Carter ghost

This from the person that sent it in:

The image was taken at a Obama Nation Celebration party after the Nov 4 election in Atlanta Ga.  President Carters and his daughter Amy came along. Take a good look at the rest of the photo also. The one above his head is not the only orb to appear.


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45 Responses to “Carter ghost”

  1. uksceptic Says:

    Ok I’ll start on this one!

    Judging by the tree cover it’s probably pollen/dust/foliage in the air.

    The photo is taken in low light with the flash on and so the flash bounces off these small particles to give an orb effect. You would be surprised at how small a particle can reflect enough light to give this effect.

    If you go out in the rain and take a picture with the flash on you will see this effect multiplied. Its exactly the same principle and probably accounts for most ‘orb’ photographs.

  2. IGadget Says:

    I agree. You will also notice that the large orb is doubled slightly, this is because the object which reflected the light, moved between the two flashes for red-eye reduction. This slight shift(ghosting) enhances the believe that it is a 3d object. It is an Optical Delusion.

  3. cheng Says:

    aha~just spotted lens cap^_^

  4. excero Says:

    Where is the ghost on this pic???

  5. LeaC24 Says:

    Orb smorb! Quit sending in pics of dust specs, folks.

  6. Lee Says:

    I find it amazing that people keep thinking they have pictures of ghosts when its obvious its the flash bouncing off particles in the air! Has no one ever wandered why these ‘orbs’ only appear with a flash?? I dont mean this comment to sound unfriendly if it appears that way!

  7. claire Says:

    this looks like bokeh – a natural photography phenomenon

  8. Sid Says:

    A hand coming out of her but!

  9. Ricardo Garcia Says:

    lights, action!

  10. Ana Chaves Says:

    I believe that his energy levels was so high that it could have been capture by the camera. You know like an Aurea.

  11. lucky Says:

    Give me a break.
    There is nothing abnormal in this picture.

  12. Luna Says:

    Ectoplasmas de vários fantasminhas prestigiando a posse do Obama, que meigo!

  13. MP Says:

    Gota na lente da câmera.
    Tenha mais cuidado com esta lente filho!
    MP – RJ – Brasil

  14. Marcela Says:

    Nada de fantasma apenas alguma coisa que caiu na na lente….

  15. Andre Miranda Says:

    It could be moisture on the lenses, happens a lot to me…

  16. Mariana[BRAZIL] Says:

    Tenho CERTEZA que é da lente.

  17. JayTee Says:

    I’ve seen many better pictures on the net than the ones in this website. They are all easily explainable.
    I believe this was the intention of this website in the first place

  18. Alexandre Vilaça Says:

    Maybe, it is the Ghost of the moon. I am kidding, it is just a spot.

  19. Hélio Says:

    O pessoal chama isso de orb mas também acho que seja reflexo de gota d’agua proximo a câmera, normalmente acontece quando se usa o flash, eu mesmo tenho algumas fotos assim.

  20. Fernando ( BRAZIL ) Says:


  21. Denise Says:

    a simple case of flare. dust reflecting the flsh light

  22. Marcio Couto Brazil Says:

    I have something that looks like….

  23. Luiz Says:

    The ghost in this photo is the hand and a beer!

  24. stevemac Says:

    No ghost, nor ‘orb’ per-se. Light and conditions. People believe what they want to believe.

  25. Evil Dwarf Says:

    uuuhhh.. spoooky huh?!? where did she found that ‘monster’ jacket?!? so awful…

  26. mark_valley Says:

    out of focus dust + flash = orb

  27. marina Says:

    yeah, right!

  28. Majkii Says:

    It is very known efect of raindrop on glas of objective

  29. Tim Says:

    There are too many things that can create orbs in photos and videos.

    Orbs to me are meaningless.

  30. Curtis Says:

    The only thing that is abnormal in this photo is Jimmy Carter, and he is a true “anomaly”. That spot above his head is probably some of the hot air that he exudes everywhere he goes, the great fraud.

  31. Bubba Says:

    uniskeptic at the top explains this one very well I think

  32. Deep Says:

    I have done some experimental ‘orb’ photos, and I can say with confidence that these orbs are caused by that lovely sunset going on in the background!

    Bright sunlight is brilliant for them!

  33. Chuzzy Says:

    Hmmm, always thought ol’ Jimmy was something of a saint!

  34. Cly Says:

    “orbs” Bah! Particles.

  35. Vicky Says:

    Orbs are not ghost… Could be a number of thing such as – pollen, dust, light disturbance… etc.

  36. heatsky Says:

    It’s the remainder of Jimmy’s mind wafting out his ears.

    Seriously, it’s dust. And I love the person hugging him hiding the cheap beer behind her.

  37. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Jeez. Not the orbs again.

    Digital camera. Dust + flash = “orb”. Can we stop obsessing over these stupid dust-filled photos, already?

  38. Erkkki Says:

    I completely agree wityh ZeroCorpse.
    I have beatiful pictures with these dust particles.
    Orbs… some make even business with these… … doing his very best to see ghosts in everything.

  39. W.F. Edsel Says:

    President Carter is an angel. That’s his halo 🙂

  40. Kimmie Weiss Says:

    sorry but every orb I have ever seen has just been dust, or light reflecting off rain or a mirror.

    The funny thing is the girl trying to hide her beer from the ex-president 🙂

  41. Shaggy Says:

    Either this politician is balancing a globe on his head or someone actually captured an amazing photo of a ghostly insect. WOW!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Clean your camera lens please….

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