Water ghost

This from the person who sent it in: Attached is a photo of me (on the right) in a steam at saltburn woods. The photo was took on my friends digital camera during the day time. When i had this picture on my desktop backround my girlfriend noticed the other figure and asked if anyone else was there, which there wasn’t. I zoomed closer and noticed the figure looked like a young boy dressed in grey shorts and t-shirt. And it appeared he was washing his feet or getting somthing off his foot. Although he seems transparent he still has a reflection in the water, Ive never known if ghosts have reflection or not.


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  1. Jamie Says:

    You can tell it could be a ghost and not a bad photo of a person because the person at the back is sharper and hes further away. the ghost dose look seethrough. and the skin tone, if that were a person they most be realy unwell.

    • Dante Says:

      This photo shows another person. The mere fact that the subject in the foreground casts a shadow leads me to believe that it is another human. The reason for the “fuzziness” of the other person is probably due to the combination of a low light situation and a slow camera shutter speed to compensate for the lack of light. Any movement by a subject will cause motion blur.

    • kian Says:

      Anyone notice the smiling face on the embankment to the left of the standing figure?

    • tk Says:

      I think the guy was cheating on his girlfriend, the image in the photo is clearly a woman. His buddy is wondering off the other way to check things out and the woman was walking towards the camera man. She may have slipped and lost her shoe and was putting it back on or got a pebble in the shoe and was removing it because it was too uncomfortable to walk. So when confronted by his girlfriend he made up the whole “Ghostly Image” story. Please note, i do believe in ghosts, this isnt real.

  2. dandelion Says:


  3. Daniel Says:

    I’m tempted to say it’s a trick of the light, certainly if you cover the apparent legs the remainder of the image is clearly a shadow under the tree.

    • Jobless Col Says:

      A shadow under the tree? LoL

      Its no shadow under anything, its humanoid, and clearly NO shadow.

      I dont think its a little boy tho, too feminine, girly slim legs. i zoomed in & it has a hair in a ball like a girl would have

      If the guys involed in the photo taking are 100% sure there was no-one else there,without doubt…then this has to be 1 of the best ghost pics ive ever seen, well done!

      • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

        Totally agree. Some have said it’s a branch sticking up out of the water and shadows from the ditch behind! But if that is the case, then where has the reflection of the rest of the figure in the water come from? The image is quite compelling and extremely clear. I think it is a girl. She’s washing her feet, but she appears to be wearing shoes.

  4. Lee Says:

    interesting one, not quite sure what to make of this just yet, you can quite clearly see the hand and legs, as though someone doing something with their shoe, and the reflection starts from the leg. HHMMMM il will wait for other posters and see what they make of this one!! Im not familiar with photoshop or any editing programme for that matter so im not gonna jump on your back and say its photoshopped or fake………

  5. Lee Says:

    on second looking, Its rather noticeable, did no one not notice this in the picture at all until it was on the computer? As it has a shadow which it does, surely you would of seen this with the naked eye when the picture was taken?? and not until it was on your computer????

  6. jon Says:

    i didn’t notice the other person at first and at a glance of the enlargement, was ready to say it was merely the background..but as you say you can clearly see legs that don’t line up to the background. It’s a tricky one and i can’t say i’ve heard of a ghost with a reflection, but then i’m not sure i’ve seen a photo of one over water so who knows. It’s a good photo and difficult to decide.

    • Jobless Col Says:

      people are talking bout ‘do ghosts have reflections’

      i think YES, ive seen ‘apparent ghosts’ photos in the TV reflection and in mirrors…
      ..so i think this could be genuine

  7. Mute Says:

    Looks like someone standing on one leg, holding their foot in one hand and looking downwards. Weird.

  8. Sarah Says:

    That is strange. It really does look like a person standing on one leg, doing something with their foot… I really don’t know what to say about that one. If it’s a real person, as the reflection suggests, why is he so fuzzy? I would say it’s a background illusion, but the legs and hand are very clear… Hmm… could this be a real one?

  9. Mute Says:

    It does look fuzzy, compared to the sharp definition of the rest of the photograph.

    If we say it’s a background illusion, then what is creating the ‘leg’ sticking out of the water? A branch?

    Possible photoshop. But what a strange figure to shop in.

  10. Mute Says:

    Oh and one more thing! There’s a shadow reflection of the figure on the water. If it was an illusion of background scenery, surely this wouldn’t create a shadow like that?

    • Kevan Says:

      The water looks pretty shallow there – it’s got large, flat ripples; it looks like bare soil in the bottom left; and the subject of the photo is obviously barely up to his ankles. The bulk of “shadow” could just be the riverbed.

  11. Dave Says:

    This is ridiculous. He was obviously not alone, he knew the other person was there, now he’s just lying about it to get his pic on the internet and laugh at us discussing it!

    • cloud Says:

      im the one in the photo and I promise you that it was just me crossing the steam, also im clearer than the ghostly figure and im in the background. you would think the ghost would be more focused if it were close to the camera than me.

      • Alex Pryce Says:

        The “ghost” may not be clearer than you. For a start its in the woods. The shadows there as well as the lack of full light could very well explain not only why she doesn;t appear very clear but also why you failed to notice her.

        I am curious however, for someone taking a picture of a friend crossing the stream, why is the camera obviously shifted so that it can include this “ghost”? Judging by the scenery, it would be just as lush on the other side of the stream so why is the camera not more centre on you?

        I find no hard evidence to support this being a genuine ghost, either you didn’t notice her or its a set up. I may well be wrong, it might actually be a ghost, but on the strength of just one picture its impossible to make that call.

        Look at it this way: What evidence is there to support this being a ghost versus the evidence against it?

      • Andi Says:

        It looks like a girl with her hair in a ponytail. Your girlfriend noticed it ,Huh? Maybe trying to cover something up with a “ghost” story?

      • Emily Says:

        Alex : Have you ever heard of art, just because the camera isn’t centred on the person doesn’t mean the photo was set up to inclide what I believe to be a spirit.

      • Chris Barton Says:

        Emily, if it is just an ‘arty compostion’, why does the ‘unseen ghost’ fit so perfectly into that ‘arty composition’? Why isn’t the ‘ghost’ up the top, down the bottom, half-cut off at the side, in the middle, on the left etc?

        Rather it fits perfectly in the compostion as though it was seen, which suggest to me, that it was seen by the photographer.

        Why would it be invisible at the scene, but visible on film/digital?

  12. Peter Says:

    If you stood on one leg like that, you would promptly fall flat on your backside in the water. Its just a stick in the water and shadows.

    • Jobless Col Says:

      Its not a stick Pete, no way mate, its clearly humanoid!

      2 legs, 2 hands, rolled up jeans and even socks i think

      also i zoomed in real close,u can see a pale forehead,and her hair in a bun

      • cloud Says:

        sorry it could be a girl, never realy thought about the gender, just presumed it was a boy in shorts.

      • Marc Says:

        The real question answered here is: yes, ghosts have reflection, and yes, ghosts can step on dog doodle. And it’s just a pain for them to wipe their shoes afterward as it is for us.

  13. lydia Says:

    Have you noted that there is a face behind boy’s head? On the rocks?

  14. tiago costa Says:

    a gost with shadow! i dont think so.
    its not a gost its only a girl

    • Jobless Col Says:

      I believe this is a ghost, theres way too much negativity on here!

      if you’r not prepared to believe then why do u come on these sites???

      • Katie Potatie Says:

        It’s an experiment & I believe we are invited to discuss the images yes? That’s why people are able to say ‘yes this is a ghost’ or ‘no it’s not’.

        Or is this one of those hardcore I believe in ghosts websites & noone bothered to tell the rest of us?

  15. Mariana Says:

    Nowadays is hard to tell which picture is or isn´t genuine, due to modern computer tools that we have today.

    but, if the photographer swear that he haven´t manipulated this picture, there´s a big chance to be real.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Ghost washing foot

  17. Renan Says:

    The ghost washing your foot! ahahahahahhaha

    • Jobless Col Says:

      //Hello………… ‘the ghost washing your foot,hahahahahahah !????

      the ghost is washing their own foot,

      chill Winstarn’

      This photo appears to be real!!

  18. Flávio Says:

    I would suggest this is a part of a branch getting off from the river’s surface.

  19. Tody Says:

    It’s simply a piece of wood ta must be staked in the water…

  20. Viviane Says:

    I couldn´t see any ghost…tsc tsc tsc.

  21. . Says:

    theres a shasow under the ‘ghost girl’ but ghosts aren’t meant to have shadows

  22. Michael Says:

    This is ridiculous

  23. Brenner Says:

    O outro cara andando pela água quem parece mais um fantasma
    quem anda desse jeito por um córrego!?

    the other guy appear a ghost
    who walk into wather this way!?

    sorry for bad english

    fake or normal explanation…

  24. MP Says:

    Pra mim nao passa de um galho ou algo assim.

    Como falaram em cima, o cara andando que mais parece uma assombração. rs

  25. CrisSs Says:

    De arrepiar

  26. Ale Says:

    O cara vai pro Riacho pega uma mina, ai a namorada dele pega sem querer um foto dele com a mina no riacho ….

    É nessa hora que entre em prática, a regra nº1 entre os homens “NEGO ATÉ A MORTE”.

    Sendo assim, o cara me inventa essa história toda dizendo que era um fantasma … taquipariu heim.

    • Alex Says:

      # Ale Says:
      March 20, 2009 at 5:46 pm | Reply

      O cara vai pro Riacho pega uma mina, ai a namorada dele pega sem querer um foto dele com a mina no riacho ….

      É nessa hora que entre em prática, a regra nº1 entre os homens “NEGO ATÉ A MORTE”.

      Sendo assim, o cara me inventa essa história toda dizendo que era um fantasma … taquipariu heim.


      • Ma Says:

        sempre tem um brasileiro pra falar merda!
        hahaah! Mto bom, eu acho exatamente isso…
        FAKE, fake, fake!

  27. Andre Says:

    é uma mulher normal tirando o tenis, quem tirou a foto com certeza viu essa pessoa lá!!! Isso é só pra causar polêmica!!

  28. Karin Roth Says:

    I couldn´t see anything in this photo….

  29. Luna Says:

    Bem que diziam que o saci-pererê morava no meio da floresta…

  30. ric Says:

    NOte that the shadows: boy and supposed ghost, aren’t parallel !!!!

    fake….. i’m sorry

  31. Flavio Says:

    Oh My!
    This one really gave me the creeps…i don´t know if its a ghost or not, but I sure would never go back there!!!

  32. Deh Says:

    Looks like one of those chinese monks meditating near waterfalls…

    Hey, this river must be very shallow, eh? They are like jesus standing over water Oo

    Now seriously, the “ghost girl” pic looks slightly more blurred than the other guy’s, maybe a low-quality picture inserted on the original pic by digital manipulation… a female chinese monk lol

  33. angelica Says:

    well, i think this guy was dating two girls. He left one of them to this beautiful place and while she was cleaning her foot (yes, it’s a girl, not a boy) some friend took the photo. When he get home, the other girl saw it, and to not make her cry, he invented this history of a boy ghost.

  34. Deh Says:

    Parece um daqueles monges chineses meditando perto de cachoeiras…

    Ei, esse rio deve ser bem raso, não? Eles estão como jesus em pé ná agua Oo

    Agora sério, a foto da “menina fantasma” parece um pouco mais borrada que a do outro cara, talvez uma imagem de baixa qualidade colocada na original por manipulação digital… uma monja chinesa lol

  35. Raisa Says:

    bem, eu acho que esse rapaz estava com uma amante, e a levou pra esse lugar e disse q ia apenas com os amigos. Na hora que chegou em casa e foi mostrar pra namorada, ela percebeu a senhorita lavando os pés. Pq reparem bem, o fantasma tem um coque no cabelo! E ai o rapaz é tao safado que inventou essa historia toda pra mocinha.

  36. davi Says:

    oq faz no mato sozinho homem, muito estranho isso!!! E num vi nada d+ na foto …. ¬¬

  37. Eliane Says:

    I Think that it is a realy spirit, bc as a spiritism follower, I know that spritis can have his picture taken.
    Spirits are everywhere, bc we are spirits but with a flesh body. They just don´t have that.

  38. lex Says:

    looks like a real person to me who the photographer just didnt notice at the time

  39. Letícia Says:

    I think It might be a ghost, my husband agrees with Flávio. I don´t know if you guys noticed a shadow behind the ghost, I see a face behind the ghosts back. Imagination, sugestion??? could be… or couldn´t???

  40. cloud Says:

    Thanks for all your comments, i cant augue with anyones opinions. I can promise you though that I know there was no one else there, they would have appeard in other photos and its a tricky place to get to, I have camped near by this place before and me and my friends heard very strange noises but just thought it was the nature. And i have pictures of “orbs” (which i realy just think is dust on the lense and dont honestly see what the big deal of them are). anyways I also Promise that I havnt photoshoped this photo, what you see is what came from the camera when i uploaded it.

    The water is upto my knees in most parts and the place u see me walking over is the only safe way across without getting my socks wet. I wish there was a way to see if its a ghost, i beleve it is because it looks so much like a person, and it dosent at all look like a branch or light trickery to me. sorry.

    • Jobless Col Says:

      Hey Cloud, i believe you mate, this comment is for Alex Pryce..
      …you say theres a lack of light, so it could be a ‘false’, this is so annoying, the figure is so CLEARLY humanoid,it even has a shadow!!

      Give This Cloud guy a break, Cloud seems like a genuine person, he hasnt ”profited” from this photo, hes just shaing it

      Also you asked why the ghost WASNT noticed, well come on… how many people notice ghosts?? How many have you seen?? Children are more perceptive than adults, i posted “”THE GHOST IN THE FIELD”” from Yorkshire & i got so much grief, you also say itl lacks good light, well my spirit/entity was captured in broad daylight, i didnt see it with the naked eye either,

      You also state that the ”camera is shifted” to include the ghost, this is wrong, they were simply taking panoramic shots ot the beautiful area, i reckon there are many photo’s of this guy ”in the centre” from that trip, this just isnt one of them,

      You also ask why you see NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS BEEN A REAL GHOST, well Alex, ..where the evidence to suggest its a fake??? End of story, im not been personal, im just having my say, If Cloud id genuine then who are we to ‘slate him’?

      • Alex Pryce Says:


        You are making several jumps within your statement in order to make it fit in with your idea that this is a ghost.

        You assume the shot was meant as panoramic- it doesn;t look particularly panoramic, just a standard picture but shifted to the left.

        As to Cloud “just sharing it”, this is a forum for discussion and debate, to determine whether the pictures are genuine ghosts or not. If everyone simply came on here and agreed it would defeat the purpose somewhat.

        As to evidence- I have not said it was a fake photograph, I have been very careful on here to avoid using the word fake as freely as other shave done. I;ve even on another thread written a rather extensive statement regarding the differentce between fake and naturally occuring.

        I do not need to provide evidence it is fake as a I don’t believe it is fake, just not supernatural. It is entirely plausable that they simply did not notice this person, or its an amazing example of pereidolia.

        I haven’t demanded the evidence, I have made a suggestion to look at and weight up the evidence for each claim. Because there is not an obvious explanaitiont DOES NOT mean that it has to be supernatural. There can be many other simpler ones and the most obvious is they simply didn’t notice her. It happens to all of us. Our memory can play tricks on us and make us remember certain things in certain ways.

        I have been nothing but civil on this forum, making comments whihc aim to encourage the discussion and asking questions that any rational person would.

        Simply to assume this image is supernatural without obtaining all the information first from a reliable source, preferably multiple, is very bad indeed.

        I have never sought an argument on here and feel that you have taken my statement out of context and reworded parts of it to make it appear as though I am attacking Cloud.

        I have made my statements and stick by them. I do not believe this to be paranormal, simply they did not notice her. None of us were there and can say for sure, and it would be very foolish to simply trust the recollections of this gentleman purely on his word. Memory can play tricks, if they didn;t notice her at the time, then in their minds she wasn;t there and to them thats a fact, in reality it is not.


  41. Mariana[BRAZIL] Says:

    Aff ¬¬

    Where’s the gost?

  42. Daniela Says:

    i dont know…

  43. FG Says:

    you blind!

  44. Lucent Says:

    I was wondering: the original picture was very large than this one? If you took a photo of a single guy… why should you capture all the scenario on the left? Answer: to make a fake picture of a ghost.

  45. Sabrina - Rio de Janeiro - Says:

    Realmente o rapaz quando percebeu que uma das garotas estava na foto ele começou a inventar que era um fantasma! Que malandro.

  46. Joice Says:

    Esse “fantasma” tem sombra???
    inédito isso..

  47. Dr. Peter Venkman Says:

    Looks like a fish jumping to me. You can even make out the gill plates.

  48. person Says:

    it is called a person.

  49. person Says:

    it’s not a ghost, it’s a person.. as in a living person.

  50. Ady Says:

    This is certainly my favourite photo on this site.
    I’m undecided on it being a ghost or not so I will just stick with my opinion that it is an interesting picture. It certainly looks like there was someone else there with you but I appreciate you say there was not.
    The ‘ghost’ figure looks like a character from early versions of mortal combat!! and the stream setting would make a great scene for a battle!!
    (i’m not taking the mick here, i just think the pic looks like that)
    The only point you make that I have a disagreement with is the depth of the water where the ‘ghost’ is, you say it is up tour knee yet you can see pebbles breaking the surface as well as ripple marks indicating the water is similar in depth to where you are actually stood.
    I say, interesting photo and I have no doubt that ghosts exist as I have lived in a very haunted house for a number of years as a child, I would not like to say that you have captured a ghost on camera here.
    can anyone find any info about the are that might suggest a spirit footwashing girl may wander the stream of saltburn woods? that would certainly support the photo as evidence.

    • Jobless Col Says:

      Hi Ady, you sound like a reasonable person, so id like to reply to you,
      I agree its not ”knee deep” on this particlar snap, maybe the ‘author’ meant it was knee deep, before or after the pic was taken?? Who knows?

      Also if you look at the close-up, can yoy see a face over the ‘entity’s right shoulder ? :o)

    • cloud Says:

      Hi Ady, thanks for you comment, I spend alot of time in saltburn, and it is a very beautiful place, for people that dont know its on the coast of north east england. It used to be a very popular back in the time for its pier and scenary and for the beach in the summer. I recently looked for information that would back up that my photo could we be a ghost.
      I came across this information about a large steel bridge that went over the vally not far from the woods in witch the picture was took, it was said a few people had comitted suicide from this bridge before it was knocked down. So im saying there is a chance this ghost was one of them people that killed them selfs just a guess. Below is the website that i got this information off.


  51. Michelle x Says:

    Is it just me who thinks it could just be a large stick in the water? The upper part of the ‘body’ if the darker areas could be the mud on the bank behind. Very interesting. I do believe in ghosts but undecided on this one.
    Thanks for sharing tho.

  52. rokkus Says:

    c’mon people… do ghosts have shadows?? faaaaaaaaake!!

  53. rokkus Says:

    jobless col hates common sense!!

  54. Junior Says:

    Isso é pura ilusão de otica, vc vê aquilo que gostaria de estar ali…, mas con certeza, aquilo não iria aparecer daquela forma, se tivesse sido tirada de outro angulo!

  55. Evil Dwarf Says:

    “Damn’… I steped in a real big shit here!” – That was what the ‘ghost’ said.

  56. tungah Says:

    Looks like ghosts don’t like dog poo either… Oo

  57. Gasper Says:

    This “ghost” is a girl standing on her right foot, arranging something in the tenis-shoes. And this “ghost” has a shadow in the water.

  58. Cintia Says:

    seems real…just seem…in age of photoshop…all is possible ^^…all picture will must be studied carefully

  59. It is portuguese, not spanish Says:

    One, it is not spanish, it is portuguese. So, unless your Spanish wife knows portuguese, she won’t be able to tranlate it.
    Two, those guys are basically saying that the pic’s author lied to his girlfrien to uncover an affair. They are saying that the author told his girlfriend he was going to ride with some friends but actually he was with another girl. So, when the “number one” saw “number two” at the picture he made up the whole story. The followers are agreeing by saying things like “what does a man do all by himself at the woods?”

  60. Ady Says:

    I’ve spent a long time looking at this photo, sharpening it, altering it and manipulating colour, definition etc and must say that under intense scrutiny it’s going to be hard to convince anyone that it is not just another living person there at the time.
    I would add that people claiming ghosts do not cast shadows have little to support their case, if the ghost has enough energy and mass to become almost solid then there is no reason it would not, I think you’re confusing yours with vampires casting no reflection.
    I think it’s important to remember that sceptics will always find a reason to prove that their beliefs are right whereas believers are just as easily convinced they are too, no need for us to get arsey with each other.

  61. Ady Says:

    Porque é que não basta dizer a ela que ele era seu companheiro (a única que teve a foto) namorada

  62. Jobless Col Says:

    To Alex P, if you thought i was attacking you… i wasnt…. i agree with what you say..everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If you check my mail u will see im not nasty to every1, however ive been upset by many nasty comments, theyve even sent me horrible texts & calls so i had to change my number!! I have no problem with you or anyone, i just regret ever posting my photo now, or even commenting to the negativity.
    I wish id just kept my mouth shut. And kept my pic to myself. Never mind , i know 1 thing tho, if i get another spooky photo il make sure i dont post it on here, just not worth it in the end. Anyway goodbye & peace :o)

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      Jobless Col,
      Get a job and stop spending all day on this website attacking people and replying all over the place giving useless comments. I was enjoying this site and reading what poeple think, but all I can see is your stupid comments. You just have far too much to say, none of it interesting, so I’m closing this site and I’m not going to visit it again. You’ve annoyed me too much.

  63. June Says:

    Everyone has missed many other scary things in this image. In front of the guy crossing the river is either a large Iguana watching him or a small Komodo dragon ready to attack him. Behind him, on the left bank, you can see the dark fin of a shark. In the background is some kind of snake or alligator, and an old cannon aimed right at him.

    But the “ghost” washing his foot is actually a gnarly branch rising out of the river.

  64. evden eve nakliyat Says:

    Water ghost « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings great article thankyou

  65. Alex Pryce Says:

    Another thing about this picture that just doesn’t seem right is just what is this ghost or indeed human doing? They have made their way into the middle of a stream to stand on a rock and fiddle around with their shoe. Are they removing it? Cleaning it? Have they trodden on something? Ghost or non ghost I think we at first need to be asking ourselves what is happening in this picture. Elements of it just don’t gel.

    Lets assume she is removing her shoe as opposed to cleaning it- she’s in the middle fo a stream where is the need to clean it? Probably taking it off. Therefore she has walked through some of the shallower waters and is now approaching a deeper bit, hence the need to take off her shoes. Why didn;t she just walk across the same section as the bloke? Its obviously dryer. But then some people like to paddle through streams such as this-she may be indulging her childish side.

    So she’s removing her shoes. She doesn’t want to get them too wet by submerging them in deeper waters. Why is a ghost removing shoes? Why does a ghost HAVE shoes. Despite doubting the validity of Cols ghost in the field, at least its naked. Why would you expect a ghost to carry onto the after life with clothes. A ghost is your soul. Reeboks don’t have souls (Insert shoe/ sole related ghost joke here).

    It is the same when people say they see ghost trains, or in one picture I’ve seen ghost “twin towers RE: 9/11!

    Before jumping to the conclusion of this being a ghost, surely a larger discussion needs to take place as to whether ghosts wear clothes. Sounds a silly point, but if ghosts are souls then why do they even appear in human form?

    I’m am still inclined to believe its a real person either un-noticed or otherwise- the suggestion of a mistress is entirely plausable.

    We really need to address from a rational standpoint what exactly is happening here in the picture before we can judge its validity as a ghost image. Though reasons stated I doubt its a ghost.

    • village fool Says:

      Hi Alex,
      about the ghosts and clothes thing, I’ve read some books about spirits and stuff that suggest that ghosts relive the state they were in near their death or at a significant time in their life, which could mean that they imagine themselves to be wearing clothes and thus appear that way, if it’s true.
      Anyway I’m thinking it might be a real ghost mainly because of the sheer oddness and pallor of her appearance, and because the guy didn’t notice her, I think if he’d known she was there, there would have been some sort of acknowledgement of her presence at least.

  66. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    unfortunately, one more fake photo. the shadow is not coming in the same direction . the guy is good in photoshop but needs to be better

  67. Jennie. Says:

    Well, in all fairness this is a really good photo. As for this photographer person on here, stop saying every photo is fake. You blatently weren’t there, therefore you cannot say whether something has been photoshopped or whatever, just because your a photographer, get over yourself. (:
    i am not convinced that its a ‘ghost’ but im not convinced that its not.
    its almost looks too, human? doesnt appear at all faded in anyway, like we have the vision of ghosts to be, however if you look at the larger photo, the body upwards is very difficult to see.
    i have read some comments above asking why the camera was pointed in such a direction that, if it was meaning to be a photo of the man, why is the camera got so much on the side.
    Well, basically, as i am into photography myself, sometimes photographers do this to get the landscape in more, it makes it look pretty.
    think of it this way, in your heads just picture the photo without all the tree’s on the side, being focussed on the man .. – boring huh?

    i may be only a teenager but i am neither believer or non-believer.
    thankyou and goodnight (:


  68. T. Campoy Says:

    This have to be a person there, for me looks more like a girls unstead of a guy, but you can see clear on the image that it has a person there.
    I was reading on a comment that says that the guy was with a girls when he had this pic taken and when his gilrfriend saw it she wanted to know who was the figure and to explain the cheat he blamed a ghost
    Smart guy. Im not saying that this is a ghost but if there was no one on the place there i cant explain, maybe a “GHOST” :O
    Dont come with the idea of a “stick that with the position of the light + camera focus”. OMG, i wont be amazed to see a stick walking on the street after this comments

  69. T. Campoy Says:

    “fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:
    March 26, 2009 at 4:21 am | Reply

    unfortunately, one more fake photo. the shadow is not coming in the same direction . the guy is good in photoshop but needs to be better”

    You gotta be kidding me, lol
    Check the pic again mate cause if the shadow isnt in the right direction you can either retire or change your glasses.

  70. T. Campoy Says:

    “Junior Says:
    March 23, 2009 at 7:01 pm | Reply

    Isso é pura ilusão de otica, vc vê aquilo que gostaria de estar ali…, mas con certeza, aquilo não iria aparecer daquela forma, se tivesse sido tirada de outro angulo!”

    Melhor mudar o oculista.

  71. T. Campoy Says:

    Cloud, the comments in portuguese are just like the other commets, nothing will really explain what th heck happened there. What matters most is what you lived there and what you’ve seen there. The pic is a great experience and you shouldnt be annoyed by comments of ppl claiming to be faked. Im glad you shared cause its really interesting.
    You should get more new pics from the place and share with us 🙂

    • Lucpar Says:

      I agree. I would like to see more photos done in different light conditions. IF there were many people who died in that area, then there may be more than one “ghost” around.
      No one believed me when I told them about the civil war soldier in my cellar. I saw this same “person” twice in 2 seperate locations. I think my friends and family think I am “cracked” but I know what I saw. Who cares if others think you are “faking” it.
      That area needs some more study….maybe Ghost Hunters International can investigate it.

  72. redskydiver Says:

    The “ghost” casts a shadow in the water…. (and it looks like a female to me not a boy). Perhaps it’s a real person who was actually there.. they are pretty hard to spot after all!

  73. ollie Says:

    I simply cannot believe how gullible people are. Can the guy who took this pic prove that he and his partner were alone? Cana nyone prove this is not manipulation? I laughed long and very hard at some of the comments I’ve read here. People are soooooooooo stupid.

  74. Lucpar Says:

    This is a tough one. If in fact this person swears there is no one else with him then it could be paranormal. I find it hard that they wouldn’t notice someone else in the stream with them. Also I have taken many photos of friends with that kind of orientation. The fact that he is NOT centered means nothing. I think it is a very good and “artsy” photograph of a beautiful scenic woodland stream.
    The figure is that of a women. She is holding up her left foot doing something with her shoe. Is it a ghost? Could be. Do ghosts cast shadows….if they are in solid form then I would say yes they do.
    I once saw the ghost of a civil war soldier in my basement. He looked as real as anyone alive. He was about 15 feet away from me and was just looking at me. He then turned and walked away… in the process he passed in front of a cellar window and cast a shadow on my floor. He walked around the stairwell going up and disappeared. So I would say YES to a ghost casting a shadow.
    Give the guy who posted it some credit. If he “faked” it and we all believe it well good for him. If he didn’t fake it and we all believe him then that is frickin awesome.
    I for one will believe that something “paranormal” is there. It is out of the normal if he and the photographer were truely alone in that stream.
    Nice photo!

    • smills Says:

      I totally agree! I have seen ghosts and have had unexplainable things happen to me several times in my life.
      I also like what you said toward the end, about “if this is fake, good for him, and if it’s not, awsome!” I also agree with the ‘artsy’ comment. My daughter is an amature photographer, and she often takes pics like this.
      I think humans are very naive to believe that we are the only ‘beings’ on this planet, or for that matter, in this universe!
      Also, this just occured to me. I wander how many people who say there are no ghosts do believe in God. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist….
      I would think that anyone on this site would be here because they believe there is a possiblility of some of these being real?

  75. keith Says:

    The reason why the girl fixing her shoe in the water is fuzzy is because shes lost balance and moved quickly and poor lighting…..I think anyway. Also the camera my have that automatic subject focus thing (not sure what its called) but that is why distant figure is sharper

  76. Wendy Says:

    I think comments suggesting the person posting the picture may be lying are not helpful.

    If your only take on a picture is -‘It’s a lie!’ – there’s no point in posting.

    By all means try to explain the picture by any rational means – but I think we all have to begin with the premise that the original poster is telling the truth.

    Most of the pictures I have seen on this site are explainable by light/shadows, reflections – misinterpretation of a natural feature etc.

    This one, however DOES give me pause for thought.
    For me it’s one of the most intriguing I’ve seen so far.

    I wonder what the history of this area is? Might be worth looking into?

    To say ‘ghosts don’t have reflections’ is infantile.
    Who on earth knows what ghosts (if they exist) do or do not have?

    • smills Says:

      As above, I agree with you.
      “By all means try to explain the picture by any rational means – but I think we all have to begin with the premise that the original poster is telling the truth.”
      We’re all hear to decide if we think they are real, and if you don’t believe to begin with, why are you here?
      While I’m here, don’t some of the pics we see show a ‘reflection’ of a ghost? The lady in the window, for example.

  77. diverdude Says:

    weird but amazing good luck with this one lots of pro’sand cons but id say there is some truth behind it

  78. Katie Says:

    This is possibly one of the best Ghost pics i have ever seen, i used to walk through Saltburn woods alot, there is a deep part to the stream running through and a man made waterfall where kids like to jump off and play around, maybe he was killed there.
    There is also a Viaduct running abouve which is used mainly for freight. People have had accidents up there too.
    He seems to be happily minding his business who ever he is.

  79. Curious Skeptic Says:

    This is the most entertaining “ghost” picture in the bunch! Although I am uncertain, I would guess that the figure consists of a combination of shadows, patches of light, and background terrain that line up to create a striking optical illusion. If the picture taker was a trickster, the optical illusion could have been further “enhanced” via minimal use of Photoshop (e.g., some of the figure’s shadowing appears too deep). Overall, an intriguing picture!

  80. jonny Says:

    If a camera is picking up an image then light would be reflecting off the water and showing the image as well. So a ghost not having a reflection would be more strange.

  81. Bubba Says:

    Its a fuzzy stick

  82. Zach Says:

    does anyone else notice the “plasma” stripe across the top left corner?
    all i really wanna know is what in the world is THAT

  83. Deep Says:

    I think this is a women…. just because she wasn’t noticed at the time doesn’t mean she wasn’t there! Clearly the photographers attention was directed towards his friend and framing the picture……. and who could blame him? It’s a lovely photo!

  84. Chris Barton Says:

    I am a photographer.

    My first reaction:

    1) it is a person, slightly blurred due to low light level (eg long exposure)

    2) if the other person was the only person visible when the photo was taken, why is it framed so both ‘figures’ are framed perfectly in the image?

    sorry, the photographer, IMHO, is lying.

    • village fool Says:

      Hi Chris,
      If you’re going to get into all the ‘I’m a photographer’ stuff, well I’m a photographer too. Anyway, many photos and paintings and other images are made with the main subject on one side, it gives the picture a nice effect… And if we all just assumed people were lying, why would anyone bother discussing anything? Maybe it’s truly supernatural or maybe it’s just a trick of light, but to dismiss it as a lie doesn’t really do anything useful.

      • Chris Barton Says:

        Hi VF

        someone else mentioned “Occam’s razor” and this is exactly the criteria I apply. Occam’s razor in a nutshell is:

        “cut away what is extraneous or irrelevant and look for the simplest explanation. It is usually correct.”

        1) in this case it looks exactly like a normal photo, there is nothing unusual about it. I run a photo agency:


        I look at literally 1000s of photos every single day. I have seen many many tricks, effects etc. There is nothing unusual about this image, there is no trick, it is just a photo of 2 people.

        – the photo is framed PERFECTLY for a photo fo two people, on either side of the centre of the frame. Two possible solutions:

        1) The photographer framed it artistically with the person on the far right, and by chance they captured a ghostly presence in the image which was captured on film but could not be seen at the time.

        2) the photographer saw both people and framed it so they both fitted in. When he says he did not see the second person, he is lying.

        Occam’s Razor says the second solution is the correct one, and I am going to go with Occam.

        on a side note, in the original story, there is the statement:

        “When i had this picture on my desktop backround my girlfriend noticed the other figure and asked if anyone else was there”

        has anyone thought that maybe the photographer was out in the woods with another girl and didn’t want his girlfriend to know?



  85. Snark Says:

    Well it’s clearly someone standing on one foot adjusting a shoe. It could be that our chap is just not very observant. However, the reflection from above the knee just doesn’t match the figure at all. It looks just like the reflection of the tree up to the left of the figure and the “photoshopper” just merged in the figure and part of the reflection. So a fake from me.

  86. Bob Says:

    I think this is a fascinating insight into the brain of the skeptic as much as the believer.

    Whilst some folk are saying ‘its a ghost’ (a stock believer response), skeptics are saying ‘it’s an illusion’ (a stock skeptical response).

    Whatever happened to Ocam’s razor?! This is exactly what it looks like, a person watching their feet in a pool! The only thing that seperates this from any other normal holiday snap is that someone has mentioned the word ghost and setup the notion in peoples minds.

  87. Dee Nott Says:

    looks like a “live” girl to me. Our minds are trained to see faces so I don’t put any realivence to the faces in the rocks.

  88. Katie Potatie Says:

    Yep, definately genuine. It’s definately a photograph. I can totally see why the photo is framed in the way that it is, so I’m not saying that it is a fake because of that. Such framing when taking pictures is very popular and as an ex photography student I get where you are coming from with this element.

    I am unsure about the fugre though. The shadow doesn’t match up with the figure. It doesn’t look like it’s a trick of the light (or shadow), but it does look like an image from film/tv to me, like someone has taken a still and overlaid it. I dunno, jurys out on this one.

    Are you a photography student? 😉

  89. Fleur Says:

    its a woman, with her hair tied back perching on one leg, on a rock, looking at her foot … REAL PERSON!

  90. Chuzzy Says:

    Got to say there’s something enchanting about long-haired girls holding a foot in their hand.

  91. lazydayz2001 Says:

    I think maybe you lot have been staring at this for too long why not think on the fact it may be his girl friend crossing the stream or another walker with the incorect foot wear and its simple they dont want to get their shoes wet so they are taking them off.

  92. Deep Says:

    I have cut and paste this one into ‘photo editor’ and blown it up 400% and I can not see any sign of cutting and pasting. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the shadow either….. this is in running choppy water surrounded by trees, you are not going to get a mirror reflection!

    I just don’t think the photographer consciously noticed her there…. we all walk around NOT seeing and awful lot!

  93. Zodi Says:

    Did ya’ll know that ghost and spirits don’t cast shadows. Check the water. It’s another person.

  94. G Says:

    This is fake.. she have taken some cloth on that match the ground behaind her an thats how u make this foto

  95. frantoo Says:

    I’m a photographer, too, and the picture is perfectly framed. Centered photos are boring. The reflection looks okay to me, it starts at her right heel. And there’s not enough water motion to look like she was actually standing in the water. There’s definitely purple in both legs. Her left shoulder could be explained by the background, but the body looks like it’s out in front. I’m not saying it’s really a ghost, but I believe the photo is legit. And I don’t think he was caught with another girl!

  96. Wendy Says:

    I think Deep has it right.
    I’ve looked and looked at this picture – nicely framed, no sign of cut an paste –
    and I think it has to be a genuine picture including a girl with a pony-tail taking off one of her boots.

    As Deep says – it’s possible the photographer just didn’t see her.
    It seems incredible if they didn’t – but perhaps the girl remained quiet as she didn’t want to attract their attention. The focus of the picture is certainly on his friend.

    As for professional photographers criticising the framing of the shot – that’s why you guys are professionals!

    My pictures are always a great disappointment to me – I wouldn’t know how to frame a shot.

  97. guest Says:

    Why the heck didn’t they show the original – full resolution version of this photo? With this small thumbnail it’s sooo fake.

  98. Chris Barton Says:


    okay, how about this:


    now there’s a ghost for you!

    Two explanations:

    1) I was out on the beach taking a photo at dusk. It was getting dark and I couldnt see much but there was a beautiful view over the sea. When I looked at the picture after developing it, I spotted this ghostly see-through figure! That wasn’t there when I took took the picture! Wow! I am seeing a ghost!

    2) I used a tripod for a 10 second exposure. During the exposure I ran forward and stood montionless in the foreground for 5 seconds. I then ran out of the frame again. Surprise! You get a ghostly see through figure.

    I’ll let you decide which is the right solution – but I reccommend using Occam’s Razor.

    And the thing is at least this looks like a ghost. The other image is just an ordinary shot of two people in a low light situation. There is nothing ghostly about it until the photographer says they didn’t see the second figure.

  99. Someone Says:

    Why is it fuzzy while the rest of the photo is clear…?

  100. Cly Says:

    It’s a person, moving while the picture is taken. No mystery here.

  101. Laura Says:

    This person has a reflection in the water! They just didn’t notice they were there ….

  102. Chris Barton Says:

    There are some people who have said here that we have to start with “the premise that the original poster is telling the truth”. That just isn’t how you go about scientifically and logically analysing something like this.

    Who here knows the original poster? Who even knows their real name, let alone their age, occupation, history, reliablility, possible biases to whether ghosts exist or not, propensity for practical jokes etc?

    There is a MAJOR problem on the internet of:

    1) people believing everything they read without questioning it in any way.
    – How many times have you received or forwarded emails about “a new terrible virus!”, “a missing child!” etc?

    2) people say things on the internet which they would not say elsewhere, because they are anonymous and they consider that there are no consequences

    We should not start with the assumption that something someone says on the internet is true, rather we should start with a larger pinch of salt about what someone says on the internet than if they have said it to us face to face.


    • cloud Says:

      Hi, Im Jamie. Im 21 im having a years break before i start Uni. hopfully gettin a job in my local Ciniworld. nice to meet you.

      I have a great social life, so i dont get a kick from creating fake ghost photos and puttin them on here… just wanted to share this and see what ppl thought.

      Im not gunna force ppl to beleve me. Just thought id say.

      • Chris Barton Says:

        Hi Jamie

        I am not attacking you, all I am saying is that there is no more reason for anyone to believe what you say as to not believe what you say.

        I have to base my opinion on the facts I have:

        1)In my (professional) opinion the image has not been tampered with in any way.

        2) In my (professional) opinion, there is nothing unsual about the image and the two figures in the image.

        3) given the option between believing:

        a) the image was framed with the only seen figure on the right, by chance another unseen figure was captured on the left, in such a way that, by chance, both figures are perfectly framed as though both figures could be seen (convoluted I know!)

        b) both figures were seen by the photographer and the image was deliberately framed to capture them both.

        I have to say, option b is just far more likely.

        Some have said, maybe the photographer could not see the second figure, but think that it was a real person there.

        This just doesn’t seem likely both because of the framing, and because the human eye captures the available light in a low light situation far better than a camera, either film or digital, and for this reason I really cannot believe that the photographer did not see the second person.


  103. Clarence Birdseye Says:

    A kid in the foreground.

    Why is the obvious so hard to believe? Because someone says differently?

  104. Vicky Says:

    Its clearly a woman in shorts adjusting her shoes. The image is digitally modified since the “ghostly” image and its surrounding borders is grainy and different from the rest of the pic. A sign that it was not there originally and has been superimposed.

    • Chris Barton Says:

      Hi Vicky

      as I have said before, in my (professional) opinion this image has not been digitally altered in any way. It is just a grainy pixelated image. The background fits perfectly and has the same texture as the figure.

      It is just a low light image of two people in a stream, no tricks, nothing more, nothing less.


      • Vicky Says:

        Hi Chris,

        I retract my statement and do believe that you are right… I had not noticed it before – but upon studying the pic more closely – I could see how the picture is slightly grainy all around which would definitely create a hazy-looking subject in dark light. Not to mention the the so-called ghost is actually casting a shadow in the water further proving that there was a second person in the picture… Good catch!

  105. Phil Bowles Says:

    This is a very intriguing one. I’m also not sure if it’s a person or an optical illusion – it looks very convincing, but if you look at the shadow in the main picture it doesn’t seem to have quite the same shape as the girl, suggesting to me that our eyes might be interpreting a natural shape as a human. Certainly it isn’t a stick fortuitously combined with a bit of natural shade, because the entire body casts a shadow.

    As for the question of why take the photo with a big empty stretch of river – why not? Just because it has a person in it, we don’t need to assume it’s a portrait. If you want to take a photo of someone crossing a river set against the backdrop of the trees further upstream, this is the sort of angle you’d shoot from to get the walker, both banks and background scenery in the image. It would work too if not for some fuzzy blob in the bottom left of the image… The apparent discontinuity in the direction of the boy’s and ‘ghost’s shadow appears to be a trick of perspective.

    Not a ghost, to be sure, but I don’t think this is deliberate or faked, and I’m not sure what to make of the ‘girl’.

  106. Nemmie Says:

    I love the sceptic chant of but Ghosts don’t have shadows!

    How do you know that?

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      In order to cast a shadow you need a physcial, visible presence. In order to have a physical, visible presnece you would be visible to others. There’s also the question that if ghosts did cast shadows, would they cast them according to the sun itself or according to the position of the sun at their time of death?

  107. Palhoca Says:

    This is undoubtedly the best photo on the site. I enjoy looking at these kinds of images not in order to simply believe, “wow, look a ghost” but in order to find possible explanations for them. Although I am a sceptic, I suppose I am secretly hoping that one day I will see a photo that convinces me, or at least one that I can’t explain away so easily.

    This one comes close.

    Although there are obvious possible rational explanations (shadow, roots etc) none of them truly convince me. Do I believe it is a ghost? No. But do I believe it is a root? No, also.

    Despite my disbelief in ghosts I have to say this image gave me goosebumps. Doubtful that it is in fact supernatural, I cannot however convince myself it is something else either. Yes, it COULD be photoshop, it COULD be reflections etc but it also COULD be a ghost. Although I believe that it cannot be. IF they exist, then this is probably one. Damn, I can SEE a girl clutching her shin with one hand and CLEARLY make-out even the thumb on the other hand with which she appears to be taking off (or putting on) her shoe. My eyes tell me this but can it be so? Sceptics will punch holes through a photo even if God himself told them it was legit, (“well how do I know you are God, anyway?”) but this is a hard one to explain. My eyes tell me it is clearly a girl but the sender also tells me there was no one else there when the photo was taken. So it basically comes down to that – is the sender telling the truth?

    The “taker knowingly took a photo of two live people” is about the best (and only) explanation from the sceptic camp. And after all, the photo is perfectly framed to fit both people as the space to the right of the live boy and to the left of the ‘ghost’ is about equal. This would be a huge coincidence if the taker truly only saw the live boy.

    Arguing against this I would say the sender’s story is coherent with the statement that there was no one else present. Fact is, he didn’t notice the ‘ghost’ on his PC desktop because he didn’t expect to see it as he knew he was the only person present. Personally, I only saw the ‘ghost on beach’ on this site – https://scienceofghosts.wordpress.com/2009/03/16/ghost-on-beach/
    – because of the context of the site and was therefore actively looking for something odd. If I had seen this ‘ghost on beach’ photo under a different context I would have only seen what it truly is – a cave and its shadow. So this backs the sender’s story up – he didn’t ‘see’ it on his PC desktop because he ‘knew’ there was no one else in the photo. His girlfriend, not being present at the time, saw the photo from an objective perspective and asked if anyone else was present. The fact that the girlfriend didn’t ask, “who is that?” but queried the possible presence of a second person also backs up his story – is that a real live person, or not? It’s hard to be sure.

    I have no programs to blow the image up but I would be interested to know if a worn or beaten path can be made out on the embankment behind the girl (assuming it’s not a ghost). This would account for her being in the water there – she chose to cross in a different place and is maybe replacing the shoe that came off in the mud whilst scrambling down. A dodgy, muddy embankment explains why the live boy chose to cross further down river and double back on himself along the other bank (in the direction of the taker). Also, it would explain why the taker is so far away from his friend – he has obviously crossed the river already at the same place the girl is crossing now. Maybe the girl followed the taker and crossed at the same point but got into trouble and lost her shoe. If this were the case, the hilarity of the event would mean SHE was in fact the principle subject of the shot but the taker, being inexperienced, did not account for the fact that a camera picks up less light than our eyes. To a live eye, the girl would have been clearly lit and colourful.

    One other point is the fact that the boy is wearing a T-shirt. This means the temperature was warm enough for someone else to be wearing shorts. Although ghosts may or may not cast shadows, I am sure they DO NOT feel cold or heat and dress accordingly.

    Whatever the answer – and I suppose only the photographer and his friend will ever know – a great photo for a site like this.

  108. Elijah Throttlebottom Says:

    It is a image of a man adjusting his shoe
    which leads me to wonder:
    why would a spirit
    adjust his shoe?

    Is it the ghost of a Nike commercial?

    The man has on a dark hoodie and his
    head is facing downward.
    He has his calf in his left hand and is
    adjusting his shoe with his right hand.

    My take is that it is one of his “bros” and
    the photographer forgot he was there when
    he took the picture.

  109. Clarence Birdseye Says:

    For what proposed reason would clothing “come back” with a ghost? Why?

    The concept does not pass the sniff test.

  110. rehan Says:

    i noticed that some people argued why didnt the photographer focus on the person far back, instead he shifted the camera to fit the ghostly figure. i dont see anything wrong with that. i’m not a photographer. but i like to take pictures like this; i think it’s creative. so i think it’s not a valid argument.

    i’m undecided whether it’s a fake or real. i want to believe it’s a fake because the ghost looks too clear in the photo, and it’s not just a face. so i dont think it’s an illusion. i appreciate the sender said he’s alone. so either it’s a photoshop or it’s real. too bad if it’s a photoshop because so far, this is my favourite photo in this site. really love the scene, the person was standing just at the right spot and the ghostly figure — it’s a bonus.

    ps: i think if the ghost stand up straight, it’ll be a bit too tall. dont you think?

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      RE: being too tall, maybe. My opinion keeps switching between it being a physical person or being a root. It is quite possible that the ghost would be too tall and in that case most likely a root. If however our perseption of the image (and bareing in ming its a low quality 2D image) is off then it could well be a person.

      Then we get down to person or ghost. Look at it this way, if there was no back story from the submitter, would anyone seriously think this is a ghost.

  111. Jakov Says:

    imo ghosts are transparent. They should not have their shadows. It’s like they’re not there. Light is made out of photons, and they cannot pass through objects. So, if ghosts are transparent, they should not have their shadows, but this one has. So, imo this could be a fake pic

  112. Jennie. Says:

    Just out of curiosity; who in the right mind will sit for what an hour or so downloading Photoshop, or spend money on it, just to make people think they saw a ghost.
    AND if i see another comment saying ‘why is it perfectly framed so both can be seen’ i WILL go mental, people do this to add effect. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

    • Chris Barton Says:

      so Jennie, framing the figure on the right was ‘done to add effect’ and by pure lucky chance, the photographer captured another ‘invisible to the naked eye’ figure on the left, which by pure lucky chance ended up forming an image perfectly framed for both figures.

      truly jeeeeeeez……

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Re: why would people spend/ download photoshop just to take fake ghost pics.

      They probably don’t. Most likely they have Photoshop for work purposes or simply because its a damn good program. Their creation of ghost images is probably boredom kicking in or done for fun, or done to try and cash in on peoples beliefs.

  113. ZeroCorpse Says:

    It’s a person. Oooooooooh! I’m scared.

    Just because you didn’t see them (or remember seeing them) doesn’t mean they weren’t there and that this is a ghost wearing trainers.

    Which seems more plausible? Memory lapse/inattentiveness, or health-conscious dead person?

  114. geothor churchillius Says:

    its just a guy looks like he is taking a stone out of his shoe or something

  115. Cypermouse Says:

    I was under the impression that spectres/ghosts/anomolies dont cast shadows???? Not to disrepute the image……it’s very good and most convincing but why would there be a shadow if it’s not a real person.

  116. Kat Says:

    Other commenters: There is no argument about whether or not a girl is there. Dark hair, pulled back, dark jacket/sweat shirt/ trainers. It’s really not a question of your mind making sense of random. It’s not a stick. It’s a woman. The only debate is whether or not she’s a ghost. She’s not.

    Guy in the photo: Your girl busted you, guy. And now you’re here hoping to make your silly claims more legitimate.

    In the smaller pic it’s really difficult to see the girl there. This guy didn’t notice girl #2 was in the picture until he brought it up on the PC. In the larger format, she was plain to see.

    And when girl #1 was all, “WTF!? Who the heck is that?” this Guy was like, “Um, omg, Ghost? I’ll put it on a ghost site. You’ll see!!”

    I hope she’s reading this and dumping your shameless butt.

  117. Childbehind Says:

    So far as I know, ghosts are never bothered by a peddles in their shoes. Besides, what about the shadow? Do ghosts project shadow? I’m more convinced with the cheating story above.

  118. hannah Says:

    we think it is true im 8 my friend is 9 and we say yes

  119. hannah Says:

    marc were you talkin to us

  120. hannah Says:

    hello anyone?

  121. Cally Mac Says:

    The only thing that looks remotely like a ghost is the face behind the figure, not the figure itself to me it looks like a normal woman removing a stone or something from her shoe.

  122. J Says:

    Does anyone else notice that there is a reflection in the water made by the woman washing her foot.

  123. Kimmie Weiss Says:

    You flippin genius… lol. Why make up ghost photos when you know it is just someone there with you?

  124. Anonymous Says:

    wel it is obvious it is not a ghost a ghost is a shadow and that is man/boy washing his feet

  125. jsl Says:

    PERSON! ghosts are shadows

  126. crys Says:

    photo shop!

  127. crackitinfo's Says:


    […]Water ghost « Ghostly photographs from Hauntings[…]…

  128. gabriel cortes (@chirifo) Says:

    esta cabron putos gringos si es un fantasma its real ,gringosgoofy gringo ..todos nos convertiremos en eso..all of us someday we will become ghosts

  129. James Says:

    50 BY 50.

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