Light ghost

“I saw the blog at scienceofghosts.wordpress … pretty interesting stuff. I’ve got my own submission for you here. The story behind this picture is this: I was visiting Machu Picchu a few summers ago. The photo was taken from my hotel at agua calientes at the river below the site, on the morning we were heading up to see the
ruins. When I took the picture there was nothing out of the ordinary in front of me, I was trying to document the strangeness of our hotel, since it had no roof! I’ve tried to enhance the figure on the stairs to pull out the face and it looks like possible some sort of ornate necklace… and I think I see his leg bleeding. The energy bolt on the right is pretty interesting as well, looks like a double
helix. I’ve included the original and the enhanced version. Let me know what you think!


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48 Responses to “Light ghost”

  1. keet Says:

    maybe it is a very strange hotel…
    the energy bolt could just be something like a spark falling down leaving a light trail as it falls. the figure may just be a normal human being walking down the stairs, but depending on the shutter speed, could have appeared as a blur, or maybe the person may have been moving fast. you may not have noticed these when taking the photo.
    is this 1 the original or enhanced because theres only 1 image here, the 2 links dont bring anything up.

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    • ohgod Says:

      what a shame!
      please dont do anything stupid like this again.
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  3. Shayalon Says:

    classic prolonged exposure.

    Someone threw a cigarette, or a firefly is going by…or something similar. The pattern suggests that something was interrupting the light at intervals, which could be an insects wings, or a flipping cigarette. It is certainly not an energy bolt. I can find a bunch of photos online about glowing clickbeetles and other flying glowing insects in that area.

    There is a person walking down the stairs. That you can see anything more than a person in a black shirt or jacket and blue jeans with white shoes is beyond me. It suppose you’re going to see what you want to see. It doesn’t appear to be supernatural to me at all. Just an extended exposure photo of a guy walking up or down stairs.

    Since people so frequently say things like, “there was no one there when I took the picture.” then I usually just rule that out entirely. I can’t trust people’s word because they frequently lie about things like this.

    There is no evidence that I would say proves any supernatural force is at work here. Everything has a rational explanation.

  4. BRIAN Says:

    that is a ropelight or fibreoptic cable

    • Ali M Says:

      Yeah, I am seeing a LED on the end of it’s wire. One way or the other, it is technology, not ghostly energy.

      • T Says:

        Not a Ghost but… A LED at the end of a fibreoptic cable?

        Fibreoptic cables conduces light, not eletrecity.

  5. hey Says:


  6. Alex Says:

    Hi everybody, this picture is mine. Don’t let me stop your skepticism but if you have any questions about the picture I can answer them. It’s very difficult to see the detail with such a small picture. Check out for larger sharpened pictures. The face and dress of the person/ figure/ ghost is most interesting to me, check it out!

  7. keet Says:

    theres no ‘ghostly’ activity going on; you can tell that you used a slow shutter speed because of the blurring shadow effect given because you could not hold the camera still for long enough. there is no ‘ghostly’ figure just a usual everyday person walking down the stairs, but like i say due to the long shutter speed…
    there is nothing else that this other over sharpened image tells me other than that its not anything paranormal about this photo.

  8. Alex Says:

    Yes, the shutter speed was very slow I think. This was taken with my digital camera, and with no flash. That probably accounts for the blurriness. It was right at dawn as the photo was taken.

    No one was in front of me when I took the picture. I’ve played it over and over in my mind, and I’m sure of it. I can’t believe someone could sneak directly in front of me without me noticing at all. The light streak wasn’t visible at all either.

    The dress is very interesting. On the head, I can see some sort of square earring, or similar item, the design is almost visible. A red streak is visible near the left knee, hard to make out but blood? So many details, as well as colors, are visible around the figure but why is the body so dark and featureless? The head is also nearly see through, but there could be some blur effect from movement… that’s my take on it.

    • Ali M Says:

      The problem with enhancing the photo the way you did is that it can actually muddle things. In the original photo what it looks like is someone walking UP the stairs in a thigh length jacket or rain cape. They are wearing white tennishoes and jeans. Their right foot is turned towards the left to turn the corner at the top of the stairs, what you see on the left leg is their heel. If they were coming up the stairs in the dark and being quiet about it, or if it was windy like it looks, you wouldn’t necessarily notice. The odd thing is the led light. How do you not see that in front of you in the dark? You didn’t have a friend standing behind you when you took the picture did you? And does this friend have a sense of humor?

      As for the stuff you are seeing with a face and blood and what not, where you outlined what you see on the photobucket photo, there is nothing but blur there, and it is to the right of the person. The way you enhanced it it looks like the person may be holding a walking stick or staff in their right hand — which would come in helpful around Machu Piccu right?

      Anyway, look at the original photo again and tell yourself it is a person walking *up* the stairs and it will look different to you. (though you may have a hard time getting the incan out of your vision)

  9. Max Says:

    Looks to me like the “energy bolt” is simply the trail of the sodium vapor street light when you moved the camera. The camera was held in place for the majority of the exposure catching the street light as a solid dot – then you pulled the camera down to look at the screen before the exposure had completely finished. Street lights flicker at 50-60hz with the AC power – that’s why the line is dotted – and the increasing length of the dots shows that the camera was accelerating – like how it would be if you were dropping your arm after the photo.

    The person on the stairs is just a person.

    • keet Says:

      i think you’re right there about the street lamp, that does make sense.

    • Ali M Says:

      Actually I don’t think the street light theory makes sense because then there would be motion trails from everything in the photo. There aren’t any motion trails at all.

      • keet Says:

        the reason there aren’t any other motion trails is due to the fact that there isn’t anything else bright enough to record at a fast time, only the light.

  10. Dave Says:

    I also agree that this looks like a street light on long exposure and someone walking down the stairs. I don’t see any bleeding legs or necklaces, just someone possibly in jeans, white shoes and a dark jacket. To be fair it was probably quite dark and you’d be focusing on the shot so may not have noticed someone walking through during your exposure time. They may have been running or you could have been watching the camera.

  11. Alex Says:

    Hi everyone,
    It’s definitely interesting to hear all these new perspectives on the photo. I thought I would respond to a few of the theories, and give some evidence to help people see what I mean.

    The light beam: it could be an issue with the overexposure. I think it turned out very interesting in that particular shape, but could be some sort of light effect. There was a second picture taken slightly after this first one (you can tell because the sun is coming up) with a different pattern of light movement although it is much more blurry. I added that picture to the photobucket link above. It’s definitely not a physical led light string or anything like that in front of the camera.

    The figure on the stairs: it took me awhile to see the face on the figure, but now I am very certain it is there. I added two more pictures to the photobucket page, both zoomed in on the face one ‘enhanced’ and the other not. Check those out, and use the drawn on picture to see where the parts of the face should be. I’m positive it is someone walking down, and not up the stairs.

    Also there was someone there with me. My girlfriend was behind me as I took the picture, and I’m sure she would have had me stop if I was taking a picture of some random person (who was about 10 ft away). Of course this must hard to take as fact if you weren’t there, so I don’t blame you if you disregard that bit of the puzzle 🙂

  12. Mike Says:

    Where the hell is the ghost?

  13. marija Says:

    its tinkerbell

  14. LEO DUTRA Says:

    Ghost using a sneaker?!

  15. diva Says:

    its someone chucking a lightbulb out of the window OBVIOUSLY.

    or its a firefly having a bright idea.

  16. ella Says:

    thread on fire

  17. lol Says:

    this is stupid!!!!

  18. Spook Scientist Says:


  19. Funny Nature Says:

    I don’t see anything apart from the light bolt ??!!

  20. LMC Says:

    I think it’s lightning and someone is running down the stairs to get out of the way.

  21. Lucas Says:

    There’s no such things is ghosts, people just want to scare you. And that’s just a light. It’s not a big deal.

    • LMC Says:

      I know that’s a light… personally I think it’s lightning pretty cool capture on film. I have to disagree with you about ghosts they do exists! you just haven’t had an encounter yet. don’t trip off of others belief let them be open to life. have a good one!

  22. Amanda Says:

    My friend says she is a light i find it hard to believe. And that pic does not look real yea i believe in ghost but i do not believe her. i dont know why but its hard to believe what do u think?

  23. John.Jnr Says:

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  24. Jacko Says:

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  25. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a lightning bug

  26. Anonymous Says:

    i seen this exact thing in my room a few nights agao.
    no word of alie! my door handle wasa swisting like crazy, and that string thing was swoping from around the door than fell to the ground, im trying to figure out what it was

  27. Ghostbuster Says:

    Omg I did at least 50 like dis photo.I it takes just a camera and a flashlight do do it

  28. hick chick Says:

    Its pretty cool if you ask me i’ve encountered a ghost before it was scary as HELL!!! so i think this picture is not fake it looks pretty real to me.

  29. hick chick Says:

    and if you dont believe me then go to the prision in laramie, Wyoming its wicked as HELL!!!! they even do lock downs

  30. Diana Says:

    A light bug maybe? On fire? I don’t know! It coud be anything!

  31. Steve Says:

    The light trail could easily be a hair over the camera. It’s a very common cause of ‘ghost’ photos.

    As for the ghostly figure, I couldn’t see anything until I read the explaination. Just a trick of the light, I think.

  32. Kate Says:

    FAKE! This isn´t a ghost

  33. Cesar Says:

    É a montagem mais ridícula que já vi . . . .

  34. Alexis Says:

    That’s happened to me. I was taking pictures after a rain/wind storm hit our city. It was a quiet evening and everything was pretty still. except for a few cars pass by. I was trying to get a picture of the clouds (amateur photographer) and Three of these light things showed up on the picture… There were no street lights in the way and the storm had long passed so it couldn’t have been lightning…

  35. RAWWW Says:

    WTF ITS A FAIRY!!!!!!!!

    good job

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