Ghost in shop

From the person who sent it in:

This picture was taken in Madrid.
If you look above the seated man slightly to the left you can see the shape of a lit up male figure. I thought the shape was quite similar that of “Ghost in distance” and “Ghost in field”. I found it quite eerie. Would be very interested in what you made of it.



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59 Responses to “Ghost in shop”

  1. jon Says:

    it looks like a maquette and most probably is. By the looks of it you’re in a hotel lobby and there appears to be things dotted around the place in order to stylize the interior! Even from a distance it doesn’t appear to be a ghost!

  2. Ketakee Says: can be reflection of the mannequin in the shop on the other side or does not looks like ghost…

  3. JP Says:

    This is one of the worst I’ve seen, its blatantly a mannequin!

  4. Sandra Says:

    It looks like a mannequin

  5. Linda Says:

    Definitely agree that it is a shop figure in a hotel shop.

  6. Clare Says:

    Mannequin. I think there’s an unlit one in the middle alcove.

  7. Dave Says:

    This is definitely a mannequin that is see on the other side of a window (see the blinds?). It is “glowing” because there is a light source on it. No mystery or question about this one.

  8. Carrie-Natassja Says:

    its a mannequin yhou can see another one aswell in the 1st picture behind the man on the desk

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      So there is! Well spotted! Case closed as far as I’m concerned. You get all sorts of things in hotels and such, because a lot goes on. Conferences, training days etc. It could be a prop from anything like that just left there or it could be one of two ornamental mannequins you can see in the picture. I’m going to read on and see if anyone else has noticed the other ‘ghost’ behind the man at the desk

  9. Jobless Col Says:

    Hmm i dont think this is a ghost either, but maybe the guys who sent it in were innocent & not trying to fool people to start with

  10. tiago costa Says:

    is a dummy!!! from a hotel shop

  11. Marc Says:

    Is that a giant toothbrush on the table? Is anyone else spooked by that?

  12. Viviane Says:

    it´s a maquette.

  13. Gus Says:

    It’s a mannequin

  14. lucky Says:

    It´s a statue.
    A replica of Oscar´s statue 🙂

  15. Edna Says:

    This is a mannequin,

  16. dyanna Says:


  17. MP Says:

    É um boneco. Repare que tem outro mais a direita. Fake total!
    MP – RJ – Brazil

  18. Darlon Says:

    Stupid photo. I can´t see a thing! The lady with the cell phone is as stupid as well.

  19. Gusthavo Says:

    it’s keen on a mannequin

  20. Ale Says:


  21. Karin Roth Says:

    It means anything to me…should be a mannequin.

  22. lex Says:

    can we have another category-normal explanatuin but not faked just STOOPID

  23. VINICIUS Says:


  24. Fabio Says:

    As ridiculous as the man :]

  25. JayTee Says:

    Ok, I believe in ghost and all, however the first thing that comes into my mind when I see this photo is MANNEQUIN idiot

  26. JML Says:

    O povo sai mandando foto adoidado e nem para para pensar no que tá mandando… Até uma criança sabe que isso ai é manequim.. ú.ú

  27. Daniela Says:

    for the love of god!! does this photo really needs any comments??

  28. Denise Says:

    a simple mannequin across the room

  29. tony Says:

    nada haver, é so um MANEQUIN!!! salvador

  30. Renan Barreto Says:

    Man, it’s clearly a doll. Nothing more than that.

  31. stevemac Says:

    It saddens me that people with even an ounce of sense can post such photos,… and think they are of ‘ghostly images’ – absurdity !!

    Absurdo – vai embora.

  32. Aracnos Says:

    Is the C-3PO!!

  33. Nika Says:

    Definetely it is not a ghost…im sure its an manequeen…:)

  34. Kleverlande Says:

    É Claro que se trata de um manequim!

  35. Evil Dwarf Says:

    Oh My F**ing God!!! It really is a…… GIANT TOOTHBRUSH on the table!
    That must be from the GIANT-ALIEN-GHOST of the other picture – that on the bushes, he was smoking and the guy took a photo of it, remember?

  36. Cintia Says:

    appears is a dummy XD

  37. John in DC Says:

    it’s a mannequin in a store, right?

  38. Dean Michael Cook Says:

    Analyzed this one also, its a statue in a glass cabinet that has a spot light shining on it.



  39. marina Says:

    gee, it’s just a lamp!

  40. Hmm Says:

    its michael jackson on history tour.

  41. Rob Leah Says:

    Almost certainly a mannequin.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    its a manequin

  43. Tim Says:

    manequin, statue, etc.

  44. jim Says:

    it’s a mannequin

  45. David Says:

    reflecton in a mirror. must likely a dummy in a shop window. however it does remind me of one of those terracotta army figures. could be a replection of a post perhaps?

  46. Bubba Says:

    Clearly a manequin

  47. Deep Says:

    Just looks exactly like a mannequin to me!

  48. Bobby Says:

    I’ve been to this hotel and am pretty sure there was a lit up figure like that at the entrance to the lobby.

  49. Cly Says:

    Mannequin or statue, light hitting from above.

  50. Vicky Says:

    Its a mannequin or statue… I don’t think ghosts have hard smooth surfaces that reflect light like a lighthouse. Otherwise, we’d be able to see ghosts all over the place – not to mention we’d be able to see them from miles away.

    Why, we’d be able to see them from space….

  51. Jay Says:

    Looks like a cyber-man from Doctor Who!

  52. Sue Says:

    i’ve been to this hotel, it is called the Hyatt Villa Magna in Madrid. there are little golden statues in trophy cases throughout the lobby, and this is one of them, sorry!

  53. LMC Says:

    lol! don’t jump to conclusions that you have a ghost G a mannequin or statue for sure!

  54. wee-mee Says:


  55. doomed Says:

    you gotta be kidding me…. OH MY GOD MY LOCAL K-MART IS FILLED WITH GHOSTS!!!!

  56. Shaggy Says:

    What’s so eerie about a proud man in a golden gimp suite? Unless he’s staring at you through a window in Madrid.

  57. Nivek Says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the figure on the wall next to the mannequin above the mans head…

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