Ghost near fan

“I thought i would submit this one my friend took in my house, my dad currently lodges the rooms and my mate was staying with us until he witnessed what seems to be a ghost , he managed to get picture of it coming through his door , he swears blind that it was real what he saw and i’ve always wanted to get it checked out , we always hear stuff at night and our house is 110 year old so i’m guessing it is authentic? .my friend moved out 2 weeks after he saw the ghost so it fairly spookd him , picture was taken with a sony erikson k800i .”


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32 Responses to “Ghost near fan”

  1. daidai Says:

    Hi, I am from China, I would like to reprint your article and put him translated into Chinese, I would like to ask whether or not you agree?

  2. The V Says:

    This looks like fairly simple photo manipulation.

    • Anthony Says:

      Has anybody else noticed that the ‘entity’ isn’t giving off any light at all? there is no reflection at all in any surface in the room. The fan, the walls, nothing. this is a manipulated photo.

  3. Lowri Says:

    I think that it’s just the lighting. The lighting can have a big effect on pictures. So I would tell you’re friend to move back in.

  4. TK_M Says:

    Again it is frustrating to have only these low-res images to analyse.

    You get just this effect from over-exposing light reflecting off water or shimmering suface of something else reflective.

    There appears to be traces of an “edge” around it, so it could be lens flare, or photo-manipulation. My feeling is that it is not genuine, but might be accidental flare. I do not think there is anything supernatural there.

  5. Penelope Says:

    This really reminds me of a story my Am.Indian friend told me once, about when he was a little kid living in an old trailer park.

    He said he would see an aparition of a glowing man at night, and it would just stay walking in the hallway outside his bedroom. Well, one night, the glowing man came into his room and he was so scared he hurried up and hid his face under the covers. He peeked out and the man was looking at him on his top bunk, then calmy walked over to the window and was looking out for a long time. Then after he hid for a while more, he peeked again, and it was gone. But he said the guy had no expression but was like a glowing green color and that he’d never forget it. I got chills when he told me this because I could tell he wasn’t joking. Soon after they moved out of there.

    But that’s why I question whether there’s something to this picture, especially if it’s coming through the door like that, why they could only get off one picture and not another one. Maybe they ran? IDK. But who knows, it could be true, why are there so many stories about ghosts who glow? Hmm…

    • Anonymous Says:

      This picture gives me chills as when I was about 11 or 12 I saw a ghost standing by my bed when I was staying at a relatives. It had no discernable features but was definately the shape of a man, and it was that same glowing green colour. Apparently the house I was staying in used to be a coach House and there was a huge fire there at one time and one of the staff died. Other people claim to have seen the ghost but in their accounts he looked solid and you could make out his features, so I’m not sure if it was the same ghost I saw. It scared the shit out of me anyway!

  6. Someone Says:

    I don’t see anything…Just a glare…

  7. Peri Says:

    Hi, wow, that is strange, but the glow doesn’t seem like it is related to anything in the background, it doesn’t seem like there is a source to the glow, it comes from within, its kinda shaky, it is in a way shaped like a figure…and at the same time it doesn’t… : /

  8. Max Says:

    It looks to me like someone was holding up a mirror with the back of the mirror towards a window or other light source. Some of the silvering was scratched off the back of the mirror. This explains the brightness (light coming through the missing silvering), and the haze (smudges on the glass). Of course there is nothing in the photo to determine if it actually is a mirror image or not.

  9. Sam Ting Says:

    Someone in next room with a broken Light-Brite ?

  10. rikk Says:

    hi im the one that submitted this photo , this was taken at around 4am in the dark there was no mirror in my friends room at the time , i have lived in that room myself and never seen an image like that thru lighting or anything , and there was no light brite at all every1 else was sound asleep when this was taken , just a shame it is low pixel but im sure it would of reveald alot more if it was taken with a digicam , there is definatly a poltergeist in our property we know that for sure .

  11. Cly Says:

    Lens flare by the looks of it. Possibly just a really crappy photo manip.

  12. Karen Says:

    Who says That is not what a spirit looks like? I’ve seen
    ‘things” before and why can’tthe pic be authentic? Maybe people sometimes are just crappy!

  13. Vicky Says:

    hmmmm??? I don’t know… Can’t really decide if its fake or not. Only because If it is a photo manipulation its crap and shows no imagination at all – but if it is authentic its very impressive evidence.

  14. Kate Late Says:

    Looks to me like a photo of a high-vis jacket taken in the dark with the flash on. You can see the outline of various strips of replective material, crumpled up from being hung by the collar. There are also 2 reflections lower than the rest on both sides which indicate sleeves.

  15. hey Says:


  16. Anonymous Says:

    FAKE – Note how the “blure” just ends at the bottom edge of the picture and is rounded…

  17. Dave Says:

    I would hazard a guess and suggest that this is either flare in the camera caused by light reflecting off something or it’s light reflecting off the wall. The items on the left of the picture suggest that there is another light source to the left of the camera beyond the edge of the frame. Also, above the fan are what appear to be rays as though the light source is somewhere in the corner of the alcove or above the picture taker. I’d be tempted to guess that it’s sunlight coming through gaps/holes in the curtain and he was untruthful about the time he took the photo. As stated by others, the picture quality is very low and real identification is not possible.

  18. Jack Says:

    wait what? I see nothing?

  19. monkey boy Says:

    were you near a magnetic source when this was taken?

    also why were you photograhing a fan?

  20. rikk Says:

    my friend was photographing the ghost that spookd him , no magentic source in the room unless a fridge counts???? , theres only wood furnishings in that room .

  21. rikk Says:

    by the way its a good lens flare to make the shape of a person and so would a sun light trick dont you think??? n when has sun light ever been that colour? lol

  22. Max Says:

    It’s not the shape of a person – it’s the shape of some bright splotches. The sun is that colour when it’s passed through glass, partly radiated off a curtain, when the camera colour balance is off, etc.

    Here is a very similar image I created in less than 5 minutes using an old CD that I put a few scratches on and holding it up to the window. The sun isn’t in the best position at the moment to get good backlight through my window, and my room is a little bit too light (white walls and tiles) but you get the idea.

  23. money man Says:

    ya like anonymous said

  24. Spook Scientist Says:

    That’s either a light or you’ve edited the picture.

  25. Kaitlyn Says:

    This is just the lighting. But the main thing that makes this so obviously fake….

    Who in the world says “Hm…That door looks real interesting” and takes a picture?!

  26. Enza Says:

    when you take this photo?is day our night? Because this light is like a sun for me…our this is a car light…i don’t no but it’s not a ghost, i have certlain!!!

  27. acidoacetico Says:

    is casper..jajaja ghost is pretty creepy ..

  28. L. Says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake! This one’s just sunlight shining into the room.

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