More mist

“Please find attached 2 photographs with a strange ‘ghost’ on them. They were taken at Disneyland Paris a couple of weeks ago, standing outside the hotel, attempting to take a photo of floodlit trees. There was no-one near us, no smoke and no air vents (we checked after seeing the first shot!). The second shot was taken about 30 seconds to a minute after the first, of the exact same spot – it looked like whatever it was had moved off! Nothing was visible to either me or my 16 year old daughter – only what showed up on the camera. We can’t explain it but would be grateful if you could! :)”

Here is the first shot…..


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68 Responses to “More mist”

  1. Sandra Says:

    If the comments are correct (no smoke, etc.), I think it is a ghost.

  2. Lilith Says:

    smoke… cool *_____*

    nah, it didnt sent the another pic that have no smoke/ghost/whatever for we see it, so its hard to belive.

    anyway if it is NO smoke, interesting.

  3. Dean Michael Cook Says:

    Check our site for more ghost images, if what you say is accountable, i would say its a mist manifestation, although can you tell me what the tempreture was that night?



  4. Berrygoody Says:

    Well….I think it’s just a stain on the camera lense.

    Maybe you can remove that ghost my cleaning the lense…….

    It’s just my opinion though,,^^;;;;

  5. Dean Michael Cook Says:

    Na thats not what smudge’s on a lense looks like Berry thats either a true mist manifestation, smoke from a cig, or breath from whoever took the photo



  6. Alex Pryce Says:

    Don’t know if its the right consitistency for smoke, could be condensation. The trees still have leaves on them so I’m assuming its not sub zero temperatures. If this is indeed the second photo of the evening it may just be a result of the camera warming up combined with the night air creating condensation.

  7. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    smoke only, nothing there !!!

  8. Caroline Says:

    That is very similar to something seen on photos I took in Cologne Cathedral – the same ghostly image appeared in the first photo I took although there was no mist around – I noticed it when I reviewed the picture and thought I’d got my finger over the lens and took another. When I got home and displayed it on my computer the ghostly image was there on the first but not on the second one. I can’t explain yours or mine but its very odd!

  9. TracyM Says:

    No need for temps to be sub zero to see your breath, vapor will form at warmer temps as long as there is enough humidity in the air. The vapor may be faint enough to not be noticeable to the naked eye, however the flash would reflect back the light. Seen the same effect in tons of pictures.

  10. Alan Says:

    Ite Euro Disney… its either smoke or the ghost of a once great nation

  11. Veronica Monreal Vitorio Says:

    Famos relembrar a nossa infancia. Lembra qundo a gente deitava no chão e ficava brincando de achar desenhos em nuvens??? A mesma coisa quando passamos em um psicólogo e mostraborrões e a gente acha que se parecem com algo??? Então…além da fumaça ser defeito da foto…

    Pra mim, eu vejo uma cabeça de caveira…igual ao Esqueleto do He- Man, e a bruxa dos 7 anões

  12. Dagmi Says:

    I’ve had the ghostly images in my photos too, usually someone is smoking a cigarette nearby.

  13. Lee Says:

    I can explain this, seen this before, what you need to do is stop smoking cigarettes, or try blowing smoke rings instead!!

  14. Tony GArtland Says:

    This was explained to me, because I have an identical picture taken in TRIER Germany where a face can clearly be seen. It is the expired breath of the person that is taking the photo where the flash seems to react with the humidity of the air expired. I don’t smoke, so thoose who claim it to be sigarette smoke are slightly off the mark. Then the charged air is captured by the CCD on the camera. The whorls and circles are simple eddy currents caused by the photographers movement. My photo is quite spectacular, until is is explained!!! If you want, I’ll sent it to the forum

    • Patricia Says:

      I have a picture almost identical to this taken on Halloween. I was smoking a cigarette at the time and know that there was cigarette smoke moving across the frame at the time I took the shot.

  15. sam Says:

    This is the camera flash picking up and illuminating the photographers breath as he or she held the camera up to his or her face.
    A common thing in outdoor night time flash photography.

  16. Rob Leah Says:

    While it may look spooky, this is probably just the breath of the photographer in the cold night air. I have some very similar photos taken while out ghost-hunting. I was trying to see if I could create “spectral mist” to in an effort to explain some odd anomalies we had captured on camera. I breathed out heavily and took a flash photo – the results were almost identical to those in the picture. Sadly, I don’t think that this is supernatural!

  17. Sun Chariot Says:

    I find this one interesting because I have a similar experience. I was visiting Dover Castle, on January 26th 2009. A warm(ish), sunny day.

    About three o’clock, I was exploring the old medieval and Napoleonic tunnels and I was the only person there. I took six consecutive photos of a gun-passage, containing several old cannon.

    There was ambient light further down the passage; and no direct light-source in the foreground; and no foreground obstruction which would impede a photograph along the gun-passage.

    The first five photos are virtually identical – same composition, same lighting – but the sixth photo has a suspended, roughly-circular cloud (about eight feet in diameter) of something grey/white in colour, and of inconsistent density, and about two-to-three feet in front of me.

    I was not aware of it at the time; however, once I took the last photo and walked on through the passage, I felt an immediate, subtle, change in air temperature and pressure; which reverted back, about five paces further on.

    I can vouch that no digital manipulation has been done – I find that sort of thing rather pathetic, if people need to lie in order to create a story.

  18. Kim Says:

    I believe this is a ghost of some sort. Last year I took two picture from my deck, no smoke, no fog, nothing, but when I developed the pictures, both pictures looked like yours. I believe we do have a presence in our house. A man passed away in our house shortly before we moved in. His wife told us he didn’t want to sell the house but after he passed away she sold it. I took a picture at my daughter’s 1sth birthday party and when I devoped those pictures there was an image of a man in our hall way. When I looked at that picture I couldn’t believe it!!! It wasn’t anyone from our party. We showed the picture to a few people who knew him and they were shocked when they saw it. They said it was him. I was so scared for a long time. Other things have happened also. I just deal with it. This is against what I belive in but I absolutely know this is what it is and it can’t be explained away.

  19. Hayley Says:

    Definitely something going on there. When we had that week of bad weather, I took some pictures and on one of them, I had a very similar mist appear. I was walking along the side of the road where there was absolutely nothing that could have got in the way of my picture. No car lights, street lights, smoke etc.. nothing.

  20. sue Says:


  21. David Stuckey Says:

    It helps if you don’t smoke while taking pictures! The smoke fogs up the photo.

  22. Tim Says:

    Definitely breath.

  23. sharon booth Says:

    I have pictures like this I took in graveyard and one explanation is definitely your breath. Disappointing I know!

  24. vapor cigarette Says:

    I think it’s just a passing whiff of smoke, probably from someone walking nearby. Could also be vapor, or steam from a nearby vent.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    it’s gust fog

  26. jim Says:

    it’s gust fog

  27. Mary Elllen Says:

    It looks to be the exhalation of the photographer or someone nearby.

  28. Danna Says:

    I believe it is a ghost bc I have had that happen in a pic of mine before where I was sitting inside the house and the same smoke affect happened. There were NO candles, cigars, cigarettes, or anything else around that would cause that.

  29. Bubba Says:

    As previous comments say, someone smiking or breath!

  30. Bubba Says:

    smoking i mean

  31. Dean Michael Cook Says: for real footage of ghosts



  32. isaac1950 Says:

    These types of photos are very common here in the US. I’ve seen them in photos taken in cemeteries, taken in a house, or taken in someones property. If cigarette smoke can be ruled and no one was breathing heavily, it is probably a manifestion of some kind.

  33. Hélio Says:

    Not cigarette, steam seems perhaps caused the breath of the author’s photo in humid and cold.

  34. Deep Says:

    Was it cold? This could be breath.

    However, I have come across smoky pictures in the past, and all have a common theme… reflection! One set were taken in Lapland, with lots of reflective wear around, that resulted in this smoky effect. The other photo I saw had lots of Christmas tree tinsel in it, which resulted in a very smoky effect.

    I can’t see any obvious object from which light could reflect in this photo. Is it possible there was a reflective object out of the camera view?

  35. Jade Says:

    were there fireworks about? That could explain the smoke.
    it could also be smog

  36. Morgan Says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts but that really doesn’t look like normal smoke to me. Could be a photoshop or one of the other aforementioned possibilities.

  37. Florence Barrett Says:

    I took a photo like this one on a trip to Belgium in November, and we figured out it was because the air was cold because we were outside and the flash of the camera was lighting up our breath as the photos were taken. You know like when on a cold day you can see your breath like steam as you breath out.

  38. jimmy Says:

    if its a ghost then where’s the face an legs an stuff?

  39. barret 50. cal lver Says:

    ye jimmys right where is the face?

  40. ghost dont exist fools! Says:

    my name sez it all

  41. Dean Michael Cook Says: To see real footage of ghosts



  42. Katie Potatie Says:

    You can get hold of ‘smoke’ images from the likes of istock and getty images. I myself have worked with such images laying them over my art work. Get my point? If it’s not ‘natural’ (i.e. breath/smoke) it’s photoshopped.

  43. John J Says:

    this from someone holding a ciggy next to the camera when taking a shot. it happened to me in venice, ruined some cracking photo’s

  44. harriet connides Says:

    This photo reminds me of one taken outside a few years ago on a cold night. It was taken on a digital camera and showed a group of us with swirly smoke wreathed around our heads, apparently spelling the word
    ‘ evil’.
    While we freaked out, the photographer laughed.

    It could, he told us, be exlplained in 2 words: his breath!

  45. Yrose Says:

    I’ve seen these many times and yes smoke and breath can cause it. I’ve also seen when it hasn’t, pictures taken within seconds of each other and mist be one and not the other. Several people taking the same picture. If you are a skeptic you can ALWAYS discount it one way or the other.

  46. Dean Michael Cook Says: To see real footage of ghosts

    Kind Regards


    • ZeroCorpse Says:

      There is no such thing as real ghosts, but enough people believe it so you’ll get plenty of web hits.

      Kind Regards,


  47. Someone Says:

    LOLZ…Can anyone see the skull in the bottom right part of the smoke…it has teeth…:)

  48. Cly Says:

    Bad photo of drifting smoke. Less likely is it’s just a really bad photo manip.

  49. Vicky Says:

    Cool and trippy. Unfortunately it could be caused by anything – fog, mist, cigarette smoke…etc.

    These are just like orbs – not compelling enough to prove that this is a ghost and most likely just a natural phenomena.

  50. monkey boy Says:

    very easy to say no cigarettes, etc but would be VERY easy to do this one. its the flash reflecting back cigarette smoke. cigarette smoke is east to spot because of the way it drifts

  51. ZeroCorpse Says:

    The photographer or someone nearby was smoking or breathing in cold weather. The flash caught the mist/smoke. No big deal.

    Everybody lies– Especially those who need to believe that there’s life after death.

  52. Alien23 Says:

    FYI..i saw a program called X-Testers and they debunk all these paranormal things and this exact photo was being investigated. They reproduced by flapping a long almost translucent cloth and it looked exactly like this pic posted.

  53. johnr Says:

    its breath. remember it was taken early march at night, so it was hardly going to be warm eh!

  54. Florence Barrett Says:

    I took a photo like this one in January by deliberatly breathing in front of the camera. It was night time and was cold:
    (I was taking a photo of my friend, that is who is in the photo)

    And here is another photo which I took in Belgium in November. Also at night in cold weather. It was raining at the time and the rain shows up in this photo too:

    Because it was dark when the picture was taken it’s unlikely that you could have seen the breath actually in the air, and that it only shows up in the photo because of the flash of the camera.
    Next time the weather is cold, go outside in the dark with your camera and take a photo while you breathe in front of it (with the flash on) and you will get the same thing happening as this photo.


  55. pjero Says:

    smoke or breath

  56. Angle Says:

    They are so scary.

  57. Tinky Says:

    easy. take a drag of a ciggy, exhale and snap
    instant misty ghost

  58. Spook Scientist Says:

    Really fake.

  59. Yo Mama Says:

    Here’s some advice…. WEED IS NOT GOOD FOR U! lol

    • Yo Mama Says:

      Im just kidding I believe you and that is really awesome. I went to a cemetary by my house and got a bunch of smoke and orbs in one picture and the other one less than 10 seconds after the first one
      sorry i said that it wasn’t nice.

  60. Shaggy Says:

    Sure I can explain that when smoking marijuana you may experience memory loss which explains why you cant remember that when the photo was taken that’s what you were doing. What is hard to explain is why you taken pictures of trees at night when you had a whole bag in your pocket.

  61. Prentiss Wayne Herndon Says:

    obviously cigarette smoke or something similar drifting from off camera. i’d be more interested if said vapor was shot drifting upward into frame as opposed to this obvious smoke.

  62. jeannette Says:

    I am really interested to know which hotel at Disney this was taken outside of, I too have a photo with a curious misty figure. It appears to be of some strange creature, it puzzled me. I’m just surfing on my phone at the moment. Will try to post tomorrow. Oh forgot to mention mine also taken outside Disney hotel near the lake, taken Feb 2010

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