Ghost in the car

This from the person that sent it:

I was moved by your blog to send you a photo that has been in our family
for decades. I don’t know the precise date it was taken, but I think it
was in the 1970’s. When my mum first saw noticed the face in the back
seat she was so frightened that she told my dad to burn the slide, but
my dad kept it hidden in the garage. I found while sorting through his
possessions after his passing last May.

I consider myself a rational man, but this slide still creeps me out
after all these years. It looks to me to be a figure leaning back with
an expression of pain? I’ve tried to enhance it as best I can and
welcome anyone’s ideas as to what it might be.



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68 Responses to “Ghost in the car”

  1. neil Says:

    It’s a reflection on the window mate

  2. Chrissy Bee Says:

    It’s thumb-man!

  3. markribbands Says:

    Certainly a reflection of some innocuous object above and behind the photographer.

    The ‘expression of pain’ is appropriate though – look at the colour of that car! They don’t make ’em like that anymore 🙂

  4. mpgrill Says:

    eh..I dont see a ghost???

  5. Simonenko Sergey Says:

    Hmm, I see another ghost head on the left .

  6. Chrissy Bee Says:

    No really, it’s a photoshop of thumbman, an internet meme.

    Check it here:

  7. Siddharth Singh Says:

    Haha oh come-on! This is so very evidently a reflection of something!

    Here is a link as to why people see ghosts:–-ghostly-phenomenon-explained/

  8. Anonymous Says:

    how did they do that thumb man thing? you ‘re right, chrissy bee, that’s exactly what it is.

  9. Lloyd Says:

    for the life of me i cannot see it

  10. Mute Says:

    Sorry, that just looks a bit like a reflection. Possibly of something on the seat.

    It does look like the head of an Auton though –

    • Someone Says:

      Can’t be part of the seat, the bottom of the back window can be seen through it. It’s definitely a reflection. The mother was so frightened (lol) that she didn’t look around…

  11. Jonathan H. Says:

    it’s either the car seat, or thumbman (photoshop).

  12. Brilliant! Says:

    Thumb man is my hero!

  13. Randomite Says:

    It makes you think though, if it is a photoshop of thumbman. What if someone had used a less recognizable source image and posted it to an uncritical paranormal website?

    You see so many things like this passed around the net, often with no attribution or claiming to be from people who are too afraid of publicity to give their names. Sometimes they end up getting published in newspapers.

    Can it really that easy?

    (Answer : yes, it can.)

  14. Siddharth Singh Says:

    Thumbman! Of course!

  15. Thorpeland Says:

    I honestly cannot see what we’re looking at.

  16. Chrissy Bee Says:

    I think I’m going to photoshop a 2 girls 1 cup ghost.

  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. Jay Says:

    lol every pic i see, everyone is just trying to debunk the idea that ghosts exist. Its more fun to believe. My wife believes only women and very weak men can see ghosts because of their chi level is too low. I have never seen a ghost but my wife and her friend see and feal them often.

    • manigen Says:

      “Its more fun to believe”

      Nope. No it isn’t. It’s more fun to understand the world in all its complexity, to the best of your ability. Compared to the rest of the world, the ideas behind ghosts (and chi) are dull, flat and lifeless.

  19. GRK Says:

    car?? where is the car??

  20. Anderson (From Brasil) Says:

    It is the “Javah”, from “Star Wars – The Return of the Jedi”????.


  21. jorge henrique 9 from brasil Says:

    aiaia essa e boa !

  22. Darlon Says:

    Oh, please… I don´t see anithing anything besides that ugly shi** colored car!

  23. ze Says:

    Ghost is the car ?old…old, old… huahuahua

  24. angelica Says:

    Thumb man? Homem polegar?
    I’m sure this is a photoshop of thumbman! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Com certeza eh uma montagem desta imagem! kkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. Gibson Says:

    é o Mr. Bean dormindo

  26. rick Says:

    Definitely fake. Thumbman.

  27. yuzuki Says:

    até casaco em banco de carro gente isso aqui ta uma comedia e este gost ta mais pra ficçao cientifica ele é o mostro do star wars!!KKKK

  28. rachel Says:

    Well… that’s a mask…………….we can clearly see the a whole on the ear, and besides we can see the face does not have a normal ear, seems a mask like thoses used at the movies….

  29. rachel Says:

    but next to the mask we can see what seems to be a real ghost…

  30. Evil Dwarf Says:

    thumbman was trying to steal that car… arrest him!

  31. Cintia Says:

    too uncertain

  32. Anonymous Says:

    turn the car into a ghost and scrap it ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Funn Lim Says:

    Took me some time to see it which proves what the naysayers always say; you see what you want to see. I certainly did. I wonder do ghost appearing in pictures appear like those supermodels on glossy magazine? Because if not, why mock this picture? It does look like the face of a bald fat man, in pain maybe, sleeping maybe, expression of death perhaps. Reflection or not, what I saw was quite scary. Ghost or not we can dispute until forever but you must admit this is one clever but spooky picture.

  34. richard Hulligan Says:

    Its the Ghost of Craig David….or at least his career.
    If it was a ghost what’s it doing at such a strange angle, in a car?

    If you look at it for long enough you start thinking its a ghost…of the front seat..where’s that gone?!

  35. Andy Cooper Says:

    a freaky thing and it’s seethrough as well but i don’t see another ghostly figure on the left hand side!! did any own the car before you because if they did see if there was an accident in the car

  36. Andy Cooper Says:

    maybe it shows the car as an older version!!

  37. sue Says:

    It’s a reflection of a cocker spaniel or labrador.

  38. jim Says:

    there nothing there

  39. Bubba Says:

    Its Jabba the Hut

  40. Kitsuné Says:

    I think I might remain skeptical about this one. He does kind of look like thumb man, but the bottom of the head is a slightly different shape. Looking closely, though, it still might be photoshopped, and I can see an indentation like an unintentional eraser mark. If I saw the original slide and it had the same image, or the negative, I would probably believe it.

  41. Liz Says:

    I was immediately struck by the resemblance between the face in the car and the post mortem photo of the first Jack the Ripper victim, Mary Ann Nichols. I wonder if this has any significance?

  42. Chuzzy Says:

    Don’t blame smiley, I’d be in agony too if I were put in a car like that!

  43. Anonymous Says:


  44. Cly Says:


  45. Laura Says:

    If it’s anything other than a light anomaly, it looks to me like a double exposure of….shall we say….someone enjoying themselves. Which might explain your mother’s keenness to have it taken out of circulation…

  46. Vicky Says:

    It looks like a crappy car seat of a crappy car…

  47. Paul Says:

    An internet meme called Thumbman? That’s also trying to steal an old motor? Yup, that’s one for the X-Files indeedy.

  48. Julie Says:

    Hi which is the past history of this car? any other owner?….please let me know.


    • ZeroCorpse Says:

      Does the history of the car make the reflection/object inside and pareidolia any spookier?

      I was just wondering. Because that was a dumb question that has nothing to do with the physical, logical answer to the question: “What the hell is this thing I see?”

      It genuinely bothers me that the first instinct of some people is to research the car’s history to see if someone died in it, or on it, or around it… So they can support their hope that it’s a ghost and not just a reflection or object inside that kinda-sorta looks like a face. That WAS where you were going with your “history of the car” query, wasn’t it?


  49. tyree&taimeer2 Says:

    i think it is a ghost because i highly believe in ghosts and thats a ghost. i am also a ghost hunter so i know exactly what ghosts look like and thats a unwanted spirit so i suggest you either get a priest to bless that car or sell it to someone who wants to be bothered with it.

  50. geothor churchillius Says:

    isnt it obvious? this is obviously a ghost from pacman. they’re being leaked out of the game and into the real world!

  51. P.I. Jenny Chan Says:

    I can’t see anything, if I had to guess it is pareidolia, which is making patterns, reflections, or car seat fabric into something that is nothing.

    I’d like to invite everyone who is interested in the paranormal to check out We’d love to have you guys there ! Especially the author of this blog.

    Jenny Chan

    Phenomenon Investigations
    MyPara Moderator

  52. purple73 Says:

    tax disc

  53. Gerda Says:

    There are actualy more faces on this pictureif you look good. Look good at the windows and the back seat.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    it’s fucking slimer.

  55. Steph Says:

    Can anyone else see a baby in a car seat?

  56. Hue Janus Says:

    I’ve seen a ghost street racer.

  57. Shaggy Says:

    This poor lost soul. How I feel so sorry for this ghost who is stuck in a turd brown car with no air condition and the world’s worst hangover.

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Looks more like a dog to me.

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