Tower ghost

“Here is a picture I took whilst on a holiday to blackpool a few years ago. It looks to me like a man with a bag and a fishing rod sitting on the edge of the tower. I would appreciae a reply to see what you think.”


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51 Responses to “Tower ghost”

  1. jon Says:

    it’s a light

  2. Sarah Says:

    Lol, he must be a good 10 feet tall! I think it’s probably a trick of the light. Good image though. I wonder what he’d catch from up there?

  3. Thomas Says:


  4. Sandra Says:

    The photo seems out of focus. It can be a light distorted.

  5. Lilith Says:

    light, hm

  6. J. Says:

    É o demônio da torre! Há mais informações no site Trata-se de um “captador”, espécie de entidade espiritual que recolhe os traços deixados pelos agentes do demônio superior. Ou seja, ele apaga os rastros da maldade praticada por demônios, deixando a culpa nos terráquios. Certamente, se observar a história recente desta torre, vc encontrará informações sobre histórias de violência.

    Recomendo que vc exorcize a torre! (Faça isso numa terça-feira, pois as quartas-feiras são destinadas aos exorcismo de demônios aquáticos e, nos outros dias da semana, o excesso de vudu indiano afeta a prática exorcizal)

    Boa sorte!

  7. johnny Says:

    Light trick… good one

    try again…

  8. dave Says:

    he would probably catch a COLD!!!! LOL

  9. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    unfortunately, lights in slow motion. fake photo !!!!

  10. Monk Says:

    It’s Peter Kay!

  11. troika1987 Says:

    i think its not genuine..its wierd though

  12. Lilith Says:

    hey J.
    Vc fala serio?

  13. Veronica Monreal Vitorio Says:

    Nossa esse J.Says é muito idiota.

    Mais uma vez, foto tremida…não há o que explicar.

    Entra no site…, lá você pode ver fotos um pouco mais criativas e mais fantasmagóricas.

  14. MWH Says:


    The legs of the fisherman and the body are both the same size which suggest downward movement of the camera at the time of exposure. The bright spots that are clearly lights also have the same level of movement and direction. I personally conclude that this is unfortunately no more than camera shake as a result of a slow shutter speed and poor light.


  15. angelina Says:

    i can only see a blurry tower… with lights ?

  16. richard Hulligan Says:

    Its probably Michael Jackson….
    Unless there was a story aout a dopey fisherman who died tragically whilst fishing on BLACKPOOL TOWER?!!!

  17. sam Says:

    It’s a photographic phenomenon called Motion Blur.
    The exposure was too slow for a handheld photo. The shaking and wobbling of the photographers hands caused the images and especially the lights in the photo to create streaks. The brighter the light, the more obvious the streak.
    It’s the exact same phenomenon that creates those photos of streaking red car tail lights at night on the motorway.

  18. Steven Greatrex Says:

    The photograph appears to have been taken with an incorrect shutter speed, hence the shake. If the shake was taken from it then only white lights would be seen rather than a figure like shape. Good though!

  19. Melissa Says:

    It’s just the light distorted because of movement when the photo was taken in low light.

  20. sue Says:

    I agree with Melissa, it woul make an interesting story though. What on earth would a man, holding a bag and a fishing rod, be doing hanging near the top of Blackpool Tower?? Perhaps that’s what killed him lol

  21. Rob Leah Says:

    The scale of the “figure” is all wrong compared to the guard rail, he would have to be a giant! I think that this is light distortion as the rest of the photo is blurred.

  22. kelly Says:

    it does look bizarrely like it, doesn’t it? The scale thing has probably quashed this, as people have said, but who knows; Blackpool was founded as a farmers and fishermans settlement 🙂

  23. David Stuckey Says:

    The light ‘trails’ at the top of the tower explain everything here. The camera moved during exposure which gives the impression of someone standing there. No ghost here!

  24. Danny Says:

    Thats quite obviously a light…

  25. Anonymous Says:

    what a joke……….its called LIGHT.

  26. Bubba Says:

    Just a blurry picture, i cant see anything unisual !

  27. Deep Says:

    Just looks like light to me!

  28. Snark Says:

    Light and idiot holding camera!

  29. 2dog Says:

    lol. is this a joke? please dont tell me you submitted and expect people to believe it’s anything other than your drunken fingers shaking the camera…

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Could be someone taking a leak, and not a fisherman.

  31. caitlin Says:

    of course its not a ghost its simply light faliour

  32. Cly Says:

    Just a blurry picture, not hard to explain. Nothing noteworthy.

  33. Vicky Says:

    Its a lousy, blurry pic with nothing there. Its an invisible ghosts… LOL!!!

  34. Anonymous Says:

  35. Anonymous Says:

  36. Barry Says:

    LOL – if he goes fishing up a tower the only thing he will catch is a COLD!!!!!!111

    LOL 😀 ROFL

  37. Shakey Says:

    Looks like one of my photos (Hence the name Shakey!)

  38. Jez Says:

    For Goodness sake!!! The world has gone mad!!!! it’s a light!!!

  39. Spook Scientist Says:

    I don’t see it. Sorry

  40. Matt Says:

    Having lived in Blackpool most of my life, I can say with utter certainty that this “fisherman” is in fact light blur provided by the lift which goes to the top of the tower, and nothing more.

  41. ghostindehhouse Says:

    i remember a ghost story about a man tht fell a long way down when a tower was being bulit and he was a worker and landed on his face and there has been sightings about a man falling each night and disapearing in the middle of his fall

  42. Yo Mama Says:


  43. Erkki Says:

    They are Homer and Marge Simpson 😮

  44. Shaggy Says:

    Yes folks, I do agree that if I were not a light source reflecting off this tower that I too would take a ghostly dump off the edge. This spirit is classic.

  45. Kendell Says:

    Suicide jumper?

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