Investigation into world famous Castle ghost

closeup1We have now carried out an investigation into the Tatallon Castle ‘ghost’ photograph.  Read the results here.

218 Responses to “Investigation into world famous Castle ghost”

  1. EndAll Says:

    If you put me in a purportedly haunted location, with a high quality camera and perhaps some of the latest ghost-tracking equipment (although it probably wouldn’t be necessary) I would get you some real apparitions. I would rile up the fuckers, and catch them on film. I’d make them try to hurt me, like they do anyways. Sometimes when I’m in bed I feel pressure on my head, forcing it down into the pillow. Or fingertips tracing along the length of my body. It takes a certain person, who is more connected to that ethereal, ghostly realm just beyond the fringes of our ordinary perception — to attract the spirits.

    • Eli Says:

      ”Rile up the fuckers”? – what kind of idiot are you? ”make then try and hurt you”? – you need help mate. Spirit is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it this netherworld of demons you seem to think it is. Spirit is good, but there are negitive energies too – and if anything does happen to you, which i hope it does not, you will only have yourself to blame. you need to learn a bit more before you start looking mate.

      • EndAll Says:

        I want concrete evidence, I don’t want to have a fucking tea party with them. And you might want to learn how to spell before insinuating someone else is an idiot, “mate.” Nothing will happen, no physical damage would be done. Employing the proper shielding techniques and simply having the sort of presence I do is an effective enough safeguard from any negAtive entities. Don’t make silly assumptions about what I do or do not know, or about what I need to learn.

      • LMC Says:

        I heard that! don’t mess with something and rile them up when you don’t know if it’s negative or not! of course they are going to hurt him when he says stupid things like, “rile up the fuckers!” I would clock him myself lol!

      • LMC Says:

        one more thing endall… I have been dealing with spirits all my life you don’t have to rile them up for them to communicate… just smile and say hi!

      • Deborah Says:

        I agree with you, I think that this man needs medical help like a straight jacket

    • LMC Says:

      oh yeah sorry about the clocking you comment… I am normally ok and don’t want to hit nobody… I am just a little disturb how you talk about spirits… they use to be living people who has past on. when you show them respect they will give you what you want and more sometimes.

    • Travis Hilkey Says:

      Personally if they are trying to hurt you I believe it is because you disrespect the paranormal and they really want to see you suffer for it. But I highly doubt that the pressure in your head is caused by a ghost. I would go get that checked however. Ghosts are merely images or memories left behind and fed through belief. A poltergeist, however, CAN physically hurt you as it is created by the energy we put into it. The energy of a poltergeist is dense and strong. It is the same energy that we use to bend spoons or manipulate physical objects to move or break them. A lesser version of the energy is used to read minds and place thoughts and images into the mind. Try being nicer to the ghosts and watch them as if you were never there, they may tell you an interesting story.

    • bumcheeks Says:

      looks like it’s not a ghost but a human ~ ghosts exist !!! but not in this instance

      • mike Says:

        i have problem in my hause every night at 1 am to 3 amsomthing muving blackim se im sskear i dont no what its that can anyone help me

    • Anonymous Says:

      lol! kid, you’re crazy.

  2. BeAll Says:

    Sounds like all you need to do is borrow a camera and lie in bed witing patiently for “the ****ers” to come!

    • cam Says:

      Done that many times..not had any ghosties come to me

    • EndAll Says:

      More than that. Force them to manifest physically, and then take photos or record audio/video. A lot of them hate religious preaching, quotes from the bible.. perhaps a lot of them thought they would be in heaven after they died, as was promised.

      • jonathon l Says:

        i dont think u realy need 2 force them out cos at the end of the day they were real people 2 and should b giveing the same respect in death as u would give them in life.i find they will come 2 u if they want 2 or feel like they can trust u.i have found that is the best way 2 c what u are looking 4 or get them on vid or audio.they know more bout us than we know bout them,even if its an other time they are from cos they have been around 4 a long long time.

      • kath Says:

        Umm… Just FYI – the kind of energies that you are talking about are people who simply don’t have their bodies anymore – they deserve a little respect; you cannot “force” them to do anything they do not want to do, and they may become agitated and become nasty toward people like you when you treat them like dirt. Another piece of advice – remember that “like attracts like” in the spirit world, so I would strongly suggest that you lighten up and be a little nicer, otherwise you will end up coming face to face with someone (or something) that shares your level of negativity. I wish you all the best, and hope that you take what I have said into consideration!

  3. critter Says:

    The lighting on the face is strange, seems to be lit from a source not visible, unles there is some light source in the stairwell that cannot be seen from this angle.

    • Travis Hilkey Says:

      Your right, I noticed the oddness of the lighting, Indicating to me that it may just be a real sighting. Though rare, a ghost can show you many great things. As I said to EndAll ghosts are merely memories. Like a computer if the same path is created over and over and over in the same screen for many years then you turn off that computer it will still show the path on the dead screen. It is a ripple, an energy that will only dissipate when forgotten about over time.
      Ghost sightings can’t be forced or “Riled up.” You have to be able to see it. If you can humble your mind and look through it without your eyes then you can use your eyes to see it. If you are unable to humble yourself and insist on trying to force it then you will never see it.

  4. jonathon l Says:

    i think its a realy great picture.i live in ireland and there are a hell of a lot of old castles and very old grave yards 2 vist.i myslef like 2 vist hunted places and c what i can come up with.i have heard and seen some wired things but have always had some1 there 2 c or hear what happend at the time.i have some wired pictures i and my friends have takeing on our ghost hunts.i think some1 should head up there some night and go 2 them stairs were the picture was takeing and ask out if there is any1 that walks the stairs there and c what they come up with.i myslef am waiting 4 the night when something comes right up 2 me and my friends and say {look im here so take your picture and get out} now that would b eye poping

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re paragraph was so poorly written, I had to comment on it. I’m surprised, but it really pissed me off.

    • Travis Hilkey Says:

      I have to agree to a point with Anonymous and say it was very irritating to read this and I still don’t understand what you said. But I have an open mind and understand that you are not English speaking and writing, I am sure, is just as challenging.
      I disagree with him/her by way of the fact that it is always good to hear an opinion of someone regardless of how it is written. Your opinions, no matter how hard to read, could be an eye opener to someone.
      Jon I hope you get what you are looking for and I encourage you to check out my site (click my name) and read through my articles, also subscribe and leave me some feed back.
      I value the feedback of others. However I do ask that you don’t use profanities or bashing. If you disagree I am always open to discussion but I don’t appreciate slander and I will have your post removed in this light.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cara ta muito loca isso sou brasileiro e

    tem umas paradas aki no meu bairro muito locas blz baybay


    • jonathon l Says:

      im sorry but i dont undstand what u have u know english?

      • Travis Hilkey Says:

        Google Translate seems to be no help either the Portuguese to English translation is in beta and fairly new so thier library is also very confused

      • Elizabeth Says:

        It says “the face is really crazy and I’m from Brasil and there are some really crazy people in my hood”
        I don’t know why they wrote it lol…

  6. muttslikeme Says:

    Cool site. If we wait for them do they appear or do you go seeking? I wonder if they seek us, and have images of us somehow, somewhere. I
    love all things quirky, fun and serious together!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Its been nice watching and being with you of late… Like the music you play! though mixed! And your garden needs attending to…why are you feeling the way you do sometimes? You indirectly called me… … … .. . I am a good spirit..

  7. eli Says:

    muttslikeme – They can seek us out, but it can be almost as hard for
    them to make themselves heard as it is for us to hear them. Its a lot easier to knock on a wall than to transmit a voice across the astral sea, so to speak!
    But these ghosts, these images are largelt down to ‘red tape theory’. Recordings stored in stone due to iron oxide, much in the way that sound is recorded onto a tape. Look it up

  8. jonathon l Says:

    i some times like 2 use a tape recorder were i think there might b something going on and find when i play it back theres a voice on place i was at was a german graveyard in a place called glencree were some prisoners of war are buried.i spent a night up there and when useing a tape recorder got a voice,when i asked was there any1 there i got 1 word in german and found out it meant (what) in just gos 2 show that whey were listen to me.

  9. Tony Says:

    fake. enough said.

  10. CristinaK Says:

    I just took a closer look at the photo, the face is being distored by the grid bars in front of it.
    By looking at both photos, I have come to the conclusion that this is possibly a ghost of a lady from the 17th century.

    • jonathon l Says:

      do u know what kind of hats they wore in those days.i think she could b wearing 1 or mabe has long heir cos in the picture of richard u can c his ear and its just black round her head mabe theres noting there but u never know.theres something i saw wired in it 2,have a look at her again and c if u can c what looks like a hand on the right of her.its the same shade of her face and thats why i think it could b her hand.

  11. Luiz Silva Says:

    Acredito na possibilidade da foto ser verdadeira. Isso realmente é impressionante e nos leva a refletir se estamos sozinhos no planeta terra. Parabéns pelo site. Luiz Silva (Brazil).

  12. Eli Says:

    ENDALL – Chill out man, Im a medium mate thats all, Spiritualist National Union – i know what im on about & ive seen too many people get messed up. Why are you so angry?

    • jonathon l Says:

      hi eli– i was just reading that your a medium and if u dont mind me asking what kind of medium are u??can u c them or just sense them or is it just hear them or everything??i would like 2 have these gifts myslef and am just interested in what u have come across so far.

  13. jonathan ferreira Says:

    nooooooooosa super aterrorizante eu logo logo vou fazer uma faculdade de ufologia tem imagens q são merras montagens mas tem algumas q deixam um ar assustador!!!!

  14. jonathan ferreira Says:

    o site esta simplismente show meus parabens \o/

    • Travis Hilkey Says:

      I find it funny, Not to be at all prejudice, But when you look at the comments on these photos it is painfully obvious that 90 – 99% of everyone is speaking English.

      How hard would it be to go to and translate what you are saying into English and mention that you are non English speaking so that the comments may either be translated as well or they just won’t comment unless they know the language.

  15. Jo Says:

    hi there, i just stumbled on this site yesterday and i want to share a photo that’s puzzling me. please reply back on how i could send a photo in thanks

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      I can’t see the link to submit photos so I’m not sure if they’re taking any more now the Science of Ghosts event is over. However, I don’t mind having a look. I’m part of the Edinburgh Skeptics Group and I don;t mind giving some feedback. Can’t garuntee we’ll be able to find out exactly what it is but we’ll have a go!


      • Travis Hilkey Says:

        Hey there,

        I was wondering; What is it you do in your skeptic’s group? I am Seattle’s Paranormal Examiner and Interpreter (SPEI…lol I just came up with SPEI lol) and am interested in everything paranormal. I read through a novel, Though it was fictional, called Poltergeist written by Kat Richardson and it is based around a skeptic’s group and am curious as to what it is.

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  17. Belinda Says:

    Alex, I like your style!

  18. silva Says:

    very interesting

  19. Dave Says:

    Some of you lot are talking as if ghosts actually exist lol!

    Eli – youre a “medium” are you? Who says so? Who certified you? By what criteria are you judged?

    I’m a “large” myself lol!

    • jonathon l Says:

      so dave what makes u think they dont.i take it u have never had a ghost experience.i bet u dont think they exist at all.u need 2 open your mind man.

      • edinburghskeptics Says:

        Skeptics are more open minded than believers. Although we may scoff at the idea of ghosts at times, if the evidence comes in for their existence then we’ll accept it. Blindly following and assuming it is a ghost before addressing other more rational alternatives is the true definition of close minded.

      • matt Says:

        edinburgh, It’s also close-minded to think that you KNOW that ghosts/spirits don’t exist at all. That’s why Agnostics are more logical than Atheists. If you are dumb enough to think that human beings know and can comprehend all that goes on in the Universe, you’re just as moronic as the people who think every bump in the night is their dead grandmother.

      • MerriamWebster Says:

        You need to open a dictionary.

    • Travis Hilkey Says:

      Dave- Ghosts only exist if fed. I said above how this works but just incase you are too lazy to scroll up I will breif you here

      What would happen if you had a black computer screen with a white ball making a track of a figure 8 over and over and over again for weeks or even months or years, then you shut the screen off? The figure 8 will remain on the screen.

      It is the same with ghosts. Say you have a waitress in a restaurant and for years she works doing roughly the same thing everyday. As human beings we hold a power called Telekinesis. It is the same power that helps us bend spoons with our minds and move objects or break them.

      Now say this waitress is killed. This power needs to go somewhere, but if it just lingers it becomes part of the area as an “Area effect” just as smoke does in an unventilated room. With the conscious awareness of the ability of telekinesis, the “effect” will begin to reform virtually replaying the path that was originally burned into our existence by this waitress. Inevitably showing us the “Ghost” of her past.

      Why do you think ghosts are only seen in places that the person dies? If you watch this playback long enough it may just tell you a story. The paranormal and all its energy and ours is actually very scientific and biological. Same with magic practicing. There really is nothing spectacular about these abilities but everyone possesses them. It is all on your belief and honing.

  20. Eli Says:

    Jonathon I – Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, been on holiday. Just a standard spirit medium, i have seen spirit with the human eye a few times but mainly i work with images from my mind, names, places ect that they can communicate with me. I also work with scrying and boards too. I suppose it is a gift, but i dont really think im anything more special than the next person, its just that i have taken the time, and respect, to hone some skills. i believe that to some degree, everyone can do it, Trust your senses and go via the proper channels – always work with the light. good luck!

    • jonathon l Says:

      hi eli.i have been away 4 few days myslef.thanks 4 the reply.was meaning 2 ask what u thought of the picture of castle ghost from a mediums point of view.i think its great the gift that u have and i hope 2 get there some day myslef.

  21. Eli Says:

    DAVE – Hi, yes i am a medium. All that means is that i am the middle piont for messages between spirit and the person getting the info from them. ”Who says so? Who certified you? By what criteria are you judged?” – i suspect that there isnt really an answer you would accept to these questions but since you ask i am regulated and bound my the codes of practice fro the SNU – I guess youre quite the cynic, and thats fine but can i ask – have you ever watched a real medium, live? Mediums get a bad rep for the charlatans out there, but the real ones are very good indeed.

    • Honestlass Says:


      Are you genuine? i think someone may be trying to contact me from the ‘other side’ and don’t know what 2 do. I think I may be going mad. god all this sounds so melodramatic but I dont know what to do….

  22. Eli Says:

    To All – spelling is not my strongest area, clearly!

  23. Ile Says:

    We need more posts, goddammit!

  24. Mike Says:

    Well, I am no medium… more like an extra large, at large.

    On a side note, digital photography has really added an extra dimension to the old fashion ghost hunt.

    Back to the anchor desk now for today’s weather forecast…

  25. Brandal Says:

    I think this is just an ordinary pic. There is no special thing that make it needs to broadcast here !!!

  26. DC Says:

    I don’t care what your results say. The proof of a fake still lies in the fact that there is a stairwell to this window while the others have no visible access. Just a phreaking tourist!

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Can we please refrain from using the word fake, it really grates me.

      This is a genuine picture of a non paranormal event. The picture is real and isn’t staged. It doesn’t mean its a ghost, in fact it can be recreated with a person in its place as you will see if you follow the links to the conclusions page.

      Please don’t use the word fake unless it is clearly intentionally manipulated. Otherwise its quite an offensive term.

      Sorry, its just one of my pet annoyances after reading numerous posts on here.

      • Mike Says:

        I totally agree that the picture is genuine but we will definitely part company there. Just because you may not like a word does not require the rest of us to click our heels, sir.

        Your ‘pet annoyances’ will just have to take a Tylenol.

      • Fakey McFakefake Says:


  27. Anonymous Says:

    bnvcbb ,ncn

  28. Katrina Says:

    I have seen this photo too many times. He reminds me of the Burger King guy, on the commercial. I am no photographer, but it looks fake to me. IMO

  29. Alex Pryce Says:

    I’m sorry Mike, but if we want to investigate these things properly and come to the correct conclusion, we need to make sure we’re getting the terminology correct.

    Its a pet annoyance, yes, but it also is detrimental to a proper discussion and investigative process. It instantly puts up barriers. My statement was a request to benefit the discussion, not an order. I am in no position to give orders, simply as a board user who wants to see a proper debate or discussion.

    The use of the word fake is up there with the automatic assumption that something is photoshopped, or from the other side assuming it is automatically supernatural because the skeptics haven’t figured it out.

    If you want to throw inaccurate and disrespectful comments around, feel free to, but those who are interested in a genuine discussion will point out the flaws in your argument.

    At ease soldier.

    • Mike Says:

      QUOTE: “I’m sorry Mike, but if we want to investigate these things properly and come to the correct conclusion, we need to make sure we’re getting the terminology correct.”

      If I may walk upon so thin a patch of ice… who died and made you the Emperor of language and terminology? If in my opinion, an image is a fake, why should I not be at liberty to say so?

      QUOTE: “The use of the word fake is up there with the automatic assumption that something is photoshopped, or from the other side assuming it is automatically supernatural because the skeptics haven’t figured it out.”

      And who is to say that it is not so? You? Desk’perts are a dime-a-dozen. The web is lousy with them.

      QUOTE: “If you want to throw inaccurate and disrespectful comments around, feel free to, but those who are interested in a genuine discussion will point out the flaws in your argument.”

      If you want to try to stifle thought and the free, written expression thereof through gagging visitors to this site, be my guest. It’s not my website. But do please bear in mind that I personally do not feel intimidated, nor obligated to recognize your narrow interpretations nor even still bound to a limited lexicon on your behalf.

      In other words, you worry about Alex Pryce and we’ll tend to ourselves, thank you.

      • Alex Pryce Says:

        “Stifle free expression? Gagging visitors? Desk’pert? Emperor of language and terminology.”

        I’m done. This has gone from a legitimate discussion into an argument, something I am not going to endorse. Pick up your toys and put them back in your pram.

        I’m done.

  30. Mike Says:


    Actually, I tried to come back here and apologize yesterday, for getting off on the wrong foot. You have your peeves, I have my own. I am not above you nor you, me. But we should respect each other and those peeves for being what they are.

    My apology yesterday was declined by the site and never made print.

    Please, can’t we disavow stupidity without banning books or, in this case, words?

    History is on the side of free speech 🙂

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      I’ll accept the apology. However I think calling this an attack on free speech is still a bit extreme. It was a suggestion for a better discourse and had nothing to do with free speech.

      Please don’t turn this into a cliche. It has nothing to do with free speech or banning it.

      But as said, apology accepted.

      • Mike Says:

        Thank you, Alex. Here’s to spirited discourse and soulful harmony blends.


    • Tamale Casa (@TamaleCasa) Says:

      Pfft! Why did you apologize? Alex is an insufferable cunt.

  31. moahmed Says:

    i belive in gosth and i fell scerd becase iam going hamton court for a trop

  32. p3tr Says:

    good pic, but…the face is the same color as the stone, and the “ruff” is the same green color on the stone as well.

  33. June Says:

    The barrier has been put there for a purpose. To stop idiots from falling over. Like idiots with cameras who seek out ghosts. There are some steps going up so someone must be able to reach the top. And except for flying how are they going to get there? Do you people have a life? I have seen two ghosts but they don’t stand still for people to take pictures.

  34. A Believer Says:

    First thought is this is a FAKE. Most “Ghosts” seem to be in black & white.
    is it possible this one can appear in color? Possible. LOTS of unknowns on the subject & all the non believers don’t help any.

  35. Spook Scientist Says:

    I do believe in ghosts, but this picture is definately faked.

  36. Viviane Says:

    When you first look at that face you get a feeling that this person is watching down with sorrow, the face looks like an old lady or old man with clothes that look like they’re from a different era but my conclusion is that this is really strange because if it was an old tourist, say around his/her 70’s would he have the energy to go up so many stairs? I’m young and still when i was visiting a castle similar to this one and had to go up to the last floor i was very tired. And in case you wonder, no i’m not a fat person.

  37. tddddmac Says:

    IIIIIIIf you enlarge the pic you see that the “face” looks like molded rubber or plastic. I think it’s a mask tacked to the bars.

  38. kezzy Says:

    welll i think its genuine and brilliant1

  39. Jessica Says:

    For anyone with any mention here of the word “photoshop”, there has, in fact, been three photographic experts now who all state clearly that there is no use of photoshop or any digital trickery or anything of the sort.
    So that clears that up 🙂

  40. Nik Says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw this one debunked on a ghost program, it was one of the women that worked there in her costume and happened to look out. Simple as. Although it was five years ago or so I saw the programme, I could be mistaken.

  41. gmpoint Says:

    losts of ghots are in there,ancient dead people,won’t go in there ever

  42. allfreeads Says:

    wow,that freaks me out

  43. motorolafans Says:

    Well i dont believe in ghosts but i am scared off them! 😛

    • winter Says:

      You’re afraid of something you don’t believe exists? How is that possible?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Because of the genre known as horror? Wonderfully written literature and incredibly tense, graphic films are deliberately created to scare us.

        The film Alien scares me, but I don’t believe in actual aliens.

        It’s made up.

  44. Knob cheese Says:

    Ur a prick mate am gonny turn u into a ghost ya arsehole

  45. Anonymous Says:

    has anybody seen the picture on my wall

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  50. Netflix Says:

    I don’t believe in ghost’s and I think it’s another visitor chilling out there.

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  53. Stephen Johns Says:

    Thanks for this contribution bro.

  54. Andrew Says:

    wow!this was truly unbelievable.This was really an interesting story to search and and investigate. I agree that there were some things that don’t have easy explanations but this one really needs to be investigated.
    Thanks for this interesting post!

  55. teri Says:

    well its not hard some one was standing their lol xx

  56. Sumit Sur Says:

    hi andrew..
    ‘I agree that there were some things that don’t have easy explanations ‘

    … wht does it mean ?? wz there reely smthin ??

  57. Gina-May Says:

    I do beleive in ghosts but im not very sure bout this tbf. btw great info Eli and all the others posting great info 🙂

  58. Travis Hilkey Says:

    I am pretty good at this but I see that there are no shadows and no lights caste on the figure (Assuming the lady or guy in the stairwell is what I am looking at.). Notice though that the legs at the shins start to fade the further down however from the angle the Site is brief and hard to see without looking very close.

    I am almost positive that this is a real sighting. For this example. This place seems to be a rather populated ghost hunting area. Now, if there are lots of lost souls, the mere energy would begin to manifest feeding off of the ambitions of young tourists alone. However, Would you consider a manifested ghost a “ghost” if it were created collectively by psychokinesis? This is apparent. The exasperation of the textured outlaying of the assumed Ghost is meek and it shows qualifying characteristics that would leave me 2 choices of thought. Either it was photoshopped or it is a real ghost siting.

  59. clara jayne Says:

    The subject is in a cave-like place behind the railings, If anyone stood there, they would be under full shade, The face on the subject is FAR too bright to be real, The face is almost glowing, So i can assure this has been photoshopped

  60. Scooter Says:

    Many things are possible, whether we believe in them or not. However, to me the ghost behind the bars looks more like a photoshopped picture. It looks 2D, and the colors are too bright compared to the rest of the window.

    How anybody can see otherwise is beyond me. And, if there is a ghost living, why is he or she photographed so rarely?

  61. Y8 Says:

    I don’t believe in ghost’s and I think ghost’s are fictions

  62. Sim Aurile Says:

    Honestly i think there are NO ghosts in this world.GROW UP!

  63. Erkkki Says:

    @Sim Aurile:
    It is how you want to define a ghost.
    Many of these photographs are easily explaned.
    Some see a ghost in the reflection of dust particles in front of the camera lens (orb noncense).
    Others see ghosts in random patterns (pareidolia).
    Also there are who like to ‘photoshop’ a fake ghost on a picture.
    Personally, I enjoy looking at all these fake ghosts, but on the other hand, I am a Christian and believe in the ‘The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Also angels is a part of our daily life…

    However you want to define a ghost, they DO exists, even when they are fake 🙂

  64. Benny Ruo Says:

    Interesting to know more about the ghost as a child i read the book 101 ghost, so this blog is interesting

  65. Carencruz Says:

    I agree with Y8 .
    Regards, Caren.

  66. Hendry Says:

    Its looking like human.

  67. Caren Says:

    Good graphics. But surely its not ghost.

  68. Shany Says:

    Not believing in ghost

  69. jenna Says:

    Ghost! (‘-‘)

  70. Alpha Says:


  71. Y8 Says:

    Pure fiction. Ghost don’t exist.

  72. Y8 Says:

    nice story I read all

  73. Anonymous Says:

    You all will get the biggest shock of your lives the day you actually pass away seeing your own lifeless body realising the journey has jus begun

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