“Would you be interested in the attached photographs? They were taken about 9 years ago. I was sitting in my parents sitting-room with their new jack russell puppy on my lap. I would be intrigued to know what you think.”



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75 Responses to “Awwwwww……aarrrgghhhhh”

  1. dwqs Says:


  2. Thomas Says:


  3. harry Says:

    apart from a dog and someone sitting next to it with a bad taste in shirts what are we looking for ?

  4. Kate Says:

    Can you not see a shrouded man????? To the right of the dog….. we think it looks like a mummified man!

    • Steve Says:

      Well you’re a fool. The more I look at the comments on this website, the more I’m shocked at the idiotic interpretations and peoples will to see something that isn’t there…

  5. Dave Says:

    it looks like John Lennon!!!!

  6. Suzi Says:

    It’s a face printed on the shoulder of someone’s shirt. Looks like 3 Stooges to me.

  7. chris Says:

    Looks like the Unibomber to me.

  8. johnny Says:


    It´s a shirt or something with a face printed on it!
    In the 1st photo you can clearly sse another face in the bottom of the gray tissue. In 2nd photo this face was hidden by the dog..

    • derekcsy Says:

      Agreed. That’s no ghost, that is a print of a person’s face on a piece of fabric, perhaps on the sleeve of a shirt or at the corner of a cushion cover. It looks kinda good actually…

    • Kate Says:

      There was noone else in the room – just my friend with dog on her lap and the photographer! The chair is greeny blue with orangey cushion! The house is very old and built on a graveyard – it has made us feel very strange since we saw the photos! We just can’t explain it as the head is so lifelike!

  9. Erik Says:

    To me this looks like a print on a pillow if you look down there is another face, Nice try though!

  10. Amy Says:

    it’s the print on the man next to her’s shirt! OMG people go way OTT with ghost pictures, its in no way convincing!

    • Owner of the photos Says:

      I promise these photos are genuine. I do not have the time, energy or technical expertise to try and fake something like this. Look at them again. In the first photo, we think he might be holding a dog/puppy similar to ours which is why he might have shown himself to us.


        Most amazing pic of a ghost dog that I’ve ever seen… And I’M an EXPRET!

  11. dave Says:

    its the ghost of Weird Al!!!!!!

  12. Jon Says:

    It is clothing or material from something in the room whether it is a person or a piece of furniture but to see the creases and the fact it has a shadow behind it means that it was effected by the flash!

  13. Michael Says:

    The flash has cast a shadow of this supposed mummified man, suggesting the object was actually there – whatever it was. My guess would be a curtain wrapped round a sink plunger with an old Halloween mask strapped to the top.
    Super cute puppy tho 🙂

  14. LEO DUTRA Says:

    Nice jacket, Jack

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I love the puppy. You could have said, BBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOO! and the ghost would have disappeared from the photo. Surely the dog would have been excited about someone sat by him.

  16. Guilherme (Brazil) Says:

    looks like the “ghost” from two posts ago

  17. dickcherry Says:

    the dog looks a bit scared. and they have a sense for the supernatural 🙂

  18. dave Says:

    its the sad face of the Linda Lou ghost. fell down the bog and could never get out. Told her to lay off the slimming tablets.

  19. Gary Says:

    It’s someone’s arm that is sleeved in a patterned material. The patterning looks like a distorted face. Cute dog.

  20. jdoxs Says:


  21. Duh Says:

    Pareidolia. Plain and Simple. It looks like celtic designs on the shirt.

  22. Katrina Says:

    People ask for opinions, there is no need to laugh at someone, and make jokes. Why not just state your opinion and move on.GEEZ

  23. Laurie McLellan Says:

    Neat picture! Has a sinister or dumb-founded expression. Likely an image from a cloth or a fabric. Man, but do I LOVE this picture.

  24. Nadira Says:

    Patterned shirt sleeve. My experiences have shown that spirits or “things that were not there originally” don’t cast shadows….

  25. colin Says:

    to me it looks like a scattercoushon to me looks like face at top and one on the bottom !!!

  26. pineapple Says:

    im more worried about why you would have a ghost in the first place

  27. Linda Connolly Says:

    Someones shirt. Or paradoilia

  28. Meejah Meejum Says:

    yup that’s real. very strange though. very…

  29. anonymous2 Says:

    He looks like a mummy with a micheal jackson head, but kind of a ghostly head

  30. Some bloke Says:

    I’m ginger 🙂

  31. Spook Scientist Says:

    That ‘ghost’ looks more like a lump of clay with a face in it. BTW that puppy is so cute!

  32. Tony Says:

    Hallo Hallo gov’ners! I zoomed way in on both pics. Someone said there was a face on the bottom of the first photo. There is, however it is not human, it is a dog or a cat. The facial expressions are different and it is very noticeable when zoomed in. When I zoomed in I saw detail that leads me to believe it is not fabric. Initially, however I thought it was a pillow.

  33. LMC Says:

    the puppy is cute… but there is no ghost it’s a shirt!

  34. wee-mee Says:

    My boyfriend has a shirt with a similar face on it.

    GOD..Where are the authentics!? Please?I’m new to this site,I want to see real piccies!

    Oh and a certain way you look at,it kinda looks like Hitler.:/

  35. anonymous Says:

    why would you waste a perfectly good slot in this website for that crap? geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ljove Says:

    It looks like Hitler’s face!

  37. шлюхи дешевые в москве Says:


  38. проститутки индивидуалки кемерово Says:


  39. kara Says:

    cute puppy

  40. Erkki Says:

    Why should Hitler appear on a t-shirt if not printed?

  41. Whispers Says:

    It is clearly someone’s sleeve.

  42. Erkkki Says:

    I don’t like puppies…

  43. STACY Says:


  44. clara jayne Says:

    not sure about this one it has a cast shadow behind it and fits with the photo perfectly, So it’s not photo shopped but i think like above it might be a t shirt design or a poster

  45. AllenL Says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING? It’s either a cushion or a shirt! And you know it! SO SO CRAP!

  46. Erkkki Says:

    As far as I can see, the ghost is a dog…

  47. Anonymous Says:

    For sure it’s the right arm and elbow of someone sitting next to the sitter, the “face” is just a pattern that somehow resembles “a face” on the shoulder of their shirt. (And why would anyone live in a house that was built on a cemetary.(Except of course unless they had seen “Poltergeist” And wanted to be haunted!!!!!

  48. Says:

    ~ since when have you seen a print on a shirt fabric change facial expressinn????
    come on, it’s clearly a “gost”.
    ~as for the puppy not seemingly aware…the puppy must have been living with the gost all along, and think nothing of its presance at that time…

  49. Person Says:

    This is terribly done. Get real. And by the way “gost”??? IT’s GHOST!!!!

  50. sonal Says:

    animals especially dogs& cats have the ability to see ghosts , if in this photo the ghost was present aside then the puppy must be able to sense and indicate the presence of ghost in vicinity by barking or through crying behaviour.

  51. Deb/Boston Says:

    Lol just looks like an ugly shirt…

  52. bmackx Says:

    most definitely Rodney from Only Fools and Horses!

  53. Shaggy Says:

    This photo is very interesting to me. Look how the dog is embarrassed.

  54. Jools Munday Says:

    you can clearly see that this is a portion of someones shoulder/arm.Looks to me as if the rest of this ghost/person with a bad taste in shirts has obscured from the photo to make it ‘look’ like its a spook.If that is a ghost then I am a dutchman.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    I think that that some one went to a Halloween store and just sat it there

  56. Enfys Says:


  57. Enfys Says:

    harry look at the dogs eyes and the man sitting next to the dog

  58. Anonymous Says:

    it has a shadow in the first picture

  59. L. Says:

    This one’s almost as bad as the Brazil Ghosts . . . almost.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    ITs created by the blanket

  61. Clyde Barrow Says:

    Arrrrg, it’s Hitler on a pillow

  62. Davey Says:

    It is clearly a t-shirt as most on here have said, and Johnny is right that you can see another face in the first pic. There is nothing here people.

  63. Ayaz Says:

    This all photos are totally Fake. never any ghost photo existed…?

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