Brazil ghosts

This from the person who sent it in…

“I’ live in the city of Santos, in Brazil. The  photos were taken recently (on March 10th and 12th) by a friend of mine on a mobile phone without flash, inside the house where my  father and grandfather lived years ago.  My father died in 1981 and my grandfather, in 1951.  The house is situated in the city of Ilhabela, state of São Paulo, Brazil, where my father, my grandfather and I were born.    After my father’s death, my sister and I became owners of the house.
The photos show unclear images.   When the photos were taken,  there was nobody  inside the house, but the person who took the photo and a friend of him. They are young men, totally different from the images shown.
My sister and other people say the images look like my father (dressed with a white shirt) and my grandfather (with dark clothes).  I’m not sure about it and I don’t believe in ghosts. I was not present when the photos were taken, but I think the two people, who were in the house, are credible.    They assured me they he aren’t joking.   They saw the pictures just after they were taken, so it couldn’t be a trick made by them.  They were surprised and scared. They didn’t understand what happened.”



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  2. edinburghskeptics Says:

    First image looks like someone walking by the camera and it just blurring. The second one, I’m sure I’ve seen that guy before. I think its a cut out held in front of the camera or could be an action figure.

    Proportions of second image aren’t right. It looks, due to the blur, like its right up cloe to the camera, which would imply a person of around 6 inches tall.

  3. Spanky Says:

    Like the previous said, the first picture shows someone out of focus passing by the camera; the second… well… something as blurry but less recognizable as anything. I think it’s a hat on the top though… or maybe a flying saucer.

  4. Thereza Says:

    Há mais coisas entre o ceu e a terra….do que pensa nossa
    vã filosofia…..
    Algumas pessoas dizem que no litoral ha uma maior frequencia de fenomenos paranormais. Tenho uma colega medium que nao vai ao litoral por isso. Ela diz que ve fantasmas sem parar.

  5. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Both are cutouts or small dolls being waved in front of the camera.


    fuzz man and the fromunda wonda

  7. monkey boy Says:

    doesn’t take an expert to work this one out, mate radial effect on top image so u oscillated it blur is flatter on bottom pic.

    you put something too close for the lens to focus on, and waved it about

  8. Helder Says:

    Lauthing out Loud. . . all i have to say

  9. Helder Says:

    I think you shoul take som Photoshop lessons, you will learn A LOT about ghosts hehe

  10. Laurie McLellan Says:

    Not a ghost…but certainly an interesting picture.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Me chamo frick campos sou narural de ilhabela litoral norte de sao paulo estava presente no momento das fotos garanto q nao e montagem. Primeira q o celular usado nas fotos nao possue nenhum tipo d efeito pois e um aparelho antigo e basico. O mesmo q tirou as fotos tem uma casa proxima a casa destas fotos q tvm ocorrem fenomenos paranormais la tbm tiramos fotos e aparece uma mulher sempre com roupa de epoca e desfocada. Os mais antigos dizem q esta mulher mexia com magia negra e era traficante de escravos. A mesma foi morta a facadas pelo marido na casa. Ele a matou e se enforco em se

  11. tooladdict Says:

    holy crap, what a bad fake.

  12. kitti Says:

    sloppy cutouts of dad and grandad, no wonder it looks like ‘um.

  13. Samantha Jones Says:

    They are both painting by the looks of it i work on ghost so i will find out over the week for you if u like email me at

  14. Samantha Jones Says:

    Thanks for the email i am finding out a bit more

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Badly faked!

  16. anonymous 123 Says:

    so fake bro…lol

  17. anonymous2 Says:


  18. Samantha Jones Again Says:

    I think now that the picture is defo faked its a complete diferent room!! on the corner on the left side on the first pic is more painting then on the other one there is only 1 my email is above so i would love to hear more

  19. Spook Scientist Says:


  20. Anonymous Says:


    Is just a doll, the anatomy looks nothing like a person!

  21. Nik Says:

    Definitely looks like action figures or printed off images to me. Certainly still creepy though!

  22. Carlos Says:

    i can create better ghosts in photoshop!!!

  23. Si Says:

    Cardboard cut out fake.

  24. Gu Says:

    É o Zé Pelintra!

  25. wee-mee Says:

    Ken or Lesbian Barbie

  26. Skeptic Says:

    Easily an out of focus doll. Just as easily the old double-exposure hoax.

  27. cazarez Says:

    why are your friends taking pics in random spots of the house?? It would be better if they pretended to take a pic of eachother and the ”ghost doll” would appear randomly..

  28. Straw Hat Says:

    Either your friends are having some fun with you or you are attempting to have some fun with us. Just say no to doll-wavers!

  29. OC Says:

    Ha ha!! Brilliant.

  30. Larry Fitzgerald Says:

    Are you stupid they are just action figures waving in front of the camera……………………….morons

  31. Danilo Says:

    Photoshop, esses ai envergonham o Brasil..uhauhua

  32. Person Says:

    Photoshop. Would they really be taking a picture of an empty corner if they didn’t intend to fool with it

  33. emerson Says:

    this is fake. I have also done something like this using camera effects.

  34. Crystal Says:

    These are definitely fake. One thing I always rely on with “ghost” photos is that often the background is some random room or scene that no one would normally bother to photograph. Why take random photos of a room that aren’t even centered? Fake, fake, fake.

  35. Yasmine Says:

    seriously, nobody wonders why that person was taking a picture of an empty space… like if you took away the “ghosts” it would just be a corner. WHAT POSSIBLY CAN YOU BE TAKING A PICTURE OF?!?!?!

    • Mitchell Says:

      excellent point! and one that should never be missed when looking at possible ghost photos – although these images – especially the second one are debunked before one even needs to go so far into an analysis, – the only weird thing is the ” action figure”why does this toy in the second image have an apricot bowtie around its head?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Venha ate a casa e tire fotps vc tvm. Ai veta c foi montagem ou c ah msm algo d paranormal la…

    • Anonymous Says:

      As fotos foram tiradas na casa toda e no terreno da casa. 3Dias antes um rapaz teria visto uma pessoa andando no terreno. Nos tiramos as fotos pq dizem q fantasmas nao sao visiveis a olho nu…. vc acreditando ou n n vai mudar o fato da imagem ser verdadeira.

  36. ELITE LUDWIG Says:


  37. Anonymous Says:

    holy shit they scared the crap out of me and i think is pissed my pants : ( (heh cowboys lol)

  38. beans Says:

    When i look at this picture, it gives me the creeps, goose bumps……………

  39. andy Says:

    lokks like tom hanks out of toy-story 2me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Shaggy Says:

    Brazilians must be very blurry people. They should focus more.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    the ghost is a fake! there is no way that is real

  42. swapnesh mishra Says:

    listen dont post such fake things ppl search dis fr sum real research

  43. Anthony Says:

    ‘I think the two people, who were in the house, are credible’. Oh dear, you would have to be absolutely sure to come to any kind of conclusion.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    i dnt find it useful

  45. Swapnesh Mishra Says:

    you can get such photos by shaking your camera or phone’s camera at the time of taking photos

  46. Swapnesh Mishra Says:

    so anthony bro this is not at all real

  47. jeff Says:

    Completely fabricated story and the photos are a joke. For the first photo, my question is why would someone be taking a picture (without a flash) of nothing but a dark corner? Because the people taking the pic without a flash knew the pic would look like this (long exposure) In the second pic, its clearly a young man/teen in the pic smiling. If they told you this is real, you might want to re-think who your friends are.

    • Anonymous Says:

      A foto foi tirada por um aparelho celular sem flash. C vc realmente soubesse algo saberia q a foto e real amigao…

  48. L. Says:

    What the heck am I looking at here?

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