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Priest ghost

May 20, 2009

“I took this photograph with a KODAK EASYSHARE CX7300 digital camera a few years ago, in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.
It was an overcast day, not too many tourists were in at the time, and i was with my mum.
When i take any photographs inside the Cathedral or anywhere , i try to wait till there is no-one in the way and then i’ll click away, and that is what i did here.
My mum also is afraid of any clergy i.e nuns, preists, ministers from an incident when she was little, so i know if this gentleman had been sitting there my mum would have gone outside and left me there!
This photograph was the 2nd of 3 pictures i snapped one after the other as i was trying to get a decent shot of the window and when i got home and downloaded my photos on to my p.c i nearly fainted at what i had caught! (there is no-one in the other 2)
I let my mum see it and it gave her shivers, as does anyone i have shown it to.
I would love to know what you make of it as it has baffled everyone that has seen it, they all see someone sitting there and they all tell me its either a priest or a minister?”

St.Giles Ghost

St.Giles Ghost2

Ghost hug

May 20, 2009

“Here is a picture of me taken in December 1981.  No doubt the apparent “ghost” was caused by the light, but the shape of the image and the way it appears to have its arms around me in a protective way is a bit spooky.”


Rock ghost

May 20, 2009

“This photo was taken in Boscastle, Cornwall in April 2003 of me and my
daughter. The white figure to the left was not there when we climbed onto
the rocks. Please could any one explain it as this has troubled me since
the photo was developed in that same year.”