Tree Ghost

“I’m from Russia, Stavropol. This picture was created by my friends in forest in this year. Let’s look on the top left corner.. Like it?”


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57 Responses to “Tree Ghost”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Looks like a monkey … or chupacabras

  2. Yeshe Says:

    It’s Photoshopped:

  3. Corin Says:

    And doesn’t even belong to the original poster! For shame!

  4. Ady Says:

    i can’t see anything in the top left corner

  5. Amy Says:

    top right corner..

  6. Dave Says:

    Did somebody throw a gollum doll up the tree or something?

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Nope, somebody photoshopped a cave sculpure in. Seen this before several years ago.

  8. Heidi Says:

    I love how they obviously have little respect for the intelligence of the people here but they couldn’t even come up with a remotely decent fake. . . or know the difference between left and right.

  9. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Shopped. Thanks for playing.

  10. Emily Says:

    Erm… the guy holding the crates hand is missing O.O

  11. Zeljko Says:


  12. Alien23 Says:

    Like everybody is saying it photoshopped..the guy with the beer crate at the bottom left looks odd, his right hand gone and his left hand is not actually holding the crate.

  13. Rizleyy Says:

    that was not in russia, that was in bulgaria!!!!

  14. Laurie McLellan Says:

    Dead tree branches. Once again an example of our proclivity to see something “human” or “ghost like” in a photo with an almost absolute natural explanation. Anyone who’s looked at the photo of the ghost lady of Raynham Hall (sic) can clearly see that beside the “ghost” is an identical “flash” of light on the lower right of the picture. I don’t believe there is anything spectral on that picture either.

    • Ibby Says:

      But it’s not even tree branches! If it were I would feel sorry for the person taking it because they would be scared out of thier mind, however, it is photoshoped so the person sending in the picture obviously wanted publicity and attention. You can see the original picture here:

  15. Katarina... Says:

    This is soooo fake…

  16. Angie Says:

    Its out of a cave that has purposly placed “creatures” in it. I cant remember the name of the caves.

  17. JD Says:

    Come on!! He said it all!!

    Notice: “This picture was created by my friends”.

    He said “created”, so what’s the deal here?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    The guy who sent it in admitted it was faked!!! “This picture was created by my friends in forest in this year. “

  19. anonymous2 Says:

    I don’t see anything in the top left corner but on the right left corner (in the tree) it looks like a girl skeleton with it flexing it’s muscles.

  20. Spook Scientist Says:

    Don’t waste our time, you sad div.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a hand missing there (last guy on the left). However, since I always try to asume the pictures are real, I have to say…

    What the heck were we suppose to be seeing? The strangest thing I see is some sort of owl…

  22. lol Says:

    lol, oh nooooooooo!!! goblinsssssssss!!!! please… grow a pair… on the top right side, not left…

  23. Si Says:

    Or, “Person who can’t tell left from right sees tree in forest and thinks it’s a goblin.”

  24. andy Says:

    not russian. no tracksuits

  25. anonymous Says:

    well the person did say it was “created” i thought it was funny. maybe russians do have a sense of humour

  26. winter Says:

    Um, I think the comment ‘like it?’ means the guy sent it in for us to look at it and appraise the quality of the fake, not decide whether it was one or not.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    all I can see is a group of children in the back ground that nobody has commented on so maybe they were there

  28. Erkki Says:

    Is it a ghost? Is it a demon?
    NOOO, it is a birdhouse

  29. clara jayne Says:

    very good, I think this is real

  30. Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) Says:

    Hi Clara:
    do u mean the top right? I cant see anything in the top left

    and we know this is a hoax

  31. Erkkki Says:

    Clara, the picture is definitely real and I am sure that it is not photoshopped or such. To claim that it is a ghost goes too far.
    I have a pcture of a rock formation that has surely not been manipulated. How many faces do you recognize in this picture? There are many… real many… see
    (0you can leave a comment on the site)

  32. clarajayne Says:

    I didn’t say otherwise, i said it looks real

  33. Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) Says:

    Erkkka & Clarajayne:

    hi, i wasnt been nasty or cruel, im just saying that this photo is a fake, look….
    ..heres the ‘link’

    • clarajayne Says:

      How do you know this one isn’t the real? And the cave photo is the fake. It looks to me like the cave photo is the fake!. the cut lines around the creature on the cave photo look really dodgy

      • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) Says:

        Hi Clarajayne:

        I believe the cave one was put on the Internet 8 years ago, but this Russian picture is very new.
        Who knows?

  34. Erkkki Says:

    I love the picture Col! In case this picture is not manipulated, you really cought a beautiful image of a cave-demon. Not a ghost 🙂

    By the way, the vertical lines on my picture are drill holes. After drilling the holes are filled up with dynamite. Blasting rocks in this way is done for road building. It is many times cheaper to work in this way than to build tunnels. I use the picture as a background in software named Chronories 🙂 When looking at the picture I easily recognize twentyeleven faces. Obviously, this picture is not manipulated, but I could unskew it a bit.

  35. europeanchick Says:

    Top left? Hmm… don’t see anything. But holy crap, I see Gollum in the top RIGHT. :O Did you ask his autograph, dude? 😀

  36. Crystal Says:

    I wish it was real, it looks like a goblin!

  37. Yasmine Says:

    looks like the guy that hosts Dancing with the stars…

  38. Kayla Says:

    It would be good if they could tell left from right…

  39. beans Says:

    looks like an alien to me

  40. Shaggy Says:

    I am American and agree that tree branches are scary.

  41. Holysmoke Says:

    Famous demon statue in the Cheddar Caves in England. It was all over the internet and much believed in Saudi Arabia as a djinn-

  42. Anonymous Says:

    it a fake I mean it’s just a smear on the lens or some thing

  43. Bob Says:

    Don’t know if anyone cares or if anyone has mentioned this yet but it’s a dummy from Wookie Hole Caves in Somerset.

  44. Cassieanne Says:

    Obviously fake guys… I mean come on really !

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