Train Ghost

“i’d like t sumbit a photo re ‘ghost’ photograph project. I found an article in Metro paper last week and thought of a photo taken in 2007. Me and me wife were traveling from Lhasa to Beijing on the high altitude train.Photo was taken from inside the train that run at about 80-100km/h speed at that time.

It was well above 4000m altitude somewhere at Qinghai plateau in China.I wasn’t looking much outside the window just wanted to take a panorama photo,surely when taking the photo i didn’t see the man from the photo standing where he appears on the picture.I think that would be rather impossible for anybody to stand there as the man would be then 1-2 meters from the running train.defenitely we felt spooky afterwards.”


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24 Responses to “Train Ghost”

  1. Alex Pryce Says:

    I think its quite obviously someone on standing there. Probably a rail employee. Rememebr people working on the railroads are going to be a lot more comfortable being close to the train.

    The reason he’s in shadow is because of the position of the sun, its coming from behind him and so his front is cast in shadow.

  2. Sam Ting Says:

    Maybe it’s the guy thatposes for wedding cakes?

  3. Michelle Says:

    looks to me like a cardboard cut out

  4. Colin Says:

    It’s simply Darth Vader taking a leak on his holidays.

  5. Sandra Says:

    Maybe a statue

  6. Shayalon Says:

    The elevated train on which you were riding has a platform that runs alongside with little “balconies” jutting out occasionally.

    You can see the platforms in this photo.

    Though at first I thought the photo was fake, I now believe that it’s just a person standing on the platform alongside the train. Your assumption that it would be impossible for a person to stand there is apparently untrue, because look…someone is.. or just some wandering person. Obviously the little nook is placed there for the purpose of someone standing on it.

    No ghost. No mystery…

  7. daidai Says:

    Hi.I wish to reprint the article that you personally, what I mean is that you put after the release of the article reprinted and translated into Chinese, see:,Do you agree?

  8. michal Says:

    Hi All,

    thanks for commenting

    you can see photo crop here:

    i can agree it could be just a person standing there,surely

    i think you can download above and have a look closer in photoshop or similar application,

    do you see foot of this man,to me it points towards “7pm” if it is so shouldn’t be the man facing the train?

    i’m not trying to convince anybody was just curious of differet comments or views

  9. karina Says:

    Eu não vi nenhum fantasma na foto!!

  10. hey Says:


  11. Anthony Lealand Says:

    Thats typical of China. I saw a a grandma and baby stopped for a sitdown on a bridge with the traffic wizzing past about 300 mm away. Sights like that were common all over China. Even a hole cut in the side of a motorway concrete wall to let a tractor on the motorway. Just crazy stuff.

  12. David Buck Says:

    Looks to me like the silloette of a coke bottle with the lid not screwed on properly. so is much closer to the photographer than a figure in the distance.

  13. Dave Says:

    Have to agree with David Buck in that this looks like an optical illusion. The figure appears to be standing a lot further down the train that it actually is. To me this looks like some kind of fitting on the train, zooming right into to it suggests to me that it may be some kind of light. If the ‘figure’ is facing away from the camera then its right arm would be the edge of the lens of the light and its head would be some kind of bulb holder or relay. It would obviously need to be positioned on outriggers from the train to enable it to be clearly visible.

  14. ZeroCorpse Says:

    You don’t remember him, but there he is.

    No, really. There he is. A man.

    Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean it’s a ghost. Your memory being faulty is a far better explanation than a ghost standing in your picture. It’s just a man who you didn’t notice.

  15. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x Says:

    It looks like a man enjoying the snow with a top hat on lolz

  16. jason Says:

    well i can’t see it

  17. sb Says:

    Why would it be impossible for a man to stand 1-2 metres from a running train?

  18. Spook Scientist Says:

    It’s not totally convincing.

  19. Straw Hat Says:

    The fact that you would rather believe that this is a ghost instead of a person that you didn’t notice before says everything about you (and does nothing to prove the existence of ghosts.)

  20. Gerda Says:

    I could have been a ghost appearence why not? If this is a hoax then it is so, and they should have looked further on this photo if this was so.
    But ghosts do appear thats a fact. You can believe in it or not. Most sceptic persons do react on these things because they do believe in it somehow,but never would come forward to admit this. They rather wave it goodbuy to storyland.While they do noticing things themselfs sometimes. And there people who realy dont believe that this exixt.
    It could have been a man standing there and you didn’t see it before,but it might as well could be a ghost . Sometimes people take pics and just focused on other things and do not notice something else. Thats also a possibility. By the way I do not see a man in this photo though more woman like figure with a coat on and a hat on. Whatever it is the owner knows best.

  21. Phillipa Says:

    Along with Anthony Lealand I’ve travelled throughout China (I assume he has too) and agree that this is a common occurrence out there. Looking at the man closer (or female for that matter), they seem to be wearing the usual Chinese cold weather clobber, being a long coat and a russian looking hat (I still own mine and wear them on cold winter days in north england).
    So to me it’s just a man =)

  22. Danilo Says:

    Pq o fantasma ta com roupa de frio na neve.. pq ela ta com frio!!! FAKE!!!!

  23. Anonymous Says:


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