Ghost in red smoke

From the person who sent it in:

Attached is a photograph taken on august 2007 at around 2100 hours inside a tent in a Cloud Forest at the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras while we went camping and birdwatching (the photo is very silly with my wife and I making faces) but the creepy part is the red cloud that surrounds us, to this day I cannot explain what is going on there, I cant say if its supernatural or light having its way or dust or whatever—I saw your blog and thought it would be nice to share the photo with the rest of the world.

On the area the photo was taken about a 100 years back it was a silver and gold mine and as people recall lots of workers died there so that could be an “explanation”. The state of the photo is as it was taken without any doctoring whatsoever and I took the picture.


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37 Responses to “Ghost in red smoke”

  1. jon Says:

    I don’t think it’s anything paranormal…it looks like motion blur and possibly something from the flash bouncing off something else and because the iris is probably quite wide it lets too much light in and causes a red blur. If you were holding the camera the flash may have caught part of you hand..that would explain why it goes around your face because your hands wouldn’t be that close to the lens itself. To see what i mean shine a torch through a finger and see what sort of red it produces (do it in the dark).

  2. IGadget Says:

    there is no note for if this started life as a digital image or not. If it was film this could be caused by the media not being processed correctly, or being damaged prior to processing.

  3. Ducker Says:

    Hi there!
    Im Danny and I took the photo
    The photo is digital…taken on a Sony cibershot or some model or other. Yes, i was holding the camera with one hand….maybe its not paranormal or anything like that….then again It creeped us out when we saw the photo that same night.


  4. Alex Pryce Says:

    Query. The light on the chaps head, is it on at all? I know it looks out (might not even be a light!) but could it have been on even dimly?

  5. Kevan Says:

    I can’t imagine what else that would be on his forehead, and it looks like it’s on. I don’t know much about LED lamps, but some white lamps use separate red, green and blue elements – it’s possible that the red element is somehow catching the lens, here.

  6. Nanny Says:

    Não sou especialista em fotografias, mas esse efeito pode ter sido decorrente da barraca (vc falou que tirou a foto no interior de uma barraca). Há algum tempo também tirei uma foto no interior de uma barraca e tive um efeito muito parecido com esse, todo avermelhado.

  7. Marc Says:

    This happened to me once, I thought it was some bad peyote. Maybe it’s a ghost peyote.

  8. gerson Says:

    achei muito boa as fotos parecem ser verdadeiras,mas e algo a ser estudado…

  9. Ana Chaves Says:

    Another perfect explanation for different colours of our energy levels. They were so connected at that time that their aurea was very strong by giving them a red energy around them. Red is the energy colour of love!
    I bet they had a perfect moment together!

  10. lucky Says:

    Oh Lord! Marijuana again 🙂

  11. MP Says:

    4 opções:

    1 – A camera pegou reflexos no momento;
    2 – Tinha fumaça com luz em volta;
    3 – Photoshop
    4 – A menstruacao dela veio que veio!!!!
    MP – RJ – Brasil

  12. THIAGO Says:


  13. Marcela Says:

    Nada haver esta foto, isso esta longe de ser um fantasma concordo com vocês dedo no flash, por estar no interior de uma barraca …. menos a possilidade de um fantasma….

  14. Fernando ( BRAZIL ) Says:


  15. ernest Says:

    ha eu acho que estas fotos são efeito de luz esta e a maneira que se pode explicar,fantasma pode existir mas não houve foto aki que tivesse alguma certa credibilidade que poderia mostrar a existencia de acredito que existe mas eu não estou afim de ver nenhum.aki na minha cidade(brasil)uma vizinha de um predio me contou que todas as pessoas que morava neste predio mudava rapidamente pq não aguentava houvir luzes acendendo,barulho de pratos caindo,quando a pessoa chegava la nada tinha caido,e ouvia barulho de pessoas andando no predio,a ultima pessoa que morou la contou para ela que viu um cara tudo sujo pedindo para que a familia saisse e a mulher deu um grito e desmaiou ,quando ela acordou obrigou a familia que mudasse rapidamente do predio,depois disto ninguem morou la e o predio ficou abandonado,este fato aconteceu 5 anos atras,hoje o predio de dois andares foi demolido e estão construindo um supermecado.esta historia e veridica a vizinha contou que o dono do predio antes de morrer era muito mal,e quando estava morrendo disse que nunca iria sair do predio,porque gostava muito deste predio.tchau pessoal… there is I think these pictures are light effect this and the way that it can her explicar,fantasma can exist but there was not picture aki to have some certain credibility that could show the existence of believe that it exists but I am not similar of seeing nenhum.aki in my neighboring cidade(brasil)uma of a building told me that all of the people that it lived at this building changed pq quickly didn’t tolerate houvir lights acendendo,barulho of plates caindo,quando the person la arrived anything had caido,e heard people’s noise walking in the predio,a person that la lived finishes told for her that saw a guy everything dirty asking so that the family came out and the woman gave a scream and you/he/she fainted, when she woke up forced the family to change quickly of the predio,depois of this nobody la lived and the building was abandonado,este fact happened 5 years atras,hoje the building of two floors was demolished and they are building a supermecado.esta recounts and truthful the neighbor counted that the owner of the building before dying waspessoal..

  16. rogerio Says:


  17. Evil Dwarf Says:

    I have a similar photo, taken in the “red light barrio” – in Holand.
    Were you there too?

  18. hiroshi tamaki Says:

    이건 짜가야 ㅋㅋㅋ

  19. 병신들 Says:

    이건 하느님만이 알고있다. 너무 자만해지지좀말자

  20. Renato Says:

    Hi folks! In my opinion, ghosts, ovnis, ETs, conspiration teories represents just one thing: The need to believe in something!

  21. Tim Says:

    Not paranormal by any means.

  22. Bubba Says:

    I think it is a strange light effect caused by flash

  23. Deep Says:

    This reminds me of ‘smoky’ photos caused by a reflective surface and i notice the gent is wearing a head torch that might fit the bill, but why it’s red, I really don’t know. Were either of you wearing a red reflector of any type?

  24. Chuzzy Says:

    Judging by ur grins hell can’t be that bad really

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Its the flash bouncing off of the reflector in the blokes head lamp.

  26. bobby Says:

    Thoes headlamps have red led’s on the 2 outer sides, they are prolly on, and pointing into the lens, causing distortion

  27. Cly Says:

    Flash bounce.

  28. Vicky Says:

    Maybe someone farted and its the surrounding gas captured on camera…

  29. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Flash, red reflector, camera fail.

  30. anon Says:

    let’s not forget they were in a tent…you know for extra redness

  31. Kelly Says:

    More than likely your auora rather than a ghost

  32. Dieter Says:

    Actually, this is kind of interesting. Not only is there a red fog in the foreground, but you can also see it in the background on the left going behind the people and the tent. If this were edited, you would see evidence of this quite easily.If it were some kind of light refraction, you wouldn’t see that background effect.

  33. Shaggy Says:

    Great picture but you guys were bird watching? Are you sure you were not attending a rave? She looks like she’s rollin and you have the squirts.

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