Palace ghost

“I’ve attached the photo of Linlithgow Palace. You need to zoom into the large window in the top left of the picture. A grey ‘image/face’ can clearly be seen. It appears to be standing proud of the wall and a grey mist/fog can be seen around it, particularly around head and shoulder area. The image is a completely different colour from the surrounding brickwork. I would be extremely interested to hear your thoughts and views.”



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95 Responses to “Palace ghost”

  1. Daniel Says:

    There’s a face there now? It looks like a perfectly empty window to me.

    • Carlos Says:

      There’s a face there now? It looks like a perfectly empty window to me. (2)

      • Stijn Maertens Says:

        There’s a face there now? It looks like a perfectly empty window to me. (3)

    • ClairefromAyr Says:

      Hi there, i live not far fro this castle and what you can see in the picture is a plaque on the wall. I am a medium and didn’t pick up anything from this area of the castle. The hall ways and tower on the other hand are full of people walking around!

      • Anonymous Says:

        ClairefromAyr, I’ve been back since and it’s not a plaque on the wall. also, the window where the face appears has no floor, so it can’t be a visitor.

      • Stijn Maertens Says:

        Hi there, I’m a small, but I really can’t see how your size matters in this discussion.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Can’t see anything…

  3. Pat O'Halloran Says:

    I think it is just a stonework feature on the rear wall, the ‘fog’ is staining on the wall around it.

  4. John Says:

    Empty window?? As the person who took the Palace Photo there’s clearly an image there. Try looking again…

  5. Clementine Says:

    Can’t see anything at all. Are you sure your glasses are clean?

  6. John Says:

    seriously, looking in the lower picture which is a closer look at the window in the larger picture, are you telling me you can’t see anything?? Maybe it’s your glasses that need cleaning…

  7. monkey boy Says:

    doesnt look like a person to me more like an inanimate object

  8. Jon Says:

    I can see the slightly blue object in the blown up portion of the photo…but i can’t say that it resembles a human unless it is devoid of a neck!

  9. Rebecca Says:

    I can see a stone standing slightly pround of the others in the wall that has a pale line on the top of it and staining around it on the wall that, if one were clutching at straws, might look a bit like Skeletore. Not a ghost.

  10. caroline Says:

    unfortunately i can only see what looks like a bit of stone work, not a ghost..

  11. Laura Says:

    All I can see is an empty window area with light bouncing off dust particles creating what appears like a “fog.” The blue spec is most likely just where light hit a dust particle or colored stone and the camera picked it up as blue. Since your wanting something to be there whether consciously or subconsciously your mind is making it look like a ghost to you. Happens all the time.

  12. manigen Says:

    I can’t see anything that looks like a face either.

  13. Kathey Says:

    I don’t know how bad all of you peoples eyes are, but I clearly see the face in the right corner of the window. You can see the cheekbones very clearly and even the chin and eye sockets. I don’t know if it’s a real ghost or not but I clearly see the image. Thanks for sharing and listening! 🙂

  14. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Pareidolia as seen in the relief of the stonework.

    • Ady Says:

      You see- there was this boy who was wearing purple, and he fell out of his boat and got tangled up in some weeds while he was swimming to the shore. He drowned and…
      Wait- wrong picture.
      Okay- there was this castle, you see…

  15. john Says:

    Kathey, thank you. at last someone who can see what i saw when i downloaded the picture at home. I’m not sure what it is, but it isn’t stone work, features can clearly be seen. and as for dust… look at the original picture. i was too far away to pick up dust particles reflecting light…

    Thanks again…

  16. June Says:

    It is just a plaque surrounded by slightly damp or darker stonework. Does this person have a life? If not then get one.

  17. A Believer Says:

    There is a Grey Heavy woman that to me looks like a Nun in the lower right side of the window. Now without a photo of the same location but closer I Can’t say it is a Ghost or not. I’d go 80/20 for it to be real.

  18. Laura Says:

    This image looks almost the same as the child in the window of the house. Weird.

  19. Robyn Says:

    Hi again people. (You’ll be hearing a lot of me) That face is really spooky, but is there not something beside it, like a sort of creature crouching it’s head. I did check fro the bricks but there is also a line guiding the figure.

  20. Kitty Says:

    I see absolutely nothing there…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    If the ghost is that little bluey grey bit down the bottom right of the window then I reckon it’s stonework – no ghost! You’ve gotta have a good imagination to see it 🙂 😀

  22. sheila Says:

    i do believe in ghosts but sorry to say i think its someones over reactive imagination specifically johns and also kathey seems to have an over reactive imagination! there is nothing there.

    • john Says:

      it does make me laugh when people ‘tell me’ what the image is.. you have have no proof it’s stonework, fog, ‘dust’, etc anymore than i have proof it’s a ghost. i appreciate people saying what they think it is, don’t tell me i’ve an over active imagination.. to get a life. everyone’s suddenly a bloody expert… as for ‘there’s nothing there…’ there is..

  23. alana Says:

    looks like a turtle-Leonardo i think lol

  24. anonymous Says:

    going by the original Photo i want to know how anyone on gods green earth could actually pick that anomally out from that window i can’t even tell which window it is supposed to be!

    • DeAnna Says:

      I’m with you, I stared at that thing for too long and didn’t find anything. People are seeing what they want to see and that says it all right there.

      • john Says:

        because… here we go again… i was zooming in to study something else on the photo when i discovered whatever it is in the window. bear in mind the photo was full size on my monitor, not the small size you’re looking at.

  25. anonymous2 Says:

    It looks like it’s smiling

  26. Spook Scientist Says:

    Part of the wall

    • Spook Scientist Says:

      What I mean is, it looks like part of the wall. I can’t determine from this picture whether it is a ghost or part of the wall.

  27. john Says:

    anonymous, it’s the large window to the top left. i discovered it by chance when i zoomed into the snap checking out something else… plus the original is full screen size, you can make it out that way.

  28. Kelly Says:

    Definitly a strange one , shape of a monk it looks like to me but why the blueish tinge?!

  29. Dr Ergon Spengler Says:

    When these “ghost” images are seen they are always a face or head never another part of the human body.

    For example if there had only been a ghostly arm or a spooky leg in this window no one would have ever have noticed.

    So when studying these kind of photo’s I think people ask themselves, “is that a face there ?” consequently they think they see one!

  30. patrick Says:

    It’s just stonework.. Though it does look a bit like Jon Pertwee.

  31. Unique Says:

    john Says:

    September 16, 2009 at 12:13 pm | Reply
    anonymous, it’s the large window to the top left. i discovered it by chance when i zoomed into the snap checking out something else… plus the original is full screen size, you can make it out that way.

    Thanks for the Reply John!!
    i ain’t here to critsize your photo but you want to view the Sky you may have caught a UFO on this Picture?

  32. Denise Says:

    Its great to see these. Especially this time of year!

  33. Pearl79 Says:

    There is nothing in the original that would even make me think of a ghost. The window is empty! Now when you blow it up it shows something, but a real ghost i highly doubt

  34. Chris Says:

    There is nothing there. its probably a damp stain after years of untreated, open element exposure.

  35. LMC Says:

    it’s nothing just a blotch or stain, maybe from the picture itself???

  36. Kay-leighann Says:

    i can clearly see a face here, looks like they are in a monk’s clothing or something. the blue-ish tinge is probably an aura or something to that effect.

  37. john Says:

    Hi all. I went back a fortnight ago, stood in exactly the same position and took a number of snaps again. nothing in the new pictures at all to suggest somethings there. looking again at my original above, there’s definately something there, what it is i can’t say, but it’s there. the wall behind is weathered and stained but the ‘image’ is standing away from the wall. it does make me smile when people say the windows empty… clearly not. some of your views are very interesting, some are just plain daft. keep them coming..
    checking the original for UFOs now too.
    LMC, you don’t get staining on a digital photo…

  38. Hope Says:

    My problem with this one is: why would you zoom in on that particular window and discover the ghost anyway? It is not visible from the big picture, this leads me to believe it is fake.

  39. john Says:

    hope, hi. the original photo i have is full screen, so i could make out something in the window. that’s why i zoomed in to see what it was. i can personally guarantee it’s not a fake, although i can’t tell you what it is either.

  40. Lorenza Palomino Says:

    She looks like a nun.

  41. benway Says:

    It looks similar to the black mask Salieri wears in the movie ‘Amadeus’, except without the hat, and blue-grey. The colour is very different to the stonework surrounding it.

    How anyone not see it?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    man em i the only one that sees the gohst

  43. Anonymous Says:

    actuly theres 2 gohsts

  44. Candy Says:

    It’s just fog

  45. Coupaman Says:

    What you’re all missing is the stone infant on the left of the window, looking down at the blue splodge. The horizontal protruding stonework seems to be stuck in the back of its head and it’s on its knees looking like it is praying.

    I know that’s not what it really is but it shows how if you look hard enough your brain will obligingly provide.

    Above the blue mark I can see a Star Wars stormtrooper’s helmet. This tells me I’ve been looking at this image for far too long trying to see something in it.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Aside from the debate of if there is anything there, this picture created a really strong reaction for me. I looked at the other pictures posted here as well, and honestly, I think that most of them have a perfectly rational explanation. I have never seen a ghost or had a crazy experience, although I do believe in them. However, as soon as I looked at this picture, I felt extremly overwhelmed and actually started crying. I wasnt scared. Just overwhelmed. I promise I’m not crazy, and I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before. But for whatever reason, this picture made me react.

  47. Amanda Says:

    Can’t anyone see the girl with the heavy fringe and white shawl? She’s in the bottom left hand corner of the can even see the parting in the middle of her hair.

  48. john Says:

    ClairefromAyr, I’ve been back since and it’s not a plaque on the wall. also, the window where the face appears has no floor, so it can’t be a visitor. as for being a medium.. I’m an extra large if that helps…

  49. sarah Says:

    hi john.
    I most certainly see an image, and to me they appear to have a mask on ( looking evil ). But whats more interesting, is the man standing to the left, looking down at the image, with a fez like hat , moustache and wearing a kings fur robe ……..Great stuff. Best veiwed enlarged !!!!!

  50. Y8 Says:

    It’s fog or somke for sure!!


  51. SpookyLady Says:

    what about a dove, so many flying around there… Agree to some peeps before – no floor but also no horrible ghost in linlithgow palace, just maybe a depressive one… 😉

  52. Danilo Says:

    Photoshop, pra pessoa achar um fantasma a essa distancia, é pq ele colocou o fantasma lá.

  53. BigSoph Says:

    I cannot see a ghost in the window, the view is blocked by the dozens of young boy ghosts in purple shirts

  54. Says:

    It looks like Darth Vader *LOL*

  55. Rodger Says:

    Unfortunatly I cannot give an opinion on this one as the master image offered for inspection is such a resolution that zooming in distorts the image almost immediately, if I was able to download a hires scan of the original photo, I would be able to offer my own opinion.

  56. lisa Says:

    looks to me like a Catholic nun@

  57. Says:

    It’s simply a window on the other side of the wall. if you look at the light blue you’ll also see that it matches the color of the sky. IT’S JUST ANOTHER WINDOW

    • dude Says:

      absolutely no idea what picture you’re looking at but there is no window on the other side of the wall IT’S JUST ANOTHER WALL

  58. Erkki Says:

    Sorry, but where the heck is the ghost ???
    Don’t see anything unusual on the picture.
    At the most another tourist.

    • john Says:

      (deep breathe..) try looking at the bottom photo, where the purpley face is.. don’t always imagine a ghost will be white. it can’t be a tourist either as 1, it’ll be bloody ugly and 2, there’s no floor in this part of the palace.

  59. jessiiii Says:

    no offence but how can some people not see this !!!

  60. Daniel Says:

    I agree with “Kathey” on this photo….Theres is definitely features on the apparent ghost face, but it does have to make you think because the photo was taken from so far away and when you zoom in on it could it be just a combination of shadow and light making you think there is a face there but really being a random “fuzz bundle” Overall though an interesting photo.

    • john Says:

      Daniel, who knows what it is?? when i took the photo looking out for a ‘face’ didn’t even cross my mind. nice to have a post without being told there’s an empty window for a change..

  61. Anonymous Says:

    this is not even real

  62. another anonymous Says:

    i did so research on the place and there could be a lot of people who could haunt it from its history like mary queen of the scots or one of her brother that died there or her father and a lot of other people its been in so many hands through the years and seen a lot of things and took place in a lot of things

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  64. Anthony Says:

    This is Archangel Zadkiels violet rays protecting the unborn child from negative emotions surrounding the circumstances of the conception . Ha ha ha ….. sorry, just being ridiculous there. There is definitely something strange in the photo but i doubt this is anything paranormal .

  65. cara Says:

    John – Photo taker – I copied this image and using microsoft word I simply altered the saturation, contrast and colour tone (in the most basic manner!) and i am CERTAIN that this is a pigeon facing away from the photo taker. When you crank up the contrast and the saturation that ‘blue grey’ fog simply becomes a pigeon tail with the individual tail feathers clearly visible. The white band is the white marking on the back on the bird’s neck, and the tail shape is perfectly to scale with the rest of the body. If you gave me an email address I could send you a few of the pics with the colour/saturation changed and you could see what you think? I can even make out the faint outline of the head of the bird, also to scale with the body. When you mess with the saturation the object completely pops out at you its amazing. And i’m sorry to say it really does look like a bird! Just so you know I am agnostic about this topic and am not out to prove /disprove anything, I came across this post by accident.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    It is not a castle it is a PALACE!!!!! Just saying.

  67. bethany Says:

    I have also been to this palace and seen the exact same image but clearer than that , I have also spoke to my brother in law who stayes there and the ghost is of the black lady she has beed seen of hunders of turests , but only at that one window

  68. Annana Says:

    I was at the palace on Tuesday 5th nov, I commented to my daughter I had seen a greyish black shape move accros a window. It was so clear I came home and looked on-line. Bit spooky but it is the same window- I seen the shape move from the tight to the left!

  69. L. Says:

    What are we supposed to be looking at? I don’t see anything!

  70. L Says:

    I’m sure that is an anomaly or something to do with stonework. There is a floor there, as that is actually a windowseat from the great hall (I used to give tours at the Palace).

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