Ghost behind bars

“Attached is a picture i took when walkin around an old abandoned mental asylum (whittingham hospital ) in preston .. just walking past and took the picture into the room many sightings have been seen there due to the terrible torture and violence that happened there to which me and a few mates were urbexin .. basically ghost hunts and stuff .
the picture was taken from the corridor outside the room in which the wall had fallen through in parts and the framing inside the wall remains . when i retured home and developed the picture amoung them was this one .

if you look you can see what looks to be a woman led down as if to be floating ( head on left ) she seems to have black hair and you can make her nose and eyes out and what possibly looks like a baby led across the chest . It sure does not look like a trick of light so that will hard to believe . ”


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42 Responses to “Ghost behind bars”

  1. Daniel Says:

    There’s a ghost in this picture? It is so hazy and overexposed in places it could be absolutely anything: probably debris from the wall.

  2. Ady Says:

    light, shadows, rubble and haze, no ghost

  3. J. Says:

    É o demônio da foto azulada! Mais informações no site: Trata-se de uma entidade do inferno azul, responsável pelas tragédias na água. Essa entidade teve influencia na morte de Cleopatra, no Egito antigo.

    Recomendo o exercismo dos sete mares e que vc fique sem beber água por um ano inteiro! E sempre que for 15h27 de todo dia 22, não olhe para a esquerda.

    Boa sorte!

  4. Sara Says:

    I could “see” the ghost, but I’m thinking this image has more to do with matrixing. Do to the way the human brain works, we search out patterns and see things where there is nothing. This happens frequently in tarnished mirrors.

  5. Lilith Says:

    where? hã??
    Sorry, I don’t see nothing, bad quality maybe.

  6. Veronica Monreal Vitorio Says:

    Não querendo ser cética demais (muito pelo contrário, pois sou um pouco clarividente), vou contar um causo meu. Quando estava no colegial, fomos fazer uma excursão pra uma reserva onde tinha uma caverna entitulada “Cavena do Diabo” devido a formações de estalagnites e estalagtites que mais pareciam demônios, e borrões nas paredes dormando faces contorcidas. Nesse caso pode não passar da mesma situação. É dificil saber, a maioria das fotos ou estão desfocadas ou com borrões.

  7. isaac1950 Says:

    I saw the woman immediately. Ghost or debris? No idea.

  8. Wendy Says:

    This is blurry shadows – you could interpret it to be anything.
    I see faces in everything – and I can draw a face of sorts here –
    but it’s simply light and shadows.

  9. Melissa Says:

    I dont see anything, am I missing something?

  10. sue Says:

    I tried to see a ‘ghost’ before reading the information included. I saw several patterns that could be construed as ghostly, but I didn’t see the ghost mentioned at all. I agree with Wendy

  11. Nancy Says:

    i can see it

  12. dadadad Says:

    yeah i sure belive in ghost

  13. charlie Says:

    what I believe your seeing here is a close up of blistering paint on window bars, If you are visiting a place that has a history of sightings, then in your mind you will want to see something and therefore your mind will help create a picture .

  14. David Stuckey Says:

    If this photograph was in focus I’m sure it would show something completely different? The person who took this shot is letting their imagination get carried away.

  15. vapor cigarette Says:

    I agree with the other comments here, it’s just a hazy photograph of rubble. You can spot a dozen faces in the shadow and light.

  16. andrea Says:

    You are definitely reaching.

  17. jonny Says:

    the picture looks as if it is moving to me! i can see the supposed ghost but where’s the baby?

  18. Bubba Says:

    Cant see anything !

  19. Maria Says:

    Hello! From Lisbon, Portugal

    No I don’t think there is a ghost… You’ve been watching too many movies… “Saw” fan are you? Or could it be “Straight jacket”?
    I’m a big horror-ghost-gore-whatever films, mostly for the CGI effects.
    Portugal is not a “ghostly” country. Yes, we do have “the occasional bloody hand on the wall” that is (re)paint resistant, my Mother told me a story about one, but in general we are very down to earth. Give us a good meal with good friends if you want to see us happy! We are very “Hobbitish”…
    The posts in Portuguese must be from Brasil, where the African heritage is strong. They believe in anything as long as it’s silly…

    Best regards and hugs from Lisbon, Portugal
    PS – Yes, I was baptised and raised has a Papist…But these days I tend to respect other people’s religion and beliefs. I do not believe in any god or spirit or whatever!

  20. isaac1950 Says:

    For those who cannot see her, she is dead center of the photo, her face between the 2 bars. She appears to be lying down, her face in slightly more than profile and she has black hair. The “baby” I believe is part of her clothing or her arm across her chest.
    Saw her immediately before reading the description.

  21. Deep Says:

    this picture remind me very much of those optical illusion pictures that morph from one thing to another…. it even has the look of a painting! I think this picture in a combination of light and shadow that our brain (which is always searching for familiar patterns) simply pulls out as an image of a women.

  22. Chuzzy Says:

    Wonder what the ghost is still doin behind bars all these years. Just walk thru the fr**gn walls!

  23. Mark Says:

    Shadows etc – but curious none the less. Note though how the ‘poster’ leads you into thinking suspiciously with reference to violence and torture! I worked in the large mental hospitals for many years and would like to think that my collegaues and I delivered humane, kind and sensitive care – but that would not rouse and ghostly suspicion!!

  24. Someone Says:

    It’s rubble…It’s casting a shadow on the back wall…

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I can see a face but it just looks like a cartoon to me…
    2 dimensional shadows forming the components of a face – dark hair, dark eyes, lips and chin

  26. Cly Says:

    Pareidolia explains this away quickly.

  27. Vicky Says:

    No ghosts here… Just a whole lot of dirt and imagination.

  28. Kate Says:

    Where are the woman and baby being led to? I don’t see any ghosts in this picture and I certainly don’t see anyone being led anywhere.

  29. Ana Says:

    Cant see anything

  30. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Great story. Crap picture. No ghost.

  31. johnr Says:

    i actually worked at whittingham for many years, prior to its closure in the 1990’s, and whilst its a very romanticised idea that all victorian asylums were like the famed bedlam, the truth is somewhat different. there was never torture at whittingham, though there was undoubtably violence both from and upon patients, and staff. its always another brownie point for the urbex people to try and add a ghostly apparition into their stories, to spice them up, and massage egos. but as someone who worked there for over 10 years, both within and beneath the hospital in its myriad of tunnels and service ducts, as well as all its outbuildings, farms, churches, graveyards, boiler rooms and activity centres. i never saw or felt a thing, and despite knowing many dozens of the staff who worked there, i seldom heard supernatural tales of the place, not never, just seldom. i have been called out to the boarded up buildings in the wee small hours on my own, and never once experienced anything unexplained. in fact, as asylums go, whittingham when open was a pretty happy place to be, and its loss as an asylum(in the real sense of the word) for those in need of its peace and solitude, is a great loss to the area.

  32. Spook Scientist Says:

    I can’t see it.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I see Ronald McDonald I think.. what I horrible photo

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  35. Shaggy Says:

    I applaud the other folks that have captured images at this asylum of ghostly figures but you my friend have miserably failed. I will give you an F for effort. This looks like a blue,distorted, blurred image of absolutely nothing. My imagination cannot even conceive of a sock puppet lying down much rather than a woman. You might as well captured an orb.

  36. Richard Says:

    It could be a ghost, but it could be a trick of the light I think. Could be a shadow of anything. I definitely believe it could be haunted though.

  37. joe Says:

    i know im missing something here.. can someone help

  38. g x Says:

    i didnt see the black haired figure that you were talking about straight away but other ghostly figures popped out at me at first , in the middle of the bars theres a shadowy figure wich looks like a woman in white, perhaps a nurse as its a mental institutaion, it looks like shes crying black tears. and to the left of the photo there is another woman but less of a white shadow.

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