Ghost in water

“Not really a ghost as such but a freaky face in a reflection caught on a glass wall of a Croc enclosure here in Perth Australia. It is an enclosure that alloys above and below viewing of a crocodile. The photo was taken by a standard 35mm camera and has been scanned to jpg. Most likely finger print smudges on the glass, nevertheless I thought I would share.”


What do you think?

41 Responses to “Ghost in water”

  1. Trev Says:

    Thank you Richard looking forward to seeing the photo’s.
    Very much

  2. Jo Says:

    Thanks for keeping this site going for a few more weeks. Love seeing these photos and if you advertise this site on your TV show , I bet the respons will be huge.

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Sandra Says:

    Richard, thank you very much for posting more pictures. About this photo, I think it’s a reflection.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Wow, the photographer is most likely correct about smudges on the glass being responsible for this image, but it’s very clear. Impressive!

  6. WrathChild Says:

    It’s easy… the reflex of the light in the roots underwater.

    By the way… great blog! Keep on walking!

  7. Junior Says:

    Interessante, um fantasma que assombra peixes!!!

  8. javis Says:

    Seems like it could be almost anything…reflected. We have a glass aquarium wall with water behind it…this is highly reflective. It appears to be a demonic face…maybe someone was wearing a Iron Maiden shirt near the photographer…then again, maybe they’re smudges…you know, pareidolia.

  9. Evil Dwarf Says:

    looks like a japanese demon mask, doesn’t??
    or it may just be my cousin’ akinaharu…

  10. Cintia Says:

    Well .. seems fitting …

  11. mim Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint you guys, but there are NO ghost.

    The max you will see is a shadow-like, but the person is still alive, just on verge of life, when he/she dies, the shadow dissapear too. This is called as telepathy too.

  12. hedylamarr Says:

    I don’t see anything… Sorry…

  13. ghost Says:

    por ainda c tem duvidas diante de milhares de acontecimento
    varias foto verios videos sem as esperiencia ainda nao contadas
    que pra mim sao muito mas assustadoras essas fotinha nao sao
    nada ainda jente ainda tem muitas coisas a serem vistas por quase
    todo mundo tive munhas esperiencias e posso diser o que tem pra vim.

  14. 莉莉 Says:

    These pictures are very interesting, but I thought that the artificial synthesis’s ingredient are quite many. Therefore did not feel that the fear or the terror, instead, I thought is very amusing.

  15. Mané dos Santos Says:

    I think you are getting afraid of your research. Don´t be, you´re not alone.

  16. June Says:

    Finding faces in random images is scary fun. In this image, for example, scan along the waterline from left to right. About 1/3 of the way, you will see a monster, partly out of water, with its hideous snout underwater, as if stalking that unsuspecting fish. The stalker looks like a classic gargoyle, and I surely would not want to wake up and find this beast sitting on my chest!

  17. Lilith Says:

    A intenção não é assustar e avaliar se é um fantasma ou não…

    That isn’t the reflex of the light of your camera? o_õ

  18. Dean Michael Cook Says:

    Ive analyzed this image for you and its greasy fingers and makeup from people peering in, what most people are doing is matrixing, this is where your brain trys to relate and distorted or puzzling image into something you can put a name too.

    Please visit our site for some great article and what we believe are real ghosts caught on film.



  19. Lilith Says:

    your site?
    which site?
    can you give the link?

  20. J. Says:

    Esse é o demônio sorridente das águas de aquário! Há mais informações sobre o assunto no site Trata-se de uma entidade demoníaca, responsável por anunciar a vinda da “transição superior”, outra entidade espiritual que leva os peixes terráquios para a segunda dimensão. Ou, como se tornou popular, o outro lado da morte!

    Recomendo que vc exorcize seu aquário! (faça isso numa quarta-feira, pois os outros dias da semana são mais vulneráveis às entidades espirituais aquáticas!)

    Boa sorte!

  21. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    reflection only, easy to do !!!!

  22. Andrea Says:

    At least the photographer knew what he was talking about. I have to wonder why he submitted it if he knew it was smudges on the glass though. But if this one was posted, it also makes me wonder what other kind of crap was submitted as “ghosts”

  23. Veronica Monreal Vitorio Says:

    Ai gente…para de fantasiar…gente para de tentar achar pelo em ovo…quando voces virem um fantasma de verdade nem vão reconhecer…para de ficar assistindo tv e vão viver um pouco…Esqueçam o que voces sabem (ou o que a mídia sensacionalista, com filmes, seriados ou qualquer outra coisa) e viam um pouco mais a vida. Não é a toa que cada vez mais jovens norte-americanos cometem suicídio e matam seus colegas de escola…

    Vão ter problemas de verdade com que se preocupar.

  24. Angelina Dove Says:

    this is probably Sand Witch. Sandwitches are sneaky creatures that abide under the sand and amuse themselves by making faces to scare the hungry fish off their food.

  25. Joann Strickland Says:


  26. Tim Says:

    Quite obviously smudges in the glass from all the people touching it. The reflection caught it just right.

  27. Deep Says:

    A reflection off the rocks in the aquarium, but what a great one… super!

  28. stormsma Says:

    is this the enclosure at Perth zoo? If it is I’m pretty sure that the walls in there are sort of ‘lumpy’ and it could well be a reflection of the wall behind the camera ( I have a very similar picture of what is probably the same croc! – if it IS Perth zoo that is!! )

  29. Katie Potatie Says:

    Hehe that’s excellent. Looks like a clown, but I think it is little more than the light reflecting off what looks to be a wall behind the photographer. Or is it some kind of rock formation in the tank? Either way, definately not a ghost but terrifying for anyone with Coulrophobia.

    I also agree with June, I see a tiger lurking buy the edge of the water!

  30. David Says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the possibility of it being an actual face imprint left by somebody pressing their greasy mug against the glass to see what’s inside. As the person looked from left to right they could easily leave a whole-face grease print. Rather akin to the greasy pigeon-ghost prints I’ve occasionally seen on office windows when a pigeon has smacked into the window.

  31. Jesus Christ Says:

    This photo is amazing, I can see the relection you are talking about and i agree with you, it does appear to just be a reflection. However, if you look slightly below and to the left of this reflection, there appears to be a very convincing apparition or ghost of a fish, perhaps one of the crocodiles victims! This photo is a fascinating and incredibly important discovery, regarding the existance of ghosts of both people and animals.

  32. Cly Says:

    Pareidolia explains this away.

  33. LAZAREWICZ Says:


  34. LAZAREWICZ Says:

    The one to & That The studies Above the HUMANITY CONTEST AS She situates. I PICKED ON BIBLIA

  35. Jessica Says:

    obviously glare off the tv

  36. Jessica Says:

    you can see the table in the back ground. we all can take a photograph of a tv and we’d all get the same ghost like image.

  37. ali Says:


  38. Spook Scientist Says:

    You’re right about that. Nice picture, btw

  39. Shaggy Says:

    Nothing freakish here when you have been around kids before with greasy ass hands from eating burgers and fries. This picture should have been submitted to either National Geographic or Ferrinsic Files.

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