Sky News Covers Hauntings

Thought you might like to see a clip of Prof Wiseman on Sky News talking about our initial results on a very cold day in Scotland…..

18 Responses to “Sky News Covers Hauntings”

  1. Deep Says:

    Thank you for posting!

    I’m inching with curiosity to find out what Prof Wiseman finds inside that castle window… are there any more videos in the pipeline?

  2. Sandra Says:

    Thank you Prof Wiseman!

  3. Sam Ting Says:

    This might be the proof we need to renounce Paul Lynd as the original celeb. in the center square.

  4. Cly Says:

    Nonsense. Get image experts in before claiming it ‘puzzling’, a so called Professor should have more sense than that. It’s called peer review, basic scientific process.

  5. Luke T. Says:

    If you look at the castle ghost’s face and period costume, they look just like the same craggy rocks that are well lit on the castle. What you are seeing is not a ghost, but sunlight pouring through a hole in the wall and illuminating the wall inside the hole.

    Just go in the castle up to that window and you will find a hole in the wall. When the sun is at the same angle as it is in the photo, stand at the same place as the photo was taken and presto, no more ghost!

  6. DrMatt Says:

    Actually, the “castle ghost” looks like the scarecrow in the movie “Wizard of Oz.”

  7. DrMatt Says:

    But the more I lok at it, the more I’m convinced it’s a back window of the chamber making a pareidolia effect, exactly as Luke T said.

  8. Vicky Says:

    We heard from picture experts who said that this is authentic and has not been altered in anyway – but its important to note that former “authentic” ghost pictures of the past (deemed by so-called picture experts) we have now found to be faked.

    Personally, I don’t think it pareidolia effect – face and clothing is too pronounced.
    Also, I don’t think it was altered but looks like someone was up there. Perhaps a tourist looking around or Emily Howard from Little Britain… Sorry, could not resist!

  9. Gillian Says:

    Is it possible that the image of the ghost is in fact a painting/portrait?

    The man, especially his face, has a very ‘flat’ quality about him, with the shadow of the bar across his nose/eyes seeming to fall flat onto a seemingly flat surface. Very strange, given that the other shadows within in the mans face are at angles. They just don’t look right. Also, the area immediately to the lower right of the man (where his bent left arm would be, to the left of the VERY bright area) seems to be lighter than his other immediate background surroundings, which are pitch black. Perhaps this is the light reflecting off a painting’s background?

    Perhaps someone in the castle was moving a painting at the time, or somebody else was playing a practical joke! It just looks very much like a painting in the photograph to me! 🙂

  10. Anonymous Says:

    o veiii…coloca issu em portugues ai namoral….ingles eh foda pra intender….

  11. bshistorian Says:

    My first thought was that this is simply a visitor whose appearance is slightly altered by the metal grid she/he is standing behind. Is there any reason why this should not be the case?

  12. Sophie Says:

    I’m really skeptical about ghosts and i’ve always said to myself that i’d have to see one to believe in one.
    So correct me if i’m wrong or sound silly in any way… but why is the ghost in colour? That’s what makes me not believe

  13. Lonounjut Says:

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  14. pineapple Says:

    looks like michael jackson

  15. LMC Says:

    what ever it is it’s a cool picture… I loved the news cast and covering it. keep up the good work Prof. Wiseman!

  16. Diana Says:

    I don’t agree about the last photo. You all sow just one gohst. I see hundreds of them! Just look at all shadows in the photo.

  17. Deb/Boston Says:

    That stinks, videos gone… obviously for a reason.

  18. meclick Says:


    […]Sky News Covers Hauntings « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

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