A night out with the girls

“We have a picture of a staff Christmas party taken over a year ago. There was no one to the right of the girls when it was taken, it’s pretty freaky and I am not too sure if it’s an over exposure of one of the girls. I thought you should have a look anyway. if you zoom in on the right of the girl you can see the girls face. It would be interesting to find out more.”


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54 Responses to “A night out with the girls”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Night-time shooting mode, long exposure and movement.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It is not one of the girls. If you look carefully, you can see the person has a parting in her hair, also she looks like she is holding an orange juice.

  3. Jammy Says:

    Looks like someone tried to jump into the picture behind the two girls at the last second and ended up all blurry.

  4. monkey boy Says:

    in the industry we call this motion blur. EG. the girl on the right sneezed just when the picture was taken. nice attempt tho. also nice girls.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    There was NO ONE behind her, and she didnt sneeze!

  6. DG Says:

    I was there and there was certainly no sneezing, and directly behind is a wall, there no one jumping in the picture otherwise the girls would have turned to face the person jumping in. the image doesnt even look like any of the girls in our group. certainly a mystery.


      I was there, too- the girls were in an hermetically sealed glass box, with no doors… so NOBODY jumped into the picture. And the two girls don’t suffer from allergies and took Benadryl anyway, so there was no sneezing.
      It’s REAL!

      • Stijn Maertens Says:

        Partying in a sealed glass box with no doors? Yeah right! You weren’t there (nicknames and abbreviations can’t state stuff like that). The only thing REAL here is this motion-blurred person (not ghost).

  7. monkey boy Says:

    OK fine- but it could be either. however, lets face it. Ive seen millions of motion blur shots in my career. And call me cynical but its a little more likely it is motion blur than a supernatural creature from another world/dimension/the afterlife.

    motion blur. NEXT!

  8. LEO DUTRA Says:

    Oh my!

    Look at that!


    They are hot. Uhh shawnties.

  9. Bexy Says:

    i have to admit but this is definatly a fake. it’s clear that the girl moved just as the picture was taken. X

  10. Peter Says:

    Maybe a motion blur, maybe not. What strikes me, however, is that the figure to the right of those girls seems to have blond hair and her head appears to be tilted forward a little. Furthermore, her face is broader and flatter, making her look much older, to my mind, than those girls sitting next to her.
    That said, I still don’t know what to think. Buit I am intrigued…

  11. dickchery Says:

    This would have to be the LAMEST excuse for a ghost photo ever foisted on the public.

  12. Margaret Says:

    I don’t think it is a ghost. I think it is some kind of exposure problem on the photo. If you look above the head of the third girl on the right you can see the corner of the wall behind which is a repeat of the corner of the wall that is behind the second girl to the right of the photo.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Just to make you all aware, this was taken on a phone. Not sure if that helpa regarding focus etc….

    • Stargate Says:

      Don’t phones usually pause before they take the photo? Mine does, there’d be time for someone to jump in or out of shot …

      • bbyckes Says:

        i agreed with these conclusion too, i mean its too obvios some girl jumped n or out the fuckin picture. this is gay to think its a ghost you can see the bodyy of the what is call ghost its girl people.!

  14. Martin Says:

    I need to interview the subjects to see if they recall anything. Can I have the phone number of the girl on the left please ?

    • Robert Says:

      you’re so pathetic… but whilst you are at it, I might as well interview the living girl on the right, just to make the investigation fair =D

  15. Dave Says:

    I was gonna say that…girl on the left is hot…

  16. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Fast-moving real person and a crappy camera.

  17. Katie Says:

    If the person wasn’t meant to be in the photo and was in fact a “ghost”, why is the camera at such an angle as if it were meant to include them? It’s just one of your mates who moved when you took a photo.

  18. kit Says:

    silly photo

  19. theme Says:

    hey, doesn’t the ghost have sleeves while both the girls are sleeveless? motion blur? o.O

  20. theme Says:

    do people sneeze like that?

  21. terry Says:

    Hey! I know that girl. Use to date her Momma some time ago.

  22. monkey boy Says:

    camera phones still have shutters. MOTION BLUR. Dont argue with me im a pro. i make my living out of photography. one on left is hotter, btw.


  23. ella Says:

    HAHAHHAHA third girl ppl
    she moved and thats what happend

  24. anonymous2 Says:

    I have no idea what happened.

  25. Angela Says:

    My phone camera is terrible for motion blur and it is one of the better ones! 5 megapixels too which aint’ too bad for a camera on a phone.

    if someone moves even slightly while the shutter is going, you get loads of “ghostly” images

    trust me, i have about 100 of them šŸ™‚

  26. angela Says:

    oh and there are such things as “Photo Bombers” google it šŸ˜‰

  27. Spook Scientist Says:

    That girl was moving.

  28. Si Says:

    Truly pathetic.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I have loads of pics like that from nights out,the “photographer” was probably drunk and the (wants attention)”ghost” jumped into the frame

  30. anonymous Says:

    come on dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you have that much to drink?

  31. Straw Hat Says:

    You have two choices here.

    1. Believe the submitter – “Guys I’m telling you there were only two people in that photo!”
    2. Believe that there is a ghost in the photo. Of course, then you also have to believe that the photographer has no skills, as then subjects are too far to the left of the frame.

    This is not an example of a believable picture of something paranormal.

  32. Keith Says:

    Who were your favorite relatives?

  33. Kingsley Says:

    The girls are extremely hot šŸ™‚

  34. Brent Says:

    I have be into the paranormal for about 35 years and photography for about as long. On this one I would say real. Motion blur can cause some interesting photos, but for not one single part of the blur subject not to be in focus is very rare. Also. look at the girl on the right. On her left arm just above her elbow is the hair of the “ghost”, same color and almost transparent. The girl on the right has much shorter hair, it is very dark, not curly and her hair is in front of her shoulders, not hanging down her arm.

    And for me, the girl on the left is cute. šŸ˜‰

  35. Diana Says:

    It looks almost like me. If I’d know thease girls or hang out whit them, Id say it’s me. But I don’t. Weard. =S

  36. Danilo Says:

    3 girls, haven’t ghost

  37. Person Says:

    Clearly a third person in the room

  38. Interesting Says:

    Looks a lot like the server to me. The person looks like they were moving to try and get out of the shot (def something a server would do) Almost looks like shes grabbin at the glass (to refill it , clean it, ???) I know they said there was no one else, but maybe they didnt the person (and the person was trying not to be noticed!) IDK just a thought…I do believe in ghosts, so not saying this couldnt be one, like everyone else just postin an opinion.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like the image of a Babushka to me!

  40. Shaggy Says:

    That’s a weird click. The chubby one does not seem to fit in with the cool kids.

  41. new york dude Says:

    that is defenatly fake

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Is this for real?
    It’s blatantly someone who has tried to jump into the shot.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s a ghost. Her hair is without style, no Friday night going out with the girls “look ” she is eerily displaced. Ghost, why not. The girls seem totally unaware of her…..

  44. Clyde Barrow Says:

    Can I have the phone number of the girl on the left? =)

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