Cellar ghost

“this photograph was taken in the late 70′ and is a beer cellar in a pub in Ross on Wye. The cellar was in 2 divisions and The owner at that time was having the beer equipment moved from one part to another due to excessive damp.

The lady who took this photograph had not noticed the figure standing on the left, she had just brought the photo in to show us what the cellar used to be like.
Please note that there was no electric in this part of the cellar and the 2 shafts of light on the ceiling are therefore puzzling.

We did some research on the pub and found out that this part of the cellar was in fact part of a tunnel where people were taken prior to being led through underground tunnels to the tower in the town centre.

The original of this photograph was given to an investigator who sent it to his society for authentication together with the original negative. Their findings were apparently that it was not a double exposure and had not been tampered with.”


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  1. Pat O'Halloran Says:

    An interesting photo. I can’t explain the light flashes, they look like typical uplighter beams to me, are you sure there was no electricity down there? How were the pumps powered? The figure is interesting and looks like a double exposure, if it is not then I can’t explain it.

    • girl234 Says:

      just like in harry potter…..

    • BobaMilkTea Says:

      ^I agree with bumcheeks this is just too well formed for a ghost.

      • bs pictures Says:

        I agree with these assessments. Evenly spaced uplighting, and a double exposure of perhaps a manager or keep (with his bright yellow IZOD). Certainly not a ghost photo.
        I find it convenient that the original photo AND negative were “lost”. Even the”apparent” validation off the pic smells a bit ripe- if it were declared authentic, it would be said to have been verified. One wouldn’t merely allude to it’s provenance.
        I call “Bullshit”.

    • bmackx Says:

      I agree with the various feedback comments above and back this up with the fact that if you look carefully opposite the ‘yellow figure’ there is a yellow material, and also a window above it. The light that is entering from the window may be reflecting the yellow image to the opposite wall causing what looks like a person to the human eye.

  2. Daniel Says:

    I’d say the figure is a trick of the light. It looks like the clothing may be a towel slung over one of the barrels and the face is just something we perceive because of the convincing body shape.

    The light almost looks like it’s coming from a small window at the roof-level of the cellar.

  3. Alex Says:

    It sort of looks like a towel to me but the picture is not large enough to make a judgement. It would be nice if they would post them in a larger size so that we could actually see some detail.

  4. Lyn Kirk Says:

    I posted this picture and I can assure you there was no electricity in that part of the cellar. The walls were saturated and it would have been too dangerous to have electricity in there which is why, they were installing all cellar equipment in another part of the basement.

    At the far end of that cellar there was a door which had been blocked off, through the door was a tunnel which led to the Tower in Ross. The towel theory is wrong. On the photograph, you can clearly see the detail on the clothing. The whole cellar was in three parts. The part you see was storage for barrels, then there was another part where the beer lines were installed. But the whole operation was being transferred into the third part of the cellar which was closer to the drop from the street and did not have the damp problem.

  5. Linda Lou Says:

    Very interesting photo. I vote ghost.

  6. Alex Pryce Says:

    I have many issues with this picture. I will go through them one by one:

    1. The date. The 1970s? Are you sure? Although metal beer kegs have been used since the 1960s, its only since the 80s that they have really taken off- looking at footage and pictures from the era will show pubs still using mostly pumps as opposed to taps. Beer kegs for lager do not need pumps to draw the beer through, only taps. To have this many metal kegs in a cellar during the 70s in highly unlikely. There is not one cask in that cellar! They are all kegs!

    Also the plastic blue lid on the keg to the bottom left looks like a modern Fosters or Kornenbourg cap to the keg- I’ve worked in and out of bars for years.

    Also on the subject of date, this image is too crisp and clear to be that of a 30 year old picture. Although it could be 30 years old, the colour, the clarity, the crispness and the non period set pieces suggest a later date.

    2. The lighting: To say there is no electricity in this area is not accurate- look at the right side of the picture as it turns from wall to ceiling, you can see a metal tube used for carrying small electric cables- most of the vaults of Edinburgh’s South Bridge have these as they are very damp and not waterproofed allowing an abundance of water to come through. Also the light on the left looks artificial, we cannot see where the light source is coming from but there is one- your flash alone would not light this room up as well.

    You say it is dangerous to put light in that area due to damp? Not at all, as long as the cables and wires are protected the damp will cause no problem. Again, pay a visit to Edinburgh’s South Bridge.

    3. The figure: his legs would be insanely long, have you not looked at how tall he would have to be if it were a ghost? It doesn’t fit. He looks too obvious and why are ghosts always transparent? Did you take other pictures? In fact why did you even take this one?

    Overall this picture cannot be taken as evidence of paranormal. None of it fits. The picture looks too modern, the items in the image don;t fit with the 1970s, there is obviously an electric source, there are two lights on the left which we just can’t see the direct source of.

    Where is this cellar? who is The Owner, do you have the negatives of this, or is it (as I suspect) a digital photo? Your description and later defensive post have no actual detail in them. You don;t even say which part of the country it was taken in.

    I think this is a Photoshop hoax, very badly done. Most pictures I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, but this is just too obviously an intentional mock-up. Nothing in it is “right”.

    Plus we only have your word that what you say is true. Who is this investigator you showed the picture to? What is his society? Tell us these and we might be able to make more of it.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Actually, I take back the accusation taht it is a digital picture, it is a scanned image as you can see the white border (Or possibly a very badly centre Photoshop image with a slight rotate).

      If it is a film photo then it has obviously been scanned in, and for a 30 year old picture the edges are in damn good shape! Of course, could have been designed digitally, then printed and rescanned into the computer. This will result in all data relating to the picture confirming it is a scanned pic and not digital manipulation.

      In the words of Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park: “Clever Girl”

    • Jon Says:

      I also find it hard to believe that this photo is from the 70’s when you consider other photos from the same era!
      Although the ‘ghost’ itself looks very convincing and would be difficult to argue against. The light however may well be coming from the hole in the ceiling and then bouncing off the metal of the kegs or small cracks in the wall.

      • machella Says:

        i would really like you to look at this picture that was taken at my dad’s house can you email me please because i like the way you explain things … i have an unusual picture that was just take 12-23-10 please write me back and let me know how to contact you or you can contact me … please!!!

  7. franci Says:

    axo que tudo é uma ilusão de otica .,,, é o nosso cérebro nos enganando!!!!!

  8. Lyn Kirk Says:

    Gosh how cynical you are. If you read my original post, it says the pub is in Ross on Wye. The picture was not taken by me. We owned the pub in the 90’s. A lady who used to own the pub and who sold it to the Brewery took the picture when she was having work done down in the cellar and the equipment was being moved. She sold the pub in 1981, so it is more than likely that the picture was taken in the 70’s.

    We had a manager running the pub for us who told us of many strange things that happened. she lived there alone, yet she heard barrels being moved around down in the cellar after hours when she was alone. It was the manager who had the conversation with the previous owner and who subsequently have the picture and the negative to a guy who was doing an investigation as part of his studies to be a paranormal investigator. He sent it to whatever society he belonged to and had both photograph and begative authenticated and verified that this was not a double exposure and neither had it been tampered with.

    The photograph I have in my possession is a copy of the original and has been enalarged. These kegs were most definitely around in the 70’s.

    I have no reason to disbelieve the lady who owned the pub years before I had it. I have no reason to post a picture on here that has been tampered with. I was looking for honest opinions on it, not a slating and accusations regarding my honesty.

    • mexi Says:

      Hi Lyn is this a picture of the king Charles Ross on wye I line above it and I’ve got strange things happening in my flat

  9. Alex Pryce Says:

    I’m not slating your honesty, sinmply giving you my opinion and the image doesn’t look right. You still haven’t furnished us with the details of the inverstogator or his society.

    Not have you addressed the other issues I raised ragarding the lighting or the look of the ghost, nor the blatently obvious modern cap to the barrel on the left.

    I apologise for missing the Ross on Wyre line but there is still not enough evidence here to suggest a genuine ghost has been caputred. Even with you stating the barrels were around in the 70s (And if you read MY post you’ll notice that I never said they we’ren;t around, only unlikely in that quantitiy plus the plastic cap!).

    So now you are saying that the image is from a person who knew the original owner, this is a long string of people, anyone of whom could have mocked up the image.

    Why do you have no reason to doubt the woman who owned the pub before? You, from your description, have not met her and so how can you take the word of someone you don’t know? If you no longer own the pub then why not say which one it is- you don;t even have to do so publicly, email me the pub and I will keep its name and location quite, but it is important we have ALL the necessary facts before we can make a proper analysis.

    I stress that too many things do not add up.

  10. Lyn Kirk Says:

    I posted the photo for interest only, not to score a point, or in any way try to mislead anyone. Whether the photo was taken yesterday or 30 years ago, the fact remains that there is an unexplained image on that picture. The lady who provided the photo was elderly. She had no reason to try and mislead anyone whatsoever, she was merely chatting about the alterations.

    With regard to the electric, I believe that there was at one time electricity to that part of the cellar but it had been disconnected due to problems. The problems with the constant electricity failures and saturation of floor and walls, was the reason that they moved the whole of the cellar storage and equipment to another section.

    We examined the area thoroughly when we had the pub and there were no light fittings along the wall where the image is, in fact there were no light fittings in that part of the cellar at all. Neither was there any evidence that there had ever been any light fittings.

    I could not tell you which pub it is until I have asked permission of the current owner. I do not know the name of the society that the investigator belonged to. He did however, kindly give us a copy of his completed investigation in which he detailed the complete history of the premises. I think I may have that file somewhere in the loft and will try and find it out.

    To be honest, I came across this site by accident. I am beginning to wish I had’nt bothered to post the photograph at all as I dont really like your attitude and insinuations. I just did it as I thought some might find it interesting. I will email Richard Wiseman and ask to remove it.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Im apologise if you haven’t mistaken my comments as being rude. I am simply trying to find a possible explanation for the image and have, admittedly barked up a couple of wrong trees. It is also a shame that words can take on different meanings and inflections when typed and read than when they are spoken aloud in conversation.

      However, although I do not doubt YOUR honesty, there are others involved in the tale that we cannot believe simply on your word. Mainly because at least two people involved (The elderly landlady and the Investigator) are not, through your own admission, overly well known to you and you yourself can only rely on the promises of others.

      I’m interested in the paranormal investigator personally. As he has kept the original and negative it would be very useful to find out if they still exist. I’m curious, have you seen the original yourself or only the copies? Also, its not clear wether the picture went through your manager to the investigator, or if the investigator received the picture directly from the landlady of old?

      I would rather the thread stayed active instead of being removed as it is an interesting picture and I think if we get over the initial misperception of my unintended rudeness we could discover more about its origins.

    • Steven Says:

      It’s so funny when people get offended by remarks. I mean, how dumb are you? You are posting your photos in the public domain and asking for people’s opinions. What did you think was going to happen? Everyone agree blindly with you? and so what if some people are being cynical, people are different. Get over it, and whilst your at it, get over yourself as well. Sheesh.

      And Alex, stop apologising for having an opinion, being thorough and asking questions!!!

      • Steven Says:

        Oh yeah – and my opinion is the photo looks very recent – colours are very rich for a 70’s photo and there seems to be a lot of plastic in the shot. Kudos for the comments about metal kegs.

        And finally, I also think the lady doth protest too much….

    • Anonymous Says:

      Lyn I note you make a habit of annoying people on blog sites, I think of your comments on Facebook recently and was intrigued to find out how bitter you actually are, a quick google search shows you popping up and mouthing off all over the place – good luck with that life strategy.

  11. Lyn Kirk Says:

    I have now found the name of the investigator. Barry Fitzpatrick. I found this on Google:


    HE looks like a kindly gent from a Dickens novel, but yesterday local people claimed this portly apparition could be the reason things go bump in the night at a West pub as a recently discovered picture, taken only 30 years ago, shows a figure dressed in clothes suited to the Victorian era. Now a West ghostbuster wants to find who the figure is and how he came to be snapped in the cellars of a Ross-on-Wye pub.

    Paranormal investigator Barry Fitzpatrick stumbled across the picture of the typical Victorian while investigating rumoured hauntings at the King Charles II pub. He believes the image could be genuine. Stories about ghostly goings-on at the Broad Street pub have been circulating for decades. One landlord kept finding old coins in the cellar and former cooks complained about things moving about in the kitchen. Reports of apparitions and icy chills in the corridor above the cellar are commonplace among customers.

    During Barry’s research former landlady Vi Boxer handed over a set of photographs taken in the 1970s. They included a shot of the ghostly apparition, which appears to be checking the cellar with a lamp. “I always keep an open mind but it does appear to be genuine,” said Barry, 66, a retired security officer from cider giant Bulmers. “I’ve dated the barrels in the cellar to the early 1970s, which is when they said the photograph was taken. “I’ve dated his clothes to the Victorian era but he appears too well dressed to be a drayman. I’ve heard that at one time they held courts in the cellar so maybe he could have been a court official.”

    As part of his research, Barry has held a vigil in the cellar and used a clairvoyant who confirmed the presence of a well-dressed male. But he believes his research has been hampered by mystery surrounding a secret tunnel hewn out of rock. The bricked-off passage, which appears to run between the town’s two churches, is linked to the pub’s cellar.

    Present landlords Andy Gooding and Paul Neades took over the pub last June and say they want to find out once and for all if there are more spirits than they serve behind the bar. They dismissed the stories of hauntings until a string of strange happenings, including someone constantly turning off their gas cylinders. The day after they took Barry down to the cellar, they went down to find a barrel had been rolled across the inside of the door to block it. “At first we thought the stories were drink talk but now we think there is definitely something,” said Paul, 31.

    Janet Hughes Western Daily Press 24/01/2003

    Its interesting to note that the current owners say that the gas keeps being turned off (this is beer gas not mains gas). This used to happen when we had the pub. It was not a fault with the system. The tap was actually turned off. Half way through a busy night, no one down the cellar, no one could get access to the cellar except staff, and the gas would be turned off. They also mention barrels being rolled around the cellar and we heard and experienced the same thing.

    I had a psychic come down there. He didnt know where he was going until he arrived in Ross so could not have research the history before hand. He told us virtually the same information about its history as Barry Fitzpatrick who had actually done the reasearch. The psychic gave us the information first by the way.

    By accident I came across a woman who managed a pub in Worcester. During a conversation, She told me that she used to work at the King Charles and she related the same scenarios. Believe me I was a sceptic. But there are some things you just cant explain away.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Hi Lyn

      I came across the same information on Barry Fitzpatric too. I believe your account of the investigation, but without the original image or negatives which Barry in another article states Mrs Boxer (Boler?) still has, its difficult to make a full analyisis. Also, the ghostly image is not victorian. There is a better image on the picture from the news website (worrying its been tampered with in Photoshop) and it looks like the chap is wearing a long sleeved white or cream roll neck sweater. This seemed a definite analiysis by Barry but is incorrect, it also appears that the image doesn’t crop up until 1993, but the press not nuntil 2003.

      As I’ve said, I believe your personal account that this image was presented to you, or your representitives however I think someone along the line is yanking your chain, maybe the former landlady didn’t even know but the lack of originals and negatives is worrying,as is the fact that the only identifying digital signiture suggests involvement of Photoshop version 3.0 (1994).

      Without the negatives its impossible for us to tell, but enough doubt exists to question it being a genuine ghost. I think looking at other snaps in the former landlady’s photo album may present a similar “ghost” in another situation, its a shame people have lost contact with her.

      I’m not an expert but I wouldn’t accept Barry’s statement that they are not double exposures until the negatives have been checked out by a photographic specialist. As I said I don’t doubt your sincerity, but you may also have been taken in by either a bad or manipulative investigator. Considering his bad call on the costume, I’m going for “bad”.

      Nice addition to the forum. I like something to get my teeth into! 🙂

      (This message is not intended to be snappy if it reads that way I apologise!)


  12. ems Says:

    Lyn, thank you so much for sharing the photo and the stories.

  13. Lyn Kirk Says:

    what site did you find then Alex? I want to have a look.

  14. Lyn Kirk Says:

    I just found some info on Hereford Times site and he says he was given the photo in 1993. That is not true. That photograph first came to light in 1998.

    The reason it came to light was due to the unexplainable happenings at the pub, I decided to hold a ‘ghost busting’ night which was heavily advertised locally. I invited a medium who came from Norfolk and the press and TV cameras where there. This was how Barry became involved. He said he had only just started to train as an investigator and he had to to have a subject and asked if I minded if he used the pub.

    It was after this that he put together a very detailed dossier of the history of the pub, the details of which, tied in quite accurately with what the medium had said. Vi had brought the photograph in during because of a routine conversation she had had with the Manager at the time.

    Vi was ceratinly not the sort of person who would have bothered to have the photo enhanced and yes I did see the original. I am going to try and find her and if I do, I will ask her for the negative.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Interesting. The investigator for me has always been the worrying weak link, and we (you and I) have both come across the same site. I think we need the negative before we can proceed really.

      I would question the reliability of the investigator. Lets remove him from the link and get on with this picture. He obviously is not someone we can rely upon if he is publicly misleading as to the exact details as well as his mistakenly stating the ghost is in Victorian garb.

      By excluding the investigators results, we are left with a highly probable double exposure. If we can’t get hold of the negs we are left without proof one way or another and Im sure you’d like to find the answer yourself.

      Lets hope we can get the negs and have them analised! Good luck tracking them down.



  15. anna Says:

    That ghost reminds me of George Costanza from Seinfield hehe.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Can leave the Website for both articles from Hereford Times ?

    i can find Barry Fitzpatric that website but cant find Hereford times that

  17. Lyn Kirk Says:

    Alex I have now found the file that Barry gave us, containing all the research he carried out for his project. It has all the bills of sale throughout many years and also contains a copy of the deeds. Its clealry states that Vi Boler sold the pub in 1981 so that does put the photo into late 70’s.

    I am trying to find vi boler or relatives so that I might be able to get hold of the negative. I am pretty sure Barry kept the original photograph. It was he who gave me this enlarged copy I have but I did see the original before Vi gave it to him.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Have present owners checked the lighting in the cellars, and taken more photos to offer an explanation? Also why not set up a camera to record any movement. Is the floor uneven so the barrels roll. I know that large lorries pass through Ross, so they could make the barrels roll with the vibrations. The gas taps might turn off due to lack of pressure. Have they been checked out? And who is this Barry? Is he a photographic expert, or someone that wants a piece of the action?

  19. Belinda Says:

    Well, that definitely looks like a person – so the questions posed are as Alex P says, the negatives need to be found. And if Lyn can track down Vi that would help…

  20. Rebecca Says:

    Why is the entire side of one wall illuminated if there is no lighting? If it was a powerful flash maybe that caused the spill over the ceiling?

    Whilst it could look like a person, to me the body shape is wrong. The ear is not natural looking and the chest is too wide. The hair and the jacket are actually not their at all and are just filled in by the eye. I think it’s Pareidolia again.
    I think that the fact that the original owner of the photo had not noticed the ‘figure’ before supports this.

    I’d like to believe there is a jolly looking fellow in the cellar, looking for a tipple, though.

  21. Laura Says:

    When I first took a gander at this photograph I didn’t even recognize a ghost in it. Then after relooking at it several times I finally saw him. To be honest this doesn’t look like a ghost to me. It more looks like a towel or ground blanket, mixed with shadows from the camera flash, mixed with dust, mixed with a little imagination.

    If you look very closely (scanning with eyes) at the picture there are several dust particles or orbs in it as well. Knowing that this is a cellar dirt combined with a massive amount of reflective surfaces and an old camera flash is prime condition for creating optical illusions. Also, I don’t know if anyone has noticed but at the centered-right side of the picture there seems to be an opening in the cellar to the above which could very well have let in artifical or natural light. Since the pub was sold, bought, resold, etc… there’s no real honest way Lyn could say there were no lights above the cellar near that opening unless she was there herself.

    Pareidolia all the way.

    • Laura Says:

      Note: I wanted to offer an apology and comfort to Lyn. In my honest opinion I feel you and even possibly Vi were swindled where this picture is concerned. Over the years leading up until paranormal investigating really hit it big there were a lot of clairvoyants and investigators out there grabbing at straws trying to show “validity” to their fields not to mention make it big. Alex hit the nail on the head stating you had a potentially “bad” investigator but even more so I believe you just got swindled through a want of proof for your own personal experiences, not so honest clairvoyants, and “bad” investigating. My heart goes out to you because I know what its like to want proof or an explanation of personal experiences that you can’t explain. *hugs*

  22. Dave Says:

    Hmmm…pub ghosts are invariably faked to promote more custom.

  23. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Man, some of you are so long-winded! It’s just a curved reflection/refraction on the lens.

  24. edinburghskeptics Says:

    There are other versions of this picture online with a clearer image of the man. After looking at the options and readdressing a few of my initial biases I’m going with either intentional fakery or a very clear double exposure. Without seeing the negatives I can’t be more certain.

    Alex Pryce

  25. DC Says:

    Original was analyzed. Found not to be tampered with. BUT this is NOT the original and with today’s software could have easily been tampered with! I’ve seen enough shit for real in 50 years to know that this is crap!

  26. Mark Says:

    I could recreate this photo the following way.

    I would have the camera mounted on a tripod using a longish exposure to capture the scene using the 2 recessed lights in the ceiling. These lights are quite obvious and possibly tungsten/halogen given the yellow cast they create on the ceiling and objects immediately in front of them.

    I would also use a small fill flash to give the objects in the foreground a more natural colour cast. However neither light sources would not be enough to allow a short exposure.

    The length of exposure required for this shot would not allow hand holding the camera. It was also allow for someone to have been standing there for a few seconds before walking out of frame thus leaving a ghostly image.

    I am not saying this was how it was done, just how I would do it.

  27. Bevans Says:

    I’ve been staring at this for about 10 minutes, and I just don’t see it. If someone can point it out to me (like draw a line around the figure) that would be handy.

    Think about when you look up at clouds in the sky. You see one that looks like a duck. You point it out to a friend, and they don’t see it. Then you tell them that it’s a duck, and they know what to look for, and they say “oh yea, there it is”. I get the feeling that once I see the figure, I’ll always be able to see it. And that’s a huge clue that this is probably nothing more than pareidolia. The fact that the person who took the photo didn’t see it either is another good clue. You can see a lot in a grainy photo.

  28. A Believer Says:

    Ok as to WHEN the photo was taken is irrelevant. I was leaning fake till I did see the man’s face & it stopped being a curtain or towel & It looks like a heavy set man balding who has on a shirt & belt. I’d say this is real.

  29. kitti Says:

    i have to vote ghost. it looks to much like a man. it makes sense, man in a messy beer cellar.

  30. ryan Says:


  31. Peter Says:

    It is impossible to argue that any pic is a ‘genuine ghost’, because one quite simply can never 100% rule out fake, double exposure, some weird accidental effect of imagery, or whatever. Plus, to date nobody has given me a scientific definition of what a ‘genuine ghost’ actually IS !

    It’s a bit like the term UFO..which simply means ‘unidentified’ flying object. The fact that something is unidentified does not prove it comes from Zeta Reticuli. Same with ghosts.

    Like Fox Mulder….I want to believe. But people will have to come up with better evidence than this to persuade me.

  32. Spook Scientist Says:

    Is the ghost that yellowish thing? Because I thought it was just a pipe or a towel, or something like that.

  33. Kitty Says:

    I couldn’t see the man at first either. I kept reading, going back and looking, and saw nothing!
    Then I saw this pic on another website, it’s halfway down the page: http://beehive.thisissomerset.co.uk/default.asp?WCI=SiteHome&ID=9538&PageID=58494
    As soon as I saw this, it become obvious,

  34. Anonymous Says:

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  35. Anonymous Says:

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  36. Vijay Says:

    Hi all,

    I have been looking at the photograph and see some things very clearly. One is that there are two light sources on the wall on the left hand. This is clearly shown by the brightness nearer the left hand round ceiling and then the light is spreading outwards on the right hand ceiling side and wall. On the right hand you will also notice the shadow of the wood plank (standing just behind the barrels)on the wall. Also look at the Beer storing cans which are displaying shadows on the floor. The light of the Flash of the camera is clearly seen in the foreground and does not extend beyond 8-10 feet (which is normal, objects beyond 10 feet in a flash photograph are usually underexposed). So the claim that there is no electric light there seems hollow.

    Please also note the squarish light hole at the top of the ceiling from which light is emanating at a different angle. i.e. from top.

    I just want to point out that this photograph does have other light sources and it does in no way mean that there may be no ghost in the cellar. I have personally experienced phenomena of hearing crashing kitchen utensils on the floor every night from a flat (my uncle’s flat in a small town) on the upper floor and noise like scrubbing / washing of clothes after some time after crashing noise of the utensils. This happened nearly every night and the people staying in that flat were unaware of any noise during the night. However I again stayed in the same flat recently after a number of years (twenty) and this time I did not hear any noises in the night. In any case the crashing noise had been heard by nearly all the residents in that building. I believe that there existed a ghost in that flat.

  37. anonymous2 Says:

    that must be the spirit of the of the brewery or something

  38. holly Says:

    sorry, i honestly have no idea what you can see, could you please tell me where you are looking ?

  39. Dr. Egon Spengler Says:

    On the side where the “man image is the first and second barrels are very clearly obvious, the 3rd barrel or where one should be the area is “very ambigous” the fourth barrel is then 50% taller than the others with another on top, (there doesn’t appear to be a step there).

    Question: why is the fourth barrel higher than all the others ?

    the figure is also at least 3.5 barrels high, so if a barrel is a Tiny 2 feet high then this figure is 7ft plus.

    This leads me to think that the photo is a “double exposure” one of the cellar and another with a figure beside the two barrels on top of each other.

  40. Shona Says:

    Pub needs a bit of extra business, does it? Thought a ghost story might spice things up a bit? I vote faked.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    This definitely looks fake…

    However, if it’s not, there are some possible explanations. First, the chest area isn’t ghostly, ’cause this would obviously be a person’s ghost, and, even with the late 70’s clothes, a person’s anatomy would never resemble that, look how the belly apparently goes all the way to the neck. Second, if you look closer, what seems to be the hair looks like some sort of camera or something on the wall, there’s no light, ’cause as you can see, the light doesn’t reach that area of the wall. As for the face, it would be just some sort of eflection on the camera, created by the light reflected on the metal objects around…

    However, my vote is for fake…

  42. Omega1664 Says:

    The two lights look to me to be recessed windows where light is coming through. If there is no electricity there had to be some type of light for people to see by. As for the figure it looks like a small curtain or towel but not sure about the face itself. Go figure.

  43. luna Says:

    it’s real. I believe you. I even have a ghost name Charlie living in my closet. He’s german. I’m a ghost whisperer…..

  44. . Says:

    are you saying it is a hoax?

  45. anonymous Says:

    i looked at it a while and didnt see anything….then came back before I read the postings and did see the mans face profile. I voted uncertain but now change that to certain. i dont think a double exposure looks that clear. cool dude!

  46. anonymous Says:

    he is wearing 70s clothes and has some killer sideburns!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Lorenza Palomino Says:

    Maybe this ghost was supervising the move of the beers or perhaps he wanted a beer.

  48. Rachel Says:

    Having had a good look at the guy, I think his clothes don’t look right to be victorian, his pale coloured top would be tucked into his trousers and in this picture (especially in the close up on the website) it just hangs down, like a jumper.

  49. Diego Raphael Says:

    HaHaHaHa,Essa ai e De Mais, Não da pra Para de Ri,Ele gosta muito de Shopp,RsRsRsss

  50. Danilo Says:

    this a recent picture, but photoshop edited

  51. Michelle Says:

    I was confused by this photo at first because not only do you see the alleged man standing there, You can see face forms all throughout the photo. And it’s not just a trick of the eyes either, this photo is not from the 70’s. It seems way too recent and has that fresh look about it.. If you look back at the photo. Just glance at it. Tell me, Do you see a woman’s face in the background? And near the plank leaning against the wall you can see several face forms. It’s either a very haunted cellar or a very shoddy photoshop job. And i’m thinking the latter.

  52. Crystal Says:

    Yes, I see the clearly evident woman’s face on the back wall where it is lit up, you can even see the eyes in detail and the lips and nose.

  53. Randy Says:

    I used the photo enlargement utilities on my computer to enlarge the photo — the image is not a towel, there is a face and a person visible, and much detail is available.

    Victorian style men’s clothing visible.

    Does NOT rule out double exposure but double exposures are rare even with film based photos. When they occur the edges of the film can show fraying when the teeth of the forawrd mechanism stripped the edge or the film jumped the teeth. Does look like a dblexpr, though

  54. fib Says:

    Is that the same Barry Fitzpatrick from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International fame??… If so, I’m with the many people you’ll find if you google him who wouldn’t trust him as far as they could comfortably spit a dead rat..

  55. frenky Says:

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  56. kokolores Says:

    first, excuse my englich, not my first language.
    i just spent about half an hour reading all the comments, looking at all links. i was laughing so hard.
    where to start.. ok, clothing: sure, hes ancient; yellow tight polyesther turtlenecks and this kind of sideburns i havent seen in ages!
    hight: this old cellars never had high ceelings, asfor oh, yes: NO cooling systems or ice available!
    that there seems to be a hightinterference on the pic here is only because at the end its 2 kegs above each other.
    if im not completely wrong, the small containers are for the syrup to get tabmixed to become softdrinks.
    oh, and i wonder, what square lightsource hes holding in his right hand^^ (as to be seen in one of the links)

  57. 613photo Says:

    This is a fake. The “apparition” is sepia toned! The rest of the photo doesn’t match. So unless you believe that ghosts manifests in a distinctive photographic sepia tone color, you pretty much have to dismiss this a a hoax.

    Someone simply took part of an old photo and blended it into this image, setting the opacity to maybe 50 percent or so. 10 minute job.

  58. Jodi Says:

    I certainly believe in the ghosts and the orbs. When people say the orbs are just dust particles I want to choke them. I’ve had Many run ins and experiences with spirits and I think it’s a wonderful thong to go thru, it seems like where ever I go I can get someone on film it’s so exciting!! Just believe and go with it

  59. cait Says:

    i find this really interesting because i can’t see any type of face or body. i see a random yellow blob that looks like it’s coming though a hole in the wall or something.

  60. Paul Says:

    Im unsure on this one i agree with all the other comments it could be fake or real, interesting pic, iv never had any pic come out funny though so i tend to think there is a lot of people making fake pictures but thats just my 2 cents

    Paul From
    short breaks to paris I cheap hotel in paris.

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  67. Shaggy Says:

    This hefty ghost looks like a beer drinker. Appropriate place for him. Great photo though.

  68. Chris Says:

    I think it’s a ghost because he is standing higher than the floor which might mean there was another floor back then. And his sideburns look like they are from the mid-1800’s. His collar is a very old style, at least 150 years old.

  69. Travis Says:

    If you look at this picture closely, you can see that the supposed body of the ghost is a curtain blowing in the wind. On the ceiling, you can see the light from the window; it is split by the shadow of the blowing curtain. The head of the ghost is most likely the side view of the curtain rod or whatever is holding the top of the curtain secure.

  70. betsy Maxwell Says:

    I see a figure of a man on the left side against the wall and he’s starring straight where there’s the wall that looks like a very strong wall made out of rock or cementand above him is a very small opening where I see a light coming in through the very small opening that’s shaped as a block. The man looks like he’s on his mid 30 or 43 years old. All around the man is all like a tunnel,and next to him is all those barrels, they look very old. The tunnel looks like way back in the 1800’s. Did you find out who really actually lived there?

  71. betsy Maxwell Says:

    Leave me a message thank you from Miss. Maxwell

  72. mexi Says:

    Oh my God I live above the king Charles pub and I have very strange things going on..my dog and cat hate my flat or should I say what’s in it..I wish sokrone could come and show or tell me whats going on

  73. fairynuff Says:

    I’ve been staring at this image and reading these comments for about 40 minutes and I still cannot see a figure in this photo. There is some kind of flare on the right hand side, but I cannot see a person there. :/

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  85. david andrews Says:

    I am the current owner of the king charles 2 and have yet to see any sign. However this cellar in the picture is flooded so when it is pumowd out maybe things may be seen.

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