Does anyone know these people?

The image below has been sent into the site several times.  Each time, the person submitting it claims to know someone who knows someone in the image.  However, when I ask them for contact details I get a blank.  So, here is the question – can you help track down anyone in the picture, or the person that took it?  If you think you can help, please email me (my email details are in the ‘how to submit a photograph’ section).


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  1. Lindsay Says:

    No idea who the people are, but the child looks rather photoshopped. The lighting’s wrong, and i could swear i’ve seen him/her somewhere else before.

    • Jonathan H. Says:

      I thought that too – the child looks very, very similar (but in a different pose) to one on a photo-shopped pic that did the rounds years ago – it showed a pic of a gravestone with ‘santa claus’ on it and a crying child in front of it.

      And, once again, this pic above was forwarded via phone to me from my ex who swore it was taken by a friend of a friend. It’d been doing the rounds for years now.

      • spacey VonS Says:

        ok the photo looks totally normal till down between girls legs. another kid face. i say bad mgp

    • Kyle Smith Says:

      When i was in a art lesson at school my freind shows me this picture and claimed to be there sisters freinds, I will find out more information what would you like to know abbout them?

    • jerry Says:

      i do see a ghost like face between the legs of three girls with there arms on each other

    • bumcheeks Says:

      i’ve no idea who the people are but then again looks like they’ve no idea who they are also 🙂 mini ghost looks creepy weird

    • tiff Says:

      you’re right but i see two more eyes in it

    • Anonymous Says:

      Give me an email at and i will give u more information i know all these people!

    • shawn Says:

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    • Anonymous Says:

      I think I know the family name. The name of the family is keldy

  2. Jeff Says:

    I’m an author/researcher living here in Denver and I too have had this photo sent to me at least twice by people claiming that their neice/daughter/sister took it at a party. Remarkably, the story they send along with it is almost always exactly the same–often word for word–and when I point out the fact, I never hear from them again, leaving me to wonder if there’s not a club somewhere made up of members who enjoy sending this same tired old picture and story to every paranormal investigator on the globe. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

    • Adam Says:

      Lol, i love that you said it had been sent to you twice, but gave three examples of who the person said took the picture. Nice.

      • Jeff Says:

        Yo Adam

        I did not give three examples. I don’t recall which they claimed–neice/daughter/sister–so I threw in all three. You are quite the literalist, aren’t you?

      • doctoratlantis Says:

        Lol, Adam!

        I love it that you said that you love it but it sounds like you didn’t really love it at all. Sarcasm. Nice.

        PS – How’s Eve?

      • Wintersquest Says:

        This is one of the funniest comments i have ever seen someone post-i’m serious- because your so serious!

  3. Mike Says:

    One has to hate living in the age of computers and ‘photo-shop’… the latter which has sadly become a term to be applied to anything that strikes an unusual chord. Everyone imagines themselves a graphics expert.

  4. cam Says:

    Oh not this one

  5. bob Says:

    Call Jenny Craig

  6. Anonymous Says:

    They are a motley bunch!!!!

  7. Sharon Says:

    That photo actually makes me feel sad when I look at it….child looks very distressed !

  8. Mads Says:

    Sorry is this a spooky picture or a weight watchers group photo? with a photoshoped child in it?
    can’t be sure!

    • Anonymous Says:

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  9. David Says:

    Im 99% certain this photo was taking in Irvine, Scotland. One of the girls went to my school and they had to move out of the house because the little girl wouldnt stop crying inside the house.

  10. Aggie Says:

    The wee girl looks familair because if you look at the above photo of the child in the window, they are almost identical…..just the lighting is different

  11. Francesca Says:

    Never mind the crying child – that is not the spooky bit – the spooky thing is that child’s face at the bottom towards the left between the girls legs…..woooohhhhhh!!!!! creepy even if photoshopped!!!!!

    • Jonathan H. Says:

      …. erm…. that’s exactly what the whole picture/story is about….

      • Francesca Says:

        No need for sarcasm Jonathan! Reading through the posts everyone is on about the crying child so it looks like they are referring to the child front right of the picture.

      • John Says:

        That’s because they are also thick, Francesca.

        The usual story that comes with this picture is that they didn’t know why the girl was crying just that ‘The little boy was scaring her’. They didn’t know what she was talking about until they checked the picture,

        Why anyone would think the crying child was the scary part is beyond me, caption or no caption.

    • Lola Says:

      I noticed the child’s face too between the legs of those girls. That is a spooky thing. I had to keep going back to it to make sure I’m not seeing things. Your the only one that has mentioned it. I think the crying child is just a distraction from the real thing.

  12. Keko Says:

    damn,a friend of mine showed me this picture recently,like a month ago ( I’m from croatia) and said that this was a picture of a family meeting or something like that. that family moved in that house,witch was haunted by this child,who was killed in war…anyway,ever since they moved there,the little girl on the right would start crying when the ghost was body had a clue why she cried all the time because everytime she would step out of the house,she would be perfectly normal. thats the story from croatia guys.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Sorry to say that is the usual story. The picture is shown to someone with the story that their friend is one of the subjects or the photographer.

      Jury’s still out I think.

  13. Which Says:

    I wonder if that’s why the kid is crying…

  14. ana Says:

    i don’t know that you see that on the picture have two child not is crynig but one is very strange.look better.

  15. Bevans Says:

    I don’t know how many people know about the web site called TinEye (, but it’s very useful for tracking down the sources of photos. You just enter a URL or upload an image, and it finds the image where it can (its database isn’t as expansive as Google’s, so I’m hoping they get bought and incorporated into Google image search). Usually a good way to find the original is to just sort the results by size.

    This version isn’t as cropped-down as the one posted here.

    Maybe somebody recognizes the imagery on the TV there, although that’s probably a long shot. Since the best images are posted on Russian sites, that leads me to think that it may have been taken in a Russian-speaking country, but that’s hardly definitive, and certainly doesn’t give us much to go by even if it is.

    But maybe now, with the TV and the stuff on the walls visible, somebody will point out something identifiable. Also, we should consider the fashion style and time period of their clothing, their decorations, and so on. This could’ve been taken in the 80’s, or even the 70’s.

    • Tiffany Says:

      I disagree I think the clothing and hair styles shown here are post 2000. The styles may imitate those of the 1970’s or 1980’s but I think when you look at the clothing, accessories, and hair it tells us the photo is recent. That’s the way I percieve it at least.
      Oh btw I think its fake if anyone cares. If whoever took the pic really posted it online while strongly believing the supposed story behind it they would not be so hard to find.

      • cryss Says:

        The girls are dressed in modern clothing. I was born in 1972 and in the 80’s we wore waaay worse clothes. If it is Russian it they wouldnt be dressed that way in the 70’s or the 80’s, it was still the U.S.S.R so they would have dressed MUCH differently. My deal is that the pic looks like a typical digital/cellphone pic. So the “ghostly girl” is either real and she moved before the camera finished shooting.(happens all the time on cell and digital camera’s) The story and who took it is unimportant, the fact is did it capture a childs spirit. I vote for real, the girls she is between seem to have no idea she is there. Children,by the way, can be extremely sensitive to spirits. They see what most “grown-ups” refuse too. Thank you Cryss

  16. ZeroCorpse Says:

    So now we’re down to the point where nobody wants to take credit for this shot, and the story behind it is surely apocryphal.

    In other words, it’s a fake. Who cares who this is? The very fact that there are so many people LYING about the photo means it’s just one of those e-mail/Internet memes that is more about the legend than the facts.

    It’s a fake. That’s all that matters.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    ttti too believe in the existence of ghost in the world. but i have never seen a ghost till now….i cant say ththat above pictures are really a ghost or not…..the word GHOST itself made me to tremble….

  18. Anonymous Says:

    fake as nobody in pic is taking any notice of the crying (photoshop) child. Surely at least 1 person would be looking in the direction of child! Reason – child was never ther to begin with. Is that a Fart Gnome in between the the legs of Motley cru 2 & 3????

  19. Katrina Says:

    OMG Not this photo again? Everywhere I go people “know” someone in the photo or who took the photo. This is a hoax, faked..

  20. Amy G Says:

    This article says it was taken by Matthew Summers of Billingham.

  21. Harry Knockers Says:

    The girl in the red is kinda cute.

  22. Nell. Says:

    When I look at it, I truly wonder: what’re people trying to get us to look at? The crying child or the small face in between the legs? Now, the crying child looks fake, but who knows? It could’ve been spontaeneous, the child running out just as the picture was taken. As for the mysterious face? I wonder about that now constantly.

  23. monkey boy Says:

    the girls are more scary than the ‘ghost’

  24. Blue berry burst Says:

    This is a genuine picture of a ghost! In our tradition we believe that v.young children and animals are able to see ghosts.. hence the reason for the little child crying in the picture!

  25. Lucian Says:

    My friend’s wife is one of the people in the photo. I’ve sat next to him at work for many years and he gave me this photo for my opinion. There are a multitude of possibilities of what this could be – the body looks like a shadow on the carpet and the face could be the folds of the curtain.

    If you would like further information, I would be happy to ask him when the photo was taken, who it was taken by, etc and also pass on any questions to him. He was very keen to find out what other people thought of the photo.

  26. Ash Says:

    As far as I can see, It appears to be Christmas, note the little pieces of tinsel on top of the photos on the wall in the enlarged pic provided by Bevans, so we could maybe come to the conclusion that the little girl is crying as the people in the photo are just about to go on a night out (that they all have their handbags and one is holding a bottle of booze) and she doesn’t want them to go out. I would also disagree with Bevans conclusion that this in the 70’s or 80’s I’d say that it is fairly recent, notice the GHD’d hair and I would also guess it’s somewhere in Great Britain. And are we beyond thinking that maybe since there’s one little girl there’s the possibility that there is another there, her sister maybe? To me it looks like a child on their hands and knees hiding behind the girls in the photo. And the women in the picture are casting a shadow on her giving her a ghostly appearence. Just because a lot of unreliable sources, who didn’t even take the picture, say that she wasn’t there, doesn’t mean she really wasn’t.

    • Bill Says:

      Christmastime in Great Britain, and they’re ALL wearing tube tops to go out? C’mon, Columbo… sometimes clues aren’t there – no matter how hard you look for them.

  27. Erin M. Says:

    wow! that’s some pretty creepy stuff you got there

  28. Marcos Lages Says:

    hey, i’m a brazilian very worried with this history….

    see, in da last times, i’ve seen many things in my pictures.
    i’ll send to here, now that i found it.

    see ya in next times.

  29. lizzie Says:


  30. Adrienne Says:

    I know that 3 of these girls are from Glasgow(Scotland)

  31. Adrienne Says:

    Also i’d guess i dont know for sure that this photo wasn’t taken more than 5 years ago.

  32. bob Says:

    this photo is full of s@#t, lol
    seen that winging kid before
    old much lol

  33. CrazyKen Says:

    Not very sure about the ghost but i sure wanna get laid by the hot chick in red!!! Anyone knows her no.?

  34. robyn Says:

    I know one of them. It is my friends cousin!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Its a picture of girls going to a hen nite in Cumnock!!

  36. Kevin Says:

    I dont know, but I suspect that at least 3 of these girls come from Scotland. The crying child is real, but the other 3 girls are ‘astrals’. They may or may not be ghosts of people who once lived, but they are more likely elementals, some kind of energy beings.

    ACtually, this child is reminiscent of the ‘Crying Boy’ from the famously kitsch portrait that hung in a million old lady’s homes in the 1970’s (including my Grandmother’s), and which developed a somewhat spooky folklore attached to it

  37. Elizabet Says:


    I received a copy of this picture back in March 2008 following an event that we held, from one of the guests that attended.
    I posted the picture onto my blog dated March 19th 2008
    I believe that the contact was genuine as I vaguely remember the guests’ name
    If you really want more information I could research back adn see what I can find for you
    Please get in touch if you require further assistance

  38. Anonymous Says:

    DThe ghost is between girl 2 & 3’s legs! The child crying on the right is as real as the other people in the photo.

  39. jordyn Says:

    i dont know who these people are but i can see ghost in real life in my dreams i have been seeing some stuff about ghost i visted them in my dream but i can see them in real life. im also a watcher. yesterday i had a dream about some ghost going to where the devil lives. i wasnt suprised cause i had this dream before. i can see bad ghot and good ghost. when i visited where the devil lives i saw that girl ghost there and i sware i visited that place. even though im 8 years old. stay away from that spot and in the background i see a shadow of a foot and there coming to haunt you i can see it . a watcher is when i can see the future.

  40. Rachel Says:

    i kno this picture it is taken at a birthday party in belfast a group of girls get rady to go out for a party…it was send to many peoples phone around the town and everyone seen it i knew a girl hu went to my tech knows one of the girls in the picture and they said its true that baby was complainen of somthing touchin them and makin her cry and the girls thought she was cryin for nothin intil the photo was taken..scary!!!!

  41. Cass Says:

    I saw this photo earlier today on another site, I dunno if it’s a hoax or not, not being experienced in recognising photosshop and what not, but on this other site it said that all the women in the picture are dead now, which I doubt is true, or someone probably would’ve mentioned it here.

  42. lindsay Says:

    what the heck does this have to do with anything

  43. zoe challinor Says:

    my sister showed me a pic on her phone of two babies and one was walking away, the one standing still had that gohst girl between her legs, however, i do not know where my sister had the pic from, but thats where i have seen the gohst girl from.

  44. tracey Says:


  45. Anonymous Says:

    gfgHi everyone. My name is Jenna and I am a features writer for woman’s maglossy magazines in the UK. I am looking for someone who has had a real life experience with a ghost. The girls in this photo would be perfect but it seems like no one knows for sure who they are.

    I am looking for a female in the UK who has an an experience. I write features for glossys such as Chat, Closer and Cosmo.

    Get in touch at, 07901006871, 0131 561 2235

    Thanks. xxxx

  46. sb Says:

    So… the score so far is that the people in this picture have friends in Limerick, Belfast, Glasgow and Croatia. They must be some kind of traveling band. Perhaps gypsies, you know, with the ghosts and whatnot.

  47. anonymous2 Says:

    The only one who looks kind of similar is the one with blondee, curley hair. She looks kind of like taylor swift check on youtube for her number.

  48. mrmarty Says:

    actually i think your all missing the point. The poor kid has probably watched, those wilderbeast, scoff down; pizza and hadfuls of cornchips and now that its all gone he thinks he’s next. its obvious.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    the ghost child looks very much like the child crying could it be double exposure to photos mixed together? but its a strange ghost photo to be sure!

  50. mrmarty Says:

    ghost! ghost! I did see this is a ghost picture at all !!!

  51. Cale Says:

    Why do you need to find out who those people are? What’s the deal exactly?? I’m very confused…:/:/:/

    • Formerly Dragon Says:

      Apparently, according to ‘legend’ all women seen in that photo, are dead. But, no one has a clue who they are or what happened. Just curiosity I guess, that’s what brought me here. I’ve been contacted by people claiming to know these people, but when I ask for details, clam up.

  52. marijke Says:

    hi my english is not so very good but i am from holland i was really suprised that i saw this picture because i have the same picture in my phone you would ask why i tell you
    my friend showd me this picture that she got from her friend in the uk
    (my friend is from wales) she got by email.
    she told me that it was a girls get to togehter en the mother of the girl crying on the right took the foto.
    she claimed to be pinced i dont know if i use the right word but she said someone was sqeezing her.
    the girls on the foto got told of but they said they havend touched her.
    later when the fhoto was printed en blowed up they saw the little ghost girl.
    that was the story she told me.
    an person i know can do something whit an cristal i think its called pendeling anyway she looked at the fhoto an said
    that the girl who was crying was teasd by the little girl like kids always do
    but the girl crying wasn’t touched by her she was spoked by what she saw.
    the girl with the red shirt on and the 2nd girl on the left are really close
    and that the girl who is in the middel with the black top on has a bad vibe the little ghoast is her unborn child thats she had made whit a dark skin coulord man she problably do not know it is hers because she is so young but she either had a mis carrige that she did or did not know about or she had an abortus these are some things she got trow by pendeling the little girl crying.
    i dont know if it helps anything but i tought ill let you know anyway

    greets from holland

  53. Kelly Says:

    Not sure about the contact details but I have heard that a child never leaves/moves on when it passes when it knows someone still needs them maybe this is proof?

  54. ferret Says:

    its photo shop

  55. Anonymous Says:

    If it’s not photoshop, it’s just a strange illusion created by the dark pants. First, the girl’s color is exactly the same from the wall behind, the exact same tone.

    However, I believe it’s a prank, ’cause if you look right above the so called “ghost”, you’ll realize a piece of the girl’s leg on the left is missing, a mistake made by whoever made this

  56. Anonymous Says:

    consegui ver uma garotinha entre as pernas das duas garotas de blusa listrada

  57. BOO! Says:

    The real ghost in the picture is hard to see here in this photo. What you need to do is go to the site that ( Bevans ) posted in may of 2009 here. which is
    In this photo the picture is not so cropped and you can see more detail, Now look down into the far left hand corner, and there it is. It’s the ghost of the smiley face. WOOoooooo! So Scary!

  58. Anonymous Says:

    (Bad site list try this)

  59. Anonymous Says:

    isnt this just a photo of 7 people, i dont see anything unusual or ‘spooky’

  60. Longrange Says:

    These girls are from the UK, thats Lambrini the one in the middle is holding, a popular drink for teenage girls to get drunk on, as its very cheap.
    Concerning the little girl crying on the right, why aren’t any of the others looking at her? seems weird that they wouldn’t pay any attention to a small child who must be making a hell of a racket! And the lighting and positioning of her seems wrong, the first glimpse i had of this photo, that fact just jumped out at me, it seems shes lit from the left whereas the others are lit from above, and it also seems shes standing on a lower level than the others. But if she was pasted in, why? It puzzles me, especially as it detracts from the real ghostly object, (which, I admit, I didnt see until someone else pointed it out on this page) which is genuinely scary. Strange!

  61. kevin kay Says:

    just a coincidence… believe me or not but maybe if the ladys was stood more apart none of this would ave apend lol….. wash your curtains lmfao

  62. Omega1664 Says:

    Here’s my explanation. There are obviously serveral girls who are friends getting ready to go party or whatever. They just posed for a silly picture and the crying kid is the brat sibling of one of the girls who also wanted to be in the picture but was told “no” initially and when the kid started to cry they relented and allowed them in the photo. The creepy face between the girls legs is a result of light and shadow from the bottom of the lace curtains behind the subjects. And if that isn’t what made the face then it’s the “true” photoshopped portion of the pic and NOT the crying brat. That’s my take on this silly photo that’s made the rounds. TA DA !! Nothing supernatural.

  63. Omega1664 Says:

    “”kevin kay Says:

    October 15, 2009 at 2:48 am | Reply
    just a coincidence… believe me or not but maybe if the ladys was stood more apart none of this would ave apend lol….. wash your curtains lmfao”

    Exactly !!! Dirty curtains! I agree. You GO Kevin LOL!

  64. desarae wilson Says:

    where is the ghost

  65. mari art Says:

    I don’t understand why this photo is getting so much attention. I can’t see the face between the girls’ legs. The little girl might be crying because she is hungry and everyone is ignoring her. Child neglect.

  66. Wintersquest Says:

    The more I look it makes me wonder if the crying child AND the girl all the way on the right with the red shirt weren’t photoshopped in. They both seem slightly ‘placed’ in from of the rest of the group and they don’t seem to match. The crying child definatly doesn’t seem to belong thereas most people think, especially with no one paying attention to this hysterical child, not even one glance. And the middle of the pic child-Or elf, heh?-I don’t know- that one doesn’t really look photoshop….certainly seems more like the usual play of light and reflections-but ALSO out of place. Only because it doesn’t fit with the rest of the molding in the backround. There are no other ‘plays of light’ i’m not so sure about that part. I’d love to hear from the original photographer….and the ‘creator’!

    And the people who think this pic looks to be from the 70’s or 80’s are crazy! this pic cannot be more than 10 years old! the hair and styles can be seem today-i don’t know where your all from!

  67. liamsk1989 Says:

    if you look at the photo with the small child crying you can see plain and simple that the lighintg and shodows ont he crying child are not relative to the shadows and lighting on the other people

  68. jan Says:

    Hi i belong to 2 paranormal groups and was shown this photo by my daughter, who i believe knows some of the people in this photo, apparently the little girl crying in the picture had said her hair had been pulled by the ghost child, anyone wanting more information please email me and i will try to find out more details from my daughter.

  69. Si Says:

    This is one of the best example of a picture that is patently not in any way paranormal yet has been hyped to a ridiculous level. The “face” is clearly shadows formed from the indented pattern on the radiator – a pattern that can be seen on its entire length. As for who the people are, who cares? It’s not even relevant. Again, the mystery is why people want to suggest this photo is anything other than it is – a photo of some people standing infront of a radiator.

  70. stephaniie Says:


  71. Holly Says:

    This is so photo shopped. I spent three years in college learing all the tips and tricks and it’s CLEAR to me the little girl has in fact been photshopped into the picture. Where she is positioned doesn’t make sense in relation to the rest of the picture, her feet would have to be under the ground level.
    The picture itself doesn’t sit right with me either. These are young women and it looks like one of them is holding a bottle of liquor…why would they be partying with this little girl? None of it makes sense, not even the multiple stories behind it – so therefore, I think it’s safe to call this one a hoax.

  72. naomi Says:

    hi i live directly behind the house this pic was taken i no some of the girls they claim they was goin out & took this pic of them in the photo they tried 2 say it was a little girl named roseline who was taken from that house n murdered i no this is a fact as i was a witness and attended court they then moved in that house i knew little rosie and it does not look like her so i dont no if it is a fake or wat but they are wrong in sayin its her she already ad a bad ordeal so leave her 2 rest in peace pls xx

  73. random Says:

    umm thats weird when i first looked at the picture i didnt no what to look for and then i looked between the legs and was like whoaaaa!

  74. katie Says:


  75. anonymous Says:

    why? are they presumed dead?

  76. joe Says:

    I could swear the crying kid was the ghoust, and I even thought the kid was photoshoped! Jeezz!

  77. Jess Says:

    I’m cinfused what the photo is on here for. Is it for the crying child on the bottom right corner,or the girls face in between the legs of the older girls? Scary stuff none the less.

  78. julliett Says:

    i see a lil cute ghost baby between the legs of the two ladys, and the baby thats crying looks like a little girl one day when i was at the shops oneday….. she looked lost.

  79. Erkki Says:

    Common guys what are we talking about here! A photoshopped picture. That’s all. It is not even worthy to be published on these webpages.

  80. Louise Says:

    Hi Guys

    This photo was taken in South Africa. The little girl was asked to join the group and she cried and said no as the little boy was scaring her. Only once the mom(she took the photo from her mobile)looked at the photo did she notice the figure between the girls legs.

    You can read the story on the

  81. Erkki Says:

    Just because there is a story on another website does not make this picture trustworthy.
    Nice stories people make up in order to make pictures look mystical. The fact remains: you can do a lot with Photoshop, e.g. very amateurish photographs like the one above and that are not even worth displaying.

    By the way. I know where this picture is taken, this because I joined the same party as these youngsters. It took place in a grand hotel in Zaventem, north-east from Brussels, Belgium. You can even see this at there clothing, which is typical for Belgium young people.
    The girl in the front is mysterious. She was not present in the hotel at all. Actually, she looks identical to the hotel owner’s daughter, who past away for some time ago. Then there is the light. It gets even more mysterious. It is easy to determine where the light falling on the group of teenagers comes from. Look at the shadows. The light comes from above, in front of the group. The shadows on the little girl, comes from behind the group. It comes from a light armature that was not even there. That makes the picture look even more ghostly: Where did this mysterious light come from. Believe me, the light was not there when the picture was taken.

    I say you… this picture is genuine. This counts also for the picture of the little girl. Put those genuine pictures together in Photoshop, or GraphicConverter and you have the most imperfect fake picture as shown on top of this web site.

  82. Mr Thomson Says:

    I took the photo. We were staying in a hotel which in 1982 had been owned by an uncle of the girl on the left with the white handbag. One cold December night in 1982, the girl’s uncle was bathing his daughter when the telephone rang. The uncle went to answer the telephone but there was no one on the other end. On returning to bath the uncle found his daughter drowned. There was a police investigation but as the coroner returned a verdict of death by misadventure, there was no prosecution. Exactly 20 years later we stayed in this hotel. We all had separate rooms but we all had a bad feeling. It’s difficult to explain. All I can say is that we felt a presence that we’d never experienced before. We decided to chill out in the same room and this made us a lot more relaxed. Only my friend’s little kid was still upset and remained so for the rest of our stay. We didn’t have much to do so we snapped some photos and drank some JacK Daniels with coke and just tried to relax. We ended up getting a bit tipsy and we all nodded off in the same room, some of us sharing the huge bed and some of us on the sofas. Everything seemed normal in the morning apart from my friend’s kid who begged us to leave. We thought she was just playing up so we had a nice breakfast before leaving. The kid refused to eat breakfast and wandered off somewhere. We heard some screaming so we all ran to the reception area and the kid was pointing at something but we couldn’t see anything. This freaked us out so we got our bags into the car and left. It was only a week later that we saw what was in the photo. This really freaked us out and to be honest we just want to forget it. My own feeling is that the hotel is haunted and I’m certainly never going back there.

  83. tom Says:

    My brother showed me this pic recently, said it was friends of his in tralee, ireland.the little girl crying was upset all night she was acting up saying ”she keeps poking me” ”she wont leave me alone” they thought she was only playing up, tired.they were only going to rent the place but when the saw the pic they left pronto,aparently the neighbours often complained of hearing noises from children in the then empty house.
    Truth or urban myth?? I think Ill see if i can get a bit closer to the truth this week, all the best

  84. Wyatt Says:

    What baby are you looking at? the one in between the legs, or the one crying?

  85. Anonymous Says:

    I can see on man among then

  86. Cajinta Says:

    The boy in the ghost house looks very familiar. I have seen him walking down the hallway through my house at 6:00 every morning! FREAKY!

  87. Real Ghost Pictures Says:

    Although I don’t know them by name. I’m getting used to the sight of them online. That’s maybe because it’s one of the most popular ghost photos online to date.

    I think it’s on one of my websites also.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    They were all most likely drunk, so no duh they’re not going to know who’s the the picture and not
    I mean come one, don’t be stupid

  89. penelope kim(Korean)(김경림) Says:

    wow. 진짜 신기하다! 나도 저런사진 나왔으면 좋겠다. 기분 묘할듯 =3=

  90. Cezille Says:

    i don’t know these people. I look at the child and I felt pity on him because he’s crying. I wonder why he cried.

  91. Davie ;) Says:

    The picture was taken in the old houses of new stevenson (scotland)
    Just down the road from my school as for the people in the picture i only know one of them as she was at my school!

  92. WillBR Says:

    i want to know … who is that girl with drink in hand…^^
    She is so pretty….O.o
    I ‘m Loving…xD…hehe
    I see that photo and I only know look to her…
    And …i think this image is a fake…
    This phantom doesn’t look a real phantom..Cause he would look to camera?
    He wants to do well in the picture?

  93. Diego Silva Says:

    Essa Da pra ve que ee Montaguem.

  94. Travis Hilkey Says:

    Actually the three on the right all look Individually photo shopped. I am not sure what this picture is pertaining too but I would be willing to bet that the only actual people in the photo are the three on the left.

    My question is; “What is that in the child’s hand?” It looks like a poorly computer generated syringe. Was this photo supposed to be hoax? It is so obviously photo shopped you wouldn’t need to be intellectual to see that.

    If you look at the child, the girl in red and the fat chick the shadows caste is wrong and the lighting is off just slight. There are no contingent outlined Shadows correspondent with the position of the person in front. The child casts no shadows on anything but herself, and the lighting on the girl in red is at 3 o clock where the light is caste at 2 o clock.

    If you zoom in on the line between the fat girl and the one holding the wine, whoever did it did a real sloppy job on the cuts. It is so obviously sent through a few filters and cropped as well. They put an awful lot of time in this but came out with a piss poor product. They are obviously new to photoshop or they need to upgrade their program or it was photoshopped back in the beta stages of photoshop.

  95. lynn Says:

    this is a girl called jackie grimshaws sister, she stays in kirkconnel in scotland not sure if its still asyrshire or dumfriesshire

  96. clara jayne Says:

    Some of the ‘ghost’s’ hair is overlapping the chubby girls leg so i can assure this is photo shopped, It also looks like totally different pixels compared to the rest of the picture

  97. clara jayne Says:

    the girl at the end with the red top looks like someone that went to my high school by the way

  98. Anonymous Says:


  99. Cally Mac Says:

    Yes that girl does looked photoshopped but. Do see a face inbetween one of thier legs.

  100. Cynthia Says:

    I have seen this picture on another website and the person that submitted it claims that all of the people in the photograph are now deceased. It was I taken at a party/get together. I don’t remember the name of the website I first saw it in. It looks genuine to me.

  101. ராம்கி Says:

    குழந்தய போய் 6 பூதம் பக்கத்துல நிக்க வச்சா அழாம என்ன செய்யும்????????????????????????????? 🙂

  102. SBM Says:

    I can’t believe all of the ‘tards who think the crying girl is supposed to be the ghost. Not a very masterful illusion, if that were the case. The little gray imp between the girls on the left is the “paranormal anomaly”. And certainly not a convincing one, at that.
    The spoiled little urchin on the right just needs a solid throttling.

  103. Shannara Says:

    This is kinda of funny. The little gray “imp” as SBM put it, looks like a small version of Einstein’s head…see the hair standing up like in those Einstein posters everywhere? Also, if you’re looking at the Einstein head, to the right there’s a vague image that looks like Quark (I think that was his name) from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. 🙂

  104. Eli Says:

    I know who the people are, from left to right. Never have I seen this picture cycled around… the blonde on the end I know personally.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    I know who took it, as I was shown on his camera.

  106. brooke Says:

    i think this 1 is real in a way seen it all over the internet and seen the demonds face it looks like a ghost of chucky 🙂

  107. Says:

    Ive seen this photo on another website with ghost photos. They say kids can detect paranormal activity, maybe that why is the kid on the right is crying? In the descirption of the same photo from the other website, they also mentioned the women in this photo later died.

  108. Yasmine Says:

    random note: all these women are dead. not even joking. 😦 R.I.P.

  109. Miranda Says:

    Still not hearing many people offering names to the man wanting to publish the photo, but here is a newpaper article on Matthew Summers who claims it is his photo and his friends. He also has a linked in site and I believe a facebook site, so maybe you can track him down that way. Good luck.

  110. petmusings Says:

    I pity the Ghost that hangs with my husband and I because we fart and burp a lot.

  111. kendra30752 Says:

    OH… MY… GOD! WOWO! This pic has got me soooo excited! How cool! That is a PERFECT face right there! I thought our orbs with faces were super good, but this is just unbelievably mind blowing! AWESOME! I hope you’re able to find the owner or at least someone who can help. This is just too good!

  112. emma Says:

    hi ther im in a group on facebook and sum1 submitted that pick sayin it was there friends who told them to submit it

  113. Anonymous Says:

    contact a girl called jade todd in byker area

  114. Deb/Boston Says:

    That’s creepy, I seen this photo on you tube!

  115. Anonymous Says:

    i find it funny that no one who has looked at this picture:

    and also the one above hasn’t noticed the fact that the crying kid isn’t in it…so the crying kid is definitely Photoshopped and just zooming in i also don’t see the “ghost child” between the 2 chicks legs…it’s totally faked people

  116. Delmer Frasure Says:

    I don’t know who they are, but the girls in the photo are very beautiful!

  117. Paul Says:

    Hi im from england and the way the girls are dressed im pretty sure there english too, personally i think this picture is fake but thats just my opinion,
    but kids are meant to be able to see ghosts so problys why the little girl is crying?? maybe though..maybe not

    Paul From
    short breaks to paris cheap hotel in paris.

  118. bmackx Says:

    the last 3 people on the far right have been photoshopped in, definitely.

  119. HA Says:

    I saw a report on a TV show like Extra or some paranormal show where they interviewed the girls in the pic. They said that they were going out and took a snapshot, the little girl kept saying she saw a girl and started to cry. No of the other girls saw it then they saw the picture. Creep and cool!

  120. Does anyone know these people? « Ghost Stories Says:

    […] Source: […]

  121. Anonymous Says:

    Yes this picture is genuine. this is picture was taken by my friend’s family. The little girl is crying as she saw the child and it scared her.

  122. Anonymous Says:

    doe’s anyone read any of da other posts?? cos if ya read miranda’s post and followed da link ur find mystery is solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Black Curtains Says:

    Black Curtains…

    […]Does anyone know these people? « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  124. Shaggy Says:

    I guess the kid saw it? LOL- Hilarious photo to show the kid’s girlfriend in the future.

  125. Dave Says:

    When you drink Wesson oil,as the girls in the pic are,many small children cry and want shots too!

  126. masterpapers review Says:

    masterpapers review…

    […]Does anyone know these people? « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  127. Lozzar Says:

    OMG! My friend said her sister took this photo, it’s of her friends, and apparently that’s her niece who’s crying, as the story was that the little ghost girl had been staring at her and gesturing to her all night or something, and she was called for a photo and she was like ‘Mummy, I don’t want to play with that little girl.’ They were all confused as to what little girl, there were no others, but then they saw the photo. It even made it into the newspapers, but I don’t know if my friends lying about it being her sister taking the photo or not, but the little girl who’s crying does look a little like her niece, so it could be:)

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  130. sangeetha Says:

    the ghost is between the legs of the second girl and third girl
    near the knee i can see it

  131. Travis Says:

    I do not know the people in the photograph. As far as the extra sets of “eyes” I have read about, that is the pattern running across the bottom of the wall behind the girls. However, I think the child peering between the legs of the girls in stripes is a phenomena all its own.

  132. Travis Says:

    In fact, after further viewing, I think the “extra eyes” are the frilly decorations hangin on the bottom of the curtain covering the window.

  133. έπιπλα σαλονιού Says:

    έπιπλα σαλονιού…

    […]Does anyone know these people? « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  134. Anonymous Says:

    They live in blackpool and i hab the original photo. The ghost face is of the child on the the original he wasn’t crying. And its his face that was superimposed or in computer terms cop and pasted in place then blended in.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    The ghosts of four fat girls. A bag of Doritos makes them manifest.

  136. So many liars Says:

    The amount of liars on here :S

    The picture was taken in Stanley, County Durham (about 15 minutes from Newcastle)

    The little girls mam is second from the right (Louise) the girl to the left of her with the Lambrini is Emma Fenwick and the girl to the left of her is Kelsey Radord.

    Both of them have Facebook, so am sure if I spoke to them on there you could find out more.

    Went to school with all of them except Louise and not once did anyone see that face thing before or after the pic was taken.

    So people claiming it was super imposed, fuck off. It was taken on a mobile and showed to people round school a few days later, from there it was posted on bebo and just spread.

    Been in the house myself there’s nothing weird about it.

  137. tony clark Says:

    it was in the kilmarnock standard years ago so they are from ayrshire

  138. kerry Says:

    this is a total scam, theres a so-called medium in Accrington claiming to have taken this pic. To name and shame him???? not sure but if i’m asked and with very good reason then yes, i would. So many frauds out there, this guy even posts videos on youtube of him doing reiki and tarot. and they are all on

  139. Anonymous Says:

    closer examination of the pic reveals this to be photoshopped…and not very well………just expand and blow up the picture and it becomes obvious

    • wizarrrd Says:

      Again another clueless individual who has no idea what they’re talking about.

      I seen the picture in person on the phone it was taken on the day after it had happened.

      As stated in my original post, it was taken in Stanley, County Durham in a regular council house.

      Nothing creepy or different about it, a photo taken like many others.

      Stop the bullshit posts.

  140. kirsty Says:

    the guy who took it is a boy called matthew summers, theres an article in the uk paper “the daily mail” about it. he snapped it in billingham, teesside, england.

    google it 🙂

  141. heatherbel Says:

    I have this picture on my old computer, it was given to me by a friend, who was given it by her b’friend at the time….According to him, they were friends of his getting ready to go out and the li girl that we all see is a child that one of the girls had friend had the photo looked at and it’s real….Maybe she could give a lil more detail if needed? H

  142. Sarah Says:

    This picture is no joke btw. I know because I am the second girl from the left.

  143. Anonymous Says:

    This Picture os a complete Fake I am A Paranormal Investigator in the UK and we get so many of these Fake I phone and photo-shopped Pictures with fake Ghosts.This Photo also done the rounds in London Essex Cambridge and Scotland and each person the posted it or sent it in all claimed it to be in their lounge or was at the party.

  144. andrew lowings Says:

    Hey, to all those assuming they know these girls, im afraid you do not. I went to school with the girl second in from the left, in a village in kent, when i looked on her facebook, the picture is there also, i am not prepared to give the details in open forum, but i am prepared to give a name and the facebook contact so that you can contact her directly if you would like to email me. Thanks…, oh and sarah, if your the girl second from the left, you have changed your name, this photo was shot in Hoo in Kent, and the name is stephanie not sarh.

  145. Rick E Hale Says:

    This is a fave of mine. the little girl that is crying knew that this entity was there.

  146. evangelia amirhom Says:

    is it true that all of these girls have passed a way since this photo was taken …i ve seen this photo on youtube mentioning that that all the girls in the photo are dead.

  147. evangelia amirhom Says:

    i ve done a little research in regard to this picture .i found out that this picture was taken by 17 year old matthew summers at a his sisters friend ‘s house in billingham in the uk,he took this picture by his sell phone ..unfortunaltley it doesn’t suggest any thing about the girls in the photo.

  148. Jane Says:

    Right you little fuck witts. Every single or of you is a total liar. Reckoning you ‘know’ the lasses in the picture! Welllllllll, I highly doubt it, as I can tell you the names of every single person in this picture, and I promise it’s not fake! My friend who took it, had this stolen of Bebo, by this Matthew person, who took all of the credit for it! It happenes every year! They’re all from Co.Durham. Not Scotland, not Ireland, but Co.Durham! So give it a rest, and no, non of them are dead.

  149. Jane Says:

    & she is crying because she wasn’t allowed in the picture. And Infact, the ‘ghostly’ face, is a real child! It just so happened to look strange on the picture.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    Those girls actually all died after that was taken

  151. Anonymous Says:

    They all died

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  153. rida Says:

    Look up matthew summers. He took the pix at his sisters friend house

  154. filmy online Says:

    filmy online…

    […]Does anyone know these people? « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  155. Scott Says:

    Doing a search for this turns up the name Matthew Summers as the person who took the photo. Found a story that shows a photo of the kid who took it, holding the phone.
    Here’s the link:

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  157. Anonymous Says:

    Whats even wierder that most of the womens died.

  158. kat Says:

    I am from Nottingham and I was shown this picture loads as a teenager again people claiming to no someone that is related to someone in this picture, I have also just found it on YouTube claiming that all the people in the picture are now dead,

  159. Brandi Says:

    The person who took this photo was a man named Matthew Summers.

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  175. Bourne Says:

    Hahahaha funny mentalizum man… Those girls can pose as many different girls around the world it’s like the Jason Bourne thing where you pick people who’s features blend in with 90 percent the population … One of those girls could pose as my buddy’s ex girlfriend the looks are almost the same.. It’s a trick of the eyes an optical illusion… You will never ever find out who took the photo or who the girls are cause it dose not exist mate

  176. chuggs22 Says:

    I know this house my partner lived there when the pic was taken there’s history in that house the children were being affected too so they started doing circles and ouija boards to find out who n what they were n wanted

  177. Jeremy Kyle Says:

    yes i have knew them in the past they are from catchgate near stanley co durham the one with the wine bottle is emma fenwick the other i know is kelsey radford trust me these arent the type of people to fake this i live very close to where they live seeing all of the comments are funny saying you know them and they are from ireland and scotland and whatever its total rubbish my post is the only legit one here i swear i was shocked typing in ghost pictures in google and seeing them how do i get in contact with the person that wants to talk to them.

  178. Jeremy Kyle Says:

    p.s my face book user name is jeremy kyle but it was just for a laugh its not really my name

  179. David Says:

    I put this pic on the internet this is my friends little girl. The story is true!!!

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  183. anon Says:

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  184. Shweta Says:

    A must see for ghost enthusiasts:

  185. colin Says:

    I heard all these girls are dead now! Does anyone know if this is true?

  186. John Jbrix DiGiacomo Says:

    you people……its a fucking ghost app for iphone and droid that put it there

  187. Anonymous Says:

    These girls are from Soham Cambridgeshire UK at least 3 of them were in my year at school and they aren’t dead

  188. Anonymous Says:

    Indeed Photoshopd

  189. hannah Says:

    My teacher at Tuxford academy called Mr Cox told us about this photo and he said it is one of his dads friends and he showed us it and IT IS REAL

  190. Anonymous Says:

    Omg I swear I have seen that child before she looks so familiar but I just can’t think. She looks exactly how I did when I was little but I don’t think it’s me lol

  191. Tracie Says:

    I know who the ghost is. Its me. Its the picture of me bent over a minnow bucket in front of a lake if you look closely you will see the shoreline behind me. Now my question is who are they and how did they get the picture to Photoshop them together?

  192. Anonymous Says:

    Lies, I went to school with them all they are from Stanley co durham

  193. Anonymous Says:

    you can find them on facebook Kelsey Radford laure McEwen emma fenwick amy price dunno others names

  194. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t provide contact details but I know one of these women. The third grown woman from the right (or the fourth female from the right) is Melissa Stout. We went to school together and I’ve been inside the house this photograph was taken in more than once. I can’t provide my info or anything but the town this was photographed in is College Point. That’s in Queens, NYC. The house is uninhabited as of now.

  195. STOLP Says:

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  196. Bruce Wright Says:

    Same exact face as in the “Ghost in the House” photo directly above this one on the main page. Scroll back and forth and it’s obvious! I’ve seen this same face in many “Ghost Photos”. Come on people, If you’re going to fake a ghost photo…at least be original!

  197. Nathaniel Dugan Says:

    Easily one of the most obvious fakes I’ve seen in my career. Probably best to chalk it off.

  198. Anonymous Says:

    Into who one person by their first name

  199. paul ritchie Says:

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