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Ghost in rocks

March 15, 2009

From the person that sent it in:

This picture was taken on Oct 30th 2006 at Apollon Temple (Didyma, Turkey) On the right hand of me and my son, there is a void under the overturned column.Look there carefuly.You’ll see a shape like a human head and nearly same bigness.



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Ghost in the car

March 15, 2009

This from the person that sent it:

I was moved by your blog to send you a photo that has been in our family
for decades. I don’t know the precise date it was taken, but I think it
was in the 1970’s. When my mum first saw noticed the face in the back
seat she was so frightened that she told my dad to burn the slide, but
my dad kept it hidden in the garage. I found while sorting through his
possessions after his passing last May.

I consider myself a rational man, but this slide still creeps me out
after all these years. It looks to me to be a figure leaning back with
an expression of pain? I’ve tried to enhance it as best I can and
welcome anyone’s ideas as to what it might be.



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