Ghost in window

“My husband and I visited Witley Court a couple of years ago and when looking over our pictures we found the following image. It is important to note that there are NO floors in this building because they were completely destroyed by a fire. It was a very overcast day and actually down poured not long after this picture was taken. I have shown it around and have never told people what is in the upstairs alcove, they have always found it themselves. The English Heritage staff at Witley Court felt that it was light reflections off my SLR camera. No one else is convinced by their comments”



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38 Responses to “Ghost in window”

  1. planoaddlct Says:

    Sweet! That’s a very convincing ghost. But what if it’s just a cardboard copy of a priest hidden eerily in a castle?

  2. Shayalon Says:

    It’s a reflection. It’s not a reflection of your SLR camera. Either the person didn’t know what they were talking about or you misunderstood them. It’s a light reflection…

    Your assumption that the lack of floors in the building would invalidate the idea of it being anything other than a ghost is simply incorrect, since light doesn’t require floors to stand upon and it’s OBVIOUSLY light. It might resemble a cartoonish Disneyesque figure, but that’s called pareidolia.

    There is no reason to believe otherwise.

  3. Vicky Says:

    Totally agree with Shayalon and Jon. Light reflected from the wall – especially since you can see that this building has no roof and light is flooding in and bouncing from the walls, reflecting out.

  4. Wil.E.Coyote Says:

    This is a very convincing image, at first glance! If you examine the whole of the photo however you can easily see that there is very bright light falling at an acute angle from the right. The shadows on the protruding small butresse at ground level show the angle of the sun along with the brighter broad patches of light on the driveway.

    I magnified the downstairs window directly below the image in question and you can clearly see a line of colour that matches the colour of the upstairs image, this implies that the colour of the stone inside the building is being illuminated by the sun and creating the ‘Ghost’.

    Sorry but not supernatural but a very unusual photo for all to enjoy.

  5. keet Says:

    try pointing your camera towards the sun, (not directly at it and dont look through the view finder) and you’ll see on the photo that similar things appear. the ghostly image here is reflected light rays from some reflective surface, possibly a window, shining onto the camera film/sensor.

  6. Shayalon Says:

    Actually, I think that it’s unlikely that a camera reflection would situate itself in precisely that position. Plus a portion of the reflection is blocked by the door. I think that it’s just a reflection of the sun off of some shiny object, possibly an intact window, or even just a piece of glass.

    I think the submitter is also implying that it can’t be a reflection because it’s an overcast day, but clearly the sun is shining on the ground and on the building.

  7. Daz Says:

    I like it, it looks even better magnified .

  8. Nexus_Magic Says:

    It is obvious now that I look at it closer the building appears to have brick on the inside walls or some other wall that is red. Any way the red body of the figure is actually a depth illusion caused by shadows and light if you look past the fiure you will clearly see the body is just red rock.

    Seeing that the shadows are moving away and to the left of the camera explains why there is a face. The light is being blocked by the wall and coming through the window or possibly a part of the roof that is still there. The light is projected onto the wall and looks like a face because we are looking for a face.

    If you look at the whole picture you will see that my above analysis is very true.

  9. BRIAN Says:

    its just sunlight

  10. Jobless Col Says:

    i believe this to be very genuine! Well done!

  11. Belinda Says:

    Agree with nearly everyone, sunlight I’m afraid. Brick in sunlight.

  12. Dave Says:

    Yep, definately brick in sunlight. The left hand opening on the front of the building probably being the source, hence the shape of the ‘ghost’. The image was quite clearly taken on a sunny day, hence the foreground shadows from buildings situated behind the picture taker and as such would conclude that the pale colours and apparent lack of light suggest that the white balance on the camera was set incorrectly or that the hue/saturation have been altered in post.

  13. Jack Says:

    these theories seem so logical but just think of the coincidences. It makes you wonder…

  14. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Light reflection on back wall.

  15. Joe Havelock Says:


  16. Katie Says:

    Heh, it’s just light shining on the wall.

  17. Spook Scientist Says:

    It looks kind of like a Pharoh. Or an Ancient Egyptian god.

  18. bozvandam Says:

    Yep this is just a perfectly normal photo of Witley Court. I regularly visit Witley (to photograph the fountain) and can attest that the interior is mostly brickwork. It’s a ‘normal’ photograph of brick through a stone window. No more, no less.

  19. LMC Says:

    interesting… but I think it’s a reflection. pretty pic

  20. Midge Says:

    Although stated that it was very overcast, there does appear to be shadows on the ground. As this photo is of the north end of the east wing, it’s possible an afternoon sun could be on the far(east)wall. The grey shape which forms the left of the image is a damaged shutter still hanging. Still a very atmospheric photo!

  21. Midge Says:

    I don’t think it’s real though!

  22. rebecca Says:

    i wouldn`t be suprised if that turned up in the photo because there has been sightings so to all of you that said it`s not true. GO TO WITLEY COURT!!!!!!!XXX

  23. kitty Says:


  24. Gerda Says:

    Never been there but England is famous because of many ghost buildings castle or houses. There was a fire in 1937 and the only thing that was restored was the ground and the fountains. One wing was gutttered by the fire while the rest was almost in tact afther this,but insurence would not pay so I think thats why they left. I think its wonderful to walk there. about a appearence in the upstairs alcove. Well I dont think its a flash light or a light that plays tricks. The one with what looks to have an eye looks like that creepy doll puppet Chucky in the scary horror movie .
    But It looks like there more faces in that sort of window althought you can never be 100% sure ofcourse.
    Did people died there in the fire? Or are there more who lived or died there? Has it to do with the war? Maby best to search for the total history of this. Anyway the one still looks like that Chucky puppet to me give me the creeps.

  25. Sammy Says:

    Very interesting picture but i agree everyone else. Its obv a light effect.

  26. Steve Says:

    Why am I putting myself through the pain of looking at idiots photographs. Idiots may be a bit strong, but certainly disillusioned, gullible, impressionable easily led and perhaps simple minded could be used.

    Not a single one is convincing… Thank you and good night! Actually, I take back the thank you.

  27. carlybunn Says:

    I visited Witley Court with two friends , at around 1am the bell rung on its own, and apprently it happens every hour on the hour. is this true and why? thanks.

  28. rebekah bobrek Says:

    if you look in the close up picture you can clearly tell that it looks like a woman with a hat but thats my opinion

  29. joanne griffin Says:

    yes yes i believe and a woman looks like holding a candle,maybe she accidently started the fire and still checks the place out now and then.Lady JANE GREY i,m led to understand,and why shoud,nt she although im glad she never when i worked there all night on the security.

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  31. Addison Miller Says:

    it looks very demonic to me it has red eyes

  32. Cassieanne Says:

    Loads of people are saying its a reflection, but with a face? I don’t know, but its not a person because there is no floors to get up there… , although everyone has there own point of view 😉

  33. Joanna Randall Says:

    I spent many times at Witley Court at night when I was a teenager. We could explore the whole place back then as it had been left as a ruin. I had quite a few ghostly experiences & was left absolutely terrified twice. One night I clearly saw a greyish-coloured lady in one of the top windows. There were no floors or steps, just an outer wall so it was physically impossible for anyone to be at the window. It was dark at the time. This place has a lot of spiritual activity. I have never forgotten what I experienced there. Some of you say it is “obviously” light but I just can’t see that. It could very possibly be a figure. We will never know but I don’t understand how some of you can speak so adamantly about something so unclear. I do know that non- believers will convince themselves of anything in order to deny something they can’t accept. Let’s be a bit more open, folks. There’s a hell of a lot of stuff out there we don’ t know about or which can’t be explained…

  34. Robbie Manning Says:

    That’s a ghost also what’s very spooky is she’s holding a candle and there appears to be a painting on the wall go her left?

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