Castle ghost

From the person that sent it in:

Please find attached a photograph that I took at Tantallon castle on May 26th 2008, which I feel you may be interested in. The photo was taken in the central keep around 1500 hours. At the time I was not aware of anyone, or any thing being present in my picture only noticing the anomaly on examining the digitial photograph when I got home. I have not scrubbed the CF card, so the originial is still available for examination.

I have been in touch with the staff at Tantallon and have verified that there were no sinister dummies in period costume, placed strategically in windows for our amusement, or historical  re-enactments going on that day at the castle. Similarly I did not notice any nice old ladies wearing ruffs walking around the central stair wells! These are a couple of conclusions, as well as “its just light reflecting on rocks”, that some people have made about the photo. One person suggested it may be King James V of Scotland who lived at the castle as the figure looks like his portrait? Irrespective of these observations I hope you agree that it is a fascinating picture.

Apart from the photograph being enlarged it is not the product of adobe photo shop, which I have absolutely no idea how to use, or any other computer art program for that matter.  What ever you conclude from the photograph I would be very interested to hear what you think.


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  1. A Mark Says:

    Due to the intensity of the sunlight in the rest of the picture, I’d go with a reflection of light. The apparent facial features appear to me to be a combination of the railings and shadows on the roughness of the stone walls. Also consider scale; in relation to its surroundings the figure appears to be only a c ouple of feet tall. Nice picture though.

    • Mute Says:

      Hi Mark,

      The intensity of the light is apparent in the top of the photograph, but I wouldn’t have said it was that bright towards where the ‘ghost’ is.

      Can we agree that if there are such things as ghosts, that their rules of appearance are drastically different to the physical world. Like you said, the ghost only looks two feet tall. Perhaps its walking up the stairs? Or maybe its even in between the place where a normal person would stand.

      We expect a ‘ghost’ to look anatomically correct and appear to us a real living person does. But this is a flawed judgment.

      I’m not trying to attack your comment, just trying to get a healthy topic of discussion going. Cheers

      • A Mark Says:

        From the directions of the shadows cast by the intense sunlight, one can assume that the sun is somewhere to the top-left of this image.

        Given that this is a ruin, is it possible that there is direct sunlight hitting internal stonework coming from an unseen opening to the left?

        Having further enlarged the enlargement, the greeny colour appears to me to match other green hues in the stonework, most notably below the opening one down and to the right of the railing. The ‘face’ area appears to match other stonework in colour.

        I am now of the opinion that the feature is an internal wall seen edge on and illuminated by sunlight from an unseen opening, with the gridlike appearance of the fence creating the appearance of the face.
        With no knowledge of the layout of the ruin I cannot confirm this.

      • o Says:

        ghosts that’s impossible anyway i thought you can’t see ghoststhrough a camera

    • Dominic Hopkirk Says:

      A couple of feet tall? Maybe if it was standing on the window sill, which I doubt. This is a fascinating picture, just not totally convincing.

    • KL Says:

      Mark as regards to the scale of the ghostly image, when I first looked at the image magnified up to some 700% (If you use Opera then you have the benefit of using this excellent inbuilt browser tool, ideal for examining online photos like these) I noticed how out of proportion the figure looked.

      That “out of proportion” look reminded me of what the brothers who regularly claim to see Pete the famous poltergeist from Cardiff said in a tv documentary about Pete the said poltergeist.
      One of the brothers described Pete (So they named it) as having a strangely out of proportion size body in relation to his head, the body should have been much bigger.

      So even if this figure was only 2 foot tall, that in itself doesn’t make the image any less credible, as Pete’s witnesses seem to suggest that ghosts may not always be in the same size or proportion that they have appeared when living.

  2. Mute Says:

    It looks like the stalk of a plant stem and the ‘ruffles’ are leaves. But if it was a plant, the bud is too large to be a common weed. Plus if it was a weed that size, it would have no doubt have been pulled up. So it’s not a plant, but does very much resemble one, at least in the way the body looks.

    The head almost looks as if its sticking through the fencing where as the rest of the ‘body’ is behind it.

    It’s very unlikely that it’s a reflection off the rocks, as surely the fence wouldn’t be reflective enough in width to produce such a large reflection like that.

    I’d like to know if a person standing out looking from that window would be the same height as the figure we see here.

    Good pic. Can’t make my mind up though.

  3. markribbands Says:

    A nice photograph; very high resolution and well-exposed. Taken by a skilled photographer with good equipment.

    I have two explanations:

    1. A long-exposure tripod shot, with the ‘ghost’ being somebody unnoticed moving in and out of shot whilst the exposure was being made. The ‘ruff’ and hand could easily be artifacts produced by a white collar or other piece of clothing being moved.

    2. This obviously skilled photographer is having a laugh: ie deliberate fake. Not bad at all. No need for Photoshop – it’s an easy long-exposure trick.

    I can’t choose which to go for without further information.

  4. Libra52 Says:

    Doesn’t anyone believe in ghosts? You’ll be putting Dan Ackroyd & Bill Pullman out of a job! PS. Picture looks spectral to me.

  5. rokkus Says:

    having a real good look at this photo it’s pretty obvious that it’s a fake. i’m photography expert but i know photoshop pretty well. why has the face is blatantly pasted on over metal bars. even more obvious in the blown up photo. i’m pretty tempted to fake a few of my own ‘ghosts’ just to show you all how easy it can be. watch this space (woooo-errrr!!)

    • KL Says:

      rokkus, whether this is an optical illusion or genuine ghost remains debatable, however if you examine the face in a browser like Opera that can magnify the image up to 1000% then you wouldn’t come to the conclusion that the face has been blatantly pasted over metal bars.
      Whilst the image does become blurry when you magnify the image as greatly as I have done, I cannot observe for definite that any image has been pasted over the metal bars.
      From my magnification I am incline to say that the face image looks like coming from BEHIND the metal grating NOT over the bars as you and a couple of others here have suggested.

  6. MG Says:

    If you compare the original version and the enlarged version you will see that as the enlargement has been made the aspect ratio has also been changed making the shape appear longer and thinner than it originally was. So in reality the shape is a bit more squashed than what we are commenting on.

  7. Anise76 Says:

    Couple of questions.

    1. Is that area of the castle physically accessible?

    2. Why has “May 2008” been superimposed on the bottom left of the original picture, but something above that writing been covered over? It’s clearly not a camera datestamp, so what is it, and how did it come to be on the picture in the first place?

    Can we see the original, with no editing whatsoever, please? No blow-up, no captioning.

    • Richard Wiseman Says:

      Hi. This is exactly as it was submitted, except that it had the photographers name above the date, so I simply covered that up. Will see if I can get the original.

      • Anise76 Says:

        Thanks. I’d like to have a proper look, as this has clearly been edited in various ways, and I’ve found an almost identical shot on Flickr, taken a year before and in slightly different weather conditions, which also has light and shadow visible,behind the fencing, in the same place. However, the picture is too small to determine what it might be.

    • Alex Pryce Says:

      To your first question. Yes it probably is open to the public. I’ve been to Tantallon recently and most of the walkways are accessable with the exception of a few which are deteriorating. The metal railing in the front suggests it is an accessable walkway.

      • Anise76 Says:

        Thanks, I appreciate the information. Having seen further images of Tantallon, I’m of the opinion that this is caused by the internal electric lighting in the castle. I’ve actually submitted a couple of images of my own to Richard (one an “accidental fake” and the other… well, a touch more inexplicable), and would be interested in the opinions of others if he decides to use them!

  8. uksceptic Says:

    It’s just a person wearing a scarf walking past the opening in the wall.
    It’s slightly blurred and out of focus but come on folks this doesn’t look supernatural at all.
    You can’t tell they are in ‘period clothing’, it’s far too blurred so why jump to that conclusion.

  9. Mute Says:

    Good find anise. I found some similar and a possible explanation.

    In this photograph the area where the figure appears is in darkness.

    Tantallon Castle

    Now, in this photograph the area is lit up.

    Tantallon Castle

    From this photograph we can prove that the castle has interior lighting.

    Is the face of the ‘ghost’ a similar sort of orangey glow as the lighting?

    • Anise76 Says:

      I would say the face of the “ghost” is a similar colour, yes. Shamem because it was quite an interesting picture.

  10. yucki wa Says:

    open the site open Pucung. lots of photos from the indonesian ghost there. if you want to interpret in English, go to google translate and look indonesian language.

  11. yucki wa Says:

    open the site open “Kumpulan Foto-foto Hantu, Jin dan Gaib”!. lots of photos from the indonesian ghost there. if you want to interpret in English, go to google translate and look indonesian language.

  12. Zanskar Says:

    This is a fake, the face appears over the metal bard instead of behind them.

  13. fWylie Says:

    Oddly enough, I have seen a similar ghost at another castle up in Inverness. This was 1998 and was actually on a “Loch Ness” tour and we were approaching this castle ruins. My friend Nick and I saw a old man dressed in a black cloak with a white beard walking back and forth looking out from a pillar. I was like uhhh Nick do you see that guy? Making sure I wasnt crazy. HTen we docked and we went to the ruins searched everywhere for a guy wearing a black cloack and had a long white beard. didnt find anyone. So I believe this one to be true based on my own experience and oddly enough the location being scotland.

  14. chuckyd1 Says:

    If you look closely, it appears that the face is coming through the bars. I don’t know what it is, but it does appear to be shaped like the rocks that are around it.

  15. chele Says:

    Am no expert but i have checked out the links that ‘mute’ provided and i dnt how people seem to think this is natural light and that the face is outside the railings. It is obvious to me that there is a figure there of some sort. But i am not sure how when this was blown up that u got such a clear image thats what i would like to question, as the figure is not clear and i believe when blown up would just be a blur.

    • Anise76 Says:

      Looking at the blown-up portion, the image has also been extensively lightened, as evidenced by the brickwork on the left of the picture. The shadowing in the main image is stark and highly contrasting, with much less contrast and a distinct softening of the edges int he blown up version.

      I still agree wth Mute that the orangey face could be caused by the internal electric lighting.

  16. Thorpeland Says:

    Creepy? Yes. But im not ready to call that a ghost. The lighting on the “face” is so much brighter than the rest of the area. Someone else said “clearly the work of a skilled photographer. Well exposed”. Hardly. I am a photographer. This photo is “clearly” taken either with a point & shoot camera or an DSLR with automatic metering and with a flash. Nothing extraordinary. But, I am leaning towards a hoax or an optical Illusion

  17. Wyn Williams Says:

    Clear ly if you cover the “body” you can see the head is light shining on bricks, the bricks are the same colour as the face etc, another interesting illusion changed by our brains (such as they are)

  18. David Says:

    I was unsure of this at first. My gut told me that it was a fake, but I read the other comments and reexamined the photo. It now looks to me like inside the building to the left of that gate/window, that a stone archway that is being illuminated by something bright (sunlight or interior light). yes, it looks like a face, but I think that is just matrixing of the stone pattern. Also it may look like it is on the outside of the bars, but I still think something bright behind the small bars would overpower the darkness of the bars in the photo (especially at the distance the photographer is from the window). So I guess I would change my vote from “fake” to “explainable by natural means”. Not supernatural.

  19. Ketakee Says:

    I am not able to decide if it is ghost or not…but i do believe in spirits…i also believe that there are things in this world that science has not possibly been able to explain!

  20. Dane Says:

    in the blown up image if you look closely you can see that the horizontal lines on the ‘face’ match up with the brickwork, with the light shining on this area creating an optical allusion.

    • KL Says:

      Actually the lines on the face are created by the metal grill not the brickwork (Use Opera’s magnifyer to take a closer look)

  21. Tody Says:

    Simply bricks…

  22. aline Says:


  23. Camila Says:

    nunca vi tanta besteira!

  24. Gost Buster Says:

    this is a fake,look the face of the gost…is outside the window,for me its a fake

  25. Gost Buster Says:

    the iron of the window,pass intro the face of the gost,its photoshop…sorry by the bad english,im japanese,and i have pass many experiences with ghost in my life

    • Vicky Says:

      Take another look… You can clearly see the wire fence over the “ghost” face. Now whether this is authentic or not is hard to say.

  26. Flávio A. Gomide Says:

    I think that a real person, only. Just a man or woman looking at the window

  27. Leandro Dall Agnol Says:

    como vou saber se nao havia uma pessoa realmente olhando atraves da grade?

  28. Gost Buster Says:

    leandro,presta bem atençao no rosto,a grade passa por dentro deleou seja
    eh montagem fera

  29. Ordnael Says:

    Realmente interessante, muito interessante!

  30. Carlos Says:

    Se não for montagem, é apenas a claridade refletida na pedra e nossa mente se encaminha do resto. É como olhar para as nuvens e achar formas de rostos e animais.

  31. Nany Says:

    Com certeza pode ser verdade;pois antigamente se prendiam muitas pessoas em castelos e este acredita ainda estar preso lá e se materializou de tão apegado a terra ainda que esta.Parabens pela foto

  32. Andre Says:

    Faxineira do castelo!!! Certeza!!!

  33. Carloz Muños Says:

    Sei la cara. Talvez seja um gurda fazendo uma ecolta, ou pode ser até mesmo um espirito que esteja “vagabundiando” ai, no castelo.

  34. Luna Says:


  35. Danilo Says:

    Parece um bobo-da-corte. hehe

  36. Jack Says:

    Faked. THIS IS FAKED!

  37. Ricardo Says:

    Parece de verade, mas na minha opnião eu acho que é o reflexo da pedra.

  38. Ediane Says:

    Bom, eu achei essa a mais real de todas..realmente da um medo!!!

  39. Gibson Says:

    Isso é o Russo do Chacrinha numa das suas viagens internacionais.

  40. davi Says:

    de todas é a mais intrigante , a veia do castela ela morreu esperando um homem perfeito e até hj ta la a espera do principe !!!kkkk

  41. Karin Roth Says:

    this is a real person…..I can´t see anything ghost there….

  42. Marco Says:

    Acho que tinha uma pessoa de verdade lá na janela.

  43. diabolik Says:

    não sei falar ingles.

  44. diabolik Says:

    caracas…. eu pensei que era em ingles

  45. Rogerio Rodrigo Says:
    The illustration found on wikipedia of Brazil reveals similarities in appearance, but says it is not the same castle ?!?!?

  46. Mariana[BRAZIL] Says:

    Da para ver que é sim uma pessoa.Não sei como subiu lá, ou se definitivamente é um fantasma, tem cara da quelas prisões mal assombradas.

  47. Fernando ( BRAZIL ) Says:

    AFF.. essa foto não é um fantasma… sem duvida!!!

  48. Andre (Brazil) Says:

    nao é fantasma…se voces observarem a grade esta ali por segurança, o que caracteriza a possibilidade de acesso interno ao predio…por isso a chance de ser um fantasma é minima ou quase nenhuma!!!!

  49. Isa Says:

    I’m afraid of this photo. Should I be afraid? It scars me… *-*

  50. Boca Suja Says:

    Cat a feeling mother fucker! Only a ass role can said that is “a ligth refletion”… Put your butt in a glass full of butter.Better: put yout butt in a glass full of honey. Then, you can visit a garden that have bees. And they will put a stinger in your ass role! What a piece of shit! It’s a real ghost, fecal matter!

  51. jucimar ferreira Says:

    acredito,que tem realmente algo não explicavel ,que possuem e silhuenta de uma pessoa que estava presa e deixou a sua presenca devido ao seu sofrimento,naquele lugar.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    ao redor do rosto as grades estão “cortadas”

    o rosto foi enxertado depois de tirada a foto. certeza

  53. Renan Barreto Says:

    She freaked the hell out of me. It’s a woman, alive, I must say, and nothing else…

  54. One Pieces Says:

    I’m very afraid of this photo.

  55. Defunt Says:

    I was so afraid of this photo that I died. Now I will appear in the pictures around the world scaring people.

  56. Millie Says:

    If it’s not true, it’s fake. I’m sure of this.

  57. Evil Dwarf Says:

    But sure Fake!

  58. Cintia Says:

    wow, that scares me… too uncertain …

  59. paxtonfun Says:

    very creepy!

  60. EmC Says:

    I’ve found another picture at flickr taken from the exact same spot.
    Tantallon Castle

    Doesn’t appear to be there. Probably not an unwitting tourist as the face appears to be waist high, using the grill height as reference

  61. Funn Lim Says:

    Doesn’t look like some lightning or electrical whatever. It looks like what it looks like; an old distinguished looking small old woman looking out the window. If it is a ghost, surely the face WOULD pass through the bars instead of staying out behind it? Supernatural or not, I don’t think it is some rocks reflection, and all those highly impossible scientific explanation. Could be someone walking past but why would anyone dress like that? A joke? And the photgrapher said he didn’t add anything to the photo and I believe him. All those who questions the colour and lightning should perhaps realise the photo may have been enlarged and brightened to see the image so yes there is some distortion. As to the fact that the figure is too short, well if this is a ghost and a woman ghost and based on the dressing which is back in those olden days, wouldn’t you think people back then are pretty short? I can’t say it is a ghost picture but I wouldn’t conclude it as a faked picture. It has an explanation but not as explained in here. And I think it is a pretty awesome picture. Maybe cross reference it to the occupants of the place long time before? Surely there must have been some painting of some maidens who lived there? Died there? Some nobility or whatever? If someone can find a picture of some resemblance, surely this could be an evidence of perhaps the twilight zone.

  62. Al McCarley Says:

    I’m an advanced Photoshop user and could replicate this quite easily, in fact enough to get past the ‘experts’.

  63. Holly Says:

    I Think The Facce May Have Been Photoshopped on as the ‘ruff’ Apears to be vegetation growing on the bar which if you have been to the castle is not unusual.

  64. Sarah Says:

    It appears to be a photoshopper version of the image other people found on flickr. It appears to be a painting or some kind… The lighting is all wrong for it to be a real person behind there.

  65. richard Hulligan Says:

    Its simple, its a tourist visiting the building. Or its a photo-shopped picture of someones face on the balcony.
    It is definitely not a Supernatural occurrence.
    To suggest that, would be to suggest any people or faces in any picture of a stately home,building or ancient remains is also a candidate.

    • o Says:

      i would say it’s a lady,reflection off the rocks or the body is just an effect off the metal and the face well i’m not sure

  66. Ruth Says:

    Good photo but the ‘face’ is actually just a hole in the wall behind, you can see the brickwork.

  67. Vita Searle Says:

    Ruth, yes, I get it, see your point, I think that may be the explanation, light spilling through the whole onto rough brickwork causing the ruff effect, not that I think it looks much like ruff, just a jumble of light & dark.
    The effect of light, can be misleading, some years back I looked out our back door window, for a split second I saw deffenbaker, (the husky from due south). Then a saw the reality, it was night and the light from the kitchen threw an odd collection of light and shade on the shrub that was by the door, once I saw this, I could never see the dog image in the leaves again.

  68. Peter Says:

    If you look at the image you will note that none of the verticle bars are visible in the face area. One would assume that if the image was of a person behind the barrier these bars would be visible. I woud not be convinced looking at the image. Did the photographer actually go up to the room to check?

  69. Linda Britt Says:

    I think that this visual effect is construdted by a shaft of sunlight coming through an opening and falling on to the stonework behind the window. It looks as if it may be a curved arch. The direction of the sun seems to corroborate this explanation. The human brain devotes a large area to the discernment and recognition of faces, there is no doubt survival value in this faculty. This is why we readily construct faces from natural forms, etc., it is all about perception, not the paranormal.

  70. Nancy Says:

    so what if some of you are ‘advanced photoshop editors’. You could probably re create a normal looking human as well as paranormal activities so your arguments mean nothing. So-if i took a picture of myself would you say-“im an advanced photshop editor and could do that myself” Doh!!! course you could!! The fact it-you seem to want to explain everything by photoshop skills. Trust me ive voted against some of the pictures on this site-however u all seem to expect ghosts to look like your average joe on the street. The dont. Spirirts are not ‘physical’ beings-they are spirit-therefore have no substance so they are not going to look normal wen seen. Not now-not ever. A manifestation of their physical appearance how it used to be is difficult and will appear distorted-like the way clouds make shapes. It looks genuine to me. Face it-just because some human scientist tells you there is no such thing as ghosts you become sceptical. Any rock light formation wouldnt make such a picture-its not subtle enough. Just take it as there are some things we will never understand-just like how e humans got on earth to begin with, and how so many millions of species are here, andall the other crazy stuff we dont know. Stop being so sceptical.

  71. Vita Searle Says:

    You sound angry, does it scare you that all things may be explained? What’s so difficult to understand about evolution. Do you just not want to accept you are here by biological chance? May be you have lost someone and cannot accept that they are gone, but it all seems you have a personal fear behind your statements.
    There is a lot we do not yet know, but that does not mean it is supernatural. Do you see the internet as out of this world, many in the past would of done so.

    • simone Says:

      I agree, many people buy into what you are saying because it is so often true, but I can tell you, as a fact, that I have had multiple supernatural experiences where I have received information that I had no reason or means of obtaining myself. My husband is also an atheist, but he has been coming around much to his displeasure. I hope that you both someday find this piece of the world yourself, so that you do not miss out on it in “life,” and that you try not to hurt others for the purpose of feeling like you are right. Evolution through quantam physics is quickly becoming a less popular opinion, and the “big bang” is now the “big bounce.” “Science” is just as sure of itself as religion, so how is it that it holds such an ego. And to clarify I also believe this image is an illusion, and is an unintentional trick of light coming in from off camera.

      • Vita Searle Says:

        Yes I know there are more things than we know, that is what is so wonderful. Thank you but I have a great life full of hope & meaning.

  72. archangel Says:


  73. josh Says:


  74. Mick Says:

    To see if this photo has been faked you should open it in photoshop and zoom up to compare the pixels surrounding the image. I have done this and can confirm the image is a fake. The face is a charactature, the bars have been interrupted by pasting the image and not re-inserted. The pixels adjacent the image are a much darker shade and do not blend naturally as other pixels in the window opening. From a distance it looks plausible as a figure but does not stand up to detailed scrutiny. I could make a better fake.

    • o Says:

      yes the face looks cartoony

    • Carmen Says:

      Hi Mick, would you be able to show us how you actually did this? It is quite hard to envision what you are describing without actually seeing what you performed in Photoshop.

      In fact without actually showing your peers the final evidence you claim to have manufactured in photoshop, it’s really just your words, you know?

      They say a picture says a thousand words, so I hope you will share the evidence of your “detailed scrutiny” that “confirms the image is a fake.”

      Even if you do, it is doubtful that 3 photographic experts, witnesses, and the editor of the Sun will be sussing out your photo for credibility. Even so, I’d be willing to buy your claim if you can produce the proof that you actually did what you said you did!

      In fact- I have posted an interesting proposition for you and anyone else who is claiming they could create this photograph quite easily, but it certainly isn’t fair to pick on any one commenter, so I have detailed my points in an upcoming comment, see April 4th, 2009 by Carmen.

      Personally, I’m very much looking forward to seeing who is willing to put their money where their mouth is, that is to say– who is willing to back up their verbal claims with visual proof of their own expertise and actions.

  75. Scientist/Realist Says:

    Genuine Ghost? Definately not!
    Fake? If so performed by a retard.
    It’s clearly a trick of the light.
    Just look at it. The angles and dimensions are all wrong.
    If it was a genuine ghost then it would have to be peering through the back wall. Even then it’s all wrong.

    • emmet Says:

      how would you know what a genuine ghost looks like..ur comment really pissed me off how would it have to be peering through the back wall..i tink your the retard

    • emmet Says:

      maybe its super mario painting thee railings

  76. Admiral (Jedi Core) Says:

    As a ghost hunter to part Force user, I can say that this is not a fake as some would say that it is.

    I am looking closely at it and you can see the Bars are in front of the shape, I would have to say the the Lady is about (not a man) 5.5″ foot tall and as you are looking from the ground up and everyone has missed that the angle of the camera is looking under the bars more then strait at it.

    In doing so, a real hight of this person can not really be obtained, secondly that the sun is no where near the bars or walls for any sunlight to hit them.

    This photo is not a fake and I can say that you have cought a glims of an energy left behind by someone that lived or worked at the Castle, just like one of the wilfes of King Henry has, at the Tower of London three days before she died.

    • o Says:

      com on like who has a face like that .it’s probably a jar of sand which goes back to the thing about the rock

      • Admiral (Jedi Core) Says:

        After reading your comment and the others there after, I must say that the photo has made some comtroffercy over it is real or not.

        Uuummmmm, I would say theo that their are ghost that will come in many a form and have come in Skin tone colour before, but these are so rear to see then the normal one’s, as they come in shadow’s of dark shapes to see through speakticals on the wall.

        Check out my friends from Deven UK and get really spooked out if you want too!

        My friends work on the line of the paranormal with both Sceptics and Paranormal researchs in the team.

        Signed ADF1.

  77. Bubba Says:

    Its a chip poke

  78. Para-Boston Says:

    As a paranormal investigator I would have to say thi is a true person. The facial characteristics are to pronounced and the light does reflect on the face. What stands out most to me if the fact that the bar on the window reflects on her/his forehead.

  79. Zoe Says:

    I read about this one in the newspaper. I love ghost pictures, even if they do make me freaked out and paranoid! This one certainly looks real to me….very very scary.

  80. Scott Says:

    It’s clearly this guy:

  81. Deep Says:

    This does look like a face and figure, except the proportions seem a bit wrong – the head’s too big, the body short (unless the figure is kneeling). But then it’s taken at a very extreme angle. What time of day was it taken? Clearly it was very sunny. It would be interesting to go back at the same time of year and day and see if it could be reproduced….. it could well be a trick of the light.

    It’s more exciting than the other photos isn’t it? I would like to meet someone with an expression like that, dead or alive!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Could this be a period portrait painting propped up against the window, then the photo has been taken from below?

  83. Woody B Says:

    It’s just a person. It looks like a woman in her fifties, in a coat and scarf – looking slightly miserable because it’s cold. How is this a “ghost picture” exactly?

  84. Paula Says:

    It looks like Anjelica Houston

  85. Deep Says:

    I’ve had another look at this photo on ‘photo editor’ and blown it up for a closer look. Does not appear to be cut and pasted at all, but the face definately looks all wrong – whether the subject is dead or alive… so i’m thinking this is more likely to be an optical illusion.

  86. Holden Says:

    The photo of the recent castle ghost in Scotland is so FAKE it should have never even been posted on websites like Shame on them for considering this phony picture.

    If you’ve ever seen a real spirit (good or evil) you’ll realize that many of them do not have a defined shape or outline…

    And lastly, ghosts do not have color–that is, skin tone. What, are they now afraid of getting sun burnt?

  87. Amy Taylor Says:

    this definately isn’t light reflection, because the light sources are in the wrong places. There also would be more of it instead of just the one spot. Plus, how does that explain the green collar bit?

    This picture is NOT a real ghost, however, it is far too distinct. I think someone may have brought some costume bits with them in a bag and are playing a prank. Perhaps it isn’t even a costume bit, it is a bit vauge what exactly they’re wearing. It could just be another tourist looking out.

    I believe, as does my family and my husband’s family, that there are ghosts. We have all seen them at various times in a few specific places. They are never this clear, and never this colorful. I’m disapointed this is the “number one” picture. There’s no way!

  88. Spookje Says:

    Funny how the ‘ghost’ was standing at the only accessible window.

  89. Holden Says:

    The photo of the recent castle ghost in Scotland is so FAKE it should have never even been posted on websites like Shame on them for considering this phony picture.

    If you’ve ever seen a real spirit (good or evil) you’ll realize that many of them do not have a defined shape or outline…

    And lastly, ghosts do not have color–that is, skin tone. What, are they now afraid of getting sun burnt?

  90. mr hunterr Says:

    5-6 years ago i visited tantallon castle with an old girlfriend of mine, we sneaked off into a side room and started to get frisky,upon completing the task i felt like i had be hit over the head with a sharp object. Clearly we were the only people in the room and that i had no physical marks where the pain was, which was the back of my head. We went out into the grounds for a walk in which i had to lie down.

    very strange but true.

  91. Ali Says:

    I love how you all say ghosts can’t look like this or that. I don’t think people really know enough to say. It is all just speculation as to what they look like. i think you have watched too many movies and get your opinions from there.

  92. simone Says:

    I agree that this is a trick of the light. I am a very accepting person and often times a not unbias believer. Recently, after a very emotional event, I even seem to have developed medium abilities that are both confusing and worrying to me. So in good concience, I have to say that I am by no means a sceptic. However, this image neither talks to me, nor looks genuine. It is definitly not a fake, but it does not portray a spirit. I am actually suprised that viewers have chose this as one of the highest rated photos portraying a genuine “ghost.” I do believe some of the other items are genuine (the car is a headrest I was immediatley told.) The ghost in the woods with the edge of pink coat showing is genuine. It is not a trick of the light, and he was an older man. The figure walking by the couple is also genuine. I have seen a figure like this myself before. Castle image, however… On my computer screen I can easily make out two extremly important points to note.

    I can see the individual stone blocks making up the face and collar (why are other people having a hard time seeing this?)

    And, two, All colors used in the makeup of “the person” are the exact same colors as the surrounding stones and shadows. If we are going to fight for a photo, let us not make it this one, to save the face of “ghost hunting.”

  93. It's a person Says:

    Are you people high or just incredibly stupid. It’s a person standing at the window.

    A person.

    Standing at the window.

    How is it people can look at a person standing at a window and think “there is no other explanation. It is a ghost.” Or in the case of one random person on here… a plant.

    Not a ghost. Not a trick of light. Not photoshopped. It. Is. A. Person.

    • Benny Says:

      You are so right but the way you worded it was so incredibly funny!! Thank you, you’ve made my day!

      (Obviously people, it is just a middle aged woman tourist)

  94. Cly Says:

    Pareidolia explains this one easily.

  95. Knackers Says:

    It is the apparition of Shakespeare, uttering the immortal words: “Much ado about nothing…”

  96. Vita Searle Says:

    Ah, I think I solved it. I might be wrong, never been to the Castle but have waded through the Flickr site with thousands of Tantallon pics.
    This one I found shows someone standing in widow above, and you can see the ghost window. Now the angle is a little different but in the top left of window there is brickwork catching the sun, with a sort of frilly tumbling effect below it. So at the lower angle the ghost photo was taken, it would look a little different. It looks the explanation to me.
    Scotland 194-Tantallon Castle

  97. a possible explaination Says:

    Was showing this to a photog friend who had an interesting theory. This appeared to them to be a painting. If you look at the neck of the ‘ghost’ it looks like ruffles similar to some of the clothing worn by the wealthy in ancient times. A painting would put it at the proper height, not quite as tall as a regular person, as well. It would explain why the image is rich in color and detail for the face region, especially if there was some type of spotlight highlighting the portrait. Since this is from an old castle that gives tours, is it not logical they might have old paintings in it? Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

  98. open minded or just a fool? everyone's got an opinion! Says:

    i think you should all keep an pen mind. i know i do now, wat with what i’ve been seeing over the past few months. the worlds much larger and even more amazing than you might think; and if there isn’t any defining proof that they don’t exist the only proof that can exist is that they do exist. so we won’t know until they do prove to be existed.
    personally i’m undecided on ghosts but other stuff like ufo’s and all that; well they’ve been flying over my house for the past few months and i’ve seen footage of them breaking into someones house and the family was never seen again so yeah. open mind.

    • Vita Searle Says:

      Hi, or just a fool?
      What’s a pen mind, and can you buy them?

      • open minded or just a fool? everyone's got an opinion! Says:

        lol, meant to say open mind.
        guess that part was a fool

    • Vita Searle Says:

      Hope this does not come up twice as I sent reply but it did not show up.

      I found you can get pen minds
      From Dr Frankenstein at Brains & Bodyparts R
      Can be expensive if you want good ones, but if you don’t mind them rotten old & mouldy or battered about, they are quite cheap. Downside, you have to wear bolts through your neck & staples on forehead, so locals tend to chase you with flaming fire torches. Up side you always get a seat to yourself on public transport, and let to the front of a queue.
      love V

  99. CAM Says:

    In a way the face looks like the old time craft of face making out of apples. The crafter carves a face into a fresh pealed apple. When the apple flesh dries it shrivels and forms a whithered old person. They tend to have that pinched angry look equal to this photo.

    Of course it would have to be Photo-Shopped in once made. Richard Wiseman, did the photographer offer the photo with proof that the photo wasn’t altered? He or she could post it on Flickr and Flickr’s automatic system will read the camera properties and list whether or not it was altered and by what software did the altering.

    I don’t understand the many viewer comments and showing of “the same photo.” I’m not seeing that proving much of anything. That’s a tight area being photographed in an area frequented by tourists. That’s bounded to produce many comparable photos.

  100. wow Says:

    It’s surprise … but Picture is composed that man’s and woman’s picture is existence …?

  101. Ali Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can just say it is the light or brick work … It is obviously not. I don’t believe in ghosts or any silly stuff like that. I think there is a logical and scientific answer for everything. hence i don’t believe in religion as they are about as believeable as ghosts… I think the photo is someone setting it up. hence experts saying it hasn’t been photoshopped or anything. There is a logical explanation for everything but no one knows exactly what it is in this case. Funny how there hasn’t been any documented information about this ghost over the years.

  102. Vicky Says:

    What is everyone talking about? You can clearly see the wire fence over the “ghost” face… Now whether this is authentic or not is hard to say.

    We heard from picture experts who said that this is authentic and has not been altered in anyway – but its important to note that former “authentic” ghost pictures of the past (deemed by so-called picture experts) we have now found to be faked.

    Personally, I don’t think it was altered but looks like someone was up there. Perhaps a tourist looking around. Actually, It looks like my grandmother and she is a much more scarier than any ghost you can capture on film. Hi Grandma!!!

  103. matteo Says:

    It’s just a portrait on the wall guys, you can notice it because the “ghost” is very flat, just like a painting is…

  104. Richard Says:

    I’m a friend of the person that took this picture. Some of the comments are funny and some are a little strong. The truth is that my friend is as honest a person as you can find on the planet. I remember him being shocked by the picture himself and it looks very real to me. He didn’t fake it so it’s either (a) real (which is what I think) or (b) the lighting etc is a factor – which I don’t think is likely. Well done mate on a truely great picture!

  105. henrique costa Says:

    pra mim e apenas uma mascara

  106. merdith Says:

    well it looks like a person to me looking out the window.

  107. Ali M Says:

    There are a few things that aren’t in the story, and a few experiments not in evidence. First, is that ‘window’ open to the public? Second, I would want to see an adult of normal height standing there in another photo. I think it is someone’s shoulder to tell the truth. Humans normally see faces and shapes where none exist (like in cloud watching) so it could be the pattern on a persons shirt, hey, it could even be a tatoo. But the shape of the face is wrong, and height of the face is awfully low. Someone needs to try to debunk it before it can be proved.

    • Vita Searle Says:

      I have posted this link before, but click this to see person in widow above, it will give you some idea of dimension. Then look at ghost window and see what you think about sunlight effect in top left hand corner, in photo on here the perspective would be closer and looking upwards.
      Scotland 194-Tantallon Castle

      • Ali M Says:

        You proved my point in a way then. The ghost face would have to be that of a very deformed, very short person (yea, sure) or now I am thinking it is someone’s purse or a jacket draped over their arm, it also looks a bit like someone carrying a black garbage bag…something as simple as that. Thanks for the photo Vita! This website should have added a photo like you linked me to. Then there would be no buzz about this at all.

  108. sceptc or what, Says:

    who cares, if its a ghost its a ghost if its not so what, all i can say is ive looked at the pic and some of you are blind or stupid, you can clearly see the bars do actualty cover the face, the sunligh is behind the left hand side wall and there are no other streams coming through holes or anything else. the picture has been checked by 3 picture experts and even a sceptic has said he is stumped so i suggest very much that you all who know nothing of this subject are talking waffle, oh and one more point, the picture won something which is probably more than a lot of you have ever done,

    • Vita Searle Says:

      There is no need to be so nasty. You can make your point with out resorting to that, thank you.

  109. Nemmie Says:

    Well I have just had a look through the comments and I was leaning towards it being a trick of the light as I don’t believe it was faked.

    I am pretty sure that experts with the original picture are able to discern a lot more than the general internet population.

    However after downloading the image and zooming in I am now convinced that it is a face, the more I zoomed in the more sure I became. So either someone was up there or its a ghost.

    Who can say for sure though? No one. Its the best ghost picture I have ever seen and it made my day to see it. Thanks for sharing.

  110. Palhoca Says:

    Four Possible Explanations that I can think of;
    1. It’s a trick of the light
    2. It’s a dummy, person/friend in costume, painting etc. In other words, something physical, placed there in order to mislead
    3. It’s photoshop trickery
    4. It’s ghost
    As for number 1 – In the other two photos of the castle from flickr, you can’t see holes in the walls behind as some on here have suggested. Electrical lighting from the corridor? – Maybe but then it should be possible to repeat the effect.
    If it’s 2 then looking at
    there seems to be some kind of threshold to the open passageway, exactly where the ‘ghost’ is. It’s odd that ‘he’ stood right there in a place he could easily retreat.
    I don’t know enough about 3 in order to talk about it. From the original comments though, this can be ruled out as it seems to have passed by three of them.
    If it’s 4 then there is not much left to say. Except, of whom?

  111. Palhoca Says:

    5. It’s an APRIL FOOL joke!!!

  112. Palhoca Says:

    Whatever it is, if the photographer did not manipulate, imagine his shock when he blew up the light ‘stain’ on the original. I think this is what makes the photo so cool – you cannot make out any kind of detail as to what it is until you blow it up. Imagine talking a like photo, getting it home, seeing a small stain somewhere on there, blowing it up 1000% and realising you have snapped a naked alien.

  113. rehan Says:

    well, i must admit that i can see a face. but whether it’s a man or a woman, i cant tell. and i dont really see the dress. but it’s a nice photo.

    if this photos is a result of light reflection, then my mind must have fooled me to make me see a face behind the metal bars. but then, i believe we can see human faces almost everywhere we look. everything looks like a face dont you think.

    somehow, i believe there is a probability that this photo is real. well, of course the figure stood only a couple of feet, and the face is over the metal bars. if ghosts can be captured by camera, surely they wont look exactly like human. because if they do, then there’s no difference in snapping a human and a ghost.

    i believe in spirits. but so far i had never actually see them. i believe no one did. so we dont know what exactly ghosts look like. though i never saw any ghosts before, but there are times when i can feel presence. those who believe in science will say it’s because of humidity and heat. it’s a possibility.

  114. Carmen Says:

    I was able to blow up the photo even more and after enhancing it, it apears to be a man, someone who may be in the midst of starving. Notice how gaunt the face appears, and despite the colorful garb the figure underneath is noticeably thin.

  115. papa midnite Says:

    i would say that you should go back there and see if you can catch it again.. try a different angle try many things.. not just this its not good enough evidence =)

  116. Tesa Says:

    The “ghost” looks very much like someone has propped up a painting or photograph against the glass or a “dummy.” It has a very artificial look to it and its details are too clear. I’m not an expert and I certainly could be wrong, but as someone who’s been a photographer for more than 20 years, it’s not a photo of a dead or a living human being. That’s just my 2 cents.

    • Carmen Says:

      Hi Tesa– I don’t think anyone’s has claimed is a living person or a corpse. The closest we can get is that it’s a ghost or something of the unknown. Oh, and there isn’t any glass in this enclave, only the ones that are reflecting the sun, as the story indicates. Surely as a photographer with such a lengthy career you should be able to tell the difference.

      I would suggest to you and the others who are accusing this person of trickery to put yourself in the shoes of the people who have been brave enough to step forward and share a very unique and interesting picture with the public. Few people step forward with such evidence for fear of the kind of ridicule and accusations that are made against them, as the jury of one’s peers is indeed the cruelest of all.

      I also would like to remind you that three experts whose reputation are at stake here agreed the photo was genuine. Also, the editor of the highest circulation newspaper in the world (in English), The Sun, did a thorough background check on the person and is also risking their reputation for this “ghost story,” yet you feel you have the expertise to question their integrity.

      I say the final proof of trickery is if someone can actually reproduce the same image– case closed. So since you pose this argument and indicate that you have the expertise to do so, why don’t you reproduce a similar effect using the empty castle picture as a template?

      I’m really looking forward to seeing if someone is willing to use these talents that people are boasting they have to disprove the authenticity of this poor man who everyone is calling a trickster and perveyor of a grand hoax.

      Imagine the notariety you will receive when it’s proven that you had more talent in your little finger than three world wide photography experts consulted and paid for by the Sun, you will never have to beg for clients again!

  117. Joel Says:

    There should be twenty-four hour live night vision webcams in the castle setup on a website and saved for a number of days to be analysed by all…maybe somebody will see something.

    I am aware these things cost money and I personally am all about seeing the logic of science and therefore slightly agnostic…but I for one would gladly pay to see something like this setup.

  118. Jez Says:

    This is only a picture of some stonework, a material that is so varied that ‘faces’ can often be seen where in reality there is just stone.
    The main thing though is that you cannot photograph ghosts, they are psychic phenomena that are ‘seen’ with the mind, not the eyes.
    Of course, a photo may be something else, but not a ghost.

    • Carmen Says:

      You cllaim you cannot photograph ghosts. Where did you learn this? Will you please source your material? I have not read this anywhere.

  119. Vita Searle Says:

    Emmet & other of his kind.
    Saw your comment, you are a nasty person indeed.
    Please could people refrain from insults.
    If you have something valid to say, say it. Just throwing insults suggest you have nothing of any worth to say.

    Comments on open minds.
    An open mind means you look at thing from all aspect, not just blindly accept things, as some of you have told people to do.

    • Carmen Says:

      Is it just me, or did everyone else notice how Vita Searle calls Emmet and “others of his kind” nasty people? Yes I agree she and everyone else should refrain from insults. Make your point and move on!!

      • Vita Searle Says:

        Dear Carmen,
        Re “others of his kind” nasty people.
        To clarify.
        You seem to think I was a hypocrite, by calling them nasty.
        I was referring to the people that have resorted to personal insults, without any provocation. What would you consider them, pleasant people? I am sorry if I offended you by calling them nasty.
        I do not generally lump people together, and like an open debate, so please, do not think I have anything against anyone having an opinion that differs to mine.
        One in particular, Emmet, who’s comment I saw because I have signed up to see all entries. The comment he made has not shown up on here, so I assume it was, quite rightly, blocked by a site monitor, but believe me it was very insulting, and pointlessly rude to all and any one who’s opinion differed to his.

    • Carmen Says:

      So if the comment was removed, then everything was taken care of, so why are you drawing attention to it? That could be considered provocation? The previous comment made reference to being a retard. Perhaps Emmet didn’t take that comment lightly.

      As well, I did not call you a hypocrite, in fact I don’t believe I said anything against you. I have noticed that you seem to be the only who is going out their way to provoke comments about our dear Emmet. Please, let’s just stop criticizing, provoking and bringing up the past and move on into some insightful debate over this incredibly interesting topic.

      Well then– I have posted a few opinions on this photo. Do you have any thoughts about this or further thoughts on whether or not the photo was a fake?

      • Vita Searle Says:

        I apologise, the comment was not removed, just posted onto a original message going back much earlier than I had noticed, and therefore not unprovoked, however, still uncalled for, returning abuse with abuse is no answer.
        No I am not the only one on this site responding to abuse, see the replies to Boca Suja. I cannot see that asking people to play “nice” is wrong or provoking.
        I have already posted two messages about my thoughts on the photo. Just in case, I will point out that I was not, with my opinion, suggesting the person who took this photo is a fraud, I am fairly sure he is not, just that I don’t see it as a ghost. It is open to interpretation, which I did, but do not say I am right, just this is my view point. My view being that it is a glimpse of beyond the room, through a hole in the wall, and that is he was just in the right place at the right time to catch the view of some brickwork caught in sunlight, then light filtering through the hole to produce the ruffled look.

  120. Vita Searle Says:

    By the way everbody, could I point out the fence is only about 3 foot high.

    • Carmen Says:

      How did you come up with that measurement? And while we’re on the subject, could I point out that there is a hole behind the tourist that decends into the ground. Also, when I kneel or sit with my legs crossed, I am about 3 feet high.

      • Vita Searle Says:

        I place this comment here, as some people were wondering about the dimensions of the window. I hoped this would help give them some idea of it’s size, as simple as that.
        In hindsight I should of added this to my original message , as I see my remark is open to interpretation as to my intent.
        From a photo that I have previously sited, I guessed the fence to be about 3 foot, as the lady in the window is up against the fence, with the whole length of her body in view, I meant the height of the fencing, with the bar above that would bring the height up an few more inches, assuming she is of fairly average height.

  121. allan Says:

    It looks in relation to the size of the window, and as was commented on “why that window” It could be that it was where he may have stood to look at his surroundings all these years ago. you need to look at the history of the building as what may not appear important now, may have been in times past. If it’s fake, then it is a very good one.

  122. Anoor Ealuri Says:

    This is the perfect answer to the Ghost.

    A Mark Says:
    March 16, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    From the directions of the shadows cast by the intense sunlight, one can assume that the sun is somewhere to the top-left of this image.

    Given that this is a ruin, is it possible that there is direct sunlight hitting internal stonework coming from an unseen opening to the left?

    Having further enlarged the enlargement, the greeny colour appears to me to match other green hues in the stonework, most notably below the opening one down and to the right of the railing. The ‘face’ area appears to match other stonework in colour.

    I am now of the opinion that the feature is an internal wall seen edge on and illuminated by sunlight from an unseen opening, with the gridlike appearance of the fence creating the appearance of the face.
    With no knowledge of the layout of the ruin I cannot confirm this.

  123. Vadim Says:

    Странно, почему фотография черная?

  124. BILL Says:

    Those who want to see a ghost in this photo will surely see a ghost, but the jury is definitely out.

  125. Nick Says:

    Was this posted already

  126. Carmen Says:

    I looked at all of the pictures on flickr, and I have to agree with Palhoca, there does seem to be numerous strange anomalies from this particular window! Notice in the original photo blow-up, the washed out face behind the man’s shoulder, yet this part of the stone does not appear in other pictures. Also, if we are to review the picture with the female tourist in it, you can clearly see a hole in the floor behind her. But we’re assuming that if some sort of image were to materialize it would be a certain size– surely we do not know enough of the 5th dimension to assume anything; often times these faces are not to scale but if you eyeball the size of the tourist’s head and move it down to where the Castle Ghost’s head appears, amazingly it is about the same size. So if this were truly a hoax, wouldn’t the individual have put the person in a position of a standing individual rather than sitting, kneeling, or rising up from the hole in the floor? Hmmmm… something to consider. For a rich selection of ghost and paranormal pictures, nothing beats the archive on the website, which goes back nearly 5 years. Check out a random ghost picture I selected at

  127. spyke573 Says:

    Too Good to be TRUE… but unexplainable…

  128. Billy Says:

    After seeing the second photo from this location, taken 30 years ago, showing a very similar figure standing in a different positiuon. I think we can rule out the reflection and light trick theiories. Yes it could be someone standing at the window, but what are the chances of the same person being in the same place, 30 years apart and wearing the same costume?

    Whether it’s paranormal or not I don’t know. It does have a striking facial resemblence to the Stuarts, but they allhad beards. Apart from Mary Queen of Scots, surely not, she did visit the castle (and most others in Scotland). I’d like to see portraits of some of the Douglas family who originally owned thee castle. Spooky!

  129. Carmen Says:

    They say talk is cheap. They also say a picture is worth a thousand words. If both are true or neither are, it would be interesting to see the evidence to back up the claims from all the folks who boasted their own expertise in creating a convincing hoax or their ability to do so.

    Some of you may be familiar with the Billy Meier chronicles and the hundreds of skeptics who have laid similar claims to the falsehood of his evidence. Yet despite the thousands of pictures taken by contactee Billy Meier since 1942 not ONE person has yet to come forward with any plausible likeness to his photographic or video evidence– even after posting a whopping incentive of a $1,000,000 reward to anyone who could do so, using the available technology Meier had.

    Then, three years after this reward was publicized, Meier supporters upped the ante, so to speak. They amended the challenge to allow any available technological means available to recreate the footage, reminding the public that Billy is a 1-armed man, so they might want to consider attempting the feat with similar ‘equipment.’

    While the subject matter is a bit different- ghosts versus UFOs- my point is the same– skeptics will ALWAYS be skeptics. Personally, if I had the graphic design talent these skeptics boast about, I would indeed drop everything at the chance to make a cool mil.

    The story isn’t over, in fact the evidence corroborating Meier’s credibility is so strong that there is now enough evidence to take the DEBUNKERS to court for defamation, which is now being urged by Meier supporters. For those interested in learning more about Meier, you can find this information online at

    I just want everyone to remember the difference between what people say they can do, and what they can indeed, do. The saying goes “A picture speaks a thousand words,” and wouldn’t just one picture be so much easier and a thousand times more credible than all the words spoken by everyone here who says they could re-create a better fake.

    So let’s see it! To those same skeptics here I challenge you to present your evidence to the jury of your peers. While I certainly can’t offer a $1,000,000 reward if you can recreate a convincing fake or show us photographic evidence of trickery in the Castle Ghost photo, I will definately rest my case and bow to the worthy.

    Not only will you be shutting us all down for once and for all, imagine the notoriety you will achieve by sussing out the crude imposters of one of the best ghost photographs of the year!

    Besides, wouldn’t the notariety and ability to debunk what is being dubbed as one of the best ghost photographs around be a good enough incentive on its own merits? Imagine how you will be able to plump up your resume by showing how you proved your expertise against all who came before you, which includes numerous experts and the entire staff at The Sun, the English language newspaper with the highest daily circulation in the world! Wow.

    And if you can’t back up your claims, then perhaps they are best sent to those receptables that are better suited for such aromatic BS. And from here on out, I’d like to see more meaty debate than a bunch of lofty claims from people who obviously think more about their talents than they should…

  130. Billy Says:

    I know a fair bit about photography and photyoshop and believe me putting someone in period costume behind the bars like that, with the light coming from the correct angles would take quite a bit of expertise. Look closely and you can see that the person in question is wearing a long dress, clearly seen behinf the barrier.

    I’m not saying it’s a ghost, it could quite simply be someone dressed up, playing a hoax, but then we have a second photo taken 30 years ago aparantly showing the same person. The fact that the person looks 2 ft high is all to do with perscpective, remeber the photo was taken from ground level.

    I myself took a rather interesting photo in another Scottish castle, which unfortunately is on the hard drive of my other computer, which isn’t working at the moment. Which appears to show a ghostly apperition behind my friend. I’m not saying it’s a ghost either, but I can’t explain it and nor can anyone else who’s seen it.

    Like someone once said, the truth is out there!

  131. Melissa Says:

    Hi all,
    A very interesting debate – thanks. Has anyone checked if the photographer’s camera has face recognition/enhancement on it? The camera may have misinterpreted an image created by light refraction etc.

    Cheers, Melissa

    • Carmen Says:

      Do they have cameras now with costume recognition too? Perhaps the camera stored the elizabethan collar and gown as well as the arched eyebrows, high cheekbones and slicked back hair. It really is amazing what cameras can do these days.

      Alas, for those who cannot believe anything beyond what they’ve been told or what they can see themselves, I guess there will always be a convenient explanation– scientific or otherwise.

      In this case, there is alot of “otherwise” since three scientific experts reviewed the evidence (photographic experts, using modern science) and still reported that they were not tampered with. And I guess that’s human nature, because believing otherwise would obviously shake some people’s world beyond their ability to handle, so a sane mind finds ways to come to terms with the strangest events in their life.

      I know about this firsthand, because it took me a full year to believe that I actually witnessed two orbs for a full 40 minutes flying around my neighbor’s roof, despite the video that I took and my own good memory and sanity. A full year later I still thought they may have been stars, so I waited for a clear night at the same exact time to look again, because surely those same stars would be in the same position.

      The first clear night was exactly 364 days later and I had to come to terms with the paranormal, right then and there as I gazed across the cul-de-sac and saw absolutely NOTHING about or stationary near or above my neighbor’s roof. It had happened, and I didn’t imagine it. It was at that moment that I put the tapes away and never told another person- until now.

      I now believe in many more dimensions than just the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and I’ve come to know more about and believe in myself, most importantly, as I faced down my own fears and doubts.

      The past year and a half have been very eye-opening as I delved into the unknown– and quite uncomfortable– realm learning about all the things that mainstream media won’t report on.

      From the total lack of sunspots since October ’08 to all the earthquakes that have killed dozens of people since Jan ’09 including a 7.6 in March, five credible videos on youtube of actual aliens caught on three survellience tapes and on two news reels (by accident), crop circles of increasing complexity that NO ONE has been able to recreate, a boy who can see– and read– in 100% total darkness, an afghani intelligence video showing a US soldier wearing cloaking gear (looks very much like what was shown in the movie Predator), and all the reports of paranormal events, especially UFO sightings which have increased increased 500% this year, it is clear to me that someone, or something is desperately trying to communicate to the masses.

      But if the masses (that means us, each and every one of us) refuse to believe the small print, and only trust the government and the media to educate us on important matters, then we have no right to complain about what “they” are saying or doing, since we have given them the ultimate control, the ability to tell us what is real and what isn’t.

      I believe we are given unique personalities and inquiring minds for more than just satisfying our curiosity over the newest baby in the Brangelina clan or wondering over the social “correctness” of a random courtesy by one leader to the last queen of England… please– let’s use our minds for more than just being manipulated by others.

      To sum, if this trend continues, we will ALL need to open up our minds to accepting the existence of alot more than just ghosts if we are to function in a world where the unseen dimensions are suddenly demanding to be seen and simulteaneoulsy exhibiting their real power and abilities.

  132. Melissa Says:

    Sorry Carmen,

    I stopped reading halfway through the first paragraph. I don’t appreciate being ranted at. *yawn*

    • Carmen Says:

      Yeah, and I’m sure the person who took the picture doesn’t appreciate being called a fraud.

      • Vita Searle Says:

        I can’t see that she called anyone a fraud, just that the camera misinterpreted the image.

  133. Ghostwriter One Says:

    Ahhhh…the arrogance of the living! The prejudice against the living impaired! Why you’d think all the non-living have to do is hang around waiting for amateur photographers and TV camera crews to come and take their pictures.

    Can you imagine how frustrating that must be for them? It’s bad enough they are dead and have to wander around in some weird non-solid region practicing how to move 3D objects, slam doors, turn on lights and talk into recorders…

    Now the living isn’t satisfied with their efforts to be included in pictures.

    If they are orbs, they’re called dust! If they are light, they are called flying bugs! If they are transparent, they are called a double exposure or camera error! If they are solid, they are called contrived fakes photoshopped in or a trick of the eye!

    I know when I die, you will be able to recognize me, I’ll be the one sticking my tongue out at you, floating in the air, with my T-shirt that says, I’m a real ghost!!!!

    (Written in jest – by a real ghostwriter!)

    • Carmen Says:

      KUDOS! Finally a thoughtful response by someone who actually knows something about nothing, or something to me! Yay!

      In the last 5 years or so, it’s been easy for amateur photographers to take beautiful shots with inexpensive 4, 8, 10 and even 12 megapixel pocket-sized cameras, many of which are priced under $100.

      In the past, the common arguments against ghost photographs have been that they are “too hazy!” where another is “too faded!” or “huh? I don’t see a thing!”

      Finally we start to get better photographs with the new age of digital technology and the skeptics come out in droves with their complaints of “IT’S TOO CLEAR!!!

      Ay yi yi…

      For those who are unable to believe in things of this nature, they cannot be convinced otherwise. So I’m glad to see there really are people reading this column who are better enlightened. I appreciate your sense of humor too, GW.

      I hope that when you pass GW that you will come visit me wearing that funny T-shirt. I for one will be laughing so hard, but not too much that I forget to take your picture!

  134. lkewis Says:

    Sorry to everyone on here that believes in ghosts, but they do not exist in real life or in photographs. This photo in question is pretty poor quality, especially the zoomed in section, but it does show light either from a beam of sunlight or from an electrical light, hitting the back wall of the enclosed shadowed area behind the metal bars and lightening the brickwork which is obvious when looking at the brickwork of the entire building. The fact that it looks like a face, is as some people have commented, purely because the human brain looks for patterns in anything, and when confronted with dark and light areas in a triangle shape slightly resembling mouth / eyes / nose, it will think there is a face.

    If you think ghosts exist in the flesh, there is also scientific evidence to disprove this, just Google Vic Tandy who wrote a report of an incident that happened to himself involving seeing an apparition of a figure, to which he was clever enough to challenge and eventually work out why it had happened.

    The phenomenon is known as Infrasound, which put briefly is: standing waves of sound generated at around 18hz trapped in enclosed spaces which cause the eyes to oscillate at the resonant frequency of 18hz, and thus making the person see ghostly apparitions and even feel cold shivers.

    • Carmen Says:

      Ikewis, thanks for citing your source, it was very useful and eye-opening to learn about this theory.

      What I found out is that there was ONE experiment that Vic Tandy performed, alone, probably exhausted after working all night in the lab, in a room full of all manner of high frequency equipment.

      What happened was that one night he claims he saw a grey figure come out of nowhere towards him. Then, the next day something completely different occurred. He was working with a fencing blade that was clamped down with vice grips, and he saw one portion of the foil blade move while the other section didn’t, so he thought it might be that darn ghost again.

      But he had an idea. When he walked over to a newly installed extractor fan and turned it off, the vibration stopped.

      From this one occurance, in 48 hours Mr. Tandy concludes that certain sound waves can make a person’s eyeballs resonate and produce an optical illusion. And that doesn’t even begin to explain the figure he saw the day before.

      With all due respect– this example hardly constitutes scientific evidence that ghosts don’t exist, nor is it even a valid scientific experiment! It was one person working in a medical equipment lab late at night who had some strange stuff happen to him, and after he changed one variable in one particular instance, the activity ceased to exist.

      There was no scientific team, there was no plan of action, no control group, no witnesses, nor was it ever repeated. It was an accidental occurance, and nothing more.

      He only wrote about his experience in a professional journal and it has been exploited all over the internet as being hard evidence against the existence of ghosts, yet it is only a theory, and one that doesn’t appear to be commonly accepted by the scientific community– as it were I looked but was unable to find any collaborating evidence or other experiments that have been performed that would prove or disprove anything of the kind.

      Oddly, this article that you reference brings us back to Richard Wiseman, the psychologist who solicited this photo to begin with and has written the most about the subject of Infrasound as it relates to apparitions.

      So if Mr. Wiseman, a known skeptic, presented this photograph as plausible evidence to consider, how can you say proof-positive that it’s a fake, when you cite the expert who came up with the theory you propose!

      Lastly, Vic Tandy was not a scientist, rather he was a professor and lecturer at a business college and wrote a computer column for the Evening Telegraph. He was not an expert, nor was he a scientist by any means. He was actually a self-proclaimed ghost hunter in fact, and was just starting to perform experiments before he passed away in 2005.

      • lkewis Says:

        I am not trying to say that Vic Tandy was a scientist, merely someone that was clever enough to challenge what he at first thought to be a common misconception where people rather believe in some paranormal event than actually seek the physical truth.

        I would love to believe in ghosts, and mythical creatures and ufo’s / aliens from space, but im afraid for me, they can stay in science fiction films and books.

        The evidence I was referring to is what I quoted about Infrasound which has been studied by Nasa, who im pretty sure are a reliable source, and seeing how they have researched into this because someone that works for them decided against the idea that Astronauts would be able to see ghosts on spaceships and that there might be a real explanation. I leave this fact up to your own interpretation, but I will feel sorry for you if you believe in space ghosts (apparitions of supposedly dead people that for some reason prefer to come back from whatever afterlife there is so that they can haunt a modern man made object floating in space).

        Vic Tandy’s theory also correlates with the findings of architects and historians that have figured out why previous generations probably as far back as the Egyptians (who happened to be intelligent enough to create Mathematics, or is Maths a magic force that was discovered maybe? :p) built the structures of passage ways in tombs / crypts in a specific way that would trap echoes and sounds created by wind etc to make the standing waves that cause the eyes to oscillate at 18hz and produce ghostly sensations and apparitions, so that it would scare and warn off tomb raiders. Now firstly I know that they would have no clue about the actual science behind this, but they would have discovered a link between certain buildings and the creepiness that it created, and being intellectual civilisations they utilised this effect.

        Nothing against Richard Wiseman for including this photograph, but surely you can agree that using photographical evidence to support the idea of ghosts is actually less productive than experiments based on actual science and physical environments, ie; with a photo you merely have one source of proof and that is based on a humans interpretation of a visual collection of pixels, against the number of sources which can be gathered from a physical event. I say thankyou to Wiseman for providing this though, as it has sparked great debate which is the way that humans can advance by questioning everything that is around them. To you, I will leave saying that I have nothing against your personal opinion because you should never fear to voice it and it is your right to, but for my personal opinion, believing in ghosts and paranormal activities would hold back the evolution of my mind as I constantly question even my own beliefs on a regular basis to keep my thoughts fresh and not to get stuck believing in a particular idea.

    • Carmen Says:

      Ikewis- You’re such a dear, and I commend you for your brutal honesty of not always being able to handle such ideas and how you sometimes just need to push things out of your mind to deal with the here and now– which these days are pretty scary enough on its own merit without adding spooky ghosts to the mix!

      I had to pause when you commented about NASA being reputable. Tell that to Richard C. Hoagland or John Leer and they’d be laughing so hard there wouldn’t be time to ask them a thing about little green men… Nasa has a reputation by those “in the know” as being lazy, overfunded and running on puppet strings by the elite and the “other” govts. In a few words, they pretty much reveal only that information which they believe we can handle at any given time in history.

      Note the recent discovery of water on Mars. Yup. In case you haven’t heard, there indeed is water on Mars. I’m sure they’ve known about this for decades, but decided to release this information during a time when the media wouldn’t make too much of it. There is, after all, more important things going on these days.

      But back to water– on Mars. THIS IS HUGE, MAN!! Water… H2O. Hydrogen and… um, let’s see. What is the name of that other element that makes up water? Not sure I remember what it’s called. It’s one part hydrogen to two parts….

      OXYGEN!!!! Yes, that’s it. Why Where there’s water, there’s surely oxygen. That is big, big, big, big news. So why hasn’t any blog commented on this little obscured nugget of information? fact?

      Or how about the fact that the Vatican announced last year that the belief in UFOs and life on other planets is perfectly acceptable and within the confines of the Catholic religion?

      This was not an answer to a question posed by a reporter who ran into the Pope at the Gucci outlet. What happened last May should have made the headlines, but it did not. Despite the fact that a special press release entitled “The Extraterrestrial is our Brother” was sent out to all the major news outlets, very few newspapers even printed the story which included a very cool interview with the mighty Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes.

      Let’s fact the fact that this didn’t even make it to the print edition of the New York Times although in all fairness they did put it online in their News Blog.

      Well Ikewis, ’nuff said. I appreciate that you keep an open mind, as do I. As I said, I’m looking forward to seeing even a really bad attempt at recreating this ghostly effect by all those pros out there that keep saying they could a better job.

      For me, I guess I’d rather rather see all the spirits in their rightful place rather than in random pictures. Whether it’s in an afterlife review, the resting place, their imagined paradise or heaven itself- if they ain’t where they were supposed to go to, it means that they are lingering in our lower earthly dimensions and haven’t found their way home yet.

      This also means that they don’t quite realize that they’re dead, and that’s an unfortunate situation for them, really.

      I’ve read that spiritual entities don’t feel time as we do. In fact, numerous people who came back after being technically dead for an hour or more reported a very inaccurate sense of time; most relayed lengthy events that should have taken weeks or months to participate in.

      If you’re interesting in learning more about the afterlife and near-death experiences, you might enjoy a quick read of Robert J. Grant’s book entitled “The Place we call Home – exploring the soul’s existence after death.” For meatier material I would highly recommend ANYTHING by Dolores Cannon, self published by Ozark Mt. Press, especially “Between Death and Life” and “The Convoluted Universe Series Books I, II and III.”

      See you on the other side of the pond, from Seattle WA

      • lkewis Says:

        Ok, well I do agree that Nasa arent the most reputable source, but they are doing a whole lot more research than anyone that’s trying to prove ghosts exist, and by how do you define reputable? The simple fact is that there is only one way of actually experiencing an event and this is through first hand experience. Any second hand experiences ie; being told about an event, have been mediated by the form of communication like the news being mediated by the agenda of each tv channel. Even still, first hand experiences are also mediated by your own brain through perception and interpretation of the light particles entering through the cornea of the eye and casting an image on your retina.

        I’m not even going to comment on how glad I am that the Vatican accepts belief in UFO’s for the Catholic religion, because religion is another separate flawed debate I could talk forever on.

        I actually happen to be one of these photoshop experts, which is why you may notice I haven’t commented on the photography being tampered with, because I can clearly see that it is just an illusion formed from natural light against the brickwork on the back wall of the room behind the rails. If you really want, rather than me posting more talk on this forum I could spend a little time when I am not busy working, to produce a few ghost photos that would probably appear to be more realistic than this.

        Thankyou for taking the time to suggest book titles for me to read, but I really don’t believe in afterlife or any religious concepts of reincarnation etc, as I am more interested in the concept of collective conciousness and the effect of DMT created by the pineal gland, when you are born, when you die, and every night when you dream in your sleep. This to me is more magical than anything else in Fiction or Science Fiction.

    • Carmen Says:


      The Convoluted Universe books are of the metaphysical and not categorized as fiction; she also reports on lost knowledge gleened during hypnosis. The subject of astral projection– particularly during the sleep state– and COLLECTIVE consciousness is discussed in depth, so I’m sure you’d find them useful.

      In fact, I was not that familiar with the potential of the collective mind until I learned about it in Cannon’s books. Of particular interest to me were about the various monuments (from Stonehenge to Wash D.C.) which are able to absorb and reflect the mood and intent of the masses, how inventions happen simultaneously on separate sides of the globe, and how collective consciousness has been used since the beginning of time to manifest intent into reality.

      There really isn’t any discussion about the pineal gland being responsible for any of this, which may be more of an indication that the question was never posed. The other book by Grant is more about the afterlife and Edgar Cayce, so agreed it would not be of much interest to you.

      I would be interested in learning more about the pineal gland– I recall a cursory mention in anatomy and references to it as if it’s a useless growth, like a tailbone or an appendix!

      So if you know of any books or manuscripts that you would like to recommend I would be interested. I don’t prefer using the internet for reliable research, rather I prefer referencing published authors for most of my Q&A. As well, I can sit and read a book much longer than I can deal with sitting at the computer perusing websites. Tx- Carmen from Seattle

    • Moko Says:

      You CANNOT say there isn’t ghosts. Just as much as you CANNOT say there is.

      Same as your infrasound argument.

      That’s the same as saying shadows are only cast by the sun. They aren’t.

      • lkewis Says:

        Agreeable there is always for and against in every argument but that’s just part of a balanced equilibrium.

        I’m interested to hear about these other “shadows”, as far as I was aware it was due to a lack of light. Like the fact that nothing has any actual color, its merely the state of the particles that make up the object and their ability to absorb or reflect light particles (also dependant on the light source, being white light, Ultra Violet, Infra-red etc.).

    • KL Says:

      lkewis, time and time again I keep hearing from skeptics that ghost don’t exist and Vic Tandy has proved this.

      Errr no he hasn’t……Vic Tandy has demonstrated that infrasound can cause some people to experience apparitions, and that may well explain quite a lot of phenomena experienced by certain people that claim they were ghosts, however just because infrasound can explain some phenomens it doesn’t explain ALL phenomena.

      For example Vic Tandy’s theory doesn’t explain how my mother could see the “ghost” of her great granmother at the very same time as her nanny on 2 seperate occasions and the ghost was also able to communicate and speak.

      Nor does Vic Tandy’s theory explain why the springs of my bed suddenly started violently making my matress move up and down almost as if a child was jumping up and down on the foot of my bed, even though I was alone in bed in a locked room.

      Vic Tandy has discovered the effects of ultrasound but he hasn’t disproven ghosts by any means.

      • lkewis Says:

        Well KL, I am glad that using a web browser to analyse an image which is so small in quality that when magnified the majority of pixel information becomes useless and irrelevant, this has made your previous posts seem plausible.

        As for Vic Tandy, I will admit that I used this source to aim my argument purely based on the fact that it was the closest proof I had to hand without wasting time researching further. My main view on the subject is that at the end of the day it is down to personal perception whether you believe what you see / feel and how you interpret this information.

        I have witnessed many unusual and amazing things in life which I may not be able to explain with lateral thinking, but thanks to Opera’s excellent inbuilt browser “Perception Enhancer” tool, I have been able to see the real truth behind almost everything in existence.

      • KL Says:

        lkewis, whilst I don’t share your sceptisim regarding the existence of ghosts, at least we broadly agree that this photo wasn’t photoshop as some here have so expertly concluded, they obviously aren’t using the brilliant Opera browser magnifyer to examine the photo properly.
        And please don’t mock the use of the Opera browser magnifying tool, until you have tried it, it has helped me analyse many images, not just “ghost” photos and has allowed me to see much more detail than you could normally see at normal magnification.

        If you and I live to be 1,000 years old we will still not be able to know everything about this world we live, let alone the wider Universe.
        I myself don’t think ghosts are anything unnatural, they are just another natural force that man hasn’t yet understood, that is not to say man will never understand what ghosts are, it is just that man is not yet advanced enough to fully grasp the concept, anymore than cavemen could understand what lightening was.

        To say that ghosts do not exist, simply because it goes beyond our currently laws of understanding is giving “man” far too much credit.
        Sure we have sent man to the moon, we have discovered DNA and we have discovered the internet…….but even if just a few hundred years from now the class of 2209 we be laughing at just how primitive 21st century man was.
        You can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of science books will be rewritten in the coming centuries as man discovers that once solid scientific laws of nature, are no longer valid or proven to be incorrect, this happens even today.
        Sceptics often argue that ghosts can’t possible exist because they go against current laws of physics……I say that is nonsense,
        The laws of physics will change and evolve throughout the centuries as man discovers more about the world around him.
        I could go on forever, but the bottom line is ghosts may well exist, and if they do, it ain’t Supernatural….it’s just natural.

  135. Ghostwriter One Says:

    Wow, can you imagine a world without wonder? Without whimsy and imagination? A world where Disneyland is just a place where Jane’s job is to walk around in a big cartoon mouse costume for 8 hours? Where illusionist work so slowly and deliberately they reveal how every “trick” is done?

    We live in a world where every day we hear about and sometimes experience murder, death, poverty, failing economies, rampant diseases, unemployment, racism, natural disasters, and a whole host of other unpleasant things.

    I appreciate the scientific explanations and I’m sure a whole lot of things in life can be explained by science. Call me old fashioned and a corn ball but I’d like to live in a world where while I see and experience all the horrific things, I can also see and experience just a tiny bit of magic.

    I know most things can be “explained away” but I would like to believe that there are still some things that “could be possible.” It gives me hope that it may also be possible to change those horrific things mentioned above. Maybe one or two people seeing things in a different light, having hope, having a sense of wonder, just maybe that person can bring about a change of thought or conscience for those he/she knows.

    Maybe that’s how discoveries and cures are found. Personally, I believe most things can be explained, but I also hope there are things that can’t.

    (And Ghostwriter One fades into obscurity….)

  136. Vita Searle Says:

    I leave my self open to abuse here, but many years ago I saw a ghost house.
    I was on a walk, down a lane on the edge of a wood near where I grew up. The last house in a small row was derelict, and I though what a pity as it seem very chocolate box cute. I went on the same walk a few weeks later to find no sign of the house, assuming it had been demolished, there would of been some sign that it was once there, but the whole area was scrub land mix of undisturbed tall grasses, plants and shrubs. I can’t explain it other that an after image of what once was. But no I don’t believe the dead walk this earth, but maybe they can sometimes leave behind a trace. Having said that, I don’t believe this is the case here.

    • Carmen Says:

      I recommended reading the Convoluted Universe series by Dolores Cannon- in it there is an account of a woman driving to a restaurant by herself in Hawaii, and she ended up in a cul-de-sac of new homes, and couldn’t find the restaurant to save her life!

      The end of the story is the same as yours VS, so you might be interested in getting ahold of the book(s)- I believe the account appeared in either book II or book III. If you’re in the states, you can do an interlibrary loan if it’s not at your local library if you don’t wish to purchase it.

    • Carmen Says:

      Sorry- P.S. I forgot to add that there is more to the story, as well as a very detailed explanation of what really happened that was later determined via hypnosis. That might something else you may want to consider is deep-state hypnosis to bring you back to this time in your life. The subconscious knows everything, and what it doesn’t know it will consult the akashic record if you find a good hypnotist that is aware and open to this form of discovery. Go to Cannon’s website for a list of hypnotists in your area that have been fully trained in somnambulist hypnosis. There a number of them in the UK and Australia as well as in every state.

      • Vita Searle Says:

        Thanks for book ref, by the way I am in the U.K.
        As for hypnosis, I think I will pass on that, not sure I want to open up that can of worms, I have plenty of childhood & teenage memories, few of them happy. I think I will just leave it as a mystery.

    • KL Says:

      Vita what you describe sounds more like it fits into the “Time slip” theory.
      There have been a number of accounts both in modern day and not so modern of people finding themselves temporarily in a time past.

      When people go back to where they saw the old place or building that they had visited,like yourself Vita they find they can no longer any trace of the place or people that they had previously seen.

      • Vita Searle Says:

        Thank you for your message, not sure I agree as I am sure the house next to it was pretty modern, but it was some time ago, so I can’t be certain. Thanks again.

  137. Jessica Says:

    Not a ghost but Alive and bad tan!

  138. dougkueffler Says:

    Genuine aparition.

  139. shoe Says:

    i don’t believe it.

  140. Pot O' Gold Says:

    Thats not a ghost…Those clearly don’t exist.. Its a Leprechaun of course!

  141. lollin nd kim Says:

    oh my god i thawt nofin was there but wen a scrolled down a nerly had a hart a tak

  142. Rob Says:

    Clearly a fake and not a very good one.

    • Carmen Says:

      Hi Rob, we’re wondering why you believe it’s clearly a fake– what is your experience in this field and if you could cite any examples as well as your sources, that would be helpful. Considering this isn’t just any random photo, but one that was thoroughly examined by experts as well as the editor of the largest newspaper in the world, what do you know that they don’t? – Thanks!

  143. Sukeshni Says:

    hi there. just like you. i’ve experienced same thing like this at few places. so, it’s not fake. it’s true

  144. pineapple Says:

    michael jackson……………he is there

  145. my blog Says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  146. Dr. Egon Spengler Says:

    “NOT a ghost” such things only exist in the imagination.

    The face is not a face at all when enlarged just a pattern of shadow and light that the brain tries to make sense of.

    The image is quite out of proportion both of itself and of the surrounding area.

    The “image” is flesh coloured but so is the castle rock.

    To witness the 5 senses of humans being easily fooled just attend any “Magicians show”

  147. elaine Says:

    to start with if you notice how low the doorways and ceilings were in those times you will realise people were considerably shorter than what they are today.And yes i have seen a ghost as solid as that photo, it was an aquaintance i did not even know was deceasedI did not find out till 3 months later when i ran into one of his relatives, and no i did not speak to him as i was in a car on my way somewhere and could not stop to chat

  148. Kelsie Says:

    It looks like that old woman in the movie, Spirited Away! the one with the giant head! Hahaha!

  149. Mary Says:

    It looks fake, but with the history of the castle, it may be possible for a ghost to be present. The face though, that part looks the fakest, but still something tells it may not be fake.

  150. s Says:

    THIS A REAL GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. keith Says:

    it looks fake

  152. Pan Says:

    That’s just Alan Rickman auditioning for Harry Potter..

  153. abbie Says:

    that was tottle face was n

  154. Ralph Manery Says:

    Is Tom Skelton of Muncaster Castle . I saw the photo and I saw the paint and are the same person. Very interesting

  155. zero Says:

    this is gotta be real if u look at the glare its no where close to the pic im not sure ….

  156. alex Says:

    look at this ghost picture of King James V of Scotland. he looks the same as this picture look at that sight man

  157. kikich Says:

    this pic is so scaring…. so ugly man…. from mediaval….. brrrrrrr….

  158. jorge chapa Says:

    man i do belive n ghost cuz i have seen one before and this one woooowwwww this is scary

  159. me Says:

    thats a doll !

  160. astroboy Says:

    let him stays there.. it’s his home..

  161. Andrew Ladies Says:


  162. Ano Says:

    Looks like a wax statue of a Joker

  163. makayla Says:

    its not a ghost a actual person could be there

  164. makayla Says:

    and if it is a ghost LEAVE HIM ALONE he was probaly trying to scare who was ever ther away

  165. samuel Says:

    The ”face” is actually a hole inside that dark chamber beyond the blue bars, the ”body” is actually the light coming from that hole and producing a lighter-wall shade than the wall surrounding the ”ghost”, you can conclude that by the simple observation of the light angle on the building as a whole and then realize that the ghost’s clothing is the light (coming in from the hole on the wall) which is parallel to the exterior one -on the building- … As a plus, there are spots on the blue bars that are white (the paint is fallen off), thus the sparkling and ghostly feel in the picture.
    God! I’m so smart.

    Personal Note:”Question everything” & ”Think Again” … that may not be very typical for most people to question everything because they are too afraid from the reality and rather believe what its already ”out there” , but please use your brain and question everything, even your own existence.

  166. CW Says:

    Can no-one see its just light on an opening or window – and you can’t see the actual opening?
    It’s the light shining, not reflecting, on the side of a window opening. The window sides will be deep but the actual opening very small in line with Gothic and defended architecture of the time.
    The face is simply a pattern in the bricks – that as with many other pictures your brain turns into a face

  167. Pigblob horse Says:

    Hey thats me! I dont remember that being taken?..

  168. Erkki Says:

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  169. Erkki Says:

    IF that is a human being/ghost, it has the biggest head in proportion to its body that I have ever seen… so @Pigblob horse, IF that is really true what you write, I feel great pity for you having such a “hydrocephalus”.

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    Also, I was thinking it looked more like a woman than a man, but the dress of the day would make some of these images confusing anyway.

    One of the more interesting ones, I must say.

    Food for thought. Good job. Out.

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