Ghost in the portrait

This from the person who submitted the photo….

My family and I visited the Edinburgh Castle on Saturday 5th July 2003 and I took many pictures inside and outside the castle with my digital camera. When I downloaded them onto my computer I found something odd on one of the pictures. I think the picture is of Charles the Second but it looks to me like a ghost of a woman standing beside the king with her hand on his shoulder.


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36 Responses to “Ghost in the portrait”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a reflection or a jpeg artifact.

    • anne Says:

      Reflection from a flash on oil canvas will give an image, I think you are right about that.
      The brain tries to make sense of patterns (matrixing) which is why so many pictures look real!

  2. Melissa Says:

    odd but I wouldnt say its a ghost- why is the fogginess just in the picture and not over part of the frame as well- seems like a refection or something

  3. Wendy Says:

    I think this is reflected light causing fogginess in the picture.
    The reason is most likely a very slight indentation of the canvas or irregularity in the thickness of the glass.

    That is why the fogginess is limited to the picture and is confined within the frame.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Another reflection.

  5. Maggie Says:

    Reflected light, or maybe flash, why take a photo at that angle unless trying to avoid reflection of flash?

  6. Mike Says:

    Is this the best of the best? Oh dear. I am off to read some real news.

  7. ssly Says:

    I like Wendy’s explanation.


  8. Michael Says:


  9. Jimbob Says:

    Very obvious. Theres a door/window – something letting light through opposite the painting. Oil paintings by nature are very reflective.
    The main thing is that there is the reflection on the frame. In the reflected light you can even see a wall and a large reflection off a polished floor.

  10. uksceptic Says:

    Agreed, it’s just a reflection of some sort.

  11. jamie Says:

    looks like a flash … maybe yours or someones behind you either way waste of time

  12. Soapy Sam Says:

    Light reflecting from the painting.

  13. holly Says:

    this looks like a reflection.

  14. kellythewriter Says:

    There had to be a window or light source behind you. You can see that the left side of the frame is illuminated as well.

  15. Claire Says:

    the pictures of charle the second doesn’t look like it has a glasseframe or cover to me and it looks like a ghost figure of his wife catherine. if you look on wiki pages, or could be henrietta his mother. i dont know though. seems genuine

  16. Becky Says:

    I think its juss a relfection or something because the light isnt even juss in the picture its over tha frame as well … as for the wife wif her hand on his shoulder thing what the hell its juss a bit of light Lmao

  17. Luciey Says:

    Camera flash, light reflection defo nothing paranormal

  18. Rachel Says:

    I know most of you don’t believe its genuine but personally i do. For it to be a light reflection wouldn’t the light cause a verticle line rather than a smudge? And a camera flash would’nt cause a smudge like that.
    I think it looks like a well known portrait of Elizabeth the 1st. I don’t know maybe its a fake i just doubt its a trick of the light.

  19. Colin Says:

    I think Charles has dropped his guts.

  20. kirsty Says:

    reflection of light

  21. Chris Says:

    Reflection or Light

  22. Jackie Says:

    could be smudges or dents in the canvas showing up when the flash hit it

  23. Adam Says:

    Reflection – you can almost see some of the objects outside of the window that is reflected. The strange shape (although symmetrical) of the blur could well be drapes, or curtains tied back.

  24. Sarah Says:

    Given that the frame closest to the image is also illuminated, I would suggest that there is some light shining onto the canvas. It wouldn’t reflect in the same way glass would, but would shine softly as demonstrated in the photo – I don’t think you’d give it a 2nd thought seeing it in the flesh, but it does create an odd photo. I’m inclined to think the painting is opposite a window, but who would hang such a protrait in front of a window, where it would fade?

  25. Claudio Says:


  26. Jonathan Says:

    Radiculous, this always happends when you take pictues at a museum, reflection reflection reflection

  27. Mark Ribbands Says:

    Obvious scattered reflection either from the glass if the picture is glazed, or from the gloss lacquer used over the oil paint.

  28. Pigalina Says:

    I just see a reflection from some protective glass.

  29. Dogan Bakır Says:

    IsIk yansimasindan baska birsey olamaz

  30. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Reflection on oil/canvas, combined with castle ambiance = “ghost”

  31. isa Says:


  32. Vicky Says:

    Looks more like a “ghostly” light reflection bouncing off the painting… nice try though…

  33. Mike Says:

    My guess is flash reflection because the light distortion ends abruptly at the edge of the frame. Whatever it is, it does not appear to be something between the camera and the picture.

  34. Lilanime Says:

    Just a light reflection.

  35. AnG3l* Says:

    Its Glaire From Sun Coming In A Distant Window…

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