Ghost soldiers

“I am locations organiser/member of NPG-Northampton paranormal group( you might find this photo of interest.It was taken last year. JUNE 14 2008 AT NASEBY BATTLEFIELD-We went there on the anniversary of the battle-rumour has it that on the annivesary if conditions are right you can hear or even see the battle being replayed.
Our group were there for about 5 hours,caught the odd orb,it wasnt until couple of days later that suzanne(npg member) was looking at her photos on the computer,that she saw this remarkable image. the naseby ghost soldier.Look at the photo very carefully and in the purple mist in the centre of the photo you can make out 2 ghost horses.The image made the papers and reached international media via the web.still all over the net. would like your view on it.”


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32 Responses to “Ghost soldiers”

  1. Thomas Says:


  2. Daniel Says:

    This picture is a blurred mess. The supposed ‘apparitions’ have very low contrast and are clearly a neat demonstration of the brain spotting patterns in collections of shapes.

    The most interesting fact is the blue coloration of the ‘apparitions’. Neither photographic film nor the sensors in digital cameras are very sensitive to the blue part of the spectrum, so it seems highly unlikely that it was not visible to the naked eye as well. I’d be tempted to say, because of this and the timescale, it’s been photoshopped.

  3. johnny Says:

    tottaly fake

  4. Dave Says:

    The shape looks to me like the breath of someone stood camera left with their mouth just out of shot top left. The amount of noise in the picture indicates that a high level of gain was used which would account for the colour of the ‘apparition’. The same blue colour is evident in the noise located elsewhere on the picture particularly on the path in the midground where it has picked up the outer edges of the light area created by the flash.

  5. Belinda Says:

    Agree with Daniel

  6. Cassiana Says:

    todos seu vídeos são demais.
    O único problema é que gostaria de conseguir ler todos os comentários relacionados as fotos,mas infelizmente não consigo ler inglês,porque sou brasileira do rio de Janeiro.

  7. Heloysa Says:

    ñ vi nenhum fantasma

  8. talisman Says:

    People can read anything they like into images – the imagination can direct wonderful productions

  9. Craig Says:

    What the hell?! I dont even see a ghost. The quality is so poor you must have printed it, taken a photo of it, with a toilet camara phone, printed it, scanned it, taken another photo with a camara phone, taken a dump on it, scanned it in again and then posted it on the website.


  10. SoMeTiMeZ PsYcHoTiK Says:

    As a photographer in both film and digital, it appears to me that, assuming this is an unmanipulated image, what we are seeing here is almost definitely a case where the auto white balance used the only color it could find–the yellow-green grass–and compensated for what it thought was an overly yellow-green image by adding blue and magenta.

    The “purple” mist is actually white, and as mentioned above, either someone’s breath or just fog.

  11. Mike Says:

    My American friend informed me this website, and now I am so curious about this picture.

  12. monkey boy Says:

    very low fidelity/dynamic range. could be anything there, mate. picture looks mushy as hell. i suggest you get a better camera the one you are using is total crap.

  13. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Any group of “ghost hunters” is going to sit around and take images until they get an abnormality that matches their expectations. They all do this.

    It’s a light anomaly. Nothing here to be excited about.

  14. Laurie McLellan Says:

    …Man do we reach when we “perceive” an anomaly or in this instance nothing of interest.

  15. Fantafob Says:

    I hate all these stupid ‘we took photos of orbs’ researchers comments. If you take any photo at night with a flash you’ll get loads of these ‘orbs’, from dust, or bugs or litter. If ghost studiers want to be taken seriously they need people who don’t think everything they dont understand is proof of a ghost.

  16. pineapple Says:

    looks like he is holding a giant blueberry on a stick

  17. gothman Says:

    Actually I know the lady who owns the original picture; I’ve seen it. It is larger, clearer, far more definition and you can see countless faces / orbs / anomolies in it. I’m not saying that doesn’t mame it fake but I am saying the one posted here is a very bad example.

  18. Deb Foulkes Says:

    I have seen many such photographs in my own collection. And they were take using 35mm cameras, digital as well as VHS. I also have one taken at Tantallon with a being that resembles the one taken 30 years ago. Fascinating how Spirit gets their message across…from the ‘Otherside’ as the ancient Celts called Heaven.

  19. lol Says:

    They are gonna kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 not…

  20. Spook Scientist Says:

    Do you have a better quality picture? This just looks like a trick of the light.

  21. Brian Britten Says:

    My wife and I (retired) frequently visit Prince Rupert`s viewpoint near to Naseby. We park our car for a daytime lunch break. It is a lonely spot and on at least three occasions we have heard the sound of music. Last week (12/09) we both experienced a rumbling sound that could not be explained. I dozed off, but my wife told me that the sound had eventually reached to the bodywork of our vehicle. Nothing mechanical in sight for miles around the flat plain, and our digestive systems are not a valid explanation, before anyone suggests otherwise. I would like to organise a `watch` subject to the approval of the landowner. Nearby are slaughter and burial areas so it is not for the squeamish!

  22. Star**** Says:

    If this is untouched then I would have to say that yes it is a ghostly image. In the right corner you can make out a manly image running with something shaped to be a gun or some sort of stick weapon. In the middle of the stick appears to be an orb of some sort.

    And from my knowledge I would have to say you used a pretty cheap camera. The grass shows a flash of light that does not look ghostly looking. And this obviously was taken during the night.

    The picture is very blurry, so it is a little hard to make out what the rest is. I must say, all the colours do embellish the photograph, making it look very beautiful

  23. maggie Says:

    If u didn’t notice there also.seems. to be a solider in a blue uniform on the right

  24. Brian Britten Says:

    I have been in hospital since last September so |I have lost touch with Naseby – other than a pleasant lunch break at Rupert`s view last week. Did I not contact you with our experiences at this viewpoint last year? which happened on two occasions. I dozed for a while and was vaguely aware of distant music. I woke to check the source but nothing could be determined. On another occasion my wife heard what sounded like horses approaching the car to the point that our car was buffeted by their flanks!

  25. Person Says:

    blurred mess, fog!

  26. Nucular Says:

    I actually met the lady who claims to have taken this picture (about a year ago when her large ghost group unexpectedly descended on my lonely midnight vigil with a fellow weirdo in a ruined churchyard and scared the hell out of us!).

    She and her gang seemed very nice, but I do note something interesting, which is that, chatting to her about her successes, she clearly told me that she remembered taking this photo because she had had a “funny feeling” and had suddenly turned and snapped a shot. Subsequently reading up on the photo, all online and published accounts have it simply being noticed among a large quantity some time later.

    Doesn’t mean it’s a fake (surely a fake would produce more convincing results than this camera glitch?), or even not a ghost (although I see no reason to think it is), but I do find it interesting how stories change over time. Useful to bear in mind when reading the other accounts on this site and others about the circumstances in which ghost pictures were taken. Had this photo not gained some level of minor celebrity, and therefore had a version of its provenance recorded in print prior to my encounter with the photographer, I would never have known that the account I heard was not exactly what had occurred.

    Incidentally, I also noted that that particular group’s MO was to loudly and excitedly tramp over the site taking endless random photos in all directions for about an hour (the place was lit up like it was day with the constant flashes), taking time to notice any ‘orbs’ or similar (much more consistent with the original story than the version told to me). There were interesting ideas about what differently coloured orbs ‘meant’, and lots of pictures of people’s breath as it was very cold!

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  28. Shaggy Says:

    I could take a big dump on this photo but my comment may be subjected to a delete due to it’s Authenticity. An authentic photo with no actual poof of the paranormal.

  29. Anonymous Says:


  30. Davey Says:

    Ok, so I’d so one of 3 things has happened here. 1. You took a pic with the worlds worst camera and it hasn’t been edited. 2. You took a pic with a good camera and it has been edited or 3. your insane.
    If it’s 1. you should read up on pareidolia. If. it’s 2. your a looser and if it’s 3, great pic I believe you.
    Ps. it’s No: 2

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