Another castle ghost

“I’m attaching a picture taken about two years ago of my friend at Warwick Castle, where behind her (up a bit) you can see a figure. I’m pretty sure that where the figure is standing is not accessible by the public. Although I’m not convinced it’s a ghost, I’m certainly curious as to what, or who, exactly it is. Perhaps you could add it to your site and help figure it out?”


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112 Responses to “Another castle ghost”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Looks more like a shadow than a figure to me. It’s probably being cast by some innocuous feature of the castle battlements.

  2. Pat O'Halloran Says:

    I think it is definitely a person, there appears to be a pale area for the face. There also seem to be some railings alongside which would suggest the area is accessible to the public. My vote would be for it just being another visitor to the castle being caught in the shot.

  3. monkey boy Says:

    why are we so sure the dude is dead? hes probably just chilling up there

  4. Bing Markley Says:

    I would agree with the shadow hypothesis. While there is a lighter spot that looks similar to skin, the thing that convinces me is the angle of the “hat.” If you look at the top of the “face” the “head” seems to slope downward to the left at what seems to be the exact same angle as the other shadows. Either it’s a ghost with an off-period hat at a convenient angle or it’s an interesting shadow.

  5. Margaret Says:

    Definitely shadows being cast from the castle wall and those bits that poke out from the wall!

  6. Harry Knockers Says:

    I think for that to be a person they’d have to be 10 feet tall.

  7. Sandra Says:

    Richard Wiseman, would it be possible to approach a ghost?

  8. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Shadow cast from the top of the parapet, with a mild dose of pareidolia.

  9. Marc Says:

    The area where the silhouette stands is wooden staircase inside the tower. Here is the photo taken from the staircase in opposite direction.

  10. randy Says:

    trick of the eye

  11. Lil Says:

    I’m not quite sure about this one!

  12. June Says:

    Definately a person. Have you asked at Warwick castle if it is accessible? I can also see railings around. Stop looking for ghosts in castles, they don’t all live there.

  13. hsue Says:

    i like all of them!!!

  14. A Believer Says:

    I too agree it’s either a shadow of a person or a person in shadow.

  15. Jadey Says:

    I think its a person beind camera reflecting the sadows of a black object, true ghost in the ghost tower though cause’ i been in there all around warcick castle! oh ye and i found tis writing on te wall (dfe39fb3bf9/y)

  16. Jadey Says:

    Ghhhost hunt! I now agree with gost HYMNOTIST, Freaky!!!!!

  17. rush Says:

    You can access that area. There is a walkway there. And it is clearly a person stood in that walkway, shadowed by the fact they are stood IN THE SHADE! Some of you guys scare me with your naivety.

  18. Sid Says:

    I am was looking at the part of the pic that people were describing and suddenly something beside the lady herself caught my eye. The light is obviously coming from the right and yet the wa beside the lady is in shadow, she is not that big. She also has a shadow on her left side as if there were also light from the left. But what I did find extremely interesting is the apparent appearance of a similar effect to what would have been known a widos weeds on the lft of the lady in question. Could all of this be caused by the wall? If so how, as the wall is clearly visible going to the turret. Please also note the turret window almost half is obscured by shadow or….. if it were just shadow you would be able to make out the rest of the window……surely!

  19. Gus Says:

    I zoomed in really close, and I definently see a woman there. It looks like she has her hair slung to the side, and has her arms up making an “x” shape..

  20. Spook Scientist Says:

    I’m pretty sure the ghost in this picture is, if not genuine, one of the castle’s actors/actresses, probably on a break.

  21. mrmarty Says:

    As a constant frequenter of warick castle….infact I live there in private apartments, i can verify that that partcular part of the castle is accessable. It is a walkway that looks down apon the main entrance and is called a devils view. when invaders would try to invade the castle they would have hot oil tipped on them from that very spot. blah blah blah. sorry

  22. mrmarty Says:

    sorry just realised id cocked up, everything I said in my last post was true except for it being at the front of castle. it is a public area but it is one o the higher ramparts on the right side of the castle. stand on the boat dock with your baCK to the shed, and there it is. I think the beaumont tower or something like that. I know its jolly hard to climb when you have too much gin.

  23. Dr Ergon Spengler Says:

    It looks the same shade of colour as the shadows inside the building. Because the light source is quite bright and from high on the right, if I was looking for a shadow in that window I would expect it to be on the left and lower down. That is exactly where the image is, so Yes i would say it is a shadow of an object.
    Without a shadow of a doubt 😉

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Why you can never see the ghost clearly in these sort of pictures?

    Well, although I’m not sure what kind of objects there were in the castle that very day, that definitely looks like a shadow. If you take a closer look, you can see a lighter spot where supposely is the “head”, that’s caused by variations on the wall’s geography, where the light can slightly reach. Looking even closer, you can see the divisions between two rocks…

    No ghosts there for me…

  25. Si Says:

    Person spotted admiring view at tourist attraction! Clearly no flesh and blood entity would exhibit such behaviour. Wooooooo…

  26. readbud get paid to read and rate articles Says:

    its probly just a statue dude

  27. Rastino Says:

    Who said it has to be a ghost?
    What if it’s just a old woman or something up there

  28. Rastino Says:

    What if it’s not a ghost?

  29. =)ain Says:

    ok la skt gmbr nie…
    tp kt berhantu..
    x nmpk antu pun?

  30. Whispers Says:

    It looks to me to be a person. Just because the public can not access the area does not mean that others can not.

  31. jay Says:

    You certainly can walk along that part of the castle where the figure is, because i have been there myself.

  32. clarajayne Says:

    Look at the edge of the photo on the left hand side it appears to be extermely pixelated, like it has been adjusted in some way, I think this photo is photoshopped because of the adjustments

  33. AnG3l* Says:

    If You Notice the time of day !!!!
    It Is Dusk The sun is going down and shadows are cast … This is a shadow if you look close It Is Clearly Just That !!!

  34. Phillip Says:

    To me it looks like some sort of shadow from something. because if you look at the rest of the shadows in the picture they all are in the same direction as the object in question. Also look at the direction that the sunlight is coming from. Just my 2 cents

  35. leigh Says:

    I’ve seen more recent pictures taken by other people who have fallen for this as well…It is indeed a shadow cast by stonework that cant be seen from this particular angle, and has fooled countless other people that have taken photos at this site.

  36. leigh Says:

    Not to mntion the fact that it is a very large shadow and would have to be a very “big” ghost, or person. It is quite obviously the shadow of the right hand side parapet being thrown against the far wall.

  37. Danilo Says:

    é só a sombra que chegou a parecer onde há um buraco, o que faz o formato do rosto.

  38. jodster Says:

    i personally think it is a ghost because why would a real castle have more than what beside the owner 2 people

  39. BigSoph Says:

    Jodster said: i personally think it is a ghost because why would a real castle have more than what beside the owner 2 people

    Apparently you are iffy on the concept of tourism. Castles are no longer used for their original purpose (fortification) and are now used to bring in tourist dollars to isolated castles

  40. k Says:

    just battlement features. Nothing creepy at all

  41. Hi Says:

    I think this is a normal human.

  42. 613photo Says:

    Not enough information in the photo to tell what it is. No reason to believe it is paranormal.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    HAHAH on the left side of the castle..i thought it was a person falling out the window! 🙂 anyone agree??

  44. Jeff G. Says:

    Laugh all you want.
    I visited Warwick castle in early January of 1992 with my girlfriend Beverly. The time of day was about half past 10:00am right after the castle had opened for visitors. As we strolled around the grounds of the castle, we saw an apparition from approximately 150 to 175 feet away near an entrance door to a part of the castle wall. There was no mistaking it for a man dressed in early 1800’s attire with his collar pulled up around his neck and held in place with his right hand. We both saw it, and at first we thought it was just another tourist, until we noticed that we could see parts of the castle wall through him, and then we noticed his style of dress. Yes, we were more than a little unnerved. We watched him for several minutes, and noticed that he looked a little “Pensive”, or nervous. He kept looking around, and shifting his position, but didn’t actually walk or move out of one spot. After a couple minutes I got up my nerve up and started walking towards this obvious ghost, which as I approached, came into more detail. He was clean shaven, and wore no hat. His hair was dark and of medium length, a little over his ears. The color of this figure changed from one of subtle shades of color to a light slate gray as I got closer. Not once did he look at me, or take notice of my person, but as I got to within about 50 feet away, he slowly vanished from sight.
    Later in the day after we had been all through the castle, we went to a souvenir table that was set up and on it were various tourist guides, decorative cloths with “Warwick Castle” on them, etc. I started a conversation with a quite elderly lady who was behind the souvenir table, and I told her what I saw. “Oh, you managed to catch a glimpse of our castle ghost”, she said. Then she went on to tell me matter-of-factually all about him, and how many times she had personally encountered him, (a lot). This woman had absolutely no reason to lie to us, nor did we get the impression that she was the sort who would, as her demeanor was one of honesty and courtesy. I have never seen anything like this before or since, however, I’m not the incredulous septic that I had once been. And my CPA / attorney girlfriend, (she passed away last year at the age of 43) was about as pragmatic a person as you would ever meet. -Jeff from Seattle, WA

  45. Anonymous Says:

    i don’t i did some research on the castle and found out the earl was stabb by his servents who killed him and himself. And there is said to be a curse on the castle by a women named moll blaxham who was caught cheating people on what she was selling and the earl public humiliated her and she put a curse on it but i really don’t belive the one about the curse.

  46. another anonymous Says:

    thats the one i just posted

  47. Anonymous Says:

    It is hard to discern if this is an “Apparition”, something casting a shadow, or just another person caught in a shadow of the castle wall. But one thing is for certain, this castle has been around since right after William the conqueror took control of England in the middle of the 11th century, (It started out as a wooden fort and evolved through the centuries to what exists today). It’s had plenty of time to collect ghosts since there has been at least one major battle fought there through the middle ages (War of the Roses). Hundreds, if not thousands of people have met there demise at this castle or in its prison cells built for the detaining and torture of what ever enemies the various Earls of Warwick had. I have been to the castle and seen the torture chamber, and I took copious photographs of its contents. Being in the chamber and looking at the various torture devices, cells with hand cuffs built into the walls and other frightening accouterments gave me a feeling like I have never felt before or since. It is frightening and creepy just being in there. You could literally sense the pain, dread and gloom that emanated from the walls. There is a small space less then 3 meters by 1 meter carved right into the floor of the torture chamber, and it is covered with iron bars and secured with a lock. It is called an “Oublié”, which means forgotten in French. You were stuffed in there and left to die, while the guards peed and spat on you as they stepped over you. To see it in real life has to be experienced to be appreciated for its terror. This castle and many others in Europe has a reputation for being very haunted. It would be interesting if one of those television ghost investigation teams were to look into the ghosts of Warwick Castle. I have talked to several people who have seen the “Ghost of Warwick Castle”, and you can tell they aren’t making it up, (They acted like it didn’t matter to them if you believed what they said about the ghost).

  48. sabrena doyle Says:

    ghosts are really only 10.what about click click slide.have you ever seen her.i know i have.and heard

  49. Jennifer Says:

    ghost r scary cause the last time i saw a ghost was wen i was about 9 or 10 yeras old,but this was wen i went 2 visit my grandparents at mexico during vacation

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  53. Lemuel Says:

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