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Ghost in shop

March 19, 2009

From the person who sent it in:

This picture was taken in Madrid.
If you look above the seated man slightly to the left you can see the shape of a lit up male figure. I thought the shape was quite similar that of “Ghost in distance” and “Ghost in field”. I found it quite eerie. Would be very interested in what you made of it.



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Night ghost

March 19, 2009

From the person who sent it in:

This was taken by a friend of mine whilst the three of us were on a ghost hunt at St Albans Cathedral. Whilst we took many during the evening that showed mist and ‘orbs’ this one was the most usual and I still haven’t been able to think of a decent explanation as to what may have caused the light effect you can clearly see (supernatural or not!). This was one of the first pictures taken during the evening and I have one taken of the same area (for our own post-analysis) that shows no artificial light.


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