Cloud Ghost

“This picture was taken on Sept. 8,1973. I saw it at my mother inlaws house several years ago. She explained that her 1 1/2 year old niece had died and they had all gathered at her parents (the grandparents) home and she had been taking pictures of family and when there was only one picture left on the roll she handed the camera to my husband who was then about 14, and told him to take the last shot. He just pointed at the sky and when the pictures were developed this is what was on the film. You can clearly see a man in a robe with a belted waist and see his hands and barely make out the face which appears to have a beard.This was the day the baby died. I would like your take on the picture”


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  1. Sarah Says:

    Wow, that’s clear as day – you can even see the hands. Logically, I’d say that it’s just an odd cloud formation, but it must have brought some comfort to the family when they saw the photograph, and I think that is more important that what this photo did/didn’t capture.

  2. Vicky Says:

    Sad story and nice idea… but it’s a cloud. I can sometimes see Paris Hilton in a cloud (Now that is really scary). Clouds take some incredible shapes sometimes but unless the cloud started talking and creating miracles – its nothing special.

  3. Pat Says:

    I’m always skeptical about photographs especially these days as one is able to manipulate them through one’s computer. I’ve seen impressive cloud shapes & this one does appear to be a shape of a person wearing a long sleeved garment, however, there are straight vertical lines & other spurious marks on the photo which rules out authenticity.

  4. Linda Says:

    This is a very old photo and has never been retouched or altered in any way. Any lines or blemishes are simply from age. No one involved with the photo even knows anything about altering or retouching photos especially when it was taken in 1973 with b&w film. This is an original photograph.

    • Says:

      I have the IDENTICAL photo in my bible from 1979. It was also on the front cover of the NATIONAL INQUIRER

    • Nazrus Says:

      This is a picture of Heaven’s Gate! You can even see the spirit that is being asked if they want to enter(at the bottom of the pic).

  5. Mute Says:


  6. Alex Pryce Says:

    A wonderful example of Pereidolia. We’re all skirting around the issue though, there is one word everyone is avoiding which if said instantly decreases the validity of the image… JESUS.

    It is without a doubt a very good example of seeing objects in random shapes, but that’s all it is. clouds.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Touching background story, that image is the kind of thing someone would look for in that situation. Seeing as there is no evidence that, assuming Jesus existed, he looked like the familiar figure from our childhood religious studies, then it’s entirely likely that that figure is, indeed, a cloud.

  8. harry Says:

    is it usually common practice that when a family is mourning the death of a family member – especially a young child – that on the day they died at the family gathering they go around taking pictures of each other for prosperity ?

    • Gorgygooglious Says:

      I have often taken photos at family funerals because that is often the only time relatives (distant and not so distant) get together.
      Why shouldn’t it be Jesus or an angel?

      • Nazrus Says:

        This is a picture of Heaven’s Gate! You can even see the spirit that is being asked if they want to enter(at the bottom of the pic).

    • Cyj Says:

      For prosperity? Or do you mean for posterity? Whichever way you mean, it is not entirely unheard of to take pictures when a family is in mourning. As what Gorgygooglious pointed out, it is one of the few times that relatives have a chance to get together. We are currently mourning my grandmother right now at our house and I have taken several pictures last night.
      Anyway, regarding the picture, I would say the picture is not faked or tampered but it must be more of an unusual cloud formation. But I know it is a comfort to think that it may indeed be the “Jesus” we were introduced to. And who can say for sure? But it was sure nice seeing this pic. Cheers.

  9. keet Says:

    i do photography myself and this could have been caused by exposure to light before the film had been fully processed and protected from light rays. this happens a lot, especially on the last few or the first few frames. it could have even happened during the processing stages. it has happened to me before.

  10. harry Says:

    seems to get about a bit this photo and lots of different stories behind it

  11. Shayalon Says:

    I’ve seen this picture before.

    It’s attributed variously as having been taken in 1972 and lifted by a developer, taken by someone’s grandmother, aunt, etc.

    or taken through an airplane window in 1962

    and then back to grandma

    Sorry if I don’t buy your claim of legitimacy.

    It’s a painting, which has been designed and apparently mailed out to everyone’s grandmother, in the hopes of spreading a lie about it’s authenticity.

    Either you have been fooled by it, or you’re lying.

  12. Shayalon Says:

    Great Minds think alike, huh, harry. We must have started our posts at about the same time. I suspect that we were under the control of some supernatural agency.

    That can be the only possible explanation

    (Note: this post is dripping with irony)

  13. trinlay Says:

    There are Soooo many prints of this photo, with so many stories (for the exact same photo) of “my aunt took this at a memorial”, “My grandma took this from a plane during a storm” etc (ad infinitum).

    I suspect from this pattern that someone took the photo on purpose (maybe the original is actually artwork in a church? A photo in low light with grainy film of a painting/fresco?) and made many prints which were DISTRIBUTED, possibly intentionally in some kind of faith building campaign.

    I’m kind of wondering if anyone has the negative, how old THAT is, and from where…

  14. trinlay Says:

    Oh I should add that it’s likely the original photographer may have been horrified or maybe amused to see how the prints are being interpreted/used.

    Photographers often do artistic shots, or take photos of paintings/environments as ART, reference shots (I know at least one painter/portraitist who takes some Interesting photos, to use the effects later in paintings.)

    I’m imagining Arty shot taken by vacationer, or even “photographer being experimental” or even just someone taking a photo of a performance, and then put in box of photos or a drawer and forgotten about. A decade or two later someone finds the photo (estate situation?) and remembers a story about the photo. (either misremembered or made up on the spot.) They tell someone else about the Great Photo in their relative’s things, and make a print for a friend. Who passes along the story with another print.

    Eventually, someone makes a LOT of prints and gives them out with the story (probably much adapted by now) and distributes them to missionaries or a bible study class… It doesn’t have to be a LOT of prints either, maybe 100 that end up scattered across the country.

    It’s only now that as people are scanning them and putting up the story on the internet, are the number and wide spread distribution of the prints coming to light.

    I think this kind of thing is historically/photographically/artistically kinda cool, and I wonder what the original photographer would be thinking of what happened with his photo.

  15. Phil Bowles Says:

    Very plainly a cloud formation – the upper portion (above the gap that represents the ‘belt’) is continous with and the same density and colour as the cloud around it, and the wispier lower portion is similarly part of that section of cloud. Viewed separately, they clearly resolve as random shapes within the cloud bank. Very nice capture, though.

  16. Suzi Says:

    This is an old photo and there are different versions of the photo with same theme: a fuzzy figure coming out of the clouds. I’ve seen these images going back to the 1930s with differing stories and slightly differing photos, so I am not inclined to believe this particular story tho the image is very interesting.

  17. Daz Says:

    you take a picture of a person the camera has a fault and doesn’t wind on then you take a picture of the sky both images merge .

  18. Real University Degree Says:

    Waooo, I dont believe it…is it real picture ?

  19. karina Says:

    eu acho essa imagem muito falsa

  20. hey Says:


  21. Palhoca SC Says:

    Nice try. What does the original sender have to say now that we know the photo has been around?
    It is this kind of scam that makes genuine research more difficult.

  22. Belinda Says:

    Given the links that Harry and Shayalon have provided, what is interesting to me is the number of people (mainly aunts and grandmas) who are obviously prepared to lie as to the origin of the photograph in order to perpetuate a religious belief in their relatives. Ho hum.

  23. harry Says:

    hey Belinda
    that’s religion for you……..

  24. jbo0781 Says:

    You guys are all haters. do any of you even want to believe? you guys are goin 2 h e l l

    • keet Says:

      we aint haters, or i’m not anyway, just realistic n open minded. we can see that there’s always at least 2 possible reasons why a photo has appeared with a ‘stange’ image. some of the stuff can be real, other stuff can be illusions of the brain n then theres just them ones that are a load of lies.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Its not a question of wanting to believe its about wanting to find the truth and the actual explanaitions.

      I have no problem believing in something AS LONG AS THERE IS EVIDENCE. Simply believing for the sake of believing isn’t really on the agenda.

      As to hell, first we need to proove the existence of a god, then proove its Yahweh, then proove that the tales relating to him are genuine and then find the evidence of Lucifer’s fall and the firey pit, then we have to present the evidence and then believe in hell before we can start to even contemplate going there.

    • Becca Says:

      No, they’re not going 2 h e l l. That’s the entire point!
      Carry on.

  25. gabriel el loko Says:

    volta de jesus

  26. Adam Says:

    When I was about 8, a scripture studies teacher brought this photo to school and sold it to her very young, very impressionable class of kids.
    She was kicked out and made to return the money.
    Her story was that it had been taken from a plane window during a scary storm.
    It was my first encounter with the religious swindling the impressionable out of their money.
    It was not my last.

  27. Joe Says:

    As a christian myself, I have seen this photo many times with different stories behind it. I don’t believe it’s a legit picture because no one seems to know the orgins behind it. As christians, we don’t need pictures to back up our faith, we should know in our hearts that Jesus is real!!

    • Nazrus Says:

      This is a picture of Heaven’s Gate! Jesus and God is overshadowing him. Peter, James, and John witnessed something similar. You can even see the spirit that is being asked if they want to enter(at the bottom of the pic).

    • Linda Hartranft Says:

      Thank you for speaking truth here.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    It looks real to me

  29. LEO DUTRA Says:

    Jesus Christ!!!

  30. Danielle Says:

    this photo is creepy but interesting. it almost looks like Jesus. wouldn’t it be scary if it really was him coming for the baby’s spirit?

  31. keet Says:

    i find it funny how people compare this to jesus christ when there are no photos of jesus and no one official knows what he looked like.
    ( i’m not trying to be anti-religious and i’m not trying to offend anyone).

  32. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Yeah. My super-religious relatives all claim this is their own photo of Jesus that they took in the early 70s, too.

    This has been around for a while. It’s a fake.

  33. Michael Says:

    This picture is a hoax and has been circulating for years as a Jesus siting. I first saw it when I was a child (many years ago) – published in a Tennessee newspaper. You can see a better rendering of it here

  34. Dylan Says:

    Wow, this brings back memories! I actually own an original print of this picture. My dad gave it to me about 25 years ago. It was a picture of a cloud during a lightning storm in the 60’s. I’ll try and dig it up to see what it says on the back of the photo.

    • Nazrus Says:

      This is a picture of Heaven’s Gate! Jesus and God is overshadowing him. Peter, James, and John witnessed something similar. You can even see the spirit that is being asked if they want to enter(at the bottom of the pic).

    • Anonymous Says:

      Did you ever find your picture?

  35. KindredSpirit Says:

    You said it was the last picture on the roll.
    Sometimes with the last exposure it overlaps with the previous one (common fault) so it could be a double exposure.

  36. KindredSpirit Says:

    ….also this pic has been around for longer than the 1970’s, I’m sure. (May be wrong).
    THe cloud formation just does not match up with the ‘apparition’, and the bright spot in the top right hand corner – looks a bit suspect.
    Sorry – I am open minded about these things but this pic just doesn’t convince me.

  37. Laurie McLellan Says:

    Proven to be a faked image.

  38. lizzie Says:

    omfg! i cant belive tat its so wierd!its terrible! im so sorry for you

  39. BYSTANDER Says:

    That photo IMO is very interesting. Granted we can make images out of clouds, but this one is quite detailed. I like it..

  40. Gladiola Says:

    Everyone is right that this picture has been around ages. I first saw it in a book called ‘Photographs of the Unknown’ by Robert Rickard and Richard Kelly published in 1980. It was printed along side the story

    “Versions of this image of a robed figure in the sky beleived by many to be a genuine image of Jesus, have come from Texas, Virgina and New York. Our own copy came from Canada where it was being circulated by nuns”.

    So this was a famous and widley copied image before 1980. Also I’ve seen it on, I can’t remember what the story was with it then, but I think it was linked to a sale of a copy on Ebay.

  41. Gladiola Says:

  42. Rose Says:

    It’s Jesus coming to help the baby come home. Thanks for sharing this picture. Everyone who sees this will have actually seen Jesus. I feel honored tell you the truth. I really believe that is him.

    • Nazrus Says:

      This is a picture of Heaven’s Gate! Jesus and God is overshadowing him. Peter, James, and John witnessed something similar. You can even see the spirit that is being asked if they want to enter(at the bottom of the pic).

  43. Spook Scientist Says:

    Cool but it looks a little like the ghosts in old movies. It IS cool though. Looks a bit like an angel.

  44. Debunker Says:

    I have heard sooo many differant stories about this photo. Ive heard so and so’s grandmother took it from an airplane after praying, Ive heard this person or that person found it in an old bible, yada yada. The first time I saw this photo I felt there may be something there but after hearing so many differant stories Im convinced its a fake.

  45. Pastor Says:

    Why don’t you believe? My dad was a pastor for many years he built churches and held revials, I can remember seeing this picture in his bible for many years and him talking about it there is nothing fake about it! If you can understand that satan will not send a comfort to any family when a love one is passed. So I believe that is what this picture is all about. Thanks for sharing!!

  46. Holly Says:

    I’ve also seen this photo all over the internet and in my inbox with all kinds of explanations. Smells like a hoax.

  47. Neil Says:

    My grandmother had a very similar photo. It could have been done by the same artist or could just be a cropped version, but I remember the photo looking very slightly different. Same robe, same basic pose, but with more clouds obstructing the upper body, and a little less cloud around the bottom of the body. If I remember correctly, there were cloud obscured, sandal clad feet visible as well. As if it were a candid shot of Jesus, caught with his feet drooping out of the clouds. Oops!
    She claimed that it was taken by her brother in Texas, who for some reason was out taking pictures of storm clouds. It looked pretty real to my eight year old eyes, but I did notice that it was printed on a thin kind of card stock, like a cheap post card, not the stiff glossy paper usually used for original photos.

  48. Gerda Says:

    Well I never saw this photo before, and I dont even know if this is taken in a room or an outside area. Its an appearence though and if its jesus I dont know never heard of pictures where this happend that Jesus showed up. it could be an agel or a priest. Anyway there much more ghosts there in the dark space of this picture. Not all of hem are clear,but they are there its crowed with them. Maby they came with the apperence? I know lights can play tricks and make us think we see things,but there are more things then we see.And those who only see clouds are usualy the scepptic ones or the ones who are interested,but say they dont believe in these things,but still they have noticed some things themselfses and dont talk about this. Everything can be a hoax absolutly, and all must be investigated and closely looked ad and for anything that could be a hoax or photoshoped in nomatter what way. And sometimes its just real. Its difficult at times but it happens.

    • Nazrus Says:

      This is a picture of Heaven’s Gate! Jesus and God is overshadowing him. Peter, James, and John witnessed something similar. You can even see the spirit that is being asked if they want to enter(at the bottom of the pic).

  49. Erica Says:

    Hmm, looks like St. Francis of Assisi to me. But then, usually when I see St Francis, he’s holding a birdbath or feeder in his outstretched, concrete hands, in someones garden….just sayin’.

  50. doomed Says:

    ancient photography method, probably a photo of jesus for a pamphlet or some shit.

  51. dawn Says:

    that looks like god :3

  52. Skeptical believer Says:

    Definitely a cropped version of the Jesus on the clouds photo.

  53. Nicole Says:

    this is freaky because my mom has this exact same picture she keeps in a gold frame on her bedside table she has had for as long as i can remember she said she got it from her grandma who died about seven or eight years ago she lived in alabama just thought i would tell you that.

  54. Kimmie Weiss Says:

    everyone from Marilyn Manson to Joe Schmoe has claimed that his mom or grandmother took this picture. The biggest going story is that it was taken from an airplane window. Interestingly enough, on one site I saw two slightly different pics claiming to be taken by different people on the same plane. The cloud figure is at different angles. Anyways, it seems this pic is what caused Manson to turn into a satanist.

  55. maggie Says:

    Its Jesus!!! 🙂 :0

  56. brandi Says:

    several people have taken similar pictures. my family also has a photo very similar, same apparition image taken in the early 50’s in oklahoma during a tornado.

  57. brandi Says:

    I also have the original negative taken of a picture that is very similar to this.

  58. John Daigon Julius Says:

    I’ve just seen it. Did not the Bible said that Jesus will return in the same way He went? With all the unsolved pictures emerging. It is He.

  59. andrew james laws Says:

    JESUS Without a doubt.He was showing you not to worry.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    I just saw Jesus!!! lol X D

  61. Erkki Says:

    Beside the cloud and proposed ‘ghost’, or ‘spirit’,what did the photographer take a picture of??? It seems totally black further.

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  63. Anonymous Says:

    wow ido belive in god

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  65. Shaggy Says:

    Jeeeeesues, plastic Jeeeesus riding on the dashboard of my car.

  66. toni Says:

    I couldn’t believe it, I was given this same photo years ago by a family member. Its old but its. a real photo. How can that be the one in the same.

  67. Lenny Says:

    I have a picture showing a very similar figure. I took it, in 1972 at 9 years old, at Rose Hills cemetary, of the Pagaent of Roses garden at my grandmothers request, she digs roses, at a family funeral in Southern california. I was shocked to find other photos taken with a similar image. There is no double exposure, no photo shop in 1972, no other pictures taken from that roll of anything that resembles the figure. Not a cloud formation. A cloud formation, really?

    • Jimmy Says:

      All this is very interesting. I just saw this pic for the first time and similar story being taken at a funeral in 1972 or close to that time. He is coming back, i just hope we didnt get left behind!

  68. jeannie Says:


  69. Don D Says:

    I too have a copy of this photo, that was given to my grandmother sometime in 1973 by a family friend who owned a Photomat store. He claimed this was a copy and he held the negatives (obiously not true, because it seems about 20 people have the EXACT photo I’m holding in my hand right now.) Mine is printed on actual Kodak photo paper. This must have been a pre-internet example of a viral photo!

  70. kyle Says:

    Ya know, I could be wrong but it looks eerily similar to what jesus looks like, you said the beard, you can see hes got a robe on.

  71. justin Says:

    this picture is real i have the negitive to the photo anyone want to see it just email me my name is justin ogorsell

  72. MeganCarrie Says:

    I have a similar photo that was also taken in 1973. It was right before a cloud burst, which flooded a little town where I live. My grandfathers friend took the picture of the cloud which was a solid black cloud, but once the film was developed an image had appeared. However, mine is different from the above photo, there is less black around the left side of the image and the robe is more defined at the hand to the left. I would like to know more about the originals, such as location and possible names of photographers.

  73. Greg Rothlander Says:

    We also have a similar picture, but with more detail. Ours was taken from the ground, not from an airplane. The detail is amazing. We had it enlarged, reversed imaged, etc. We could see toes, hands, even the knot that was tied in the best, he had a beard, and has muscular. It was an image my grandmother took, she was an artist, and had stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of interesting clouds, as she often did so to include them in her paintings. She didn’t notice it image for years, until she was studying it to paint it.

    I took it to school (Cy-Fair High School, Cypress, Texas) around 1988 and me friend made dozens of copies in photography class. He gave away some and the original and copies were stolen out of my locker. I go online every few years to see if someone ever publishes one of them. The picture here is similar, but not exactly the same.

    Back when I had it, two people said they had similar pictures in their family.

  74. Greg Rothlander Says:

    You can reach me at… in case someone ever finds another one of these.

  75. kj Says:

    I have posted a picture similar to this…long story that goes with it..if I did not have that experience and have the pic in my hand I wouldn’t believe it either

  76. jrothlanderGreg Says:

    @ the scoffers:

    The scoffers are offering up claims that they can know it is fake, but they fail to backup or provide any evidence. While those making the claim have submitted their stories and pictures claiming they are legitimate. So come on scoffers, certainly if you are intelligent enough to reject this, you can offer up some evidence, right? So present your evidence or shut up and go away.

    The problem people have with debunking these pictures, as that we are talking about dozens of these across the country and they are nearly identical, similar in timeframe, and similar stories. Pictures ranging from the 60’s through the 80’s. So how do you create a hoax like this?

    They would have had to get a group of people across the country to all agree to this. Then they have to create the same basic picture with dozens of variants. Then they’d have to pass through around the country through the Post Office or individually, as there is no other option at this time. Then they have to get grandparents, aunts, mothers, etc. to all lie about it, all of them or it will not work. They have to lie because everyone claims they took the picture and many still have the negative. Most accounts here are second person, meaning the person that submitted the picture or story personally talked to the person that took it. My grandmother gave me the picture and said she took it and told me the date and showed me the camera, as she still had it. I think we still have it today. I know for mine, we had the pictures before and after and the image only shows up in the one frame. Others he have mentioned similar points. Then a generation has to pass away so that the true story will be lost and only the false stories remain. It would be a great hoax. But the problem you have here is that we still have the pictures, and many still have the negatives. The other issue is that surely one of the grandmothers, aunts, or mothers would have admitted to the lie at some point. Where are those stories? Did someone convene a council and suppress those stories? Maybe every person involved just imagined this odd cloud formation looked like an angel and it was some nationwide phenomenon where everyone had the same dream or thought up the same lie at the same time. Yeah, explain how that could happen… in the 60’s and 70’s. Even today it would be hard to do, but not impossible. Back then, it would be nearly impossible. I cannot think of a way they could have pulled this off. Not with the negatives still being available.

    The problem is that if people did create this image and mail it around and share it back in the 60’s, there would only be one image, but we have dozens and all are unique. No two are the same. It would have been created about the same time, these cover a span of at least 20+ years.

    If it is fake, it should be easy to debunk. So give us your evidence and debunk it. It shouldn’t be hard to do. If it was faked at this level, certainly someone knows the true story and can explain it to us.

  77. jrothlanderGreg Says:

    One additional point. Please find another example of something like this. Go find two different cloud formations with the same image. If this is just an oddity like you claim, certainly you can easily recreate the hoax, right? If this was a picture of a secret jet airplane, having these dozens of images would be proof-positive that it existed, right? So surely this is going to be easy to debunk. I am open minded to this being fake and I am anxious to hear your evidence for it being so.

  78. Anonymous Says:

    the ORIGINAL photo was owned by letti florres, was taken at the airport in port clinton / gypsum, ohio back in the early 1970s. i 1st seen this picture when i was in 3rd or 4th grade and yes it was from her grand-mothers and was taken with a polaroid camera. it is NOT a fake………………..believe it or not.

  79. Anthony Says:

    I have this photo in my hand right now.. so weird.. i was looking up unexplained jesus photos to see if anything was like this photo in my hand and there it was.. maybe its a print or something someone could have purchased..

    • Anonymous Says:

      My family also had a picture of this when I was a kid in the 70’s. I used to show it to everyone, freaked us out. I have no idea what happened to it but I could swear my poloroid copy had a date stamp on the side. Weird that so many people have this same exact photo. no idea where it came from.

  80. Dyan Boylen Says:

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  82. dyan Says:

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  83. dyan Says:

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  86. Colleen Says:

    I just obtained a copy of this photo.
    From an antique shop in Volo Illinois.
    Absolutely thrilled!

  87. Anonymous Says:

    When I was young, I saw a white robe in the sky. I was at church. This scared me

  88. Anonymous Says:

    it is real in all sence

  89. kurienjose Says:

    it is jesus in my experience and in my real life.please don’t get misguided
    kurien jose

  90. A person Says:

    I took this picture on October 1 2016 when I was in y living room trying put my phone and I pointed it in the sky zoomed in and took the picture it is on facebook too .All you did was take the photo from my account and put it on here or you got it shared to u and you used it.

  91. Linda Hartranft Says:

    I was a young Christian in my early 20s when I was shown this photograph. I was told that our neighbor back in my hometown in Western Pennsylvania had taken the photo while riding in a plane. I was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ at the time, and I took it to one of the women on staff who had been discipling me. Her response was born of a knowledge of God’s Word, and wisdom. She said, “The Bible says Jesus sat down at the right hand of His Father, and aside from when he stood at the stoning of Stephen in the Book of Acts, to welcome Him into heaven, it doesn’t say that He got up again. “ he response taught me to run everything by God’s Word, and in all the years since (I’m almost 68 now), I’ve tried to do just that.

    • Jon Rothlander Says:

      You get that sitting at the right hand of God doesn’t mean he is stuck there in a chair forever, right? It means that God has placed him in a position of power, authority, and honor. If he is stuck sitting there, how is it that he appeared to Paul? Also, the saints will sit at Jesus’ right hand as well. But I suspect there will be more to do than just sit. Just read any commentary you trust in and it will point you in the right direction. This well understood and the orthodox position.

      By the way, God is not a human but we used human terms to describe him. But we don’t think for example that Jesus has a sword coming out of his mouth, but it is a description that describes the authority of his word.

  92. No name Says:

    I have a different version. My mom worked at the Fotomat booth where the roll of film was developed. In the 70’s in Reseda, CA1. The man who took the photo was on a plane, looked out the window and saw the vision. He took a photo through the window, that is why it is so dark and a little reflection. He had the reprints done at the Fotomat booth where he showed my Mom the print. He made my mom a copy, I still have this photo. Weird to see it out on the internet

  93. Debra Medina Says:

    I also have a similar photo of Jesus in the clouds taken by a priest In the late 70s earlier 80s he was traveling and took the picture outside the window of an airplane.

  94. Roger R. Says:

    I was watching a paranormal video on YouTube when it brought up a memory of my grandmother having this picture and it was in a wooden frame! I thought she or someone in the family took it! This was probably in the 70’s also and never asked about it. When she passed away my dad placed it in her casket. Wow, how weird to find out that picture was elsewhere!

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