Checkpoint Charlie Ghost

“”Thanks for your interest about my photo.i took it in Berlin, Germany at Christmas of 2004.The place was the Check Point Charlie ,the only road point between west and east berlin.

In memory of this fact they have a similar point and they are 3 soldiers –as it was in the past- an American ,a French and an English and you can take a picture, so my wife asked me to took her a picture. when I took the picture I didn’t see anything unusual but when I saw later the photos I was surprised from the appereance of this man.i also surprised because my monitor on the camera is lcd and if you try to see the photos in a different angle you cant see anything-it happens to all cameras-but in this photo you can see the face of this man in every angle.”


107 Responses to “Checkpoint Charlie Ghost”

  1. insanecarbonbasedlifeform Says:

    Are there in fact digital cameras that still do the red light time stamp as some 35mm cameras used to? It seems redundant to the Date/Time stamp on the file saved by the camera.

  2. insanecarbonbasedlifeform Says:

    As a follow-up, it appears that the man could be a large portrait on the back interior wall of the checkpoint – there’s a solid black square around him. Can anyone recognize him as some sort of political figure of note?

  3. doctoratlantis Says:

    Hey – guess what? It IS a large portrait inside.

    I found a similar shot from another photographer and it shows this is in fact a photo in the window getting a weird illumination from the camera flash.

  4. doctoratlantis Says:

    Correction – it may be a painting. EVEN better photo showing it.

  5. insanecarbonbasedlifeform Says:

    Here’s a daytime photo with the painting and a group:

  6. Reluctant Mermaid Says:

    It’s a portrait of Rainer Hildebrandt who was the man that founded the Checkpoint Charlie museum – and also helped many East Germans across the wall.
    It is a large photograph of him, kept inside the “guards’ box” as a tribute to him.

  7. doctoratlantis Says:

    That’s right RM. I got same confirmed from the museum this morning.
    Thank you for your email from April 28, 2009.

    Yes, the painting in the guard house shows Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt, the founder of the Mauermuseum – Museum am Checkpoint Charlie.

    With kind regards
    Mauermuseum – Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie
    Alexandra Hildebrandt
    Chairwoman of the Board

  8. Ian Says:

    ghosts are pale with no color

  9. annie Says:

    its a pic of steve martin isnt it

  10. monkey boy Says:

    ian how the hell do you know what a ghost looks like? you watched ghostbusters?


    photoshopped. and its some famous dude, i kinda recognize him

  11. Steve Oswald Says:

    You can see it is a Picture on the back wall, no way is this paranormal, sorry!

  12. jjupiler Says:

    he looks like legend johnny cash

  13. pineapple Says:

    lol floatin’ head

  14. monkey boy Says:

    ian what if you were burned alive? think out side the box, mate. he looks like the album cover of a 1970s singer

  15. lizzie Says:

    im sure its a picture behind it

  16. tgfs Says:

    we say ther is a picture because of the rarity of somthing like that.

  17. Marcus Says:

    Sir, stop mistake the people! There is no spirits!

  18. Kitty Says:

    The reason you can see his face from all angles on your LCD screen is because it is so much brighter than the rest of the faces.

  19. anonymous2 Says:

    That’s just plain weird .

  20. Anonymous Says:

    that is a poster of Malcom Mcdowell off Heroes tv series

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Thats Malcom Mc.Dowell off the TV Series Heroes!

  22. Jorge Says:

    His Cid Moreira, from Brazil.

  23. GOROTH Says:


  24. Angela Says:

    He looks an awful lot like the actor Terence Stamp:

    That’s who I initially thought it was!!

  25. Spook Scientist Says:

    It’s a picture.

  26. Dean Batch Says:

    You guys should really read the entire response list before making posts lol.

    It has been DEBUNKED. It’s a huge portrait of the guy who founded the place.

  27. alexandra Says:

    Thats no ghost……… Thats John McCain!

  28. LMC Says:

    lol John McCain… it looks like a photo behind them… no ghost! smile John!

  29. Si Says:

    “also surprised because my monitor on the camera is lcd and if you try to see the photos in a different angle you cant see anything-it happens to all cameras-but in this photo you can see the face of this man in every angle”

    That won’t surprise anyone familiar with LCD displays

  30. ross owen Says:

    some people have no clue how to read. As Dean has already said… its not a ghost, its not Terence Stamp, Steve Martin or Malcolm McDowell. Its not a photoshop either. Its a painting of the man who discovered the building. Simples!

  31. Diego Raphael Says:

    Esse ai e o Cid Moreira .
    Ele tinha q esta Narrando.

  32. Lilanime Says:

    HAAAAAAA! That’s just a stupid picture. Just like to trick people, huh?

  33. gilzin Says:

    this ghost is the face of the famous Brazilian journalist cid moreira

  34. Anonymous Says:


  35. clara jayne Says:

    well this hasn’t been photoshopped at all, That’s because it’s definitely a poster

  36. clara jayne Says:

    even has a square shape to the background, It’s a poster on the window, 100% i assure you

  37. europeanchick Says:

    Geesh. This picture shouldn’t even be posted here. Obviously a painting. That’s the first thing I thought. I believe in the paranormal but this picture is just utter waste of time.

  38. SBM Says:

    I tend to doubt the veracity of the backstory itself; as the man retelling it (as the original photographer and participant) does not even realize that these soldiers are French, Soviet, and American. I’m not aware of a time when the British military issued Red Star pips.
    As for the elderly gent in the office- well THAT’S CHARLIE!
    (I’m actually inclined to go with the political portrait theory- possibly East German big-wig… color, lighting, facial definition- much too refined)

  39. Danilo Says:


  40. tomaz turbano Says:

    did you know “Cid Moreira”?

    search him.

  41. James Says:

    Are you kidding me? It’s a God-damn painting.

  42. maggie Says:

    Looks like a poster

  43. Person Says:

    Definately a framed picture on the wall. A real spirit would not have shown up more clearly than the actual live people in the room!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Badly photoshopped Tom Jones

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Its obviously a picture of Ernest Borgnine *LOL*

  46. Cashcleaner Says:

    So we’re just pretty much calling anything a ghost now, eh?

    It’s a portrait. And fairly obvious if you ask anyone.

  47. Cesar Says:

    Benjamin Parker ? :-p

  48. ciarra Says:

    scary!!! i think your pic is ??????

  49. jasa penerjemah Says:

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  50. jessiiii Says:

    photo shopped

  51. Yasmine Says:

    anyone notice he looks suspiciously like Alex Trebeck, the guy that hosts Jepordy?

  52. Y8 Says:

    It’s very scary.. there are lot’s of things in this world that we can’t explain but if we believe in god all this things don’t matter anymore…

  53. tiare Says:

    it is tollay very and tollay spooky fuck that

  54. kalo Says:

    u knw what it da meanest thing i havent seen in my whole life and ghostest is a toally cool thing

  55. mana Says:

    fuck that bitches

  56. Jinglechute Man Says:

    It’s obviously a painting in the background. People, quit being idiots.

  57. Deb/Boston Says:

    That looks like a poster.

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  62. akil Says:


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  64. bean77 Says:

    it is obviously a painting. dont even know why its on this site. what a waste of time

  65. Jennifer Says:

    who ever did this is dome not trying 2 be mean but it looks fake super (3X) FAKE

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  68. Anthony Says:

    It’s a portrait of Rainer Hildebrandt. Good grief, people need to get a grip !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. kittynh Says: my ghost photograph… I dunno, but whatever it is it isn’t a ghost (though my neighbors were totally freaked out by the photograph)

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Spooky pictures, looks great!!

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  74. Sam Fuller Says:

    is that the ghost of leslie neilsen?!

  75. Anonymous Says:

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