Poster ghoster

“I took this picture of my friends in the Barcelona metro and it really seems like a ghost took the place of a guy on an ad…If you have an explanation i’ll be glad to discover it !”


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57 Responses to “Poster ghoster”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Bullshit… its flash da cam…

  2. Gaetan Says:

    Yeah but still.. how come a flash can turn a smiling blond haired guy into this ?.. And why only on the face and the whole face ?

    • Buzzkillskeptic Says:

      Because it’s directly opposite the flash, where the light is brightest. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe it.

  3. Frenegonde Says:

    This is a very strange phenomenon that would be hard to explain. And thanks Gaet for asking the good question. WHY only on the face? Why not the all body? Why only him? I mean, that’s obvious… We are Not Aloneee…

  4. Suzi Says:

    I think it’s Photoshopped. The “ghostly” head doesn’t exactly fit on the neck of the poster and you can slightly see the original forehead on the left through the transparent part.

  5. derekcsy Says:

    It is merely a reflection caused by the camera flash, this phenomenon usually happens on prints that use glossy ink. It is not a ghost, but good try!

  6. derekcsy Says:

    Another scary observation, the two people in the photo have red eyes!! Aaarrgghh… The camera has no red-eye reduction! Nice effect!

  7. Erik Says:

    Mmmmm, Dont think so.

  8. Gronti Says:

    The poster uses glossy black ink, which reflects the flash. The camera is in a position where the flash is pointed directly at the man in the poster, so light flashes straight back. But the other people in the poster are at an angle to the flash, so the light bounces away, rather than back.

    Neat effect, though!

  9. Mike Says:

    I think the picture is just a photo trick.

  10. Mike Says:

    What the hell is this picture! It is just a muppet picture!

  11. monkey boy Says:

    dodge tool

  12. Jrrd73 Says:

    Looks like a plastic advertising sign that is backlit, the light has faded the ink so now it is showing through. I am sure it looked freaky so that is why they are posing in front of it.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like one of your friends is off his head.

  14. Dave Says:

    Is that Robbie Williams on the right?

  15. ZeroCorpse Says:

    The advertisement on the wall is made with a reflective paint. The flash hit it full-on, causing this effect.

  16. JDOXS Says:


  17. JDOXS Says:


  18. JJ Says:


  19. Laurie McLellan Says:

    Faked or a flaw in the camera. I’ve seen such flaws before. Nothing is perfect. I wouldn’t belittle the person who took this picture but there is nothing spectral on this image. Almost a certainty.

  20. lizzie Says:

    freak out !

  21. joel Says:

    its as freaky as me in the morning!

  22. alrightandy Says:

    It also seems that the person on the right suffers from some sort of affliction that gives him scary orange skin. You should be more worried about that than prankster ghosts.

  23. Kitty Says:

    Flash reflecting in the black ink of the poster… happens sometimes.

  24. Tonchi Says:

    Hahahaha…Normall human hands and body but head of ghost…Someone have a good fun in Photoshop

  25. anonymous2 Says:

    I think it’s a real ghost replacing a persons head in the poster

  26. May Says:

    How dumb can one be not to realize it’s just the glossy ink reflecting back the flash?? Just hold a magazine page to a lamp… I mean really, people.

  27. Spook Scientist Says:

    I think May pretty much summed it all up for me.

  28. Cypermouse Says:

    The poster is probably advertising life insurance…… know…”what if you were no longer in the picture” type thing.

  29. Si Says:

    It’s called a reflection. The coloured parts of the poster are in gloss to contrast with the matt background.

  30. wee-mee Says:

    Precisely fixed flash so the reflection blurs out the actual poster face…nice try though!

  31. Gerda Says:

    Could be a relection ,but I think it fake. Its no a young guy either its an older man. Maby a man was there looking at them and somehow a light reclection did this,but I dont think its a ghost. If it is then its a ghost with humor.

  32. clara jayne Says:

    I’m an expert at photo shop and i can guarantee 100% this has been photo shopped

  33. ராம்கி Says:

    டேய் , ஒரு digital camera வாங்கிட்டா நீங்க என்ன ஒளருனாலும் நாங்க கேட்டுட்டு அலைவோம்ணு நினச்சீங்களா? இன்னொரு தடவ உங்கள இந்த பக்கம் பாத்தேன் . கொன்னு பொதச்சிடுவேன்.. MIND IT

  34. captain obvious Says:

    Oh! We didn’t know this would turn out! That’s why we posed on either side of it, ya mooks…

  35. leigh Says:


  36. brokensentences Says:

    ….its just where the flash happened to be centered. I don’t think there is anything photoshopped or paranormal about it.

  37. Anonnono Says:

    I can make this kind of photo with cheap fix program, just use on the wall FIX-prog. and then you drag that circle over the place you want to be on the place you click. it looks 100% same

  38. Anonymous Says:

    im an expert in photoshop im an A.C.E and i would say it has no sign of being fake, it should be obvious its a flash reflection as other posters have pointed out.

  39. Person Says:


  40. Kate Says:

    eu acho que um reflexo da luz do sol fez com que a cara do homem do cartaz não ficasse tão nítida
    tens que admitir que tem tudo o que parece estranho é fantasmagórico

    • Kate Says:

      I think a reflection of sunlight caused the man’s face poster would not be so clear
      you have to admit that anything that seems strange is spooky

  41. Anonymous Says:

    the flash of your camera

  42. Deb/Boston Says:

    Very difficult to debunk, but it is somewhat strange Gaet what you pointed out… only the mans face and nothing else!

  43. Paul Ma Says:

    Looks like Gordon Ramsey to me (Hell’s Kitchen)

  44. Issy3.1415926 Says:

    Its a flash glare
    You can see the flash that was on the camra on the people
    also this is a glossed poster
    the “ghost” is the man in the middle of the poster
    the ghost is also in the centre of the picture, so, it flash would be directed at his face

  45. Shaggy Says:

    Here is an explanation sir. Get a damn clue. Advertisement pictures are not related to this topic.

  46. Jools Munday Says:

    oh purrlease.photoshopped.NEXT!!

  47. Erkki Says:

    It would be interesting to see a second picture with the poster without the ghost.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    the light was making it look like that.. a glare

  49. Anonymous Says:

    you have a smudge on your lens. If you look closely, you can almost make out the fingerprint blurring where the guy in the ad’s face would be

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid. That’s the flash from the camera. XD

  51. Davey Says:

    Don’t be crazy people, clearly there is a ghost head trapped in this advertising poster. Oh no wait anyone who thinks that is what’s going on here is crazy. Some people are so stupid.

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