Ghost on pier

“I have taken this photograph in Hastings in 2006, September. I would like you to take a look at the far distance pier where it’s visible a white silhouette. At first I did not notice the white figure as my intent was to photograph the boat. When a friend pointed out to me, I thought that it had to be a person but then I realised that it would be impossible to jump the distance, which separates the two piers.

I would like to know what people think. The picture has been taken with a Pentax P50.

I have cut the photograph so that you can zoom in and see the white figure more clearly.”



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70 Responses to “Ghost on pier”

  1. Pam Herbert Says:

    The figure is blocking the horizon line so it seems to be solid. There is a shadow on its left side (assuming that it is facing the photographer) underneath the white area that could be its left arm. It’d be rather odd for someone to swim out there in a long white robe though.

    My other more esoteric thought is that you caught a guardian spirit or what some would call an angel in the photo. Or perhaps a spirit of one who died on the pier.

  2. knivar Says:

    jesus with a dark purse

  3. Laura Says:

    Probably a boey (sp?) in the distance

  4. Carrie-Natassja Says:

    that is actually a really good picture, i cant explain it, it cant be the lighting or ne thing like that and its not a ‘living’ person and its not photoshopped so i dont know, but i do belive in ghosts becoz i see them and i dont want to see them they scare the hell out of me so i would say this is a geniun picture

    • jinxfactory Says:

      If you don’t want to see ghost pics then why scout around these pages? Oh yeah, cause the’re mostly fake…..

  5. David Says:

    I find it interesting that people would rather believe this is the disembodied spirit of a dead person, a guardian spirit or an angel, rather than some bloke standing on a pier. I can come up with far simpler explanations for how somebody might come to be standing on a difficult-to-access pier than I can for how a supernatural being might materialise into a photo.

    • ExSkeptic Says:

      David, you might want to think about why you look at ghost sites if you
      are so dead-set against anything ‘otherworldly’. Just a thought.

      • Corin Says:

        As in “Be more credulous?”
        Why is this site called the ‘Science’ of ghosts. The posulate is this: if ghosts are real, then there will be evidence of this.

        Photographs can work, but as we see with this one: it’s genuine, and from the angle taken does look a bit odd to the unknowing. To me, it’s just the Harbour arm.

        Take a look at some of the other replies here for the gullible and the credulous. If ghosts are real, then we’ll have photographs with *no* other explanation.

      • matt Says:

        Corin, you use false logic. You surely can’t KNOW to a point of scientific certainty that aliens, or extraterrestrial life does not exist, or that it does exist. Either way. We just can’t know, the Universe is too large and our understanding of it is too small to know. The same goes for the paranormal. We don’t just “have” evidence of everything in existence, and to think otherwise makes you a moron. Do you know how many species of animals scientists believe we have yet to discover and have no evidence of? Millions, yet not having evidence doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Idiot.

      • Corin Says:

        matt, a full year after establishing beyond any doubt whatsoever that the picture is nothing to do with ghosts, you’ve dredged up an old thread for ad hominem verbiage and weak, baseless arguments. I proved it’s not, with no room for discussion. You’re trying to claim otherwise with only rude assertions and stories about unknown animals?

        Scroll down for “Craig” to see what you’re looking like!

      • Anthony Says:

        Yeah, the trick is to remain objective. Not just to believe anything because someone tells you you should .

  6. JENNIFER Says:

    That’s incredible!! You should feel blessed to catch such a great picture! I’m a strong believer in the supernatural. I have seen ghosts with my own eyes (wish I hadn’t cause it scares the living sh*t out of me) but that definately is an apperition!

  7. James Says:

    it could be something supernatural.. then again maybe its not. I mean who’s to say that someone couldn’t make that jump to the pier and just look out into the ocean, although the white robe is a bit strange, y would they swim or do a jump with a long white robe… unless this “figure” is in on it with the photographer… maybe he got his friend to go out there with a white robe and then publish the photo sayin he was trying to get a picture of the boat and “omg” there’s an unexplained white robed figure… maybe he’s lookin for a little bit of fame.. people have done crazier things

  8. E waterfield Says:

    i have seen ghost and to me this is a ghost

  9. TK_M Says:

    I dislike not having the ability to zoom into better quality photos myself, to be honest, without that, it makes it almost impossible to say with any accuracy.

    What is that in the sky? It is easy to assume it is a bird, but magnifying the picture provided reveals an odd shape. Presumably a bird, you just cannot make it out from the low-res pictures provided.

    The boats’ flag appears in a bad condition, compared to the rest of the boat. I found that odd in itself as well. I look at the background to help identify fakes.

    The figure on the dock appears to be at a different contrast level to the rest of the background and that is usually an indication of a fake, however, it can also be caused by the sun shining directly off a surface, making it appear brighter than the background and look like a fake, even when it is genuine.

    Look along the surface of the dock, there are items on the surface of the dock, appearing unnaturally bright as well. This does indeed appear to be a case of the sunlight being at the right angle to make things “white out” and appear unnaturally bright.

    My opinion then is that this does appear to be a genuine picture and not faked, but it is probably of somone walking back up the pier, but the sun reflecting off light-coloured clothing makes for too high a contrast to be captured accurately for the camera. It “bleaches” out the colours on the figure, making them appear ghostly. So a real picture, but not unearthly in my opinion.

  10. Jo Says:

    This is a interesting photo, however I would like to see how big the dock is compared to the figure shown. It looks as though it is much bigger to the size of the dock.

    • Corin Says:

      The structure on the end of the harbour arm is 3 or 4 meters tall, I reckon. In the close-up, those light coloured blobs to the right of the beacon are most likely seagulls, each around 20-30cm tall.

  11. Deep Says:

    Looks like someone standing on the pier, so I’m guessing that’s what it is! If the gap is too big to jump there only one other way he could got there…. by boat!

  12. Someone Says:

    Possible someone being photographed by someone else not in the picture. It seems like the guy (or girl) is posing in some way. As for how they got there, I don’t know. My guess is if he is trying to be photographed, he would make an effort to get to the other end, even if he is wearing a white robe. A person might not be able to clear the entire distance, but the person can barely make it a grab onto the other pier and pull himself up…Perhaps there’s a small rowboat on the other side…

  13. mrfrugal Says:

    How about someone got drunk the night before, or was just having a a laugh and put a mannikin out there.In a space suit.

    I want to believe in ghosts and stuff, and have had some incidents where I can’t explain what happened.But this I can’t believe is a ghost.

  14. Leanne Says:

    The shadow cast by the boat and the shadow cast y the dock don’t match up. I don’t even think that’s a boat in water. It looks like a pic of a boat copy pasted onto a different photo. And what the hell is up with the flag? Is that a shadow? I don’t even think that’s really this boat’s flag.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like an Astronaut, and saying that what is that in the sky above on the first piccy?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Far away lighthouse?

  17. Sam Ting Says:

    Definately an astonaut faking a pier landing.

  18. Cly Says:

    A white buoy behind the pier in question, marking a safe distance from the defunct pier for navigation. Pretty standard safety measure and looks exactly like one.

    Less likely – a white structure on top of the pier or a person dressed in white.

    All it would take is for someone to go back to that spot and verify what it is with one or two snapshots of the object in question.

    Not seeing anything strange here.

  19. Corin Says:

    I live in Hastings – that picture is of the old harbour arm. There is a white navigation buoy at the end to guide fishing boats in past the arm and to the old town beach where they are dragged up above the high tide line.

    Google images for “hastings harbour arm”, or check these link to the local council and a fishing website. You can clearly see the bouy in any picture of it:

  20. peter Says:

    What is that thing hanging off the bow-sprit?

    The figure on the pier is most likely a navigation aid as Corin said.

    TBH, more interested in the figure hanging from the polearm off the Starboard-bow.

  21. Lilith Says:

    ah cool…
    its not possible a people swimming and go up in the pier?
    I see that is really high for go up.
    but well, I don’t was there for have sure.

  22. Tim Says:

    Its obviously a permanent physical structure as it is clearly visible in other photographs of the area. Unless of course these other photos count as replications of the same supernatural phenomena.

  23. Lilith Says:

    can be anyone, guess.

    but the pic is sooo beauti xD

  24. Vicky Says:

    Its the Pope on vacation…

  25. Jimmy Says:

    It’s a guy in white (probably disposable) overalls. He’s probably just been let out of the boat hidden behind the block, maybe to inspect something on there. The only thing ‘ghostly’ about the figure is the fact that it’s white……..

  26. Jamie Says:

    Not being funny, but considering scale and perspective wouldn’t this guy be able 8-9ft or bigger? Could it be a statue or a nautical themed feature.

    • Corin Says:

      Bigger. I reckon. 3-4 metres or more. Check the previous comments for the solution to this one 🙂

  27. Dave Says:

    To be honest, when I look at both shots side by side, the close up looks altered. The picture in general doesn’t look real. Looks like a composite of a sky and sea placed on another picture of a boat and foreground and then had the colour altered. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ right but that’s a side issue. The figure looks odd. Zooming into the wide angle shot and the figure looks like a bouy or a ship tie, it appears bell shaped and has a black top which is a fairly standard colour for things of that nature. However, when I look at the close up, it looks different, it appears to be a lot more person shaped and has the arm and a distinct line between the legs. The poor quality of the shot makes it difficult to analyse it further.

  28. Jack Says:

    One word. Legit. What else would it be?

    • Dave Says:

      Erm…yeah, I think we’ve already established this isn’t legitimate, it’s a navigation aid, as seen in a load of pictures of this area, examples of which can be found a few posts prior to yours.

  29. Craig Says:

    I still think its a ghost. Just look at it, it must be some sort of angel helping lost ships find their way home.

    Fasinating photgraph.

  30. Craig Says:

    yes! of course, it must be ghost. It has such beautiful robes and such an elegant stance, almost as though its calling. My seven cats also agree with me. Spirits and ghosts facinate me especially when such a genuine and graceful picture like this. My youngest cat pebbles surely has a sixth sense, she always knows when there’s a spirit closeby.

    • Corin Says:

      Oh, I see, sorry. Your initial dry humour didn’t come across at first – I didn’t realise you were joking.

      Didn’t mean to seem sarcastic.


  31. Caroline Says:

    I have to say having lived there it is possible to get across and lots of people do. weird outfit for a swim tho!

  32. ZeroCorpse Says:

    If your intent was to photograph the boat, why is it not centered in the frame? It seems clear to me that you were intentionally getting the pier in the shot.

    That alone make this suspect, but really, there’s nothing “ghostly” about it; It’s a figure. What, exactly, makes anyone assume it’s not a living person or object on the pier?

    Sorry. No ghost.

  33. Helder Says:

    looks like a ghost with a good taste to clothes

  34. pineapple Says:

    i’m more concerned on the jacked up bird!!!

  35. stonehart Says:

    The person/apparition is wearing a sailor’s uniform.. Can anyone tell me about the area the photo was taken.

  36. Spook Scientist Says:

    There’s somebody standing there.

  37. LuS-K Says:

    Is that Jesus coming from a walk in the water?

  38. doomed Says:

    elvis lives! lmao

  39. Chloe Says:

    Pretty sure It’s not a ghost. The proportions and positioning of the extremities are all out of wack. It looks like the large stump of wood that boats are usually moored to. They often have lights on top for night time mooring and are painted white, again for visibility. The bits that look like arms look like the could be boating paraphernalia like I floating life ring kind of thing

    • Corin Says:

      It’s actually a kind of navigation aid for the beach-launched boats coming in to the shore round the old harbour arm.

      Please google “Hastings Harbour Arm”, for many many more photographs of this well-known structure.

  40. Erkki Says:

    I don’t see any ghost… a persson on a pier. That you do not understand how the person got there, doesn’t it make a ghost. LOL

  41. Shaggy Says:

    I Believe this story is as brown as the dock the photo-shopped man is standing on. The boat would have been a more interesting story my friend. Cheers

  42. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha, must be Jesus, no other explenation

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I live in Hastings, that’s not the pier its the harbour arm, it’s a structure with a light on top to let ships know how close they are to the shore, not a ghost. Sorry guys

  44. gabriel cortes (@chirifo) Says:

    the ghost is a bishop, jesus or david carradine..o pos sabe
    muy buena foto si da miedo creepy good photo,amigos

  45. francie Says:

    He looks Moroccan… in a long white djellaba and fez. It’s what I see anyway.

  46. Gabriel Cortes Says:

    the figure is jesus christ…no doubt

  47. Alex Knight Says:

    As mentioned above this is the Hastings Harbour Arm. If you look on google earth and head east from the pier until you reach the fishing harbour, then zoom in your can see the harbour arm, photographed from space !

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