Skull ghost

This from the person who sent it in:

I am from Croatia. This image has been taken at 14 march 2008. It was my 18 birthday and I celebrated it in an old community center. The next day when I looked at the pictures I found something strange on one picture. I have taken a picture of my two buddies with a mobile phone mark sonny ericcson model K750i. The picture is not in high quallity but it can be seen a skeletal face over their heads. We studied on net and we have come to know that this is a ghost. Thank you for your time, and sorry for my bad english.


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85 Responses to “Skull ghost”

  1. Alex Pryce Says:

    The image is of such low quality and there is so much distortion of other parts of the picture that this “skeletal face” is nothing more than a coincidental reflection, or flash of light or just simply a smudge. It also looks a little bit like Homer Simpson.

    It would also have to be a very odd shaped ghost as the head is a strange shape (as I say Homer Simpson, too elongated) its also very small in comparison to the two gentlemen in the picture.

    Not a ghost.

    • bumcheeks Says:

      it is possible that these 2 losers could attract a neg entity like that, however it’s probably a fakeo

  2. jon Says:

    to be honest with you it looks like the face is someones shirt sleeve because there appears to be someone behind them wearing a tank top or something and facing the wall…possibly dancing considering it was at a birthday party because you can see the photos been taken at a weird angle which means the person taking the photo is possibly standing on something or is a giant.

  3. Jonathan H. Says:

    Someones shoulder, they’re facing to the left and possibly holding a drink from their posture.

    Just a bad photo I’m afraid.

  4. The picture taker Says:

    hmmm these are very interesting comments but if you are looking long enough at the picture you could see that can’t be somebodys jacket becouse the person that is standing was in a long distance of my two buddyes, it cant’t be somebodys jacket becouse nobody had a homer simpson on it or such big scull on a shoulder…think about it

  5. The picture taker Says:

    and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  6. The picture taker Says:

    no it isn’t dont you understand or see the person behind had a black jacket…nothing was on that jacket nothing it was just black

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      The picture taker doth protest too much. The ‘sKull’ is lopsided anyway. And you just said there was no Homer Simpson or skull “on that jacket” and that “it was just black” indicating that you know it really is a jacket. Any number of shapes, lights and shadows can be formed on a black jacket.

  7. iro_biker_4 Says:

    hello guys i am the left one on this picture…i can prove that nobody was standing behind us and the wall is too close from our backs.I dont know what this is but i belive in ghosts…Before that picture i take a photo with two another friends and both of them smoked,and you can clearly see a strange face in the smoke but unfortunately the picture was lost…my brothers girl friend she deals with paranormal things and she told me that this picture can be a bad omen to me,because in the first picture i was there and took it and in this i am with a friend and it is behind me.I hope she is not right…

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      You can’t actually “Prove” there was no one behind you, we weren’t there and other than the recollections of people who would not be paying that much attention to the background, there is no evidence to support your statement.

      However, Say that you are indeed too close to the wall and there can be no one behind you, it still does not look convincing as a ghost picture. The picture is not a high quality so we cannot judge accurately the distance between you and the wall and there are other factors which could affect it.

      Simply capturing an image that you cannot immediately explain does not count as evidence of ghosts.

      Also, as to your friend saying its a bad omen. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.

  8. i cant see Says:

    you bicth in da Russia not commyniti centers. In Russia haved low qalitu, low price nigth bars. And this not skull. this Lenin old black bust, like this

  9. The picture taker Says:

    hmmm Alex you might be right but i don’t want to lie, you and the others can choose if you wan’t to belive or not i don’t care but I can tell you that i know the truth and i know that nobody was behind my friends it was just a damn wall. And Alex and the others if you don’t belive in ghosts then why are you comment other pictures so as my picuture if you don’t belive. If you belive in ghosts then I think you should reconciled with the truth. Thank you for your time and please don’t leave any stupid comments. If you want to say something nice say it, but don’t write any bullshit. Thanks again.
    The picture taker

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      Not wanting to take this thread further off topic, but I feel the need to respond regarding the statement: “if you don’t belive in ghosts then why are you comment other pictures so as my picuture if you don’t belive”

      We comment because we want to know the truth. Most skeptics would happily accept ghosts IF there was enough solid evidence for their existence- but there just isn’t. We comment and discuss, we debate and we research. If you only wanted positive feedback and no disagreement or negative feedback then you really shouldn’t have submitted a photo to a public forum for discussion.

      I’m willing wholeheartedly to believe there was no one behind you, the picture does not show that there is someone behind you for certain, simply an image that looks like a persons shoulder and back, though this is most likely an example of us seeing shapes in random patterns but to many, including myself it does resemble a person even if it isn’t.

      I don’t think anyone on here wants to say anything that isn’t “nice” just for the sake of it- yes there are a couple of derogatory comments on a very small number of pictures here, but on the whole the comments are related solely to trying to explain and understand the pictures presented and are polite and non judgemental.

      We’re not the boogeyman trying to ruin your beliefs, we’re just commenting rationally on claims that are made and images presented.

      If anything I have said has caused offence I apologise, as I’m sure most others would, but I repeat, you shouldn’t have submitted pictures to a public forum had you not wanted any criticism or debate.

      All the best

      Alex Pryce
      Edinburgh Skeptics

  10. Ady Says:

    it’s a bolb of water on the lens, it has a complete outline to the entire shape, the colour comes from the distorted line running down the wallpaper, it even affects the lad on the lefts hair.
    moisture droplet for me definitely, beer, wine, soda anything…

  11. The picture taker Says:

    Nice saying sir Alex and apology accepted ofcourse. The reason I posted this picture is becouse this picture isn’t like other pictures, for me this picture is very special becouse i have taken a lot of pictures in my life and nothing strange was on any other pictures until this happend to me. I saw a lot of ghost pictures and i am sure that this picture is one of them. I don’t know maybe it is maybe it isn’t but i know one thing it isn’t something that happens every day. I know maybe I commented your post a little too rough becouse i am not used to get such comments. But when I hear that this might be a someones shirt or jacket or the lens was dirty or maybe was that Homer Simpson?? then i am very very nervous. I apologise once again but please understand me i wouldn’t submit this picture with no reason.
    All the best
    The picture taker

  12. Nerdycatlover`s Ghost Says:

    This “ghost” is someone standing behind the two guys facing the camera. (He`s wearing a stripey shirt and a dark tank top.)If you look at the far right of the image, you will see someone else standing there as well. You can also see ,from the edge of the pale coloured skirting board, how far away the wall is from the two figures. It looks like there`s plenty of room behind them for other people to wander around, it`s just that the flash hasn`t lit them very well.

  13. Kevan Says:

    Looks like someone walking from left to right, facing away from the camera, and getting a patch on the back of their woollen jumper lit by the flash, or by a spotlight in the room.

  14. cam Says:

    Nerdycatlover`s Ghost said what I was thinking.

  15. johnny Says:

    This look like someone dressing the mask of that magician. That one who revealed the secrets of the magic…. In my country they call him Mister M..

    If you look right in the man with the red jacket. You will see that his hair is darker near the skulll

    i think is fake, but is goode one!


  16. rodrigo Says:

    it’s the devil

  17. Ricardo Garcia Says:

    It´s someone walking around… see your money…

  18. Anonymous Says:

    yes,is the devil

  19. Gabriela Verdi Says:

    Hi, sorry about my bad english i’m from Brazil and i have just 15 years old. For me, it looks like a guy’s back, with a coat , maybe really a coat with hommer simpson, and the lightes of party reflected in.

    Not a ghost to me.

  20. Felipe Mendes Says:

    Que fantasma que nada é o Mr M que ta ali atras curtindo um festerê…

  21. Fausto Says:

    Is the “Mr. M”

  22. MP Says:

    Parece o Mr. M mesmo!!!
    MP – RJ – Brasil

  23. Deise Says:

    Não beba que o fantansma da morte está rondando você.

  24. davi Says:

    dead or Mr M?

  25. Cami Says:

    The phantom is equal Mr. M the magician!

  26. Mariana[BRAZIL] Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA very crazy.

  27. Fernando ( BRAZIL ) Says:


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  29. marcelo navas Says:


  30. Matea (Croatia) Says:

    Zgodna slika… ni sama više ne znam što je na slici… zbunili su me ti svi komentari…

  31. Matea (Croatia) Says:

    A ova dvojica na slici su mi poznati…idu u školu u koju i ja (samo drugo zanimanje)….

  32. Guilherme Baglioni Says:

    Uma camisa do Iron Maiden.
    A Iron Maiden t-shirt.

  33. stevemac Says:

    Two points – 1) Why would anyone take a (casual – informal) picture from such an angle, (standing on something looking down) while at the same time PERFECTLY framing the ~third~individual or ‘ghost’,… yet the subscriber-donator of the image states he didn’t know of the ‘entity’ being there at the time. 2) How come the ‘entity’ is wearing a SHIRT !!!! the collar of it can be clearly seen.


  34. Ambalon Says:

    Slipknot mask!

  35. Evil Dwarf Says:

    the guy in the right looks like a younger BRUCE DICKINSON!
    And the ghost… well.. I guess.. ahm… maybe… if you look in a… well… OK, THERE IS NO GHOST!


  36. Cintia Says:


  37. Bodhipaksa Says:

    It looks like a drop of liquid on the lens. You can see the distortion of one of the vertical lines, and you can also see the edge of the drop as it runs in front of the lad on the right, and an apparent “cow’s lick” on the forehead of the lad on the left. The apparent “face” in the background is the diffracted image of the hair of the two young men. It does resemble a face, but our brains are programmed to look for faces, even in random data.

  38. fernando Says:

    there is a glass behind them reflecting shapes. you can see reflection on the lower right corner too.

  39. The picture taker Says:

    Jebem vam mater glupu nedokazanu retardiranu pička vam materina. Ne nije bilo nikog iza nas, nema leće ni vodice na leći jer smo slikali si mobitelima i po zadnji put pička vam materina nisam stavil sliku bezveze da vi z nje radite sprdačinu i da je omalovažavate majku vam jebem. Sad sam stvarno pukel i razbit ću vas pička vam materina jednog po jednog jebo vam pas milu majku.

  40. Babec Says:

    JUrina daj ne seri ja znam da ste sve ovo namjestili

  41. R Says:

    It’s the back side view of a person behind them wearing a black shirt with a skull on the back. You can see the outline of a shoulder where the black edges taper off. You can see what appears to be someone elses arm in the upper right of the photo. Just a random dude walking behind these guys nothing more.

  42. julie Says:

    I cannot believe this lot of pictures were “the best of the bunch”. Who chose them? And were they having a laugh?
    I am glad i did not submit my truly brilliant and genuine ghost picture to this event, it’s a farce.

  43. Andy Cooper Says:

    was it halloween at the time or something because it is not a ghost!! it is probly someone with a skull mask on his/her face

  44. Curious Skeptic Says:

    Not a ghost, just a person behind the subjects facing to the left and slightly towards the wall (he may be turning away to get out of the picture). He’s wearing a dark sleeveless sweater over a lighter long-sleeved shirt. The long-sleeved shirt may have reflective threads that caught the flash and caused the man’s left upper arm and shoulder to generate the strange image.

  45. Mr.Dog Says:

    Looks like some faggit in a balaclava.

  46. Mell Says:

    Don’t think this is a ghost. it looks like someone wearing a striped shirt aand a body warmer and the “skull” is actually someones shoulder/arm

  47. Bubba Says:

    Its part of the chair!

  48. Deep Says:

    The face looks more like a gorilla than a skull to me! What ever is behind the subjects, is solid, it blocks out the background and extends way beyond the ‘face’. Perhaps someone in dark clothes standing behind them? Hard to tell due to the poor quality of the photo.

    Not a ghost though!

  49. luka Says:

    bravo!!! lijepo si to cudo uhvatio…..=)))))))9

    • The picture taker Says:

      fala stari jedini koji daješ utjehu…ovi svi kreteni ne može im se ništa dokazat samo znaju srat po drugima…živio

  50. Chuzzy Says:

    Skully just wants some of what u’re drinking!

  51. Kirsta Says:

    This is clearly someonewalking past left to right with a black T-shirt on and a Skull symbol on their back!
    Their head has been missed off the top of the photo (the same as the person on the far right with the striped sleeves), but you can see the outline of their shoulders where the background wall has been blotted out by their passing

  52. Cly Says:

    Creepy photo but it’s just someone else behind them. I like it a lot though for it’s creepy factor at first glance, can even make out a clawed hand on the top of the head on the left if you use your imagination.

    Fun pic!

  53. Vicky Says:

    Ha ha ha!!! FAKE!!!

    Did anyone see the documentary about faking ghostly pictures/videos and posting in on YouTube? Well this is a perfect example…

  54. nebi reko Says:

    ako uzmeš da zbilja niko nije bil iza, more biti bilo kaj, neka anomalija usljed bljeska pa i duh, ali nikad nemreš znat za sigurno. dok se slika “enhancea”, iz mraka se oblikuje torzo, a “kosturova glava” meni izgleda više kao odbljesak ramena kožne jakne, ko onaj desno na sliki.
    al ak baš oćeš vjerovat da je to duh il neki kurac, onda vjeruj.

  55. Dave Says:

    Just to be controversial, I think you’re all wrong. I think the guy behind has no stripy jumper or tank tops or skulls, I think he’s wearing one of them coats which has a woolen body and vinyl sleeves. The ‘face’ is the flash reflecting back of the sleeve and the lines are due to the poor resolution of the photo.

  56. Akasha Says:

    Hey guys…girls (if there are any)…listen…I have seen this pic in i remember boys from picture and I think that’s not fake, but i dont see any ghost…I think that’s reflection of something, or something else..
    Ej dečki…nadam se da se niste prepali kad ste tak nes vidjeli hahha, al eto, fakat mislim da to ipak nije duh…zapravo, bolje za vas da nije 🙂 ne vidim u cemu bi uopće bio gušt imati duha na slici…mislim da se meni tak neš dogodilo, prepala bi se i nebi više uzimala fotić u ruke 🙂

  57. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Person behind them in a logo shirt; They’re moving, it’s blurry. No ghost, as usual.

  58. ante Says:

    pa valjda je to neki duh… ima i oko nas u to sam siguran!!

  59. krepo Says:

    hehehe, a vidi se neka cura sa repom iza kaj nekaj prčka po mobitelu, a ono mi se čino ko neka jakna, al to sam samo ja 🙂

  60. MiMi Says:

    excellent photo, but I think that it was maybe just a coincidence – it was someone with Iron Maiden shirt passing behind them in direction to a person with a jacket (in right corner, you can see his arm). if you look carefully, you can see letters on the scull (although the person was moving so they are blurry) as they are usually on Iron Maiden shirts;)

    but still the best photo here, IMHO

  61. Ben Says:

    Hey, you guys are cute! 😉

  62. LuS-K Says:

    Repent You Sinners!

  63. kikich Says:

    to me, it looks like one big scull wearing black hood, so close to them, looking to the left… and trying separate them with his bony fingers…. no back with some kind of shirt (Iron maiden), or jacket…. thats the reason why the line behind seems to be covered…

    hm….. gle to meni izgleda kao jedna velika glava kostura koja na “glavi” ima crnu kapuljacu…. s pipcima kao da ih zeli razdvojiti…. jeste zivi i zdravi?

  64. luis Says:

    starnge guys….

  65. luis Says:

    very strange picture of a ghost it clearly looks like 2 ppl hoding to each other

  66. Erkkki Says:

    A remarkable picture indeed. Two thirsty gohsts.

  67. Shaggy Says:

    I’m not sure if this is the ghost of skeletor but what I am sure of is if he’s real he’s real scared of that jacket your wearing. Well, the 80’s are coming back unfortunatley.

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  72. merseymale Says:

    It is the left shoulder of someon standing behind the two & facing, almost, away from the camera. Simple.

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