Matt’s head

“This photo was taken on a road trip in Canada,with a digital camera,the people on the trip included my nephew stopped off after a days driving.they don’t know who the head is,they were in the middle of nowhere,we call it Matt and the head.”


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66 Responses to “Matt’s head”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Kind of looks like Matt without his glasses on. The figures eye looks a bit odd…

  2. Sky Says:

    It looks like a doppelganger to me, rather than a ghost.

  3. Belinda Says:

    Looks like a paper mask, left in the corner (there are white cardboard sides for threading elastic/string through if you look closely) Not a ghost anyway.

  4. Claudia Says:

    Give me a break! Of course it is not a ghost.
    It is the same guy. Sorry, but your attempt did not work.

  5. harry Says:

    what’s with the handle on the shovel – did you forget to retouch that back in properly as well

  6. Dave Says:

    It looks like a mask of some description or a photoshop special. Don’t really get your story. Did they stop at a random house or bar or was it someone they know? To be honest the shelf looks covered in random stuff so it’s not unlikely that there was some kind of Halloween mask on there.

  7. holly Says:

    It just looks like his reflection, I don’t buy this

    • Anonymous Says:

      it cant be a reflection because the head is facing the other way, i still thing its fake though

  8. EndAll Says:

    I agree, I’m calling bullshit. Shopped.

  9. EndAll Says:

    A larger picture would be great, if the sender has one.. just to see more clearly whether it was manipulated at all.

  10. gabriel Says:

    acontecimento sobrenatural

  11. Nexus_Magic Says:

    Are they serious, is this serious? It looks like someone who just got into photoshop and tried and failed to make something spooky.

  12. MikeyD Says:

    Surely the question is not whether this is Photoshopped / fake, but IF this is genuine, what is actually happening here?
    As soon as you declare this photo a fake, then all thought stops and you can move on to the next thing. What’s wrong with applying a bit more thought to this?
    Do cameras pick up on things that we habitually screen out?
    Is this a thought form?
    Is this another entity?
    If this IS a fake, then fine – move on,but I have seen many pictures like this (this is not the only website of this kind on the net) and I’d rather use it to generate more thought – not close it down.
    For me, the jury is still out – I don’t know what this picture shows, and I’m happy to consider that it’s something that doesn’t fit with perceived reality, and to postulate about what it might be.
    Is that not what Science is based on?
    It might interest you to know that it took the British Navy 75 years to introduce citrus fruits to ships to prevent scurvy. The discovery was made and proven, but it took all that time to convince the sceptics that it worked and to implement the preventative measures. Closed minds are the greatest barrier to progress we have.

    • sb Says:

      You can easily test if citrus fruits prevent scurvy, but ghost phenomena cannot be systematically reproduced. If they would be, we wouldn’t be looking at blurry pictures like this one (and all the others you feed your imagination with). So a skeptic has some reason to be skeptical.

      > I’m happy to consider that it’s something that doesn’t fit with perceived reality, and to postulate about what it might be. Is that not what Science is based on?

      No, that’s just one part of it: formulating a hypothesis. Next comes the critical step: attempts to falsify the hypothesis, with experiment and rational thought.

  13. EndAll Says:

    If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out. I’d like to see the original… larger, so I can zoom in on that head.

  14. lawfool Says:

    Nice try dude lol… and all of you that are giving him crap, dont you see that he is messing with you! eek

  15. Niraja Says:

    WELL , NOW LOOK HERE. IT’S EASY – VERY EASY TO CREATE SUCH A PHOTO USING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, EVEN MS PAINT WILL DO THE TRICK! But this can be true. what i cant Understand is that the head is simillar to Matt’s head.

  16. juliane Says:

    que ridiculo, logico q é uma cabeça de papel né

  17. anna Says:

    LOL that is the most dodgy attempt at photoshop i have seen so far !

  18. Craig Says:

    I love how you’ve said “I dont know who the head is” its so blantently a photoshop matt its uncanny. Although it could have been an extact mini version of matt lurking behind the sofa waiting to beat him round the head with his wooden club.

  19. Debbi Says:

    This is so weird! It looks like Matt without his glasses. It seems to be staring at the camera. It is on the lower part of the bookshelf. If it was a digital you would think that they would have caught it after they took the picture. Very strange!!

  20. Erik Says:

    What is matt planning to do with that shovel???

  21. Erik Says:

    What is the captain planning to do with that shovel???

  22. CristinaK Says:

    I have to agree that the head looks rather like Matt too, look at the hairline at the temples…so if this is not a doppelganger of Matt or double exposure, it is probably photoshopped….

  23. CristinaK Says:

    I’ve just had a closer look, the head is actually done well if Photoshopped..
    If this image is real – what are those white patches around the head, roughly behind the ears on both sides and seemingly coming from the right eye as you look at the head – electoplasm ??
    If not…bad extraction process….!!

  24. Harry Knockers Says:

    What’s creepier is the two guys sitting cross legged. I mean, who does that???

  25. monkey boy Says:

    if you ask me (and I run a photoshop studio) if its photoshop its not incredibly easy to create- you gotta get all the lighting and levels looking even and consistent.

    also with the contrast there would be inconsistencies unless the person was trying to reverse engineer it after the layers were reconciled to make it look like it was innocently constructed. if they did that there would be tell tail signs for example some of the tones would be missing

    youd need the original theres no point in looking at 20K jpeg and trying to decipher it

    the small sample provided spooked me out anyway and im pretty much as expert as your gonna get

  26. ems Says:

    It could be the ghost of a twin that died in the womb coming back to say hello.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Bit solid for a ghost. It could be that they are as thick as each other. Also they think we are thick for believing this story.

  28. G.P.S.arwen Says:

    Whatever it is in that shelf, i am quite sure that this pic wasn´t photoshopped.
    What puzzles me is, that a digital camera was used. It would be nice to know which one. If it would have been analog camera, i would have guessed double exposure.

    LOL one could really think the worst looking at that pic…. the head looks quite dead, even with a bit of a black eye. Looks as if they were having a break in between getting rid of the evidence. With a nice subtitle this pic could be really funny.

    Anyway, I don´t know what to make of it, so i vote for uncertain.

  29. Belinda Says:

    GPS.. have you ever seen cardboard masks? For instance, like the one made on Coronation Street for Tony’s stag night ? or similar types made at some of the British Museums to represent Queens and Kings of England?

    … in this case it looks like Matt had a cardboard mask made of himself….

  30. ZeroCorpse Says:

    It’s a mask, mirror or photo in the background.

  31. Gullible Says:

    I’ts ELVIS! The King LIVES!

    Seriously .. mirror his head, do a bit of editing to remove the glasses (is why the eyes look funky), cut a hole, slide the edited head behind the hole in the layer below. Merge, post. See? You can be a photoshop expert too!

  32. monkey boy Says:

    merge???? i challenge you to do what you just said, gullible and make it seemless.

    do it, then post it. please. photoshop expert. please post me your easily faked pic.

    we are all waiting..

  33. Helder Says:

    Man, it’s “science of ghosts” not “science of papper MAsks”

  34. Laurie McLellan Says:

    NOT a ghost but an interesting photo notwithstanding. Faked or not, the image clearly appears too “physical” rather than ethereal in nature to be a spectre.

  35. pineapple Says:


  36. monkey boy Says:

    again, how the hell do you know what a supernatural thing is supposed to look like? they technically don’t exist. so your only working on your own opinion, what you WANT to see. the way you perceive ghosts would have been made up over the years by books, TV shows, folklore and movies, not actual first hand experience. in another pic a guy said well a ghost must have a white face because when you die your face goes white because of the lack of blood circulating. white also represents fear and people are afraid of ghosts. surely a ghost could be any colour, size, shape you need to have an open mind about these things or there is no point in looking at them. a ghost isnt necessarily going to be a see through dude in a white sheet, or an ‘orb’ or any other generic convention in peoples minds, it could look like absolutely anything

  37. Mia Says:

    I say that head is from someone else. See the laptop next to matt’s knee? Yep, in my opinion someone else was there on their pc and the person who took the picture said “SMILE!” and pc man turned around and looked. Maybe it’s Matt’s twin! Ask Matt if he has a twin, or even just a brother. Anyways. I bet matt’s photographer said “COOL ,look at the guy’s head, looks weird, let’s put it on the site!”. And there you go.~All done.

  38. Mia Says:

    P.s.-If it was photoshopped, that head doesn’t come form a copy of Matts head. Look at the hair cut, Matt has a little curv, the head doesn’t. I prefer Matt’s hair cut ^^

  39. jason Says:

    i think you done a doble exporshre and the matt’s head is just a living person not a ghost

  40. Anonymous Says:

    it’s a burglar sneaking behind sofa xD

  41. anonymous2 Says:

    It looks like a picture of him with uot his glasses on cut and pasted on the picture litterally

  42. Cal Says:

    Thats a very nice room for “the middle of nowhere on a road trip” too.

    I call shopped or mask.

  43. Rick Says:

    He’s a head collector … com’on … I could do that better

  44. LMC Says:

    was there something on the shelf behind him? I think it’s a mask made by a talented artist lol. no ghost!

  45. Holly Says:

    As soon as I saw this picture I knew it was the same guy’s head. I say mask or bad photoshop job.

  46. Gerda Says:

    Nice one,but photoshopped, and its the same guy.
    I want to say something that I read many times here. It has absolutly nothing to do with what kind of camera it is. It has nothing to to do with a digital camera or just and old camera non digital. It could have happend with a very very very old camera as well.
    I had many camera’s non digital and old ones and if something want to apear it will nomatter what kind of camera it is. This is not a real one but photoshop. If this was a real one he must have a had a twin brother with humor who died and wanted to joke around.

  47. doomed Says:

    just looks like some guy sitting on the floor next to the chair.

  48. ராம்கி Says:

    அது ஒரு குடிகார நாய்.. that’s i thought about that

  49. captain obvious Says:

    Matt was traveling through Canada with all of the crap in his den!?!? He looks awfully comfy in his lazy-boy, in the middle of nowhere!

  50. texan Says:

    I know that cat!
    The head is Craig Owens!

  51. CSI Says:

    Just another photo of a serial killer after a hard day of head-huntin’.

  52. Erkki Says:

    This is simply a headphone stand.

  53. Danilo Says:

    paint montage..uhahahahhaa

  54. Axiel Says:

    I agree, very photoshopped very badly indeed!

    I have studied many photos such as this and despite some being the legitimate article this one is like many a complete fraud. When will people realise that fakery does not work.

    I have pictures taken by my girlfriend Sammy and I, to see them view http://www.spiritsandghosts/

    One or two of the website pics will be up on here shortly.


  55. Person Says:

    HAHA clearly a drunk friend.

  56. mowza Says:

    haha its called matt because its matt le blanc the head

  57. Shaggy Says:

    At least this man drink’s Miller Lite. But two of them is too much.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    WOW! u have GOT to be joking

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like someone photoshopped a face over a white ornament which you can blatantly see.

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