Ghost in wall

From the person who sent it in:

I would like you to look at these pictures I took of my wall at home in Castleford The bedroom had been recently re plastered by my daughters partner whilst we had been away for a week, Imagine my surprise upon retuning home to find this face in the wall in my bedroom. I understand the plaster was still drying out but this was the only part of the wall that remained dry for around 2-3 days!!! All of the pictures were taken at the same time with the same camera but the second one has turned out blue and misty could this be the spirit of the face in the wall????



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36 Responses to “Ghost in wall”

  1. mrToots Says:

    I am sure most of these are deliberate or obvious fakes to help an academic(?) publish data.

  2. Alex Pryce Says:

    A lot of people take photographs, see something odd and genuinely believe they are paranormal. Surely to correctly investigate the claims you need a wide variety of images ranging from the obvious fakes, through unintentional anomolies and up to genuinely inexplicable phenomenon? Otherwise would it not be seen as a biased and unfair experiment?

    Still, it is fairly obvious this is not in the slightest supernatural. I have seen many marks myself. It looks like a face, but many things do, and not just faces. My thermostat looks like a 1960s style camera, doesn’t necessarily make it the ghost of a 1960s style camera though.

  3. markribbands Says:

    Is this serious?

    Differential drying of the gypsum plaster could be due to either an uneven wall behind, making the plaster layer thinner at that point, or differential absorbency of the background sucking water out of the plaster.

    The blue tint to the second photograph could be because the camera was switched off, then on again in a different area, causing the device to set its white balance incorrectly. Although it looks like deliberate alteration of the colour balance to me. Try dragging the ‘Hue’ slider in even the most basic image processing software.

    The ‘face’ is, once again, just the brain constructing a familiar model out of nothing.

    A painter is required, not an exorcist.

  4. neil Says:

    I saw something similar on Fortean TV in an Italian train station. They thought that thae pattern on a marble foor tile was the face of Jesus Christ. It’s just a natural occurrence and the way the plastet has dried due to atmosphere and environment.
    I would paper over it quickly before somebody draws a beard and moustache on it!

  5. excero Says:

    Maybe someone just draw that on the wall…

  6. Mute Says:

    Tell him about the Twinkie.

  7. A Mark Says:

    I agree with markribbands. Fresh plaster dries at different rates depending on the underlying material and the underlying temperature. The different is colour is due to the auto white balance on your camera, or possibly you used flash in one and not the others.

  8. uksceptic Says:

    It’s a wall. Not a ghost. A wall.

  9. the owner of the wall Says:

    The wall was plastered by an ex army officer of 20 years standing, who is not into such frivolities as playing pranks and did not have an explanation himsellf. It is a hundred year old house and the room where the wall is has always been a cold room. I understand that plaster dries unevenly but the face was on the wall for almost 2 weeks before the room finally dried out. even after this the outline was still there when papered over but without any discernable features. With regards to the comments about the colour being faked the camera was not switched on and off between photo’s and was certainly not added to in any way shape or form.

  10. Jay Says:

    how can any of you prove this man faked it? maybe his story is true even if it can be explained.
    Maybe the ‘other side’ plays games like this to make everyone believe only fakes exist. maybe they find it amusing that you all seek explinations. the fact that you come here to see the pictures means your interested…but your mind is not open enough, or you have not experienced.

  11. Rodrigo Pinheiro Says:

    Lógico que não é real!!!

    Não digo que todas as fotos sejam mentiras mais boa partes é!!!

  12. Ana Chaves Says:

    Perfect example of a bad job!!!!! This guy should never try plastering again!!!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Paint rustic

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. Nika Says:

    fake…complitely weird…not hard to differ what sort of pic ” gohsts ” are gohsts indeed. It’s enough to have a sharp eye, bright working brain and good developed the sixth sence…and of course to know sthg. from the field of photography ;)… and than…ghosts appearing to be a smoke or dots or spots, shadows on the wall or …what ever. But…we should not forget that ghosts can take any form they whish to appear to us…of course if they whish us to see them…than…even the sixth sense is not necessery to notice them. Sometimes they will show on the pic. cose the eye of the camera is more sensible …someties there are such a creatures appearing on the pics that experts work on them in the spec. labolatories to understand what it might be…world goes crazy…and i like that;)

  16. jim Says:

    some one panted it on there

  17. Bubba Says:

    Really thats just pants

  18. Snark Says:

    So what. The human brain is conditioned to seeing faces in almost any disorganised mess. I saw Jesus on my toast this morning and Mary in my gravy at dinner.

  19. Kitsuné Says:

    The plaster face in the wall is probably genuine. Its amazing what drying plaster will show you! Its like looking for pictures in clouds. The blue picture looks like the colourise function on photoshop, with hue and saturation increased.

  20. Chuzzy Says:

    Takes the prize for sheer crappiness!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    The second picture looks like your camera tried to white balance to the wall. Hence the weird blue color.

  22. Cly Says:

    A crappy smear on the wall and you cry ghost? Pareidolia at best.

  23. Vicky Says:

    Oh my god!!! This is exactly like the ghost I saw in my mash potatoes the other day… I ate him. Does this mean I’m possessed?

  24. Rora Says:

    I think
    that picture is only funny

  25. Bob Says:

    no ghost there, these things happen to bad plasterers regularly, lol the fact that it looks a bit like a face is just by chance

  26. holly Says:

    Sorry, but thats just how it dried, doesnt mean you have a ghost, my nan had the shape of a face in her marble fireplace, and there was certainly no ghost there =) ]

  27. Angela Says:

    Being Scottish I have the perfect answer

    Do you think I came up the Clyde on a Banana Boat??


    Still, pretty weird it dried out that way but c’mon…..reeeeeeally?!

  28. Richard Says:

    I have taken many pictures around my house and these things are everywhere ,but mainly in my kitchen area . Apparently I am not alone ,and I find this reasuring .
    I dont know if taking pictures have encouraged these things but my wife and myself feel we have been infected somehow.
    I care not what people think ,all i want is to get rid of these things ,but dont really know how …
    Its not the thing you can bring up at dinner wiithout raised eyebrows, but have realised that these faces most extremely negative are with this house to stay…

  29. leanne Says:

    where abouts in castleford please

  30. Kimmie Weiss Says:

    yes, that really is a ghost on the wall. and also, there is jesus on a tortilla for sale on ebay…. nice try (sarcasm)

  31. Steve Says:

    Um…All you guys saying it’s an obvious fake or normal occurence – have you never heard of the faces of Belmez? I know some people claim those are fakes too but don’t be too quick to rule things out.

  32. junming Says:

    i think is like a people not ghost

  33. Spellage. Says:

    Castleford? Tha got thi dowtur’s bloke ter plaster thi wall an ee din’t put any PVA an watter primer on t wall afoower? No wonder thi wall’s bollocked mert! Eeeh! Call tha sen a Yorkshireman!

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