Face in the water

“i am sure u can see beside my daughters head a skull like object.. prolly just reflection but thought it would be interesting to share..”


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79 Responses to “Face in the water”

  1. Alex Pryce Says:

    That would have to be the skull of a giant. Its simply an example of the human mind finding shapes.

  2. Anon Says:

    Above your sons head I can see the exact same “scull” object.. Only the bottom half is not visible.. Can you see this? Can’t be sure it’s a ghostly object if there are 2 shapes exactly the same.. I think these are reflections of the trees or clouds in the water perhaps..

  3. Blueshorts Says:

    Copy the pic then scan in closer to the object..THAT is SCARY!

  4. Snark Says:

    You can quite clearly see it’s a combination of the reflection of the sky, branches and floating leaves!

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. anoushka Says:

    It’s human nature to see patterns and to try to make sense of random shapes etc. Just the trees and shadows.

  7. Kitsuné Says:

    Kinda looks like a grumpy old man with a moustache to me, looking grumpily at the kids. Like ‘get out off my lawn!’ XD

    Probably is just a reflection though… if it was a floating head and not something in the water, then I might be more inclined to believe it might actually be a grumpy man. ^^

  8. Anonymous Says:

    The scariest thing for me is that your children seem to have no facial features. Have these been removed via some cult (or occult?!) experiment or is this the afterlife at work??

  9. June Says:

    I am surprised that nobody else mentioned the white rabbit(s) at the right edge of the picture, the dead swan on the opposite bank, the ET-like alien peeking at the camera from behind the girl’s left shoulder, and the screaming face on the girl’s right shoulder that is drooling and vomiting a thin white substance.

    I also see numerous tiny bats and toads all around the children. And there is a doll’s head with red hair about where the girl’s (hidden) left elbow is.

    • Jennie. Says:

      and im utterly convinced your seeing things. – bar the swan. i see that. i think you should get ur eyes checke?

  10. v_presh Says:

    Very spooky, the human mind is an amazing thing!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like the skull has a nose. Most skulls have just holes.

  12. ratboy Says:

    are you cazy it is so so so fake

  13. Blueshorts Says:

    It is NOT fake it is REAL I can assure you! Whether made up from leaves/shadows. I am the Grandma!

  14. Sandra Says:

    It´s a pareidolia case

  15. Chuzzy Says:

    Loch-ness monster I say!

  16. Pat Says:

    What a load of nonsense – that’s not what ghosts look like, this sort of thing makes a nonsense out of the spirit world and quite frankly ridicules what should be a very serious subject for those who have the sensitivity and awareness to be able to see, sense and interact with these entities. This is not a laughing matter.

    • L2BTF Says:

      u need to calm down… this is a real picture and what was seen behind the girls head WAS scary enough to talk about..

    • JENNIFER Says:

      I agree with you. I see ghosts from time to time and this one looks mean. i don’t care if some of these ignorant people say. Be open minded… there are still alot of things out there yet to be explained.

    • ZeroCorpse Says:

      Pat and Jennifer- You’re both loonies. You don’t have the sensitivity and awareness to see, sense and interact with these “entities”– You have an inflated sense of self-importance, and perhaps a diagnosis of schizophrenia if you’re really hearing voices or seeing things and think it makes you special or “gifted” in some way.

      Your brain is damaged. That IS a serious subject. Seek help.

      It’s not ignorant to disprove the ridiculous. It IS ignorant to wander around thinking there are invisible dead entities, angels, and demons who are making occasional appearances in photos and to special, privileged people with some sort of “gift”.

      This is a reflection. Nothing more.

  17. Deep Says:

    When I first looked at this, I felt sure it must be a trick of the light, so I cut and pasted it into ‘photo editor’ and turned it upside down to have a better look. It is obvious when you do this that is is certainly not a trick of the light. However, turn it the right way up and enlarge it to 400% and tell me what you see then…. all is revealed!

  18. Alex Pryce Says:

    A duck. Brilliant.

  19. Richard Wiseman Says:

    My money is on a rock reflected in the water

  20. LookCloser Says:

    Enlarge it and take a better look. It clearly has pointed ears like a Doberman almost. It has evil looking yellowed eye balls and a snarl on it’s face. I believe it is a demon.

  21. Lowri Says:

    I think that is the worst “ghost” pic ive ever seen. To begin with it has definately been jenticaly manipulated, and then it could still be a trick of the mind. I would this pic a (00%)The worst ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • L2BTF Says:

      ahaha not the worst!! try taking a look at the tv ghost.. clearly a fake photo.. it looks like a picture frame of a old lady not a ghost.. and this photo is a trick of the mind.. its just the way the reflection hits right where the rocks are.. im sure the person just thought i would be interesting to share..

    • LookCloser Says:

      First of all, you should learn how to spell…Genetically….Not Jen….
      Second of all it wasn’t portrayed as a ghost…but a demon!

  22. craig Says:

    Anon Says:

    March 27, 2009 at 11:37 pm | Reply
    Above your sons head I can see the exact same “scull” object.. Only the bottom half is not visible.. Can you see this? Can’t be sure it’s a ghostly object if there are 2 shapes exactly the same.. I think these are reflections of the trees or clouds in the water perhaps..

    i see that 2

  23. James nyc Says:

    What is wrong with all these angry people saying it’s the worst ghost pic and its a mokery of the paranormal etc… THE WOMAN WHO POSTED SAID HERSELF, “prolly just reflection but thought it would be interesting to share..” so don’t go jumping down her throat for something she doesn’t claim to be a “ghost” pic.. its just an interesting pic and obviously a great example of human perception.. in that our mind automatically makes something out of anything it sees

  24. sam Says:

    Looks like a Misfits skull face.

    But in actual fact it is a duck with its head underwater.

  25. RobBob Says:

    First and foremost, I believe that ghosts exist, no question. Even the person that submitted this pic has admitted it could possibly be a very spooky combination of light and leaves – which, to be honest, this picture shows. Everyone just lighten up and enjoy the picture in the spirit (no pun inteded) that it was submitted.

  26. TK_M Says:

    Doesn’t look like a skull to me. Looks like a black & white photo of a group shot (hence partial head above the child as has been noted).

    The head appears to be both infront of the leaves on the river and translucent. My feeling is that it is a very simple fake. One picture is overlayed onto another and the transparency set to about 90%. This is one way it could be made. It might have happened accidentally somehow I suppose, but I do not feel this is unnatural.

  27. Someone Says:

    There’s no ghost or anything!!! Just a reflection…if you analyze it closely, you can see where each part comes from…Just perfectly arranged so that is look like a face…LOLZ

  28. kellkell Says:

    don’t care wat u all think if i took a pic like this with my kids in it id be freaked!!
    it looks soooo evil!!!! dont care if its a trick of leaves ect its freaky!!

  29. Cly Says:

    It’s just Pareidolia, nothing out of the ordinary in this picture.

  30. Lilith Says:

    hello, I see dead peoples (?).
    its just reflection of the water, only.

  31. Karen Says:

    No,it is not funny it sure isn’t nonsense either. And how do you know what a ghost looks like? Excuse me but my mind isn’t that stupid! Thank you very much! Just a weird pic that’s all. Why can’t it be a ghost? I see dead people too.

  32. Tim Says:

    Looks like some floating leaves coupled with the reflection of sunlight on the water. If you see the floating leaves as a pair of eyes then the pattern of light reflection begins to look like a head shape – though there are not really any other discernible facial features.

  33. Daniela Bustamante Says:

    I don’t think that’s a ghost, actually, it can be explained by a psycological phenomena called pareidolia, wich is, the sort of ‘ability’ of the human brain to turn anything we see into a recognizable image or shape. That face on the water is probably just the reflection of leaves, clouds or anything.

  34. Vicky Says:

    Its just light playing on reflection and shadows to cause an image. Either that, or Madonna decided to take a underwater swim next to your kids…

  35. keet Says:

    its brilliant what your eyes and imagination can do! looks like something from a horror movie!

  36. Nexus_Magic Says:

    Its a bird its a plane no its a leaf that looks like a plane, hiiii leaf.

    if you look a bit to the right of the pic right before the water you can see what looks like the lower jaw of a person coming out of the water, and directly overlapping this “demon” is another face with unusually big nostrils. I bet you didn’t see those until now. The way the body functions is a strange one.

  37. e Says:

    The white portion of the “skull” is a reflection and the “eyes” are actual leaves or other debris in the water. They just happen to come together to look like a face.

  38. Jobless Col Says:

    no reflection! zoom right in close, it has a nose,2 eyes, 2 eyeballs,a mouth and even a left ear! i also think i see gingerish/blonde hair above the ear. Totally amazing, well done!!

  39. Mel Says:

    Its just a reflection. If you’ll see, there are rocks along the side of the water. The spot that makes the “head” of the “ghost” is the same as a spot not too far from it on the left. It appears that rocks are laying in such a way as too look like facial features. I really do believe this is matrixing. Pretty creepy though until you take a real good look at it.

  40. jlee Says:

    It is not leaves, it is three river rocks poking out of the water near the edge, which cast the dark shadows of the “eyes” and “mouth” look behind the kids there are river rocks all along the bank.

  41. HGH Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information- just wondering if anyone else has had any relevant experiences to share

  42. Spook Scientist Says:


  43. LMC Says:

    a reflection

  44. paul kwiatkowski kasper Says:

    http://www.wiolawapress.com yes some are because the human mind finds shapes and faces…I can see face in everything when I choose to…some are real faces though

  45. paul kwiatkowski kasper Says:

    check out my son’s photo under the helmeted being on rock http://s6.zetaboards.com/Free_Thinkers/topic/8606927/

  46. Veran Says:

    the face kinda looks like “Jhonny” at the end of the movie “the Shining” when he looks constipated and is frozen to death…
    anyway, i think this isnt a fake, just a reflection in the water and the human minds tendency to “see” faces in things.

  47. tammy Says:

    looks like the guy off beetle juice? exact same.

  48. Erkki Says:

    A nice example of pareidolia.

  49. Miha Says:

    Very spooky, the human mind is an amazing thing!
    Yes, it’s right. I think it surprisingly

  50. Erkki Says:

    Why would a human-looking spirit hide in a dirty pool of water?
    Ever heard about Photoshop? Pareidolia? Reflection? Maybe it is just a wale.

  51. doomed Says:

    look out michael myers is gonna getch yoo lol

  52. Danilo Says:

    Esse ai é o Besouro Suco

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely photo matrix-ing. Nothing paranormal here.

  54. Yo Mama Says:


  55. Shaggy Says:

    Well I will tell you what I think. I think the rock on the other side of the stream is more interesting. It’s a rock.

  56. chris Says:

    To me it just looks likes rocks protruding from the water surface combined with the light reflection.

  57. Jahn Says:

    I know I’m late to the party by about 10 years, but this looks like they like turtles” kid lol

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