. Jalmadaya Says:

    That’s real guys?
    Are u sure? 😉

    • penelope kim(Korean)(김경림) Says:

      i don’t know. 있을것 같지도 않고 없을 것 같지도 않고..있다고 생각하는게 더 좋지 않을까요, Jalmadaya? 아, 이분은 내말 못알아들으실라나..

  62. Delta Pulsa Says:

    R u sure about this?
    I Never trust 4 the ghost, till today..

  63. kaspangarigan Says:

    I don’t believe in ghost though in the Bible we are commanded by God not to mess with them.

    Deut 18:10 Let there not be seen among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter go through the fire, or anyone using secret arts, or a maker of strange sounds, or a reader of signs, or any wonder-worker,

    Deut 18:11 Or anyone using secret force on people, or putting questions to a spirit, or having secret knowledge, or going to the dead for directions.

    Deut 18:12 For all who do such things are disgusting to the Lord; and because of these disgusting things the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

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  64. Daniela Says:

    I don’t know… the end of the picture is kind of cloudy… like a blurred image… but i still like it!

  65. Gerda Says:

    Looks more like a lady sitting there. Not a priest or anything else. These sort of photo’s are always blurry and ghost do show up a bit blurry sometimes. My guess is that they captured a shost lady sitting there and maby she always were sitting there , and still comes there sometimes. Who knows?

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  67. Bob marshal Says:

    there is to of them one standing and one sitting

  68. Chris Says:

    Nice shot, I’m not quite sure to believe my eyes or not. I can definitely see what looks to be a person sitting their in the appropriate attire for being a priest or other clergy member. I enjoy shots like this that you cannot prove one way or the other.

    This photo is much better than most I’ve seen. Usually they are easily debunked. Entertaining post, thanks.

  69. doomed Says:

    looks like some dude in a football jacket/hoody sitting in a church. Don’t think it’s anything ghosty.

  70. jayseo Says:

    I do not believe in Ghost.

  71. Cedrick murray Says:

    Well to me it looks like there are two figures in this photo if you look far to the right about half way in the middle there is another figure

  72. LL Says:

    It also looks like there is another figure to to the far right of the priest..

  73. evelyn Says:

    wow, I see a non sitting there, her hands folded, looks of it she is praying. Beautiful to see!!! thank you for sharing this!

  74. Gustavo Luca Martins Says:

    É muito complicado falar se é ou não real, talvez seja uma montagem , talvez um erro da camera. Dificil saber.

  75. moongoddess Says:

    this is real but you need to look closer. There is more back toward the window

  76. Hyago Luan Says:

    Não sou cético, mas essa imagem poderia ter sido tirada quando uma pessoa estava sentada lá mesma, como um padre, ministro ou até mesmo qualquer outra, ela pode ser explicada através do não uso do “flash” dentro da igreja !

  77. Phil Says:

    i am about to sleep… but when I saw this picture, weew! I cannot sleep anymore. haha. It’s so scary. I’m afraid to sleep because I am alone here in my room. Wah!

  78. Dan Davis Says:

    Do you ever look at other stuff? I found another one I love. I really have no idea if it is true or not. But I LOVE it! This girl is trying to prove her house is haunted. Go to YouTube and search for HauntedSunshineGirl. This link may work:
    Good stuff.

  79. Haunted Says:

    Some scary looking pictures you have hear, most of these look real legitimate that it makes me worry for my safety sometimes.

  80. JP Says:

    hey, im brazilian and one day in church, my mother sayd me: ghosts dont have exactly form they are one energy ball and one shadow white or black (black his one darkness criature, and white his one holy criature)

  81. DeLaney Says:

    To the right of the man praying it looks like to me that there is another man does anyone else see it?

  82. KRISTIEN Says:


  83. Anonymous Says:

    saya tidak percay dengan gambar-gambar ithu….hantu tdk sepert itu,,,,,,,,,
    kalian berbohong

  84. Y8 Says:

    A priest that has an un-rested soul how’s that happened I thought their souls are at peace because they are with god…

  85. 613photo Says:

    I opened this image in photoshop and it’s pretty clear that a solid, human-shaped object is indeed there. However there are some problems. One, that area of the photo is way underexposed so there’s a lot of noise. A lot. And there is quite a bit of pixelation as this was obviously a cheap or old digital camera. Or a very bad scan.

    Anyway, the only thing that’s for sure is something is there. What it is, I do not know. There’s almost no detail in the shot. It’s unlikely that it’s a ghost and I’m not sure it’s a human, either, because the object is large compared to the chairs around it. It could be a very large person or perhaps something with a darkly colored cover on it.

  86. Kayla Says:

    I think that it is a jacket or something like that hanging on the chair and the white part is the reflection of one of the chairs behind it. Also, I don’t see the second person that people are saying about.

  87. tom Says:

    it could just be to do with the camera focusing, trick of the light, something like that, even subtle changes can produce interesting results with a camera

  88. james fraser Says:

    Appears to be right. Probably just someno in a low contrast, low resolution picture.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    why are these pics so real

  90. Anonymous Says:

    im so scared of ur realistic pictures

  91. Anonymous Says:

    check out this video at its a real ghost in my shed

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Cool. Was this in a catholic church?

  93. sherrysoule Says:

    Super spooky!

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    Author of the Spellbound Series

  94. Hays Says:

    its nothing to believe that ghosts exists, Muslims & Christians believes can’t be denied as they have a certain evident reasons over the past history. Here in this photo the gentleman appearance is the fact of not being a ghost but a camera flash catching tiny dirt particles in the air making a man shape visibility. Ghosts never appear in the Holly places such as temples, mosques(Muslims), Church(Christians) as the power of offering prayers keeps them distant over 100 km.

  95. Delmer Frasure Says:

    I believe this is a genuine picture of a ghost. I also believe it is residual in nature, meaning it is looking back through the past to a time when that person was actually sitting there.

  96. Paul Says:

    looks real but the picture is really bad quality so could be faked,

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  104. Shaggy Says:

    I like this photo.I believe it’s a real man and not a ghost.Perhaps the photographer did not see him there in the dark?

  105. venky Says:

    wow nice photo and nice story

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  106. santhosh Says:

    where is ghost in that….


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  107. Glasgow Wedding Photographers Says:

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  108. Yana Says:

    Ooh that is kind of creepy but I agree with Shaggy could be an unnoticed real guy it is very dark

  109. jeff tralfaz Says:

    in the cutout, you didn’t see what apears to me to e the crowd of people sitting behind him ?

  110. Jarod Says:

    This would most likely be a residual haunting. If a big event or some life changing event has taking place in a area then the energy of that moment is capturedand imprinted in that area. Thesetypes of hauntings doesn’t have to be energy of the deceased, but it can also be of the living. Thhis energy just replays the major event that has happened, almost like it was recorded when it happened and it keeps replaying itself over and over.

  111. rock Says:

    in the back of the room, i see many. too many to count. like people shuffling in to church. yikes!!!

  112. mano Says:


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  114. Geoff Says:

    If you look at the chairs, they provide two black squares and a square of light in the middle. As the chair rows go back, the square of light in the middle gets cut off by the row of chairs in front. The collar is made of a rectangular portion of such a light square with a smaller rectangular portion of light from the row of chairs behind. the apparent black figure is made from three rows of black squares on each side. Looking at the close-up, it looks like there is a whole congregation of ghosts there.

  115. Shweta Says:

    Check out the most scary pics @

  116. Dev Says:

    Its fake.

  117. Arch9enius Says:

    Does anyone else see Father Jack Hackett?

  118. Barry Says:

    Church guy sitting it looks to me like there is a guy standing at the right side too. Thank you.

  119. Anonymous Says:

    wasn’t, at the least your mother still in the room? And what is the purpose of the photograph originally? If it is to capture good photography subjects, such as the cathedral, why were you using a camera identical to one that I used to have that I had bought at Walmart? Coincidentally, using that camera I once had an apparition appear in a photo I took of my daughter. After pain-stakingly observing it, the apparition was HER, and from a previous photo I had taken of her with the same camera. Ah, technology

  120. a Says:


  121. Bruce Wright Says:

    Most “Ghost Photos” can be debunked by using a simple (and free) program called JPEGsnoop. It can tell you what type camera was used, exposure, shutter speeds, any effects used, and even if the photo has been digitally enhanced in any way.

  122. Nathaniel Dugan Says:

    It definitely looks legit to me. But I’d like to be able to see the other two photos. I can definitely see two figures and opposed to the one you’ve already mentioned.

  123. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, i made a youtube video with top 15 creepy spooky ghost pictures. Have fun =)

  124. Haggis Says:

    This person is wearing a hat with a band around it and what looks like could be a white flower or something like that above the brim.
    He also has a white neck band.

  125. Priest ghost – Ghosts @ The Twisted Candle Says:

    […] at 3:02 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own […]

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