Ghost in hair

“I have a picture that has baffled me since the moment i took it that i hope you would take a look at. I was at my Uncle’s house, who had recently passed away, laid in bed taking pictures of my girlfriend at the time. I was takin shots with my mobile phone when all of a sudden as i was taking a shot this gremlin like creature appeared. Becki said i went white when i saw it and i quickly explained to her why and praying it showed up on the phone… did!

I saw this creature appear on the phone then quickly took the shot and it has haunted me ever since. I dont know what i am expecting from you but i have always wanted someone of expertise to take a look.”


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151 Responses to “Ghost in hair”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    That’s the back of the softa she is leaning on!!!

  2. Pat O'Halloran Says:

    Yes, just the fabric showing through the hair.

  3. Jimmy Says:

    It’s the corner of the pillow/cushion you can see to the left of the picture.

  4. monkey boy Says:

    its just hair. no gremlins. sorry..

  5. wilian Says:

    a moça é linda heim

  6. Martyn Valentine Says:

    Oh! for God’s sake…

  7. Harry Knockers Says:

    You might want to have a doctor look at that.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    You certainly scare easily. Booooo! I can almost see you trembling with fear. Have you got a phobia of pillows?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Boooo! You scare easily. Have you a phobia of pillows?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a pillow! Get a life, or get another pillow, then you will not be scared ever again.

  11. George Bush Says:

    Это хуета

  12. George Bush Says:

    It’s fantastic

  13. 李佳淳 Says:


  14. Colin Says:

    Wow, A REAL Fart Gnome!

  15. Dave Says:

    You were lying in bed taking pictures of your girlfriend? And thats the best pic we get?

  16. Hiara Says:

    Isto é uma imagem confusa, mas se for analisar são os cabelos dela sob o travesseiro. nada demais, apenas a fértil imaginação humana.

  17. dave Says:

    any real FART GNOME pics?

  18. Katie Says:

    It is just the paturn of her hair on the fabric. Our brain is trained to notice face like shapes in things which is why it looks like a gremlin.

  19. Daniel Says:

    One Word: Peridolia.

  20. Gary Says:

    I think that the picture shows a ruffled corner of the pillow over which the girl’s hair has coincidently lain in such a way that makes the corner look like a distorted face.

  21. Bevans Says:

    Creepy, but definitely pareidolia.

  22. annie Says:

    i wud say it is just the corner of hte pillow scrunched up and the texture has made a face like sculpture

  23. No nam3 Says:

    Dude i think you GF must be really pissed right after you told her about thing at her hair near her NECK of all places…

    But i think its just the tip of the pillow where it usually has a really curmple part, and COINCIDENCE made it happen.

    Sorry to hear about your uncle..

  24. June Says:

    Is your girlfriend that ugly, so you’d rather take a picture of a pillow?

  25. Nader Says:

    I’m not sure , to me its the pillow but as its close to her ear it could be sort of Ectoplasm forming too. I just said maybe.

  26. Nadira Says:

    Combination of hair blending with the pattern of the upholstery.

  27. Fantafob Says:

    Thats the edge of the pillow poking through her hair. Whats with this Peridolia word anyway?

  28. Adriano Says:

    eu acho que deve ser o Ricardão

  29. Shakey Says:

    Its just pillow talk! This is obviously the pillow design that can be seen and is creating the face of the gremlin.

  30. Dalderman Says:


  31. Mikki Says:

    Obviously the pillow ….. wud hate you to see a real ghost .

  32. ella Says:

    AHAHAHH its just hair ppl

  33. Zarncar Says:

    It is just the pillow behind her, if you use your hand or our mouse pointer and cover up the “eye” anyone would say it was just a pillow, it is the “eye” that gives it the humanoid look.

  34. Angela Says:

    Yeah, it’s just the fabric pattern and the hair placement but c’mon people, it’s still a pretty cool effect!!! Looks a lot like Gollum’s brother 🙂

  35. Spook Scientist Says:

    Ah, SHIT! Man, that thing is creepy! It looks like something off the Grudge!

  36. Dr Ergon Spengler Says:

    Does your girlfiend always wear shrunken head’s for earings ? 🙂

    Seriously, cushion fabric with hair making it look like a line drawing!

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how fake this looks… Most of all because your “gremlin” has a striking resemblence with the assassin of the movie “Saw”…

    However, out of respect, I will step forward and tell you it’s only your hair…

  38. Heather Says:

    Yes it is clearly the pillow behind her head

  39. thorn Says:

    wat is this thing called !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. tia Says:

    creepy… uhhh…
    ummm… its kind of hard to make that from pillow?
    but its possible…

  41. gmpoint Says:

    man thats real,how can a hear form like that?

  42. abrcity Says:

    thats really scary,oh man

  43. Dean Batch Says:

    Jesus lol…

    I read first so my mind was trained on what it was “supposed” to be but then taking another look it’s bloody obvious it’s the pillow…

    Did you actually THINK it was something creepy, or did you spend AGES trying to create that?

  44. Tiana Says:

    Although’s just part of the pillowcase, lol!

  45. Chris Says:

    This WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH………..

  46. Chris Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! there is a rat in my school and its two seats away from me!!!!!

  47. LMC Says:

    looks like your hair.

  48. allfreeads Says:

    i think thats faked

  49. Si Says:

    Let me see. Took photo on phone. Saw shape made by hair. Made up some daft story. Posted on website. Probably best if he took some photography courses rather than indulging in such silliness.

  50. sserpx Says:

    okay, I seriously do not care of what it is, but I don’t think there’s an ghost, because it looks really like Jigsaw from the “saw” movies xD

  51. anonymous Says:

    oh please……………………….

  52. Anonymous Says:

    It’s the pillow

  53. Netflix Says:

    For god sake it’s not any ghost it’s just the pillow.

  54. samanthajast Says:

    I found your blog from google and read a few of your other posts.They are incredible. Please keep it up… have a nice day.

  55. Andrew Says:

    This was one of unbelievable moments that human shared with extraordinary creatures that also lives together with us humans. All we need to do with it is to respect them as well as when they don’t ever bother humans physically.

  56. Sumit Sur Says:

    yahh andrews .. u r tight ……

  57. Gerda Says:

    Creepy face,but could be fake.gremlin like creature LOL .Those looke cute,but this one looks creepy.
    ‘It also ooks like a Wajang puppet face. It could be a fake picture,but if this is an
    extraordinary creature like Andrews said in his post from February 26th 21010 at 9:30 am then I would be very scared look at that eye. Not a pleasent one to wach.

  58. Matt Says:

    That is evidently a small model / doll of that puppet from the Saw movies that has been deliberately placed there.

    Case closed

  59. johnny Says:

    thats some trippy s**t

  60. danielle Says:

    FAKE, its just the edge of the pillow

  61. AnG3l* Says:

    This is an Illusion Created by the little strands of hair .. Agaist the white background .. Having her family member just pass A person is hopefull For Conact of Some Sort … It Dose have face Features Nice pic .. Its Not Often Illusions are created Or noticed and photographed…

  62. Anonymous Says:


  63. Benny Ruo Says:

    Bullshit it just something peeping out combined with the hair gives a feeling of a face

  64. Carencruz Says:

    Don’t believe. But Nice thrilling. Carencruz.

  65. Caren Says:

    It seems to be scary, but it may be reflection of light or mirror glasses

  66. Hendry Says:

    It may be true, some bad forces are also there….

  67. Shany Says:

    Its a fabric. Nice creation.

  68. Alpha Says:

    Its not ghost. Human.

  69. Anonymous Says:


  70. Travel Kefalonia Says:

    I can’t help to laugh…hahahhaha..I don’t see a ghost, HONESTLY…

    Anybody who would mind to pin point that to me, pleeesssseeee???

  71. Travel Kefalonia Says:

    I can’t help not to laugh…hahahhaha..I don’t see a ghost, HONESTLY…

    Anybody who would mind to pin point that to me, pleeesssseeee???

  72. Oil Painting Book Says:

    I don’t see the ghost either…LOL

  73. Lice Home Remedy Says:

    its just a pillow….not a ghost

  74. Bass Fishing Books Says:

    I can’t help not to laugh at the comments…LOL

  75. Decorative Painting Books Says:

    There is no ghost really….

  76. Books on Marriage Says:

    I think its a ghost…just not sure though unless i see it myself..

  77. Peoria Carpet Cleaning Says:

    I too love reading the comments more..LOL///

  78. ทำอาชีพอะไรถึงจะรวย Says:

    awesome pic lol

  79. Shoppers Sweepstakes Says:

    the author has a very creative mind…

  80. dude Says:

    dude. =.=” it’s just the pillow! XD

  81. Jason Phimosis Says:

    dude, this stuff is trippy, i dont know what to say anymore.

  82. leigh Says:

    Okay…I can see the hair, and yes….I can see the pillow, but I dont understand how the hair, or the pillow, Can make the shape of what seems to be an eye?…Sorry but there seems to be, what looks for all the world, like an eye…staring back at me! Explain please!!!!!(other than that…Nope, Idont think it’s a “gremlin!”)

  83. web design nottingham Says:

    the simple explanation is that it is the shoulder of the girl in the white top pretty simple im sure

  84. wanidaprajak Says:

    Not clear photo anyway. So no conclusion yet.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    why do people have to get so nasty and personnel. You need to stop wasteing your energy and time on being negative. People do make mistakes.

  86. Danilo Says:

    Apenas um brinco e um photoshop maroto

  87. sally Says:

    hi there that is not a bloody pillow i dont know about the hair but that is somethig evil.

  88. Person Says:

    Completely FAKED! Rediculous! Totally messed with photoshop. Copy & paste an evil looking face. Get a little more creative. This is clearly not the original photo!

  89. Netbooks Review Says:

    Pretty good article. I saw a webpage with a post exactly identical to this one a couple of weeks ago. This article is a week older so I recon they have just copied and eddited it. I’m not accusing you of plagiarism it’s merely just it is out there. I can not recall the url, sorry (age thing)

  90. sally Says:

    An example of Paredolia..

  91. hunnuh Says:

    it is totally fakeed it is the edge of the pillow and yu set it up to look like it is a gremlin and drew a got damn eye on it!!!!

  92. jessiiii Says:

    tht is no gremlin or ghost or wateva it is th cushion thingy behind her…… some people honestly !!!

  93. Y8 Says:

    I think it’s just the blanket like an abstract that looks like a face of a dwarf or gnome…

  94. money earn online Says:

    scary stuff lol

  95. Mike@EMT Training Says:

    Wow, that’s pretty creepy!

  96. Jeremy@Medical Assistant Salary Says:

    I think this one might be a setup?

  97. Mitchell Says:

    it is just a normal explanation from our perspective of things of course, ie the pareidolia label fits, although it resembles less a human face and more that of a classic fairy tale goblin – i still think one can sometimes take a spiritual/chaos magic view of pareidolia – ie, that the universe is full of energies that seek to come into being and our subjective experience of our realities is their point of ingress – obviously there is no proof of such and it’s just a perhaps novel theory. 🙂

  98. vision without glasses Says:

    Nice picture. Looks like a male ghost. Am i right?

  99. Satellite TV For Computer Says:

    Wow, creepy but I am not sure it is real.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    it does look evil

  101. Lori Anne Perry Says:

    This ghost is so eery and so mystery of his appearance to the camera. I just love it, the ghost attempt to be known as being amongst the darkness. I love it with chills upon my spinal cord.

  102. deleted Says:

    That looks like a goblin. If it’s real,start praying,since it is evil.

  103. Anonymous Says:

    O.o shit! totally freaked me out ! i jumped in my chair! hahahah its creepy picture whether its real or fake! hahaha anyone agree??

  104. Jinglechute Man Says:


  105. Alllen Sonny Says:

    It is not a ghost in hair……….it is ghost behind hair…….LOL

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  106. Cinnamon Says:

    This is the WORST fake ghost demon pic yet…??lol

  107. Mobile Movies Says:

    lolz… it is very scary picture.

  108. james torn Says:

    ok, it looks like a toy in her hair?

  109. Paul Says:

    i dont think its a pillow some pretty stupid people on here but its not real in my opinion either creepy pic tho..

    Paul From
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  114. Teresa@EMT Training Says:

    Yeah that’s really creepy..LOL

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  116. boston limos Says:

    reality is based on perception, and our perception is how we choose to view it as

  117. scfinder Says:

    I think there is something behind that hair

  118. Shaggy Says:

    I may not be an expert in edges of pillow cases but can conclude that may be the case is you left a snot rag in your girlfriends hair and wanting some publicity for it. Great job! You have gained Shaggy’s attention.

  119. Constantia Says:

    Thx for the sharing

  120. JunctionMD Says:

    I believe it’s faked all the way.

  121. bilmoko Says:

    Yes, I agree it’s fake.

  122. Ray Says:

    That was nothing, but you’re the real ghost :-D, JUST KIDDING!!

  123. marketing Says:


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  125. Jennifer Says:

    eww that is a nasty looking little ghost there

  126. scared2death Says:

    think i’d break up with her if i were u. hard telling what else she’s hiding.

  127. Anonymous Says:

    send this foto to diana cooper, orb galery, sche will comment it, she knows more about this things.

  128. Anthony Says:

    New buzz word everyone….Pareidolia Pareidolia Pareidolia Pareidolia. Everybody make sure they use this word at least once in your comment ok !! Pareidolia Pareidolia

  129. Noneofurbisnice Says:

    Just a little model. not real, faked.

  130. Doreen H Says:

    Hilarious comments, I love the one about the shrunken head earrings. That must be it!!!

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  133. Anonymous Says:

    The voting option needs a 5th option for this one: “complete bollocks”

  134. L. Says:

    Hahhahahaaahahhah! Beware the evil hair gremlin! He gives you bad hair days and spit ends!

    Is this for real?

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  136. Kit Coney Kelly Says:

    wow – i can’t believe it, he asked what you all thought and most of you all jumped on him like he was a pile of leaves with no feelings and no connection to being in the human race – i thought i saw a face there – until i realized it wasn’t what it – my word you all act like your perfect & i am here to tell you there is only one perfect soul and that is GOD ALMIGHTY that is none of you give ’em a break.

  137. Says:

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  138. Clash Of Kings Says:

    Gost in Hair? no way. i dont believe them. how can you also believe in ghosts? Clash of Kings Hack

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    Well, that is baseless, thats just an illusion.

  140. Age fo Saprta Hack T Says:

    Yeah i tOo Feel that it is Just an Coincidence of the Hair Tangled

  141. tony Says:

    It’s your girlfriend – you have interesting taste in woman !

  142. Xavier Bahlmain Says:

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