Twin Towers Ghost

“At about 2 inches from the left side of the picture, you’ll notice two twin buildings, you see the contour or silhouette  only, very lightly. Ok. The pictures were taken around mid september 2008.  The contour of the towers are in the same place where the real towers used to be.”



162 Responses to “Twin Towers Ghost”

  1. insanecarbonbasedlifeform Says:

    How was the date that this picture taken verified?

  2. Tim Farley Says:

    Whoever wrote “in the same place where the real towers used to be” is not familiar with the geography New York City at all. I will walk you through my logic. First, judging from the numerous docks and the size of the river, this picture was clearly taken from New Jersey looking across the Hudson River.

    Now, based on the number of buildings to the right of the alleged “ghost”, this is clearly far uptown. In fact, you can see the familiar pointed spire of the Empire State Building far south (right) of the ghost in the upper version of the photo. Since that building is at 34th street, this is more evidence that this alleged ghost is well uptown, probably in the 50s. The twin towers were far downtown, near the tip of Manhattan Island.

    Based on these clues, and a little experimentation in a 3D geography viewer program such as Google Earth, one can determine that the gap between the “ghosts” is a view directly down 59th street at the “back” of the Time Warner Center, which interrupts 59th at Columbus Circle. That building does in fact have twin towers with glass facades and square tops.

    Quoting the Wikipedia article on Time Warner Center:

    “The Time Warner Center was the first major building to be completed in Manhattan after the September 11, 2001 attacks, although it was already under construction in 2001. While some New Yorkers noted the uncanny resemblance of the Time Warner Center to the fallen Twin Towers, the building’s developer disclaimed to the press any intentional similarity.”

  3. Daniel Says:

    This is indeed looking from Jersey across the Hudson. I live in the area.
    The two towers are, in fact, the Time Warner Center as Mr. Farley has pointed out. No ghostly towers, just a very confused photographer.

  4. Tracy King Says:

    Also, I recall the Twin Towers being considerably taller than those two. Very good debunk there, Tim-aka-krelnik.

  5. danielbradberry Says:

    The second picture is clearly not an enlargement of the first, which has very, very low resolution. Indeed the crisp nature of the lines in the latter are somewhat out of keel with the rest of the image. I think it’s been photoshopped.

    • Jim Says:

      danielbradbury – is it just possible that the first photo here isn’t shown at full resolution, but that there exists somewhere a higher resolution version from which the 2nd was taken?

      Plus the fact this has already been convincingly explained, so your photoshop theory is redundant.

  6. Adele (Amethyst09) Says:

    I don’t think I’d believe something like this unless I’d taken the picture myself and then questioned myself and then questioned the camera and then probably only half believe it…sorry this isn’t very helpful is it?

  7. Allan Cavanagh Says:

    Here’s a similar view on Google Earth.
    There’s no such thing as ghosts, buildings or otherwise.

  8. monkey boy Says:


  9. Drew Says:

    Yes. I assure you all, this is the west façade of the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan, a building in which I actually work. The pic is taken from Jersey across the Hudson River, and the Time Warner Center is halfway up Manhattan, several miles north of Ground Zero.

  10. lacey Says:

    I think those photos on that website were phony with those pictures of demons in the fire and faces in the smoke itt kinda looked fake it scared me at first i know there might be a such thing as ghost or not who knows!!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

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  12. george Says:

    look, i don’t mean to burst anyones bubble but the two towers in these pics aren’t as tall as the WTCs. sorry mate.

  13. robyn Says:

    Oh my god. That is chillingly spooky. I felt sick after looking at it. Or maybe because I’d been looking at so many spooky images at once.

  14. jason Says:

    i cant see the ghost are you talking about the building where they were before

  15. Annie Says:

    i dont seee anything…

  16. von Says:

    please leave the photoshop alone and have a bit of respect.

  17. anonymous2 Says:

    I don’t see anything

  18. kacey Says:

    if its not true its very disrespectful

  19. daisys chasin me Says:

    Gawd how silly someone just needs to do some geog on Downtown donta ya think nothing spooky here to incorrect

  20. Spook Scientist Says:

    Taken when they were still standing. I can tell because of the quality.

  21. Johnathon Johnny Says:


    I will just reiterate the points made many times earlier– this is not a photoshop hoax, this is not the real deal, and this is not a picture actually taken of the World Trade Center before September 11th, 2001. It is a picture of the Time Warner Building…

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Really… Cause the world is full of stories about “ghosts of towers”. DUDE! Not to mention this is really really fake, since the towers are standing at the wrong position, too far apart, not to mention other absurd mistakes, ghosts are suppose to be manifestations of LIVING THINGS…

    How could a building ever have a ghost? Ever seen the ghost of a brick? The ghost of a baseball bat? Yep, me neither…

    There are stories of ghosts tied to objects related to them when they were alive, but never objects tied to people…

    My advice? Burn your freaking room, and check if the room comes back to haunt you…

  23. Arvin Says:

    its probaly the ppl who died

  24. John Says:

    When I die I want to look like a tree.

  25. Tezza Green Says:

    hiyasss, just to say this photo was most likely taken before the twin towers fell down.

  26. gmpoint Says:

    is that photo after the fall of the two towers?
    how can it be?

  27. Dean Batch Says:


    The photo is of the TIME WARNER CENTER… NOT The Twin Towers.

    Photographer was either trying to be funny, or majorly confused.

  28. kirgy Says:

    i just wanna say hooky pooky looky looky

  29. aymen Says:

    Interesting,i know thats a photoshop thing,
    isn’t it?

  30. Si Says:

    Unbelievable. Take a photo of two buildings and claim they are a “ghost” of the twin towers when they are cleary two DIFFERENT buildings. I’ve never been to New York but it was immediately obvious these buildings are nowhere near where the twin towers were.

  31. brianda Says:

    this is really creapy…

  32. felix perz Says:

    all those people bitches a ass they don’t care

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  34. anthony Says:

    it is fake

  35. Zena Says:

    It’s really too bad when people submit photos they know are fake or misrepresented.

  36. Ghost Post Says:

    Boooooooo! Boooooooo!

    I am a ghost post!

    I am the ghost of the post made on April 28th at 4:04 pm.

    You can’t make me out very clearly because I am all ectoplasmy right now, but if you scroll up and read the post by Tim Farley (about 34 posts up), you will see what I was like when I was a real post.

    I AM trying to get a message to you but it is very difficult for me because some of you are exhilaratingly stupid and thicker than a road tar latté, but still, I must try. Please, READ the earlier post first, and THEN offer a suggestion as to what this photo might represent vis-à-vis ghosties and phantoms and your own awareness of the bright, burning glare of eerie realm of the internet.

    O.K. That’s all. Carry on folks; nothing to see here.

    P.S. Boo! again.

  37. anonymous Says:

    its photoshop and its so not cool to do that. especially where 9/11 is concerned.

  38. Anonymous Says:

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  39. Apirl Says:

    that is so cool i love ghost

  40. shit sucker Says:

    wow thats cool!

  41. kshsh Says:


  42. Tinky Says:

    haha… yeah. fake

  43. melany Says:

    wow real ghost!?!?!?!


    I think I was about 3 or 4 when I figured out how to read and comprehend what I was reading, TODAYS LESSON CHILDREN IS TO READ THE STORY BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR REPORT, wow with such wonderfully educated children I wonder what could be wrong with the world today MASS IGNORANCE=CHAOS

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s not a real photo of the towers people the real towers are taller and one of them would have a large radio antenna on stick out from the top I’m only 15 and know the difference of the real towers and the warner center I’ve seen pics of the real twin towers some one explain why their is no radio.mast. the towers had them on top and also had lightning rods at the top

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  46. yeah just me Says:

    yeah not fake or photoshopped. just the time warner center… silly

  47. Philip from Camera Lens Says:

    Well some of those strange photos could be genuine. I have heard about images of people appearing in photos that weren’t there at the time. I think there’s more to life than just the physical things we see, but I think buildings might be going just a bit too far and a rational explanation about that photo has been posted several times. I like to keep an open mind about the rest though.

  48. Netflix Says:

    It’s likely to be the photo before the twin tower had fallen.

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  59. Andrew Says:

    Very interesting post but I think this is just a little mistake on the photography.Maybe on the developing of the pictures, but still I believe on what you believe in, ghosts.

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  64. Gerda Says:

    Dont know what to believe here. Ghost towers? can a building show up as a ghost? Dont know. It looks like a picture taken from a large distance, and its not a great quality one. Sorry but thats what I see. And it might as well be a photoshoped one. If it is real then accept my apology.

  65. zare Says:

    wow were did u get those photos???? i am i guess a fan of the ghost hunters…..

  66. matt Says:

    Are people really not reading any of these comments before leaving their own? 1. People who say it’s disrespectful: It’s not, because it’s not even the World Trade Center, it’s the fucking Time Warner Center. 2. People who think it’s sooooooo creepy: IT’S THE TIME WARNER CENTER. 3. People who try to sound smart and “debunk” the photo by saying it was taken before the towers fell: YOU’RE JUST AS STUPID AS EVERYONE ELSE, BECAUSE IT’S THE FUCKING TIME WARNER CENTER! Those two buildings are NOWHERE near where the Twin Towers stood. Also, look at a photo of the pre-9/11 skyline of New York City- The towers were by FAR the tallest buildings in the city, and they stuck out, as opposed to this picture, where they aren’t even taller than the Empire State Building (The Twin Towers made the Empire State Building look almost tiny). Not to mention the simple fact that all you have to do is look up a picture of the Time Warner Center. God, you people are total idiots. Skeptics and believers, all fucking morons.

  67. Diego Raphael Says:


  68. WTC101 Says:

    Yes, the World Trade Center was taller and the North Tower has no antena.

  69. amie Romero Says:

    that is the most fakest thing i have ever saw …… but nice try though!!!!!!!

  70. monkey Says:

    wow that is pretttttttttyyyyyyyyyy……………………. FAKE

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  73. HM Says:

    Total bollox

  74. Anonymous Says:

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  77. clara jayne Says:

    Yeah i agree it’s the time warner centre

  78. ww Says:

    the light of sun casuing the effect

  79. AllenL Says:

    Are you guys morons? This is the total opposite end of where the Twin Towers used to be! Plus they ARE the Warner buildings!
    Google image search Time Warner buildings, it’s not rocket science.

    Whoever took this photo knows this is not an image of the ghost of the twin towers. They know it was nowhere near where the twin towers stood!

    Plus the Twin Towers were at least twice the size. Also, you can see the Empire State is taller than these two ‘ghost buildings’. If you look at past photos of the Twin Towers with the Empire State in the same photo, you will notice the Twin Towers were so much taller than the Empire State.

    Get a grip!

  80. Benny Ruo Says:

    I don’t think there will be building ghosts that for twin towers, if at all there might be a a ghost of some building contractor

  81. Carencruz Says:

    Nice thriller. But it looks like human. Caren

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    Can there even be a “ghost” of a building? ._.

  85. Shany Says:

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    No am not believing.

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    @Speed Reading Software, they are in the wrong spot because they are ghosts don’t you get it? Definitely the twin towers they look just like them.

  102. Jason Phimosis Says:

    the second picture does not look very real…I don’t know… could it be photoshop?

  103. Implantsbreast Says:

    It should be some kind of re-touch or something. Need more proof!

  104. Says:

    its just a light Effect not a Ghost

  105. Craig Says:

    Read the second post. You can save so much time and effort scrolling down to this!

    Although…. they could be giant ghosts wearing massive cardboard boxes over their heads….

    I love this website

  106. Autodetailing Says:

    I can’t believe. Is it real?

  107. Gonzales Says:

    That’s crazy. Even though the first comment says that we are looking in the wrong spot, it still is crazy to have a picture that you can say that about. They really do look like ghost towers.

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  117. Anonymous Says:

    forgive me im from ireland so dont no much about the twin towers but is the picture fake or real

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  122. Anonymous Says: this anither proof from this website btw i do not own this website..

  123. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, these two buildings are of the Time Warner Center, and nowhere near ground zero. The Empire State Building is on the right, showing that these twin towers are on the opposite side of the city.

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    Sounds great! The building can also disguise as a ghost. Cool

  130. Ibby Says:

    Think about it……
    you dont get buildings appaering as ghosts, to be a ghost you have to have a “soul” and a mind
    Buildings do not have either of these

  131. Shaggy Says:

    Ghost skyscrapers now? crickets chirping ………….

    cane comes from the side of stage.

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    Really?! I still am taken aback that this keeps happening these days. I am very happy I was sitting down for this. We need to know for the future. Lets keep an eye on the issue moving forward.

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