Monk ghost

“I just wanted to bring something interesting to your attention.

My boyfriend and I were at Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona (Saturday 09th August 2008) and after we took the lift up to the top, we made our way down the winding stairs. Shortly before reaching the bottom, I took this photo but the figure (of what looks like a monk) in the background was not in the picture when I took it.
There was no-one there and it was a cornered off area so people were not able to walk around there, hence why I took the photo through the bars. Would like to hear your thoughts about this.”


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45 Responses to “Monk ghost”

  1. Sandra Says:

    It’s a real ghost

  2. G.P.S.arwen Says:

    It would be interesting to know, whether there are still monks (real ones) in this cathedral. To me it looks a bit like a well room. The area this pic was taken of wasn´t open to the public, but certainly to the staff of the cathedral. What puzzles me, is that the features are very sharp, not the usual blurred outlines than most of the authentic ghost pics i know.
    I am not sure is this is a real ghost pic or just the backside of a real monk.

  3. Richard Says:

    There’s no shadow, but there is of the bar its standing next to. The sun seems to be bright that day, behind the monk.

  4. Urshulette Says:

    I took this photo. This was a room where the Cathedral bells were rung from, you can see them on the left and right (that’s what I was trying to take a photo of). There were no ‘real monks’ on site that day and there certainly wasn’t anyone there when I took the photo.

  5. manigen Says:

    Are you sure it’s a monk? It’s enclosed in a metal guide rail that makes it look like a piece of architecture. Have you been back to look at the room and compare it to the photo? I’m guessing not since your description makes it sound like this was a holiday picture.

  6. Spanky Says:

    Sorry, I don’t see any human-like figures.

  7. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Another person who died and brought his clothes with him to the afterlife.

    Apparently, monk’s robes have a soul of their own. Good to know.

  8. monkey boy Says:

    ambiguous, but not at all bad. could well be a ghost, but probably more like a mass of fabric

  9. Laurie McLellan Says:

    NOT a ghost. I’ve seen too many such pictures. I believe that “ghosts” could be explained 90% of the time as natural phenomena. It is a psychological “fact” (so the experts say) that it is common for people that see something odd in a photo to try and identify it as a having human characteristics…that is our first instinct. The other 10% lie within the mysteries of science such as parallel universes and the effects of the “String Theory” upon our “natural” world and the “parallel world”. If the presence was truly ephemeral, it would not have the ability to interact with the physical realm…however, since the science of parallel universes is relatively new…it is difficult to ascertain if those “entities” can be perceived as having interaction with our universe howbeit in a faint and short moment. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a real ghost picture, in the traditional sense of the word…and I’m a certified “ghost hunter”. I have recorded EVP’s (including Type 1) as well as had strange “interactions” in cemetaries as well as other places with “entities” (i.e. smell of perfume, visible full body apparitions, etc) but they all appear able to interact MOMENTARILY with our plane. If they were ethereal or emphemeral, such interactions would not occur.

  10. Katarina... Says:

    Many of these picture can be a photoshop, but in other case…Some of them are not…I’ve seen a many pictures, and I can believe just in some of them…

  11. Angie Says:

    If you look to the right there is a pipe on the wall. It seems to show throught the hooded figure. It makes the figure look transparent so maybe you did catch something there. Try looking at it on a program that you can zoom. I used Microsoft office PictureManager.

  12. Tann Says:

    Its transparent… I believe!

  13. jason Says:

    it looks real but their must be something wrong with your film or camra

  14. sophie Says:

    i dont know about that picture, but i m psychic.. i should know

  15. dmac Says:

    i lightened this pic up and it just shows a fellow in a priest robe looking out the window. that’s all it is.

  16. Vijay Says:

    I brightened up the pic in a photo manipulating program. The pipes are present in the foreground of the figure rather than the figure being in front of the pipes. Also in line with the vertical pipe, the left part of the robe remains dark while the right part does have increased light haze when I tried to Brighten the picture. The shadows that one can see as if coming from the legs of the figure, when seen in enhanced mode seem as if the left (as seen from viewer’s perspective) shadow has been cast by the pipe and not by a leg. The right leg shadow seems to be a line in the flooring similar to one in the foreground. The uneven lightening up of the robe is creepy.
    The photo looks very eerie.

  17. anonymous2 Says:

    I think a live person is in there and they lied abuot no one being in there.

  18. kacey Says:

    i think its a shadow of what i dont no its not a real object and it dose look like a monk i can c the shape of the robes

  19. Spook Scientist Says:

    Oh, is it a monk? Sorry… it looked like part of the building.

  20. Straw Hat Says:

    I find it much more likely that the photographer simply didn’t notice the person standing there when she took the picture than to believe that this is a ghost. This is still one of the better submissions I’ve seen, though, because it’s a great example of photographer blindness.

  21. OC Says:

    I took the exact same picture – it’s not paranormal, just great shadowing caused by the Gargoyle-type sculptures on the cathedral. I don’t know how you didn’t notice it at the time – it was the only reason I took the photo!

  22. Anonymous Says:


  23. anonymous Says:

    I didn’t know it was there!
    That’s why the figure is the obvious subject of my photo!

  24. Tourist Says:

    It can’t be the spirit of a monk of some sort, because the Sagrada Familia has never been inhabited by monks. This cathedral is quite new and will probably be finished in 2050. It is possible some people died while constructing it, but there haven’t been any monks living or working in there.

  25. Steve Says:

    I’m struggling to understand why you thought that was a good picture to take in the first place…

  26. david Says:

    I’am certan that you have caught a ghost on film I stronly beleve in ghosts an beleve I saw an aperition at Linlithgow placace this is genuien what makes me belleve this is the fact you can see right through the figer.

  27. Nigel Says:

    My giddy god, what are alot of you NOT seeing here? It is just part of the the architecture, stop seeing what you want to see, if the submitter hadn’t said there is a monk, there would there even be a discussion?

  28. Person Says:

    Im not sure its a ghost b/c it’s semi-solid but you can see through and see the bars through the shadow

  29. robotclock Says:

    OC – it would be great to see your photo or any other illustrating that it is merely a shadow!

  30. Nigel Says:

    It could be a Jedi Master, I believe in Jedi Masters so why not?

  31. Deb/Boston Says:

    I think its legit! You can see there’s no shadow, and also, u can somewhat see through it, like the black bar… really cool!

  32. Nigel Says:

    Guys, I have been there myself, I know its ‘nice’ to believe but your not seeing through it, the black bars are in front of it. It is the structure of the building making the shape. Just imagine an opening or window facing the sun, except the window has some internal stone decorative structure, you are seeing the inside of this window facing out, so the inside will be darker.
    Just look at how hard and sudden the curves are against the light.

  33. comment formater Says:

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  34. Shaggy Says:

    Follow me here. Maybe, just maybe he is a real monk that just wanted some alone time. You see he is hunched over.

  35. EMT Says:

    It would be interesting if the camera wasn’t centered on the area in question. Doesn’t seem anyone would want a photo of cement. if you look closely you can see the photo was taken at a lower level, possibly not to cut part of the display off in question. Seems to be a statue, or something that would catch your attention to take a photo, especially since you would be bending over, or kneeling for that angle.

  36. brandon brookes age 11 Says:

    that is the monk who is in my room every nite chanting me for some odd reason

  37. Enfys Says:

    It looks like you’re in jail…

  38. Jim Says:

    I found another ghost! Do you see that? In left!

    • Nigel Says:

      No, because there isn’t one there, you WANT to see one, there isn’t any ghosts in this image the ‘Monk’ is just the stone work, look at the sharp edge of shadow to light on his ‘robe’ a monks robe would be all undulated and not smooth, it is just a window stone work simple

  39. hrtfreeman Says:

    There are many ghost stories in Barcelona.

    You can read a few of them here, but there are probably hundreds.

  40. Sandy Eshelman Says:

    I saw a monk ghost one time. It was very strange!

  41. David Says:

    I was 3 when I awoke, over me was a monks habit. No face just
    Ever decreasing circles for a face. I called my mum, even though I wasn’t frightened. It left a vapor trail.

    Odd thing was my sister, saw the same thing in the next house!
    But, no face and claw like hands! She was frightened!

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