Horse ghost

Ok, just one more then… information from the person that sent it in…


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180 Responses to “Horse ghost”

  1. Davi Says:

    ta mais pra 1 ET

  2. Diana Says:

    Isso tá mais parecendo um E.T.. ahuahuahua
    e tb a foto não tá muito nítida… sei não.. isso não é um fantasma

  3. Diana Says:

    brasileiro tá em tudo quanto é lugar mesmo

  4. Hélder Says:

    Brasileiro é foda…kkk

  5. Hélder Says:

    Acho que um Brasileiro…

  6. Diana Says:

    deve ser um brasileirinho passando ali…
    vc é da onde?

  7. Brookelle Says:

    it’s a child 😉

  8. jamie Says:

    seen this on some website before.

  9. Rafael Says:

    Deve ser um cearense cabeça chata!

  10. Suzy Says:

    Não sei que tá rolando mas isso eh um ChupaCabras com dor nas costas, certeza!
    Bico de papagaio…

  11. Hélder Says:

    Sei não viu…. com essa onda de pedofilia que vem se alastrando no Brasil deve ser mesmo uma criancinha fugindo de algum padastro…

  12. Raffa Says:

    I’ts a shadown of a dog, i’m shure!

  13. Tande Says:

    Foi só a notícia sair no site do UOL e a brasileirada tomou conta do assunto.
    Só escrevam bem, please…

  14. Baiaco Says:

    amadores… é apenas um leprechaun

  15. Baiaco Says:


  16. China jiang xi Says:


  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. fxxscf Says:


  19. yoo seung cheol Says:

    저거는요 진짜같아요 구도상 ~

  20. HGDYGHD Says:

    FRF F F

  21. ANDRE Says:

    It’s easy today manipulate photos, but this is an interesting subject.

  22. lex Says:

    this has been on ufo sites-S America?

  23. elsio Says:

    É um duende! DU-EN-DE!

  24. MS Says:

    The photo has been taken in Spain.
    I’ve got no idea what such a thing could be…
    I’ve noticed both horsemen on the right side – one is behind the three – seem to prone alike to the left side.

    • Sebastián Says:

      This photo was taken in Santiago, Chile.

      I know because I live there, and those horsemen are Chilean policemen.

      The photo was published in local newspapers and shown in T.V.

      If you don’t know something, please don’t make up facts.

      It was concluded that the ghostly figure was a dog.

  25. Brian Says:

    No doubt.. it’s a freakin” reptilian people

  26. Sandra Says:

    Posts all gosth photos, PLEASE!!!

  27. Jo Says:

    Wish you guys could keep this website. This is a great topic and a class A blog set up.

    Please reconsider about ending this project. I will even send a gost photo in if you leave this site up.

  28. person Says:

    This is cute : ) but I don’t think it’s a ghost

  29. Gi Says:

    “It’s me… MARIO!!!”


  30. Anima Says:

    I think it can b a child!

  31. Renan Barreto Says:

    It’s probably a Steven Spielberg’s Et’s Brother passing by haunting horses or trying to get home in a bike.

  32. fz Says:

    could be a child but i see no other adults than the ones riding the horses.. and i dont think any parent would allow there child to walk so close behind a horse..

  33. Collin Says:

    Isn’t there someone that can take over the site and continue to post photos? It wouldn’t be very much work and I’m sure this site would continue to grow and the quality of pictures sent in would continue to get better…you should really consider allowing someone else to take it over if you don’t want to the do the upkeep of posting new photos yourself.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a dog.

    • Hélio Says:

      Veja este vídeo a mão estranha sobre as costas de um dos rapazes a 2:09 fato que só foi percebido por um dos comentaristas do Youtube.

  35. apple Says:


  36. huanghua Says:


  37. Eu Says:

    eh um pía querendo pegar uma pomba. observe que ele está de tocaia e mais a frente tem outra imagem que lembra um pombo. xD

  38. Eu Says:

    e a tag veio do site do terra… pelo menos eu vim.

  39. Hélio Says:

    Se não me engano, esta foto faz parte de um vídeo que ví não sei aonde já faz alguns anos. Procurei no Youtube mas não achei.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe that’s a dog?

  41. XXX Says:


  42. stevemac Says:

    This is not a human being at all, neither is it a ghost. Conveniently, the image is blurred, yet the detail around the upper portion of the form is not. The perspective is also not correct in relation to sizes. FAKE

  43. myungheon Says:

    oh! fuk it’s terrible. oh my god!

  44. Camila Says:

    It’s a home elf!!!! Must be Doby spirit?
    É um elfo doméstico!!! Poderia ser o espírito de Dobby?

  45. Felipe Says:

    Este já foi provado que é fake faz muito tempo…

  46. eduardo uepcoski Says:

    parece um ET msm XD~
    [so its apear a ET]

  47. A.P.J. Lima Says:

    that creature can be an E.T. but in my opinion it is very unlikely…
    but in this gentle world in which we live I think that it is some Devil’s type or some being elemental. There are several explanations, hypotheses, etc.
    but at last where everything will find the truth of that?
    can the science explain anything, it me will be that she is certain? and the paranormal specialists, also it has his theories.
    I leave them to myself in order that they reflect you: in the end of that where there will be the truth of all this history and of the rest that appear? at last we are gone of sceptics and believers.

  48. Sarah Says:

    It’s probably faked, but an interesting image nonetheless.

    As an aside, the first few comments made me chuckle because despite being a language I don’t read, I could still get the gist from “E.T” appearing in each one – I love it when universal phrases/acronyms appear in unfamiliar languages. Came across it a lot in Wales.

  49. angelica Says:

    esse povo é uma comedia

  50. Linda Lou Says:

    Could be the “dancing baby”!!

  51. Bruno Says:

    É um cachorro. Apareceu no Fantástico. It’s a dog. Was shown in the tv program “fantastico”.

  52. Flávio Says:

    Well it’s dificult to say once photo is not so clear. Seems it’s a still shot from a movie. So the litle thing can be anything. But for sure it is not a ghost. Maybe a goblin running away from some dragons.

  53. Carol Says:

    Eu tb acho q essa figura está mais pra um ET.

  54. Rubro Says:

    * Wouldn’t it be better, for the sake of all international participants, if everyone posted in english?

    ” Não seria melhor, pelo bem de todos os integrantes internacionais, se todos procurassem postar em inglês?

  55. Anonymous Says:

    nao eh nada manipulado, eh so um boneco preso no pe do cara, olleh denovo.

    IM SURE IS A DOLL arrest in his feet

  56. Evil Dwarf Says:

    Oh Shooot… it’s me! O.o

  57. Evil Dwarf Says:

    oh oh.. no, no.. it’s just the brazilian footballer: ROMARIO! (uff.. that was close)

  58. Earl Mcdonalds Says:

    golum go home!

  59. Earl Mcdonalds Says:

    奇怪了 真奇怪 x2

  60. chuckyd1 Says:

    I have seen several like this one. The picture was taken in London, England several years ago. Some of the other pictures show more details and it was not a child, but perhaps a dwarf, or a very small adult person. The face was that of an adult, and a fairly ugly one at that!

    • david Says:

      Parque Forestal in Santiago, Chile.
      Not London, England.

      Please if you dont have certainty in something keep yourself from posting rubbish

    • Yasmin Castro Says:

      You know english policeman don´t dress that color, am I wright ??

  61. oieee Says:

    Tb acho que é um duende. du-en-de.
    Eu vejo duendes…..
    vcs não?


  62. oieee Says:

    olha gente…. esse tal de Rubro speaks english.

    Talvez seja um livro, em uma mesa. Porque o livro, o livro, o livro está na mesa!!


  63. mim Says:

    There are no shadow on it, is 100% fake. Very poorly done.

  64. Jey AR! Says:

    It is the Smegal of cane!

  65. Lilith Says:

    Brasileiro é uma merda mesmo, os carinhas (incluso eu) são como pragas. puta coisa chato.

    Weird =S
    I dont think that is a gost o.õ

  66. Dean Michael Cook Says:

    I have analyzed this image for you, and its a fake, after runing threw some basic tests then passing it threw j paint that little person has been super imposed onto the image.



  67. marina Says:

    that’s no ghost… it’s a gnome!

  68. 神奇花子 Says:


  69. Berrygoody Says:

    Anyway it’s so cute >o<//


  70. Anonymous Says:

    That’s a massage from hell! I’m pretty sure of that… They’re always saying this at my church! It’s the judgement day, when the demon will walk on the earth! Let’s pray!

  71. Earl Says:

    That’s a massage from hell! I’m pretty sure of that… They’re always saying this at my church! It’s the judgement day, when the demon will walk on the earth! Let’s pray!

  72. ems Says:

    It looks like an Alien!!

  73. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    unfortunately, it’s a dog. there is a comment in portuguese and i checked it and the guys are right It is a dog.

  74. ems Says:

    a dog walking on its back legs?

  75. fernando carvalho ( photographer ) Says:

    hello ems, couple years ago a brazilian broadcast TV showed that photo being a ET, and 2 specialized guys in fake concluded to be one . it was a dog. check this internet site —-

  76. Sara Says:

    Faerie? No idea what this really is, but it looks cool!

  77. Veronica Monreal Vitorio Says:

    Sério, não sei mais o que dizer. Richard, seja sincero, não há nenhuma pesquia sobre fantasmas, é tudo balela pra outro tipo de pesquisa?!?
    Sei lá, sobre o comportamento humano, rede de informações, ou pura diversão.

    Não é possível que alguém realmete acredite nessas fotos.

  78. Veronica Monreal Vitorio Says:

    Desculpe-me. Só entrei nessa por que pensei ser uma coisa séria.

  79. David Labbe Says:

    This picture was taken in The “Parque Forestal” in Santiago, Chile.
    It was in the news about 4 years or so ago.

    the two horsemen are Carabineros de Chile, the Chilean police.

  80. Inigo Says:

    Just a small elemental briskly crossing the pathway. Nothing special. Move along now, nothing to see here…

  81. Angelina Dove Says:

    It’s Gollum!

  82. Matt Says:

    It definitely looks like a dog

  83. puppa Says:

    I think its a smurf, I have seen them on TV before

  84. tom Says:

    Bloody hell ive been looking for that picture for years now.Please send it me via email its my dad on his daily naked stroll while on holiday.

  85. Nancy Says:

    er it must be a midget of some sort! lol

  86. Rob Leah Says:

    Certainly unusual. It doesn’t look as if it’s an optical illusion but doesn’t look human either. I suspect that this is a fake.

  87. sue Says:

    There’s always one isn’t there! Lowering the tone from lack of a normal vocabulary.
    If this is a ghost, it’s a vey small one, a baby maybe and surely unable to walk at all…….unless its a midgets baby of course??!!

  88. Anonymous Says:

    I think the picture is a fake. Not only is the image blurred but the riders look to be the same person photographed from the front and from the behind (notice the same coloured jacked, hat and horse)

  89. gnome Says:

    also following my previous comment “I think the picture is a fake. Not only is the image blurred but the riders look to be the same person photographed from the front and from the behind (notice the same coloured jacked, hat and horse)” it also looks like there is a third copy of the horse image in the trees to the right of the picture (notice the hat and horse colour between trees).
    my conclusion = faked

  90. Lilith Says:

    Veronica vc realmente achou que fosse serio?
    um blog com varias pessoas do mundo todo mandando fotos aparentemente paranormal.

    A maioria quer se mostrar, ate agora so vi 1 foto interessante =S

    enfim… vale conferir, ou não.

  91. Tim Says:

    Given the unsteady hand by the photographer the picture is blurry. I definitely think this could be a child.

  92. Resources for Writers Says:

    Honestly the image is too small. It doesn’t look like a ghost because of the proportions. It’s creepy nonetheless.

  93. Mr. Patterson Says:

    Does anybody else notice a resemblance to the Bigfoot “Patterson” film?
    Here’s a quick link:

  94. Hannah Says:

    It Looks Like A Little Aliean
    Bleesss 🙂

  95. Hannah Says:

    :O i spelt alien wrong 😀

  96. Bubba Says:

    Its son of BIGFOOT

  97. Julia Says:

    It looks quite real but if it was those horses would be freaking out or would at least react in some way but they don’t seem to in this pic.

  98. Deep Says:

    This picture doesn’t strike me as ghostly at all, but certainly odd. The size of the figure suggests a child, but the proportions of the figure don’t concur well for a child of that size; besides where’s mum, with all those horses around?

    However, the blurring of the photo makes it difficult to exclude a small child. If this is taken from a video, I would love to see it!

    Conclusion – not a ghost, but there is not enough detail to be sure what the figure represents.

  99. Jade Says:

    it’s too small to be a child if you look at the proportions the horses are way too big, the image couldn’t be a toddler. look how skinny he is… i believe it make be one of the little people… a fey

  100. Daniele Says:

    è un fantasma… bisogna crederci…

  101. plumazing Says:

    Dog, yeah. I looked at the “it’s a dog” site and seems to me even with the blurry enlargement, you could still outline the form of a wee upright creature and see that as real, easily as a dog.

    Totally with Inigo who said “Just a small elemental briskly crossing the pathway. Nothing special. Move along now, nothing to see here…” 🙂

  102. Paula Says:

    This photo was taken in the Parque Forestal in Santiago, Chile, and was published in many local newspapers

  103. Raymond Says:

    It is actually a very famous photo of an alien – not a ghost.

  104. Manolo Chile Says:

    This pic was taken in Parque Forestal, Santiago de Chile four years ago. The men in horses are policeman (Carabineros de Chile). This pic provoked a lot of comments in newspapers and TV. A interesting article you can see at . It’s a dog, an alien or troll? In your opinion is …

  105. tociech Says:

    This picture is well-known I think. I saw it in Polish newspaper or TV in better quality and it looked very realistic!

  106. sam Says:

    I’ve seen this before, at least five years ago on the web. I think on

    If memory serves me correctly it was taken in either Argentina or Chile and has been touted as “evidence” that a race of pygmy people exist.

  107. John Says:

    thats a djinn, nothing ghostly about them.

  108. Shari Says:

    I believe it may be a fairy or leprechaun. These little lives do exist in the underworld ruled by Lilith.


    BOM DIA!
    Carissimo pesquisador:
    Por favor inclua na sua pesquisa um estudo sério sobre a existencia do mundo espiritual que é o mundo do pensamento, o mundo dos sentimentos, o mundo das idéias. Este mundo como diz o Dr. Edgar Morin é o mundo do conhecimento e quando uma pessoa se apodera de uma idéia como Hitler se apoderou, torna ela uma entidade que mata, embora não seja visualizada pelo sentido físico da visão. Aí sim, outros cientistas como Amit Goswami que escreveu o livro A Física da Alma, o médico Victor E. Frankl(in memorian) através de seus discipulos como Elizabeth Lucas, e o livro A presença Ignorada de Deus, etc. participarão e completarão sua pesquisa, no sentido de ajudar a humanidade ser mais completa e feliz. Nossa alma é uma partícula divina, criativa e a causa de todo progresso verdadeiro que inclui a ciencia classica e a ciencia das humanidades, unindo aos cinco sentidos, os sentimentos de amor universal, sinceridade, altruísmo e espiritualidade. Nosso cerebro “vê” aquilo que pensa como se fosse realidade e esta confusão tem tratado o mundo do pensamento ou espiritual como se fosse um fantasma. Isto aconteceu como uma necessidade das leis da natureza para superarmos o que precisava ser superado e chegarmos no século XXI com a coragem de impulsionarmos a idéia de Mokiti Okada(Japão 1882-1955) de ” fazermos o próximo feliz para podermos ser felizes também…Gratidão gera gratidão…”

  110. Clarissa Says:

    Is ghost the only option? How about an alien?

  111. Cly Says:

    It’s a very cute photo for sure. Way too small to be even a toddler. From blowing it up it looks like a photo manip.

  112. Laura Says:

    It’s a twig!!

    • Mr. Patterson Says:

      That is actually as logical, if not more, than any other hypothesis. The horse kicks up a twig and spins it out of focus. Though I’m still partial to the guy in a monkey suit.

  113. Vicky Says:

    E.T. Phone Home!!! Ha ha ha!!! Fake…

    Why is it that ghosts (or aliens) only show up at blurry, over exposed pictures?

  114. Reynaldo Sombra Says:

    É o Plankton, do Bob Esponja.

  115. chris Says:

    Frodo’s off to save something else!
    Go, Frodo, go!

  116. ellen Says:

    its completely utterly a dog or a lamb. i have done my own reasarch and have now have found out the truth

  117. ellen Says:

    wats that sposed to mean

  118. ellen Says:

    if you dont belive me go on it may be in a different langue but look at the photos.

  119. Jobless Col Says:

    this is truly an Alien. I believe it was taken in Chile, years ago. The 2 policemen on horseback were questioned & none of them saw the tiny ET!

    Niether did the photographer. This is a fact.

  120. darko Says:

    to nije duh,vec vanzemaljac/that is not a ghost,that is allien

  121. ZeroCorpse Says:

    It’s a fake.

    Seriously, people. You make me embarrassed to be a member of this species, sometimes.

  122. Barry Says:

    It is definitely an alien – I know because they were interviewing him on daytime TV the other day and he said he’d just been having a picnic when he nearly got run over by a horse.

  123. skutter Says:

    It’s one of the Roswell aliens gotten loose.

  124. Alien23 Says:

    FYI..i saw a program called X-Testers and they debunk all these paranormal things and this exact photo was being investigated. They put a small alien model and got to recreate this voting for ‘faked’

  125. YYasmin Castro Says:

    This picture was taken in Chile, and there was a lot of fuzz about it, on the press and even on t.v. cause people said that it was some kind of a leprechaun or an alien. Finally it was scanned and someone expleined that it was a dog walking away from the camera who kinda looked back at the exact moment when the picture was taken.
    For references you can look at Las Ultimas Noticias newspaper, sorry I don´t remember the exact date, only can say it was last year.

  126. Anonymous Says:

    Richard Wiseman as you were sent in 350 photos yet you only posted 50
    wouldn’t it have made more sense to have posted all 350 images so the general public could make their own minds up on the authenticty of the photos or have you kept the best ones back for yourself?
    you are renowned skeptic who wants to believe in ghosts so i find it very hard to understand why you wouldn’t place all ghost images sent into you on this site as a mark of respect to the senders!

  127. Rose Says:

    On the internet that is not a ghost picture. They say it is an alien crossing the sidewalk.

  128. LMC Says:

    the photo is not clear… I would think it’s a child going after a bird.

  129. Gu Says:

    é um cachorro, ja foi provado ^^
    adorei o site

  130. Jamie Says:

    I think it’s the horse’s tail.

  131. zero Says:

    obviously an elf!!!!

  132. zero Says:

    ohhh your sooo cool :/ u can so swear… everybody doz ok so shove it!

  133. zero Says:

    ohhh your sooo cool :/ u can so swear… everybody doz ok … god, ritard!

  134. maura Says:

    it looks more like an alein than a ghost but that is just on 11 year old girls opinion

    • Open mind. Col* Says:

      Hi Maura, you are correct, this was a ‘Grey’ alien taken in south America, Chile, both horse police were questioned, neither of the cops saw the ‘alien entity’
      These advanced creatures can make themselves invisible, and make the crafts invisible to human eye, however, somehow cameras can capture them!!

  135. doomed Says:

    Fart Gnome Lives…… blurry dog, why the fuck are these pictures always blurry? learn how to hold a camera still already or get some treatment for your alzeihmers.

  136. Dámaso Says:

    Hi, this photography was taken in a park in Santiago of Chile, to two stables of my house. What one sees is a dog. It is not a ghost, only an optical effect.

    • Col Foster (AKA -Open mind) Says:

      Hi Damasco:
      This is not a dog! Its been proved to be an ET, invisible to the naked eye, neither the photographer nor the policemen saw it!

  137. Vinicius123 Says:

    Cara, como todo mundo é estupido, é um cachorro, da uma ampliada na imagem, ele ta virando pra tras, ilusão otica meu filho, é um cachorro, observem bem que é um cachorro

  138. Shaun Says:

    can anyone see that the horse on the right looks like it is reflected from behind the trees, you can see his hat to the right and a bit of the side of the horse.

    I dont think it is another horse or you’d be able to see more…

    also it looks a bit like a painting

  139. Craig Says:

    Its the chupacabra!

    …or a naked primordial dwarf.

    I think it’s the latter…..

    …… technically the thing is alive, so how can this be a ghost picture?

  140. C. Cook Says:

    Looks a lot like Bat Boy!

  141. Anonymous Says:

    Ive seen this picture before. Its been claimed that the creature in the picture is supposed to be the Jersey Devil.

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  144. Shaggy Says:

    This is my favorite! O.K. , this little guy must have fell out of the horses ass. If only horse jockies were this small I would gamble at the Horse Track. Maybe this is a photo of a leprechaun ?

  145. Shaggy Says:

    Terretts is a mofo.

  146. Steve James Says:

    I love the way the Portugese sight has ‘proved’ it is a dog by doctoring the image and then having someone draw a rough picture of a dog over the top of it.

    If it was a dog, it would look like a dog. We all know what a dog looks like.

  147. natashablock Says:


  148. Anonymous Says:

    OMG DOBBY!!!

  149. john Says:


  150. Madison Says:

    Really weird things

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