TV ghost

“Please find attached a photo which I thought may interest you. This photo is unedited and completely genuine. The photo was taken with a new camera phone by one of my friends in 2007. Interestingly if you adjust the brightness/contrast of the picture it makes parts of the image more visible. It is especially strange as the arm goes in front of the television. The face appears to also be a different shade to the area around it, this is as above more visible when the altering the brightness/contrast. I would be most interested in the response from your photograph experts.”



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104 Responses to “TV ghost”

  1. jonny Says:

    i swear i’ve seen this ‘ghost’ on another picture

  2. mrsoza Says:

    That looks like Gordon Ramsay to me..

  3. Thomas Says:


  4. Lilith Says:


  5. That's Me Says:

    It really is!!! Wow! That’s unexplainable…

    • Anonymous Says:

      ????????????????????? There’s explanations for everything if u care to take a bit of a closer look into things, as well as do some investigating into the facts. Photoshop is a gr8 tool being used to fake or manipulate pics just to get their own fame. It is obviously NOT real. I could tell just by taking one, single glance at it.

  6. John Says:

    I’m a scientist by training and profession and so I take these things with a very large pinch of salt, however the face of the figure looks remarkably like my late father. Ok, it’s vague and one could maybe see what one wants to see, but the thing that really made me think is the image on the tv – this looks like it is some sort of RNLI function. My father was very active in the RNLI and was the honorary secretary for his local station. I’d be very interested to know when and where in the country this image was taken.

    • Sara Says:

      wow that’s crazy. I don’t know much about “ghost”. I am very stubborn when it comes to actaully believing in that stuff. But, it seems to me you might have found the ghost of your father. Maybe it’s just a coincidence?

    • Chris Says:

      Hi John

      The photo was taken in Scotland, Motherwell in 2007. It was a Falklands war memorial programme on the TV

  7. Bubba Says:

    Possibly reflected light from a picture or image elsewhere in the room !

  8. guh Says:

    there is no way this is a camera phone picture also you could photoshop that in 5 sec

  9. briw Says:

    hmmm does look like another pic has been overlaid, boy does seem to be actually looking into camera like he is curious, similer to photos taken at beginning of last centuary, remain to be convinced

  10. JackG Says:

    That’s 100% photoshopped, its a overlayed b+w photo with opacity taken down to like 10%, with a rather rubbish preset Photoshop lens flare o_O come on this is too fake, why would there be so much light in that bottom section of the picture? Theres not enough light bounce on the walls or floor for that to be a real light source. I’ll make one now and post it up.

  11. Hélio Says:

    Interessante. Antes de escrever que a foto foi editada com photoshop, é necessario saber se essa foto foi tirada com camera digital ou maquinas antigas que usam rolos de filmes, pq com o rolo do filme dá pra analisar se é fraude ou não.

    • Anonymous Says:


  12. Deep Says:

    My first impression is waht a good quality picture for a phone camera! I wonder what make it was.

    The style of dress and hair cut of this boy looks to be around the 1950’s to me. His body appears to be too low to the floor to be standing on the current floor level.

    Of all the photos, I find this one hard to explain. If it could be proved genuine, I think it would be very interesting indeed. However, my intuition about the this photo says…… probably photoshoped!

  13. Martijn Says:

    As a photographer, one question I would have to ask is why this photo would have been taken in the first place- if the person did not know the ‘ghost’ was there when taking the picture…

  14. Cathy Says:

    I don’t know. I just don’t see how anybody could ever guarantee how ANY of these photos could EVER be genuine. Yes, there is the issue of Photoshop et al, but long before there was digital editing, there were plenty of ways to doctor and fake photographs. I have to say that I don’t see how any ghost photograph could ever have been genuine in the past, either. What would be convincing?? About 10 people all seeing the same ghost!

  15. Snark Says:

    Biggest fake I ever saw.

  16. aiaia Says:

    impossible. but who knows..

  17. Lisa Says:

    I this was real and it was a camera phone that telly would hav lines all over it and why would someone take a pic of a tv for fun?????
    on the other hand its quite eerie

    • Danny Says:

      I’ve took loads of meaningless pictures with my mobile camera. Why would you take this picture because it costs nothing to take a digital picture. Also if a cameras resolution is good enough you can take a picture of television screen with no lines

  18. Luc Says:

    Nice editing job…but the most plausible of all.

  19. anoushka Says:

    this is a fake.

  20. Andy Says:

    The torso is caused by lens flare over the shirt on the radiator. The right side of the head is two of the highly aliased window blinds. I’m guessing that the rest is compression artifacts of the blinds being next to the sharp edge of the TV.

    • jon Says:

      thats what i thought on first glance..but i also agree with the people saying why would you take a photo of the tv?

  21. Alen Says:

    Well, Photoshop can make it look lke this, that’s for sure. But, if this photograph is not altered in any way, it really is a question …
    It is the matter of the believing … Until you see a ghost by yourself … 🙂

  22. just Says:

    To be honest you can take a really good photo with a phone cam i take all my holiday pic and general pics with mine i brought it with that in mind and they come out excellent clearer than my normal digi cam. I also took non specific photos with it to test it none with a ghost in mind you but people do, to test the quality. if you read the entry it was a new phone they used, so perhaps they were messing about with it and this came up ghost or not it may be genuine with a paranormal explination or reflextion who knows but its a good one ill say.

  23. Skeptic Says:

    The guy doesn’t seem to have any feet.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You call urself skeptic, ay? And that is all u have to say??? What a load of crap. Get another job or skill cuz it’s obvious u suck in a career as being a sketic…roflmfao

    • Anonymous Says:

      not all ghosts can fully materialize themselves. this photo is a fake.

    • Anonymous Says:

      ghosts don’t always come in full-form. it is very hard to manifest in to complete human form if there’s not enough energy to draw from. most pics of ghosts are rarely seen in full form-being that usually the body’s extremities & head r the last to form. anyways, i do believe that this pic has been faked.

  24. Mooee Says:

    Why would someone take a picture of the TV unless it was “staged”?

  25. v_presh Says:

    I have just taken a photo of my TV using my mobile and the picture is every bit as good as this one with no lines at all. Also interested by the orbs, although am aware that these can be the flash reflecting dust particles, if it is a camera phone and given the light in the room it is quite likely a flash was not used.
    I am finding this whole experiment interesting because, fairly obviously, photo’s can be fiddled around with in many ways nowadays. Skeptics will always be skeptical and believers will always be convinced, no amount of photo ‘evidence’ will change a skeptics mind (due to photoshop etc) and no amount of skeptics poo poo-ing evidence will convince the believer!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Image is coming off the guy on left of telly. Looks like David Mccullum

  27. John J Says:

    Looks to me as though the camera has had a double exposure, for one the boy is to short to be standing in the room, also the property looks very new which would say to me that any sort of Demonic possesion wouldnt be occuring there.

  28. Deep Says:

    OK, I’ve had another good look at this one. Cut and paste it in to ‘photo editor’ and bring it up to 400%.

    Look at this one now with the eye of an artist. Notice the blue towel (or whatever it is) on the radiator? Do you see the fold at the bottom? Or is the bottom of the boys jumper? Hard to tell what is what isn’t it? The ‘fold’ in the towel then extends over the top of the TV stand, and this definately looks like the bottom of the boys jumper. Also notice that the boys jumper appears to finish in a straight line?

    I think the fold in the towel has been used to hide the tell tale edge of a superimposed picture (although the edge has been stepped a bit on the right hand side to help break the line up). I think the left hand edge of the superimposed picture has been hidden by the natural line of a radiator indent and a ‘mudge’ has been applied to the top of the shoulder.

    This is why the boy is too short for the picture, the artist had to make use of the natural background features to conceal the process of superimposing. Very well done though!

    • Anonymous Says:

      don’t u have a life??? why do u keep trying to convice yourself that u have to either debunk or prove that this pic is real or not. GET A LIFE U IDIOT!

  29. John Baxter Says:

    Look at the green plate on the shelf in the left of the picture. clearly a photoshop.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    It really is ghost

  31. Belinda Says:

    The green plate on the shelf is just flare I believe, similar to the 3 more obvious flares behind it.

    The picture just seems a little contrived to me, and I would agree with the comment that there’s a question as to the reason a picture was being taken of this room at all.

    Still, as many others have said, it nearly is impossible to validate a picture, probably far, far easier to discount it – videos would be a better source, as then you can really get a sense of movement/shape and conditions. Perhaps Richard could run an experiment with that – ask people to send in their ghosts caught on tape videos!

  32. curiosa Says:

    uau… realmente está é de arrepiar …

  33. Sarah Says:

    Its kinda freaky how it looks like a mans head on a childs body

  34. GhostBuster Says:

    Here is a proof that it’s photoshoped.
    Look at the lens flare in both pictures, in original and the one I made.

    • Spillarges! Says:

      Excellent post mate! THis kills this photo outright! Without a doubt! Very very well done! I hope this annoys all the pathetic ghost believing dick heads once and for all! good one! Spread this about loads, just to make sure those stupid twats at ghoststudy don’t fling it about as genuine! HAHAH! 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        OMG…YOU’RE STILL ALIVE? Pleeeez fuck off & die! u fucked up wanker sucking & blowing piece of pig shit being ate by maggots who love rotten flesh. May u rot in hell & die of the worst painful & horrifyingly death that is possible.

  35. TK_M Says:

    I also think I’ve seen this “boy” in a famous picture somewhere.

    Looks like an ols black & white picture, simply overlaid with transparency of 95%.

    Note also that he is way too small for his apparent age. I’m sorry, this looks very much like an intentional fake and designed to decieve.

  36. Someone Says:

    If it’s a ghost then it must be a weird ghost. Obviously not standing on the same level…Doesn’t look real…probably photoshopped…nice pic though

    • Anonymous Says:

      DUH…how many times have u heard ghosts appearing to b floating or walking on air. That’s because they live in higher plains than we do, and r rarely seen walking on the floor-unless they have not crossed over. As for this photo…it IS a fake.

  37. Sam Ting Says:

    Golden Girls HD.

  38. Chris Says:

    I sent this photo in. It is not edited it was took with a brand new phone just to check out out the quality of the picture it took. It was not until the picture was opened on the computer that you could see the image. If you blow the picture up you can see it has not been edited as the pixels are all the same size. It was a Falklands war memorial programme that was on the television.

    • Spillarges! Says:

      BULLSHIT! You have been exposed by GhostBuster! Now just settle down and feel pathetic! You waste of space! Wanker!

      • Anonymous Says:

        GHOSTBUSTER DID NOT TAKE THIS PIC SO STOP TELLING PPL THAT THE OWNER OF THIS PIC ADMITTED IT WAS PHOTOSHOPPED. And u need to fuck off & die! u fucked up wanker sucking & blowing piece of pig shit being ate by maggots who love rotten flesh. May u rot in hell & die of the worst painful & horrifyingly death that is possible.

  39. Cly Says:

    Photo manip.

  40. Chris Says:

    The photo was taken with a Samsung SGH D600. The picture on the blog is a lower resolution than the original. There is a lot of people saying photoshop edit. Before you decide you should look at the original full quality picture zoomed at over 1000%

    • Spillarges! Says:

      BULLSHIT! You have been exposed by GhostBuster! Now just settle down and feel pathetic! You waste of space! Wanker! Admit defeat for Christ’s sake! How low can one be?!!!!

      • Anonymous Says:

        SHUT UP SHUT SHUT UP & SHUT THE FUCK UP & fuck off & die! u fucked up wanker sucking & blowing piece of pig shit being ate by maggots who love rotten flesh. May u rot in hell & die of the worst painful & horrifyingly death that is possible.

  41. Yanh Says:

    Sorry Chris, But how can you explain the GhostBuster post where he posted yhis picture:

    Congratulations GhostBuster! Photoshop can do miracles!

  42. Danny Says:

    It seems to me that people are just saying photoshopped without coming up with any real explanation of why it is a photoshop. Pretty pointless. Come on if you have your doubts tell us why

    • Spillarges! Says:

      LOOK AT “GhostBuster”‘s post! Are you blind???????????? It is blatantly Photoshopped! LOOK! JUST LOOK! Simple enough!

      • Anonymous Says:

        OMG-just pleeez shut the fuck up & fuck off & die! u fucked up wanker sucking & blowing piece of pig shit being ate by maggots who love rotten flesh. May u rot in hell & die of the worst painful & horrifyingly death that is possible.

  43. Vicky Says:

    I tend to be skeptical of any “ghostly” picture when a so-called apparition shows up in black and white. I believed black and white ghosts went out of fashion with the invention of colored film.

    Another reason is that your ghost looks posed and iconic – like an old picture of my great grandparents when they were young and dressed in their Sunday best. It just looks very staged.

    Also, the light/glare from the sun somehow appears in front of the TV. The way the TV is angled should not allow light to glare in front of it. This kind of says to me that this particular pic was altered and it is the imposed image that has caused this unaccounted brightness.

  44. Chris Says:

    Yes I now agree. My friend has been telling porkies. I now agree that it has been done in photoshop and is a fake. Thanks

    • Spillarges! Says:

      No! YOU SENT THE P ICTURE IN! You should take responsibility! WHat friend? It was you! Tough shit mate. You’ve just admitted through pressure that you faked a pic, and everything before this, was lies. Typical ghost believer bullshit! All of it is shit!

      • Anonymous Says:

        u need to fuck off. ur comments r NOT appreciated when u consist of constantly name calling ppl whom u don’t even kno! whether ppl’s comments r valid or not, u definitely r showing a lack of reform & poor gesture. it’s obvious that u have little else to do, but leave bullshit comments on this page. it’s obvious u have NO life at all, soooo…..fuck off & die! u fucked up wanker sucking & blowing piece of pig shit being ate by maggots who love rotten flesh. May u rot in hell & die of the worst painful & horrifyingly death that is possible.

  45. Nexus_Magic Says:

    Uhhhh I truly cannot see anything that looks like a ghost in this photo I can’t see a thing.

  46. Jobless Col Says:

    this is one of the best ive seen, well done!!

  47. monkey boy Says:

    hmm..comments more interesting than picture. light glare.. its unlikely but in one in a million shots glare is gonna look like a person, SO its gonna look like a ghost. explains all of these types of pics. btw, free advice from professional photographer: dont take ur holiday pictures on camera phone. bad idea.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    noars ckeom
    sah joid kill molip

  49. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Yes. Because everyone takes pictures of their television, off-center in the frame, with no other subject matter.


  50. Miu Says:

    Nice clothes there on the heater : )

  51. Angie Says:

    It is a photshop of the boy off the “haunted painting” The Hands resist Him. Google it

  52. stonehart Says:

    I always wounder why people take random photos of their TVs?
    These photos I always treat as suspicious

  53. Spook Scientist Says:


  54. Cypermouse Says:

    Unless this image has been cropped from a larger image of something more intersting than a TV I think we are being conned. Now excuse me while I go and take a photo of my DVD player.

  55. Jay Jay Says:

    It kinda looks both.. faked and real…. the face and head look fake, but the burriness of the body make it look real…. hard to say… We have a paranormal team, and we’ve had to decifer between lots of photos…. its also the question to what else was in the room etc…

  56. Kay-leighann Says:

    i think this is genuine as there is an orb to the left of the picture by the shelves, and as orbs depict energy, the face by the tv is totally explainable as a ghost through this connection.

    • spillarges Says:

      Will you please look at the comments? It’s a fake! He admitted that it’s a fake! It has fake lense flare from Photoshop. It’s a piss take, and you look stupid for your ignorant and ridiculous comment! Typical fluffy ghost believer! HAHA!

      • Anonymous Says:

        There’s no where on this page where the person who took this pic admits to photoshopping it, or faking it. fuck off & die! u fucked up wanker sucking & blowing piece of pig shit being ate by maggots who love rotten flesh. May u rot in hell & die of the worst painful & horrifyingly death that is possible.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s nothing more than a glare caused by the sun coming thru the window, therefore, causing a reflection off of the TV’s screen. Not paranormal. Also, the person who took this pic admits to it as being a fake! Before posting comments u need to read all comments left.

  57. denzo666 Says:

    i have cropped and zoomed in on this picture using various software and have also spotted a second face in the picture to the right of the boy image just near the boys appears to be looking up and out into the room.

  58. Erkki Says:

    I don’t find anything wrong in taking a picture of the livingroom. Worse pictures have been taken. The ghost boy most probably showed up due to the drying process of the clothes on the heater element. Another possibility, although most unlikely, is the use of a photo-editor.

  59. Erkki Says:

    Wow… have you see the size of these pants!?

  60. Anonymous Says:

    It’s nothing more than a glare caused by the sun coming thru the window, therefore, causing a reflection off of the TV’s screen. Not paranormal. Debunked!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    The man’s face looks like the ex-president George Bush…lmao

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Looks exactly like a pic I saw of a very young Ted Kennedy.

  63. Hue Janus Says:

  64. Erkki Says:

    It is so easy to produce images like this with software like PS.
    Throughout the history of photography, photographers have tried to fool people with estonishing pictures. It is even easier to tell a story around such a picture and the nature of people will make these stories more beautiful and more mystical. This is not something only for the past generations, but today this remains unchanged.
    So, please come with some hard evidence for this (and other) pictures.

  65. funny photo Says:

    fun photos…

    […]TV ghost « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  66. Anonymous 13 year old creeped the shit out! Says:


    Look I’m 13 and I was looking in my TV when It was turned off, and in the TV i SEEN the same kid!!!!

    If you don’t believe me that’s fine but…

    I needed that out, And I don’t want to go to bed tonight lolol!

  67. Jack Says:

    its obviously light shining into the camera, look at other photos were light is shining on the camera, you will see similarity

  68. gabriel cortes (@chirifo) Says:

    I think it is a picture of a real ghost and I pee my own pants on when I saw it…

  69. Anthony Says:

    Fake Fake Fake done by kids! Get a grip !!!!!

  70. Says:

    Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  71. Larhonda Says:

    Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 25 foot drop, just
    so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken
    and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off
    topic but I had to share it with someone!

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