White figure

From the person that submitted it:

“Attached is a scan of a picture taken on a walking tour in Edinburgh in 1998. The image showed up when the pictures were developed back in the u.s. saw nothing, felt nothing, just shot picture along with others on the vault tour. wife and daughter were along and had same unawareness.”


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40 Responses to “White figure”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Odd that the photographer didn’t see anything a the time.
    His camera flash must have been the main light source – so perhaps there was something there, reflecting the light of the flash, that he couldn’t see in the dark?
    That’s a stab a rational explanation.

    Looks a bit creepy to me to be honest…..

  2. Lorraine Says:

    I’m willing to accept there may be something to this one. I have been down Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh which has similar looking vaults and had unexplained, unusual experiences-both my child and I developed sudden nausea and violent headache, which came and went within 5 minutes, a small orange orb passing me at knee level and hearing a stone thrown close to me and my child but nothing visible when we looked round.

    • Spanky Says:

      I’m pretty sure there was a gas leak somewhere near by 🙂 Seriously, you don’t wanna know what kind of chemicals accumulate in tunnels underneath with no ventilation so hallucinations are rather more severe but not unexpected form of side effects.

  3. Maggie Says:

    I dont think there is an easy answer to this one, if a flash was used on an SLR the ‘thing’ would not have been seen at the moment the photo was taken as the flash would only have illuminated it at that moment!

    • Vlad Says:

      Maggie is certainly right! physicists are all liars, light cannot travel at so called speed of light and flash light cannot be returned in about 3 microseconds (if the distance is 50 m)!
      Beware of ghosts, folks!

  4. brianne havens Says:

    I was in these same underground vaults in Edinborough about 2 years ago. Even using a flash, there is nothing down there to reflect it. No mirrors or anything and even the rock walls are dark. I can say from personal experience there is paranormal activity there. I did not see anything either, but did receive a scratch about 3 inches long on my arm while there underground.

  5. ssly Says:

    For some reason looking at it blown up. It looks like an out of focus black n white photo of a soldier pasted over onto the photgraph.


  6. 10birds Says:

    나도 저렇게 만들수 있다 가짜사진 놓고 투표하라고하네 ㅋㅋ

  7. Michael Says:

    looks like a dog with a human face

  8. uksceptic Says:

    If whatever it is, is emitting light either by reflection or by other ‘paranormal’ means then why doesn’t it light the wall it is next to?

    Looks fake to me, and not a very good one.

  9. Riley Says:


  10. ms Says:

    Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel to me!!

  11. jamie Says:

    FAKE !!

  12. Karen Says:

    The vaults in Edinburgh are meant to be one of the most haunted places in Britain and I certainly know that there is a corner where there is meant to be the ghost of an old cobbler (?) who just sits there, which is what this looks very similar to.
    Lorraine – I went down Mary King’s Close when I was 8 and distinctly remember feeling strong drafts and just ‘sensing’ more people at the back of the group. Of course, none of my family believed me because I was so young but it was definitely one of the creepiest experiences of my life!

    • Kate Says:

      Karen – I zoomed in on the image before reading the comments and I automatically thought that looks like an old man sat hunched with his head bending down like he’s looking at something in his hands, just like you said the rumour says! (If you put ? after cobbler because you don’t know what a cobbler is, basically it’s someone who mends shoes.)

      This one looks real to me and even the sceptics who find fault with all the photo’s with their photographer knowledge havn’t ripped this one apart yet.

  13. Soapy Sam Says:

    This one’s odd.If it is lit by the flash that was obviously used, I’d expect it to be metal or ceramic and therefore easily visible to the photographer.
    This is a film camera, so it’s not a digital artifact.
    If the object is lit by the flash, it’s sharp lower edge would suggest something between it and the lens, casting a shadow- and there does seem to be another object there, an angled slab, but why is it not equally illuminated by the flash?

    Another possibility is that the object is actually lit by another light source.
    It’s possible some in a side room used flash at the same time, but I copied the image in Picasa and brightened it. there’s no sign of a second flash on any other surface.
    Picasa also shows some structure to the object- there’s a rectangular object at the base which might be a small floodlight. Whatever it is, it seems anomalous to the rest of the picture.
    I’m going to change my mind on this one- I think it’s a deliberate fake, with an artifact deliberately introduced at the scan stage.

  14. Chris Says:

    ms, that was terrible! 😛

  15. Becky Says:

    REALL FAKE :p:p i meen honestly its too detailed to be real also it doesnt look like its even in the cave it looks like its been added to photo and made smaller to look farther away if it was really giving off light something would have been relflected on to the cave walls!

  16. Luciey Says:

    I think this is real!!!!!

    it looks like a bald woman in like a long old fasioned dress

  17. heyy heeyyy- Says:

    this is arubbish photo!!! obv it aiant real i say photoshopped i dnt belive in ghosts!!! n i neva will probs!!

  18. Jules Says:

    Whatever it is, its a brill picture… And seems very real to me…

  19. asatva bhikshu Says:

    Фейк. Полный. Отблеск фотовспышки на сырой стене.
    Подбейте колышки

  20. Chris Says:

    Looks like there is light coming from the right hand side at the end of the tunnel. Not sure what the object is, better than the other photos on here. I’ve had ghost like experiences before but there is a reason no one has a good photo of a ghost, i don’t know what it is, but just because you believe something exists doesnt mean everything you see is real.

  21. lee young gi Says:

    어디가 유령이에요?? 안보여서 못찾겠네요..ㅠㅠ

  22. Jackie Says:

    I was down there last year with my daughter saw a lot of movement and in one vault I was burning up found out in that vault I had been standing there had been a fire and the ppl fled to this vault thinking they would be safe and the were all burned to death.
    when the tour was over and out side I trurned to talk to my daughter about it a saw the side of her face was covered in long scratches on lifting her t-shirt her side was the same all long scratches she said she had not felt a thing and being beating up by a ghost she had no fighting chance.
    but if you think about it if a stranger came into your home what would you do.

  23. Kayleigh Says:


  24. Claudio Says:


  25. Alex Pryce Says:

    I have to be careful what I say regarding the Underground Vaults of Edinburgh for reasons I can’t go into. All I will say is to take these Underground Vaults Tour pictures with a pinch of salt, a very large pinch of salt.

    • larry the photographer in st. louis missouri USA Says:

      So Alex, are you indicating the ghost is a hoax or the picture is a fake or both? I have first hand knowledge about the picture but doubts about the ghost.


  26. Finbarr M Says:

    I cant make out the image at all.

    My only problem with it is that the figure looks far too bright for something so far away?

    However I’ll give this one Uncertain.

  27. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Looks like steam pouring out of a hole in the ground to me.

    Hard to tell with such a low-quality copy.

  28. manigen Says:

    I’d like to know if the “ghost” also shows up on the negatives, because it looks quite a lot like a flaw in the film or the photographic paper. It could be as simple as a case of bad developing.

  29. Jay hates debunkers Says:

    yeah i thought negative too, due to the purples and blues on the stone. if it is negative it will explain the brightness. and wow…congratz on the shot!

  30. Bruno Says:

    Hey, that’s Smeagol from the movie Lord of The Rings…..hehe.

  31. isa Says:


  32. David Says:

    Looks like a pice of tissue stuck to the picture. I had a similar one of Lock Ness and thought we had found monster itself only to discover it was a piece of tissue from processing. If this was a digital picture then a maybe.

  33. Vicky Says:

    I’m sorry but your ghost is a little too glow-in-the-dark to be authentic… Everyone knows that most ghost come in pastel colors… FAKE!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    My opinion for what it’s worth is it looks real to me. I enlarged it and it appears to be a man with a noose around his neck.

    • Anonymous Says:

      As the original 1998 photographer, your interpretation of the image is different from those I have had people say in the past. The other views are “a shepard”, “soldier with antique rifle” and “bagpiper”. If you are so inclined, here is a link to a later view of the same room/wall (circa 2000?).

      Blair Street Vaults Edinburgh

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