Ghost on head

“here is a pic a friend took of me, with a ghostly image next to it”


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49 Responses to “Ghost on head”

  1. Ruslan Karpuk Says:

    I guess it’s fake.

  2. Max Says:

    Window smudge. These are getting less convincing.

  3. cam Says:

    Its just a smear on the glass that the flash is reflecting.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    At last, a genuinely scary photo. I think the missing teeth give the apparition an added ‘spooky’ edge…….

  5. Dave Says:

    The top of the ‘head’ is quite blatantly the reflection of the flash coming back from the glass so it’s unlikely it would look quite that strange if the camera was in a different position.

  6. Alex Pryce Says:

    It seems to be a picture of a picture, most likely in a glass frame and I would assume taken on a camera phone by a friend wanting a copy of the original picture. The “ghost” is just a reflection of the flash/ light on phone.

    The resulting image of the “ghost” is simply an example of the human mind making faces out of patterns. Either that or we have finally found Lord Lucan- He’s hiding in your picture.

  7. jbo0781 Says:

    does anybody have anything positive to say about any ghost pics? you people are ignorant

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Are you suggesting we are ignorant because we are not all agreeing that the pictures are paranormal?

      This picture in particular is quite easy to explain and it is not being ignorant to look for the actual cause of these images.

      If you chose to believe something that is down to you, but you can’t publicly announce your opinion or belief and not expect a response.

    • Straw Hat Says:

      Haha! This comment is classic.

  8. EndAll Says:

    The only thing scary in this picture is your face, sender. Nothing to see here… pareidolia in action.

  9. EndAll Says:

    Agreed, Alex. What’s ignorant is to instantly attribute any photographic anomaly or whatever to paranormal phenomenon.

  10. Jack Says:

    It has obvious reasons as to why it happened but its still really cool

  11. Suzi Says:

    I agree with Alex in that it’s a photo of a photo behind glass. I also agree that we don’t have to believe every so-called “paranormal” photo out there is in fact real. I consider myself a believer in ghosts because I have experienced some truly inexplicable things, but am still always the skeptic first. Give me undeniable evidence (it doesn’t even have to be “proof”, just good evidence that can’t be disputed) and I’d probably be more willing to say it is paranormal. So far, I think I’d call only 2 or 3 of the photos on this site truly unexplainable in the paranormal sense.

  12. 刘鑫 Says:


  13. Joey Says:

    Sorry but there is nothing paranormal about this photo. What you are seeing here is simply the reflection of the flashlight.

  14. chris Says:

    I see Groucho Marx, but where is his cigar?

  15. Danielle Says:

    You may have found the ghost of Freddie Mercury!

  16. Gronti Says:

    I see the doll from the movie SAW!

  17. gary Says:

    hi all i sent this and my friend to it of me on her laptop there are 2 more more this one when you can see a white smokey looking mark, then after these 2 this was what she saw, i think it is a reflection from a ghostly image in the room with her

  18. jessica Says:

    Eu acho que sim augumas fotos que estão ali poden ser verdades .Pelo que eu vi eu me espantei ai credo .

    E búúú´u´u´………

  19. monkey boy Says:

    rubbish.. greasy, dodgy picture. when your photography skills are that bad, just about everything is going to look pretty ambigious

  20. Anonymous Says:

    The camera stopped working because probably film had ended. That is why you end up with weird images. Plus it could be a knot in some wood that looked weird when the flash was on it. jbo get a life! A real one I mean, not in the next world. We can all offer an opinion, that’s how we discover what the next world will really be like. Personally I don’t fancy bits of me floating around.

  21. Clayton Says:

    wich one is the ghost? )))

  22. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Reflection from flash. Seriously..? Why bother with this one at all?

  23. Emily Says:

    Camera glare.

  24. Brandal Says:

    It’s really fake. Damn !

  25. Laurie McLellan Says:

    Clearly a light reflection or refraction.

  26. pineapple Says:

    that dude looks like a retard

  27. mia Says:

    has anyone noticed the hand on the guy? i say the hand belongs to a lady next to the man when the pohoto was taken, and the flqash made her face appear on top…suggesting the photo was taken behind a window..

  28. jason Says:


  29. Anonymous Says:

    its a photo taken at a reflection of a window the window deffinately needs a clean!

  30. anonymous2 Says:

    It looks like a reflection of narito

  31. Spook Scientist Says:

    Are you SURE it’s not just your friend’s head?

  32. Gerda Says:

    Its a flash of the camera against glass or something like thats in this room. Yes I see a hand on the shoulder could be a woman sitting next to him. thats not importent. Its a face in the flash everyone can see that,if they say they dont then they realy have to look better. It may be somebody who he knew and wanted to appear to show he’s still with him. Anyway if its family of this guy they would have seen it or recognized the man. If its not then many somebody who lived there,but anyway the appearence is not looking into the camera but his eyes are looking at something or somebody else.

  33. doomed Says:

    careful staging, someone has decided to do an artsy shot, positioned what looks like a “jigsaw doll” and taken a photo so that it’s caught and partly covered by the flash when the photo was taken. Real world photoshopping. Definitely fake.

  34. Ben Says:

    Does anyone else think it looks like a doll? A scary looking “Ken” maybe?

  35. ராம்கி Says:

    எனக்கு ஒரு சந்தேகம். இதுல எது பேய்? எது மனுஷன்?????

  36. TAPS Says:

    The cause?
    Poor oral hygiene.
    I couldn’t really tell you about the “apparition”.

  37. Diana Says:

    Have you ever hurd for: The game of lights? Well, now you can see it.

  38. Person Says:

    glass smudge

  39. Rodger Says:

    kinda looks like Dr Doom from Marvel Comics

  40. mowza Says:

    i know what arnie would have said to this guy in predator 🙂

  41. Issy3.1415926 Says:


  42. Shaggy Says:

    This man is clearly under the influence and is willing to make a cheap buck by substituting a McDonald’s finger smudge on a photo for a ghostly face. Just sayin.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    no there is NO ghost here!

  44. Enfys Says:

    Light and finger smear.

  45. Anthony Says:

    No ghost people. Let’s get a grip eh?

  46. PestilentAura Says:

    This looks like a picture of a picture to me. It looks as if the flash reflected off of a fingerprint on the glossy finish, creating what looks SEMI-ghostly. Just a smudged picture.

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